A date rape drug enthusiast gets some payback on his judgemental , holier-than-thou sister when her daughter gives him the opportunity to do so.

The Date: Chapter 4

By Bigwayne2013

A ladies man who uses Rohypnol to coerce women into his bed is given the chance to get a little sexual payback on his older, judgmental, holier-than-thou sister with the help of her equally nagged and fed up teenage daughter. Please read Chapter 3 of this first as this is in direct relation to the end of that chapter.

Contains: Incest, anal, oral, ass to mouth, fecal evacuations, young teen characters, watersports, slight cruelty, bestiality.


Journal Entry 1/22

It's snowing like hell outside. I'm just glad it's Friday and I don't have to get out in it to go to work again until Monday. The day started like any other day and I thought it would be uneventful until the mailman delivered a small package to my door. Inside was my video camera along with a note inside. It was from Christy.

She said "Dear Uncle John, (ha ha, that sounds like the title of a break up letter X-) ), Thank you for letting me borrow your video camera for my project. You will find a copy of the video I made on the memory card in the camera. I am almost certain you will like it."

"BTW, I also wanted to tell you that you should check into getting an encryption program on your computer to protect your files if you want to keep other people from seeing them."

I paused and said "What in the hell....?", not knowing what she meant by that. I kept reading her letter.

"You had some of your files buried deep in the hard drive, but they had no password protection on them. Anyone could see what was in them."

I still had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She explained it to me in the next paragraph, though.

"I got bored that first day when you were at work, so I played on your computer for awhile. I got nosey and wanted to see what all you had stored on it, figuring you probably had some porn stashed on it. I stumbled upon your Computer Journal. You sure have some interesting entries written in it. I noticed that some of the more recent ones mentioned something called Rohypnol. I did a Google search and found out that it's what they call the 'Date Rape' drug. Shame on you, Uncle John for doing that to those women. The more I read your journal, the more interesting it became. I was particularly interested in the enrty where you mentioned using it on a good looking Latin woman and she subsequently ended up making her poor little daughter join in your sex. That was very naughty of you. And I thought *I* was the youngest girl you ever fucked. Tsk Tsk."

The letter continued. "The more I read, the curiouser I got about you. When you mentioned making videos of some of your sex with women, I hunted through your computer to see if the videos were on there. When I found none of them, I started to give up until I found your flash stick in the desk drawer. Sure enough, there they were and not one of them was password protected. Very sloppy. All those dirty, sexy videos you made of those drugged women and that little girl. They were hott as hell. Don't worry, Uncle John, I won't tell anyone about your sick perversions. Hell, I liked watching them. I liked seeing you fuck that little girl in the ass while her drugged mother watched you do it to her. After seeing her do it, I definitely want to try it out for myself."

"I did a Google Image search to see what this Rohypnol looks like. Imagine my surprise again when I opened that little Bayer aspirin box way in the back of your desk drawer and found some Rohypnol in it."

I ran into the bedroom and sat at the desk. Sure enough, some of the pills were missing from my stash. I checked for the flash drive as well and discovered it was still in the drawer, thank god. I was afraid she might have taken it for her own amusement.

I kept reading the letter.

"I had need of your medicine and your camera for my project. The project wasn't for school or anything. It was more of an exploratory exercise than anything. You know Mom and Dad, they're always so stuffy and proper all the time. They go to church, they act really proper and conformist in the community, like they never supposedly do anything wrong, etc. Hell, they only have sex about once a month out of fear I will hear them, and then it's usually when I'm spending the night at a friend's house or something. I just had to see what it would look like if they let their hair down and got a little...... naughty..... for a change."

"I had to wait until one weekend when we didn't have anything planned. We were all sitting around watching TV when I offered to make them something to drink. I fixed them both a glass of Dr Pepper because it was dark and would hide the medicine. I crushed up a couple of the tablets from your drawer and divided it equally in their sodas. It took about an hour before they both looked really drowsy like they were getting high. Then I went and got your camera from my bedroom and the fun began."

"Watch my videos, Uncle John. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Until we see each other again. Hugs and kisses, Christy (your ever horny Salty Milk girl)"

My curiosity was definitely piqued by this time. I retrieved the video camera from the kitchen table and brought it back to my bedroom. I popped the SD card out of it and inserted it into the card reader I had plugged into a USB port on my computer. I opened the drive with the card on it and double clicked it to show the files. It contained four AVI video files. The thumbnail pics that showed a sample of the video's content showed nothing spectacular or errogenous on them.

One was named simply "1-Start", a second one was named "2-P", a third was named "3-M/D/D", and a fourth was named "4-Hank". I knew what the last one could possibly be of, their labrador Hank. The other three videos I had no clue what they contained. I decided to preview them in the order she numbered them, 1-2-3 and 4. At least I assumed that was the purpose of her adding a number to the file names.

I double clicked on the one named '1-Start'. From the way the scene began, it was shot in their living room. Christy was holding the video camera and filming her parents watching TV. Both of them had a slight stupor about them like thay had been drinking a little too much. My sister Nancy was fanning herself with a magazine like she was feeling a little too warm. Then I heard Christy talk in the background.

"Mom, how are you feeling?" she asked.

Nancy spoke really slow and replied "I.... I don't know. I feel really hot right now."

My niece aimed the camera down at her mother's lap and put her hand upon Nancy's thigh. She was wearing a blue knee length dress. Christy's hand touched her mother's knee and slipped up underneath the hem of her dress to her thigh.

Nancy asked "Wh-what are you doing, Christy?"

"I'm not doing anything Mom. Just keep watching TV."

"Oh, okay then.". Nancy turned her head back toward the TV.

Christy got a little more bold and put her hand way up under her mother's dress. Her mother looked down and then at her and said "Christy, you're not supposed to do that to your Mom."

Christy said to her "It's fine, Mom. Just spread your legs apart for me. It's okay."

I saw Christy's hand showing under her mother's dress near her belly. Nancy obliged her daughter and spread her legs apart for her. Then her hand started moving up and down under the dress and Nancy sighed pleased.

"No, no, baby, you can't do that to your Mom. It's not right. Oooooohhh....." she gasped.

Christy pulled her hand back out and said "Mom, you look really warm. Why don't you take your dress off and cool off.

