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A bet between her husband and his brother means that Donna gets a great night of fucking.
Donna concentrated on relaxing her throat muscles to keep from gagging on the stranger's thick seven-inch cock that was deep in her throat. Her nose was buried in his pubic hair and pressing against his abdomen. The one thing that helped a lot was the wonderful feeling between her legs as Bill; her husband rapidly licked her soaking wet pussy. Donna knew that soon she would have a belly full of delicious man sauce and Bill would have a mouthful of her girl cum. She looked forward to sloshing his seed around in her mouth and showing it to him before happily swallowing his load. All was right in the world.

They had been married about a year when Bill started talking to her about a threesome. At first she had rejected the idea but the more Bill encouraged her to consider it, the better it sounded. Now Donna looked forward to the various men that Bill brought home for their fun.

She always hoped that the man of the night would quickly be ready for seconds. Her very sexy body helped to keep the men in the mood and ready for more. Her small waist and firm 34-D tits were always a hit. As soon as his shaft was fully firm again, she would climb on top and ride him hard and fast till she worked up a heavy sweat. Donna loved the feel of a big hard man meat filling her cunt. Donna would orgasm after just a couple minutes of playing cowgirl. Then she would do it over and over with each one being harder than the one before it. Finally she would feel his dick swell and pulse as he would fill her wanton, birth control protected womb with wonderful hot, thick cum. Donna would collapse and give him a big thank you kiss. Bill always moved and sat in a chair, stroking his shaft to keep it partially hard while the part of the show went on where she was getting fucked.

After company left it was Bill's turn. Donna got on the floor in front of him and sucked his nuts and prick till he was nice and hard again. Then she would get on the bed, on her hands and knees and Bill would climb on behind her. Bill's equipment was only five and a half inches and not very thick but Donna found that it was just the perfect size to have shoved up her ass.

Bill would reach between Donna's legs and scoop up some of the cum that was running out of her. He used it to lube her tight little puckered hole so he could push himself up his wife's butt. Bill would hold her hips and pound her ass hard and fast. Donna really enjoyed it and pushed back to meet his thrusts. Finally he would erupt inside her bowels and they would both collapse and fall asleep while hugging each other. They never even noticed that the sheets were soaking wet with spilled cum.

Friday evening, Bill announced that he was going out to find some company to bring home and Donna let him know that she thought it was a great idea. Bill got in the car and left. Donna went to the bedroom to get herself ready. She stripped and admired herself in the mirror. They she got into the shower.

While she cleaned herself, she slipped her finger between her pussy lips and rubbed her clit till she brought herself to what she hoped was the first of several orgasms that she would have that night. Donna took a razor and smoothly shaved her pubic area, then dried off and went back to the bedroom to dress.

She chose a pair of red crotchless panties and a matching red bra with holes for her nipples. A shear white teddy went over that and she finished with three inch red heels. As she did her hair in the mirror, she wondered what kind of a stud Bill would find to bring home. He almost always did a good job and he knew that she liked a big cock between her legs.

About an hour later as Donna was sitting in the living room watching porn on the TV when she heard cars drive up and the garage door open. She got up and went by the door. She did not turn off the TV. The door to the garage opened and Bill walked in with someone else behind him. Donna quickly saw that it was Danny, Bill's kid brother. Danny was about six years younger than Bill and just finishing high school at eighteen. Donna quickly covered her tits with her hands.

"I went to the club and spotted Danny there with some of his buddies. I overheard him bragging that he could fill a girl with three loads of cum before he went soft. When we were alone for a minute, I told him that I didn't believe him and would bet $50 that it was not true. He said that he would take that bet any time but wondered how we would prove it. I told him to come home with me and prove it with you. Here we are."

Donna smiled and dropped her hands. She lifted up her teddy and walked up to Danny. She knew that Danny would be interested. Whenever he was over to visit, he would spend more time staring at her big firm breasts than he would looking in her eyes. And she always saw a big bulge grow in his pants.

When she got to him, he looked at his brother with a questioning look. Bill looked at him, "Go for it Bro." Danny leaned down. Donna's nipples were at full attention and she could feel her pussy getting wet. Danny took one nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. Then he moved to the other and gave it a gentle nip.

Donna dropped her teddy and took Danny's hand and led him to the bedroom. Bill followed them. When they were all in the room, Bill sat in the chair. "You're gonna watch?” Danny asked. "Well ya, I have to see who wins the bet, don't I?” Bill laughed.

Danny stood there as Donna undressed in front of him and then undressed him exposing what she thought was a wonderful sight. His cock was only a little over six inches but it was the thickest one she had ever had. It was as big around as her wrist. She gave it a little kiss on the tip and watched it twitch. "Well, Billy, you may be older but I see that Danny is your big brother." She laid him on the bed and then climbed on in the 69 position.

Usually Donna could deepthroat a cock on the first push but Danny's was so thick that the first couple times she tried, it stopped at the top of her throat. Finally she took a deep breath and pushed hard and pop, his prick entered her throat. Danny moaned. He had only been with one girl before that could deepthroat his monster manhood.

