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A fictional love story between a girl and her uncle.
This is a completely fictional narrative story, it is intended for entertainment purposes only.
If you do not approve of young love, do not read any further.

First, some background: my older brother had married a gorgeous woman a few years younger than him, she had daughter when she was younger, so my niece wasn't technically blood related to me. She was only 6 when her mother married into the family, she took a liking to me instantly. We had a playful, typical uncle/niece relationship right off the bat. My brother Dan was a traveling accountant and Marie, his wife was a lawyer, so they often required my help watching Briana, which neither of us minded, and we were all comfortable with it. Even at a young age we would kiss each other on the lips in a loving and family type way, nothing bad.
Then Briana started to slowly hit puberty, taking a liking to boys, and secretly had a crush on her uncle Jake. I found her very beautiful the entire time she grew up around me, didn't really have any thoughts about her until I noticed how she started flirting with me and teasing me playfully. I just shrugged it off at the time and became oblivious that it became more common, frequent, and more intense. My brother and his wife had promised Briana a cruise for her 11th birthday, they booked a suite with a balcony for a six night Caribbean cruise.
At the time this took place, I was 22, a good looking guy, 6'0, 180lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, and fit. I knew when the cruise was scheduled, and Briana told me how excited she was to go on it. A week before they were supposed to go, Dan received word he had to head out of town on business, and Marie was deep in the middle of a case. They told Briana they'd have to reschedule, she was devastated. She begged and pleaded to still go, but they insisted she couldn't go alone.
"what about uncle Jake? I think that's his spring break from college," she told them.
Sure enough, it was. They had called me, certain I'd already had plans, which I didn't.
"I'd love to take her if that's okay with you guys," I told them.
"well, you two have always been close, I'm sure you'll have fun," they agreed.
Briana asked for a shopping spree before the cruise, they were fairly wealthy and gave her whatever she really wanted, so Marie dropped her off at the mall a couple days before with the credit card to get whatever she wanted. An unsupervised shopping trip for Briana to buy some slutty little outfits that she loved to tease uncle Jake with. And she splurged!
I had packed like I would have typically for a cruise, still not realizing what was about to unfold. It didn't even dawn on me that we would be in the same room, a cabin suite with a balcony, and only one queen bed. Briana's parents picked me up and dropped us off at the ship, said goodbyes and parted ways. Briana and I boarded, headed to get some dinner as we departed and waited for our bags.
Briana was almost 11 and a half by the time of the cruise, she was tall and lanky for her age, probably 4'10 and a soaking wet 85 lbs, thin long arms and legs. She had thin bright blonde hair that was short, just below her chin, bright green eyes that would entice any man. Her cheeks were lightly freckled, as were her arms and legs. Her breasts were just beginning to sprout, she rarely wore a bra, a cotton girly training bra if she did. Her tiny nubs almost pointed upward they were so perky all the time, and her puffy nipples often poked and shown through her shrinking shirts. Her parents were too busy to really notice, or just oblivious.
And just before her birthday she had began her first periods, beginning to learn about sex from friends and the Internet, even kissed a few boys, and began exploring her changing body, often thinking about her uncle Jake. She knew quite a bit for a girl her age, watching porn and talking with more experienced friends, but not a whole lot of real world experience, yet. She still kissed her uncle Jake on the lips often and loved every moment of it, unsure when to try and take things further.
She seemed to cling to me more than normal as we explored the ship, I just figured it was because she was nervous about the vacation and being with me. She'd brush up against me, hold my arm, seemingly very touchy-feely, but I didn't think anything of it, we loved each other.
We ate dinner together, watched a show together, and almost acted as if we were on a friendly date the first evening. I had a few drinks throughout the day and was just a little buzzed, occasionally checking out other women on the boat, some my age, some younger too. When Briana noticed me checking someone out, she'd try and divert my attention, falling into me, blaming it on the boat's motion, rubbing up against me, teasing me.
It was getting late the first night, she began to yawn.
"I'm tired," she stated. "You think our bags are at the cabin yet?"
