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I wanted to re wright this story because some people liked it but it was kind of poorly written. This has all parts unlike the original.

Hi my name is Zack Martin. I go to a school on a ship called the S.S. Tipton. I go there with my brother Cody, London Tipton (owner’s daughter)and, Bailey Pickett (Cody’s Girlfriend). They all are my good friends. One weekend we all got a lot closer but you wont see this on are tv show “Suit life on Deck”. here is what happened.

We were docked in Paris. We all were really happy that we were to be in the city of love for a week. I hit on a bunch of French babes. Cody and Bailey were up in the Effile tower. London was off buying entire stores just because she could.

The past couple of weeks Bailey was really sad but Cody couldn’t tell. He may be book smart but he could never read social cues. Cody seemed to be into the famous places they were going to and not Bailey. She loved all the place they got to go to but wanted her boyfriend to notice her. The only time they really seemed to be perfect together is when they are out at sea. Code had nothing to distract him from his beautiful girlfriend. She was maybe the hottest girl on the boat.

Bailey was a simple country girl. She grew up on a farm but she was smart. She knew every thing there is to know. She was also really good looking. She was 5' 8'' and very thin her C cup tits fit her body perfectly. She may have the best blow job lips on the boat. She was almost the perfect girl except she was with Cody of all people.

London didn’t seem to know any thing. She really didn’t need to because she was really rich and gorgeous. Her dad owned a large chain of 5 star hotels. She was pretty hot. She was 18. She was full grow tits they were at less D cup. She may have been a little stout in the past but she really grew in to that now perfect body.

She was in her cabin putting on her solid gold bikini. She was going to the hot tub as I noticed as I pasted on my way to my room. She said hi and asked if I was going to the hot tub. I said yes. I mean who would pass up a chance to see this sexy women in that skimpy bikini. I had to change out of my work clothes I will be out in 15 minuets I told her. I was instantly on edge and couldn't wait to see her again.

I had to work at a smoothie stand because I blew all my and Cody’s money on girls. What can i say im a ladies man and aim to please. I had a hard on by London’s great body. I went into my room rubbed my 7in till I blew a load. I quickly throw on a bathing suit and ran to the sky deck where everyone hangs out. As I got in the water I saw cody and bailey walk up in their bathing suits. She was at less 32C I could tell now better because of the small bikini she was wearing. It was clear she was showing off for someone. She was not rich like London but she had some money. Her parents live on a farm. As they got in I could tell something was bothering her of corse Cody couldn't tell maybe if it was going to be on a test he would. I could always tell how people felt but I didn’t really say anything. We started talking about Paris and school.

Seeing both of these skimpily dressed women got me wanting to rip off all I was wearing and what they had on and ravage their bodies. If there was no bubbles you could easily see I was hard as a rock. I was about to leave but couldn't because of my state.

Cody and London left. He had a project to finish and put my name on. London went to count her endless piles of money to bad she can’t count to 5. So Now just me and Bailey in the hot tub. I could still tell something was bothering her, so I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing but I didn’t believe her so I keep asking. She finally broke down after a few hundred times. I moved up close to her close enough to see along her plump breasts. She said Cody is starting to drift away. She went on and I comforted her. We had been in the hot tub for a very long time so then asked if she wanted to continue in my room. She said sure and we went up. Luckily by now my condition had cleared up and I was able to get up. I didn’t share a room since Bailey pretended to be a boy when there was no spots for girls left till London bribed her roommate to leave. She was my room mate and if I knew she was a chick at the time I would never had let her leave my room.

We were talking for an hour about how cody never listened. She was very upset and nearly crying. She rested her head on my shoulder and i just sat there and listened something Cody must never do. She wanted to go to the party on the deck but Cody wouldn’t go he wasn't a fan of social interactions. I said why don’t we go down to the party as friends. She thought it was a great idea. She wanted to stop by her room first. I told her to go I had some things to do and i would meet her down there.
I got dressed in something dry and grabbed a bag. I quickly had thrown a bottle of vodka i go while in Russia. I had already spiked servile punches at other parties. When down there I pour twice what I usually do because room inspection was in two days and I wanted Bailey to have a good time. I didn’t tell Bailey because I knew she wouldn’t drink any. I got both of us a cup and she thought it was great. Hour and a half and 10 cups later we were both drunk.

Bailey said she was really dizzy and want to go up stairs. When we got to her cabin she couldn't find her key. Since I lived alone I said she could take my second bed if she wanted. Not wanting to see Cody she said yea and we headed over. On the walk we spotted Cody who he him self looked a little drunk and bailey didn't want talk to him so we went around. Then we got to my door.

As soon as we got in I really noticed how drunk I was. Bailey being a little smaller than me must have been on the edge of passing out. She didn't bring anything to wear and asked to borrow a T-shirt. I gave her one of the few clean ones in my room. I went to the bathroom to change my self.

