A man who is into using Rohypnol to get what he wants out of women finds out it isn't always necessary to get the job done.
The Date : Chapter 3

By Bigwayne 2013

A 31 year old ladies man who likes to use the date rape drug Rohypnol on unsuspecting young women for a good time renews his relationship with his estranged teenage niece over the holiday season.

Contains: Anal , oral, incest, watersports, consensual teen sex.


Journal entry 12/23:

It's the holidays and, like every year, my older sister has invited me over to her house for the annual family feast. I am sure our parents will be there, plus my assorted aunts and uncles on both sides that still live in the area. My cousins will probably be at the reunion as well. I'm going to it mostly to appease my parents even though me and my sister Nancy have never been particularly close or anything. She got married right out of high school and had my niece Christy only a year after that, while I've always been the single, free willed, adventurous bachelor. Our lives hardly intertwined outside of the occasional emergency babysitting request.

After showering and fixing my hair, I picked out a black turtleneck sweater, some black denim jeans, and my favorite dark dress shoes. It was about 30 degrees outside, not really cold enough to wear anything super thick. A light dinner jacket would be sufficient to complete the ensemble. Once dressed, I went into the kitchen and reached up on top of the refrigerator and grabbed everyone's presents: A small stack of $50 Walmart gift cards and accompanying envelopes. I only got one for my parents, my sister, her husband, and my niece since they were my immediate family. I would have just waited until Christmas Day to give the cards to them, but I figured I'd just give them their money now while we're all together and be done with it.

Without even thinking, I grabbed my special ring and put it on as well. I'm not sure why since I wasn't going out to a club or anything and had no need of the crushed Rohypnol powder I had stored inside it's secret compartment. It was still a nice looking ring, though, in and of itself, so I wore it.

The air outside was cold but still. I was thankful that my windows weren't frosted over or anything. I started it up and headed over to my sister's house. As I turned into their driveway, I saw my parent's car in front of the garage. No one else had arrived yet. I looked at my watch and it read 4:33. I thought the plan was to meet around 4:30. Guess a few of them will be late.

I parked next to my Dad's car on the grass and walked up to the door. But before I could knock on it, my niece Christy opened the door excitedly and said "Uncle John! You're here. Come on in."

She stepped back to clear the way for my entry. Once inside, she closed the door, walked over to me, and wrapped her arms around my neck, hugging me and smiling.

"I'm so glad you came, Uncle John. I haven't seen you in a long time."

I returned the loving embrace and said "Yeah, I haven't seen you guys since last Christmas."

Christy let go and stood in front of me, allowing me to get a look at her. She was 5ft 2, about 100 lbs, long blonde hair like her mom, and cute as a button. She looked a little like the cute blonde girl in the movie 'Mean Girls', the one Lindsey Lohan was competing against. I also couldn't help notice that she was beginning to blossom in the boob department too. She had a really decent set of B-cups going on, and with her slender frame, they accentuated her tiny figure just right.

"Wow, Christy, you sure have grown a lot since I last saw you. How old are you now..... 13?"

She giggled, hit me softly on the arm, and said "You know I'm 15. I'll be starting high school next year."

"High school, huh? I remember those days. You just make sure you don't fall for the first smooth talking guy that comes along. You know we're all after the same thing at that age."

"What's that, Johnny?" I heard from behind me. I spun around to discover my sister Nancy standing in the kitchen doorway wearing an apron to protect her clothes from splashed foods. "What are the guys after in high school?"

I smiled begrudgingly at Nancy and replied "You know what we're after." I looked back over at Christy and finished my sentence. "We want the answers to the test we're taking the next day."

Christy giggled and rolled her eyes at me. "I *know* what all you guys want, but you're not gonna get it!" she expressed matter of factly. "Ain't nobody getting in my pants!"

I sort of coughed when she grouped me into the 'Guy' class as if I wanted to bed her as well.

"I..... I'm not...... I mean I don't want to ........" I stammered.

Christy interjected "No, not you, Uncle John. But you guys in general. You're all pervs with sex on your minds 24/7. Mom has told me about the way you used to go after girls in school. You'd go after a girl until you got sex from her, then you'd drop her and go after another one. You horn dog!"

I turned and asked Nancy "Wh-What have you been telling this poor girl about me?"

She said with a sneaky grin on her face "Nothing but the truth, Johnny. Nothing but the truth."

I looked back at Christy and told her "Despite what your mother has said about me, you know I'm a good guy, don't you?"

"I know, Uncle John, even though we don't hardly see you anymore."

I tried to explain it away. "Well, you know.... I'm always working or something. Plus we live about 50 miles apart. If we lived closer, then maybe we'd see each other more often."

"Excuses, excuses." Nancy said flippantly as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Christy grabbed my arm and said "Come into the kitchen. Grandma and Grandpa are in there. Come on."

She pulled me to the kitchen doorway where I pulled off my coat and hung it up on a wall mounted coat peg. When I entered the kitchen, I saw Mom and Dad sitting at the table chatting with Nancy's husband Chuck. He nodded and said "Hey John, come join us. Want a beer or anything?"

I said "Yeah, a beer sounds good."

He rose from his chair and got a beer from the fridge for me. He sat it down on the table by an empty chair, so I sat there. Christy sat down beside me in another vacant chair.

Mom said "Johnny, I'm glad you made it. It's been so long since we've seen you."

"Like I was telling Nancy, Mom, my schedule is kind of hectic and busy most of the time."

"I would think you'd come over more often since we only live about 20 miles away."

"I was just over there....... when was it? Around Labor Day or sometime."

"That's what I mean. It's been almost 4 months since we've seen you."

"I know, Mom, I know. I'll try to do better."

Now you know why I'm a bit estranged from my family. My Mom thinks if you don't come to see her at least once a week, you don't love her. She would still complain even if I visited once a month, so I'd rather only hear it every 3-4 months.

Dad looked up from his cup of coffee and asked me "You still working at Ford's up on Jefferson?"

"Yeah, I'm still at the factory. " I simply replied, not getting into too many details. He wasn't really interested in my current employment anyway. It was just simple conversation. My Dad wasn't a big talker unless he was around his buddies. Even then, though, the talk was usually just dirty banter about past sexual conquests or dirty jokes. It was no wonder I developed my lack of stability with women. He taught me to fuck 'em and forget 'em. How he managed to keep Mom with an attitude like that was anyone's guess.

Mom and Nancy were chatting about old times and the food. Dad sat there quietly swigging away on his own beer. My brother in law tried to start a conversation with me, but, like Dad, I'm rather unchatty unless I'm talking to women, so after a few minutes of answering his queries about what I've done for the past year while we've been apart, the conversation dwindled until the three of us just sat there drinking our beers watching the girls yammer on.

Then I remembered the gift cards I had brought for them. I pulled them out of my back pocket and handed each of them one.

"Here you go Dad....... Mom........ Chuck....... Nancy.......". They all gratiously accepted them. But then I looked over at Christy, who was ready for hers as well with a hopeful look upon her pretty face. She glanced down at my hands but didn't see any more envelopes. Her expression suddenly turned to disappointment. I acted surprised and said "I...... I'm sorry, hon. I seemed to have run out of gifts. I'll try to get you something after Christmas, okay?", sounding as serious as I could be.

She suddenly blurted out "I know you didn't forget me. You've got mine somewhere, I know it!"

Christy looked all around me, searching for her money card. I held up my empty hands to show her I had no more cards in them, playing it up by even pushing my sleeves up on my arms like a magician to show her I wasn't holding out on her. She got up and looked at the pants pocket I pulled the envelopes from and spotted a flash of white sticking up out of it.

She bellowed out "THERE it is!" loudly. She pushed me forward in my chair and snatched the envelope from my back pocket, then returned to her seat triumphantly holding it in the air. Since the envelopes weren't marked and they all had $50 cards in them, I just left one in my pocket on purpose so I could tease her a bit.

She ripped the envelope to shreds and said "Ooooooh, fifty bucks! Thanks, Uncle John. That will go toward my new I-Phone."

"I'm glad you could use it, hon." I said with a smile.

It wasn't long before the rest of our family started arriving. My aunt and uncle on Mom's side came first, then my two female cousins arrived next. Bringing up the rear was Dad's brother and his wife. He was the father of my two cousins that were eating with us. I have other cousins from Mom's side, too, but they lived far away in other states and we hardly ever saw them anymore.

I call Sarah my uncle's wife and not my aunt because he only married her about 8 years ago after my Aunt Katie died from cancer. She's nice and sweet as can be, but she's still not my real aunt. Katie was.

It was nice seeing my cousins again. They were close to my age and were the ones I used to hang out with all the time when we were younger. Plus I liked spending time with them because the younger one, Missy, was drop dead gorgeous. Her sister Marilyn wasn't ugly or anything, but she was always kind of pudgy, whereas Missy was the skinny one. She just always appealed to me more than Marilyn did.

She was 5 foot 10 by her high school years and had a really nice figure on her. She was very pretty to boot. Had she not been my first cousin, I would have liked to have sampled that pussy of hers, but even with my charm in school, that would have been impossible. Our parents would have killed us.... literally.

One thing I noticed was that Marilyn had finally lost some weight, so I complimented her on that.

"Hey Mary, you've lost some weight, haven't you?", I said looking her up and down. She wasn't bikini model level or anything, but she was noticable thinner than she was last year when I saw her.

She replied "Yeah, I started doing the Weight Watchers meals and I've lost about 50 pounds so far. I'm hoping to lose another 40. I just hope this big dinner doesn't throw me off of my diet."

"Well, it looks good on you. Keep up the good work." I complimented her. "And one big meal isn't kill ya. Just start back on their meals after the holidays."

Marilyn nodded and got herself a bottled water from the refridgerator. She emptied a pack of red single serve sugar free Koolaid into the bottle, shook it up, and took a sup to test it's potency. Satisfied it wasn't too sweet, she joined the other women and conversed with them merrily.

I felt the urge to pee hit me, so I excused myself and exited the kitchen to find the bathroom. Once I relieved my bladder, I emerged into the hallway and started to return to the kitchen. Christy came down the hallway and stopped me.

She said "I hope you don't mind my staying with you next week. I promise I'll be good."

I looked at her sort of bewildered and said "Um.... what?"

She said "Next week when I stay at your house. I'll bring my laptop and video games to keep me busy. You won't hardly know I'm there at all." Then before I could get a sane answer out of her, she disappeared into her bedroom at the end of the hall.

I poked my head in through the open door and peered inside her bedroom. She was sitting up on her bed texting someone on her phone.

I asked "Er... what are you talking about, staying with me?"

She looked up from her phone screen and replied "Mom hasn't asked you yet? They're going to Las Vegas next week while Dad is on vacation and they're taking Grandma and Grandpa with them. And since it's Las Vegas, they didn't want me to go because I'm too young. I told them I'd just stay with you for the three days they were gone."

I shook my head grudgingly. "I really appreciate her giving me no warning at all about this."

Christy interjected. "I'm sorry she didn't tell you, Uncle John. It's because it's going to be a surprise gift for Grandma and Grandpa. She hasn't told them about it yet."

"I still would have appreciated a heads up on it, though.".

I was a little irritated that my sister would take it for granted I would just drop everything at a moment's notice so she could leave her kid with me to go have a wild time in Las Vegas.

Christy could tell I was a little frustrated. She shyly asked "It's okay if I stay with you, isn't it?", thinking I was going to say no.

I got over my mad spell and looked at her calmly. "Yeah, hon, it's fine. I just would have liked it if someone had asked me about it sooner, though."

"Thanks, Uncle John. Like I said, you won't even know I'm there. By the way, do you have WiFi at your place?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I'm going to bring my laptop with me and I wanted to get on the Internet."

With that, she looked down at her cell phone again and resumed typing out her message on it.

I returned to the kitchen. Everyone was still sitting where I had seen them before. Nancy was standing at the stove stirring a big pot of green beans. I walked over to her and whispered resentfully in her ear "I appreciate you dropping Christy in my lap with no warning like that."

She shushed me and whispered "Be quiet, Johnny. Don't let Mom and Dad hear you."

"When were you going to let me in on it, the day you dropped her off at my door?"

"No. I was going to ask you today before you left. We're not leaving until Sunday. That's 4 days away."

"It's still not a hell of a lot of notice. What if I had plans?"

"Johnny, you never go anywhere for the holidays. You just use Christmas and New Years as an excuse to pick up drunk girls at holiday parties. It's not going to kill you to watch your niece for three days while we're gone. Now go sit down before Mom and Dad hear you and you ruin the surprise."

I shuffled back to my chair, grabbing another beer from the refridgerator as I walked past it, and sat back down at the table with the others.

Chuck looked over at me and asked "What was that all about?"

I just shrugged it off. "Just sibling stuff." I told him while pulling the tab on top of the beer can.

He went back to talking to Uncle Grant, Dad's brother. It only took about 15 more minutes for the last of the food to cook. Nancy laid out the assorted dishes on the 8 foot long table and put the big baked ham in the middle as the centerpiece. Once the requisite grace was recited by my mother, everyone dove in. Since the ham was directly in front of me, I was assigned the task of cutting hamsteaks from it for everyone. We all sat and ate until we were all miserable. There wasn't much food left. We had devoured the vast majority of it.

Our plates were rinsed and placed into the dishwasher as we finished eating. The other pans and stuff were piled in the sink for future hand cleaning by the girls, who usually felt obligated to help out Nancy for cooking the meal. As was customary, the men all promptly disappeared, either into the TV room where some sporting event was being shown or outside for a short walkabout in the front yard to let their food settle.

I opted for the front yard to get some fresh air. I was alone since it was getting dark by now, so I lit a cigarette. As I paced on the yellow grass, Christy came walking up to me.

"Uncle John, give me a puff." she said holding out her index finger and thumb in pincher fashion. I handed the half smoked cigarette to her stealthfully. She put it to her mouth and took a long draw from it, then handed it back to me. She exhaled. Her smoke looked like our breath in the cold air, only it lingered and didn't disipate quickly like our breath did. "Thanks, Uncle John.", she said.

"When did you start smoking?" I asked her, taking a draw from the burning cancer stick myself and exhaling. I could taste the cherry flavor of her lip gloss on the butt of it.

"I'm not a regular smoker. I have smoked before, but I just wanted to see if you'd give it to me." she replied with a sly grin. "Mom told me you seemed a little mad that we sprung my staying with you so suddenly. You sure it's okay that I stay with you?"

"Yeah, it's fine, hon. I wasn't really mad or anything, just surprised."

"Good.", she said. "I'm going back inside. It's realy cold out here and they're about ready to hand out the presents and tell Grandma and Grandpa about the trip. Come on, lets go in, Uncle John."

I took one last draw off of the cigarette, then handed it to Christy. She did likewise, then dropped it to the ground and stubbed it out with the toe of her shoe. Then she locked her arm around mine and we went inside arm in arm. We stepped into the living room where the other's had gathered just as they announced the gift giving. There were only about 10 gifts under the tree, mostly from us kids to the adults. Christy had a couple of them under there. She was anxious to open them.

Nancy handed Mom and Dad a decorated manilla envelope. Inside there was a recordable card that started talking when you opened it. It contained a message from Nancy and Chuck. It said "You both are great and we love you much. So we're taking you with us even if you fuss. A 3 day party in Vegas this Monday. It will be a really big FUNday!" Really corny.

Mom and Dad looked at one another a little stunned and asked "Wh-what's this about?"

Nancy said "Look inside the envelope."

Mom looked inside and found two round trip tickets to Las Vegas, a reservation confirmation for a free room at the hotel, plus two extra tickets for Wayne Newton's show. They both loved Wayne Newton. Well, *MOM* loved Wayne Newton, anyway. Dad liked that Wayne Newton got Mom excited for him.

It took a few moments for Mom and Dad to realize that the tickets were for them. When they did, Mom got flustered and teary eyed. She got up from her chair and hugged Nancy and Chuck.

"Oh my god! I love Wayne Newton. Thank you both for this." Mom sat back down in her chair and showed everyone the tickets in her hand.

As everyone excitedly talked about the fabulousness of the upcoming trip, Marilyn chimed in and asked "Where is Christy going to stay while you're gone."

I said "She's going to stay with me for a few days."

Marilyn looked at me weird and said "Are you sure that's a good idea with your lifestyle?"

I snapped back "What do you mean.... 'my lifestyle'?" really sarcastically.

"Don't get mad, Johnny, but you're not exactly father material."

"What the hell does THAT mean?" I asked gruffly, offended by the insinuation.

"Lets face it, John. You've always been about the pussy, excuse my french. When was the last time you were in a steady relationship?"

I conceded. "It.... It's been a pretty good while."

"What I'm saying is maybe Christy shouldn't be around a notorious 'player'. Maybe she should stay with someone else."

I got slightly mad that she would think I would do that around Christy. "I'll admit I like to prowl, but it's not like I do it every single day. Just being in my prescence won't corrupt her."

To help qualm the tension in the air, Christy herself spoke and said "Uncle John is a good guy. I want to go over to his house.". She stepped over beside me and hugged my side. I hugged her back with one arm and stuck out my tongue at Marilyn. She slunk back in her chair and didn't offer any more protests on the subject. Now you know why I only buy something for my immediate family during the holidays.

After all the gifts were handed out, I decided I'd had enough revelry for one day.

"I guess I'm gonna head back to my place before it gets too dark outside.". I hugged Nancy as a matter of courtesy for the big spread of food she cooked more than as a familial embrace since we were estranged. "Thanks for the great dinner."

"You're perfectly welcome." she said. "I just wish it didn't take feeding you to get you to come see us."

I hugged Mom and shook Dad's hand. He wasn't much for the whole hugging thing. I told them "Have a safe trip going to Vegas."

Mom said "I'm sure we will, dear. Like Nancy said, do try to come see us all more often."

"I'll try, Mom." I replied. I don't think she held out much hope for it to happen, though. As I was putting on my jacket, Christy came out of the kitchen with a piece of ham on the end of a plastic fork. She hugged me with her other arm so as not to get any ham juice on me.

"It was good to see you again, Uncle John. And I meant what I said, you won't hardly even notice me while I'm over there next week."

"I know you're a good girl. You always have been. See you Monday."

"No, Sunday night." she corrected me. "Mom's gonna bring me the night before they leave so she won't have so much to do that morning."

I sighed. "I guess that'll be okay. I hope you like the couch, though. I only have the one bed at my place."

"That's all I need. I don't take up much room."

"I guess I'll see you Sunday then."

I winked playfully at her, then headed out the door to my car. I managed to get around the cars in the yard and made it to the street, then headed back home. Once I got there, I decided to clean the place up a little. I picked up anything that would constitute as 'not needed' and threw it away. I put all of my liquor in a high cabinet so Christy wouldn't see it. I cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes, then tackled the laundry, putting everything up in the closet after I dried it. I hid all of my erotic magazines and videos underneath some boxes way back in my closet. I managed to get the place in pretty good shape in a matter of 3 hours. It looked kid friendly to me.

The apartment was only about 700 square feet, but for a bachelor it was perfect. It didn't take much to keep it clean. I only had a sofa, a recliner, a glass coffee table, and an entertainment center in the living room. It made the place seem bigger without a lot of furnishings in it. The flatscreen TV was mounted up on the wall out of the way. My computer desk was in the bedroom. I had a modest table and 2 chairs in the kitchen. That's all I needed, really.