"They should be by now, are you already calling it a night?" I jab her playfully.
"Yeah, I want to shower and go to bed if that's okay," she smiled.
"Sure babe, I think I want to try my hand in the casino for a while anyway," I kissed her on the lips as we normally would, only this time both our lips lingered together a bit longer, more passionate.
"Okay good night uncle Jake, I love you," she batted her eyes as she looked up at me.
Briana swayed her tiny thin hips and her firm round little buttcheeks bounced under her short shorts as she skipped off to the room, I was mesmerized by her little tush as it swayed away from me. I headed to the casino, sat at the poker table and started ordering whiskey and cokes, winning a decent amount of money as I sat there for a few hours. Meanwhile, Briana got to our room, showered and changed into some sexy little lingerie she had bought from her shopping spree, admiring her young small growing body in the mirror as the lingerie barely covered her.
She started getting horny thinking about her uncle Jake in bed with her for the next six nights and how much that turned her on. Briana spread her legs on the bed, pulling the tiny gstring aside and began to rub and play with her wet little pussy. She fantasized about uncle Jake, having felt his cock several times throughout the day, wanting to feel it. Briana rubbed and fingered herself til she orgasmed, laying there on the bed exhausted, she feel asleep shortly after making herself cum.
The strong odor of her young juices filled the air as I opened the door to the cabin. The hallway light barely lit the room as I tried to quietly close the door, not wanting to wake her as she slept. I was pretty drunk, so I stripped, stumbled into the bathroom and showered. I sobered up a little from the shower, but still nicely buzzed as I put on my nylon basketball shorts, no underwear or shirt, I figured I shouldn't sleep naked as usual next to Briana.
I turned off the lights, climbed into bed a safe distance from her, both of us partially under the covers. I leaned over and kissed Briana on the lips gently as she slept soundly, laid back and fell to sleep almost immediately.
When I woke up I was a little fuzzy, thinking for a moment about where I was and with Briana for several days. She was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, I knocked on the door,
"Briana, I need to use the bathroom for a minute."
"Hold on just a moment and I'll be done," she called back to me in her sweet voice. I could hear a change in her voice, and I also looked down and noticed the red lingerie crumpled up in the corner, remembered the smell of her young pussy in the air last night, and I thought about how sexy she must look in it. Realizing it suddenly aroused me.
She startled me when she opened the door, stepping out casually, "good morning," she smiled up at me.
I was speechless, she had subtlety put on a little makeup, making her look much older, she looked stunning, and she only had a small towel wrapper around her little frame. Barely covering her small nubs, and the bottom rode way up her thighs, exposing almost her whole thin smooth legs, freshly shaven I noticed.
"I'll get dressed, you can shower and change and meet me upstairs for breakfast," she said, leaning up and kissing me on the lips blatantly deep and more passionate.
"okay," was all I could say, still speechlessly admiring her.
I gathered myself in the bathroom, showered, changed into some shorts and a shirt and headed upstairs. I couldn't find her at first, but as I was fixing my plate at the buffet I spotted her sitting in a corner booth. We sat at had breakfast together, talking about what we'd do today.
I got up and threw our trash away, when Briana got up is when I first really noticed her outfit. She was wearing a very short white pleated skirt, and a thin pink tube top that was more like an 8 inch wide piece of cloth. Anyone couldn't help but notice her tiny developing boobs jutting straight out from her girly chest.
We headed to the top deck, several boys, a few guys would check her out, she seemed oblivious, but the way she seemed to move told a different story. I could barely make it up the last few stairs to the top deck, I had a nice peek up her skirt and could see her entire round little buttcheeks barely jiggle as she bounced up the stairs. I could barely make out the white gstring she was wearing, the string was very thin and disappeared deep into her tiny buttcheeks.
She turned to me and smiled, spinning a little, the bottom of her skirt lifting and showing off her smooth round ass. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek as we stood at the first mini golf hole, whispering into my ear,
"do you like my more mature undies?"
