Sunday is over the horizon. A preteen love story
Susie-Lea, Chapter 4.

Susie-Lea and Rachel have spent Friday night and Saturday night in my house. Each one had their parents believing they were at the other girl’s home.

As the three of us were drifting off to sleep in the king size bed I snuggled against Susie from the back. She wiggled her ass against me and said sleepily, “Night Daddy.” The wiggling ass cheeks rubbed my cock and reminded me of something I wanted to do. I slid my hand between her ass cheeks and put one finger on her pucker. Susie asked quietly, “What?” just one second before my finger penetrated her virgin hole. She answered her own question with her voice going high, “Oh, Daddy.” I kissed her neck and told her to go to sleep. My finger stayed in its new found warm spot.

The alarm clock told me it was nearly 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning was here as my eyes closed.

When I woke, I had to go to the bathroom and the clock blinked 5:45. So I went to the guest bedroom and then decided to take a long shower to relax the old muscles. I hated it was Sunday already and my two darlings would have to go home at noon. I put on a pot of coffee and waited for it in my recliner in the living room. I heard a commode flush and wondered which girl was up just before 7:00. It was Susie-Lea and she stuck her head out of the bedroom door cautiously. I waved her to the living room and she climbed on my lap and put her arms around me. “Good morning, Daddy,” she said before she kissed me as my hands slid over her petite naked body. Uhh, she had a bad case of morning mouth and her body smelled of sweat and sex. I asked her if she was going back to bed and she told me she wanted to stay up with “Daddy.”

One hand cupped her breast and gave her nipple a light squeeze as she looked up at me. Her bedroom messy hair was adorable and I almost just wanted to give her a tongue bath. “Baby, go into the guest bathroom and take a nice shower while I fix you something to eat,” I encouraged and she smiled and told me she knew what she wanted to eat after breakfast. Her naked ass wiggled down the hall and I watched every step.

She came back after a while; her hair wet under a towel turban. Still naked she made herself a home at the kitchen table. Her pointed breasts over the table made a nice contrast and kept my eyes focused as I sipped coffee. Like the first day I saw them, the white cones with the pink nipples were just beautiful. She smiled and rotated her shoulders as she saw me stare.

A plate of hot pancakes with strawberry syrup earned me a big grin as I sat it down in front of Susie. She dug in only as a hungry teen can do, devouring the stack of pancakes in record time.

I asked her if she wanted more and she shook her head ‘No’ with her mouth still full of the last bite. As she finished and proclaimed, “Yummy, Daddy,” I took a drop of the sweet, red strawberry syrup and dabbed it on her pink nipples. Susie looked down, grinned and rotated her chair around and stretched her arms high over her head. It lifted her pink nipples even higher closer to my face, “Daddy, someone put syrup on me. Can you get it off? She whined in a little baby voice.

Her brown eyes sparkled as I lifted her off the chair and let her put her arms around me. Her lips locked to my neck while I carried her to the guest bedroom and locked the door. “I may know how to clean that syrup right off you,” I told her and laid her on the bed. Susie rolled around and attacked my belt pulling my short off. Susie reached up and massaged her hair a bit and threw the towel turban to the side. Her damp hair looked dark against her pale skin and curled around her face. She slid over and made room on the bed.

It hit me this was the only time she and I had been alone together. By accident we ended up where I wanted to be since we started sexting; alone with her and naked in a bed. I was not complaining about doing the two hotties at the same time; there are still lots and lots of things to discover with them and to teach them.

As I licked her breasts she giggled at first and then started breathing heavier, “Uumm.” In between licks I asked, “Ten words and more. Tell me what you liked this weekend?” She thought for a full minute while I kissed her nipples and then said quietly, “Best of all is right now, just you and me alone and I get to do whatever I want.” I could not argue with that particularly the “do anything she wants part.” Susie found her voice and added, “Of course Rachel eating my pussy and swallowing cum was a shock. Daddy, do you think she is a lezzy?” I had to be careful how to answer that for a twelve year old even if she was very mature. “I can’t say because a lot of girls, even in college, experiment with other girls. Then they end up marrying a guy. Some girls of course think it’s gross. That’s what most guys think about gays,” I answered.