I was tired after cleaning the apartment, so I settled in for a night of TV until bedtime. I slept fairly soundly when I did decide to go to bed about 10:00 .


Journal Date 12/26

It's the day after Christmas and I have been expecting my niece to show up at my doorstep any time now. Her mother didn't bring her until almost 6pm. Her and Christy knocked on my door.

"I'm here, Uncle John." my niece announced when I swung open the door.

"I can see that." I quipped at the obvious. "You ready to be bored out of your skull?"

They came on in. Christy put her suitcases and knapsack on the couch.

"I won't be bored. I brought my laptop and my Playstation3 to keep me occupied."

Nancy spoke and said "Johnny, I appreciate your watching her for us on such short notice."

"That's okay, Nancy. Anything to help you guys out. I didn't have any plans anyway."

She hugged my neck, then turned to exit. She said "Come give me a big hug, Christy, before I go."

They hugged affectionately, then her mother disappeared out the door. "See you in 3 days, Johnny. Keep her out of trouble." she said as she pulled the door closed.

I looked at Christy and asked her jokingly "You gonna get into trouble while you're over here?". I winked at her to show I didn't mean it.

She grinned like a Cheshire cat and quipped "Nothing that will get us arrested or anything. Ha Ha.". She winked back at me.

"So, did your Mom feed you before you came?"

"Nah, not yet." she replied. "I am getting kinda hungry, though."

"How does Chinese sound? There's a place about a block away that has great Tsao chicken."

"Chinese sounds good, Uncle John. But I prefer sweet and sour chicken, though."

"I'll be back in about 15 minutes then with dinner. Oh yeah, I was going to tell you. This neighborhood is fairly safe, but still be careful who you open the door for. I usually knock with 'Shave and a Hair Cut - two bits', so you'll know it's me. You know... dun dun-dah-dun-dun....dun-dun. That song from Roger Rabbit."

"Oh, okay, Uncle John." she acknowledged with a nod.

"If you want, you can put your things in my room. I cleared out a couple of drawers in my dresser for you so you could put some of your stuff in it. I also pushed my clothes over to one side of the closet if you need to hang up some of your clothes."

"Thanks, Uncle John."

She grabbed all of her suitcases and headed into my bedroom. I grabbed my keys and headed out for the Chinese take out. I ordered myself a large Tsao chicken and some noodles, and for her I got the sweet and sour chicken and some dirty rice. I added 6 eggrolls just in case she liked those, too. By the time I returned to the apartment, she had her clothes strewn out across my bed sorting through them. I announced my arrival when I stepped inside and kicked the door closed behind me.

"Foods here!" I said loudly.

"Okay, be right there." she replied.

I laid out the square cardboard containers on the table, then went to hang up my jacket. I could see her putting her undergarments in the dresser drawer through the open doorway of my bedroom. She held up a pair of some of the skimpiest lace panties I had ever seen. When she held them in front of her pants to pretend try them on, I could tell the miniscule underwear weren't really meant to conceal any body parts from view. The fabric was sheer enough to see through them completely, and the ass strap was just a thin strip of cloth meant to keep the triangle in the front from dangling loose. And even then, the cut of the panty almost guaranteed that the strip and half of the front would end up wedged between a woman's labia lips. There was really nothing to them. They were meant to reveal, not conceal. I know she is 15 and becoming a young woman, but still she's only 15! Why would she have a thong like that in her wardrobe?

Christy folded the feathery panties neatly and laid them in the drawer. It was then that I reminded her of the food.

I poked my head in the room and said "The food is out on the table, hon."

"Okay, Uncle John. I'm coming." she assured me.

I picked out my box of Tsao chicken, the noodles, and a couple of eggrolls. Christy came into the kitchen and grabbed hers. We sat on the couch and watched TV while we ate. She thought that was cool because my sister never let her eat any food except at the kitchen table. After eating, we watched Family Guy and American Dad on FOX. When they went off, Christy yawned.

"Uncle John, I think I'm going to take a shower right quick before I get too sleepy."

"Alright." I said. "There's towels and rags on a shelf in the bathroom, and plenty of shampoo by the bathtub. Just help yourself."

She rose from the couch and grabbed some clothes from her cache, then went into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the water come on soon after that. I hate to admit it, but after seeing her holding the skimpy panties in front of her earlier, I had quick visions imagining her standing in the shower completely naked. I know it's wrong to think of a family member in that fashion, even if she isn't immediate family, but she was close enough to me that I shouldn't have had thoughts like that about her. I guess after that encounter with the Latin woman's young daughter, my standards of depravity had dropped a couple of notches. She may be my niece, but she is a very attractive niece.

I thought about her soapy, supple hands gliding over her smooth, taut skin as the warm water cascaded down upon her naked body. Rubbing her newly developing pussy lips and all across her round little ass cheeks. When I felt my hand reach down to my swelling groin and rub my stiffening dick through the jeans, I snapped out of the delirium. To help get my mind off of her, I gathered up all of the empty cartons and wrappers, took them to the kitchen, and threw them in the garbage. Walking helped alleviate the bulge in my boxers.

She showered for about 20 minutes before emerging from the bathroom in an oversized Tshirt emblazoned with a huge teddy bear holding a puffy heart in it's arms.

"Uncle John, where is your hamper?"

I replied "I don't have one. I usually just put the clothes in the washer after a shower. You can do that or just pile them at the foot of the bed until I wash clothes again, either one."

"Okay, I'll do that.". She stepped into my bedroom and dropped her dirty clothes by my footboard, then joined me on the couch in front of the TV. She sat indian style with her legs crossed and covered her knees with the hem of the loose night shirt. We watched Adult Swim for awhile while she brushed out her long, blonde hair, then she started yawning again. She leaned her head over on the padded side support of the sofa like it was a pillow.

"Getting sleepy?" I asked her.

"Yeah, a little. I got up about 6 this morning."

"Let me go get you a blanket and pillow right quick."

I walked into my bedroom and got what she needed out of the top of my closet. When I returned, Christy was laying on the couch with her head resting on the soft arm. I spread out the blanket, whipped it up into the air, and guided it down slowly over her body. I tossed her the pillow, which she promptly placed underneath her head. After turning out the living room light, I sat down on the recliner so she could stretch out. We watched more Adult Swim until her eyes gave in and finally closed. I turned the TV down so it wouldn't wake her up, but I could still hear it.

I have made peace with the fact that I am a disgusting pig when it comes to women. What my cousin accused me of at my sister's house was pretty much true. I am a sex fiend, a fuck-em-and-forget-em kind of guy, especially since I discovered Rohypnol, the date-rape drug. I see women as they are, just something to provide my body pleasure, and I've really done nothing to deter that perception. When I go out to the club or a bar, I make no false impressions about my motives. I'm looking for a good time and I make it clear when I meet women. Call me a pig, call me Quagmire, I don't care. I'm a man and I like pretty women, plain and simple.

Even though I had a momentary lapse in weakness envisioning my innocent niece naked in the shower, I had never really thought of anyone in my own family in that way before, save for my cousin Missy when we were teenagers. Now that Christy was starting to grow into her womanhood, her beauty didn't go unnoticed. She was a very cute girl with a nice figure.

She tossed and turned on the couch as she slept. At one point, the thick blanket I provided her seemed to be making her uncomfortably warm. Groggily, she pulled the blanket off of her and went back to sleep. She was laying there snoring slightly, kicking her feet involuntarily. Her moving legs and turning from side to side caused her night shirt to roll up slightly, far enough to uncover her slim thighs and her white underwear. I couldn't help but look at her. I could tell through her panties that she had a really nice ass on her. Her tight designer jeans foretold she did, but now I could see it plainly. One of the leg openings had twisted, causing it to ride up into her ass crack. One of her round, firm ass cheeks was completely exposed and was very nicely shaped. I felt that growing sensation in my boxers again, so I decided it might be best for me to thwart temptation and go on to bed myself. I did get out my cell phone and took a picture of the glorious sight before turning off the TV and covering her back up again. I turned the thermostat down so she wouldn't get too hot during the night.

I slept pretty good. I didn't stir until about 8 o'clock. Since I was used to being by myself, I just casually strode into the bathroom and started peeing in the commode without even closing the door. When I heard a mumbling sound coming from the living room, it took me a moment to realize I had company in the house. I struggled to reach the bathroom door to close it, but it was too far away and I couldn't stop peeing, either. I was stuck in front of the commode until I finished. I quickly washed my hands and exited the bathroom.

As I emerged, Christy shouted from the couch "That sounded like a good one, Uncle John. If you're done, I need to use it next."

I stammered from embarassment for forgetting she was in the apartment. "Uhm... yeah, I'm.... I'm done. It's all yours." I ducked into my bedroom before she turned around and saw me since I was only wearing boxers.

I heard her footsteps walk across the floor of the apartment through the closed door, then the bathroom door shut. I heard the familiar sound of a woman's urine hitting the water muffled my her ass on the seat, then a little groaning, which I took to be a bowel movement, and finally a gurgling flush. Christy came out of the bathroom a little more awake than when she entered.

When I came into the living room after putting on a Tshirt and shorts, I asked her jokingly "Everything come out all right?".

She replied without skipping a beat "Yep, no pain, no strain. Just sat and let it drain.". Apparently she was a quick witted girl with a little spunk to her and didn't care what she said. Most girls wouldn't be that forthcoming and admit they had just taken a shit. I liked her spontaneity and brazenness.

I didn't have to be at work until 10 am, so I asked "Do you want some breakfast before I have to leave for work?"

"Nah, that's okay. I'm not all that hungry right now. If I get hungry later, I'll just fix something myself. I cook at home all the time."

"Are you sure?" I reiterated. "I can whip you up something right quick."

Again, she insisted. "No, Uncle John. I'm fine.", then went back to flipping through the channels on the TV until she saw Spongebob appear. She layed down on the couch and started watching it. Spongebob and Squidward were trying to deliver a pizza.

"Okay then." I replied. "I guess I'll go take a shower and get ready for work."

"Okay, Uncle John." was all she said. Her interest was in the TV show.

I retrieved some clothes from my bedroom, then carried them into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and dressed, then went back into the living room where Christy was still laying on the couch watching the TV. As I sat in the recliner putting my socks and shoes on, I noticed a familiar sight. She was laying on her side, and like the night before, the hem of her over sized night shirt was precariously high on her thigh again. It was just high enough that I caught the sight of the very bottom of her pantied ass showing from under it. Her attention was thoroughly on the TV and she apparently didn't realize how far the loose shirt was riding up on her. I didn't want to embarrass her, so I didn't say anything about it. I just continued putting on my socks and shoes as if nothing was awry. I was sort of glad that it was time to leave for work or I might have been tempted to leer at her and possibly get caught.

I retrieved my jacket from the coat hook and put it on. I grabbed my keys and reached for the doorknob. Before I left, I asked her once more if she needed anything.

"No, Uncle John. I'm fine. See ya when you get home."

"Okay. I should be home about 6:30 or 7:00 ."

"Alright. Maybe I'll cook us something tonight. Mom has been teaching me some recipes."

"You don't have to. I can order out again."

"No, I want to, to show you how good a cook I am." she insisted.

"Okay then. Just don't burn the place down." I joked.

I went to work and toiled until lunchtime. During lunch, I got out my cell phone and looked at the naughty little pic I took of Christy's half bare ass last night while she slept. One of my friends came up behind me and saw the pic over my shoulder, then sat down in front of me

"Damn, John. Is that your latest piece? How do you keep getting all that hott young ass like that?"

I couldn't very well tell him that it was a pic of my 15 year old niece, and apparently he couldn't tell her age since it was only showing her ass in the picture. I just let him think it was a new girlfriend.

I said "You should know my secret. After all, you're the one who hooked me up with it in the first place."

"You mean the Rohypnol? You still using that stuff?"

"Yeah, I still use it. It works great. No reason to stop using it now."

"Just be careful. I almost got caught slipping it into a girl's drink once and she nearly had me arrested for it."

"I showed you the ring I had made, didn't I? There's no way they'll ever catch me putting it in their drinks."

"Just be careful using it, John. It'll get you in big trouble if you're caught."

"I've got it handled." I assured him.

When lunch was over, we both headed back to the assembly line and worked the rest of the day. The whistle blew at six, so I left the building and headed home. I almost stopped at KFC to get dinner for me and Christy, but then I remembered she said she wanted to cook for us, so I sped off down the street and parked in our building's parking lot.

I rode the elevator up to the apartment and knocked the Roger Rabbit jingle to signal to her that it was me at the door. She had smartly locked the door after I left. She opened the door and greeted me enthusiastically with a quick hug around my neck.

"I'm glad you're home, Uncle John. Dinner is almost finished. Go ahead and take your coat off while I stir the corn."

I could smell the delicious scent of fried pork chops and buttered corn in the air as I walked to hang up my coat. I stepped into the kitchen and saw a very nice spread of food laid out on the table. There were the pork chops I smelled, as well as a bowl of mashed potatoes and green beans. She was standing in front of the stove stirring a simmer pan of buttery whole kernel corn.

"Looks like you've been a busy little beaver today, Christy."

Suddenly, she shot back with "Beaver?!? Is that some sort of reference to me being a girl?" with a playful gleam in her eye.

I coughed and stuttered at the unexpected comment. "I.... I didn't mean it like that... it's just an......"

She started laughing wildly and said "I was just kidding, Uncle John. Mom told me to kid you a little about the way you date women all the time and won't settle down with any one woman."

I laughed off the joke. "Yeah.... okay. But just wait until I see your mother Wednesday."

Christy turned off the stove and sat the pan of corn on a pot holder on the table.

"Dig in, Uncle John. It's ready. The plates are on the counter. We'll have to eat white bread. I couldn't find any rolls or buscuits in the fridge."

I sat down at one end of the table and she sat at the opposite end. "It looks just fine to me, hon. You did a great job working with the little bit of food I keep in the apartment."

"I was afraid we wouldn't have any meat for dinner, then I found the pork chops buried under the ice cream."

"I'm afraid your uncle doesn't have company over very much, so there's not much reason to buy a lot of groceries. I eat out a lot."

"What do you do when you have a date come over?" she asked curiously.

I didn't want to tell her that I never brought any women back to my place unless they were under the influence of the Rohypnol so they wouldn't remember where I lived, and even those times were very rare. I always took my victims to motels or their place to keep my life anonymous from them just in case the drug didn't completely wipe their memory.

I vaguely replied "I usually take them out for our dates, to a club or a restaurant, or we'll go to their place after a date.". I didn't offer her any more explanation than was necessary.

"Ah, I see. Trying to keep it on the down-low, Uncle John?"

"Wh-What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

"Mom says you date a lot of different girls, so it's probably better that they don't know where you live."

She was being very straightforward and blunt with her insinuation. I tried to sway her opinion of me.

"I really don't date that many women like your mother thinks I do. She calls it a LOT of women just because I've never really dated or settled down with one for very long. I'm not the playboy she thinks I am." I tried to assure her.

"The way Mom talks, you date a different woman every week or so."

I started to get a little miffed at her mother for filling this girl's head with unsubstantiated rumors about me. Hell, I only see her once a year. How does she know how often I date?

"I'm not like that, really!" I insisted. "I have a healthy social life, but I'm not a gigolo or anything."

My irritation toward her mother must have been showing in the tone of my voice. Christy tried to calm me down.

"I'm sure you're not a horndog like Mom says. You must have some woman that you're particularly sweet on."

"I'm afraid not. I haven't met Mrs Right just yet."

"I'm sure you'll meet her someday and settle down and have a family." she asserted. "You're a good looking guy and you're still pretty young. How old are you? Early 30's?"

I liked the 'good looking' compliment she gave me. I nodded my head. "Yeah, I'm only 31."

She said "See? That's plenty of time to find yourself a wife."

"Maybe someday, but right now I'm not really interested in settling down."

"Hmmmm, playing the field, huh? I know what you mean. Mom finally started letting me date boys from school, but I don't stay with one very long. There are so many good looking guys out there to choose from."

I felt the need to interject with some uncle-y advice. "Just be careful. Like I said at your house, boys your age usually only have one thing on their minds. I'm not saying you don't have more to offer a guy other than your looks. I'm just trying to warn you that teenage boys usually can't see anything but a girl's ass or pretty face. Just be careful and don't let them try anything on you. It's your body and you have complete control over it."

"Y-You think I'm pretty?" she asked shyly.

"Well, yeah, you're a very pretty girl, Christy. I just meant that young guys chase after a girl for being pretty more often than for being smart or for having a good personality. You have to watch out for us. I just don't want to see you get hurt."

"Thanks, Uncle John. Mom has already had this talk with me, though. She gave me a big speech before she let me start dating."

"She was right. Take it from a guy who was in high school. Sex and food are about the only things we have on our minds at that age."

"I'll keep that in mind." she replied. "So how's the food?"

I cut off a piece of pork chop and ate it. It was really tender and didn't require much chewing at all.

"The pork chops are perfect, hon." I said appreciatingly. "The rest of it looks good, too. Your mom has taught you well."

She grinned. "I'm glad you like it. I wanted to show my appreciation for letting me stay here on such short notice."

"You don't have to do that. I'm glad to have you over here. That's what uncles do."

We ate our meals while we chatted and got caught up. She told me about her life at home and at her school. There weren't many leftovers after dinner. I liked having a home cooked meal for a change so much that I over did it with second helpings. We put the dishes in the sink and washed them together, me washing them and her rinsing and drying them. Once they were put away, I settled on the couch to let my food settle. I felt a little miserable from eating too much and groaned, rubbing my bloated gut sympathetically.

"Oh man, I'm gonna have to skip lunch at work tomorrow to make up for how much I ate tonight."

Christy smiled satisfactorilly. "I'm glad you liked my cooking, Uncle John. I'm feeling a little full myself. I'm gonna go change into my night shirt right quick. These pants are cutting into my belly."

She disappeared into my bedroom and shortly came out wearing the same night shirt she had worn to sleep last night. She sat down on the sofa about a foot away from me, folded her legs scissor style, and pulled the em of her oversized Tshirt over her knees for discretion.

I asked her "I have Pay-Per-View movies on my cable. You want to watch anything?"

After a brief moment of thought, she replied, laughing "Does that include the Playboy Channel?"

It caught me by surprise that she would suggest such a thing. I said "I..... I don't think that would be very appropriate for you to watch something like that."

Giggling, she said "I was just kidding, Uncle John. Jeez, you gotta lighten up. Ha Ha Ha."

"Oh, ha ha, very funny." I said. "Now what's a real movie you've wanted to see?"

Her mind mulled over the possibilities in her head for awhile, then she said "I think I'd like to watch 'Easy A' if that's okay."

I had seen previews of the movie on TV. It's supposed to be about a prim and proper high school girl who lets her gay male friend spread a rumor that they slept together in order to hide his sexual orientation from the popular kids until he graduates, fearing he will be ostracized by them. It also gives the girl a bit of a reputation and starts to ruin her life as things progress. It was a teen movie, so I figured whatever Christy liked would be fine.

"I think I saw it on there the other day. Lets see......"

I used the remote to pull up the Pay-Per-View menu and scrolled through the list until the movie appeared. I clicked on it, uploaded my password, and it started playing. It wasn't a bad movie, really. It had a better plot to it than I thought it would have being a movie geared toward teenagers and their lives. I even felt bad for the Emma Stone's character when all the untrue rumors she agreed to started ruining her life.