Forgetting Bailey was changing just out side my bathroom door I stumbled out. She was completely naked. Standing there in shock. Her tits were the perfect shape. Round and plump some how going against gravity. Her sweet little pink nipple the size of a nickel. The were perfect for sucking on. She had a beautiful bald pussy. I froze in shock as well. Only wearing gym shorts she must have noticed that I was was growing a third leg. She only giggled and throw on the shirt I gave her. I could clearly see her nipples through the very thin shirt. I apologized for coming out with out knocking. She said nothing only turned a little red. Glancing at my aroused state she slowly moves up to me.

She said Cody never got that excited except for see the Mona Lisa back in the Netherlands. She slid her hand down my side toward my hard cock with out breaking eye contact. Looking around I saw only the shorts and skirt she wore to the party. She didn't have any panties the while time.

She dropped to her knees and got eyes level with my ever hardening tool. Looking up and smiling whispered "Cody never lets me get this close to him."
I could only respond with I'm not Cody. She in one quick move pulled down my shorts and boxers. My cock slapping her in the face as it sprung back up. My purple tip only inches from her bright red lips. She cupped my balls with one hand and started slowly and softly rolling them around. I could nearly take it no longer. I was about to scream as she took the purple tip and kisses it. Send chills down my spine. She didn't have to say anything but I could tell she knew what she was doing. She slowly tool the first inch and half in to her mouth. Her tongue doing circles around the tip. Slowly she pulled more in to her mouth. Now half way in and she could clearly take more. She started to bob her head back and forth. Taking a little more each time. Her long hair already pulled back past her shoulder she had planned on doing this. By this point she had the while thing down her throat taking it little a boss. Slowly she pulled as much as she could fit in. Nearly gagging dripped bits of salvia on the ground and on my cock. I could not take any more of this slow shit.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in fast and I went in deep nearly making her throw me out. I could see on her sexy little face she loved it. I strongly started face fucking her. Sounds of her chocking could be heard throw the whole boat. Her hand flew up and cupped my balls again. Giving them a little squeeze I couldn't help but let out a deep moan. Pulling her in harder that before I could fell her tongue doing all crazy kinds of things. Before I could even tell I was screaming " I about to cum" she only pulled me out long enough to tell me she wanted to taste it. I slammed it back in her taking it all. Shoot after shoot filling her whole mouth. Nothing dripping out. She swallowed the whole load.

Only smiling she stood up and grabbed my hand and walked my over to my bed. She laid down and pulled me close. Kissing me with deep passion. Then slowly pushing me down her long body. I stopped at her tits and felt them and all the greatness. I took one nipple in my hand and rolled and pinched it while the other was in my mouth. Flicking and sucking on her in nipple sent shivers down her back as she let a moan of pleasure. I pulled her sweet tit out of my mouth and kissed my way down to her little pink bald pussy. Just passing it and kissing her in thigh making her beg for it. She grabbed my head and pulled it in close to her. Lifting each leg over my shoulder I got a better view of this wonderful sight. Burying my tongue deep in the folds I worked in. I spelt out her name with my tongue alone her womb BAILEY with swift movements. She was moaning so loud she had to grab a pillow to cover herself. As i ate her out I slowly moved my hand back up her side. I grabbed her tits and calmly massaged them this only made her loader. While my other hand worked its way under her. Getting two finger deep in her pussy as well as my tongue I gave her all she could take. Them something I never would have guessed happened. She squirted all over my face with a giant moan filled the room.

I slowly kissed back up her. Taking my time around her juice plump tits I worked back up. I reached her shinning kind smile. Giving her one big kiss before lifting her up. She was ready to get fucked for the first time. She said stop.

I couldn't believe my ears. She didn't want to to continue after all that just happened. She told me she wanted to save her self for just the right time. Knowing she meant Cody I respected her choice and stopped.

As I lay there in bed still fully nude with her she pulled my arm over her and we just laid there for a few minuets until we both feel a sleep.

The next morning we woke to the intercom in every students room wake us up it was time to get ready for class in an hour. We dressed with out talking and she left. I could barely believe want happened the night before. We went the whole day with out saying what happened. We didnt really get the time Cody was there the whole time.

An hour before curfew she asked me to come over to her room. I got there in ten minutes. Excepting to just talk to her for a while. I really was confused about what had happened. We talked about what happened last night. We decided that we shouldn't tell Cody but that doesn't mean it can't happen again.

I didn’t even know London was there and Bailey said she told London what happened. To my surprise London wanted to help us and wanted to show us a surprise.

She striped down and i started to admire her bold move. We dod the same not knowing where we would tale this. We got in a trisect (London gave me a blowjob while I ate out Bailey while she ate out London)this being the best way for all of us to get off.

Then we herd a knock and Cody walked in with Flowers Chocolates and a condom not seeing us he said Bailey I got a surprise as he walked in…

Hi I’m Cody martin Zack’s brother. He told you his side of what happened now it’s my turn. I will start from the beginning.