"I do," I whispered back, she pulled away, looking into each others eyes. She smiled.
"Good," she quickly kissed my lips and skipped down to where she hit her ball. We played the whole course, joking, playfully flirting with each other. I could tell how badly she kept trying to feel my cock with any part of her body, curiously excited. Several times, when she'd bend over to retrieve her ball, I'd gently tap her exposed bare ass, "nice putt," I'd say. My finger tips eventually curled around her bottom one time, my pink slipping between her cheeks as I gave her a gentle squeeze.
"and nice butt," I said softly.
"I'm glad you like it," she smiled up at me, leaning forward and barely exposing the bottoms of her cheeks, sticking her butt out proudly. Briana arched her back as she did, pointing her tiny cones out. The breeze and her arousal gradually made them harder. Her nipples were clearly defined through the thin tube top. Her bare midriff was just as beautiful, her skirt rode low under her hips, exposing so much of her small body.
We explored the rest of the ship together, flirting playfully along the way. We sat down to eat lunch. Briana looked up at me,
"Jake..." she paused.
"yeah, you can call me Jake," knowing she wanted confirmation to call me that.
"if we weren't related, would you be my boyfriend?" she looked so beautiful and vulnerable as she blushed, batting her eyes at me.
"well, technically we aren't related, I mean not by bloo..."
She cut me off, excitedly kissing me, "okay, good!" she kissed me again. Then stopped, looking into my eyes, "you'd want to be my boyfriend right?"
"I don't think you're parents would approve of that," I was still a little apprehensive about how I knew this was going to turn out.
"but you love me don't you? I love you Jake," Briana pouted.
"yes, I do love you," I grabbed her small thin hands in mine, leaning in and kissing her passionately, deeply.
She sat and thought for a second, "okay, how about this?" she grinned devilishly, "my parents aren't here this week with us. Can we be boyfriend and girlfriend while we are on the cruise?" she smiled, "I won't say anything, and they will never know. I promise."
"I suppose that would be okay."
"I've always dreamt that you'd be my first boyfriend," she became all excited, speaking fast as a girl her age would, "in fact, I'd love to marry you. Oooh, can we pretend we are married?!" she shouted, grabbing my arms.
I paused, looking intently into her eyes, "you can't even tell your friends, okay? I mean it. This is only between me and you." I pointed my finger to the middle of her bare upper chest as I said you.
"okay, I promise!" she proclaimed without hesitation.
"we will find someone to marry us on the island we are stopping at tomorrow, okay?" I played along.
"okay! So that means tomorrow afterwards would mean we'd be on our honeymoon right?" she smiled and batted her eyes at me.
"I suppose so," I grinned.
After we finished lunch, we went to the theatre to watch a show. We sat together and she cuddled me close, running her small hands all over me, and I allowed it. I didn't resist when she reached blatantly to my crotch and grabbed my thickening cock through my shorts. She looked up at me for approval, I just smiled. She fondled me, gently trying to explore my cock through my shorts, and I again could start to smell her young juices emerging from under her short skirt.
I began to rub her thigh, after a few minutes she uncrossed we legs and parted them a bit. I gladly began caressing her inner thighs, lower and further up her skirt. I could feel the warmth from her young pussy with my fingertips. I got close, but never touched her.
She began to squirm a little and rub me harder, just as the show ended. We didn't have a choice but to stop what we were doing as everyone around began to get up and the lights came on.
Briana leaned up and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "I want you so badly..." kissing me again, "but we aren't married yet" she giggled and shot up from the seat, yanking me up by my arm. Hugging me closely as we got up together. "I love you jake," she said.
"I love you too Briana," I said lovingly.
"you can go win some more money in the casino if you'd like," she smiled kissing me. "I want to lay out on our balcony and get some sun. Her thin body was already somewhat tan, she even had a sexy tanline on her bottom, and faint string lines from different style tops.
"that sound good, I'll meet you in the restaurant for dinner at 7 okay?" I replied leaning down and kissing her lips.