As the movie progressed, Christy, who had been sitting up on the couch beside me when we first started watching the movie, decided to lay down. She rested her head on the arm of the couch for a pillow, which caused her legs to be aimed toward me. Her oversized shirt was long enough that it discreetly covered her legs down to her knees, but I found myself sneaking little glances at her every time she moved her folded legs hoping for another glimpse of her perfectly shaped ass. Unfortunately, my efforts were in vain. The blasted hem of her shirt stayed in place and wouldn't give me even a peek of her underwear.

When the movie ended, we turned the channel to Adult Swim and she watched Family Guy. I excused myself.

"I'd better go get my shower before it gets too late." I said.

"Okay, Uncle John. I'll probably take one too after you take one."

I got some basketball shorts from my drawer, some boxers, and a Tshirt, then headed into the bathroom. I climbed into the shower and started washing off. About 10 minutes into my routine, Christy knocked on the bathroom door sounding a little distressed.

"Uncle John, I spilled some Coke on my shirt and I need to get a washrag out of there. Are you all the way in the shower behind the curtain?"

I shouted through the door "Uh... yeah, I'm behind the curtain. Go ahead and get a wash rag if you need it. The door's unlocked."

I heard the doorknob turn and she came in. She was grumbling from being so clumsy.

"I can't believe I did that. Don't worry, it all spilled on my shirt." she assured me. "Man, it's so cold and sticky. Just look at my shirt now. I'll have to wash it in the morning."

I took that cue to peek out from the end of the shower curtain and witness what she was talking about. I saw the wet brownish stain that ran from her neckline to her navel. She was pinching the front of her shirt with her thumb and index finger in an attempt to hold the chilly wet garment off of her torso.

I said "Looks like you made a mess, all right. Don't worry, I'll stay behind the curtain so you can wash it off."

"Okay. I need to get this sticky gunk off of me before it dries."

Just before I ducked my head behind the shower curtain, she let go of her shirt and it immediately pasted itself against the front of her body. What she didn't seem to notice as she sought a clean washrag on the shelf was that the fluid on her shirt effectively turned the garment transparent. When it stuck to her developing, perky breasts, I could plainly see her dark aureolas through the thin fabric. I hand't even noticed she wasn't wearing a bra tonight. The cold cola on her skin also had the added benefit of causing her nipples to harden. They poked out deliciously against the inside of her clingy night shirt.

My cock started to stiffen, so I ducked behind the shower curtain to curtail the dirty thoughts my mind was filling with. Unfortunately, my temptation did not end there.

Christy said "Uncle John, stay in the shower until I tell you. I have to wash this Coke off of me. It's getting sticky."

"Oh, okay. Go ahead. I'm back here, so I can't see anything."

That was a bit of a lie. The shower curtain wasn't closed all the way to the wall. It was gapped about 6 inches from the end of the bathtub behind me. I heard her take off the shirt and set it to the side. I slowly eased my way to the rear of the bathtub and focused on a small mirrored shelf up on the wall by the tub. At the right angle, I was able to see a reflection of her standing in front of the lavatory washing off with the soapy rag. I could only see her back in my mirror, but the lavatory mirror showed her front. And what a glorious sight it was.

Christy was mostly naked save for the pink panties she still wore. I thought she had a shapely body just from observing her in her clothes. Now that I could plainly see her in all her glory, I was getting rock hard from the amazing sight. Her slender body was exquisite. There wasn't an ounce of fat to be seen on her anywhere, but she wasn't supermodel skinny. Her curves were developing very nicely. And her ass.... oh my god! It looked so much better now that she was standing up. It was firm and round like an upside down heart and jutted out oh so elegantly from her slim body.

Her breasts were another wonder to behold. I am used to young girls with nice breasts, but they were all college age. And the woman who I first used Rohypnol on, her daughter was very young, even too young. Her poking breasts had just started emerging on her flat chest and didn't really count as tits at all. But Christy's chest was coming along nicely. She was sporting a couple of full B-cups that suited her age and body type well. They sagged not one bit from what I could see in the reflection through the gapped shower curtain. And her pert nipples pointed upward just a bit from center. My god, she was, for lack of a better word, perfection.

I kept rubbing my hands around on my wet body so she would hear it and think I was busily scrubbing my body instead of ogling her. She lathered up the wash rag in the bathroom sink and rubbed the lucky cloth across her chest and tight, flat abdomen. She cupped each supple breast as she washed the sticky cola from the underside, sliding the soapy rag over the luscious pointed nipples that were standing at full attention. Then the washrag went south as she made circular motions up and down her smooth belly to her panty line to remove the stick syrup from her abdomen.

The whole time I was watching her wash off her front, I felt very conflicted. Here was my 15 year old niece, my own flesh and blood, and I was getting aroused by her. How could I be so perverted? I was no saint and had done some dirty things to women before, but nothing like this. I was staring at my sister's young daughter like a peeping tom. My dick was so hard right now I could have driven a nail into wood with it. I slid my free hand down to my erection and began rubbing it back and forth slowly while I used my other hand to keep up the illusion that I was still washing my body, even though I had long since finished showering.

Christy stood at the sink for a long time meticulously washing the tacky soda from her nubile body. A lot longer than it seemed it should have taken. I was so busy looking at her tight ass and her massaging hands working the soapy rag all over her pert breasts that I failed to notice her face had stopped looking down at her own body. I just happened to look up higher in the mirror and saw that she was staring right into the mirror in front of her. I could see her blue irises and pupils clearly in my mirror. She had seen me looking at her.

I nearly panicked. I quickly backed away from the gap in the shower curtain in a failed attempt to conceal myself from her gaze. Anxiety was coursing through my head. I was gonna go to jail for looking at her naked, not to mention I was going to be shunned by my entire family for being a deviant uncle. I just stood there nervously not knowing what I was going to say to explain myself to her. My mind was reeling trying to think up something to say to the girl so she wouldn't be afraid of me.

After a few tense minutes, Christy spoke casually and said "I'm done, Uncle John.". I heard her open and close the bathroom door and leave.

Once I dried myself off, I looked all over the bathroom for the clothes I brought in with me, but they were gone. Did Christy take them as punishment for having spied on her? Again, I went into panic mode. I still hadn't thought of a good explanation as to why I was looking at her.

I wrapped a towel around myself and slowly opened the bathroom door. I peered out into the hallway and didn't see her anywhere. I slipped out of the bathroom and sneaked into my bedroom to get some more clothes. I was digging through my dresser searching for another pair of boxers and shorts when I felt a pair of arms reach around my midsection and hug me tightly from behind.

Christy squeezed me and happily said "Hi, Uncle John."

I tried to keep a calm demeanor even though my mind was racing with panic.

"Hi, hon.", I managed to utter. "Um, you okay?"

"I'm just fine. I thought my uncle would like a big hug is all." she playfully replied. She didn't mention anything about my indiscretions, so I thought it best not to say anything about it either. Maybe she hadn't actually caught me staring at her after all.

I asked her "Christy, have you seen the clothes I took into the bathroom?"

"Yeah, they're right here." she giggled.

She let go of my waist and backed up from me. I turned around and discovered she was wearing them herself. She had my Tshirt tied in a knot in the front just under her breasts, revealing her flat tummy. The basketball shorts were extremely baggy on her small frame, but she had the drawstring tied tightly around her slender hips. She had her arms out and did a small curstey pose like she was modeling them for me.

"I'm sorry I stole them, but I didn't have anything to put on in the bathroom and I needed something loose to wear to bed since my night shirt was soaked in Coke. I hope it's okay."

I was thankful I wasn't being hauled away by the police or beaten by her parents. "S-Sure, hon, it's fine. Now run back out to the living room so I can get dressed."

"Okay, Uncle John." she said and hugged me again. She scampered out of the room and I hurriedly closed the door behind her.

How in the hell did she not see me looking at her? I made direct eye contact with her, I was sure. She is a free spirited girl, but I was expecting more of a reaction from her if she had caught me looking at her naked. I decided to just stay mum about the incident and hope nothing came of it. I found some more clothes and put them on, then headed out to the living room. I found Christy laying on the sofa watching TV. I sat on the recliner to let her have the couch for the night, and to put a little distance between us until I found out what she saw me do.

I said "I think we'll have pizza tomorrow night. How does that sound?"

She looked over at me and replied disappointedly "You didn't like the dinner I cooked for us?"

"It was delicious, hon," I said apologetically, ".... but I don't want you to have to cook the whole time you're here. Plus I doubt there's very much food left in the house anyway except sandwich stuff. I need to stop and pick up some more after work tomorrow so you don't starve during the day."

She agreed. "Yep, it's pretty slim pickings in there right now."

"Do you have enough in there to eat while I'm at work? I can run out tonight and get some groceries real quick."

"No, that's okay. I'm fine. You have lunchmeat in there and chips. I'll eat those tomorrow. But pizza does sound good for dinner."

"Then pizza it is. Pizza Hut is only a half mile away. I'll call and order it while I'm in the grocery store."

We both settled in and watched TV for awhile, but it wasn't long before Christy's eyes got heavy. I turned off the TV, covered her with the folded blanket on the back of the couch, and headed to my bedroom. She mumbled "Uncle John......" in her sleep and pulled the banket up tightly against her neck to seal in the heat.

I went into my bedroom and closed the door so she wouldn't hear my TV. I sat on the bed and thought about the bathroom incident. I don't know how she didn't see me do it. It was an incredible stroke of luck. I resolved myself to being the dutiful Uncle for the remainder of her stay here and not put myself in any more opportune situations like that again. I would just be glad for the nice views I had already seen and leave it at that.

The next morning, I awoke to the buzzing of the alarm clock at 8am. I dug through my closet and got a shirt and jeans to wear at work, put them on, and stepped into the living room. Christy was still fast asleep on the sofa. As I neared her and could see over the back of the sofa, I noticed that she had again gotten too warm during the night.

The shorts she was wearing were laying in the floor and the blanket had been kicked off of her body. She was on her back with her legs out straight. She was wearing the same panties I saw on her last night. Now that she was sprawled out on the couch, I could see her cameltoe through the sheer fabric. I could also make out a thin strip of pubic hair under the fabric just above her slit. It was about an inch wide and 2 inches long, and it tapered toward her pussy. I swore I wasn't going to take advantage of these situations anymore, but I couldn't help myself. I grabbed my cell phone and clicked off a few pics with the camera before finally sliding the blanket back up onto her.

As I made myself some coffee, I heard Christy stirring on the couch waking up. She sat up, stretched, yawned vigorously, and put the shorts back on under cover of the blanket.

"Is that coffee I smell?" she asked.

"Yep. It'll be done soon."

"Good. I'll get a cup after I get out of the bathroom. I gotta take a wicked piss first."

She trodded into the bathroom and relieved herself. She came out a little more awake than when she went in. She sat at the table and put her feet in front of her on the chair, then untied the knot in my Tshirt and pulled it down over her folded legs for warmth.

I asked her "Are you sure it doesn't get too warm in here at night? It seems like you get too warm when you're sleeping."

"No, I'm okay. I do that sometimes. One minute I'll be cold, the next I'll feel hot. The temperature is fine. I think my body's thermostat is broke or something. Sometimes I'll go to bed wearing pajamas and the next morning I'll be completely naked where I take off my clothes in my sleep. You ever do that in your sleep?"

"I can't say that I have unless a cute girl I'm with had a hand in taking them off of me." I joked.

"Does that happen a lot, some cute girl takes off your clothes in the middle of the night?" she asked curiously.

"Not as often as I'd like it to, I'm afraid." I shot back at her grinning.

The coffee finished it's cycle, so I poured us both a cup and sat down with her at the table to drink it. I slid the bowl of sugar and the creamer in her direction since I usually drink mine black. She doctored her cup and stirred it until she was happy with the sweet taste. She held it in both hands to warm them.

I said "Just make sure you don't spill that on your shirt. That would be painful."

I said it to make polite conversation, then realized I shouldn't have. I didn't want to remind her of the bathroom last night, but it was too late. I had already said it. But she still gave no indication of seeing me staring at her naked.

Instead, she joked back at me and said "Yeah, that would really hurt my boobies."

I kept quiet after that. We both sat there silently and stared out of the window above the kitchen table enjoying our cups of coffee. I decided to leave a little early for work this morning because it had snowed during the night and covered all the cars with a couple of inches. About 9 o'clock, I put on my coat and grabbed the Dollar Store broom in the corner of the kitchen to sweep the snow off my car.

Christy came up to me and held her hand out. "Don't forget your cell phone, Uncle John." She handed me the phone, then hugged me tightly.

As I left the apartment with broom in hand, I said "Don't forget, we're having pizza tonight."

"Looking forward to it. Oh, can we get a Supreme? I love black olives." she asked.

"Sure thing, hon. I'll see you tonight."

"Have a safe day at work." she said smiling.

I swept the snow from my car, threw the broom in the back seat, and headed off to work. The day was uneventful as usual. When lunch came around, I bought something from the vending machines and sat in the corner with my back to the wall. I didn't want anyone at work to see me looking at the naughty pictures on my phone this time.

I pulled up the folder that had the pictures in it and opened it. Down at the bottom of the list were the new ones I had taken of Christy this morning. I slid my thumb across the screen and scrolled through them. That was one thing I liked about my Android phone. It took really high resolution images. I zoomed in on her midsection and could see her cameltoe just as plainly as I had when I was standing over her taking the dastardly pictures. Her puffy lips were outlined perfectly through the thin cloth of her tight panties.

When I got to the point it should have shown the picture I took of her bare ass cheek the morning before, I was startled to see a different image in it's place. It was of Christy, but it wasn't the picture I had taken of her. Instead, it was a selfshot of her holding the camera at arms length. She was wearing only her underwear in the picture just like when she was washing the soda off of her, but this one was in the kitchen where I had left my phone laying while I showered. It showed her entire front from the top of her head to the middle of her thighs. She was completely topless and had the front of her panties pulled down just enough in the front to show half of her thin pubic hair at the top of them. One of her hands was cupped under her left breast and she was jutting out her tongue at the nipple sensually.

So she HAD caught me peeping at her last night and this was her way of letting me know it. I got a little nervous and sweaty now that I knew she had definitely seen me looking at her nude. But why the deception and teasing? If she was offended, why didn't she act like it? And what was the deal with the tempting picture she took of herself. If a woman I was dating had sent me a picture like this, it would have meant she wanted to fuck. But this was my own niece Christy taking sultry pics of herself to tease me. Did I show her too much attention and made her react to me this way?

I got my answer in the next file in my phone. I scrolled through them one at a time. The next image showed Christy aiming the cell phone at her half-pantied ass. She had slid them down below the cheeks, but still kept them on. The next picture showed her front from her belly button up. Her perfect breasts jutted out firmly from her chest. A third image was zoomed in on just her perky breasts. Her free hand was softly pinching one of her stiffened nipples. The fourth picture actually showed her holding a breast up in her hand and the the tip of her slender tongue extended toward it touching against the pointed teat enticingly.

I didn't know what to make of it. She was my niece after all. Surely she didn't have erotic thoughts about her own uncle. But then again, I wasn't supposed to be having lewd thoughts of my own niece, either, no matter how hott and tempting she was. It was really confusing.

I was afraid to scroll through any more pictures out of fear of what I'd find, but decided to anyway. I rubbed my thumb across the screen to the next picture. This one showed Christy standing completely naked in the kitchen with her hand discreetly over her slit. For the next picture, she must have set the timer on it because the phone was on the table out of her hand. She was still completely naked and standing in front of the camera with her back turned and her face looking over her shoulder. She had a hand resting on each ass cheek artistically displaying her bare ass.

The next image was nearly the same except this time she jutted out her ass to the camera, and her hands were digging into the soft flesh pulling upward on both cheeks. Zooming in revealed her tiny little wrinkled butthole clearly visible in the shot. She was smiling seductively at the camera.

I slid my thumb across the screen to see what was next. Instead of a still image, it was a video file. The sample thumb image showed Christy standing topless in the kitchen. Reluctantly, I pressed the PLAY button.

Christy was in the kitchen adjusting the phone on the table for the right angle. When she was satisfied with it's position, she started speaking to it. I turned the phone down to it's lowest level so the people sitting around me couldn't hear the video.

She started out by saying to the camera "Uncle John, I just wanted to let you know that I saw you looking at me in the bathroom last night, but it's okay. I'm not going to say anything to Mom or Dad about it. It actually made me feel really sexy that you wanted to look at me naked like that. I liked it a lot. I also found the picture you took of my ass hanging out of my panties while I was asleep. I got the urge to call Mom and tell her 'Hi' when you went into the shower, but then I got curious and looked through the pictures you had saved on your phone instead. It surprised me to see my own ass in there."

"I'm not mad or offended or anything that you took the picture. I'm flattered that you liked my ass enough to take a picture of it. That was when I decided to tease you and see if you really would peek at me. I spilled the Coke on my shirt on purpose so it would give me a reason to come into the bathroom while you were in there. When I saw you peeking at me around the curtain in the mirror, I figured I'd give you a good show. I hope you liked what you saw. I know I liked showing it to you. It turned me on seeing you act like a perv."

"Uncle John, I hope you like the pictures I took with your camera. If you'd like some better shots of me, just ask when you get home. I'll be glad to show you more. I know it's wrong for relatives to behave like this, but it turned me on so much seeing you enjoy my body that I want *you* to take some pictures of me this time. I'd like that a lot. I'm pretty sure you'd like to do it, too. I'm open to suggestions."

It was about then that I heard my bedroom door close in the background. Christy nervously turned and peeked around the corner down the hallway. I knew it was when I sneaked into the bedroom after my shower last night.

"See you when you get home." she said abruptly, then reached down and stopped the video. The screen went dark and the sample thumb reappeared.

There wasn't any doubt now. She had seen me watching her wash off. I faced this with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, she knows I'm a pervert that likes to peek on young half naked girls. But on the other hand, did she not just say it was a thrill for her and that she wanted me to take some more nude pictures of her? If she wasn't my own niece, I know what my answer would be. The age of consent is 15 in our state, so there's nothing legally preventing me from doing what she wants. There was a morality issue here, though, since she was my sister's daughter.

The buzzer went of signalling the end of the lunch period, so I tucked the phone into my pocket and headed back out to the production line. I had about 5 hours to ponder all of my options before I got home.

After work, I went ahead and stuck to the planned schedule. I stopped off at the grocery store to pick up some food. I called Pizza Hut out in the parking lot so the pizza would be ready when I emerged from the store. I timed it perfectly. The pizza was just coming out of the oven when I walked into the restaurant. I tossed it into the car and drove home. I still hadn't decided what to do about Christy. I was just going to wing it and see how the night progressed after dinner.

I managed to tote everything in one haul to the elevator and the apartment without dropping anything. I tapped the door with my usual call sign and Christy opened the door for me since my hands were full. She was wearing the over sized night shirt that she took off last night. She must have washed clothes while i was at work because it was clean and dryer sheet fresh today.

I sat the pizza down on the table and began putting the groceries away. Once that was finished, I took off my coat and hung it up. Christy seemed a little giddy to see me. She was hovering over the table in anticipation.

"Mmmmmm, I've been thinking about this pizza all day long." she said inhaling the warm aromatic steam eminating from the cardboard box.

Christy retrieved a couple of plates from the cupboard for us and some paper napkins. She opened the box and sat a couple of slices of pizza on each plate, then handed me one of them.