Donna started bobbing up and down on her prize and rubbing her shaved pussy over Danny's face. He stuck out his tongue and licked her from clit to ass hole. Now Donna moaned too. Bill sat in his chair and watched. One of his favorite things to see was seeing the bulge on the outside of her throat as a cock slit up and down inside his wife's throat. He smiled. His kid brother was doing a great job face fucking his wife.

After just a few minutes, Danny moaned and stiffened, saying that he was about to cum. Donna kept just the head in her mouth as Danny shot four big ropes of thick cum into her mouth. Donna pulled off and showed Bill that her mouth was full of his brother's cum. Then she swallowed it and smacked her lips. "Wow, that was one super blowjob", Danny said. Sure enough he was still hard as a rock. "That's one", Bill said.

Donna had Danny lay on his back and she climbed on top and lined his oak stick up to her cunt and slid down over it. Her fuck tube felt wonderfully full and stretched. She started bouncing up and down on it, getting the fucking she wanted. Danny lay there entranced with watching her tits sway and bounce. He started matching her ride with thrusts of his own.

After several minutes, Danny announced that he was close to cumming. Almost shouting, Bill told him to pull out and cum on her tits so he could see that he did it. That disappointed Donna, but they did as he said. Danny deposited big puddles on each of Donna's breasts. She scooped some of it up and fed it to her mouth. "That's two", Bill said.

Danny's meat was hanging but you could still say that he had an erection. After catching their breath, Danny placed Donna on her elbows and knees and got behind her. Getting a good look at both of her holes, he said, "What a nice tight looking ass hole. Maybe I should give it a good fucking." Donna quickly replied, "You're not putting that big thing in my ass."

Danny started rubbing his cock up back and forth along her ass crack and rubbing her ass hole as it passed. Donna was considering changing her mind letting him fuck her ass with that big bat when he slipped in into her cunt. Donna moaned and pushed back. Danny held her hips and pounded her hard and fast, which helped him stay hard.

This time he lasted over ten minutes. Sweat was running down his back and Donna had had a half dozen orgasms when he was finally read to shoot his load. He announced his intentions and Bill told him to pull out and cum on her ass. "No way. I'm gonna fill her cunt with my seed. You can come over and see it leak out afterwards if you need proof." They both orgasmed hard at the same time.

Donna collapsed on the bed, pulling off of his prick as she did. Cum started pouring out of Donna's well-fucked hole. This time it was Danny that spoke up. "That's three! You owe me $50 brother".

Danny got dressed and Bill walked him to his car. When Bill got back to the bedroom, Donna was laying on her side, almost asleep. He got out of his clothes and climbed in bed with his wife and got behind her. She lifted her upper leg and Bill slid his erect cock between her pussy lips, getting it coated with his brother's cum to use as lube.

Bill placed his price at his wife's tight little butt hole and gently pushed. Her shitter opened and his cock slid into her poop shoot. Bill rolled them so she was on her stomach and he was on her back. He started pumping in and out of her. Bill loved Donna's tight ass hole.

Donna relaxed as she felt Bill in her. It felt nice but she was too worn out to do anything but lie there and let her husband to his thing. Donna thought back to the first time she had anal sex. She was thirteen and it was with her uncle at the family's cabin by the lake. Man, it hurt like mad. She almost said no the next night when he came back wanting to do it again.

After a few minutes Bill shot his wad deep in her bowels. Donna felt his cock pump and felt the warm cum flow into her. He slowly pumped a few more times. Then he pulled out and brought his cock to her face and she sucked him clean. They cuddled and slept till late Saturday morning.

The next several days were uneventful. They had plain vanilla sex one time at bedtime but that was all. Thursday at the bank where Donna worked, Mr. Johnson, the bank president came into the pool office and stopped in front of Donna's desk. "I need some help in the vault. Ms. Dickson, will you please assist me?" Donna got up from her desk and followed him to the elevator and then into the vault.

He stopped and stood in the middle of the vault. Donna knew what was expected of her as this happened about once a week. Donna dropped to her knees in front of her boss, reached out and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. She pulled them and his shorts to the ground. Mr. Johnson's half hard six-inch member stood out in front of her face.

Without touching it with her hands, Donna leaned forward and took his manhood into her mouth. He reached inside her blouse and freed her breasts. He enjoyed squeezing them while she sucked him off. His erection firmed a little more. He put his fingers in Donna's hair and controlled the speed that he was face fucking her. Soon, Donna had a mouthful of cum and Mr. Johnson's cock was quickly going limp. She pulled his pants up to where he could reach them. He fastened them and walked out of the vault. Neither of them had spoken a word.

About a minute later, Donna also left the vault. She walked thru the office. Her hair was messed up, her blouse was partly pulled out and there was a glob of cum on her chin. The others in the office watched her walk by. Before she got to the ladies room, she passed sixty-six year old Frank, the security guard at his desk watching the security camera screens, including the one that watched into the vault. He gave her a smile and thumbs up. She smiled back at him.

Saturday at breakfast Bill casually stated that he thought it might be a good night for him to go find a new guest to join them for a night of pleasure. Donna, who was picking up the empty dishes, leaned over and gave him a little kiss on the lips and said, "Pick me a good one."


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Hey my man,,,your wife is a awesome slut!!!!!! It took me a few years to get her to just admit to her self what was in her,, what she loves,,, cock loving slut!! Now she knows there is nothing wrong with it.. going to let her read about Donna !...

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