In a small room, quiet and secluded a deluded father wants to play a new game with his son: Exploring Privates Parts.

Stevie: 8
The Dad: 29

"Just put your arms back and relax, baby."

"But this seems weird, daddy."

" should know by now," the dad said as he gently ran his hands down his sons half naked flesh, "I'm here to protect you. You don't need to be afraid. I love you."

"I love you too daddy."

"Then this is how you can show me you love me," the dad said as he massaged his 8 year old sons package. It began to harden in his finger tips. "I did this with your brother too. You don't need to be afraid."

Stevie was in his underwear. He was physically shaken by his dads proposal to get naked and play 'exploring private parts'. Stevie loved his dad, he would do anything for him. His dads fingers seemed comforting over his pee pee. But it also felt wrong. He was still learning about morals, but his smooth body was untainted and impressionable.

"Ok, daddy," Stevie nervously said, "I'll explore your privates. And you can explore mine." Stevie hugged his father. His dad was in his boxers. The hug brought together their bodies into one warm clump of abomination. The dad began to kiss his son on the lips. He embraced his sons untouched body and ran his hands down his sons back to his ass, squeezing the cheeks. "Haha. Daddy!"

"What? Hmhm...I helped make those cheeks."

"What do you mean?"

Still running his hands all over his sons body, "Do you know what these things under your pee pee are?"

The dad massaged his sons balls, slightly pinching the skin through the fabric of the underwear.

"They help me pee, right?"

"Noooo. Hmhm," He chuckled at his sons innocence." Look. I have them too." He grabbed his sons hand. He brought the hand down, making it touch his ball sac. Stevie got scared and drew his hand back. "Hey, hey. It's ok, Stevie. We're exploring, remember?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry." His eyes wide open, breathing becoming faster. The dad took Stevie's hand again and made Stevie touch his big ball sac.

"Squeeze em a bit," The dad said lovingly. Stevie followed directions. "Play with them." Even though he was nervous, Stevie used both hands and began to squeeze both of his dads balls. "Ohhhhh, yeeeah." Stevie liked that he was making his dad happy. "Good job. G-good job son," the dad said, leaning his head back. "Those are my balls. Uhhhhh. They're just like yours, only a lot," biting his lip, "a lot bigger. Inside of them are juices."


"Yeah. You'll be able to drink some in a bit."

"Drink the juice from these things?" Stevie said slightly disgusted.

"From my balls, yeah. Keep playing with them. . ." Stevie's little hands confusingly squeezed and tossed the sac. "Ohhh, yeah. Mmmm. Yeah, your gonna drink it. Don't worry, baby. It's good juice. It's the juice I used to make you. Because of that juice, all of your body parts were made." He brought his head forward, "Especially this part." The dad went back to stroking his sons cock through the fabric. "How does that feel, Stevie?"

"It feels weird. But good, daddy."

"Good." He smiled tenderly to Stevie. "Lay down. On your back. I'm gonna make you feel really good." Stevie got excited so he laid down.

Stevie's body was completely young. A grown baby whose skin is tight but soft. This new experience that very few kids have excited Stevie. It was weird beyond comparison, but he liked the time with his dad. His dad is always either with his bigger brother or his baby brother. Finally he spends time with him. So he relaxed his body. He wanted to make daddy as happy as possible. His dick pointed up and the dad was ready to play with it.

"You have a lot of toys that I buy you, huh, Stevie?" He said as he kissed Stevie's inner thighs.

"Yeah. Thank you for them, daddy. I love you."

"Oh, I love you too baby." Kiss on this thigh. Kiss on that one. Lick just below the line of the underwear. "You know what's gonna be my favorite toy?"

"What is, daddy?"

"This." He arched over, laying on his belly. His head inches from his sons dick. He brought his right hand over and gently jerked his sons cock up and down. "This is my favorite toy. Is it ok if I play with it?"

"You helped make it with your juice, right? So, it's kinda yours."

"Your very right, Stevie. Your very smart. I'm gonna make you feel really good as a reward." He opened the hole in the boxers and popped out his sons dick. It was a small, hard stick. The foreskin was still over the head. The dad pulled it all the way back.

"Outch daddy!"

"Its ok baby. It's ok." He jerked it. The barely used skin rose and fell with the movements. Stevie clenched his crotch, bringing his balls even closer to his body. The new dick was ripely aged for the dads pleasure. It was a perfect formation of skin and meat that the dad jerked passionately slow. The small hard meat pleased the dad. "I love you baby. You feeling good?"