"Thank you, hon." I said appreciatively with a smile.

"You're welcome, Uncle John." she replied with a nice grin. She grabbed a couple of canned drinks from the refridgerator for us, then followed me to the couch where I planned on eating. I sat down on the sofa first. Christy sat down next to me, but not right up against me.

The whole time we were watching TV and eating, we barely said a word to each other. I did catch her stealing little glances at me out of the corner of my eye as if she was waiting for me to say something about the pictures on my phone. It was bothering her that I wasn't reacting to them right away. I think she expected me to throw the food on the floor when I came in and immediately start taking the pictures she asked me for. The wait was killing her. She was fidgeting around where she sat, anxiously waiting for me to say something.

When I didn't acknowledge the situation, she frustratingly asked "How did everything go at work today, Uncle John? Anything interesting happen?"

"No, not really. Was it supposed to?" I replied, still not admitting to my sins.

She grunted unapprovingly. "I mean, did you happen to find anything odd or unusual today?"

I decided to relieve her anxiety. I teasingly replied "Well, I did happen to find a strange picture on my phone while I was eating lunch at work. It kinda looked like a naked girl, but it was really blurry and I couldn't tell who it was. The part I could see looked pretty good, though."

"Wh-what do you mean it was blurry?" she asked disbelievingly. "Where is your phone?"

I leaned to the side and said "It's in my pocket here.", pointing to it.

Christy reached her slim hand down into my pocket and retrieved the cell phone. She hurriedly started pushing buttons on the screen to pull up the Photo Gallery. She whisked her fingertip across the touch screen to scroll through the folder until she found the pictures she had taken of herself.

When she saw that they were perfectly clear and not blurry like I said they were, she grunted.

"Huh? There's nothing wrong with...... Oh, now I get it." she said giving me the evil eye. "You were teasing me, Uncle John."

I laughed. "Yeah.... yeah I was."

She punched me in the arm and said "You dirty trickster. Why did you do it?"

"I wanted to clear the air about everything that happened yesterday before anything else happens."

"There's nothing to clear up, really." she calmly stated. "You liked looking at my body and I liked you looking at me naked. Doesn't that just about sum it all up?"

"What I mean is this is some taboo stuff. I apologize for letting my male urges get the best of me and for peeking at you while you washed off. But you also spilled the cola on your shirt to tempt me into looking at you. Normal families don't behave that way."

She got up on her knees next to me on the sofa facing me. She said "I know what I'm asking you to do is very naughty. Like I said, I'll never tell Mom or Dad or Grandma and Grandpa about you looking at me. It made me feel special and sexy thinking you liked me."

"I do like you. In fact I love you..... as a niece. I'm not really sure we should go any farther with this, though. People tend to think badly on relatives who do what you're proposing I do with you."

She reiterated "I know, I know. It's dirty and naughty. But I'll never tell anyone... ever! I really want you to take some pictures of me, Uncle John. I want you to look at me like you did in the shower."

I hesitated. "I....I don't know, hon."

Christy insisted. "Uncle John, does this convince you that I'm being serious?"

With that, she reached down to the bottom hem of her night shirt and pulled the garment off over her head. She was now sitting on her calves beside me wearing nothing but that skimpy lace thong I saw in her clothing cache, the one that was barely bigger than an eyepatch and was nearly transparent. She leaned back on her arms so I could see her entire front.

"Uncle John, can you look at me and truthfully say you DON'T want to take pictures of me?" she said seductively.

I stuttered, not expecting her to pull a stunt like that. "I..... I don't...... we shouldn't....."

She grinned and said "I think we should."

Christy leaned forward and grabbed one of my wrists. She planted my open palm right upon her luscious tit and moved it around slowly until I took over for her. The feel of the soft mammary in my hand was terrific. I fondled and squeezed her pointed breast lovingly as she raised the other tit to her mouth and gently licked on her stiffened nipple.

She looked up at me and asked "Are you satisfied now, Uncle John? Do you still think I'm not serious?"

I let my animalistic urges take over for me. I pulled her by the arm and made her straddle my lap facing me. I cupped her pretty face and pulled it toward mine. I opened my mouth and pressed my lips against hers. She closed her eyes and did likewise. Our tongues met in the middle and started winding around on each other lustfully. My hands migrated down the back of her smooth body and cradled her round cheeks. I held her firmly against me as we french kissed wildly. Her hands held my face still as she drove her writhing tongue down into my mouth hungrily.

We broke our kiss to get a breath of air. She grinned at me excited and told me "That's the first time I've ever french kissed a guy. That was wild!"

Gasping, I said "Yeah, it was really nice, wasn't it?"

She coyly looked down at her naked body and asked "Uncle John, are you gonna fuck me after we take the pictures?"

I looked her in the eye and replied "I'm not going to do anything that you don't want done to you."

She smiled and kissed me a couple of times, then said to me "I think I want you to."

When I squeezed her soft ass, she moaned softly and looked at me lustfully. "Mmmmmm, I like when you play with my ass, Uncle John. Do it some more."

I rubbed my hands all around on her rounded ass cheeks, kneading them like dough as I went along. She leaned backward against my grasp and pressed her buttocks into my palms.

"Do you like playing with my ass, Uncle John?"

I mumbled "Uhnn-huhn!"

"Why don't I get your camera and you can take pictures of it?"

"Sounds good, Christy. It's on my dresser."

She climbed off of my lap and scurried away to my bedroom. She returned with my digital camera and turned it on, setting it to Stabilize Mode to help keep the pictures from turning out fuzzy from movement. She handed me the camera and pulled me by the arm to make me stand up in front of the sofa.

She said "Lets take some pictures on the couch first.", assuming control of the poses. "First I want you to take pictures of my front."

She stood in front of the couch and struck a pose with her arms out. I snapped the button and took a few shots.

"Now take some pictures of me playing with my tits." she said.

Her hands went up to her chest and she held a breast in each one like she was offering them to me. As I continued shooting her, she playfully lifted each one up to her lips and licked on the hard nipples sticking out from each one. She even managed to lift them up far enough to wrap her soft lips around them and suckle them gently. I took a LOT of pictures of her doing that.

"You look so sexy when you suck your own titties like that, hon." I told her to build up her confidence. She smiled appreciatively for it.

"Now lets get some pictures of my nice ass, okay?" she said excitedly.

Christy turned around and jutted out her rounded ass at me. She put her hands under her ass cheeks and lifted them with her fingers, making them jiggle.

"Do you like my ass too, Uncle Jake? Oh, I forgot, you do like my ass. You took a picture of it while I was asleep, you dirty boy." she said and laughed.

"It's hard not to appreciate it. It looks so great on you, especially with that tiny thong on."

"I thought you would like that thong." she remarked. "I'll bet you like seeing girl's assholes, too, don't you, Uncle John?"

I nodded and said "I like to see everything on a woman. Everything."

"Then keep taking pictures and we'll see if we can coax him out for you again." she said coyly.

Christy did a little dance in place, shaking her ass around like a stripper. Every now and then she would reach behind her and grasp her ass cheeks firmly. I kept taking picture after picture of her amazing body as she wiggled and danced around for me. Finally, she spread her legs apart slightly and leaned forward on the couch. With one hand, she reached back to her thong and pulled the skinny strap to the side so I could see her little wrinkled asshole clearly. My finger was clicking the shutter so quickly that the camera had a hard time keeping up with it.

"There you go, Uncle John. You wanted to see my asshole. You like it?"

I was zooming right in on it now, taking loads of close-ups of the little brown sphincter.

I said "I think it's the most beautiful asshole I've ever seen, baby."

She let go of the thong strap and started rubbing her middle finger up and down on the outside of her asshole, tempting me terribly.

"I like rubbing my butthole for you, Uncle John. Would you like to rub it for a minute for me?" she offered.

I didn't have to be asked twice. I sat the camera down and knelt behind her. I reached out with my extended finger and touched her anus. When she felt contact, she moaned again.

"Mmmmmm, play with my asshole, Uncle John. That feels good." she insisted.

I spit on her anus and rubbed the slippery saliva around on the clenched opening with my flat thumb. She just stood there and let me play with it. She was looking back at me to see my reaction. I didn't try to invade it like I normally would with any other girl. I just massaged the outside of the opening slowly and carefully.

She smiled and said "That is so nice. So much nicer than when I rubbed it."

I continued massaging her anus for a minute or so. I was also staring at the puffy folds of her pussy pressing against the thin fabric of her thong. They were only an inch away from her asshole. But when I tried to move my thumb down to her slit, she suddenly stood back up and faced me.

"I think it's time I get to see you, Uncle John. I want to see *you* naked now." she ordered.

By now I was sporting a massive erection over her teasing. I wasn't afraid to let her see me naked, but I was a little hesitant at first because I had just come in from working and hadn't showered yet. I didn't want things to go badly for lack of a simple shower.

I stood up and told her "Hon, before we go any further, I think I need to take a quick shower. I'm all grimy from work and everything."

She smiled broadly and said "I'd like that, Uncle John. I'd like to watch you take a shower, just like you did to me last night when I washed up."

I blushed when she reminded me of my indiscretional peeping, but she was right. It was only fair after what I'd done to her.

"Okay then. Lets head to the bathroom, shall we?"

I grabbed the camera from the coffee table. My niece grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. Once in there, she unbuckled my belt and undid my button and fly, causing my pants to drop to the floor. She easily slid my boxers down to join my pants. My hard cock was standing straight out from my body like a horizontal flagpole.

She stared at it amazed. "Wow! Did I do that to you, Uncle John?"

"You certainly did, you dirty little girl. You made your dirty uncle's dick hard teasing me like you did."

Without asking permission, she reached out and touched the head of my cock curiously.

"Oh my god! It's so big!" she said as she studied it interestingly. She pushed down on the shaft and thought it was amazing when it sprung back up again. "I've never seen one this close before, just in pictures. Look how hard it is."

I assured her "Once I get him cleaned up, you can study him all you want to."

I adjusted the water in the shower until it felt about 100 degrees. I pulled off my Tshirt and slung it into the floor on top of my other garments, then stepped over into the bathtub. When I reached up to close the curtain, Christy would only let me close it half way.

"No, Uncle John. Keep it open a little. I want to stare at you like you did me last night.". She had a shit eating grin on her face.

"O-Okay then, hon. Have it your way."

I left the curtain half open for her and she sat down on the edge of the tub in the gap so she could see everything I did. I squeezed out some shampoo into my hand and worked it into my wet hair and all over my face. I felt her hand trailing around on my ass cheek from behind as I washed my hair.

"You have a really nice ass, Uncle John." she said as she rubbed her wet hand on my ass cheeks.

I rinsed the shampoo from my hair and face so I could open my eyes again, then proceeded to wash the rest of my body. I did my chest and back myself, but when it came time to wash the middle, Christy spoke up.

"I want to wash the good stuff for you." she said with a wide grin.

I kidded her and said "Don't wash the hard part for too long. It might go off in your hand."

"I'll be careful, Uncle John." she replied, giggling.

I handed her the soap and the wash rag. She wet both and rubbed them together until she had worked up a lot of lather on the rag.

"You want to wash the back or the front first?" I asked her.

"I thing I'll start with your butt and work my way around." she said merrily.

I stood in front of her and turned me back to her. I put a hand on the grab bar in the back of the tub to steady myself. She placed the soapy rag on my ass and started working it around slowly, first on one cheek and then the other. Then she turned her hand vertical and pushed the rag up between my ass cheeks to wash my crack and asshole.

I leaned forward a little and said "I want to to play with my asshole like I did yours earlier."

She looked at me funny and said "Um, Uncle John, you're not gay or anything, are you?"

I replied "No, hon, I'm not gay. But it doesn't mean it doesn't feel good when a woman rubs your asshole for you."

Reluctantly, she complied. She sat the washrag down on the edge of the tub and rubbed her soapy thumb up and down against my asshole. It felt great. To encourage her, I talked a litle dirty to her.

"Mmmmm, yeah..... like that, hon. I love feeling your thumb on my asshole. Rub my dirty asshole, you dirty litle girl. How does your uncle's asshole feel, Christy?"

She muttered "I dunno. It feels.... kinda weird playing with a man's asshole like this."

"You're doing just fine, little girl. Keep going.... Uhnnnnnn, yeah..... keep rubbing it for me. Uhnnnnnn....."

I looked back at her. She was biting her lip erroneously as she played with my anus steadily. I think she was starting to get into the kinkiness of the act. After a minute or so, I pulled away from her hand and turned around, facing her.

"Okay, now it's time to wash the front." I said affirmatively.

My erection was hovering right in front of her face. She seemed eager to wash it for me. She relathered the washrag and proceeded to scrub my hard cock with it. She gripped the shaft tightly with her hand as she worked the rag back and forth slowly. She would glance up at me every now and then to make sure I was watching her.

"You have a really nice dick, Uncle John. It's huge! I can't even get my hand closed around it."

I put my hand around hers and quickened her pace on my hard cock.

"If you're gonna wash a man's dick for him, don't be afraid of it. Just do what comes naturally. I guarantee he'll like any attention you give it."

I let her hand go and she started scrubbing my cock more vigorously on her own. She was jacking the loose foreskin back and forth swiftly with the washrag. She studied my dick very curiously as she jacked me off, looking at all the veins and the urethral bulge along the underside.

"Look at my fat dick, little girl." I told her. "Does it feel strange to you, holding your dirty uncle's dick in your hand?"

She looked up at me and said, lustfully "I love your big dick, Uncle John. I love it a LOT! I can't believe I'm playing with my own uncle's dick."

"Oh, you're gonna do more than just play with it before the night is done, little girl. Your naughty uncle is going to make you suck it and he's gonna fuck that sweet little pussy of yours with it. How does that sound to you, little horny girl? You gonna let your perverted uncle fuck that tight pussy of yours tonight? You gonna suck his dirty dick for him?"

My vulgar talk was beginning to thrill her immensely. I could see her pussy dripping between her spread thighs. Her expression was morphing into one of lust and deviancy.

She moaned aloud "Oh fuck, I want your big dick so bad, Uncle John. This is so wrong, but I want it so badly! I want my uncle to fuck me so bad. I'm a dirty girl who wants to taste my uncle's fat dick. I want it in my wet pussy so badly, Uncle John. I want to be fucked so badly."

She was looking up at me with a horny, yearning gleam in her eye. Her free hand was rubbing the outside of her puffy gash vigorously from the mere thought of me fucking her tonight. I grabbed her hand and made her stand up. I told her to get rid of that thong, which she obediently did. Then I led her into the bathtub between me and the water spray. Her sultry body and long hair were soaked quickly.

I said "I think it's my turn to wash that hott little body of yours now."

She gleamed with happy anticipation. I made her face the shower head. I soaped up my hands thoroughly. As I massaged the soap into her soft teats from behind, I gently breathed and kissed upon the nape of her neck. She got goose bumps from it, but didn't tell me to stop doing it. I scrubbed her pointed tits robustly with both hands. I rubbed her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers, which made her breathing become deeper.

I pulled her naked, wet body back against mine so I could apply more pressure against her supple skin without knocking her down. My stiff cock was wedged in between our dripping bodies. I lowered my hands and scrubbed her flat belly and her sides, then pushed them down to her pubic bone. I ran my fingers through the light tuft of pubic hair above her slit. She let out a passionate moan when I touched her there.

I whispered to her "Does that feel good, having your dirty uncle touch your pussy like that, little girl?"

She gasped and replied anxiously "Oh shit, yeah! I fucking love it, Uncle John."

I rubbed my fingertips against the top of her sensitive gash and her egs got a little weak. I had to brace her against me to keep her from falling. I felt her pussy suddenly get very slippery as well.

"Did you just get off from me touching your little pussy, Christy? Did your naughty pussy just cumm when I touched it, you dirty little girl?"

She moaned breathlessly "Y-Yes, Uncle John..... Oh my fucking GOD! I just cummed on myself."

"That's what I thought. You're such a horny, dirty little girl. You got off from letting your dirty uncle play with your dirty little pussy, didn't you?"

"Y-Yes, Uncle John, I did." she gasped as her strength returned and she could support herself again.

I whispered in her ear "Does it turn you on more to have your pussy played with by your perverted uncle, someone related to you? It's okay. You can admit it to me, hon."

I rubbed my fingers against her soaked pussy lips rapidly as I asked her the deviant question to drive home the point. She gnawed her bottom lip and groaned loudly. "NNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!"

Her narrow hips undulated against my hand as I shook it back and forth against her sensitive labia lips and the top of her swollen clit bump rapidly. Finally, she confessed.

"Uhnnnnnggghhhh....... YES! Yes, Uncle John! I am so horny right now and it's because you're my uncle. I feel so dirty for wanting to fuck you, but I want you to fuck me so bad, Uncle John. I want my fucking uncle to fuck my tight pussy and I'm not ashamed to admit it."

I smiled for having corrupted the poor naive girl, especially one that is related to me.

"Then I guess I can admit I'm a dirty uncle because knowing you're my niece turns me on a lot, too. I've wanted to fuck that sweet pussy of yours ever since I saw your ass hanging out of your panties the other night. I just didn't want to get into trouble for thinking about you like that."

She turned around to face me as the warm water sprayed down upon the both of us. My stiff cock wedged between our bellies snugly. She wrapped her slender arms around my neck and looked lovingly into my eyes. I cupped her ass cheeks again with my hands and pulled her closer to me so I could feel my hard dick rub against her taut, flat stomach.

"I've wanted to fuck you ever since I heard Mom and Marilyn talk about how much of a stud you are, Uncle John." she admitted to me. "I've heard them talk about all the women you've had sex with and I wanted to see how good you fucked. Are you ashamed of me for having nasty thoughts about you?"

I eased her mind. "No way, hon. I feel lucky to have a girl as pretty and hott as you want your ol' uncle."

"You really think I'm that hott?" she asked shyly.

"I do, baby. I really do. I think I was attracted to you, too, when I saw how hott you were at your house. You've turned out to be a beautiful girl. I just couldn't help myself when I saw your cute ass hanging out the other night. I just had to take a picture of it to remember you by."

"You're really sweet, Uncle John." she said thankfully for my compliment. "I'm so glad I decided to let you fuck me. I wanted my first time to be with someone who cares about me and loves me."

I was pleasantly surprised. "Y-Your first time? You mean you're a VIRGIN? Wow."

She smiled and said "Well, technically it's my first time with another person. I've played with myself with Sharpie markers and hairbrush handles in my bedroom before. It's just the first time I've had a dick inside me."

I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to deflower a virgin before. I told her "I feel honored that you want me to be your first lover, hon. It's a real privilege. I hope I don't disappoint you. But I do have to warn you. I have a tendency to talk kinda dirty to my lovers. Most of them say it's a real turn on when the sex gets a little naughty. Are you still wanting this to happen, knowing your perverted uncle is a bit of a freak in bed?"

She smiled devilishly and looked me directly in the eye. "I like it a little dirty, too, Uncle John. Why do you think I'm so turned on right now. I'm about to have someone in my family fuck me. The thought of incest makes me hornier."

"Okay then, here we go. Lets get this thing started."

I leaned back against the rear wall of the shower enclosure. My hands dug into the soft flesh of her ass and raised her naked wet body up so we could be face to face. We french kissed each other deeply and passionately for awhile, then I told her "Hold still, little girl. Here's some of the dirty stuff I warned you about."

