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The past two weeks were awesome, having Betty join us in Costa Rica for a threesome and a week on the private island with John enjoying rough sex marathon. On the way home challenging John to Truth and Dare was risky. Standing there, in front of the mirror, Mina thinks as She trembles, " I knew challenging John to a game of Truth or Dare wasn't a good idea. I knew John would win, just like every other game we play, I always lose to John. I shouldn't have done those tequila shots and promised John to do anything John wanted for the next day." But what puzzled her wasn't the fact that I teased her all day but the fact that I asked her to dress up so we could go to the opera. I had her favorite boutque deliver the most gorgeous and delicate silk dress to her. I knew that the deep purple colour of the dress would look sinful against her skin. I knew that the plunging neckline would enhance her chest.

She put the dress on and it ends mid thigh. She must admit that I have impeccable taste. As she swirls around in it, with the fabric snuggled at her chest, tight around her waist and then flowing out, She notices another package along with the one She received the dress in. She opens the box and touch the soft pair of German stockings. She laughs back at the memory when She first wore stockings for me. It was my niece's birthday party and she didn't want to look inappropriate in the dress I asked her to wear. So she put on a pair of stockings. Only I thought they made her look even more delicious. She shakes that thought out of her mind and slips on the stockings. They're black and sheer for the most part. Lace on the top, of course, just like I love them. She put on light make up, just black eyeliner, a bit of dark plum eye-shadow and a deep red lip gloss. She slips on her black pumps and walk to her closet to retrieve a black clutch. She put in her phone and a bottle of lip gloss.

She turns around to put on my favourite perfume, just in time when the intercom rings to let her know I've arrived. Mina takes the elevator downstairs. I smile as I see her, taking her in my arms and kissing her cheek softly. I look completely dashing in that black suit and a tie matching the colour of her dress. My lips are at her ears now and I lick her ear lobe and say " you look absolutely mouth-watering." Mina shivers from my words and takes a step back, trying to compose herself. I lead her to the car and open the door for her. I know how much my gentlemanly ways turn her on. She slips into the passenger seat and buckles herself in. I walk towards the other side of the car, looking into her eyes the entire time. I sit down and start the car and we head over to the Opera House. I place my right hand right above her left knee, just holding her there. Mina looks at me with a panicked expression in her eyes. I don't take my eyes off the road but She sees that cheeky grin form on my face.

I give her knee a squeeze and say " I'm not going to do anything..." She relaxs visibly until I add a " yet " and her guard is up again. I let out a little chuckle as I say " I'm not the one who challenged me. You lost; you've got to face the consequences." She gives me a curt nod and tries to take her mind off the things I could do to her. Some making her shake with fear, others shiver in delight. The rest of the car ride is uneventful. We drive slowly, listening to soothing classical music. We pull into the Opera house but I decide to park myself. She looks at me with fear. I always go for the valet service. I look out of the corners of my eyes and say " Don't worry my pet," and I park the car. She makes a move to get out of the car when I stop her. " I've got something for you to do," I say as I look into her eyes. Mina nods towards me, knowing that she could never deny me anything.

" Quietly, take off your panties and give them to me." She stares widely at me. " What?' She screams out loud.

I roll my eyes and repeat myself, " Panties off, now." She shakes her head furiously and refuses to do something so demeaning. I look into her eyes, my glare hardening, " there's no point in arguing," I say with my jaw clenched, " Mina, NOW." She quickly takes her panties off and give them to me, opening the door almost immediately and stepping out. I lock the car and She sees me stuffing the fabric of her panties into my jacket pocket. I give he my hand and she takes it. We enter the auditorium and take our seats.

The show starts to play and I don't do anything except take her hand in mine and stroke the skin with my thumb. She starts to think that this will be one of those nights we have a nice time together and we go back home to just cuddle and relax. She knew better. After half an hour into the show I let go of her hand and take my suit jacket off. I shrug out of it and keep it on her lap. She looks at me with a questioning expression and I whisper " you'll understand in due time."

After another 30 minutes into the show I place my hand back on her knee giving it a squeeze every two seconds. She relaxes, thinking I'm doing just what I did in the car but then my words spring back into her mind, " I won't do anything ...yet." I start raising my hand up, massaging the skin of her thighs through the silk fabric of the dress. It's oddly soothing and she tries to just enjoy the moment. She rests her head on my shoulder and I squeeze her thigh hard. She let's out a soft yelp of pain " ooww " and turns around to look at me. I refuse to look at her, just rubbing her thigh, moving higher and higher. She clasps her legs together, realizing what I'll do.