"I feel really good daddy." Stevie said with his arms behind his head.

"I'm about to make you feel a whole lot better."

"Better than this?"

The dad took off his sons underwear, smelling the fabric before throwing it. He then kissed his sons inner thighs again. Slowly kissing upwards, making his way to his sons balls. His thick lips pressed against his sons sac. Stevie shivered at the feeling.

"Oh....." Stevie said in soft tearful pleasure, biting his lips. "Oh, daddy."

The dad continues to ever so gently kiss his sons sac. The lose skin on both of their body parts combined to create a hypersensitive sensation to both of the bodies. The dad brought out his tongue and cupped his tongue over the whole sac. The warmth was transferred making both of the meaty substances equal in heat. The dads breath landed softly on his sons dick, fueling the hardness. Stevie was in pure wonder. The dad brought his luscious lips to his sons dick. The small erection was engulfed in moist meat. The dads experience came in handy and almost made Stevie cry from the overwhelming sensation. Saliva drenched the small rod, making it glisten in the dimly lit room. The only sound in the room was Stevie's hard breathing and the sound of the dad sucking Stevie's dick. The dad ran his hands over his sons body, soft with baby fat. The dads head went up and down, truly exploring all of Stevie's erection.

"I love you Stevie" The dad said after a few swallows of the cock. "Your my favorite. I love you so much," and continued sucking. Stevie was overloaded with happy sensations. His fathers love given to him in heart and in physical action.

The dad popped out his sons erection. He slowly crawled up towards his sons face. He lovingly kissed his sons lips and caressed the small body, sliding his fingers over the supple skin. The small naked body laid in complete trust.

The dad took off his boxers. Now they both were naked together.

"I can't believe how big yours is, daddy. You must have a lot of juice."

"I do. And your gonna drink it. But not just yet. Here." The dad crawled to his sons face. His knees were to his sons ears and he dangled his ball sac over Stevie's face. "I want you to put them in your mouth and suck them." The shaved sac swayed. Stevie looked at the two balls in wonder. An angle of his father he never conceived of seeing him in. Dangling balls, hard cock, and beyond that a face looking back lovingly, waiting. Those balls once held Stevie, and now Stevie was going to hold them in his mouth.They were manly compared to his tiny, body hugging sac.

"Ok, daddy." Stevie raised his head and opened his mouth as wide as he could. He placed one of the warm balls in his small mouth. He sucked it, trying to swallow it. The dad arched his head back in utter pleasure. Stevie was motivated to continue sucking. He sucked both balls, one at a time. The small tongue trying to accommodate the large skin sac. But he explored every crease of the sac. The dad jerked off while his son worked on the dangling part. He jerked off slowly. Stevie continued his job. Then, the dad build up some cum.

"Stevie, remember how I said your gonna drink my juices?" Stevie couldn't reply with words because of the balls in his mouth, so he replied with a noise implying yes. "I'm gonna put my cock in your mouth. It's gonna shoot out some juice. You have to drink it all, ok? It's gonna make you big and strong like your big brother Jason. Are you ready, baby?" Stevie replied with the noise again.

The dad slowly took his balls out of Stevie's mouth. He continued to jerk off. Stevie's mouth was open ready. The dad softly placed his cocks head only into his sons mouth. He thrusted a bit, gently in Stevie's mouth. He then began to profusely ooze out cum. He could have clenched his balls to shoot out his cum, but the dad learned letting it ooze was best for a beginner like Stevie. Soon, Stevie's mouth was filled with his dads cum.

"Drink it, baby."

Stevie began to swallow the cum little by little. The dad slightly thrusted again to let off the last of his cum in Stevie's mouth. It took a few minutes, but Stevie swallowed all of his dads cum. The dad let his dick go limp inside his sons mouth. He then went to his sons lips and kissed them. He ran his tongue through his sons mouth, licking the flavor of his cock mixed with Stevie's saliva. He trailed his kisses down to Stevie's neck and warmed Stevie's neck with small spots of lip love.

"I love you, baby. Your a good boy. You win the 'Exploring Private Parts' game."

Stevie was confused, slightly afraid, comforted, happy, and felt loved all at the same time. He felt more happy and love than feeling wrong or gross. So he enjoyed his fathers naked body over his, kissing him softly. Stevie loved his father.

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