With my cock wedged firmly between our bellies, I grunted and tightened my abdomen. It took her a moment to realize what I was attempting, but when she felt the warmer 98 degree liquid start spraying against the front of her body, she caught on to what I was doing. When my warm urine touched her skin, she started squirming in an attempt to escape my embrace. She managed to slip free and get on her feet. I stopped pissing and held it in.

She made a weird face and exclaimed "Ewwww, Uncle John! You're pissing on me!"

"I told you I get a little nasty sometimes. Just hold still and feel the warmth of the piss run down your naked body, Christy."

She looked at me reluctantly, not knowing if she should do it or not. I didn't wait for her consent. I pushed her up into the corner where she couldn't get away, braced one arm over her shoulder beside her neck, gripped my hard dick with the other hand, and pushed with my abdominals again. Out shot a steady stream of piss that landed right above her navel. She didn't struggle to get away this time, though. She merely turned her head and snurled her nose as the smelly fluid struck her bare skin and splattered on her belly. I sprayed her belly, then gradually aimed higher to spray my piss on her heaving tits.

I said to her "Doesn't my nasty warm piss feel good on your nice tits, baby?". I grabbed her small hand and rubbed it all over her soft breasts as I unloaded my smelly pee all over them. "Rub that nasty piss all over those nice titties, little girl." I ordered.

Sheepishly, she obeyed and raised her other hand to her chest as well. She wiped the warm urine into the smooth skin of her B-cup tits.

"Uncle John..... I'm not sure about this...." she whispered shyly, but never stopped rubbing her tits.

I cut off the stream again. "You still want to get fucked tonight, don't you?" I asked authoritatively.

"Y-yes, Uncle John. I want you to fuck me." she replied, almost begging.

"Like I said, don't think of it as piss, horny girl. Just feel the warmth of it on your skin and enjoy it."

She continued to rub her wet, pissy breasts as I pushed out some more urine onto them. Then I aimed down and made the stream hit against her trimmed pussy.

"Rub your pissy tits with one hand and your pissy pussy with the other one." I commanded.

Slowly she eased her left hand down to her pubic bone and rubbed her labia lips steadily while I continued peeing on her groin.

She remarked "This is so nasty, Uncle John. I've never done anything like this before."

"That's what makes this so exciting, doing something nasty like pissing on someone. Doesn't it feel good to your pussy when you can't hold it in anymore and you finally get to pee?" I reminded her.

"I... I guess it does." she humbly replied.

"That's what it feels like for me, too. But it's okay to get a little dirty like this during sex. It washes off easily. Keep rubbing your pussy like that. It looks so hott."

I alternated between pissing on the hand on her tits and the one rubbing her pussy until my bladder finally emptied completely.

"There, all done, dirty girl. I'm all out of piss. Now you try it."

"Try what?" she asked, confused by my request.

"I want you to piss on my hand while I rub your wet pussy, little girl."

I replaced her hand with my own on her puffy gash. I rubbed her clit frantically with the tips of my fingers to entice her into peeing for me.

"Give me that nasty piss inside you, little horny girl. Get dirty for your Uncle John. Piss for me. Come on." I insisted.

Reluctantly, she let her guard down and relaxed. She spread her legs a little, groaned, and out seeped a thin trickle of warm pee onto my fluttering hand. I grinned at her happy that she was getting into the moment a little.

"Ahhh, there it is. I knew you could do it, horny girl. Doesn't it feel nice and warm on your pussy?"

"Yeah." she grunted while pushing. "It does feel kinda kinky.". She smiled impishly as she felt the pee run down her legs.

I placed the head of my dick between her spread thighs and let the piss splash down onto it. She watched me very intently, grinning slyly as I rubbed the head of my dick against her dripping slit.

"See?" I said. "Your dirty uncle isn't afraid of getting a little piss on him."

I pressed the tapered head further up into her puffy labia lips. She moaned softly as it rubbed against the pink flesh of her vaginal opening and clit. Her hand reached over mine and pulled my dick up against her gash more firmly.

She giggled. "I'm pissing all over your dick, Uncle John. That's so nasty, making me pee all over your big dick like that."

Christy held my hand still, then hunched her hips forward slightly, grinding her wet slit against the head of my hard cock. She rubbed my dick all over her pissy cunt obscenely.

"I feel like a dirty girl, Uncle John. I'm playing with my pussy with my uncle's big dick and I love it!" she proclaimed sensually.

"You are a dirty little girl, hon. You're a dirty little niece who likes incest. I like it when you act like a little slut for me."

She stopped moving and denounced my calling her a slut.

"Hey now, I'm not a fucking slut, Uncle John!" she argued.

"I didn't call you a slut. I said I liked it when you acted slutty with me. I love it when a girl isn't afraid to let herself go and act out her dirty urges with me. I think you like being a little slutty, don't you? You're pissing on my dick and you like it."

"Yeah, I suppose. It does feel nice and kinky." she said grinning.

I rubbed my cock against her immature gash and said "I can tell you like to pretend to be slutty. Your pussy is so wet and sticky right now. I feel your juiciness on the end of my fucking dick. You've cummed at least twice since we started this."

She blushed. "Three times actually." she admitted.

"See, that's why it's so nice to act a little slutty sometimes. It makes the sex more intense and pleasurable for everyone involved. The dirty talk, calling each other naughty names, doing nasty stuff like pee play. You're having fun with me so far, aren't you, little girl? Your wet pussy says you are."

"Yeah!" she confirmed. "I love what you're doing to me, Uncle John. We're behaving so dirty and depraved, but I'm so turned on from it, too."

"That's because good uncles don't rub their fat cocks against their little niece's pussies. And good little nieces don't piss on their uncle's dicks while they're doing it."

She smiled with a sultry gleam and said "Then I'm a very dirty, naughty niece, because I love to do incest with my perverted uncle."

Her urine had long since ran out. I pulled my dick from between her slim thighs and held it out to her.

"Now get on your knees and suck your uncle's dirty cock, little fuck girl."

She fell to her knees in front of me and grabbed my dick with both hands. I leaned forward a little and pushed the head of my veiny dick against her soft lips. Being inexperienced at blowjobs, her first attempt to suck it were clownish at best. She opened her mouth and let me put the head of it inside, but she let it go in too far and she gagged on it.

"You have to take it slow until you get used to it. Just suck on the end of it first, then put your mouth over more of it a little at a time."

"Okay, Uncle John. I'll try."

Christy wrapped her luscious lips around my hard cock and inhaled deeply. I put my hands on top of her head and bobbed it back and forth on my erection a couple of inches until she got the hang of it.

"Lick your tongue on the end of it like an ice cream. Guys love it when you lick their dicks for them."

She held my cock tightly with both hands and sucked on the bulbous head hungrily. She made moaning, slurping noises as she gobbled my dick happily. Her small tongue darted around the fleshy tip and onto the hole in the end of it. For her first time, she was doing it quite well. The longer she sucked me, the better it felt.

I looked down at her and said "Holy shit, baby, you're gonna make me cumm like that."

She pulled my dick from her mouth and looked up at me, concerned. "Should I stop doing it. Uncle John?"

I smiled and said "No way. You're doing it great, hon. Keep it up. Keep sucking my dick, little girl. It feels amazing."

She grinned satisfactorily to my encouragement. She put the head of my dick back in her mouth and inhaled deeply. Her tongue lapped at the glans head feverishly. As she suckled my hard dick for me, I offered her more instruction on proper technique.

"Try to move your head more. Take in as much of my dick as you can without choking on it."

She glanced up and nodded. She pushed her head forward until she had about 4 inches of it in her mouth.

"Now put your hand on that spot." I told her. She gripped my cock tightly at the spot where her lips were touching it. I put my hands on each side of her head and said to her "Just keep sucking and licking it."

She looked naively confused but kept blowing me. I eased my hips back until her lips touched the flared flesh under the head of my dick, then pushed them forward again until her hand met her lips. I held her head still and fucked her mouth steadily like a pussy. Once she realized what I was doing to her, she relaxed and started licking and sucking me that much harder. I didn't try to force her to take in more than the 4 inches she could handle, which made her more compliant to pleasing me.

I fucked her face rhythmically for a few minutes until I felt my balls trying to pump her face full of incestuous man-seed, so I stopped and pulled my dick from her mouth.

"Holy shit, you... you almost made me cumm in your mouth, my little slutty girl. Your lips are way too powerful."

"I tried to do a good job for you, Uncle John." she assured me. "Now are you gonna fuck me?"

I took her hand and helped her to her feet. I told her "Not just yet. First we need to get dried off and do something else."

I stepped out of the bathtub and grabbed a towel from the shelf. Christy turned off the water. I tossed her a towel as well. Once dry, I led her to my bedroom.

"Climb up on the bed. I'll be right back." I said.

She didn't hesitate. She hopped up on the bed eagerly. I went into the kitchen and got one of the narrow 7 inch cucumbers I bought at the grocery store tonight. It was about an inch thick. I also retrieved the small tube of K-Y gel I bought there, too. When I layed both of them on the conveyor belt at the store, the cashier gave me a funny look as though she knew what I intended to use them for.

I grabbed the digital camera before entering the bedroom. Christy looked a little anxious when I sat everything on the night stand beside the bed.

"Wh-what are those for, Uncle John?" she nervously asked.

I said "Don't worry, it'll feel really good. Trust me."

"Is that some more of the kinky stuff you said you liked to do to women, like the pissing?"

"I wouldn't really call it 'kinky'. The piss play was kinky. I'd call it more 'naughty' than anything."

She accepted my description and seemed less tense now. I grabbed my video camera and set it on the dresser near the corner of the bed so it would capture all the action at a 45 degree angle.

She asked "Are you going to tape it when you fuck me?"

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna get every sexy minute of action. It's something I like to do sometimes when I have sex with a beautiful girl. That way I can watch it over and over and remember what we did together. You don't mind me taping you getting fucked, do you?"

"No, I guess not. You can make a video of us fucking, Uncle John. That's kinda kinky though."

"Kinky bad or kinky good?" I asked.

"I think kinky good." she said grinning slyly.

"I figured you like it. Now it's time we get some more pictures of you and your amazing body." I grabbed the digital camera from the night stand and said "Lets get some sexy shots of you before the fucking begins. Give me some sexy poses on the bed."

My niece layed out on the bed and posed much like I had seen the models do in Playboy magazine. I snapped off about 30 artistic pictures of her with the digital camera, but I wanted more.

I said "Now I want you to think like a porn star. Give your uncle some really dirty poses."

She didn't fully comprehend my request at first. "How do you mean, 'dirty'?" she asked.

"I mean I want you to show more of your lovely body to the camera. Act really slutty for the camera, hon. Show us that nice pussy and asshole of yours."

She got the idea. Christy got on all fours and aimed her ass at me. "Like this, Uncle John?" she asked, shaking her perfect derriere at me playfully. "Can you see my asshole now?"

"I can see it perfectly, dirty girl." I snapped about 10 shots of it, mostly close ups. "Now rub your asshole for me with your finger." I suggested.

She flirtatiously reached behind her body and lowered her extended middle finger down to her wrinkled anus. She rubbed all around the outside of her asshole like she was studying the ridges with her finger.

"Like this, Uncle John?" she asked grinning.

"Ju-u-ust like that. Perfect!" I told her. "Tell me what it feels like when you play with your asshole, baby."

She said "It tickles and feels good at the same time. It's weird. I've never played with my asshole before tonight. Just my pussy."

"I'll bet when you play with yourself next time at home, you'll play with your asshole, too, won't you?"

"Yeah, I think I will. It's kinda nasty but it feels good when I do it."

I took about 10 pictures of her stimulating her anus. Then I told her "Now I want you to stick your finger in your asshole a little."

"Ewwwww, that's too nasty, Uncle John." she bemoaned.

"Not if you just stick it in a little way. Just finger your ass about an inch deep. I'm telling you, the women I date do it all the time to themselves. Try it."

"But.... but Uncle John, I poop from there." she tried to argue.

"I know, baby. That's what makes it so naughty. Don't you trust me, Christy?"

"I do, Uncle John, I do. It's just...... I don't want to stick my finger in any shit."

"That's why I said only put it in your asshole about and inch. I'm telling you, it feels really good to finger your asshole. Do it, hon."

Wary but trustful, she obeyed. She pressed the end of her middle finger against her brown tinged anus and sunk it into the tight orifice up to the first knuckle.

She exclaimed loudly "Oh my fucking god! I can't believe I just stuck my finger down into my nasty asshole!"

I stood beside the bed and aimed the video camera right at her asshole to get all the action.

"Now finger your dirty asshole for me. I love seeing your finger inside your nasty ass! Move it in and out for your dirty uncle. I want to see you fuck your nasty asshole with your finger."

"You are a really sick man, Uncle John."

"That I am, my little horny girl. Now do it. Finger that dirty asshole for your uncle."

My horny niece did as I asked of her. She worked her fingertip in and out of her tight asshole steadily for me and the video camera. She was looking me right in the eyes and smiling. She knew what turned me on.

"Tell me how it feels, my little slut. Tell your uncle how good it feels when you fuck your own asshole with your finger like that."

She sensually replied "I like it, Uncle John. It feels wonderful in my ass. Are you watching me fuck my asshole for you? Watch me Uncle John. Watch your dirty niece finger her dorty ass for you."

She quickened her pace. Her finger was digging in her anus more quickly now. She closed her pretty eyes to concentrate on the pleasure she was delivering to herself. I loved seeing her face contort as she enjoyed the pleasurable sensation of the self-probing. She was now up to the second knuckle on that finger, it felt so good to her.

I egged her on. "Thats the way, little dirty girl. Let your urges out. Fuck that shitty asshole like there's no tomorrow. You can be as nasty and kinky as you want to be. Get that finger down in your nasty ass. Get it deeper and feel the inside of your asshole. Get it deeper in your shitty ass, little slut."

She was moaning and grunting involuntarily by now, she was so worked up by my dirty talk. Her hips were bucking against her hand, which was plunging her entire middle finger down into her asshole by now.

She cried out "Fuuuuuuuucking FUCK, Uncle John! It feels sooooooooo good in my asshole! Ahnnnnnnn!!"

She was licking her lips lasciviously as her hand probed her asshole as deeply as it could go. I encouraged her to tell me all about it.

"Christy, tell the camera how good it feels, baby."

She groaned "Uhnnnnnn!!! Fuck! Fuck, Uncle John, it feeeeels soooooo nice in my ass! I... I can feel my finger touching my shit inside me. Oh my fucking GOD, I'm such a nasty bitch!"

She continued to probe and finger her reamed asshole forcibly as she moaned and grunted aloud. She was ready to cumm for a fourth time tonight.

I took advantage of her wonderlust. I told her "Tell your dirty uncle that you like being a filthy slut for him."

"Uhnnnnn..... Uhnnnnn... Ohhhhhh.......YES! Yes, Uncle John, I'm your dirty little slut. I'm a dirty slut bcause I'm touching the nasty shit in my ass and I like it a LOT!" she admitted in her stupor.

It didn't take long for her climax to emerge. She was frantically frigging her tight asshole until I heard her yell out "YAAAAAAAHHHHNNNNNN!!!!"

Her small body began trembling uncontrollably. She fell down on her belly and her twitching legs flailed about involuntarily. Her finger was buried as far as it would go down inside her waste cavity. She groaned softly as the orgasm coarsed throughout her under-developed frame. Once her convulsions had ceased, she slid her dirty digit out of her asshole and hung that hand over the edge of the bed to keep from getting any stains on my blanket. She was out of breath and smiling broadly.

"I told you it would feel really good, didn't I?" I said to her.

She breathed in deeply so she could speak. "Y-Yeah, you did. And it felt...... amazing. But now I have shit all over my.... my finger."

I sat the video camera down and reached into a drawer for the small pack of wet wipes I keep in there. I pulled out a couple of them from the reclosable flap and tossed her one. The other one I used to clean off her anus and butt crack for her. She wrapped the wet wipe around her dirty finger and cleaned it thoroughly.

I joked "I used to clean your ass like this when you were a baby and I'm still doing it when you're 15."

She laughed and replied "But I'll bet it's more fun doing it now, isn't it?"

"Yeah, little girl, it is." I remarked. A LOT more fun."

I looked between her thighs and noticed her pussy was seeping clear excretions produced during her orgasm.

I said "Spread your ass cheeks apart so I can get some pictures of that juicy pussy of yours right quick."

Still lying on her stomach, Christy spread her legs apart, reached behind her body, and spread her perfect round ass for me. I grabbed the digicam and took a few close up shots of the clear cream oozing from her pussy as it ran down her puffy gash onto my blanket.

I told her "You must have cummed pretty hard that time. Your poor pussy is flooded. Look at all that woman juice coming out of you."

"Yeah, it was pretty intense." she commented.

When her strength returned, she rolled over onto her back and looked up at me seeming very satisfied over the nights events so far. I handed her the digicam and let her look at the shots I had taken of her. She was somewhat engrossed over the explicit pictures.

"Wow, I've never seen my ass and pussy from this angle before." she remarked. "Oh my god, there's my fucking finger in my ass. That's so nasty. I don't know how I let you talk me into doing that."

"I know how. It was somewhere deep in your subconscious, a curious need to do it. You've always wanted to try it but you were too afraid to because of the thought of dirty shit. When I gave you permission to act on your hidden urges, you let your body show you it felt good. Just like when we did the pee play in the bath tub, something inside you wanted to try it even though you thought it was gross. I just helped you explore your kinkier side is all by letting you try it out."

She pondered my explaination and agreed.

"I... I guess you're right, Uncle John. I've always felt like doing something kinky and dirty like that, but I was afraid to do them out of fear of getting caught. I've peed in the shower and kinda liked how it felt when I did it. But fingering my ass was all your fault!" she insisted.

"Well, I'll take half blame on that one. It's just that most of the women I've had sex with who had never tried playing with their assholes found out how great it feels once they try it out, and since you seemed like the kind of girl who might the adventurous type, I figured you'd enjoy doing it, too."

"That's one complaint Mom has about me. She says I'm a tomboy. I've always liked playing with the boys more than I did the girls. I didn't like doing tea parties and Barbie dolls. I wanted to ride bikes and play in the mud."

I pointed to the wet wipe she used to clean off her shitty finger and joked "Well, you certainly played in the mud tonight. Ha Ha!"

"Oh god, I did, didn't I?" she replied ruefully. "I actually stuck my finger in my own shit! That's gross."

I corrected her "No, gross would have been shitting on the bed or wiping your muddy finger on your body. There are some sex acts that are just mildly kinky. Just getting shit on your finger while you played with your asshole falls into that lesser category. It's to be expected."

My niece's face snurled up. "Ewwww, wiping shit on myself? That's totally gross. Have you ever fucked a woman who did that to herself?"

I didn't want Christy to get the wrong impression of me and ruin this night for her, so I didn't mention any of the incidents where some disgusting things occured, like the two coeds who I made eat out each other's asses while under the influence of the date rape drug I slipped them.

I simply said "No, not that disgusting, although I've bedded a couple of women who liked to be fucked in the ass."

She was amazed. "Oh shit! How did they do it? Didn't it hurt them? Your dick is so big."

"We used a lot of K-Y gel to lube their ass. You'd be amazed at how far your asshole will stretch."