I look at her with a fire in my eyes. " Spread your legs " I order. She just shakes her head. I lightly slap her thigh making her loosen her tight hold. " Do it, NOW!" I say. She makes a move to get up but I hold her elbow tight and say " Sit back down, right now." She hears the rage in my voice so she sits down without another word. I calm down, visibly, and my hand returns to where it was. She looks at me and begs me to stop but I simply state " I placed the coat on your lap for a reason. No one will know what we're doing.

Besides, you lost the game and you have no choice." She simply nods and tries to ignore my ministrations on her thigh. My hand inches closer and closer towards her pussy until my finger softly brushes against her clit. She moans softly " ooohhh " and my hand retreats, roughly massaging her inner thighs. She pushs her thighs apart, I softly rub her outer lips, carefully avoiding her clit. She starts getting wetter and wetter, her juices collecting on my fingers. I pull my hand away and raise my fingers to my lips and lick them clean of her juices. She moans at the sight " mmmmm," more juices flowing out. My hand returns to her pussy, spreading the outer lips apart now, furiously rubbing her clit.

She groans loudly " OOOOHHH..MMMMM," the couple sitting next to her turn around to see what's wrong. She tries to compose herself, I continue flicking her clit with my fingers. She gives into the pleasure while biting her inner cheek so that she doesn't attract glares of the rest of the audience. I slowly slide one finger into her, moving it around in circles, rubbing the inner walls of her pussy. Mina kneels down between my spreed legs, she unzips my pants pulling my hard thick cock out.

She takes me deep into her throat and loves every inch of my hard thick veined skin fucking the inside of her small spread mouth. Over and over my cock rides in and out past her wet, wide open lips. Strands of hair on my balls tickling her face as her mouth fills and the smell of fresh sweat in my groin is a huge turn on. Reaching down she inserts a finger into her neatly trimmed pussy; it drowns in thick wetness. She wants to come so bad; She had been waiting patiently all day. The bottoms of her breasts were cradled neatly on my hands. While she sucked, I abused her nipples twisting, pulling and pinching their sensitive ends creating the highest sensation I could have lusted for.

Mina raises up sitting down as the opera ends. We hurry home to continue our lust filled foreplay. Sticky pre-cum lubricated her lips and extra saliva drooled out of her mouth when she pulled off of my hard thick cock, She lifted the weight off her knees and pushed the thick fluffy pillow aside kicking it across the floor. Rising up she lowered her naked body down onto me, her long black hair falling every which way as I lay back from my sitting position at the bed's edge and fell against the soft king size mattress. The heavy hair on my chest rubbed against her smooth, soft bare breasts. Our lips met, teasing and kissing. " I love you," She said. Smiling I wiggled out from under her. She rolled over and watched me get up.

" Come here!" I grinned. I took hold of the bottom of her ass cheeks and help drag her over the top of the bunched up sheets to the very edge of the bed. I spread her legs at the thighs holding them up tight and wide open, her knees bent. Throbbing and dancing her swollen clit was ready to be rubbed, fondled and sucked hard. Reaching down with my pointy tongue I tasted her wanting clit. Licking the thick love juice off her pussy lips and caressing my seductive wide tongue over her, She was teased again and again.

She wiggled with delight. " Yes!" She gasped. Her arousal building even more. " Yeah, yeah!" She screamed as she was immersed within total bliss. She loves these evenings when we can relax and lust after each other when life's moments escaped busy schedules and complications. Mina is seductively beautiful, tall and turns me on.

As my tongue tired, I forced three fingers up inside her tight wet pussy. They twisted and pumped in and out of her spread swollen lips and for added sensation I forced their pressure up toward her belly, they ripped fiercely across the ribbed roof of her tight traveling directly over her sensitive G-spot. The feeling was overwhelming. It ignited through her like the spark of a hot flame that continued to burn with each pass. The stimulation increased her urge to pee as her bladder relaxed. Enduring the growing blaze the stroking massage enhanced this incredible turn on. She was enjoying this very much!