Another night where Bailey wanted to give into her lust. I we couldn't because we were to young. I could not understand why she would want to have sex already we have only know each other a year. It is wrong to have sex before you get married anyway. We both know the chance is high for her to get pregnant and being the first pregnant girl to go to school here would have been horrible.

Now we are in Paris the city of love. Zack as all ways is hitting on the girls. Bailey and I where at the Effile tower. I was interested in the historic place we went more then Bailey was. As we finished a tour of the tower we went back to the ship.

We got are bathing suits on and went to the hot tub. This was my favorite time i got yo relaxes and have some fun. There we saw London and Zack. I reminded London that she nearly drowned the last time she wore that gold bikini. We talked awhile the longer we were there the more I wanted Bailey. I dint know what it was about her today but i felt something for her i never did before. I just starred at heras I got a hard on. I made up a project I had to do but of course I finished it already and Zack asked for me to put his name on it like always. Once in my room I quickly jacked off and went it to the city with out anyone knowing.

I went to a couple of stores to buy a present for Bailey. I felt like u had been ignoring her lately and wanted to make it up. I went into a country store like their cracker barrel. I got her some old fashion candy and flowers. I went in a 18 under club to relax and have a drink. In France if you are 16 and over like me you can have wine so I had a few glasses. I then remembered there was a party up at the sky deck. I normal would never go but I just had a few drinks and was calming down. So I went back to see if Bailey wanted to go. I usually don’t go because someone spikes the punch and all the fun goes down hill from there. One time I all most broke down and said yes to do it with Bailey. It would have been wrong to do it like that.

Once on the ship I went to Bailey’s cabin but only London was there trying to count her money. So I thought maybe she was at the party. She would go with out me some times but she was always back early. I went down but could not find her their either. I had a few cups of punch and still a little light headed from the wine. I was defiantly drunk after three or four cups. Not realizing what I was doing I started to hit on some girls.

I saw a girl from my biology class, Christy. She was 17 years old and one hot girl. Standing at 5' 8" and probably not even 100lbs. She had tits almost as big as London's. they must have been a 36 C. She had light blond hair that was shoulder high and had a slight curl. I walked over to her to say hi. We started talking and she was clearly drunk. She grabbed both of us a punch and we were just standing around. I was to drunk to care what was going on. Almost stumbling over me she split her drink all over the both of us. She was where white and got a large red stain and was a mess. I offered to walk her to her room. She thanked me as I put my arm around her to keep her balanced.

We finally make it to her room. She was too drunk to put her key in the door. I almost had some trouble opening the door for her. As we entered she just collapsed on her bed. Noticing her room mate was out asked where she was. She told me how she had to leave to visit her family for a wedding and wouldn't be back until next week. Christy had trouble getting out of her short so I had to help I felt almost sorry for her that she had so much trouble. I took off her shirt for her and noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her plum breast were fully exposed to me. I couldn't help but notice she had silver dollar nipples that were a dark red. She had tan lines. I assumed she was the kind of girl to go sun bathing in the nude. She noticed I was staring at her. Jokingly she grabbed them and started massaging them. She made kissy faces at me.

I started to blush and went to grab her a dry shirt. She just threw it away and asked "do you not like seeing my wonderful tits or something?" I blushed and didn't know what to say but being that drunk I just thought what ever and said "they are amazing pair of boobs" she then pulled me over by the hand. She pulled my hand from the bottom of her stomach up to her dark tan brown tits. I slowly moved in closer to her. She whispered in my ear " I think I need to repay you for helping me to my room". Whispering back to her " how are you going to do that". Before I could finish she pulled me into a deep long kiss. Your tongues started as a fight and quickly turned in a saucy tango. She pulled on hand off her tit while still deep in the kiss and brought it down her slick warm body and down to her dripping pussy. After moving her had away I plunged a finger deep inside her. She moaned out right away. I was able to fit two more finger deep in side her. She was not new to thins as I was. We broke from the kiss as she stood me up. Turning me around so we were face to face she pushes me down on to the bed. In one quick pull off went my pants and boxers.

My meat tool instantly grew right in front of her face. Christy moved her hand up to it and slowly rubbed up and down. She lend in and licked right from my balls all the way to the tip. Lightly kissing the head and flicking it with her tongue she teased it as my balls grew. She looked up to me her blues eyes almost popping out I her head. She quickly put my whole rod down her throat almost choking. As her head bobs up and down I can see a little wet patch growing in her panties. She had he ass up in the air just in reach for me. I grabbed a big handful and squeezed it. She let out a small moan as I slapped her ass. She like it when I spanked her. As I hitter again she goes deeper on my cock.

I could feel the back of her throat. I could feel my time was close. Not knowing if I should tell her I was close or not. She pulled me out of her mouth and told me she wanted to taste me load. I told I was close to finishing and she just speed up. I could feel it deep in my balls and the first wave erupted deep in her mouth. I pulled out quickly giving her a nice taste but also getting some on her cute little face.