Still disbelieving, she said "Damn, I don't know how they did it. I've taken shits before that hurt. I can't imagine fitting a dick as big as yours up inside my ass."

"Don't knock it 'til ya try it, I always say." I replied winking at her.

"Maybe some other time." she said defiantly. "What I want to know is when are you going to fuck me, Uncle John?"

"In due time, my little eager slut."

"Hey! Watch it with that slut stuff. I told you, I'm not a slut."

"No, you're not, but you like the slutty ways. You didn't seem to mind it when I called you my slut during your ass play."

She stammered. "I.... I was too horny to object to it was all."

"Hon, it's just dirty sex talk. You know I don't really think of you as an actual slut. Sometimes people call each other playful names during wild sex. It heightens the mood and turns some people on. If you feel the urge to call me a dirty bastard or a pervert when were having sex, feel free. I won't get offended at all. In fact, you can talk however you want tonight. You noticed I haven't said anything about your cussing, haven't you? You've spouted off 'Fuck' a lot tonight. It's fine. I don't mind. Say whatever dirty talk you want to me. If you want to say 'Fuck me faster, Uncle. Fuck me! Fuck me!', it's okay. Do it. I like to hear a woman get into the sex and talk dirty to me. It makes me hornier. Doesn't it make you hornier, too?"

"I like talking dirty. It makes me hott when you talk about us doing incest. It's so thrilling thinking about us having sex when we're not supposed to. Sex with my perverted uncle who likes my asshole and pees on me in the shower." She grinned devilishly at my deviant nature.

"So if I call you a dirty slut who digs the shit out of her own asshole, you won't take offense to it now?" I asked and winked. "You know I don't mean it. It's just dirty talk."

She feigned indulgence, like she was doing me a favor. "Fine! If you want to call me dirty names during our sex, you can.", then smiled impishly, which let me know she was already predisposed to doing it herself already.

"That's great, my little slut." I shot at her. Now we can get this night of depravity going again."

"I can't wait, you dirty niece raper." she quipped back at me with a grin.

I stood beside the bed and said "It's time we get a good look at the pretty little pussy of yours. Hold your legs up to your chest so I can get some good shots of it."

Ever obliging, my niece grabbed the back of her knees and hoisted her legs up to her abdomen. I spread her knees apart to fully expose her puffy gash. I noticed her labia lips weren't fully developed yet. They were thick like the pussy lips on the little girl who joined me and her mother during the first trial run of my use of Rohypnol. Her thinner labia were just now starting to emerge on her slit, but were still tucked up inside the outer folds. Her pussy looked delicious from this vantage point, and it was all I could do to restrain myself from dropping the camera and burying my mouth and tongue up into her tempting pink folds.

I said "Damn, your pussy looks as good as the rest of you does." to embolden her self esteem.

She playfully looked down at her groin and said "You mean THIS little pussy?"

Keeping her legs on her chest, she let go of her knees and placed her hands down onto her labia lips. She spread the puffy flaps apart and exposed her inner flesh to the camera. I clicked the button quickly as she massaged her lips around alluringly for me.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, like that. Play with your pussy for me, little slut. Show me everything you've got."

Christy imitated a documentary director and began describing her groin to me. I switched over to the video camera to film her improvised biology lesson.

She said in jest "Now here we have a vaginilius wannafuckus, or in layman's terms, a girl's pussy. As you can see, it comes complete with left and right sideboards.". She pointed her fingers at her pussy lips. "It also comes as standard equipment this nice tender bump at the top that is referred to as a 'clit'." She spread her pussy open with her fingertips to show the camera her swollen clit bump. "And right below that is a teeny, tiny little hole that shoots out piss like a squirt gun when properly motivated, like when your perverted uncle makes you piss all over him with it. Would you like to see a demonstration?"

I quickly protested. "Oh no, not right now. Maybe later again in the shower."

She smiled and continued. "I'm going to hold you to that, you sick fucker. As we go lower, we can see the main part of a girl's pussy that most men strive for, her vaginal opening." Christy lowered her fingers so she could spread the labia away from her vagina. "This is the thing that makes men go crazy. It causes men to spend lots of money trying to get a sample of it. It also makes them so horny that they take illegal pictures of their underage niece's asses while they're asleep to jack off to."

"Guilty!" I said.

"But the main thing a girl's pussy is good for is to fuck. When a man slides his hard penis inside a girl's pussy over and over, the girl gets really wet inside and it makes her want to do dirty stuff like put her finger up into her asshole and dig in her own shit."

I asked her "How do you know what it does to you? You said this is your first time fucking."

She explained. "Like I said, I've fucked myself in my room before with markers and my hair brush. This is just the first time I've let a man fuck me with his dick."

"I'm sorry, I forgot. Please continue."

"As I was saying, fucking is the main reason for having a pussy, so your naughty uncle can molest you like a fucking slut. Isn't that right, Uncle John?"

"You know it, little slut. But you like me molesting you, don't you, naughty girl?"

"You know it, you big dicked slut!" she replied with a wink. "This hole is for putting a man's big dick into." Christy pointed to her vaginal opening. "He puts it inside the pussy and moves his body back and forth to make it go in and out of the girl's pussy. It's what we call 'Fucking'. Fucking is how humans reproduce and make babies. A man fucks a girls pussy really fast and it feels really good to both of them. Then the man's balls start pumping his sperm into the woman's love hole deep inside her body. The slimy little fuckers swim around like tadpoles until they find the girl's egg and one of them fucks the egg. Then the egg grows and grows and makes a baby inside the woman, and 9 months later, her pussy swells up really big and out comes the baby. If the baby is a boy, he'll grow up and want to fuck his sister's slutty daughter when she's 15. The end."

I was laughing by the end of her commentary. "That was hilarious, Christy. How did you come up with that?"

"I just said it off the top of my head. Did you really like it?"

"I thought the ending was great. The descriptions were spot on, even the '...will fuck his sister's slutty daughter....' part."

She looked up at me amorously and said "That part I hope wil happen very soon, Uncle John."

"Oh, it will, my little fuck slut. It definitely will. But before we do, I'm gonna need your help. Seems like I got distracted during the video and lost my boner. I need you to get him hard again. How about sucking my nasty cock for me again?"

"Bring him here, Uncle John. I'll be glad to get you hard again. Let me at that fucking dick!"

She straightened out her body on the bed cover. I crawled on the bed until I was straddling her chest. My limp cock was resting between her soft B-cup breasts. Holding the video camera in one hand, I held my flaccid member up to her luscious lips and tapped the head of it against them.

"Here you go, my fucking little slut. Suck my dick and get him hard for me again." I ordered her.

Her lips parted and I put the head of my dick on her tongue within. She closed her mouth around the head and gently applied suction to it. Just as she got started good, I pulled it from her mouth and said "I don't think you want to be fucked bad enough."

Surprised, she whined "Yeah I do."

"Nah, you're not showing him that you really want to be fucked. Just how badly DO you want your perverted uncle to fuck that juicy little pussy of yours?"

She grinned and said "I want to be fucked reallllllllly, reallllllly bad, Uncle John."

"Bad enough that you're willing to beg for it?"

"Yes, Uncle John. I want your big dick so much. My pussy is begging to be fucked by you."

"Then you'll have to do something nasty to prove you want to be fucked, little slut."

I let go of my cock and reached behind me to her dripping pussy. I wiped my finger along her wet slit to coat it in her slippery juices. I put the slimy digit to my mouth and sucked on it until it was clean.

"Mmmmm, that pussy of yours sure does taste good. Now it's your turn."

"W-What?" she uttered, not understanding what I meant until she felt me dip my middle finger into her slimy gash and put it in front of her face.

"Show me how bad you want some dick, my dirty little girl. Taste your pussy. Clean my finger off with your sexy mouth."

She resisted. "U-Uncle John, I don't know about this....." she said hesitantly.

"It's just your pussy, my slut. It won't hurt you. Taste your pussy and enjoy it like I did. It tastes so good."

"Uncle John, I'm not a lesbian." she insisted.

"I know you're not, but you have to be prepared for unusual tastes during sex. If your man eats out your pussy for you and then wants to kiss you afterward, you'll have to get used to the flavor of your own pussy on his face."

I pushed my finger against her lips and poked it into her mouth against her teeth. She moved her head aside as a reflex.

"Ewww! Uncle John! God damn it! Why did you fucking do that to me?" she said angrily while sticking out her tongue repeatedly to wash away the musky taste in her mouth.

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear. You'll have to get used to the taste of your own pussy if you want to make your guy happy. He's gonna eat out your pussy and have it on his breath when he kisses you in the mouth. There's no avoiding it."

"No way! I'll make him use mouthwash before he kisses me." she swore.

"There won't be enough time in the heat of the moment. Once he gets done eating you out, he and you are gonna want to get the fucking started, and while you're fucking, you'll both be kissing each other a lot. Believe me."

"No I'm not! I'm not about to let him kiss me with pussy on his face."

Feeling a little diabolical, I decided to put that notion to the test. I knew how worked up and responsive she could get when aroused.

"Lets find out, my horny little slut." I said as I reached over and put the video camera on the dresser and aimed it in our direction.

I climbed off of her and stood her up on the bed, then layed down on the bed on my back. I pulled her down on top of me and pushed her face down over my groin. I positioned her in a quick 69 and pulled her hips down over my head before she could react to it.

I told her "Lets see how long you resist, little slut."

I wrapped my arms around her slender hips and pulled her crack down against my mouth. She gasped and writhed around with flailing legs as my tongue invaded her immature slit.

She was calling out "Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD!" over and over as I worked my tongue against each tender area of her pussy with relentless determination. She had never had her pussy eaten out before and her inexperience had not prepared her for the intensely pleasurable feelings an experienced cunnilinguist could deliver to a pussy.

She screamed out in a distressed manner. "Oh my fucking GOD, Uncle John, you're killing me! Holy fuck..... my goddamn pussy..... please slow down Uncle John...... I can't.... I can't take it! It feels so good on my fucking pussy! Ahnnnnnn! Ahnnnnn! My fucking GOD, you're killing me. Uhnnnnnn, my goddamn pussy! Fuuuuuuuuck! FUCK!"

She gripped my semi-flaccid cock with her hand and began stroking it up and down furiously in response to my unending assault on her gushing pussy and clit. She seemed to especially like it when I drilled my tongue at her tiny urethral hole. She tried to pull away from my face and whined loudly when I did that to her.

I paused just long enough to say to her "Get to sucking, my pretty little cunt. Suck my dick and maybe I'll think about slowing down on your pussy."

It only took her a moment to open her mouth and start sucking and licking on my stiffening cock like a hungry whore. She bobbed her pretty face up and down on my cock while she jacked me off with her fluctuating hand.

I turned my attention back to her soaked pussy. I lapped up the clear fluids oozing from her vagina as fast as they came out. I suckled her growing clit, which caused a similar pleasurable distress to her as when I probed her peehole with my tongue. She squealed loudly, but was muffled due to her mouth being full of my hard cock.

"NNNNNGGGHHHHH!!!" she whined loudly as she attempted to pull her hips away from my mouth to stop the intense sensations I was applying to her sensitive clitoris. I relieved her agony by merely licking out my tongue at the small node. She settled down and contentedly serviced my cock with her mouth and her jacking hand.

I lapped my tongue out against her entire gash from one end to the other. She didn't expect it when I raised my head higher and began licking on her asshole just as dutifully as I had her pussy.

She pulled her head off of my cock and asked "Oh my god, Uncle John! Wh-What are you doing?"

I replied "Your cute little asshole looked a little lonely, so I'm showing it some attention, too. Just keep sucking my fucking dick, little slut, like a good little girl. Let me worry about this end."

Christy resumed sucking my dick as ordered. I spread her ass cheeks far apart with my hands and darted my tongue up to the small, wrinkled opening. I licked and jabbed my long tongue against the outside of her asshole over and over. She responded by folding her legs under her and dropping her ass down harder against my mouth.

Now that she was a little more complacent and accomodating, I reached over to the night stand and secretly grabbed the short 1 inch thick cucumber and K-Y gel I had placed there before we started. I slowly put a dollop of the lubricant on the end of the skinny vegetable, then wiped it across her unsuspecting anus to coat that as well. As she diligently pleasured my hard cock for me, I gently placed the end of the cucumber against her asshole and eased the tip of it inside her.

At first she thought it was me inserting my finger into her rectum like she had done to herself earlier. When she realized it was a little thicker than a finger, she reached behind her and touched it with her hand.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing to my ass, Uncle John?" she demanded. She looked backward at her ass and saw the cucumber sticking halfway out of her asshole like a tail. "Oh my FUCKING god! You put that goddamn cucumber in my ass, didn't you, you nasty fucker!"

I grinned devilishly and replied "I sure did, my horny little bitch. Don't try to deny that you don't like it up in your ass."

"You could have told me that you were gonna fuck my asshole with it, you dirty shit!" Her tone made her sound angry, but at the same time, she wasn't trying to get it out of her or get off of me. I knew she wasn't really mad about it.

"You know you like it, you horny cunt. You're a nasty girl who likes it up the ass."

She gave me a quick grin and put her head back down to my groin. Her lips clamped tightly around my member and she sucked in her cheeks as hard as she could.

I grabbed the cucumber with three fingers and pushed it into her rectum a little further. Christy moaned satisfyingly as it slid inside her asshole. I pulled it out a little ways, then pushed it back inside her ass repeatedly. As I reamed her little asshole, I licked at her dripping pussy and clit, which she responded well to. Her jacking and sucking on my hard cock intensified.

Her pussy was flooding out onto my face and chest like a geyser, so I knew what was about to occur. It happened really quickly. Her body tensed and she squeezed my poor cock in a deathgrip. She squealed loudly when she cummed, but my cock in her mouth dampened the sound to a muffled groan.

"NNNNGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!" she exclaimed, her shivering body involuntarily grinding against my mouth like a dog in heat. I had to hold my fingers against the cucumber to keep it from shooting out of her ass as her climax sent shivers through her young body. When she was done, she rolled off of me onto her side beside me on the mattress, smiling from ear to ear and rubbing her puffy pussy blissfully.

I quickly turned my body in place so that I was face to face with her. I pushed her over onto her back and pressed my lips down against hers, jutting out my juice coated tongue and probing it against her tongue, french kissing her vulgarly. She didn't try to push me away like she swore she would. She just looked into my eyes, put her hand behind my head, and pulled me down to her to wrap her tongue around mine.

When we stopped kissing, I said to her "I told you pussy juice wasn't that bad."

"It's because you're turning me into a pervert like you, Uncle John. Damn, that was a good one, too." she replied breathlessly.

I reached between her legs and wigged the end of the cucumber that was sticking out of her asshole about an inch. Her entire groin was still overly sensitive from the orgasm and she squealed from the added stimulation.

"Does it feel like you have to take a nasty shit when I do that to you, little slut?" I asked.

"Nnnnngh, yeah, it does. Please stop doing that....Please." she begged, biting her lip.

I pushed it all the way inside her rectum, which made her grimmace from the full feeling inside her ass.

I said "No, I want it to stay there for awhile. It makes me happy to see you try to strain to hold it in your shitty asshole."

"Please, Uncle John, let me shit it out. I feel constipated."

"No, not just yet. It has a purpose inside your ass along side that big turd you stuck your finger in a little while ago. You remember playing with that shit in your ass and getting off from it, my sexy cunt?"

She looked up at me deviously and replied "Yeah, Uncle John....... I remember digging in my ass and sticking my dirty finger in that big nasty shitty turd in my ass."

"You like things up in your dirty ass, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do, you fucking perv!"

"What if I decided to flip you over onto your belly and just shove my fucking hard cock up into your nasty ass? Just rape your tight ass against your will."

"Y-You mean you're gonna fuck me in my ass instead of my pussy, Uncle John?" she asked, looking a bit concerned.

I shook my head to alleviate her fears. "No, I would never do something to you that I thought you would hate me for later on. It was just dirty talk. But you do seem to like the ass play now that I've introduced it to you."

"It does feel kinda good when somethings in my ass, but I don't think I'm ready for a full blown ass fucking just yet. Not with a man's dick in my ass anyway."

"And how about the cucumber? How does that feel in your ass right now?"

She squirmed her ass around trying to ascertain its pleasurable versus its discomfortable aspects.

She answered "I dunno? Right now I just feel like I have to take a big shit."

"That's because we're not using it correctly. Let me demonstrate."

I flipped her over on her belly and knelt between her spread legs. She tensed up thinking I was going to go ahead and make good on my comment earlier about the anal rape. That wasn't my intent at all.

I looked down at her ass and saw the tip of the 7 inch vegetable protruding from her wrinkled anus. I slid it out about 3 inches and held it in place. I reached into my night stand and grabbed an old wine cork pigtail screw I had in there from the last time I plied a woman full of cheap wine to get her drunk. I held the cucumber tightly and stuck the tip of the cork remover in the end of it. I twisted it clockwise until it drilled into the hard vegetable up to the wooden handle. I now had a handle on the fake dildo with which to take better control of it.

She looked over her shoulder and watched me create my improvised sex toy. She was both anxious and curious at the same time. Anxious from not having any inexperience in anal sex, and curious due to her adventurous nature that made her willing to try new experiences.

"Oh my fucking god, Uncle John, what are you going to do to me?" she asked nervously biting her bottom lip.

"I think you have a grasp on what is about to happen to your shit filled ass, my little slut. I plan on making you cumm again while showing you just how pleasurable a good ass fucking can be."

I grasped the makeshift handle with one hand while I predded down on one of her ass cheeks to keep her in place. My naive niece gripped the blanket covering the bed in anticipation of the unknown. I pushed the cucumber back down into her asshole slowly to feel how much resistance it had against her tight anus. Since she was tensing up from not knowing how this would feel, I applied a generous amound of the K-Y gel to the top of her crack and let it slowly seep down onto her anus and the cucumber, twisting the veggie as I retracted it to lube both of them thoroughly.

Once that was done, I warned her "Hold on, now. This is going to be a little weird at first."

I slid the cucumber back into her colon slowly, I could feel it had no friction at all now that it was lubed. I moved the garden grown dildo in and out of her clenching asshole effortlessly. She groaned pleasurably out loud as it slid back and forth with ease. I would pull it out of her ass until the dirty rounded tip rested against the outside of her puckered anus, then I would plunge it back in all th eway again.

Christy writhed her naked body around on the mattress blissfully, letting her inhibitions flow out of her and allowing her lusts to consume her young, nubile, underage body. She was holding the blanket so tightly that I thought it would rip in half in her hands. Her slender hips were involuntarily hunching against an unseen entity underneath her in reaction to the soothing penetration I was inflicting upon her tender ass and muddy rectal cavity.

She was moaning "Fuck, Uncle John! FUCK... Fuck! Oh my fucking god, I like what you're doing to my fucking ass! Ahhhnnnnn! Oooooohhhh! Keep going. Keep fucking my shitty ass, Uncle John! Uhnnnnnn!"

She was right. When I would withdraw the cucumber from her asshole, I could see little stains of feces littering the slim cucumber, but I doubt that she cared about that right now. She was rocking her body in unison with my probings, pushing her undulating body backward on the instroke to make it go deeper into her dirty rectum.

"You like this, little horny slut? You like having your shitty asshole fucked by your molesting uncle?"

She whimpered "Yeeeeeees! Yeeeees! Keep fucking my dirty asshole, Uncle John. Ahnnnnn!!"

