I have to give the Stallion a try
Jen couldn't stop talking about being fucked by the horse, pony and
dogs. I got hard just listening to her and started getting images
of seeing that 20 inch cock on the horse disappear into her cunt.
I was wondering if I should try the horse now and felt some precum
leak from my cock.

I went back to the farm to give my friend Kyle his keys to the house.
He saw everything was in order and thanked me. Then he told me he
had to go away again next month and if I was interested in housesitting
again. I told him no problem. He noticed all the dogs were wagging
their tails and jumping up on me. "Looks like you made some
friends". "Yea they took to me pretty good".

At work that month I just kept thinking about taking a shot at the
stallion wondering if I would really do it. I started looking for
more videos about guys and horses. I found a lot with guys getting
fucked by ponies and stallions. In 2 of the videos I couldn't
believe that the stallions actually were fucking the guy to the hilt.
Where did all that cock go??

I figured if I was going to let the stallion fuck me I wanted to
feel all of his cock in me like the couple guys I saw on video.
The time had come so I went to Kyle's a half hour before he was to
leave for the airport. The dogs know my car and all came running to
it with tails wagging. I gave them all a good welcome trying not to
show my excitement of a fun-filled week of getting fucked by them.
I had a hard-on thinking about it and my cock throbbed when I saw the
pony and stallion looking at me.

Kyle left, gave me some instructions, including to let the pony
and stallion out each day to run around on the farm. As soon as
he had left, the dogs followed me to the house and I was already
anxious to get fucked. I went inside, changed into shorts and
came back out. I walked over to the barn where the pony and
stallion were. I decided to drop my shorts and underwear and see
which dog would be the first to take a crack at me. They were all
fighting to lick my ass and mount me. Once again it was the Dobie
who managed to get me first,

As the Dobie mounted me the other dogs moved off to the side. The
Dobie began to hump and penetrated my willing asshole right away.
He started a fast and furious fuck which I was thoroughly enjoying.
After about 30 seconds I felt the Dobie shooting his cum in me.
He then pulled out and the Shepherd quickly pushed him away and
mounted me. As he did I noticed the Pony and Stallion had their
cocks hanging. This excited me and as the Shepherd penetrated me
I shot a load. I was again getting fucked hard and fast, moaning
as I looked at the Stallion.

I closed my eyes and pictured the Stallion shoving his 20 inch cock
up my ass on one thrust to the hilt and started to cum again as I
felt the Shepherd cumming in me. When he had finished the Dane
quickly took his place. I remember last time making the Dane wait
before getting a shot at me and decided I would let him take me now
as well. He mounted me and I could quickly feel how much bigger
his cock was as he penetrated me. As the Dane fucked away I kept
looking at the Stallion and the Pony. They were snorting in their
stalls as they watched, their cocks hanging loose.

Uuuhhnn - The Dane caught me by surprise and was able to shove his
knot inside me as he gripped me tighter. I let him. "Yea Dane give
those horses a show. Fuck me. Make me your bitch. Cum deep inside me".
As I felt the Dane cum inside me I shot another load. The Dane
kept shooting cum inside me for about 15 minutes before sliding his
knot out. I quickly got up as the Dobie and Shepherd tried to get
another round in. I didn't allow it and quickly walked back inside
the house with the dogs following me.

I showered, put on some other shorts, and made myself something for
lunch. I watched some TV while I ate. After lunch I went back out
to the barn with the dogs following. I went to the Pony's stall to
let him out. He nudged me as he galloped out to the field. Then I
let the Stallion out and he also ran out into the field. I sat
outside watching them run around. The Mare was already out grazing.
The Pony tried to get her interested but since she had already
gone through her heat phase she wasn't interested. The Stallion
also gave it a shot but she ran off and they quit trying. I guess
watching me get fucked by the dogs had them horny.

I planned on taking the Pony again so the Stallion could watch. Also
cause I wanted to ease my way toward letting the Stallion fuck me.
I went back toward the house and just watched the horses graze from
the porch. The dogs all laid down beside me. I later went back
inside and in the early afternoon I went out to round the horses up.
It is pretty cool that they are well trained enough to know it is
time to get back inside their stalls just from hearing a whistle.
They came running back and stood at the entrance to their stalls.
I let them in, fed them, then went back to the house.