Nancy agreed. "Th-that sounds like a good idea, baby. Here, unzip me."

Christy pulled down on the shoulder height zipper on the back of the dress. Her mother stood up in front of their couch, shrugged her shoulders, and let the dress fall casually into the floor around her feet. So far, my brother in law was still engrossed in the TV show they were watching and didn't notice his wife disrobe.

"Ahhhh, that feels so much better. Thank you baby." she said. Nancy sat back down on the sofa in her bra and panties and resumed watching TV again.

Christy reached across to her mother's huge DD chest and started rubbing the massive mammaries through the front of the bra. Nancy's only reaction was "That feels good, baby." and offered no resistance. Even when my niece pushed her fingers down into the front of the bra and started squeezing them softly, her mother merely went "Mmmmmmmm." in response to it.

Christy said "Mom, take off your bra. You'll cool off faster."

"Good thinking, Christy. You're such a smart girl."

As if by remote control, Nancy reached up to the front of her bra and unhooked the clasp that held the two cups together. All at once her massive, sagging breasts fell out of it and hung down like two pendulums. She tossed her bra on top of her shed dress in the floor.

I could see that Christy's description of her mother's big tits was fairly accurate. They looked like slightly deflated DD-cups half full of water in the ends of them. Her nipples were huge, about the size of a quarter, on the very end of her droopy breasts, and were surrounded by at least a 4 inch diameter dark aureola. They looked kind of pathetic now, but at the same time, I could imagine how glorious they probably looked before they started sagging. I still got a small thrill from seeing them, though.

Christy started rubbing her mother's long breasts, massaging them firmly. Nancy laid back against the sofa and cooed contentedly. "Mmmmmm, that feels really nice, baby. Keep going."

Christy lifted the droopy tit to her mother's mouth and told her "Suck on it., Mom. Suck the milk out of it."

Hypnotically, Nancy obeyed the odd request. Her mother grasped the big tit with both hands and held it to her own mouth. She inhaled deeply like trying to drink a really thick milkshake. Her mouth suckled her oversized nipple hungrily like a newborn baby.

"Show me the milk in your mouth, Mom." my niece said.

Nancy looked into the camera and opened her mouth, while the fluid inside wasn't pure white like cows milk, she definitely had a mouthful of some sort of liquid she extracted from the saggy tit.

"Mom, that's so dirty. Keep sucking it for me." she ordered.

Nancy suckled her own droopy tit merrily for the camera. I couldn't believe she was making her prim mother debase herself like that. But I couldn't take my eyes from the screen either. It was so intriguing to watch her do it.

As her mother fed upon her own breasts, Christy reached down to Nancy's lap and pulled back the top of her conservative panties to reveal her hairy bush.

She asked "Mom, when's the last time you shaved that jungle down there?"

She plucked the nipple from her mouth and answered "It's been about 10 years or so. Your father doesn't care if I shave down there or not."

"Maybe if you keep it shaved, Daddy will fuck you more than once a month. How about we go do that in the bathroom. I'll shave your hairy pussy for you. It'll be fun."

Nancy loooked a little excited. "Yeah, lets go do that. Come on." the Rohypnol made her say.

Christy followed her drugged mother into the bathroom. Nancy grabbed a couple of disposable razors, some scissors, a damp washrag, and a can of shaving cream, then headed into her bedroom. She removed her panties, which revealed the extent of the massive bush she had between her kegs.

Her mother sat on the edge of the bed and clipped the majority of the thick hair from the front of her pubic bone with the scissors, letting the loose hairs drop into a small wastecan. Christy kept the camera whirring as she manicured her pubes to a managable length the razors could handle.

Nancy scooted up on the bed and sprayed a handful of the shaving cream into her open hand. She wiped the cream all across the triangle of stubble at the base of her abdomen and all along each side of her labia lips. She proceeded to shave her pubic bone, but couldn't see the hair farther down well enough to continue.

She looked at the camera and said "Baby, you'll have to come help me with the last part. I can't see it from up here."

When her mother folded her legs on the bed to give her access to her groin, Christy took possession of the razor and ran it along the sides of her mother's pussy lips and upper thigh area alongside them. Then she noticed that the hair didn't stop there. It continued along her crack and surrounded her asshole as well.

"Mom, grab your legs so I can get the rest of it."

Nancy raised her legs to her chest and held them up by the back of her knees. Christy held out her free hand and Nancy sprayed some shaving cream into it for her. My niece spread the thick, white cream all over her mother's hairy ass crack past her asshole, then started shaving it carefully. Once she was done, she used the damp washcloth to clean the left over shaving cream from her mother's crack and pussy.

"All clear, Mom." she told her. "Now lets go show it to Daddy."

Nancy sounded giddy. "Your Dad is so gonna be surprised."

The camera followed behind Nancy as she strolled naked into the living room. She crossed in front of my brother in law, who was looking sort of woozy as he watched the TV. Christy got close to them to get a good view of her father's reaction.

Nancy asked "What do you think of my new pussy, Chuck?", striking a pose and pointing to her crotch with her pointed fingers.

He turned his head toward her and looked at her freshly shaven groin. His eyes widened and he smiled.

"Oh wow, Nancy. When did you do that?" he said seeming pleased about the change.

"Christy just helped me shave it for you."

Not really in his right mind, he complimented his daughter without denouncing his wife for being completely naked in front of their young daughter. "That was really nice of you, Christy."

"Glad to help, Daddy." she snickered. "I'll bet you want to touch it, don't you? Go ahead, touch her and see how it feels now. Play with it. It's so smooth and clean. It's okay."

Driven by his loss of inhibitions, Chuck reached up and rubbed his fingertips across Nancy's smooth pubic area. She sighed lovingly from it.

"Mom, spread your legs a little so Daddy can see all of it."

Robotically, my sister spread her feet apart, further exposing her loose pussy lips that hung down about an inch from her outer flaps. Christy reached down and rubbed her small hand across her mother's pussy. Nancy softly moaned.

"See how sexy she looks now, Daddy? Go ahead and play with her pussy some more. She likes it a lot." she said encouraging him.

He smiled and reached down lower with his hand. He stroked Nancy's pussy lips from front to back. She just stood there moaning softly holding the top of his head to steady herself as Chuck fondled his wife, neither of them with any concern that he was doing it right in front of their young teenage daughter thanks to the Rohypol in their systems.

