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Teen girl tries to find love.
Alexa. Extreme measures.

This story is a bit experimental; I decided to write my previous story ‘Extreme measures' from Alexa's point of view. You don't have to have read the previous story to grasp this one, but it would be more fun if you read both regardless of which one you start with.
So here we go.

I looked at her as she danced to the music. Her body seemed balanced as she rocked her hips. She danced amongst a group of girls but I only seemed to notice her. I wanted to approach her but I don't want to reveal my secret. William appeared out of nowhere, sat next to me and started talking.

"Hey Alexa I didn't invite you to come and sit down. I can hook you
up with almost any guy here. This is my party just say the word and its done." he said with a huge smile on his face. I suppose he smiled because unlike me he felt good about himself.

"No thanks, but I don't need your help." I said wishing he would just disappear so that I could see her dance one more time.

"Okay suit yourself, but if you need me I am there with your brother."
He left and I turned instantly and searched for that one girl that stood out. She was nowhere to be found. I woke up and headed straight to the group of dancing girls. I still could not see her. I left the living room and looked around and saw her leaning on a wall scrolling her phone. I approached her.

"Oh hi Alexa, have you seen your brother Owen." she asked expecting me to answer directly but I was busy admiring her soft lips. I really wanted to kiss them.

"I think he is with William." I answered after a moment of silence. My brother is really lucky having her as his girlfriend. I didn't want anybody including my brother and sister finding out I was gay. Not because I was ashamed of being gay, but because everyone would start treating me differently.

"Okay thanks." she said in a soft voice. I looked at her gorgeous eyes as she blushed and looked down. She started to leave. She walked past me and I could not bear not smelling her perfume again once she left.
I grabbed her by her hand as she left she turned around and looked at me. I think she had an idea of what would happen next. I pulled her close to me and kissed her. I loved the feel of her lips against mine more than anything. Her lips made me horny. I wanted to do this forever. I wrapped my hand around her waist in case she wanted me to take it further. Whoever said 'as sweet as honey' never really kissed a marvelous woman. She took my breath away and made me skip a couple of heartbeats but it was worth it. My short-lived moment in heaven ended and I descended back to earth when she moved her lips away from mine. She was speechless; she just stared at me as if I had hypnotized her.

"I am in love with you Whitney." I whispered into her ear.

"Ah.....I am sorry this cannot happen." she replied hesitantly and avoiding eye contact. I have to admit was disappointed hearing that
but as they say if you love a bird set it free and so I let her go. I let my hand fall from her waist hoping to get a feel of her ass but she left in a hurry. I now felt great about my self. I love being in control. Even though Whitney is 16 and I am 15, I managed to seduce her. I only came to this party for the girls and the drinks and so its time for the latter.

I went to the living room and had a few sips of alcohol. Out of the blue, my sister Nicole came rushing towards me with her idiotic boyfriend Joe.

"Hey Alexa put the cup down, you are only 15, you got three more years." she shouted amidst the loud music. When did she become such a bitch? She just turned 18 and she wants to act like my mother. But I was in no mood to argue with her so I just left the spot and sat outside the house.
I was enjoying the cold night breeze when one of the girls who were dancing with Whitney approached me.

"Hi, am Samantha, you can call me Sam." she said but I wasn't interested. She was kind of cute but her other features were average.

"Am Alexa." I replied. She seemed to already know my name.

"I like you Alexa, I won't let you down like Whitney did." she said and by now she had my full attention.

"You saw that." I asked keenly awaiting the answer.

"Yeah I did, it was cute by the way." she said. She then moved close to me and kissed me. It was not that good but I enjoyed it.

"Here's my number." she said as she took out her phone and I took out mine and saved her as "lesbian" on my phone and she also saved my number on her phone.

"Hey listen I am having an after party at my house, just call or text me if you want to come. No pun intended." she said. I smiled as I watched her leave. Somehow she looked young but she acted maturely.
She must have been 18 or more.
By now the night breeze wasn't pleasant anymore so I walked home since it was just nearby.

I grabbed a soda from the fridge and sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and I was in time for family guy. I love the show because it 's really fucked up. A few minutes later Owen walked in looking discontent.

