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being forced to live with my grandparents wasn't as bad as i thought
When I was only 13 I was sent to my grandparents’ house to help out there, grandpa had a small stroke and was unable to take care of the small farm they had.
So they told me, not asked that I was going there to do whatever they needed of me to keep the farm going.
It was just before puberty and so liking the place I happily agreed.
As I arrived there was grandma, she’s young looking for her age, mom says she’ll outlive us all and the way she looked I believe it.
Dad and she went into her room for a while to talk and when they came back out she was all smiles and so was dad.
Mom smiled saying she was thanking him for letting me stay, I said cool.
Not knowing they were in there having sex and after a year there I found out why.
Now hitting puberty I was filled with all sorts of new emotions, and urges but not knowing how to use them was the problem but mother nature had it all planned out and I found jerking off was a good relief, that is until grandma found me in the barn and that’s when everything changed there at the farm.
At almost 14 she found me one afternoon in the corner near the supply cabinet jerking off my little dick and when I was just about to shoot my little load she came in and stood there watching me.
When I was done she said that feels better now doesn’t it?
Which caught me off guard and I quickly tried to pull myself back together but she wouldn’t think of it as she always said.
So, after that she went to the library and got several books on the subject of jerking off, or masturbation as the books called it and she picked out some methods that would also be beneficial to me later as she said.
Since she home schooled me from day one it was normal for us to discuss everything and nothing was off limits.
When we got to sex education we both stripped and she allowed me to touch and feel her body whenever I wanted too but no actual sex she said and then one day during my exercises she gave me for my dick, she read in one of the books that there was an exercise that will make your dick longer if you do this every day for a year or so and that’s what I did every evening as we sat there watching the little TV they owned in the corner, I’d sit on the couch next to her and I’d slowly stroke my dick and pulling outward while doing this would make me longer she said and when I got out into the world the women folk she would say will love that I did.
So at the young age of 13 nearing 14 fast I was sitting there every night pulling on my dick and it was ok if I blew my load, grams as I started calling her said it was totally normal and that she loves seeing me do it besides.
One afternoon maybe two weeks before my birthday she asked me what I’d like for a present.
I said hum, hadn’t given it much thought, let me think on it and I’ll let you know probably tomorrow and she said good enough.
I did my chores, which was feeding the livestock and the chickens, milking the one cow we had and she would gather the eggs from the chickens.
Grandpa was getting much better as time went on but his right arm was almost like frozen to his side, the doctors said it was the stroke and that it would probably stay that way.
He didn’t move to fast anymore and so grams was debating on selling the little farm and moving into the city near us.
That evening as we were sitting there grandpa in his slurred speech told grams to come over and give him a blow job, she smiled at him, getting up going over to him I sat there watching this whole scene unfold in front of me as she unbuttoned his fly, pulling out his not a dick, that’s for sure he was huge and taking it into her hands and then into her mouth she started sucking him off and when he blew he groaned and she swallowed all of his cum, she licked the head clean, smiled up at him and he smiled back, then he said do Mike over there, she turned her head as I was doing my exercises and she said yes sir and she crawled over to me, moving my hand away and she went down taking my dick into her mouth and sucked me off three times before I really came too.
She looks up saying so, how was that for your first ever blow job?
I smiled nodding my head saying fabulous, she smiled up at me saying well anytime you want one just ask, I’m here to make you happy and then she came up and sat down next to me as I sat there panting.
She looks over at me saying you know I do believe those exercises are helping out a lot.
When you got here you had maybe a 1” or so soft, not you’re maybe 3” soft and that’s a huge increase I believe, soon you won’t have a dick anymore, you’ll have a cock like your grandfather over there.
I said what’s the difference?
She says well according to the books I got a dick is anything less than 7” erect, you’re almost there and when you hit that, and then you’ll have a cock and then is when you’ll graduate into the next phase of training.
That made me work harder and after that also I got a lot more blow jobs in the evenings.
But she again asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I really didn’t know, I mean here at almost 14 I was seeing her nude, touching her whenever I wanted and now getting all the blow jobs I wanted, what more could a teenager want.