She put my dick back in her mouth and cleaned off the every last drop. She stood back up and walked around the bed and pulled out a box of condoms. Knowing what was coming next I quickly grew back up in size. Walking back of she waved her tight little butt in my face. Spanking it aging she turn around fast. Opened a new condom and put it in her mouth. She got back over my once aging hard cock and used her mouth to put the condom on.

Once it was one I slid up in the bed so I was full on. We straddled my face as I gave her pussy a nice little kiss. She moved down my body placing her self right above my cock. Use in her hands she lines it up perfectly to go in. She stood the for a second then up just the tip in. She bent down to my face gave me one long passionate kiss and went back up. She dropped right down taking in my whole tool. I put my hands out and grabbed her by the hips. Using my hips I pushed her up and slammed her down. She started sliding back and forth while I went up and down. She was tight and wet. She was a load one screaming out almost very time I went down and back in her.

I quickly flipped her putting my on top. I pulled out completely and stood on the edge of the bed. I pulled her in close. Placing both legs over my head and on my shoulders. I put my hard cock back in deep. Now in control I sped up as fast as I could go. She just go louder and louder. She screamed " OH MY GOD IM CUMMING!" I could feel her tighten around my tool. I slapped her ass again only making her louder.

Her light pink pussy almost no hair. She had just a little triangle on either side pointing out. It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Still grinding hard against my pelvis I thrusters in deep and hard. I felt her righted again and a little wet spot form in the sheets I could take no more. I blasted my whole load. The two of us tired just fell over on top of each other and passed out.

The next day we awoke to an announcement for class in and hour. We both looked at each other nit knowing what to say so I got dressed and hurried out. Dressing and leaving in a hurry I ran to my cabin regretting never doing it with Bailey. I got ready for school an headed out to see Bailey not knowing what to say about last night. I spent the whole day trying to think of a way to tell her or if I even should. No time ever came up because we never got a moment alone.

The next day I wanted to Tell Bailey I was ready to do it with her. I bought some candy and stole a condom from a room I had to bring towels to. I had to work since Zack spent on girls. Hoping London was out buying who knows what I went to see if Bailey wanted to finally do it with. I also wanted to apologies for what I did the night before. I was going to wait until after we finished so we could actually make that move first. But as I walked in I saw something I will never forget.

My brother, girlfriend, and friend were all going down on each other. I could not believe my eyes. As they got up really got a good look at Bailey and realized want I have been missing. London had to have been the most beautiful arises in the world with her double Ds, perfectly shaved pussy and flat stomach. Bailey was defiantly the hottest girl I have seen naked beside the pronos I walk in on Zack watching. She was stunning 30 C chest and a little triangle over her pussy. If I didn't walk in on here like this I would have blown a load in my pants.

Zack tried to explain getting dressed and running out so I would not attack him. I couldn't blame him I was furious.

Bailey tried to explain but I was to attracted to. She quickly asked London why she was not dressing and she said because it is to much work and now I have already seen her naked now so there was no use. This just made me hard and I told Bailey how I chanced my mind about sex. She confessed to having sex with sex with zack the night before and with out her getting mad I told her how I got drunk and did it with Christy.

Bailey walked over to London and whispered something in her ear. London looked mad then got up and put on some clothes and stomped off. Bailey looked at me and said we should be alone for an hour. I quickly pulled her in for a deep long kiss. We were locked in a moment of bliss in each others arms. She still naked I could feel her hard nipples through my shirt. I took hold of her and walked her over to the bed and laid her down.

I got right in between her legs and went right in. He sweet lips were light and pink. I could not stop just from looking right at the meal I was about to eat. I dove in tongue broke all the way through and I could hear he start to moan already. I slid my fingers in to help get her going. I keep flicking her clit with my tongue and two finger were all I could fit in her tight pussy. She started shaking and moaning really loud. I could tell she was close. I pushed my fingers in deeper and lightly pulled at her clit. She could take no more as I was squirted with her lovely women juices.

She let a load moan and fell back. She was breathing deeply and quickly. I slowly moved up her slim beautiful body. Stoping at her tits. I stayed here just long enough to trade them with my tongue. I went all the way up to her face. She had a large grin that was from ear to ear. We got into another deep kiss. She could taste her own juices and I must have mad her crazy as she rapped her legs around me. She screamed " fuck me Cody fuck me hard". Who was I to turn her down.

I I placed my self right between her wide stretched legs. She whispered be carful I'm still a virgin. I could not believe it she saved he self from Zach for me.

She was still dripping wet. I used some of the juices to lube up my throbbing member. I slowly pushed in until I felt her hymn. I looked her right in the eyes and she back at me. I pushed all the way threw. She let out a small yelp of pain. I kissed her in the neck and she said keep going. I grabbed the sheets to help pull my self. I slammed as hard as I could in here. She was pulsating on my cock. I could feel very heart beat threw her tight tunnel. As hard as I could I keep pulling my self in. She had her legs rapped around my hips and arms around my back as I picked her up. I moved her to the wall and laid her back. My hands on her hips I thrusted moving her up and down the wall in rhythm.

