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a young boys journey into womanhood
It had been 5 days of intense study, in preparation of the visit from the school principal he was going to test me and see how Mr. Walkers teaching had been. Blowjob 101 was the last lesson every day. I had gotten really good at taking in Mr. Walkers cock. I could almost swallow it whole, and swallowing his cum had become easier, I did spill a little, but said to me, “Kalynn, letting a little out is sexy”, and I always wanted to be sexy for him. Mr. Walker had not taken my ass at all that week, he told that he was saving it for a special occasion, and if I passed Mr. Evans test’s, he would take for a burger and fries, and then spend the evening at the house with me and Mom, I knew what that meant. I so much wanted to pass.
Saturday night Mom and I had a talk about it. “Kalynn, I want you dress nice nothing to showy, something nice and casual, I think he would be taken back, if you dressed to much like today’s teenagers.” I took that as to mean don’t look slutty, I didn’t tell Mom that but I got the picture. “Okay Mom, I won’t”, Sunday came and went. Monday morning I got up early, Mom help me pick out a nice navy blue skirt; it went just below my knees, black pumps, and white button down blouse. I had on under this, my blue satin panties, white bra, and tan nylons, with a blue garter belt. I love the grater; it makes it so, easy to access my ass, instead having to pull the panty hose down, my little cock stayed tuck away nice and neat, you wouldn’t know it, unless you had me down on my back and riding me.
Mom left for work. Mr. Walker had arrived at eight forty five, fifteen minutes before Mr. Evans would show up. “Okay Kalynn, you need to listen, and follow all the instructions, that Mr. Evans gives you, and don’t worry about a thing it will all be fine, your Mom and I will make sure of that”. I looked at him and smiled, I believed him something in his voice assured me of that. He told me that he would be at his house and the tests, shouldn’t take no more than two hours. He would come over after it was all done. Mr. Walker, got up ready to leave, that was when the knock came. He answered; I heard talking in the hallway, and then footsteps. “Kalynn this is Mr. Evan’s, the principal”. I looked at him, smiled and stood up “Pleased to meet you sir”, I said as I curtseyed. “Same here young lady”, came his reply. “Well I’ll be going now”, Mr. Walker said and then he left.
Mr. Evans didn’t say much, he tested me in math, science, history, and English. I didn’t realize what I had done, but the tests only took forty five minutes, he was grading them. When he had finished, he smiled at me, and said “Well Kalynn, it seems that you have an excellent teacher you have passed all these test with flying colors, and to top it all off you did it in record time”. I thanked him, and ask him if there was anything other test that I needed to take. He sat quit for a moment, and then he began. He told me that he knew about unusual case, and that all the paper needed to be taken care of, that all school records should indicate that I was female, not a male. At first I was taken back that he knew, but his talking soon smoothed my nerves over.
He then walked over to where I was sitting; his crotch was eye level with me. “Look Kalynn you need to do something for me, before I can something for you”, he said the only thought I had then was what Mom had told, “it’s not who you know, but how well you blow”. He looked down at me, and started to say something, but before he could, I reached up and undid his belt, he, smiled at me, and said, “Make it good, and I may help you out”. I tugged his pants and shorts off. His cock was semi-hard. Reaching up I grabbed it, I felt it start to come alive. “Ummm you know what to do next”, he moaned.
I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. All the time I keep looking up at him. He tilled his head back, and moaned softly, “Good girl, don’t stop”. I took more of his now hard cock into my mouth. Pulling back I ran my tongue on the underside of his cock, doing little zigzags until I reached his balls, and I took one in, and sucked on while I stroked his cock, all the time looking at him. I went back and forth between his balls, he moaned all the more louder with each stroke on his cock, and me sucking his balls. I made my way back to the tip of his cock, and kissed it. Looking closely at his cock, it appeared bigger than Mr. Walkers, and smoother. I opened my mouth and sucked in the head making popping sounds. He loved I could tell, I did this few more times, and then took as much of his big fat cock in my mouth as I could, and ran my finger nails gently across his balls, and then down his thighs, each time I did that, his cock would jerk, as if he was ready to cum.
I felt his hands grab my head, he opened his eyes and looked down at me smiled and said “Kalynn, I’m going cum”. With that I felt his first shot of hot cum, he wouldn’t let go of my head, “swallow it all Kalynn, you little cock gobbler”, and he moaned as he filled my mouth full of his cum, I almost started gagging, but held on, and swallowed as much as I could. He finally let go of my head, I continued to suck on him, I wanted this to the best blowjob he every got, and as mom said “you need to always clean him up, don’t leave a drop on him or yourself”, and I did just that. After I helped him button up, I stood up, we began to walk to door, at the front door, he stopped, and said “I think you may need to take a few more test”, as he reached around a squeezed my ass. He then left.
About forty five minutes later, Mr. Walker came over, and about ten minutes mom showed, I was in the bathroom cleaning up, I had changed into some gym shorts and a tank top. I walked in the living room, Mom looked at me smiled and said, “Sit down we have something to show you”. Mr. Walker popped in a DVD, and when he turned it on, there it all was me sucking the principal’s big fat cock. “Don’t worry Kalynn; no one will ever see this, but us, and of course Mr. Evans, who will do anything we want him to do”. Umm Kalynn you seemed to have learned how to suck cock real well”, Mom said as she pointed at the T.V. screen it showed Mr. Evans telling he was going cum, and you could hear all his moaning. Mr. Walker, jumped up, smiled and said “burgers and fries anyone. I smiled looked at Mom, she said “I’m coming to, we all need to talk”. I got up, and slipped on a pair of sandals, and off we went. Mom did make a passing comment on this, maybe Mr. Evans was right, Kalynn may need another test or two, who knows the extra insurance, could always help my baby girl”.

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2013-07-12 06:04:53
sweet story, keep up the good work.

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