That is until the week before my birthday she told me that my family was coming out for that, they wanted to be with me when I turned 14 and that mom was bought me a special present just from her.
I couldn’t imagine what that could be but I was excited and with the exercises and the blow jobs I was all set.
That week went by quickly, it was so fast I couldn’t believe it was already Friday and when they got there Saturday late morning I was excited to see them.
Dad took grams into her bedroom again and they were talking so they said.
Mom and sis who now is 11 was gabbing a thousand words a minute at me saying how much I’d grown and all.
After grams and dad came out and again with a huge grin on both their faces grams took mom and sis off to the side while dad and I talked about everything about the farm and what was going on.
It wasn’t until late Saturday evening when dad took me out to the barn, he stood there against one of the fence rails that I’d just put back in, the horse kicked it out dang him anyways.
Well anyways he said so son, you liking it here?
I said yeah dad I am, grams is a good teacher and I like the farm.
He smiled saying well now that you’re no longer a child and becoming a man it’s time for your manhood talk.
I laughed saying if it’s the birds and the bees, grams has covered that one.
He chuckled saying nope, I knew she’d take care of that one, this one is especially for our family, it’s been done since grandpa was a little boy and before.
I said wow, what’s that dad?
He said well in our family the man rules the house as you know, it’s the way it’s been since the beginning of time and the women folk are here to make us comfortable in all ways.
I said ok, I’ve seen grams doing that for grandpa.
He chuckled saying hum, ok.
He said well when a youngman becomes a man the mother of that youngman takes his mother and they make love together to bring him into manhood, your mother is going to do that tonight and you and her will share your bed tonight and you can make love to her as much as you want and she’ll never say no.
I looked at him in disbelief.
He said it’s true, our women have been serving us men since before they were born and everytime a youngman turns 14 they are told this same talk and the mother takes them and makes love to them since the beginning.
I stood there listening but it was like it wasn’t clicking yet.
He looks down at me and says grams also tells me that you’ve been doing some exercises to make your dick larger, let me see son.
So I opened my jeans up and letting them drop he smiles saying well now, I can see why grams is so anxious for tomorrow, wow son, you’ve really got a huge package there, I’m just sorry I won’t be in the bedroom when your mother sees it for the first time, she’s going to flip out.
I said ok, let me get this straight and correct me if I get it wrong, he chuckled saying ok, shoot.
I said ever since the beginning of our family the women have been letting the other men make love to them because that’s what they are here for.
And that tonight mom is going to do that for me and I can do it as much as I want to her.
Then grams is going to let me do that to her after tomorrow.
He smiled saying yep, that’s it in a nut shell.
I smiled saying wow, and is that the present mom has for me she told me about?
He shook his head yes.
I smiled saying and I can do it all night if I can and she’ll let me do it to her?
He chuckled this time saying yep.
He said remember when I got here the first time and grams and I went into her room and after we came out she and I were smiling?
I said yeah, he chuckled saying we weren’t in there talking, we were having sex together.
Just like today, we had sex and that’s why she was smiling.
I stood there stunned and yet fully horny so much so I had forgotten that my pants were still down around my ankles and now I had a huge hard on and dad says oh yeah, your mom is going to freak when she takes you tonight.
He says now, Christy isn’t old enough yet, she’s still hasn’t had her first period so she’s off limits and everything is kept from her just like it’s been from you until tonight ok?
I shook my head ok.
Then it hit me, I blurted out so when she has her first period you’ll make love to her and then I can after that?
He smiled saying yep.
I said what if she gets pregnant?
Dad says your mother will have her on the pill by that time, so don’t worry about that.
I said what did they do before birth control?
He said how do you think our family got so big?
He then said this night is your transition into manhood and believe me, you’ll remember this night forever.
I pulled up my jeans and refastened them, he says ok, ready for a small party before your get to open your presents?
I said oh yeah dad, oh yeah.
He chuckled slapping me on the shoulder saying ok son let’s go back inside.
As we walked the thirty or so yards I said how let’s say at family reunions do I know which of the girls I can make love too?
He said good question, all the girls if you’ve noticed wear a green or red ribbon on their clothing, red is no and green is yes.