Susie emphasized, “I don’t think I want to play with girls except Rachel.” I kissed her and told her, “That’s because you have been good friends and love each other.” Susie grinned as a really looked at her and moved down to her belly button. Blowing bubbles into her made Susie laugh and one hand slid down and grabbed by cock. “Can I play with you cock?” she asked playfully; like she really needed permission. Duh’. I nodded because her stroking was already taking my breath away. After I rolled on my back Susie slid down next to me and really checked my cock. “Is it real sensitive here?” she asked as she ran her tongue over my red bulb. “There and on the underside,” I murmured knowing her tongue would go there next.

Of course it did, Susie pulled the skin back and holding me straight up licked the underside. When I jerked she knew she found the sensitive private spot. She gave a small giggle and did it again, several times, until I said, “Enough.” She cupped my balls and said, “On the porn they are always licking balls, does it feel good?” “Not especially,” I answered, adding, “I think it’s just something for porn. If you already have my cock in your mouth, I don’t want you to stop to lick balls.” Susie smiled and bent over my cock. As she opened her mouth she looked at me and never broke contact while she pushed my cock between her lips.

I could feel myself hitting her throat and told her, “Don’t try to deep throat me if it hurts or you start gagging.” She said, “Sit up so I can get in a better position.” She positioned herself on her knees like one of the porn actresses who swallow giant cocks. Her hands were interlaced behind her body and her mouth slid down my cock until her pixie nose hit my stomach. We both groaned as I pushed up against her soft lips. Susie held me like that for nearly a minute and I could tell she was swallowing pre-cum. She came back up and took a big gulp of air. “Oh wow,” we both said at the same time and laughed.

I spread my legs more and Susie went back to slowly sucking and bobbing her head. She slid down my cock and let her nose bump against my belly and come back up. Of course I was getting longer and harder by the second and I could tell she was having a harder time getting down to the root. She started gagging a bit every time she went down and I finally reminded her to stop and play with my cock head and sensitive underside. “Oh yes Baby, just like that,” I moaned as she paid attention to my cock head. As I neared blowing my load into her mouth I said, “Baby, you need to decide. Do you want to swallow my load and let me be happy or do you want to climb up and ride my cock? Then we can both be happy?” She murmured something with her lips wrapped around me and gave my cock a kiss.

Susie stood up and I scrambled back on the bed before she asked, “I need the pain cream. Do you have some more?” I reached into the night stand for the second tube I had bought. As she straddled me with a grin, I put a big gob of cream on my middle finger and coated her outer lips. Susie sat on my belly and looked down as my finger disappeared between her legs and coated the inside of her pussy with anti-pain cream. It was a bit awkward for me and she leaned over me; pushed her hands against my shoulder and lifted up enough for my fingers to play in her pussy.

I touched her sensitive spots and rubbed gently and when I hit her clit she moaned, “Oh yes, Daddy.” She moved back and grabbed my cock and pointed it towards her juicy honey box. When my cock touched her pussy I could feel she was already wet. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the head up and down and Susie giggled, “It tickles.” So I pushed my cock head against her pink pucker which wiped the giggle off her face. “There?” she asked with a frown as she felt my cock poking her ass. “Not today, baby,” I said, letting her know her ass will be fucked in the future. My cock head popped into her pussy and she tightened herself around it.

“Are you sore?” I asked and she nodded her head. “Just do it as easy or hard as you want,” I told her and pulled her face down for a kiss. While we kissed I pushed my hips up a bit and got our slow rhythm going. Susie sat up and pushed me deeper into her wetness. I visualized my cock sliding through her pink inner lips slowly spreading her wider hunting her cervix. When she leaned back a bit I knew I had maximum penetration and Susie did it on purpose. “Oh my God,” she moaned and wiggled a bit as I pushed against her. “Are you all the way inside?” she asked and I could see her rub high over her mons. “I feel you in my belly,” she added.

So I said, “Tell me how it feels.” She wiggled her ass a bit more and then said, “I feel full and I can feel my muscles squeezing your cock. It’s way up in my body.” She looked at me with her big brown eyes and I told her, “It’s up there in baby making territory.” Susie gasped and moaned, “I probably should not do it, but just for me, will you do something?” I nodded, “Of course, Baby.” I pushed my hips up and dropped them down giving her the message to fuck a bit. Susie leaned forward against me and whisper, “Daddy, fuck me hard and cum in my pussy.”