Christy suggested "Hey Daddy, show Mom how much her new pussy turns you on. Show her your dick right quick. It looks lik eit's getting bigger.". She zoomed in on the bulge emerging in his lap.

He said, sort of slurring his words, "Christy..... Christy, honey, I don't th-think you should see me like...... you shouldn't see your.... your father's weiner."

"It's your dick, Dad. I know what it's called. And it's okay. Mom, tell him it's okay."

Nancy, just as dazed, replied "Oh, let her see the damn thing, Chuck. She's seen my pussy. Just whip it out. I want to see it, too."

He looked at them both and said "O-Okay, Nancy, if y-you say it's okay."

Chuck stood up unsteadily and unfastened his belt and his zipper. He pulled down his pants in front of them. His boxers were standing out from his body due to his stiffening cock rising.

Nancy looked down at his groin and said happily "Ooooh, Chucky, is that for me?" with a dirty grin on her face.

Christy reached over to his lap and rubbed his member through the boxers.

"Come on, Daddy, whip it out for Mom. She wants it really bad."

"Yeah, I do, Chuck." Nancy said as she yanked down his boxers to the floor. His rigid cock bounced up and down when it was freed from his constricting boxers. "There's my salami stick!" she said exuberantly. She was smiling wide with anticipation.

Christy stroked it and said "Mom, what do you want to do with Daddy's big dick right now?", enticing her mother to do something naughty.

Nancy was licking her lips as she watched her daughter jack her husband's cock back and forth. "I want to lick it and suck it really, really bad." she replied. "But you shouldn't touch him there, dear. He's your Daddy."

"It's fine, Mom. He doesn't mind. See?". Chuck stood there looking down at his daughter's hand contently. "He likes me doing it. Now if you still want to suck it for him, go ahead. Here, you can have it." she said offering it up to her drugged mother.

Nancy dropped to her knees in front of Chuck and took his cock from Christy's hand. She gripped the lower half of the shaft and plunged her head down upon the semi-erect penis hungrily, bobbing it up and down on his cock expertly.

Chuck's head leaned back and his eyes closed. He said "Holy hell, that feels so good, Nancy. Ahnnnnn!"

Christy held the camera close to her mother's bobbing head and got a close up of the action for me.

She said "Mom, don't forget to kiss his balls, too."

Nancy took the suggestion and pulled her lips from Chuck's slippery cock and suckled his dangling balls in her mouth. He was getting weak kneed because it felt so pleasurable to him and had to sit down on the couch before he fell down. Once he was situated, my sister resumed servicing his balls and cock steadily for him.

"Look how big your dick is getting, Daddy." Christy commented.

He looked down at his groin and said "It's 8 inches long, you know."

"I can see that, Daddy. It looks really nice. I'll bet Mom likes it, too, don't you, Mom?"

Nancy looked up at the camera with her mouth full of cock and hummed "Mmmm-Hmmm" affirmatively.

She asked him "Daddy, how much can Mom swallow? Can she take it all in her mouth? I'd like to see that."

He looked down at Nancy, and she up at him, and he said "You ready?"

She nodded.

"Here goes. Watch carefully, Christy."

Chuck grabbed the sides of his wife's head and pulled it down forcibly onto his hard cock. With a few tries and a couple of gaggings on Nancy's part, he finally managed to pull her mouth down onto the entire length of his erection without causing her any distress. Then he released her head so she could breath again.

Christy was amazed. "Holy crap, Mom! I didn't know you could do that."

"I know how to suck a man's dick, baby. I learned how a long time ago."

The camera panned up to her father. "Daddy, make her do it again. That was so cool."

Without waiting for Nancy's permission, he grabbed her head again and pulled her face back down onto his stiff cock forcibly. She managed not to gag from the sudden insertion.

Christy said "Now fuck her mouth, Daddy. Put your dick in and out of her mouth like you're fucking it."

Chuck was ever eager to please his young daughter. He bounced his ass on the sofa cushion, causing his cock to rise and drop inside his wife's mouth and throat. I heard Nancy's throat going "GLUG* - *GLUG* - *GLUG*" over and over each time he thrust his hard cock into her mouth and tight throat. When he let her come up for air, she had thick saliva running off her bottom lip, and his cock was coated in it as well. She was breathing heavily from the unexpected deep throating, but didn't seem too mad that he did it to her.

He looked at Nancy and said "We haven't done deep throating in years. You okay?"

She wiped the slobber from her mouth and said with a grin. "I'm fine, dear. It reminds me of when we first got married. You used to fuck my face like that all the time." she admitted.

Christy spoke and said "I'll bet you guys used to get really freaky in bed, didn't you?", trying to get them to reveal something about their sexual past.

Chuck spoke first. He said "I guess you could say that. Your mother was quite the acrobat. She could get into some weird positions when we had sex."

Chuck was speaking about his love life to Christy as casually as one might confess to their psychiatrist. The Rohypnol had turned off any discretion and composure he normally displayed around his young daughter.

Nancy interjected. "Your daddy wasn't too bad himself. He could hold me upside down while standing and eat my pussy while I sucked his weiner for him. I used to love doing doing wild sex like that with him.".

She, too, was dropping her gaurd and talking to Christy more as a gossiping confidant than a daughter thanks to the Rohypnol that had secretly been given to her.

Christy was giggling behind the camera at her parent's lack of decency they exhibited right in front of her.

"You guys are so naughty."

Nancy objected. "Us naughty? You're the one who told us to do all of this. You're the naughty one, little girl."

"You want to see me be naughty, Mom?" she asked daringly.

"Yeah, I want to see you be naughty, Christy."

"Okay then, I'll show you just how naughty I can be. Here Mom, hold the camera."

She passed it to Nancy, who aimed it at Christy. I saw my niece grinning devilishly as she lifted the Justin Bieber Tshirt off of her body and shed her gym shorts. Then she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and threw it into the floor on top of their clothing. She hooked her thumbs into her modest panties and slid them down her slender legs briskly.

Nancy looked at her disbelievingly and said to Chuck "Do you see what your daughter is doing in front of us?"