I said wow; I never even noticed why they wore them, now I will for sure.
He chuckled as he threw his arm over my shoulder saying well welcome to manhood son, have fun tonight and do us guys proud.
I said I’ll do my best not to let us down as he chuckled again grabbing the screen door handle tom open it.
We went in, mom was sitting there antsy, he smiled and she smiled back, she says so Mike, how does it feel to be 14 now?
I said don’t really know, it’s only been a few minutes after all and they all laughed at that remark.
Grandpa looks at mom and nods her over, she knells down beside him and he whispers something into her ear, she nods saying just one minute and she looks at grams, nods towards the door and she takes my sister outside while she sucks him off.
I’m standing there watching this and after he blows I looked at dad, he says go ahead, she’s quite good at it but it will ruin the surprise for tonight if you whip it out now.
I smiled saying oh yeah, your right dad and after she puts grandpa’s cock back into his bibbed overalls she licks her lips and says ok, tell her it’s all clear and I go get grams.
I was in awe at mom just kneeling there and sucking him off like she had done it all her life without hesitation and all, but also knowing that after tonight she was going to do that for me anytime I wanted it like grams has been doing for me for the past nearly a year now.
I’m watching mom as she picks up her drink and takes a healthy swallow to rinse her mouth out as grams does when she blows me.
I smiled at her and she smiled back at me asking me if I’d like one?
I said maybe later, I’m good and she sheepishly smiled saying umm ok baby.
We had cake and ice cream that they brought with them, I got three presents and all of them nice but I couldn’t wait for tonight’s present, the best of all of them.
During the eating of the cake and blowing out the candles I was noticing too that mom was closer than normal to me and rubbing up against me a lot.
Then when I opened my few presents she was right there rubbing her tits against me.
Finally as the festivities wore down and everyone was ready for bed I said well night all, I’ve had a full day and I’m tired.
Mom says yeah its bedtime for this girl too, night all and grams and dad just smiled at us as we headed down the hall and sis was deliberately asked to help clear things up with grams as mom and I went into my room for the best present of all.
Mom stands there looking at me with a smile on her face.
She says nothing but just stands there waiting for me to say or do something.
Finally I say mom, I think you’re beautiful.
She blushed slightly saying thank you honey; I hope I’ll make tonight everything you want it to be.
I smiled saying I have no doubt about that mom.
She giggled slightly saying for tonight, I’m Helen ok, not mom.
I smiled saying ok Helen it is then.
I came over to her, pulled her close to me and kissed her lips.
She responded by returning that kiss and I clumsily fumbled with her blouse buttons and finally getting them all undone I pulled it off her and laid it on the little wooden chair in my room.
She never moved waiting for me to continue and I went behind her and unclasped her bra, it was a lacey little thing that allowed me to see her tits as it was still on her.
As it came undone she moved her arms to allow it to fall off and she took it and laid it also on the chair.
She’s looking into my eyes; I cup each tit in a hand and gently caress them as grams has taught me to do.
She coos and closes her eyes as I play with them.
I bend down slightly and suck and nibble on her nipples causing her to jump with excitement from it.
I don’t stop, she’s getting hotter by the second because her breathing is increasing rapidly and I’ve learned that, that’s a good thing when trying to get the woman ready for sex.
As I stopped playing with her tits I unbuttoned her slacks and pulling them down I was knelling in front of her, she was looking down at me smiling.
I pulled her panties down and as she laid her hand on my shoulder for balance I slipped her slacks and panties off all at once.
She stood there nude, clean shaven in front of me, she was beautiful and she smelled heavenly.
Grams taught me that when the woman’s scent is the strongest is when they are ready to have their own orgasm and so when I touched her pussy with my tongue she groaned and shook having her first of what I hoped was many of the night.
After she calmed down I stood up and she started undressing me.
I knew from what dad said that she was going to be shocked at my cock.
Grams measured it on Wednesday and it was 9 ¼” long and three inches across, she loved to suck me off she said because of its size.
As she pulled on my jeans I stood there not moving, I wanted her to be fully surprised when she freed me.