"So what's up? How was the party?" I asked him questions so that he wouldn’t ask me questions.

"It was okay." he replied.

"Then why are you home so early." I asked

“Tired." he replied lazily.

"Tired from partying? You are kidding?"

"Hey Alexa you should get a life." he retorted.

"I have a life; I get straight A's in school, I am best at volley in school. I am also popular." I replied actually feeling good about my self.

"You know what you need, a boyfriend!" he said and I looked at him to
see whether he said that because he knew about my sexual orientation
or he was saying that because he thought I was lonely.
It was the latter. With years I have mastered reading my sibling's facial expressions, so I can somehow tell if they are lying or not or if they have something in mind.

"I am going to take a shower now". He said and left.
About ten minutes later Nicole rushed in.

"Where is Owen." she asked. Fuck. I was tired of everyone asking me about his whereabouts.

"He is washing cum of his dick." I retorted. She did not seem surprised by my answer as it was typical of me to answer to her rudely.
Speaking of cum I thought I should go to Sam’s place, but I heard my parents drive in.
They came in the house all affectionate and shit. But am glad they are still in love.

"Hey hon." my mom called.

"Hi." I replied weakly.

"Hey where are Nicole and Owen." My dad asked since they are his favorites.

"They are in the shower. I replied.

"Together?" he asked looking worried. I couldn't help but laugh at the thought.

"I think so." I replied making him even more worried.

"Richard how can you think that. These kids will never do anything to disgrace us, we've raised them well." my mom said. I got bored listening to them and I sent Sam a text.

"I am coming over, where you at."

"I’ll pick you up wait for me." she replied.

I had to listen to my parents boring dialog for several more minutes while waiting for Sam. I wished for my parents to be more new fashioned and talk about Lady gaga instead of our neighbor’s lawn.
I sneaked out and decided to wait outside. A silver Volkswagen Golf stopped near our house minutes later. A familiar figure stepped out and moved towards me. I stood up and now I could see its Samantha.

"Nice car." I said as she escorted me to her car.

"Thanks." she replied. She opened the door for me and closed it when I got in. An action which I thought was sweet.

"How old are you? I asked. She smiled lightly then replied.

"Eighteen, how old are you?"

"Seventeen years old." I lied. I had a big body for someone who is 15 and she easily believed me.
We reached her house after a five minute drive. Her house was not that huge but is was pretty fancy for an eighteen year old. In the living room was some expensive electronics. Some girls were watching some movie with a high definition flat. She pointed out a blonde sitting engrossed in watching the movie.

"That's my roommate or rather house mate." she said.

"Are you two... a couple?" I asked.

"Uh...she is not a lesbian.” she replied. I was in some way relieved by her answer. She held my hand and dragged me to bedroom. I sat on her pink bed. She held something that resembled a camera and mounted it towards my direction.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I want to record what we are going to do." she replied.

"What are we going to do?" I asked. By now I was getting horny. If I had a cock it would be hard. I felt like laying there on her bed naked
and let her do anything she wanted with me, be it fucking me with a
strap on, spanking me, I just didn't fucking care.

"We are just going to talk." she said. That was a bit disappointing but I still hoped for something more fun.

"So when did you realize you were gay?" the lesbian asked.

"Uh... when I started being attracted to girls." I replied.

"Do you masturbate?"

"Who doesn’t?" I replied almost immediately.

"Have you ever been eaten out?" she asked.

"No. And what the fuck is this, why am I being interviewed?"

"It’s for my website." she replied. She moved toward me. She removed her top. She had no bra. My heart started racing. I started getting wet. She pushed me and I fell on the bed. She was now on top of my legs. She moved toward me the way an angry cat does. Her face reached mine. She kissed me. And again her kiss wasn't as good as Whitney’s but it I enjoyed it.
I touched her tits. They looked just like mine only bigger. They were softer than they looked. She reached the edges of my top and I straightened my hands allowing her to remove it. We continued kissing the she unhooked my bra exposing my tits. They looked larger than they usually do.
She sucked one of my tits while her hand played with the other. It felt great. She moved downward. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off. She placed her hand on my panties and slowly rubbed my clit.
She got bored with that and removed them exposing my hairless cunt.
Only thing I had on now were my socks. She moved slowly to my vagina.
She kissed my clit then probed her wet tongue inside me. The feeling was heavenly. She inserted one finger in since my pussy was fairly tight. My breathing quickened when she sucked my clit. One of her hands was on my left boob. She preferred my left tit because she could feel my rapid heart beats on my left boob. I could feel a climax building up.
I grabbed the back of her head and pressed her against my clit. I involuntary moved my hips up.