All he had to say was an insincere admonishment. "Christy.... Christy, you.... you shouldn't be doing that. You can't be naked around your Mom and Dad like that?"

"Why not?" she countered. "You guys are naked in front of me."

Chuck looked at Nancy in a slight stupor and replied "She has a point, dear."

I heard Nancy say "Okay, baby. It's fine. But just this one time.", as if her mother was granting her permission to do something as common as going to a party or the mall. .

Christy kneeled down in the floor beside her father's knees and said "Mommy, keep the camera on me. I'll show you how naughty your little girl really is."

As Nancy caught all the action, Christy leaned over into her father's exposed lap and took hold of his hard cock. She opened her small mouth and pushed her head down upon his erection and closed her supple lips around it. Her cheeks sunk in as she applied hard suction to it and moved her head up and down upon it repeatedly. Chuck groaned and squirmed on the couch from the immense pleasure he was deriving from it.

He put his hand behind her head and groaned "Oh my God, baby! You shouldn't do that to your Daddy. Oh my god! It feels so nice. Keep going baby.... keep going..... Oh shit, Nancy, it feels so good."

After about a minute, Christy lifted her head up and looked into the camera. saying "Is that naughty enough for you guys?"

Nancy said "Oh my, honey, you... you shouldn't be sucking your Daddy's dick like that. You're our daughter. Little girls don't do that to their daddies."

"Daddy liked it, didn't you Daddy?" she asked him.

He looked at them both grinning and admitted "Um, yeah, I did. It felt great."

"See, Mommy, he says it's okay."

"Well, I suppose it's alright. You're not a little girl anymore, so I can't stop you from doing it. You're 15 and I've already told you about the birds and the bees. Plus it's our job to teach you about sex." she rationalized in her drug enduced state. "If we don't teach you about sex, you might learn it from some pervert and he'll take advantage of you or make you do dirty sex."

Christy turned the camera at her own face and whispered for me alone to hear her say, sarcastically, "Yeah, Uncle John.", then laughed and smiled. I laughed at her true accusation as well knowing I was guilty as charged. She turned the camera back at her parents.

"Okay, Mommy and Daddy, I'm all yours. Teach your little girl all about sex." she commanded them. "Show me how grown ups do it."

I thought it was strange that she started calling them both 'Mommy' and 'Daddy all of a sudden instead of 'Mom' and 'Dad' like she did when referring to them during her stay with me. Maybe she did it to accentuate the play acting she was participating in with them, to make herself appear to be more child-like for the camera. I've seen those young looking porn stars on the internet that play up their underage appeal, the ones who look 12 when they're actually 18 or older. It appeals to the guys who are into pseudo kid sex. I think that was what Christy was trying to pull off, an imaginary age reduction to make the scene more kinky for me now that she knew I had been with a girl a lot younger than herself. She probably thought of me as a full blown pedophile now since I had had sex with two underage girls and believed her play acting would appeal to me more if she pretended to be a younger girl.

Christy said "Mommy, show me how you eat Daddy's dick again. Daddy, make her eat the whole thing like you did before."

Chuck mumbled "O-Okay baby. Come here, Nancy."

Her mother leaned over her father's cock again. He grabbed the sides of her head, hooking his fingers behind it, and pulled her face down upon hie erection forcibly. It got hung once and she almost choked on it with a loud gurgling sound, but he eased her head up and tried again. This time he effectively shoved it into her clenching neck. I could hear her tight throat going "GLUG* - *GLUG* - *GLUG* - *GLUG*" every time he rammed his hard cock down her gullet vulgarly.

Chuck said "See how she can eat the whole thing, baby? It didn't take her long at all to learn how to do it, either. Oh man, that feels so good on my dick."

Every now and then, Christy would reach out and push her mother's head down and hold it there for about 5 seconds to prevent her from coming up for air.

She would chant "Eat that fat dick, Mommy. Eat his big fat dick, you dirty girl." before letting go of her mother's head. Nancy never chastized her for it, though. She kept right on deep throating Chuck unceasingly.

When Chuck let go of her head finally to let her get a good breath, there was a thick rope of saliva dangling from Nancy's mouth to her chest where the repeated insertion had activated her salivary glands and caused her to drool excessively.

Christy said "That's gross, Mommy."

Nancy merely plucked it from her lip and dribbled it onto Chuck's already slobbery cock and jacked the slime with her hand.

She looked at the camera and said "It happens. One of these days I'll have to show you how to deep throat your father like I do. Then you can do it for him, too."

Christy asked "Mommy, are you going to start letting me and Daddy have sex together?"

In her drugged stupor, Nancy agreed. "Yes. baby. You're a good girl. I don't mind if you want to fuck your Daddy from now on. He can show you how to please a man when you get married. He's really good at sex."

The camera panned up to Chuck's face. "Daddy, are you going to start fucking me, too, from now on?" she asked.

The Rohypnol clouded his judgment. He replied "Sure, baby, if you want me to."

"And can me and Mommy have sex together, too?"

He looked at Nancy, then back at the camera and nodded. "Yeah, baby, if she wants to. I don't care."

"You both want to have sex with me even though I'm your own naughty daughter?"

They both agreed. "I'd like that a lot." Nancy said.

Chuck replied "Me, too, baby. You're so pretty and sexy."

Christy giggled at them for their delirious admissions. "You guys are the coolest. You are so naughty for letting me have sex with my own parents. I kinda wish I had a brother or a sister so they could have sex with us, too."

Nancy said "That would be fun, baby. The more, the merrier."

Christy panned to Chuck and said "Okay, Daddy, show me how you fuck Mommy's wet pussy."

"O-Okay, baby. Get up here, Nancy."

My sister stood up and sat on Chucks lap. He scooted down on the sofa to give her a flat lap to sit on and for a more relaxing position. She put her hands on the back of the couch and lifted her ass up about a foot from his groin. Chuck grabbed his erection and attempted to put it against her vagina, but was fubling due to his inebriated condition from the drug. Christy sat on the coffee table in front of them her assistance.

"Here, Daddy, let me help you with that."

Christy's hand appeared in the frame and reached out to take his cock from him. He let it go and planted both hands on her mother's size 12 hips. She held it still and said "Okay, Mommy, bring your ass down."