"Its a date," she returned my kiss. We parted ways. I sat and won some money at the poker table for a few hours, drinking as well. Briana went back to the room, stripped down and put on some very small bikini panties, walked out onto the balcony and laid down on the chair. She bronzed her sexy young body for a little over an hour. The tanlines on her chest and back disappeared, she admired herself in the mirror after she came inside.
Her small buds nicely darkened, her puffy pink nipples lightly contrasted against her flesh. She rubbed her own body, not even able to cup her own little mounds, she wondered if and when they would start to get bigger and she could get use of a bra. Briana began to play with her perky nipples as they hardened and became more sensitive between her fingertips.
Briana began to get very wet, fondling her own body, she reached down into her tight little panties, rubbing her wet pussy. She eventually laid down on the bed, spreading her legs wide, she left her panties on, tightly conforming to her wet pussy, the small bit of sheer material soaked with her juices as she rubbed herself, thinking about her new pretend boyfriend, soon to be pretend husband. Briana furiously rubbed her clit against the velvety smoothness of her panties, she panted, held her breath, the sounds of her juices flowing and violently rubbing between herself and her panties the only sound for a minute. She wailed, "ooooh, ooooh, ooooh yes!" she began trembling as she orgasmed, her panties now drenched as she laid back, panting.
She dozed off for a bit, got up, showered and get herself ready for dinner. I was already at our table when she walked up. Briana, freshly tanned, was wearing a thin summer dress. Mostly white, and flowery, the top clung tightly to her, her firm mounds a little more accentuated by the purse she had, pulling the dress tighter against the middle of her chest. The dress came more than halfway to her knees, she wore white thigh high stockings, the top lace portion visible a bit when she sat down and crossed her legs. Briana leaned up and kissed me on the lips, I could taste her faint lip gloss. She seemed so grown up.
We had dinner together, afterward we went to one of the bars, as we walked in hand and hand, we got a couple weird looks, a couple smiles too. I drank, we danced. Mostly slow dancing, tightly holding each other, I could feel her rapidly breathing occasionally as she shifted her body around and against my cock, pressing her tiny tits against me, snuggling close.
It became late, we danced the night away in each others arms.
"I think I'm going to bed," she declared yawning.
"I'll join you in a bit, I'm going to have a nightcap drink," I kissed her and she left for the room.
Briana was so tired from the day, she brushed her teeth, took off her dress and crashed on the bed. Still wearing her thigh high stockings, lace white boyshorts, and completely topless, she fell into a deep sleep. I walked in after my drink, leaving the bathroom door open as I got ready for bed. I admired her small thin tanned body as she lay there on her stomach, half her buttcheeks exposed under the lace of her underwear, her ass propped in the air. I brushed my teeth, got completely undressed, though about it for a minute, smiled to myself and neglected to put anything on before I climbed into bed with Briana.
I awoke with morning wood like any other day, but today was different. I could feel it before opening my eyes, so I slowly opened one eye very slightly, and watched her slowly stroking my stiff cock. She was sitting crossed legged next to my naked body. Her small thin hand barely fitting around my thick shaft, her other hand gently and methodically massaging my balls. Briana smiling with a look of awe on her young face.
I gazed down to see her bare developing chest for the first time completely unobstructed. Her aureola was about the size of a quarter, lightly pink and puffy. The nub was hard, protruding from the rest, her nipples sitting atop an inch tall mound, her small cones firm and pointy. I notice her look up at my face then at my cock as she stroked me harder and faster, maybe trying to wake me. I just smiled for her and moaned, still pretending to sleep as my niece jerked me off.
I couldn't last much longer, watching and feeling her stroke me, she looked so sexy doing it. I think she even felt my cock start to throb in her hands, as soon as I thought I was about to cum, she dipped her head down and took the entire head of my cock in her small mouth and began sucking. I moaned and she relaxed as I began to shoot my warm cum into her mouth, she gagged lightly, but then began guzzling it down as I squirted more. She massaged my balls, stroked my shaft, milking the entire contents of me into her mouth, never letting a drop go. She swallowed my whole load without hesitation.