When she started pulling my jeans down the outline of my hard cock was fully visible and she looked up at me with a huge smile saying nothing but eagerly freeing it too.
When it sprang free she gasped looking up at me, she says oh my goodness Michael, you’re huge.
I smiled down at her saying only so you like?
She grinned ear to ear saying oh heavens yes, but I’m only afraid you might be too big for me at first, so please go slow and let me adjusts to this monster ok?
I said I can do that but for now, suck me off, I wanted to when you sucked off grandpa but dad thought it would ruin this surprise.
Mom giggled saying wow, it certainly would have and I’m glad you waited as she gobbled as much of me as she could take and she brought me off to a wonderful explosion inside her mouth.
When she swallowed it all she looked up saying umm, now that was a load, can’t wait for you to fill my pussy up with a few of those.
I smiled saying more than a few if I know me.
She smiled a wicked smile saying umm, I think I’m going to be sore in the morning but it looks like it will be worth every moment of it.
We got up in my bed, she held her arms out and I came over her as she guides me in her pussy.
I do take it slow and after what seemed an eternity I was in as far as I could go leaving some of me outside of her pussy.
I fucked her five times before we fell asleep, she got up twice to use the bathroom and after that she was right back in bed ready for more of me and I was ready each time to give it to her too.
The next morning I fucked her four times and a few times we did it doggy style was the way she said it, I was behind her and sliding it into her pussy.
She sucked me off twice and as we walked out to the kitchen to be greeted by dad and grams they both smiled saying so youngman, how was it?
I smiled saying wow, this manhood thing is great and they both chuckled at me.
Mom came out waddling a bit but smiling saying umm, coffee, I need that and grams also gave her some Vaseline for her pussy lips.
And gram looks at mom and says so, how many times?
Mom says with the blow jobs and regular sex, 10 times between last night and this morning.
Dad says wow son, way to go.
Grams says ok, so, when can I have a go at him?
Mom says anytime you want, I’m really sore down there, he’s fucking huge.
Gram says well then, maybe he should have done your ass a few times.
Mom nearly yelped out oh hell no, he would have ripped me open back there.
Grams looks sternly at her saying you’ll never say no to him if he wants to fuck you there right?
Mom hangs her head down saying no mamme I won’t, and grams smiles saying ok good, now let’s have some coffee and eat something, I’m sure Mike is starving.
I looked at them both and finally saying sure thing grams.
Lindsey comes out in her little teddy bear outfit and we all cool out sex talking in front of her.
After breakfast I looked at grams saying can we talk for a bit, knowing that’s the code for let’s fuck.
She grinned saying of course honey, let me freshen up a bit after breakfast first, I said ok grams.
Dad looks at me smiling and when Christy isn’t looking he gives me a high five.
I fucked grams twice and before I let her go I asked her why mom was scared of me making love to her in her butt.
She smiled saying well your anal hole isn’t as big as a woman’s pussy and it will take some time for you to get in there, you’ll have to be very patient and slow to get in there.
I said ok, so when they leave I want to do you there.
She smiled saying ok with me, your grandpa loved doing it there so I’m used to it.
It seems your father hasn’t done it back there enough to keep your mom loosened up and I’ll have to talk to him about that.
We put our clothes back on and go back out to the others, mom is blowing grandpa again and I see dad and Lindsey out in the barnyard.
After mom is done I unzip my jeans and say me next and she eagerly takes me and sucks me off.
A gram is happy to see me getting into the swing of being a man in the family and knows the days ahead will be filled with sexual fun for her.
When dad and sis come back in we’re all sitting there talking and we have a great visit.
That night again I’m sleeping with mom and I’m fucking her so much and this time I tell her I want her ass and she cringes but agrees to it anyways.
I slide my shaft into her well-worn pussy and then aim for her ass, she’s tight, she knows she should relax but can’t so I keep pushing and finally get the head inside her and I blow my load.
She relaxes and after a bit I’ve got about four inches in there, she’s really tight and I blow another load in there.
By the time I’m more than three quarters of the way up her ass I’ve given her four loads and she’s finally able to take all of me back there and does eagerly since her pussy is so sore.