"I can see some of your shit stuck on the cucumber. You remember playing in your shit earlier?"

"Y-Yes!" she said.

"My little horny niece likes ass fucking, doesn't she?"

"Fuuuuuuck yeah! Uhhnnnnn!!!" she admitted in the throes of lust.

"I want you to look at the video camera and tell it what I'm doing to you, and how it's making you feel right now."

Christy turned her head toward the dresser and exclaimed, seductively, "M-My Uncle John is f-fucking my shitty
asshole with a fucking cucumber and I LOVE it! I love it when he pushes it through the shit inside my ass. It turns me on SOOOOOO much! My asshole loves being fucked by Uncle John."

"Now tell it you're a little horny bitch." I ordered.

She groaned and said "I.... I'm a little horny, dirty bitch slut!", grimmacing from my unending penetration with the fake dildo.

"Tell it you like to play in your own shit."

"I played in m-my own shit filled ass and I loved it!" she repeated.

I quickened my strokes, which caused her to almost slide out from under my pressing hand.

"AHHHHNNNN! Uncle John! I-I can't take it! Please..... Please!" she begged.

I asked her "Do you really want me to stop doing it?"

She was breathing very heavily now from the over-stimulation in her ass. Finally, she managed to weakly utter "N.....No!"

"That's what I thought, you dirty little shit. Lets try a new position."

I let go of the corkscrew handle and hoisted her hips upward to make her lay on her folded knees with her chest on the bed. Now her asshole was completely exposed for me. I grabbed the handle once more and furiously worked the imitation dildo in and out of her just as quickly as I had done when she was laying flat on her stomach. She squealed as I plunged the cucumber repeated into her tight rectum over and over.

"YAAAAAAHHHHHH!! Uncle John, you're killing me!! AHHHHNNNNN!!!!" she screamed blissfully.

I imagined it was like being tickled when you can't get away from the tickler from the way she was acting. It felt good, but at the same time, she was in horny agony. Yet she remained in place on the bed and let me continue.

I told her "Play with your titties, bitch. Squeeze them and pinch them for your perverted uncle."

She obediently did as I told her to. Both of her hands let go of the blanket and she clamped the tightly upon her tender mammaries. I could see her hands turning white from the immense pressure she was applying top her poor B-cups.

"That's it." I encouraged her. "Pinch those fuckers hard and make them sore. Pull out on your nipples hard like a little slut. My horny little bitch must do as I say or she won't get that nasty pussy of hers fucked!"

She complied with my wishes in a fit of lust. Her hands bore down hard and painfully on her pointed breasts unmercilessly. She yelped out in pain but kept doing it to herself for me. She pinched her hard nipples firmly and spread her little tits apartforcibly. I could see her eyes welling up slightly from the pain, but she didn't stop. Soon her tender breasts were red and swollen from the self-abuse.

I let go of the handle and raised her body up to inspect the damage. Her nipples were swollen and twice their size as before. The skin around them showed her hand prints where she had bruised them severely. Her eyes were watery but not to the point of crying yet.

She looked at me helplessly and asked "D-Did I do good, Uncle John?", looking down at her tenderized breasts to inspect her handiwork.

"You sure did, my little whore. You are a good niece."

I leaned forward and kissed her sore tits lovingly. She held my head and guided it to the spots she wanted me to put my lips on. When she put my mouth on each of her swollen nipples, I gently suckled them for her. She winched a little from the soreness, but didn't pull away. She even pulled my head closer as I fed upon each of them greedily.

When I was done, I french kissed her passionately and rubbed my fingers against the front of her dripping cunt. When the kiss ended, I placed my juicy fingers into her mouth. She cleaned them off thoroughly with her mouth and tongue merrily.

"Your pussy doesn't taste all that bad to you now, does it, little whore."

Complacently, she answered "No, Uncle John. I love my pussy now."

I drove two fingers up into her drenched cunt and wallowed them around roughly, which caused her to moan with delight. Again I put them in her mouth, and again she sucked every drop of her pussy drippings from them.

I whispered in her ear "I want you to keep playing with your tits while I fuck your asshole. Understood?"

She nodded affirmatively. "Yes, Uncle John."

I squeezed each of her reddened breasts softly. She moaned from the tender aching she felt in them. She grinned and bit her bottom lip as I lifted each one slightly to raise it to my mouth to suck on each hard, swollen nipple that poked out from the end of her medium sized teats. Her moaning indicated the pleasure she was deriving from the sensitized mammaries. Once I was finished, I gave each nipple one final pinch and pull. She only mumbled "Nnnnngh!" slightly, but was still grinning.

I pushed her shoulders down so her ass would jut up into the air again, then resumed the anal assault with the home made dildo. She grabbed her breasts as instructed and kneaded them softly, whimpering as the soreness heightened the pleasure she was experiencing from it.

My reciprocating hand plunged the cucumber in and out of her reamed asshole swiftly. She started moaning again as it slid back and forth into her full rectum. The cucumber was streaked with the soft feces inside her clenching colon. Her tight asshole squeegied most of the brown waste off before the vegetable emerged from her ass, but some still remained on it. It was soft and sticky like mashed potatoes. It looked so gross, but she was really getting excited from the anal invasion.

Her hands were kneading her small, abused tits agressively. Her eyes were watering again, yet she continued doing it to herself. I almost felt bad for having corrupted the poor girl, but then again, how innocent could she have been originally if she turned into such a sexual deviant in just one night? I resolved to myself that I merely lit the spark on something that was already growing inside her, and knowing this, I felt less guilty about what I had done to her.

Her hips were bucking against my hand, matching me stroke for stroke. My knuckles were colliding against her asshole robustly as she rocked her body rhythmically with my pistoning arm. It only took a few minutes for her to succumb to yet another hard climax, her sixth or seventh, I believe.

She grumbled into the blanket "AAAAAHHHHNNNNNGGGGHHH!!!!" and her body tembled. I pushed the cucumber down into her ass all the way and held my palm against the exposed handle to keep it from shooting out. Her compressing vagina squirted her juices out onto the blanket behind her ass. I thought she peed herself at first until I saw where on her pussy it was coming from.

Christy fell onto her side into a helpless heap on the bed. She was smiling and shaking, happy with the pleasurable rush of Dopamine being pumped into her brain by her satisfied groin.

She whispered, out of breath, "Hoooooo-leeeeeee FUCK! You're gonna kill me tonight, Uncle John, if you keep doing this to me."

I said "We can always stop right here if you want. I'll just masturbate to your gorgeous, naked body and then fill up your mouth with my salty cumm afterward."

She looked up at me grinning and declared "N-No way! I'm still gonna fuck you tonight. I don't care what it takes."

I reached over and squeezed her reddened breasts firmly. She flinched and uttered "Owwww." softly, but I didn't let go. I kept on handling them. She was too weak from her orgasm to offer any resistance and just layed there helpless.

"You are doing great, my little fuck slut. You're listening to me and doing what I say, even when I told you to hurt your titties for me." I pinched her nipple sharply. She yelped but didn't move to stop me. "You're my little whore, aren't you? I turned my innocent niece into a dirty whore tonight. You like acting like a fucking whore, don't you, cunt?"

She opened her eyes and whispered sheepishly "Y-Yes, Uncle John. I like being your little whore."

I smiled at her honesty. "I kinda figured there was a hidden whore inside you when you took those pictures of yourself naked, showing me your dirty asshole." I grabbed the video camera from the dresser and aimed it down at her laying on the bed. "I want you to tell the camera what a dirty little whore you are, you fucking cunt!"

She caught her breath and said playfully "I'm a fucking dirty whore, Uncle John. I'm my uncles little slut who likes to have my shitty ass fucked hard with a cucumber."

"Tell me that you like incest."

"I love it when my molester uncle does incest on my naked body. I love to suck his big fat dick! I love it when he eats out my tight little pussy and when he fucks my shitty asshole with a cucumber! He's a child raper and I love him for it!" she said smiling broadly.

I lifted her leg in the air and told her "Show your uncle how you play with your dirty little pussy."

She immediately pushed her hand down to her cunt and worked two fingers all along her slimy gash. She pushed them past her puffy lips and plunged them down into her gushing pussy. She pulled them from her pussy and suckled the thick juices from them hungrily, then shoved them back into her tight cunt again, looking at me seductively as she defiled herself repeatedly.

"Does that pussy taste good, whore?"

"It tastes REALLY good, Uncle John." she assured me as she cleaned her fingers off in her mouth.

I eased over to her butt on my knees and dipped the head of my cock into her slippery gash. I wriggled it around between her puffy labia to coat it in her slimy drippings, then crawled beside her pretty face and held it out to her.

"Here." I said, "Suck on this."

I tapped my semi-rigid cock against her soft lips. She opened wide and let me push it inside. Her lips closed around the shaft and she suckled her orgasmic flavoring off of it.

I asked her "You still want that pussy fucked, my young whore?"

She pulled my dick from her mouth and replied enthusiastically "Yes, Uncle John, I want my pussy fucked like you fucked my dirty ass with the cucumber."

"Then get me good and hard because I'm ready to make you eat my incest seed. When I cumm, I'm gonna put my slimy dick in your mouth and make you eat it! How does that sound?"

She eyed me with a lusty smile on her face. "I'll swallow every fucking drop of your sperm for you."

When she had sufficiently gotten me hard again, I sat the video camera back on the dresser and aimed it at us on the bed. I pushed her over onto her back and forcibly folded her legs back against her flat belly. Her soaked cunt was plainly visible to me as well as the handle that was attached to the cucumber in her ass.

"Here it comes." I told her. "There's about to be one less virgin in this world."

She smiled in anticipation. I grabbed my stiff cock and slid the head of it all along the entire length of her under developed pussy. Christy was giddy with excitement. When I finally stopped teasing her and plunged my erection into her clenching vagina, she gasped very loudly.

"UUUHHHHHHNNNNNN!! Oh my fucking GOD! FUUUUUUUUCK!" she yelled as I slid about 4 inches into her drippy birth canal all at once. "Goddamn, that fucking feels good, Uncle John! More....MORE!" she begged.

I shoved 3 more inches of my cock up into her and she cried out again.

"YAAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!! My poor pussy! Uhnnnnnnn!! I...... It's so BIG! My goddamn pussy is aching! Ahnnnnn!!"

"Do you want me to stop, you slutty whore?" I asked, concerned I was really hurting her.

She looked at me determinedly with a shit eating grin and replied "N-No fucking way! I want more dick, Uncle John. I want it all!"

I admired her spunk. "My little whore gets what my little whore wants."

She gripped the bed covers with all of her might as I sunk my cock balls deep into her tight cunt. She screamed as it forced its way past her tight cervical ring and into her under developed teenage uterus to the top.

"AAAAHHHHNNNNNN!!! That's what I wanted Uncle John! Oh my fucking GOD! IT's so goddamn BIG! Jesus Christ! MY poor aching pussy! You're splitting me in half! Goddamn it! Goddamn it! Fucking Christ!"

"So I take it you like your first official fucking then?" I said amused with her antics and distress.

She was rubbing her fingers against her puffy pussy lips trying to alleviate the over-stretched sensation I was causing to them.

"Mother fuck, Uncle John, you're killing my goddamn cunt! Goddamn! It's too much! I..... I don't know if I can fucking take it. My cunt is splitting open inside, you big dicked mother fucker!"

Christy pressed down on her lower abdomen. She felt the long bulge inside her that led from her pussy to her navel.

"Jesus christ, I can feel it from the outside, Uncle John. Mother fuck!"

Her gorgeous face was twisted and grimmaced from the full feeling in her reproductive tract.

I asked her "Are you absolutely sure you want to keep going, Christy?"

Bracing up on her elbows, she opened her eyes and looked straight at me. "There's no fucking way I'm gonna stop now. Fuck me hard, Uncle John. I don't care. Just fuck me hard and keep going. I want this so badly." she assured me.

She laid back on the bed and braced herself. I didn't see any blood or other signs of actual damage to her expanded pussy, so I decided to accomodate her wishes. I leaned forward on top of her, grabbed her shoulders tightly to keep her in place, and slowly backed out of her tight pussy. She seemed relieved when my cock came out of her stretched vagina, but tensed up again when I pushed it all the way back inside of her. Her blue eyes opened wide as I filled her tight cunt fully so quickly.

She was already completely lubricated from her repeated climaxes, so I decided to go full bore and put an end to her remaining innocence. I put my arms down on the bed, simulataneously holding my upper body aloft above hers as well as holding her folded legs back against her abdomen. I slowly hunched my hips back and forth, pulling my hard cock from her squeezing cunt until just the tapered gland rested inside, then I thrusted it back up inside of her, fucking her rhythmically over and over.

My niece was a real trooper. I could tell by her expression that she was not perepared for something as thick as my dick inside her small teenage womb, but she took it in stride anyway. She grimaced and groaned from the over stuffed feeling in her cunt, but seemed pleased by it at the same time. I continued assailing her poor pussy, building up speed as her womanhood stretched and adapted to my thick member inside her.

She moaned "Goddamn it! FUCK! FUUUUUUCK! Mmmmmmm, it's getting good, Uncle John. Jesus fucking christ! Uhnnnnnn!!"

I reached down to her bruised breasts and massaged them cruelly as she writhed around beneath me. As I pulled and pinched on one, she obliged me and punished the other one with her own hand. I pulled on her nipples hard and she yelped in pain, but then she would repeat the act upon the other breast herself. I gripped her nipple firmly and shook it back and forth forcibly. She laid there and whimpered, but never showed any sign of stopping me from doing it to her.

My cock was able to penetrate her more easily now as our lovemaking progressed. In the beginning, I thought her virgin cunt was going to rip the foreskin from my hard cock. Her only being 15 made her pussy only 2/3 the diameter of a grown woman's pussy would be. Her uterus and vaginal canal were also shorter than a grown woman's reproductive tract. I felt the head of my cock hit upon the top of her immature womb when I thrusted deeply into it. It was a strange sensation, but a nice one.

I leaned down to her pretty face and kissed her passionately. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself up to meet me. Our tongues gnashed against one another wildly inside our mouths. We pulled apart and I braced myself on my arms again. She laid back on the bed and pushed her small hands down to her stretched pussy. She started rubbing them roughly against her outer labia lips as I pounded her tight cunt relentlessly.

"Fuck me, Uncle John! Fuck my goddamn pussy like you do those other bitches you date all the time. Fuck my little cunt, you perverted mother fucker! Fuck your niece like a fucking dog in heat. I'm so horny right now. God , it feels so goddamn good in my fucking cunt! Fuck meeeee....Fuck me harder, you bastard! Uhnnnnnn!!!"

I smiled down at her for her vulgarness. I asked her "If your Mom was here, would you eat her nasty pussy for her?"

She looked up at me, grinning devilishly "I'm so horny right now, I probably would."

"You would eat your own momma's hairy pussy?"

"Yeah" she admitted breathlessly.

"Would you eat her hairy pussy while your Daddy fucked it?"

She smiled seductively and replied "I would."

"You're a very perverted little whore, you know it?"

"I'm YOUR little perverted whore, Uncle John. I would pull Daddy's dick out of Mom's sticky pussy and suck her pussy juice off of it. How do you like the sound of that, you sick fuck?"

"I like the sound of that very much, you dirty little slut. I want to hear you talk dirty to your Mom right now. Pretend she's in the room."

She paused a moment, then said "Mommy, please let me eat your big hairy pussy. I want to eat your pussy so bad! Mmmmmm, your fucking cunt tastes so good, Mommy. Mmmmmm...."

"Now your Dad."

Aagain, she thought for a moment, then replied "Oh Daddy, you have such a big dick. I want to suck your big dick and make it hard so you can fuck me and Mommy with it. I love your big dick, Daddy. Put it in Mommy's pussy so I can lick your dick and her pussy at the same time. Fuck Mommy and let me you both. Then you can fuck me while Mommy eats my wet pussy for me. Fuck my dirty cunt, Daddy. Fuck my horny cunt and let me eat your Daddy sperm."

I smiled my appreciation for her graphic descriptions.

"You know, I believe you're actually gonna go back home and try to get your Dad to fuck you, aren't you?"

She grinned slyly and said "Maybe I will, maybe I wont."

"I'll bet if you were to just walk out naked in front of him sometime, like after a bath, that he would get hard from seeing you. I guarantee it."

"That's sweet of you to say, Uncle John. It seems to have worked on you, anyway. All I had to do is show you my ass and it turned you on enough to do incest with your sister's little girl."

"Yeah it did. It's almost made me want to fuck your Mom now to see how good her pussy is. Your's is so tight and amazing. Hers has to be some good pussy."

"My pussy is so tight because I'm only 15. Remember, you're molesting a little girl. You're a pedophile. Mom is a grown woman."

"Maybe, but I'll bet she has some good pussy on her still."

"You know, I get to see her naked all the time."

"You do? When?"

"Me and her change clothes in front of each other all the time. And she does have a really hairy pussy."

"Mmmmm, that sounds so naughty. I'll bet her tits are really big too, aren't they?"

"Yeah, they're really big. Her nipples are down on the end of her floppy tits and hang down to her navel. Her nipples are as big as a quarter and cover about 4 inches of her tits."

I closed my eyes and tried to picture that scene in my mind. "Man, I wish I could see that."

"I've also been in the bathroom when she peed. She spreads her legs apart and I saw it come out of her into the toilet."

The more she talked, the more turned on I became from it. My thrusts quickened as I imagined committing illegal incest with my own sister.

"I would so let her piss all over me in the shower." I said provocatively.

"I'll bet you would, you dirty fucker. You're such a fucking pervert, fucking your own niece and wanting to fuck your own sister and play with her big saggy tits. You're a sick fucker, Uncle John, and it pleases me that I found someone just like me."

We french kissed again in mutual passion. My groin was pounding hard against her pubic bone as I fucked her tight cunt mercilessly. She wrapped her slender legs around my waist and pulled her pussy up against my dick as I drove it deeply into her gushing pussy over and over. She was just as excited as I was from our perverted discussion about incest. Her breathing quickened and became labored, as did mine. We were both sweating profusely from all the work we were doing to pleasure one another. I knew it wouldn't be long before we both cummed hard. I just hoped I could outlast her because once I cummed, I would be spent. My balls have been yearning to let loose my incestuous seed on this beautiful teenager all night long and would probably eject every single drop of sperm at once. I'm surprised I've lasted this long with all the deviant behavior and dirty talk we've engaged in tonight.

After another minute or so, my niece started cussing out loud, signaling her impending climax.

"Uhnnn....Uhnnnn......Uhnnnn" she grunted all covered in sweat and breathless. "Fuck me harder, Uncle John! Faster, you dirty fucker! Faster! Fuck my goddamn cunt harder. I.... I feel my pussy getting so wet. Ahhhnnn.... Uhnnnn.... Oh my GOD...... Uncle John, I feel it coming....... Fuuuuuuck! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!" she sceamed loudly as her pussy succumbed to her dirty passions. I felt her pussy get twice as wet as it was before. It squirted out from around my hard cock onto my pubic hair and dangling ballsack.

As her body trembled and shook on it's own during her orgasm, her legs tightened around my waist in an attempt to pull my dick into her pussy even deeper. Her hands were pulling outward on her bruised nipples cruelly to heighten her pleasure. In the middle of her convulsing, though, she suddenly passed out and went limp on the bed. I wasn't worried. I had seen women do this before during sex and knew what had happened to her.