"mmmm," she looked up at me, still slowly stroking my cock as it slowly softened in her small hand.
"mmmm," I replied back, slowly opening my eyes, smiling at her.
"I just woke up and saw how hard you were, I couldn't help it," Briana said, seeming a little embarrassed.
"no, it's okay Briana," I grabbed her and held her in my arms, her small buds pressing against my chest, my bare cock pressed against her bare tanned tummy. "that felt great Briana, I love how you make me feel," I said into her eyes and began to passionately kiss her. She gladly and excitedly made out with me, writhing her nubile body all over my naked body. We just kissed and passionately made out as if we were old lovers.
She rolled off me, and jumped out of bed. Pointing down at me as I lay naked on the bed, she said playfully, "you know, that was your last cum as an unmarried man," she winked and girlishly bounced into the bathroom. "you know today is the big day! Wear something nice" Briana shouted as she got ready in the bathroom giggling to herself.
I figured this would go along with this, I love Briana and love seeing her so happy. Plus she was so sexy and hot, developing and gaining sexual experience and maturity. So, I put on some linen pants, we were in the islands, so why not. I wasn't wearing any underwear, and I put on a nice white button up shirt as if the groom on an island wedding. Briana emerged from the bathroom wearing a cream colored silk nighty. The top had a lace trim, spaghetti straps, it clung to her, showing off her tiny little curves, her nipples accentuated through the thin silk material. The bottom of the grown size nighty came mid way down her thighs, indeed as intended, it looked more like a cute cocktail dress on her.
"wow, Briana, you are the most beautiful bride I've ever seen," I said genuinely, looking her up and down.
"thank you," she smiled, spinning, the short hem of her nighty flying up around her waist, proudly showing off the daring micro thong she was wearing. It was the same color as the nighty, the tiny triangle that barely covered her pussy was silk, and the tiny floss strings were barely visible.
"you look amazing Briana," as she grabbed my arm and we left the room, headed to get off the ship and onto the secluded island.
We looked around the few shops, explored the island, and eventually met a minister at a rural church and he "married" us on the island. The ceremony was short sweet, and not witnessed by anyone, therefore unofficial. We passionately kissed as he declared us married for her sake. She loved it and made her happy, so was I.
We walked the beach, toured part of the island, sightseeing as if a newly married couple. Holding hands, rubbing up against each other, kissing, and so on. We had a romantic dinner at sunset on the beach, the waiter poured her a glass of wine, neither of us objected. She was noticeably a little tipsy just after one glass. I had rented a beachside bungalow for the night, we stumbled into the cabin in each others arms after walking the beach.
It was small, completely open air, with the curtains drawn open, the bed felt like it was directly on the beach. The edge of the bedroom looked out over the water.
"I'm going to change, you should too...husband," she winked, skipping off into the bedroom.
I pulled the covers off the bed, walked to the edge of the bedroom overlooking the beach and water. I took off my shirt and pants, standing there completely naked for my new "wife" in the open air bedroom.
After a few minutes she came into the bedroom, she had touched up her makeup and brushed her thin blonde hair, looking absolutely breathtaking. Briana was a dark bronze tan color from sunning herself recently. Her beautiful skin was contrasted by the incredibly sexy tiny white teddy she was wearing. It was almost too small for her, it was sheer, incredibly see through, it was open cupped, her tiny puffy nipples poking upwards from the thin material they barely sat on. There was a vertical slit that opened from between her tiny exposed tits, down the bottom which barely came to her hips. Leaving her completely exposed, not wearing any panties for the first time, it was a beautiful sight. Her small bikini tanline was noticeable, and framing her young pussy in a very sexy way. Briana had a just a few short wispy blonde pubic hairs starting to sprout, her smooth parted lips were still clearly visible. And beautiful. She slowly walked towards me, feeling excited, nervous, sexy, vulnerable.
She looked up into my eyes lovingly, kissed me passionately, "I love you Jake"
"I love you Briana," I kissed her deeply as our bodies touched.