With precision, Nancy lowered her body down upon his hard cock as Christy stabilized it for her. When the tapered head made contact, Christy spun his cock in small circles against her mother's vaginal opening. She gasped from the tickle, then slowly continued. It slid inside her pussy easily at first, sinking about 4 inches, then she had to bounce upon his lap to lube it enough to go the rest of the way. Christy pulled her hand back and Nancy dropped her body down upon the 8 inch cock, firmly impaling herself upon it.

Christy said "What does it feel like, Mommy? Does it feel good up in your wet pussy?"

Nancy replied "Mmmmmm, it sure does, baby. Your daddy's dick feels really good up in my pussy."

"Okay, Mommy, show me how you fuck Daddy."

"Here goes. Watch me, baby. Watch his dick go in and out of me."

My sister started bouncing up and down on her husband's stiff cock. She was supporting herself behind her body on Chuck's vertical hands and forearms, which were being braced on the sofa by his elbows, effectively giving her the support she needed to raise her ass up and down upon his hairy lap repeatedly.

Nancy looked at the camera and said "B-Baby, can you see Daddy's big dick going in and out of my pussy good?", moaning slightly from the pleasurable sensations she was deriving from the wanton incest.

"Yes, Mommy, I can see it good from here." She responded. "Look at how Daddy's dick is spreading your pussy open."

Christy reached out and rubbed her small fingers against her mother's hairless labia lips exploring her mother's pussy as her parent's fucked in front of her, causing Nancy to gasp.

"G-Go ahead and play with it, baby. That feels really nice when you touch Mommy's pussy like that."

"You mean when I touch your *nasty* pussy?"

"Yes, baby.... Uhnnnnn...... when you touch my nasty pussy.... Mmmmmm......" she parroted.

Christy flicked her fingers swiftly across the top of her mother's stuffed cunt against her swollen clit.

"You like it when I do that, Mommy?" my lusty niece asked.

Nancy was looking down at her groin watching Christy frig the top of her slit, smiling at how good it felt to her.

"Yeah, baby, like that. Oh god that feels sooooo good. Oh shit..... oh shit! Ahnnnnnnn! That's really nice, baby. Keep at it, Christy. Oh shit! Shit!" she whimpered.

Her wide hips were bucking heavily against her husband's groin and her daughter's hand. Christy stuck her middle finger in between her mother's labia lips and vigorously stroked Nancy's clit, causing Nancy to almost jump off of Chuck's erection.

"Mommy, I can feel your peehole. How does this feel?" she asked.

Nancy groaned amorously and whined "Oh shit, baby! It tickles when you play with my peehole like that. Oh goddamn, it's so nice. Uhnnnnn... Uhnnnnnn..... Uhnnnn.... Oh yeah, keep doing that to me. Oh shit.....SHIIIIIIIIT!"

My sister was beside herself with lust. She was crushing her poor husband's pubic bone with her relentless gyrating and bouncing on his hard cock. Christy's added stimulation on her clit and urethra made my horny sister go out of her mind. She was grunting loudly as the two of them pleasured her slippery cunt until she finally cummed excitedly.

"Oh shit, Chuck, I'm about to cumm on myself. Oh my fucking GOD, m-my pussy.... my.........AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!" she screamed like a banshee. She stopped bouncing and dropped her pussy down all the way onto his hard cock to drive it up inside her as far as it would go. She leaned forward, braced herself on Chuck's knees, and grinded her pussy against his shaft to prolong the wonderful sensation her gripping cunt was eminating throughout her trembling body. Nancy laid back against her husband's hairy chest as her climax subsided.

She said, breathlessly "Damn, Chuck, that felt really good. Thank you, dear. And thank you too, Christy.". she said to them both adoringly.

"Glad I could help, hon." he replied, also breathing heavily, satisfied with his contribution but still wanting more. "If we keep that up, I'm liable to put a baby in you tonight."

Christy chimed in. "If you do, make it a boy. I want a little brother around to fuck me."

Nancy giggled and said "Oh Christy, you shouldn't say that. That would be incest. That's illegal. You can't have sex with your brother."

"Why not?", she asked. "We're doing incest right now, all three of us. Incest is fun. Didn't you like it when I played with your nasty, wet pussy, Mommy?"

"Well, yes, baby. I did."

"And tell me if you like this, too."

Christy leaned forward and licked her mother's bald pussy where her father's cock was wedged snugly up inside her. She put her hand on Christy's head and moaned as her daughter licked her tongue deviantly at Nancy's twitching pussy. She held the camera close to her face to show me every dirty detail of it. She licked her mother's gash up and down while simultaneously licking her father's still rigid shaft. They were both heard to moan pleasantly in the background.

When Christy sat back up, she asked "I think we'll be doing incest all the time from now on. How else are you going to get your pussy licked while Daddy fucks you?"

Nancy nodded. "I think you're right, baby. It does feel really good. If your father is okay with it, I am."

"Hell YEAH!" he shouted beneath his wife. "I'd love to fuck two girls at the same time."

"Okay, it's settled then. From now on, we can have sex with each other anytime we want to." Christy asserted. "Hey, I have an idea. How would you guys like to get a little freaky?"

Nancy said "Sure, why not. It sounds like fun."

Chuck asked "Does it involve more sex?"

"Yeah, Daddy. Some kinky sex I heard about." she assured him.

"Lets get to it, then. What do we have to do?" he said sounding curious.

Christy stood up and said "Lets go into the bathroom. I'd like to take a shower with you guys."

Nancy replied "Ooooh, shower sex. Your Daddy likes to have sex with me in the shower."

"Good." Christy said. "You guys go intop the bathroom and wait for me. I'll be right there."

Then the scene suddenly went blank and the video ended just when it was about to get good. I hurriedly sought out the video that was named '2-P' on the screen. I double clicked the icon and the video started playing.

It started with Christy holding the camera at her perverted parents. She filmed her mother rising off of her father with a closeup of his semi-hard cock sliding out of her juicy cunt slowly. As they headed off to the bathroom, she walked into the kitchen and grabbed a clear plastic Solo cup from the counter, then headed for the bathroom to join them. Chuck was sitting on the closed commode waiting for her. Nancy was standing in front of the mirror naked checking her face.