As we heated up she started clawing at my back. Deeper I went in her every time with more and more power. If I went any harder I would have split her in half. She pulled hard against my back and she screamed " I'm cumming". I felt her juice squirt out and run down my legs. As her tunnel tightened I could no longer hold my self as I let out my seed deep inside her. She felt it and she let out a deep moan as I placed her back down. She and I were spent and could take no more.

Bailey said it only seemed far. We crawled into bed the two of us. Completely naked we all fell a sleep with me around Bailey and my cock still buried deep in side her.

We slept all night with nothing waking us up. London even came back and we didn't even wake up.

Hi I’m bailey and this is my side of what happened that wonderful week. I will pick up where Cody left off.

When I woke Cody was gone and London was coming out of the bathroom. We talked about what happened the night before. She asked who was better I told that Cody was sweeter but Zack was bigger. I told London that I need a shower and I left for the bathroom.

I turned on the water as I stepped in still naked from the night before. As I washed out my hair. I thought about the night before. Cody finally came over and made me a women. I thought about his lust and fever. I could feel the heat in my groin grow. I slowly moved my hand down my soaking wet body. My nipples hardened as the warm water washed over my body. Cody's brace ran threw my mind as my hand crept lower. Heaving deep breath I slowly slipped the first finger in. I clenched down on my finger.

A shock ram up my body slamming me into the wall. I quickly slid in another finger. Thumb on my clit I spun it in circles. Shivers moved quickly up my spine. I almost pulled my fingers completely out then slammed them back in all the way. Moving the in an S shape shock after shock shot up my lady parts. I was very nearly screaming at this point.

I heard the door open. Then a second later I heard Zack saying is any one here. I yelled to him. I told him to just wait and ill be out in a minute and i was in the shower. After that I heard the door open again. Then the curtains as he stepped in. He told me how he couldn’t sleep last night because he was thinking of me.

He leaned in and kissed me in a deep passionate moment. His soft hand moved down my sides and back up. He tool hold of me from the back and pulled me in tight. His other hand moved down to my still heaving folds. He started to rub my smooth clit. I just stud there letting him do what ever he wanted. The water rushing over the two of us just felt magic. He was his fingers plunged deep into me and rushed over me in a feeling of great passion. A let out a deep gasp as he filled me with his fingers. I could feel every curve of his fingers in my tight tunnel.

He went down on his knees and started to lick all around my little hole. I was moaning and he keep licking and sucking. He played with my clit and flicked it with his tongue. He dug deep me and wiggled his long strong tongue. I was getting close and he could tell by my load moans. I screamed, then the water went cold and the quick change sent me over. I finished and let out a load scream of pleasure as my juices started to pour all over his face.

He then got up and started to kiss me. As I liked all my pussy juices off his face I felt his hard men hood hit my leg. Then I know it was my turn. I dropped to my knees and started to bob up and down really fast. I took the head of his cock in my lips. I licked the end and i could see the chill it sent up his body. I took his whole rod hitting the back of my throat with his head. I could feel him grab the back of my head and pull me in deep and close. He started to face fuck me hard and quick. I was gagging in his rock hard cock. He shoot a deep load in my mouth and I got every little drop in my mouth then I swallowed all of it.

As I cleaned up he was gone. I left to see were Cody went. I got to his room but he was not there. I went to the sky deck. I could not find him any where so I just went into the city. I walked around bought a few shirts and skirts. I saw Cody telling Zack that pizza in a cup is not real food.

I walked over and gave the most passionate kiss I have ever had. We French kissed for a good three minutes. He was shocked by my move on him. We almost never showed such displays in public. I whispered in his ear that things are different now. I slowly moved my hand down his pants and grabbed his cock.

When we got to the boat we saw a sign for the Goodbye to Paris dance tonight. We went up to Mr. Mosby he asked us how we liked Paris. We told him it was really nice. I said this week has been great for us we have gotten closer than we have ever been. I could Cody agreed as he squeezed my ass. Mosby didn't noticed and I giggled as we walked off.

We were heading up to my room to talk. Then we saw the most beautiful teacher on the boat Mrs. Moto. I whispered over to Cody how great would it be if she joined us the next time we do it. He said that would be almost as good as if there was two of you. I giggled and planted one right on him. Mrs.Moto told us in a hushed voice as of she could hear what we had just said telling us to keep the displays down a notch.

We went into my room. We fell right on the bed and we started to pull of each others clothes. We were just about naked. I got up and stood in front of Cody in just a bra and panties. They were new I had just bought them in town. They were black and very fancy. They had a small flower pattern and a row of pearls connecting the two cups. As I reached back to undo the strap we heard a knock.

I ran into the bathroom and Cody opened the door. It was Miss. Moto she wanted to know if we were going to the dance tonight. Cody said it was up to me and miss. Moto told him to ask. We were both confused by why Miss.Moto was so curios and pushy.