Sh instinctively reached down and slowly stroked my hardening cock. We slowly made our way to the bed, I laid her down on her back gently. She was hesitant at first, then spread her thin legs wide open, showing me her small pussy, soft and pink, short little blonde hairs barely growing. I laid down between her legs, caressing her thighs as my face approached her pussy. I could see how wet she was already, her smell was so innocent and sweet as I took in a deep breath of her. I looked up into her eyes as I ever so lightly kissed her pussy lips, she cringed slightly unsure of the feel. I kissed her wet pussy lips again, and again, as if I were kissing her lips. She tasted so sweet and delicious. Briana began to moan as I stuck the tip of my tongue between her folds.
I began licking her delicious wet pussy, sliding the tip of my tongue deeper inside with every stroke. Her girly moans filled the night sky, and the sound of her juices being licked and slurped was music to my ears. I licked her deeper, sucking on her young clit as she slowly rocked her hips naturally against my mouth. Her breathing got more rapid, my tongue working more furiously deep inside her. She grabbed my head, pushing me and my tongue deeper inside her, my nose rubbing against her clit.
"ooooh Jake!" she wailed, moaning for me as her legs tightened and held my head deep in her crotch. I could feel her body tense as she orgasmed.
Briana's young hot pussy gushed with juices, making a mess of her crotch area, my face and the bed, it was all so passionate and hot. She lightly caressed my head as I slowly and lightly just kissed her pussy, loving her with my lips.
"I like the taste too," she motioned me to kiss her.
I smiled as I crawled up to her kissing her small perky nipples as I passed up her chest, playing with them between my pussy wet fingertips as I kissed Briana deeply. Letting her taste her own delicious juices from my tongue and lips. We moaned into each others mouths. I could feel her squirming under me, spread her legs open wide, my bare shaft pressing against her wet pussy lips. She began to rub herself up and down my shaft, coating my bare cock with her flowing juices. She stopped kissing me, held my face and looked up into my eyes deeply,
"I love you Jake, I married you and now I want you inside me," she smiled and kissed my lips.
"I love you too Briana," I said pulling back and rubbing the head of my thick cock up and down her small wet lips. She looked up innocently at me and bit her lower lip. I pressed the tip of my dick into her tight opening. Briana winced, her mouth dropped open and her face became blushed. She pulled at my hips with her legs, forcing more of my cock inside her, I kissed her and she bit my lip as I popped her cherry. I slowly pulled out of her, grabbing a nearby towel I wipe us both clean of blood.
"that was the hard and painful part, now comes the fun part," I smiled, running my finger through her hair and kissed her lips.
"okay, I love you Jake," was all she could reply with a whimper.
I positioned my cock with her smooth pussy lips, Briana grabbed my cock and guided me inside her, she leaned her head back, mouth open, not making a sound as I pressed more inside, I could see her pubic mound swell with my cock almost entirely inside her. She was so tight and wet, moaning in pleasure as I slowly drew back out a little. Pushing myself a little deeper back inside, she clenched my arms with her nails as I started sliding in and out of her.
Briana began moving her hips with mine, smiling up at me and kissing me as we made love. My cock soon began to tighten, the whole situation was all too surreal. She looked into my eyes as if knowing what I was thinking, gave the most beautiful little grin, pursed her lips, nodded, and said, "yes"
We made absolute love there on the bed, exposed to the beach, on the island together. She wrapped her thin smooth legs around the back of my thighs, pulling me closer to her, we began passionately kissing as our groins danced in rhythm. Her young juices covering us both, my cock entirely inside her tight fertile pussy. Briana whispered, "I love you," and kissed me. My cock throbbed inside her, my balls tightened and I didn't ever think about it til this point, but was caught up in the moment.
As our lips met, my cock jumped inside her and I began to shoot my sperm into her unprotected womb. Unbeknownst to us, in that moment she was fertilized. We made out, grinding our naked bodies closer together, my cock still spurting my semen into her deeply. We laid there, our naked bodies intertwined, passionately making love. Briana squeezed her tight pussy tightly around my cock, milking the last bit of sperm inside herself. We both smiled, enjoying the moment, our bodies joined together.