I went back out early evening and walked over to the barn. I let myself
into the Pony's stall. The table was still there so after playing with
and rubbing the Pony a while, I saw his cock start to show. I then
dropped my shorts and underwear and took a place at the table,
placing my hands there as I bent over. The Pony quicky came over,
sniffed at my ass, snorted, then reared up. As he started thrusting
I reached back, grabbed his cock and held it at the entrance to my
waiting asshole. My cock was throbbing. The Pony gave a hard thrust
as I felt about half his cock inside me.

I shot some precum as he penetrated me. The Pony was thrusting. I
could tell he was trying to walk forward to get more cock in me.
I wanted to take it all so I moved back each time he moved forward.
Uuuhhnn - Oh that feels so good. I felt the Pony shoot a load in
me and then pull out. I was hoping he wasn't finished. I took a
quick look over at the Stallion in the other stall and saw his cock
was hanging out. My cock was aching to shoot a load. The Pony snorted
as he walked back up to me and mounted me again. With one quick shove
he was almost in me completedly. I couldn't hold back and shot my
load as the Pony walked forward and managed to get the rest of his
15 inch cock in me. I felt a spray of cum. We were both shooting
cum. Oh what a feeling. The Pony pulled out and I felt his cum leak
out of my ass and down my legs.

I got up and walked out of the stall over to the Stallion's stall.
His 20 inch cock was already hanging. I felt so completely full with
the Pony's 15 inch cock up my ass that I wondered how I was going to
be able to take another 5 inches of horse cock. Thinking about this
got me hard again. I know the horses have a big bulb at the tip of
their cocks. It amazes me how just as they are ready to mount, their
cock goes completely stiff and seems to grow another 4-5 inches.
Once they penetrate though it seems to deflate somewhat. I learned
this from watching videos of horses fucking men/women.

Their was a table in the Stallion's stall also so I quickly took my
place there putting my hands on it and falling forward. The Stallion
snorted and walked up behind me rearing up on his hind legs ready to
take me. I felt his weight on me as he began to thrust. My cock was
about to explode. I suddenly felt the Stallion penetrate me as he
humped hard. He got in a quick 4-5 thrusts shooting some jism in me
and quickly pulling out. I leaked cum as he pulled out but my cock
was still rock hard and throbbing.

The horse snorted and pranced about. He then came up behind me again
and mounted me. He found the mark right away and was thrusting in
earnest taking a few steps forward with each thrust. This was what I
was waiting for. I started pushing back to meet his thrusts in the
hopes of getting every inch of his cock inside me. Uuuhhhnn - Uuuhhhnn.
Oh fuck me hard. The stallion kept moving forward and I kept meeting
him. With one last shove the Stallion seemed to fill me with all his cock
and then took quick hard lunges right up against my ass. I was already
shooting cum when I felt his cum inside me. The Stallion kept thrusting
emptying his balls deep inside me. After another 8-10 hard thrusts the
Stallion relaxed and then pulled out of me about 10 seconds later.

I fell forward on the table, my legs weak, cum dripping out of my ass.
Oh my God. I actually did it. No dildo I have shoved up my ass has ever
felt that good. No matter the length or the width of them. I have never
taken so much cock up my ass. After gathering my senses I picked up my
shorts and underwear, put them on and headed back to the house with all
3 dogs following me. I could not take another fucking today after that.

I went back inside the house, looked back at the dogs and said: "Tomorrow
all 3 of you will get to fuck me one right after another. Then I will
take the Pony and the Stallion right after you 3 finish with me. It will
truly be a fuck-fest and I am going to enjoy every fuck. I am going to let
each of you dogs tie with me so you can empty all your load inside me".
That will probably be the only rest I get between fucks but I can't wait.

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2015-07-14 00:21:23
Unfortunately written by a man who has never been fucked by a stallion. What he calls the big bulb is the flare and it does not usually swell up until he penetrates then it continues to get bigger until he cums then it deflates.
However a good story.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-01-24 04:25:14
Great read. I love eating cum also. I would love to see how much cum I could actually swallow without losing any of it. I love the feel of cum blasting against my tonsils.

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2014-11-24 14:57:54
I would love to suck a horses cock ,and see how much I can take in my throat,,also love to see how much of his cum I could shallow


2014-01-23 08:15:22
Oh My God Love This story

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2013-09-01 11:20:43
I would love that to happen to me, always wanted to suck a huge horse's cock and make it cum in my mouth so I can see what it tastes like... if its like a mans cum I would love it!

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