Even though she was totally helpless and at my mercy, I didn't stop. I just slowed my pace to keep my cock hard inside her. I wanted her awake when I finally cummed. She didn't wake up right away. It took her a couple of minutes to regain consciousness. During the interim she was out of it, I slapped her reddened breasts with sharp slaps to make them more sore, just as a sick thrill before she awoke. I pulled and squeezed them harshly as well. By the time she woke up, they were a definitive shade of dark crimson. I couldn't hardly tell where her aureolas started anymore, her breasts were so red now.

She looked around groggy and softly uttered in a daze "Wh-What happened?"

I said "You passed out, horny girl. You cummed so hard it made you pass out."

She grinned and said "Holy fuck! I can't believe that just happened. Oh my god, my body feels so weak. I can't hardly move."

"That's good, for me anyway. I can do to you whatever I want to, can't I?"

"Most anything, I guess." she said smiling at me.

"Lucky for you I'm a nice guy. I'm just gonna keep fucking your cunt until I get off. Just be ready because you're gonna eat your uncle's incest sperm."

"Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful, Uncle John. Bring it on."

I kept fucking her juicy pussy unendingly, thrusting into it as hard as I had before her climax. She squealed because her groin was still very sensitive from her orgasm.

"P-Please slow down, Uncle John! I'm begging you, please. My pussy is so tingly right now. Uhnnnn.... Please! My pussy."

I didn't slow down one bit. I prolonged her agony as my own excitement built up quickly. I still had the image of her naked mother pissing in the toilet in front of Christy in my mind, and the two of them naked together while changing clothes in front of each other. Her desription of her mother's hairy pussy and big saggy tits were an unexpected turn on for me since I had never thought of her mother in a sexual way like that. I guess my lusts had caused me to disregard my morals, just like what happened with young Christy tonight and her corruption at my hand.

Christy was too weak to rebuff my continued stimulation on her groin. She tried to push me away but didn't have the strength. All she could do is express her discomfort.

"P-Please stop, Uncle John. Please.... my pussy can't.... can't take..... Uhnnnnnn..... My pussy...... it tingles too much. Ahnnnnn!" she begged.

Her face told a different story. Her eyes were closed and she was licking out her tongue vulgarly in bliss.

Seeing her in distress turned me on enough to achieve my horny goal. My balls were throbbing by now and I knew they were ready to explode.

I told her "Open your mouth, little whore, and get ready for your prize."

She opened her eyes and lowered her jaw as far as it would open. I slipped out of her tight cunt and quickly crawled on the bed until I was kneeling right beside her gorgeous face. I placed the head of my rock hard cock right above her gaping mouth and relaxed the muscle that held back my load of sperm. The first thick rope of jizz landed right down into her mouth and on her tongue. A second and a third completely filled her oral cavity. I unloaded the remainer all across her pretty face. She closed her eyes to keep the sperm from getting in them.

When my balls stopped pumping, I instructed her "Gargle it. Gargle my salty sperm, little whore. Stick your tongue up through it and let me see it on there."

She obeyed. I heard her blow some air through the thick, white goo. It bubbled up in her mouth like thick soup. Then I saw her small tongue emerge in the middle of the puddle. She was degrading herself perfectly.

Then I said "Now spit it out on your red tits."

She leaned her head up and spat the majority of it onto her own chest. The glob of sperm landed right between her B-cup titties.

I wiped the sperm from her eyelids so she could open her eyes again, which she did. Her face glistened from the smeared jizz on it. She swallowed the little bit of sperm remaining in her mouth and looked at her chest.

She asked me "Why didn't you let me swallow all of it, Uncle John? I wanted to eat it."

I replied "Because I wanted to play with it on you, my little slut. How di dyou like your first taste of sperm?"

"It wasn't all that bad, really. It was just mainly salty and thick, like salty milk."

"Salty milk, huh?" I laughed. I placed the head of my softening cock against her small lips and said "See if you can suck out the rest of the sperm still in my dick. Lick your pussy juice off my dirty dick while you're at it, too. Good little whores always clean their man's dicks after they fuck them."

She did as I ordered. She sucked hard on the head of my cock and extracted a few more drops of sperm from my urethra. I rubbed my index finger all along the underside of my cock to help empty it into her mouth. She took her lips off of it and opened her mouth to show me a dollop of my sperm on her tongue, then swallowed it.

Since you like my incest sperm so much, I think I'm going to start calling you 'Salty Milk" every time I see you."

She got a little miffed. "You better not, Uncle John. I'll kick your ass." she playfully promised.

I laid down on the bed beside her and inspected her bruised chest, which was so red and painful looking. I rubbed my fingertips into the thick slime between her nice sized breasts and smeared it across them, first on one and then the other. I coated each tit completely with my jism. She seemed a little grossed out from it.

She said "Ewwww, Uncle John. Now my titties are gonna be all sticky!"

I replied "I guess that means I have to give you another bath, then, won't I?"

She smiled and said "Mmmmm, that sounds like a nice idea."

I wiped more sperm across her swollen breasts, then scooped up the rest and smeared it all across her face until she looked like a glazed donut. She turned her head as a reflex to avoid my hand, but it did no good. .

"You're a mean uncle for getting sperm all over me, you nasty fucker. You rape your innocent niece, dream about fucking me and my Mom, and then wipe your nasty sperm all over me. You're a hardcore pervert who just uses women for your own pleasure, don't you Uncle John?"

"Yeah I am. But let's not tell your mother you put the idea of her naked into my mind. She might disown both of us."

"Deal, as long as you don't tell Mom and Dad I said I'd fuck them."

"Deal, little girl. And anyway, I wouldn't call it rape, or even molesting you, since you were so willing."

She pondered the question and replied "I guess you're right. Nothing happened that I didn't eventually enjoy having done to me. At least you didn't try to talk me into letting you fuck my ass. It would have given me hemmorhoids big time."

"You would be surprised at how far a person's anus is able to stretch, too. Sometimes more than your pussy."

"Still, I'm glad we didn't go that far. I'd like my asshole to stay just the way it is."

"How is your pussy feeling?"

She rubbed her hand across the outside of it to test it's tenderness.

"I think it will live. It got easier after you fucked it for a minute or so, but your dick still filled me up very nicely even after I got used to it."

"Did it hurt when I hit the top of your womb with my dick?"

"Not really. It shook my ovaries a little, but it didn't hurt. It just felt.... I dunno, it was a weird sensation.". She patted her belly recalling the odd feeling.

I asked her "Hon, do you want to go take a shower, or would you rather just lay here for awhile and snuggle together?"

She smiled and replied "I think I'd like to lay against you on the bed for a few minutes first. Then you can give me a shower later."

"I'd like that too, my little Salty Milk girl."

She grinned and rolled over on her side. I spooned up against her back and pulled her naked body up against my front. My soft cock tapped against something hard. I looked down and saw that I had neglected to remove the home made corkscrew dildo from her ass. When I reached down to remove it, she stopped me.

"No, Uncle John. Leave it in there. I kinda like the 'have-to-shit' feeling it's giving me."

I unscrewed the handle from the hard cucumber and sat it on the night stand to sterilize later, then pushed the 7 inch veggie all the way up inside her rectum. Her sphincter clenched shut and held it in her tight ass firmly. She sighed satifactorily and nuzzled her soft, rounded ass up against my limp cock. I laid my arm across her slim waist and pulled her snugly up against my naked front. We laid there contentedly for about half an hour while my stamina recharged before deciding to jump into the shower together.

We extracted the cucumber naturally, but my niece made a whole dirty production about it. She turned around backward on the commode and leaned over onto the tank in the back so her asshole could be visible. She insisted I video tape the whole stinking event. She toyed with the vegetable before she would let it drop into the commode. With her hand shoved down her front and her hand beneath her pussy, she would push the cucumber out about halfway, then push it back up inside her rectum with a fingertip repeatedly.

When she finally let the poo streaked dildo drop into the water, I quickly extracted the cucumber from the commode out of fear it would stop it up and sealed it inside a ZipLock bag so the smell wouldn't stink up the whole house before I could throw it away in the community dumpster outside in the morning. I thought about the poor garbage man's face who would discover the bagged vegetable at the dump and what his reation to it would be. HeHe.

Christy got a little nasty for my tastes once the cucumber was disposed of. She waited until I bagged the cucumber before unloading the rest of the contents of her colon. With her hand still down between her legs, she profanely fingered her asshole as the soft poo emerged. It deformed around her finger, causing the stinking shit to smear all over her fingers and cheeks. She tried to make it seem sexy and lewd by voicing her pleasure she derived from the penetration.

"Mmmmmm, Uncle John, watch me finger my dirty shitty asshole for you. Can you see my shit come out? It feels so disgusting, but I can't help myself. My asshole loves being finger fucked when I shit. Your nasty little whore niece loves digging in her own shit. It feels so good, uncle. Ahhhnnnnn!" she moaned.

It didn't really stop there, either. Even when her ass was empty, she reached down into the cold water in the bowl, shamelessly scooped up the floating waste in her dirty hand, and mashed the soft pile like Playdoh in her hand while she frigged her clit with her clean hand.

"On GOD, Uncle John, I'm so fucking nasty and disgusting, and it smells so awful, but I can't help myself. I'm a sick little fucker. I love the feel of my shit on my hand. Watch me play with my filthy shit for you. I know you like watching me be a naughty, nasty little whore like this. Uhnnnnn, it's so nasty.... So disgusting..... So fun....."

I let her carry on like that and recorded it for her like she asked until she got it out of her system and tired of it, which took about 3 minutes when the smell got too unbearable. She shook her hand in the cold toilet water to clean off the worst of the shit from her rancid hand. I fetched the wet wipes from the bedroom and cleaned her ass off for her. She sanitized her hands in the bathroom sink with some Formula 409 I keep in the bathroom to clean it with. The bathroom ventilator and a lot of air freshener chased away the terrible aroma permeating the small bathroom in about a minute.

"My god, what have I done?" I retrospectively said to myself aloud, thinking about how I contributed to the poor girl's corruption.

She reached down and grabbed my soft cock and gingerly jacked it back and forth.

"It's not your fault, Uncle John. You've done nothing but release my inhibitions and let me explore my sexuality. Now that I've experienced poo play, I've decided I'm not really into it. I thought it would be kinky and fun to do something that sick and disgusting, but now I think it's just disgusting. The smell really kills your mood and it's too much trouble to clean up afterward. I think I'll just stick to fingering my asshole."

"That sounds like a good idea. Ass play feels great, but you have to take it in moderation. You can get too carried away with anything sexual as you just saw."

"You mean like my poor tits?" she said, using her outstretched hands below them to emphasize her point. The redness was still there, as was the swelling in her abused nipples. They were perpetually hard as a rock from all the abuse we inflicted upon the tender tips and would probably still be that way in the morning.

"Yeah, " I said apologetically, "I'm sorry about getting carried away with them and making you hurt them so badly."

"It's fine, Uncle John. It felt good while we were having sex, but they're really sore now." She touched her nipple and immediately withdrew her hand, wincing from the soreness in her breasts.

"I can get a little too carried away, too. I've always been that way with women. I have to apply a little domination over them. It helps me get off."

"We all have our little vices, Uncle John. To tell you the truth, I liked it when you bossed me around and told me to do those things to myself since you're my uncle. Nieces are supposed to listen to their uncles, no matter what, aren't they?"

"Yeah, I suppose they are. I can't imagine disobeying your great Aunt Katie when I was a kid. She was really strict on us kids. If she had proposed I fucked her like we did tonight, I probably would have done it no questions asked because we were taught to respect our elders, especially if they're related. Did you feel compelled to have sex with me because I'm a relative and an authority figure to you?"

"No, not really. I mean, it added an extra thrill to our sex because you are my uncle and all, but that wasn't the main reason I wanted to fuck you. Like I said, I've heard Mom and cousin Marilyn talk about the way you've seduced so many women over the years. It intrigued me. I figured you had to be a real stud to have a reputation like that, and I wanted my first time to be with someone experienced and who loved me as Christy the person, not just Christy the piece of ass."

I blushed from the compliment, "Thank you for thinking of me so highly, and for allowing me the privilege of being your first official lover. But I have a small confession to make. My intentions weren't entirely virtuous. They were a little selfish at first. When I saw your cute little ass hanging out of your panties last night, I almost started to stand there and jack off onto you over it. I was thinking of you with purely sexual thoughts."

"And now?" she asked inquisitively."

"I can still totally see why you're going to break a lot of boy's hearts because you are so beautiful and sexy looking. I have a hard time NOT thinking of you like a Hustler magazine model. But it's tempered with the love and respect I have for you as my smart, adventurous niece I've know her entire life, even knowing how wild you can be in bed."

She smiled that I still respected her after acting so depraved tonight.

"I love you too, Uncle John, and I thank you for what you did for me and to me tonight. I really had fun being your little whore."

"So did I, hon. So did I."

We embraced and finally stepped into the shower. We washed each other thoroughly before commencing with Round 2 of raunchous sex. She even got aroused enough this time that when we did the pee play again, she kneeled in the tub and aimed my spurting cock herself. She let the piss spray all over her naked body. She even got a little naughty and jutted out her small tongue into the thin stream as she rubbed the acrid piss all over her horny cunt below. She gargled with the urine like she had with my sperm and sprayed it out onto my cock in a thin stream with her pursed lips.

Even I got into the dirty mood. When it was her turn to pee, I knelt behind her as she bent over and let her piss all over my front while I ate out her wet pussy. I jacked myself in the runoff as it ran down my belly and onto my groin and balls. I caught some in my mouth and when she had finished, I stood up, held her jaw open, and let the smelly amber liquid dribble into her mouth. We shared it back and forth between our mouths in a depraved frenching session before she pulled away, looked at me daringly, and swallowed it all in one gulp.

We fucked in the bathtub under the falling spray until the hot water started to run out. We dried off and continued pleasuring each other all throughout my apartment. I leaned her over the back of the sofa and fucked her pussy as thoroughly as I had in the bedroom the first time. I also nailed her on the kitchen table. The poor thing nearly fell apart as our weight rocked it back and forth and caused the legs to start wobbling.

She gave me an intense blowjob on the couch as I laid on my back eating out her drippy cunt in a wild 69 session. She massaged my ballsack gently as she worked her head up and down upon my hard shaft. She was getting pretty good at it, too. Not only had she learned to lick a cock like a popsicle, she had suppressed her gag reflex enough to be able to fit 6 inches of my cock into her mouth before it gagged her. She looked so slutty with her mouth stretched to it's fullest trying to fit my thick cock into her small, underage mouth.

By the time we had decided to call it a night, we had each gotten off twice more and she had agreed to consider my proposal of attempting anal fucking with my cock. She slept in my bed with me all night. When the alarm clock rang at 8am the next morning, I didn't see Christy's head anywhere. I saw a large lump under the blanket, though. I lifted the covers to discover her laying in a fetal position with her head on my lower abdomen and the head of my limp cock between her supple lips. She was suckling on it in her sleep like a baby would sucking its thumb.

When I left for work, she was still asleep in the bed snoring. The whole time I was at work, it was hard for me to concentrate on my job. I was thinking about our night of debauchery last night. Even on the drive home after picking up Long John Silvers for dinner, I daydreamed about the horny little nymph awaiting me at home, her probably eager to top our antics with another night of sordid and reckless sex.

When I tapped my usual Roger Rabbit tune on the door, it flew open. I walked in and announced "Hey, Christy. Sorry I'm late but I stopped and got us some fish and chicken at ......"

My words trailed off and stopped suddenly when I noticed the one who opened the door was my sister Nancy instead of the half naked vixen hungry for more obscene sex I had imagined would greet me at the door.

I stammered, looking very surprised "W-When did you get back? I thought you were going to be gone until tomorrow?"

She said "We were going to, but Mom started complaining about the dry heat affecting her breathing and Dad lost $600 gambling, so they were ready to come back. I think what it was is that once she saw Wayne Newton's show the first night, it was out of her system, so she wanted to come home. We found someone on an earlier flight willing to swap tickets with us, so we all headed home."

I looked over at Christy sitting on the couch. She looked over at me with a disappointed look upon her face like her best friend had moved away. Nancy glared over at her and Christy looked away quickly."

"It's probably a good thing I came back when I did. I had to get on to Christy when I came in. She was still in her underwear being lazy on the couch when I opened the door an hour ago. She does that sometimes when she sleeps over at someone's house. She thinks she can just lounge around all day and doesn't have to do anything for herself. Heaven forbid it was you instead of me that walked in on her like that. How embarrassing would that have been?"

I thought to myself 'Yeah, thanks Nancy for fucking THAT up for me'.

She continued. "I figured I'd better wait until you got here before taking her home so you wouldn't panic and think someone kidnapped her."

"Yeah, I probably would have flipped out when I didn't see her anywhere. But you don't have to go already, do you? I brought some Long John Silvers to eat."

Nancy said "Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and head to the house before it gets too dark out there. We're supposed to get some more snow in tonight and it's an hour driving home from here. I don't want to get caught in it."

I was saddened and disappointed that I had been cheated out of another night of unadulterated pleasure with this hott little girl. Christy seemed to be in the same foul mood as I was about it. She just sat there all sulled up and untalketive, but that also could have been from her mother scolding her for being in her underwear.

I asked "Okay, but do you guys want to take some of this food with you? I have plenty."

"No Johnny, that's okay. You keep it and eat it yourself tonight and tomorrow. I'm going to fix something when I get home. I really appreciate that you could watch her for me on such short notice like that."

"It's fine, Nancy. In fact, it gave us a chance to get to know each other. We got *really* close while she was here."

Christy caught the double meaning in my tone. She looked over at me with a devilish grin and winked. I winked back at her smiling proudly.

Nancy stepped over to the door and said "Come on, Christy. Go get your bags out of the bedroom. We're fixing to leave."

My niece arose from the sofa very gloomy and disgruntled about it all. She trodded into my bedroom looking dejected.

I said to her "Let me help you with that, hon." and left her mother standing at the door.

I walked into the bedroom. Christy was grabbing her knapsack and pulled me over to her to ask me something quietly.

Whispering, she said "Uncle John, is it okay if I borrow your video camera for about a month? I have a special project that I need it for. I promise I'll get it right back to you as soon as it's completed." she assured me.

After the wonderful night of underage sex she had given me the night before, I probably would have given it to her to keep as a thank you. But since she said 'borrow', I went along with it.

"Sure, you can use it. But let me put a new memory card in it first. The one in it is a little to hott to chance it getting out in the open."

I swapped out the card with another one right out of the package and handed her the camera.

"Thanks, Uncle John. I'm pretty sure it won't take that long, but give me a month to get it done. Okay?"

"That's fine. I don't think I'll need it again before then. If I do happen to need to make another *video*, if you know what I mean, then I can use the one in my digital camera."

She hugged my neck tightly, then grabbed her suitcase and knapsack and darted out the door to join her mother. I walked them down the elevator and watched them drive away. Christy waved lovingly at me as they departed. I blew her a kiss with my hand.

I went back up to my apartment to eat before the food got cold. Later that night as I sought out my basketball shorts to wear to bed, I discovered a pair of lacy, nearly transparent thong panties with a ridiculously narrow butt strap laying right on top of my folded underwear in my dresser. A parting gift for a night neither of us would soon forget.


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