We laid there for several minutes, my cock shrinking slowly inside her tight young pussy. When I eventually got off her, and slowly pulled my cock out, she leaned back, lifted her legs back by her head and covered her pussy quickly with her young hand. No words were needed, she just looked up at me batting her eyes innocently, gently rubbing her tummy and she moaned softly.
We slept together in each others arms, our naked bodies tangled together. My sperm slowly leaking from her freshly impregnated pussy all night. We woke in the morning to the quiet lap of waves on the beach feet from our bed. Briana was using my naked body as a pillow, her legs wrapped around my right leg, her arm across my torso. I could feel her messy warm pussy stuck to my leg from all our juices. I just watched her sleep against me, I began to caress her bare naked body, massaging her back, fondling her round little buttcheeks.
Briana woke up, looking at me, "good morning husband, " she smiled, looking from my face down to my cock. "somebody is awake," she smiled, and moved quickly, throwing her thin leg over mine, instantly straddling my waist. She pushed my erect cock down against my waistline with her pussy lips. She was so messy and sticky, my cock was already too from last night, she began to grind back and forth the length of my cock against her pussy. She looked deep into my eyes, "I love you and I want your baby," she softly spoke.
"we shouldn't have done that last night Briana, a baby will outlast this cruise. We are stopping this when we get home, remember?" plus, you are way too young to be getting pregnant," I spoke firmly, but couldn't help being so turned on by her in the sexy sheer nighty, grinding her hot pussy up and down my cock.
"I don't care," she pouted, scooting up my stomach and then backwards, her legs were spread, pussy wide open as she slipped over my cock. Giving me no option otherwise, she continued further down onto my cock, once entirely inside her, she sat upright on me. What a beautiful sight. She sat there, just lightly swaying her hips, grinding her clit on me with my entire cock inside her.
I reached out and began to fondle her little buds, she squeaked, moaned, and squealed as I played with them, so tiny and sensitive. Biting her lip she looked at me, "I'm cumming for you Jake," Briana moaned. Her pussy clenched me tight as her juices flowed all over me, her thighs.
I couldn't hold back, and wasn't quick enough to pick her up off me, my cock throbbed and began shooting my warm thick sperm up into her. She sat down hard on me with all her weight, rubbing herself below her belly button. "mmmm, yes" she said, my cock continuing to fill her fertile womb, undoubtedly impregnating Briana.
She milked my cock dry, and we laid there for a bit. Before getting off me, she leaned back and grabbed her tiny little gstring, putting it around her ankles and pulling up her smooth long legs. She quickly pulled the small patch of tight sheer material tightly against her pussy as she lifted off my cock. A potent morning load of semen held inside her with her gstring wrapped around her pussy lips keeping them closed. "I want this to be the one," she smiled, rubbing her tummy.
"I love you," I leaned over, kissing her before I went and showered, getting ready to head back to the ship.
Went I came out, ready to go, there was Briana, back in the same "dress" from yesterday, her short hair a mess. She appeared like she just had made hot love, which she did. "you're not going to clean up?"
"I like feeling like this, I don't want to clean up yet, I want it to soak in me more," Briana smiled and lifted her dress, her crotch and upper thighs were still all sticky and wet with both our juices. She looked very slutty, sexy, beautiful, hot all at once. She got several looks, smiles, and raised eyebrows as we boarded the ship. She seemed to like the attention.
After we boarded, Briana went back to the room to clean up and I needed a stiff drink. As she walked away, the bottom of her nighty would flip up, revealing her firm little bare cheeks, her thighs wet and sticky, some sperm running down her inner thigh to her knee.
I sat and had several drinks, astonished at what had happened in the last 24 hours, there was some guilt, but there was nothing I could do about it now, we were stuck in this situation for the next four days. I could only imagine what was to come.....

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