That night and next morning I gave her nine loads in her ass and when she comes out from my room she’s waddling from the ass pounding I gave her.
Grams and dad smile at her and grams gives her an ice pack to sit on for the pain.
That evening after they all left I told grams I wanted to make love to her, she smiled a big smile saying I’d be honored to share my bed with you.
We went in and I fucked her four times before we quit knowing she wasn’t use to that kind of pounding.
When we came out she was shaky, she said wow Mike, and I haven’t been fucked like that in a long, long time that was exhilarating to say the least.
I said ok, why is it fucking now and not love making?
She said well both terms are acceptable, fucking is a bit cruder but it says the same thing.
Love making is used when it’s just for fun and love making is with someone you love and want to be with.
I use them both and it doesn’t matter which one you say to me, it depends on the woman I guess.
I nodded in agreement.
I stayed for another 8 months and was due to come home finally because grandpa was getting around much better and even fucking grams some.
Mom and dad were due to pick me up and they let Lindsey stay there with friends while they spent the weekend up here to speak to me about her and her upcoming birthday.
Mom got fucked by grandpa and she loved that, I fucked her several times and she was ok with that.
Dad got grams a few times so we never even put on any clothing the entire time they were there.
When we left the farm I was both excited and sad, for nearly 2 years I was there, I became a man there and was hurt that I had to go back home but yet excited because I would have mom and soon Lindsey there to fuck all I wanted too.
At 15 approaching 16 Christy was going to be 14 and has already started her periods.
Mom is going to talk to her tonight and after she does that instead of her being taken into a bedroom mom is going to allow her to see her giving me head and letting dad fuck her while she’s sitting or standing there for the first time in her young life.
Mom and Christy are going for a walk and that’s when the talk is going to happen, dad is telling me what’s going to be and so I’m on board with it.
He says unless Christy asks for you to try to fuck her don’t, ok, just let her learn to blow you for now.
I was ok with that being that mom was going to be there for me anyways.
When they got back they went into the bathroom, mom and her showered together and they were in there for a long time.
When they came back out Christy was in a small pair of shorts and a t shirt, mom was in a robe only.
Mom says so, ready honey to become a woman and Christy smiles a huge smile saying yes mommy, I’m really ready.
Mom bends down and shows her dad’s cock, he’s laying back in his chair with his hips forward a lot.
I’m sitting on the couch watching as mom takes his cock and sucks on it and then allowing sis to do the same thing.
Soon dad is groaning and he says he’s ready to blow and sis starts sucking him harder and when he cums she gags slightly but stays with him and when he’s done her mouth is somewhat full of his cum and mom says ok, swallow it now.
She does and she makes a funny face saying its salty tasting.
Mom smile saying you’ll get used to it and soon you’ll be sucking a cock just because you want too.
Sis looks over at me, mom says first things first, now suck him hard again and she does.
Mom then has her stand up and placing a few towels on the floor mom says ok lay down on them and she does.
Dad looks at her and before he starts he takes off her clothes and he and I get our first look at her nubile body.
Dad takes his time and slowly starts in, he says ok, take a deep breath and hold it and when she does he rips right thru her hymen and with a little yelp he’s in and she calms down quickly and it’s then that he starts fucking her like crazy giving her, her first fuck session of many to come.
It’s nearly a week before I’m allowed to fuck her and it’s sis that comes to me and asks me too.
Mom is happy that she’s taken to the family rules for a woman and that she loves sex as much as we all do.
When her birthday came around she had a mixed party but no sex, she had to wait for later for that but she did admit giving a few blow jobs just for the fun of it.
Our parents sat us down and started talking about when we started dating and the rules there, but that’s a later story, for now we’re just a happy family doing what comes natural but together.

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Really great story. Yes, the 9" cock is way overboard. Lastly, the author needs to edit his punctuation. He's 59, not 11, and his writing should reflect that.

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how could a 14 YO dick is a 9 inch? please make it realistic, dont exaggerate

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how could a 14 YO dick is a 9 inch? please make it realistic, dont exaggerate

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