As she concentrated on the feelings below, she naturally threw her forehead backwards in ecstasy and her mid-back slightly arched off the warm bed. Her mouth fell open, panting. As her face wrenched up, she squeezed her eyes shut tight. Fists grabbed the navy blue bed sheets at her hips and hung on for dear life. The long deep "aaaahhhh", which escaped from her parted lips, was quite loud bellowing up from deep down inside her. It had a vibrating rhythm to it, one that matched my rhythmic fingers fucking.

As she howled she realized I had no intention of stopping. But the choice between yelling and not yelling was no longer in her control. It wasn't long before her drawn out screams grew more rapid and higher pitched. Thrashing, pumping in and out of her cunt, my fingers flew faster and faster. She rode the fiery wave, a mixture of raw madness and pure ecstasy for many minutes, all the while expressing her elevated frenzy with loud exclamations of delight. " OMG...YYYEEESSS...YYYEEESSS..AAAAAHHHH...MMM

Her white knuckled grip had torn the bottom sheet right out which now no longer supported her need to hold on. She raised her head up and looked at me, unintentionally wearing a facial expression that conveyed intense desire before she dropped back onto the bed. I was smiling watching her writhing and bucking; I was enjoying this! Covering her clit with my sucking mouth, my joyful assault continued. It was like she was paralyzed. She could not have escaped from my domination, even if she had wanted to. Her body was frozen, vulnerable, clearly begging to be played with, to be used without question.

She feels stuffed full and fingers fucking rigorously, her clit blanketed under my full, hot sucking lips and suddenly, she feels pressure on her ass hole. She was being attacked from behind. The first determined shove was a surprise then something hard, thick, and long, slowly, filled her ass. Up higher the solid slippery object rose. It feels as though it was going up far enough to eventually reach her throat.

Her asshole never objected to the furiously raw fucking that followed in and out of her tight wanting ass. In fact, she was turned on even more by it. With so many different sensations going on at the same time, she wasn't exactly sure what was really happening. It was like there was more than one person pleasuring her body. She loved it. She loved every minute of it and she didn't want it to stop.

Just when she thought she couldn't get any more sexually electrified, a push-me-pull-me action started. Her face clenched even tighter as my fingers replaced the long object in her ass. Pushing in and out rapidly while the fingers already in her pussy pulled out and in at the same time at the same speed. " Oh, my God! ahhh...aaahhhh..mmmmm " the scream lasted several minutes, or so it seemed. It only ceased as she gasped for air.

It surprised her that this opposite action between pussy and ass left her feeling as high as a virgin. It was the absolute best. She was shaking back and forth with ecstasy; while a quick shaky chill rippled through her entire body from her head to her toes. She was torn between yelling that it was way too much, to stop before she died, and ever so badly wanting me to continue, please don't stop. All the while she was riding this out, her pointy tingly nipples begged for more attention; her clit pulsated and craved to explode.

She was riding along the top ridge of the highest sexual ecstasy she has ever experienced, still her orgasm would not surface. It was just too much excitement. But that was what made this playtime so wonderful, the fact it could go on for as long as her husband/lover pleased and that it wouldn't just suddenly end. Climbing to the stars her ecstasy continued to build. She was dizzy, spinning with a variety of sensations that danced all over her body. With her eyes closed and rolling in pleasure this invasion was going to continue until it was finished and she couldn't have forced herself to do a thing to stop it.

Suddenly, she was quickly flipped onto her stomach and her hips were pulled up high into the air. Her back feels a cool breeze from sweating so much. Grabbing her ass cheeks I spread them exposing her asshole. Quickly, my hard thick cock is rammed deep into her ass without any hesitation. She must have been more opened and relaxed than she expected because there was no effort at all in receiving me. Surprisingly, she had barely felt me enter and certainly didn't feel any pressure when I forced my long thick shaft passed the outer sphincter.

She rapidly pushed back against the length of my cock forcing it even deeper into her ass, in sheer loving madness as she focused her loud screams into the covered mattress, pressing it forcefully against her lips and long messy hair. She groped and pulled at the sheets wildly; her expression twisted with the increasing change in intensity. I squeezed her tits until I expelled white warm cum all over her sweaty back and cunt. It ran down, dripped onto the linen, and completely coated her used clit.