When we came out of the Bathroom she was in just her bra and panties. I could see the bump in Cody’s pants. I couldn’t blame him she was at less 6’ 2’’ little blue eyes long blonde hair and a set that was near double the size of mine. I was surprised that she was really going to full fill our fantasy. I was really wet when I asked what she was doing. She said that she saw us kissing and really wanted to do something or more like to do someone. We both said sure we were just about to. As we got back into only under wear.

Miss Moto showed us many things. We learned all knew things. She got up on Cody and kissed him and they went fast and furious. I heard her moan and scream yes yes yes ohh and then fell into Cody’s arms. They lead there motionless then she got up and pulled me over.

She said I had a nice cunt I was really pink and smelt sweet and bet it tasted even better. I laid down on the bed all the way up to the pillow. Moto or Anna as she told us to call her, crawled up between my spread legs. She dove right in. I could tell I was not the first pussy she ever eat. I was over thrilled by her. I saw Cody start to trust and we were all in bliss. Anna was going in deep with her tongue. Cody still behind her was going hard. Every thrust pushed her tongue in deeper and deeper.

All of a sudden Anna stopped amd yelled out in pleasure. I knew that moan she hit her high point and had an amazing climax. I wasn't to far behind. I let out an equally loud yelp as I splashed Anna in the face.

I was next as we switched positions. I crawled up to Anna and could feel the heat betting off her. Not knowing what to do I went right for her clit and played with it with my tongue. I she was sweet and wet. Just as I started I Cody feel Cody go in deep. I pulled away in a gasp. I could feel him grab my hips and start to trust. His balls slapping me in the ass I was hot and steamy. I realized I was neglecting Anna and went back in.

Moments later Anna's hand gripped the back of my head as she let out the familiar moan. I pulled my face out dripping wet in her wonderful juices. Cody sped up as my head up. I let out a deep moan. I was close and by him speeding up I assumed so was he. He reached down and started to run my clit as he picked up sped. I let out a deep moan and seized up around his tool. My juices squirted out and covered his legs. Then a felt a warm feeling fill my pussy as he finished. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my back as he pulled out.

Anna and I knelt down in front of Cody. He was dripping in a combination of his and my juices. I licked the underside of his prick. Anna started by licking my juices off his legs. I tool his left ball in my mouth and cleaned it off as Anna took the other and did them same.

As we dressed we noticed it was time to go down to the dance. I put on a skimmpy little dress i just bought. We danced together. When the music was fast we were grinding and g
rubbing together. When there was a really slow song came on Cody wrapped his arms around me and put his hands down my pants. He put his fingers in my clit working in and out till a teacher came by. He pulled out and kept dancing. We moved off the dance floor to have a little dinner.

We went out to the boats nicer dinning. We sat down at a table in the back. We talked about our new lives. At this time last week, hell this time three days ago, we both would have been in different beds. Finally we were comfortable around each other. We both got our food and started to eat.

We finished up and he paid as we left. We walked toward the cabins. By now most of the boat was asleep. We were completely alone. We walked and got to the elevator. We were the only ones in it. When we stepped in Cody pulled me into a passionate kiss. His hands slid right down to my ass and he started to grope it. I pressed my tight little body into him. I could fell the bulge in his pants press against me. His tongue reached deep down my throat. Out tongues fought in our mouths. We stood in each others embrace for well over two minutes. Then we realized we never hit our floor. As the elevator wizzed off we just held each other hands and started into each others eyes.

When we got to our floor we walked off to my cabin. We had been pawing at each other all night. We just learned all new moves from Anna and wanted to try some new one out.

We stubbled into bed and laid down in each others arms. We both sat up as we felt each other up. He started to kiss me neck and run my thighs. I stood up and pushed him back. I slowly pulled of my shirt and threw at him. It just bounced off and fell to the ground. Wearing a new red bra with a little rose off both nipples of the bra. I reached back and pulled off my skirt. I wore only a thin string panty. Leaving almost nothing to the imagination. I moved my back to the bed as Cody sat back up. He clearly liked the little show I put on for him.

I moved up to him, still laying down on bed, I straddled him and put my hands down on his chest. I pulled off his shirt exposing his tan chest. I undid the clasps to my bra and let it fall. I slid up to let him take off his pants and boxers. I felt his stick fall back and hit me in the back. I reached back and took it in my hand. I held it in place as I got on top and ready myself to go down. Just placing the tip at my already wet opening I could already feel the rush.

Putting him all the way in I nearly passed out in pleasure right away. I started going up and down on Cody’s tool. Reaching the top almost out i would come down hard and fast. He sat up still full in me. He took one of my nipples in his mouth. His tongue flicked my nipple sending waves of pleasure threw me. I slammed down hard and grinned hard against his pelvis.