"Okay, now we can get a little naughty with each other. How does that sound? You guys up for something a little dirty?" she asked them.

Nancy said "Yeah, baby. What do you want us to do?"

Christy took the lead. "First, I want Daddy to stand in the bathtub. Them Mommy, you get on your knees in front of him. I want to see him face fuck you again."

"O-Okay, honey. Whatever you say." her father said obediently.

He stepped over into the bathtub as instructed and stood at one end of the tub facing the shower spray. Nancy climbed in and got down on her knees in front of him. His cock glistened with the remnants of Nancy's pussy secretions upon it. Christy turned on the tub faucet until it got warm, sat the video camera at the optimum angle, and climbed in with them standing behind her mother. She left the shower curtain open, but diverted the shower head so that it sprinkled down upon them, but flowed more toward the tile wall in the rear so as not to get any water in the floor.

"Okay Daddy, make her eat your dick again like you did in the living room. Grab her hair and make her eat the whole fucking thing."

Chuck did as his little girl asked. He lifted his ailing cock and pushed it into her open mouth. She started sucking him off to get him hard once again. As she worked her mouth and tongue over his slime coated cock hungrily, he put one of his hands behind her head and gripped the top of her hair like a handle with the other. When he became halfway stiff, he began pulling her face onto the growing cock, pushing it deeper and deeper into her throat the harder he got. The way he was holding and pulling her hair like a caveman, I would have thought it would have hurt her. Instead, she closed her eyes, grabbed his hunching hips, and pulled her face toward his groin in unison with his making her swallow the entire thing.

Standing behind them watching her hypnotized parents, Christy was enjoying the rough treatment her father was giving her hapless mother.

She said "Yeah, Daddy, make Mommy eat that dirty cock. Make her lick her pussy juice off of it for you. Dirty Mommies have to clean their husbands dicks after they fuck their nasty cunts hard. Does it taste good, Mommy? Does your nasty pussy taste good in your mouth?"

Nancy glanced up with her mouth full of Chuck's cock and murmured "Mmmm-Hmmmm" affirmatively.

"Tell her, Daddy. Tell her she has to lick her pussy off of your dirty cock."

He looked down at her mother and said "Yeah, you clean my fucking dick off, woman.", then winked at Christy for the suggestion.

"Daddy, is Mommy acting like a whore?" she asked callously.

He grinned. "Yep, she's acting just like a whore." he mimicked after she put the thought in his woozy head.

"That's why you're fucking her face like that is because she's a dirty whore, ain't that right, Daddy?

"Yeah, baby. A dirty whore." he repeated.

"I can act like a dirty whore, too, Daddy. Watch this."

As he looked on, Christy reached up to the soap caddy hanging from the shower head and grabbed the loofa sponge hanging from it. It had a one inch thick plastic handle on it. She propped one foot up on the side of the bathtub, placed the end of the brush down near her groin, and said "Watch me, Daddy."

She pointed the rounded handle at her pussy and slid it back and forth along her immature slit. When she was ready, she held it upside down and pushed the tip of it up inside her vagina. Chuck's eyes got really wide as his daughter began violating her teenage cunt with the smooth handle vulgarly for him.

She moaned and said to him "Daddy, look at me. I'm fucking my dirty little pussy for you. Watch me fuck my nasty pussy with the brush." The handle went inside her about 6 inches. "Mmmmmm, Daddy, it feels so good in my nasty cunt." She added a couple more inches into her pussy. "Oh fuck, Daddy, it's so deep inside my fucking pussy. It feels like someone is fucking your baby girl. Uhnnnnn!"

Chuck was getting more turned on by her uninhibited display. He was really getting rough with her head, choking her with his hard cock over and over.

Christy leaned the loofa end of the brush back toward her asshole, It caused the other end of the plastic handle to bulge out visibly against her abdomen from within just below her navel.

"See it Daddy? See the brush in my pussy. Look at it showing on my belly." She moved the handle up and down, making the bulge on her stomach move. "The handle is fucking my guts, Daddy. Look at it showing through. It feels so good to fuck myself for you, Daddy. Ahnnnnnn!"

Chuck spoke and said "I want to fuck your pussy so bad, baby. Daddy wants your pussy so bad. Fuck your pussy with the handle for me, baby. You're a naughty little girl.... Daddy's naughty girl."

She finally pulled the handle from her wet cunt and hung it back up. She reached for the clear cup and said "Now I'm gonna get really nasty for you and Mommy."

She placed the clear cup just below her pussy and sighed gently. Soon out came a thin stream of yellow, smelly piss which landed directly into the cup. Christy and Chuck watched as the 24 oz cup slowly filled up to he rim. Then he stopped it herself, saying "I'll save the rest for now.". She must have been holding that in a long time to accumulate that much pee.

She held it up for her father to see. "See Daddy, I told you I was a nasty little girl. Look, I pissed in this cup for you so you could see me pee."

He looked a little confused. "W-What are you going to do with it, baby?" he asked curiously raising an eyebrow.

She said "Your nasty little daughter is going to play with it." and grinned impishly.

Christy put the cup up t her face and stuck her tongue out into the sudsy waste vulgarly like a cat lapping at a saucer of milk. Her father stood there stunned as he watched his little girl debase herself with the noxious piss so willingly.

"Mmmmmm, Daddy, it tastes so nasty. It's really salty. Your little whore daughter is playing with her disgusting piss for you. Do you like it when I behave like a nasty whore for you, Daddy?"

He stood there continuing to fuck Nancy's face relentlessly. Her sagging tits were flopping all around as he pulled her head back and forth on his hard cock over and over.

"Y-Yeah, baby. I like it when you act like a dirty whore. It really turns me on." he repeated to please her, again due to the drugs in his system.

"Now I'm gonna get really nasty, Daddy. Watch."

She put the cup up to her small mouth and took a small sup of her piss from it. She gargled it, then spat it out onto her small breasts. She took another small drink, gargled it, and spat it onto her tits as well.

"See, Daddy, I told you I can be really nasty like a dirty whore. Do you want to see me do it again?"

He grinned and said "Yeah, baby. Be a nasty girl for Daddy. Be a little whore for me and drink that nasty piss. I want to see you do it.". He was so horny he wasn't thinking clearly.