She was left empty and panting. A small, warm fluffy towel flowed over her back and across her cunt. Her beautiful round ass followed me out of the room and down the hall. As she heard the tap run, her eyes closed and her drained body sunk heavily into a sleepy position. She opened her eyes as my kisses tenderly covered the back of her neck. Dragging my fingers through her hair, I lovingly combed it straight. Not letting the excitement of cuming stop me in my quest for more sex, She found herself lying on her back on the sweat-soaked stained sheet with her head hanging way over the side of the bed, her breasts raised high into the air and my flaccid, freshly bathed cock deep down in her throat, massaging. I held my softness there past her gag reflex as she ticked my balls to help herself relax. It didn't take me long to start growing hard, long and wanting again.

Very slowly and gently my now hard cock fucked her throat, without room to spare, in and out; play sometimes making her gag. She gasped for breathes between my unhurried fucking and squealed loudly in pure joy and excitement. " OMG...YYYES...YYYES." Her wide spread pussy was erotically slapped beneath by my bare hand which sent titillating shocks from the center of her clit to her overly excited imagination. I had my wanton way with her highly sensitive, tender and very sore nipples. She tried to focus on fondling my hot dangling balls with her mouth gagged while she devoured me and loved every second of my mastery actions.

She loved and hated it when I played with her and now she aimed to please my every wish like she has for the past two weeks. I pulled her back toward the middle of the bed with her head flat on the covers again, climbed up on top of her and inserted my thick hard cock into her soaked pussy with a little guidance from my hand. Her legs snugly and lovingly wrapped around my warm waist. " I'm so horny!" I whispered into her ear. " Ahhh...Ahhh...Ahhh," She screamed into my ear with elongated joy.

She was stuffed full in both ends. Each fucking thrust crawled across the thin membrane separating her pussy and her ass which rubbed the butt plug into a slightly different position with each stroke and stimulated her ass all over again. I moaned " UUHH..AAHH "
ramming my cock in and out of her roughly. The more force I pushed with, the faster I drove down this rough road of sex again. One of her bruised nipples somehow found its way tightly pinched, again, between my twisting pulling fingers.

Three loud, strong satisfying gasps escaped from my lips as hot cum shot up into her.
" UUUHHH...UUUHHH...AAAAHHHH." Resting inside her sore pussy, my worn-out, post-orgasmic cock throbbing and pushed down against her plugged aching ass. We lay together, hugged and caught our lost breaths. She was physically and mentally exhausted. Without even reaching for a dry towel, which lay on the pillow waiting for our lustful satisfaction, I indicated I was nowhere near done with her. I kissed her; our tongues danced. The back of her throat burnt sore and dry. " It's your turn" I said, as she gazed into my green eyes. " You haven't come yet and I've come twice."

Before I could even think of objecting my tongue embraced her mouth again. She tried to talk to break away from my lips without success. I was too strong for her womanly arms to push my strong chest away. My fingers wasting no time grabbed and entered her sore empty soaked cunt and spread her pussy lips. Her Knees naturally opened wide to receive me. Thick wetness poured out of her pussy and formed a puddle on the soft sheets under her bare ass. I circled the palm of my hand around and around hard against her swollen clit.

With my other hand I simultaneously, yet lovingly, tugged at her long hair. Smiling, I reached for her wrists and held them down against the bed crisscrossed over her head. Lips descended upon her suffering yet longing nipples. I sucked nourishing and then grabbed one between my teeth...Her wails of love were loud and long, " OOOOOHHHHHH..OOO

I pull it out, pushing it back in, repeating what I did before. I spread her legs wider and thrust two fingers into her cunt, pulling it out and thrusting back in, maintaining and slow but hard rhythm. My fingers get faster and faster, curling up to rub her g-spot every time I pull my fingers out. I thrust three fingers in and just rub her g-spot faster and hard while my thumb rubs circles on her clit. She feels herself getting closer and closer to her orgasm and I know it too as her cunt closes tight around my fingers. I lean in and whisper into her ear " that's it my pet, I know you want to cum. Cum for me now, my pet."

And with that she lets herself loose cumming around my fingers, biting her lower lip so as to not scream out loud. I pull my fingers out of her cunt and bring them up to my lips, licking them clean. I grab her neck and pull her in for a kiss. The taste of her on my tongue turns her on immensely and she moans into my mouth. I break the kiss and and I sit there panting. She picks up the towel and places it on my lap and with a soft " Excuse me," She head to the bathroom.
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