"Don’t you dare stop?" I whispered. My muscles contracted at almost random intervals. I came. It lasted for roughly 10 seconds. It was much more intense than masturbation. Samantha sucked my pussy dry. She stripped naked then got something from a drawer. She bent and I noticed her cunt was bigger than mine. She removed something from the drawer. It was a black strap on. It was about 7 inches.

"What the fuck are you going to do with that?" I asked.

"You'll see." she replied. I hated the suspense. I hate not being in control. She licked the strap on then strapped it to her waist. She laid down on the king size bed next to me.

"Climb on." she said with her hand on the strap on. I wanted to but I was afraid it would hurt.
"No need to be afraid." she said.

"I am not afraid." I said trying to look brave.
I moved on top of her and aligned the top of the strap on with my vagina. I sat down allowing the half of strap on to go in. There was a sudden pain in my cunt. I closed my eye. The strap on was ripping my tight pussy apart. I moved up then down still letting half in and the pain was there again. I didn't know if I could take this anymore. I moved up then down again but this time the pain seemed to have decreased.
I think my cunt was adapting. I moved up and down again, the pain was now tolerable. I moved up and down faster and now it was pleasurable.
I stopped to try and let the whole strap on in. It went in. If felt so great. I moved up and down faster and started to moan. I grabbed her tits as I rode the strap on. This was one of the best feelings I have ever had. It was a mixture of slight pain, and the pleasure of having
something moving in and out of your vagina.
I felt my heart rate increase and now I was breathing faster than before. My muscle started contracting again at the same random intervals. I let my self fall. I slept on her and our tits touched. I kissed her neck as I had the best orgasm I have and perhaps will ever have. I laid there on top of her for a few minutes.

"Do you want me to take you home?" She asked.

"Yeah you should probably take me home. I replied.
I stood up and felt the strap on leave by body. Its was probably warm by now. I slipped into my clothes and led the way. I passed through the living room and all the girls there were asleep.
We reached her Golf GTI and she opened the door for me and closed after I got in.

"What kind of work do you do?" I asked since she seemed pretty wealthy.

"I run a website, it's pretty popular so I get a decent amount of money." she replied.

"Have you done what we just did to another girl?" I asked.

"I won't lie to you, I have. But I have only done it once to a girl I like."

"Who's that girl you like?"

"You." she replied.
I didn't want to be in a relationship right now. She stopped the car.
Coming back from her house seemed shorter than actually going there.
I got out of the vehicle.

"Call me." She said a bit loudly from inside the car.

"I will." I replied. I tiptoed into the house. I wasn't surprised that no one had noticed I was absent. No family member really cares about me.
I removed my shoes and got into stealth mode. I tiptoed up the stairs headed to my room when I heard what sounded like moaning. It was coming from Owens’ room. I thought he was masturbating so I decided to sneak a peek. I slowly opened the door and peeked. Holy fuck. My sister and brother were having sex. Shit. Owen was on top of Nicole fucking her. Nicole had closed her eyes as my brother banged her.
Luckily no one saw me so I slowly closed the door and went to my room.


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delete all three and stop writing you suck at it.

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Your work is hard to understand, but don't give up

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2013-06-10 18:05:43
Not bad thanks for another good story, the sentences made a lil more sense but you do seem to work on your character perspective 1st/3rd person views. Try to separate the areas were you move one to different areas with a dash mark or something between the areas you are moving around, For instance the party to the house to Sam's place that way they don't feel like they're run together so much (mainly were the action is interesting going home didn't need one it did serve as a break period though between the action)

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You kept switching back and forth between Alexa and Whitney and it threw me off completely. I am surprised i got through 5 chapters!

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