Sliding hard I screamed "I'm Cummings" as I let out a blast of juice all over Cody. I was seizing and shaking in tight shudders. Cody quickly flipped me over going on top. He pulled out still hard and pulled my ankles up on his shoulders. He placed his peck back at my opening and slammed in deep. He pushed hard and strong sending chills down my whole body. He was picking up speed and intensity. I grabbed my tits and played with my nipples. Pitching and rubbing hard I could feel another orgasm building. Cody's hands passed at my hips started to pull me in tight and hard. A fuzzy feeling toke me over as I hit hard again. I hit a heavy climax that clamped down hard around Cody. As I screamed out in pleasure Cody speed up. He was close and finished as I was at the top. The two of us collapsed on to each other.

Hi I’m London . My dad owns this school ship. I will pick up from where Zack and Cody left off.

When Bailey woke up we talked about the night before. She told me how Cody made her felt better then she had ever before. That gave me an idea and I asked her who was better Zack or Cody. Bailey said that Cody was more into making me pleased but Zack was bigger. I then wanted both so I left to go Zacks room. He must have been asleep or not there though.

I went to the sky deck to get a smoothie. There a got a blue berry. I went into the city to get some shoes. I saw a few cute guys. As I pasted a pizza in a cup stand I saw Zack. I went over to him to say hi. He asked what happened after he left. I told him that cody came in and Bailey and him did it. Zack shocked to Cody Doing it said what about you. He asked what did I do. Ai told h how I left and came back they were asleep.

Zack said if I were him I would have done you right there and then. Zack had a plastic bag and I asked him what it was. He said he bought some rum so he could spike the punch at parties. I told him how there was a goodbye to Paris party tonight and he said that was perfect.

Later that night at the party Zack poured a quarter or the bottle in the punch. Now it was more like someone poured punch in a bowl of rum. We both took a cup and were drunk in two cups. He left to hit on some girls and I just sat off to the side. After striking out with every girl there he came and sat next to me. We just talked about Paris and how nice it was. He got us some more punch and we sat there and drank. Then some hot skank walked by and zack of corse made his move. She didn't even stop and he came back to me. I asked what was wrong and why he couldn't get any girl. He turned to me a little more red the normal and said something I won't forget. " I have been stuck thinking about another girl and can't quite stop." I asked who it was and maybe I can help. Disappointedly because personal I wanted him. Like he was reading my mind and turned to me " I'm not sure how to say this but, I have been think about you London you". I was shocked I never expected him to say that. I just leaned in and gave him a kiss. Quick it turned into more and we were having a fight with our tongue. I broke off and said " we can't we'll ruin ruin our friendship." He said "I think if we ruined our friendship the we would have the other night" I placed another kiss on him. I stood up and put out my hand for his.

We walked off to his cabin since he had no room mate. We got to his door and were already in a deep kiss. His hand were feeling up my entire body. His hands slid down my skirt and he cupped my bare ass. As we phased into his room he was already tearing away my clothes. I had a matching pair of of black lace bra and panties. I pushed him back onto the bed and stood there for a minute just letting him take in my body.

Zack said he liked my black under wear. I told him I bought them after I ran into him today hoping he would see them to night. He slowly striped me down. I moved up to him and straddled him and sat down on his lap. Now my DD were inches from his face. He grabbed one and started to play with it. This sent a feeling of lust thought my whole body. He started to suck and I was wetter then the ocean that was around us. His hand started to rub my cunt and it felt so good my head dropped back and I let out a long moan. Now my hand was rubbing his 7in cock. I dropped back on his bed and he crawled up on me. I put his cock at the opening of my pussy. He pushed in and I already popped my cherry. I told him that one night I spent over at Maddie’s before we left for the boat and we experimented.

He picked me up and place me over his rock hard tool. Had the look of a wild animal in his eyes. He pushed in but just the head. He started to thrust in and out. He complimented about me tight tunnel. As he worked in and out I rubbed my clit. He played with my huge tits and sucked and licked. He was picking me up in the air and then letting me drop back down. As he speed up he lifted me up and off the bed. He stood up still deep in me and i wrapped my legs around him. He put me up against a wall. As i touched the cold metal wall a chill shot down my back and set me over the edge. I tightened around his tool and shock in an intense moment. He felt the tight grip around his tool as he let out a small moan. I was already screaming and pulling at his hair as he started sliding me up and down the wall. I could feel his power full me body. He was good he would change speeds and slow down and just as I got use to it he would speed up.

He was going fastest and hardest he could and I could feel a swirl deep in my pussy build. My head rested on his shoulder in whispered in his ear "I'm about to cu..." Just as I hit the climax full force. I was spazzing in his arms and around his deep cock. That must have sent him over the edge because he came what seemed like for ever.