Christy grinned devilishly and took a bigger sip of the vile amber colored waste. This time she put her open mouth close to her father so he could see the pool of uring in her mouth. Then she held her breath and swallowed it all down her gullet.

He wa stupified by his young daughter's tasteless behavior, but he didn't chastize her for it. Instead he let his lusts control his brain.

"Oh god, baby, that is.... that is so disgusting. It's so nasty.... but it turns me on to see you do it. Show your Mommy."

He let go of Nancy head and she turned sideways in the tub to see what he was talking about. Again, Christy put the cup to her mouth and drank about 8 ounces from it, gargled, and swallowed it all.

Christy looked at her poor mother and said "See, Mommy, I'm a whore just like you. I'm Daddy's little dirty whore. I drink my nasty piss because it turns him on."

Chuck said "It sure does, baby. It turns me on a lot."

The cup was half empty now, so she put the cup under her pussy again and pushed. Out came the remainder of the urine she was soving in her bladder. The cup was nearly full again now.

Christy grinned and said "Both of you watch what I do with it next."

She had their undivided attention. Nancy didn't mind because it gave her tired jaw a rest.

Christy drank another mouthful of the acrid piss, then let it dribble out of her mouth and trickle down the front of her nibile, naked body like a fountain. She rubbed the liquid waste all over her small breasts and hard nipples erotically. Another hefty mouthful was allowed to run down onto her immature groin, whereupon she massaged the smelly waste all over her underage gash just as obscenely as the first.

She was standing in front of her bewildered parents moaning "Oh GOD, it feels so good and warm on my nasty pussy. I feel like such a whore playing in my nasty piss like this for you guys. Uhnnnnnn, it's so nasty and I LOVE it!!"

When her cup was empty, she sighed, unhappy that it was all gone. Then she looked up at Chuck, who was standing there jacking himself off to his daughter's unholy behavior.

Christy said "Daddy, I'll bet you have some nasty piss for me to play with, don't you?"

He wasn't expecting her to say that to him. He replied "I-I don't know if I do or not, baby."

She sat on the edge of the bathtub in front of him and said "I'll bet you do, naughty Daddy. I want you to try to piss for your little whore. Piss for me, Daddy. I need it."

"I'll try, baby. I dunno?" he said, unsure if he could produce a pee on command like that.

Christy took ahold of his semi-hard cock and jacked it for him to entice it to come out. He relaxed and concentrated, and soon outcame a thin stream of aromatic urine from the end of his cock fro her. She caught some of it in the empty cup, then outrageously pointed it at her unsuspecting mother's chest. His pee splattered all over her saggy tits and into her hairless lap. She threw her hand up in an attempt to stop it from getting on her, but Christy playfully moved his cock to make the stream hit her somewhere on her body. It sturck her face a time or two.

Then suddenly Christy put the head of his dick in front of her open mouth and sprayed it inside. She let it dribble out onto her body in a vulgar display for her parents to see. Then she put her lips against the head of her father's spurting cock and drank it down like drinking from a straw until his bladder emptied all the way.

She looked up at them grinning evily. "I told you guys your little girl is a dirty whore. I drank Daddy's nasty piss. It was so nasty, but I loved drinking it. Am I a good little whore for you, Daddy?" she asked seductively.

He resumed jacking himself off when the urine ran out and his horny daughter let go of it.

"Yeah, baby. You're my nasty little girl. I like you acting like a dirty whore."

Christy smiled, pleased that she was able to control her normally upstanding parents so easily and make them do almost anything she wanted them to while under the influence of the Rohypnol drug.

She held up the half full cup of urine and said "Now it's Mommy's turn. You have to drink some, Mommy. I said you do.", asserting her dominance over her vulnerable drugged mother.

Nancy objected at first. "I... I don't think I should, baby. Pee is very unhealty. It might make me sick."

Christy said "Mommy, piss is sterile when it comes out of your body, It just tastes a little bad and salty is all. Now drink it. Drink the rest of it for me.".

Christy held the cup out to her mother, who was reluctant to take it.

Chuck stepped in. "Do what she said and drink it, you whore." backing up his daughter's request assertively.

Wary, Nancy was hesitant at first but finally reached out and took the warm cup of piss from her insistent daughter. She was slow to respond to their request and just held the cup in front of her chest.

"Oh god, baby. It smells so awful." she said snurling her nose at the stinky waste liquid.

"It doesn't taste as bad as it smells, Mommy. Drink it. Drink it all down. Do it."

Nancy woudn't comply on her own. Christy had to reach over to her mother's shaky hand and put the cup against her lips.

"Open your mouth, Mommy. Drink it.....Drink it."

Nancy opened her mouth slightly and Christy tipped the cup a little. Some of the piss went into her mouth, but she spit it back out right away.

Christy told her "No, Mommy, you have to drink it. Hold your breath if you have to."

Slowly, she opened her mouth once more and tipped it up herself. Heeding her daughter's suggestion, she held her breath to numb her taste buds so she could drink it down. When she was done, she breathed again and instantly tasted the acidic piss again.

"Oh shit, it tastes so goddamn awful." she complained, grimmacing. "Why did you make me drink that?"

Christy pulled backward on her mother's piss soaked hair and callously replied "Because you're a dirty whore just like I am, and dirty whores have to drink their Daddy's nasty piss. Next time we have sex, I'm gonna sit on your fucking face and piss right into your goddamn mouth! How does that sound, you fucking whore bitch!"

I hadn't seen Christy get this serious all throughout the videos. She didn't seem like she play acting now. She was getting rough with her mother. Apparently what she said about Nancy being kind of strict with her was inciting the abusive tone in her voice. Her mother had controlled every aspect of her life, and this was a way Christy could be strict with her for a change.

The video continued. Nancy seemed a little frightened. She replied "That's fine, baby. It's okay with Mommy. Please calm down, baby."

"That's right, bitch. Your mine and Daddy's whore tonight. You have to do whatever we tel you to do. Right Daddy?"

He obediently replied "Yeah, baby. Mommy is our whore tonight.", copying her thanks to the hypnotic drug.

Christy let go of Nancy's wet hair and grabbed the cup from her. "Now I want you to piss in the fucking cup for me because you have to drink your nasty fucking piss, too, you bitch. Stand up and piss in the goddamn cup, Mommy." she ordered.