So we did; like proverbial rabbits. It seems Susie had built up all her secret wishes for her third, and probably last, fuck. She rode me hard squeezing my cock and I’m sure her pussy will be raw after this. Her hand was in her mouth as she groaned and moaned. Perky young breasts were bouncing up and down and ten minutes later she was climbing her own zenith. She panted, “Close; Uhm; close; Daddy I’m close.” Her face and chest were flushed red and her pink nipples stood out hard as steel marbles. I think we will crash land together. Suzie eyes were shut tight and I had to remind her, “Open your eyes so you can remember.” The beautiful preteen was about to add another great memory to her short list as she exploded while looking at me. Her body quivered and shook as lightning raced from her pussy to her head. When she dropped her butt back down on my cock I exploded into her with full force.

As streams of cum shot into her virgin body, Susie fell against me and cried, “Oh Daddy, I feel your hot stuff in my tummy. Its thousands of babies.” I chuckled and held her to me and whispered into her ear, “Let’s hope not. We need to talk about it.” We laid there until our breathing slowed and then kissed some more. Susie pledged her undying love. When her hand found my cock it was slimy and she giggled. I said, “I want you to use your tongue to clean me up; except we are running out of time. So it’s a shower in a minute.” I told her she also needed to get Rachel out of bed. Noon was coming soon.

In my shower I reminded myself I did not eat Susie’s pussy. It would have been a nice breakfast on the kitchen table but shooting cum deep into her was so much better. I was happy Susie had a good experience with having cum inside her the first time. Of course we needed to talk about it.

Twenty minutes later when I checked on the girls the hair dryers had stopped and they were standing naked in the master bedroom. Their clothes were lying on the bed and Rachel said, “I can’t explain to my mom where the nice dress came from.” The solution of course was for everything new to go into the guest bedroom. I asked, “How about the jeans, you think they would be Ok?” Susie answered, “Yea, they are good because I can say I bought them both. Her mom knows I get a big allowance.”

“Girls, since you both looks so pretty, how about a picture,” I asked and went for my camera. I posed them standing next to each other and they hugged naked breast pushing against each other. “Just a little kiss,” I said and shot pictures as the swapped tongues. I did not want them to get too hot, but had them get on the bed with knees cocked and legs spread wide. Several nice pussy pictures followed. “Rachel, use your fingers and spread wide for me,” I asked and she pulled her pussy open as wide as she could. She grinned and when I looked at Susie she did it too. Goodness, what a scene. I shot a few pics of them together and finished with close-ups. Then I knelt down and kissed Rachel’s pussy and moved to Susie. She got several licks and a suck on her clit. Rachel watched and in a mock severe tone said, “How come she gets extra?”

My mind said because she started it when we met at the eye doctor’s and she flashed me her baby tits and made the card with my phone number disappear. I can’t believe it, I have a twelve year old girl friend. Plus, I guess, Rachel is a permanent side kick. Where will this go? Either that, or I am just a nasty forty year old pervert. “ I vote for Number One, your Honor; no matter what the members of the jury say,” is my sincere thought.

I had them get dressed and fixed Rachel pancakes for breakfast. Neither girl mentioned this morning’s fuck session with Susie. Had she not told Rachel that she got a load of cum? Around the table we talked about the upcoming week. Since I live so close to both their houses they said they could ride their bikes over. I said we had to be careful because of the neighbors, “Do you know any school kids on this street?” Rachel said she knew a girl a few blocks down and they could make it look like they went there. Works for me, but I also liked the library as a meeting place.

Susie brought up she had fun and skirted around a key issue, “You were being careful, but did not use protection.” I said she was right because I thought they should feel the real thing as an introduction to sex. Suzie added, “In health class the nurse said to never do it without it.” I laughed and said, “Well seeing how many kids are in your school a lot of parents missed that class.” They both laughed and I told them I agree except condoms can break and it was easier for the girls to go on the pill. “The best excuse is having cramps and needing it to regulate your cycle,” I said. They promised to talk to their mothers.

After they had their back packs loaded and I stored them in my truck the tears began. Susie sniffled a few times and it set Rachel off. We stood in the garage, hugging, crying and kissing. Finally, I got them loaded into the back seat of my truck with reminders of weekends to come.

As we pulled into the library lot, I reminded them to go inside and spend a little time before getting their bikes from the rack behind the building. I reached back and squeezed their hands as they jumped out.

My tears started on the way home.

Author note:
At this time I am going to end the Susie-Lea series here. My plan is to work more
on the Gaby series because of many requests. The seven year old hottie surely has
more adventures ahead?

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