Now that I finally fucked a guy I got down on my knees licked all of the juices of this soft tool. Now hard again I licked his cock then put it in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to go fast. I took his full length gagging. He pulled out and I told him it was okay and he went back in now me getting wet again I started to rub myself. He must have seen because he asked if I wanted to 69. I said sure as I climbed up on him. With his cock in my mouth I placed my pussy in front of his face. He lend up and licked and shoved his tongue in my clit. I used my tongue all around his head and i coyld feel his pulse through the tip. He was destroying my folds and I was closing into another orgasm. I told him I saw about to cum and he said he was to. We both came at the same time. He shot 3 hot steamy loads down my throat. I swallowed most of it and a little dripped out and in my tits. Looking him in the eyes I licked what came out for my self and stood up.

Now finished I dressed and left for my room. I gave zack a deep kiss before leaving the room.

I decided to go to the sky deck and see if it was still open. As I reached the deck there were a few people sitting around in the dark. I went and got a hot chocolate from the bar since it was a little cold. It was a little to hot but it was good.

There was a couple who seemed to be locked in an intense kiss. I was tired from the fun I just had with zack and decided to go back to my cabin. I finished my drink and headed back. I got in the elevator and hit my floor and zipped off.

No one was there when I got to the cabin. I was kind of glad I was alone because I wasn't really recovered from zack. I feel off in to a deep sleep. I was out for hours and had the best sleep I ever had.

Hours later when I woke up I felt great. I saw bailey in her bed but she was still asleep so I left her alone and went and got breakfast. As I got to the omelet bar I saw zack come over and stand next to me. I leaned over and said "morning sexy how was your night." He smirked and gave me a little kiss.

We both got our omelets and walked to a table. As we sat down we saw Cody and bailey. They had waffles and pancakes. We called them over and sat together. We talked about school and class. Zack's hand slid into my thigh and inches from my pussy. The sense shot chills up my spine.

I nearly spit out my Orange juice. I turned to him and he just smiled. I put my hand on his thigh and smiled back. He just laughed and rubbed my leg. I guess Cody and bailey were doing the same because they didn't notice us.

Cody and bailey got up and said they had to leave. We all knew what they were going to do. Zack got up next and said he needed to leave too. I was shocked u thought he would have brought me back to his room. I was a little sad.

I cleaned up and wondered what I should do. I couldn't go back to my room because that is where Cody and bailey would be. I decided to go see a movie. Being on a boat we didn't have anything new so u went and saw some crappy movie.

When I got out I was still bored. I had the idea to go back to my room. I walked to the elevator. I saw some hot couples going at it as I pasted a private corner. It was kind of hot. I instead turned around and headed to Zacks room.

I knocked but there was no answer. I was disappointed that he was out. I really wanted to see him. I got another idea maybe I could join in on their fun. I started to my cabin knowing they wouldn't want to go to Cody's. I quickly headed over to find them.

I got to the door and heard their moans as grunts. I slowly opened the door and snuck in. They didn't see me as I laid down on my bed. Cody was on top of bailey. They were to intense to notice me strip down. I was completely nude in seconds. I plunged my fingers deep inside me.

I was two fingers deep before my first moan. They still didn't notice I was there. My other hand grabbed my tit and massaged it. I already felt the warmth over take my body. My fingers picked up speed and and was shaking on my bed.

I heard a little giggle. I didn't even react as an intense orgasm took over my body. As I came down I noticed I was screaming aloud. I turned my head and noticed the two lovers were looking right at me. All I could do was smile. I said to them "I just wanted join" they were more than happy to help.

Cody walked over and kissed me. I got right on my knees and got him hard again. Him and his brother both like to play with my tits and lick them. We crawled up on my bed. As he placed his tool at my opening he quickly pushed in and not lightly but hard and fast he pumped and you could her the smacking of this balls against me ass. He defiantly wanted to do it hard core. I let him do what ever he wanted. I was laying back as bailey walked over. She straddled my face and lowered her pumping pussy to my face. I reached up and gave a kiss. I dug my tongue deep into her making her shiver. Cody was slamming in deep I could feel every inch of her filling my body. With the heat on my face and the firm rod filling me I could take no more.

I went into a climax. When I realized he was still going. This made me wetter and better lubricated. I joined in and now we were going faster then I ever seen. Bailey clearly was nearing her climax. Her juices flowed down my face. The warmth of her sent me in a frenzy I dove in deep in to her. I started swaying my hips to speed up Cody.

I was close to my second orgasm since my first with Cody wondering how he was going so long. He then told me he was close to Cumming. As I climaxed i tightened up and sent him over the edge. He blasted when he pulled out there was a long straight line of cum from me to him. Now I see Bailey come over and she licked all the cum off Cody.

I was now tired and I could tell they were to. We all crawled in bed together again and fell asleep in minutes. I woke up at around midnight to moaning I saw Bailey fingering her self but before I could say something I fell asleep again. I wished I could have helped but I was to tired.

The next morning we awoke in each others arms. Cody got up to take a shower. Once in bailey followed him in. I could her their moans and I was envious. I walked in as bailey left. She said she was about to send me in. We had some fun but the water was getting cold. We left with a kiss and that was it.

That was the week the four of us got a little closer. Maybe next time I could have zack and Cody. This boat is amazing but what will happen when we get off.

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