Sheepishly, Nancy got to her feet. She stood in the bathtub naked and spread her legs. Christy shoved three fingers up into her mother's drippy cunt and said Give me that nasty piss you have in there, you whore." She worked the fingers around inside her pussy roughly, causing Nancy to involuntatily groan from the nice feeling she felt from it. "Give me that goddamn piss in you before I fuck your asshole with the loofah sponge, bitch."

Nancy concentrated and pushed. Her urine came out in a thick stream, which Christy adeptly caught in the clear cup she held under her cunt. When the cup was full, Christy pulled the cup away and fingered Nancy's pussy harshly as the smelly piss ran out onto her flucuating hand and splattered all over her bald pussy until she was empty.

Christy held the cup up to her mouth and took a drink from it. She swallowed it down and smacked her lips.

"Mmmmm, Mommy, I like your piss. Drink some of it."

She hoisted the cup to Nancy's face. Her mother reluctanly took the cup and sipped a little from it, making the same awful face she had before, and then swallowed it. Then she handed the cup back to Christy.

"See, that's not so bad." Christy said about it. Standing to face her mother, she took a big sip of the amber waste, then french kissed her surprised mother. She spit the piss into her mother's mouth and swigged it around to make her taste it more. She backed away and grabbed Nancy's big saggy breast.

She said "Watch, Daddy.", then put her mother's deflated tit into the cup of pee. She pulled it back out of the cup and pressed the urine soaked nipple to her own mouth. "Mmmmmm, Mommy, your nasty piss tastes great with your milk. Try some."

She dipped a breast into the piss and put it to Nancy's mouth. Her mother parted her lips and sucked upon her own nipple for Christy.

"See, Mommy, pee isn't bad for you." Then Christy pushed Nancy against the tile wall in the back of the tub. "Now lets see how Mommy likes her own nasty piss on her."

Christy put the cup between my sister's dangling tits and poured the urine slowly between them. It ran down her pudgy belly and onto her hairless groin obscenely. Christy pressed her free hand down to her mother's thick thighs and shoved her fingers up into her pissy cunt. Nancy closed her eyes as her lusty daughter fingered her cunt forcefully with her pissy hand. She massaged her own breasts happily as Christy worked four fingers in and out of her wet cunt.

"See, Mommy, piss can feel good if you use it right. Now drink it."

She put the cup up to her mother's quivering lip and poured it in. This time, Nancy didn't spit it out. She swallowed it for her daughter.

"That's a good whore, Mommy. Drink it all, ou filthy bitch. Drink that nasty piss like a fucking whore. There you go."

Pretty soon the cup was empty. Christy dropped the cup and concentrated on her mother's wet pussy.

"See, Daddy, Mommy is a good little whore."

She glanced over at her horny father, who was still jacking himself off to the indecent show Christy was putting on.

She said "Daddy, you look like you need somewhere to put that big dick of yours. Mommy, bend over for Daddy."

Thinking she was going to get some more action in her yearning pussy, Nancy quickly did as she was told and obediently bent over, bracing herself up on the edge of the bathtub. Her fat ass was sticking up into the air in front of him.

When he started to dive in and shove his cock into his wife, Christy stopped him.

"No, Daddy. I'll do it for you." she said.

She reached over to the window sill and grabbed the lotion bottle sitting there. She applied a generous amount to her mother's ass crack and grabbed his hard cock, aiming it for him. He leaned in as Christy held it for him. As he got closer, she aimed it kind of high.

"In here, Daddy. I want you to fuck her in here."

I took that to mean she was aiming his cock at my sister's asshole instead of her pussy. He was ever eager as long as he got to fuck something. He pressed the head of his hard cock against her asshole and plunged it all the way in thanks to the mass amount of lotion on her crack. The sudden intrusion caused Nancy to scream and flinch forward.

"Oh SHIT, my goddamn asshole! You fuckers put it up in my goddamn ass. Owwww....Owwwww." she whined.

"That's right, Mommy. I made Daddy fuck your shitty asshole. You know you like it up the ass, you dirty whore. Say it, Mommy! Say you're a shitty whore who likes to get fucked up her nasty ass!"

In between the groaning and fidgeting, Nancy mumbled "I'm a shitty wh-whore who likes to be fucked in the ass. Owww.... Owwww."

My sister's floppy tits hung down and swung around from her chest like a tangelo in a tube sock. They were swaying uncontrolllably as Chuck fucked her ass hard from behind. She held onto the grab bar on the back wall with all her might as he pounded her ass feverishly from behind. She was grunting and whining with every deep penetration into her rectum, both enjoying the hard fucking because she liked anal sex, but at the same time, his sudden forced entry caused her asshole to become terribly sore.

"Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnnn.... Goddamn, my fucking asshole hurts so much. Owwww.....Owwww.". Nancy just bent over and took the punishment he was delivering to her poor ass relentlessly despite her pains.

Christy was watching her father ream out her helpless mother with sadistic glee in her eyes.

"Mommy, you shut up and let Daddy fuck your shitty asshole. You must like it. You're letting him do it to you, you horny bitch." She reached between her mother's legs and drilled three fingers up into her dripping cunt. "She does like it, Daddy. Her pussy if really fucking wet. You should see this, Mommy. Daddy's big dick is going up inside your shitty asshole. Your ass is really stretched out. I'll bet you won't be able to keep any shit in there for a week. You're gonna shit your pants everytime you stand up, you filthy whore."

Christy's mistreatment of her mother was a little worrysome for me. What sort of meanness had I unleashed in her during her brief stay at my place?

Christy kept drilling her speared hand up into Nancy's loose cunt while her father fucked Nancy's asshole rigorously. Her anus had stretched enough now that it no longer hurt her to do it. Her yelps of pain had turned to grunts of accepting pleasure. My subjugated sister was beginning to derive some pleasure from their constant mutual siege upon her abused groin.

"You mean bastards keep going back there. I'm gonna cumm again! It feels.... feels so good. Ahnnnnnn!"

"I feel it, Mommy. Your nasty cunt is really wet back here. It's so wet that I can fit my hand inside. You dirty whores and your big sloppy pussies. After Daddy is done, your asshole will be as loose as your fucking cunt."

The vile talk and the unending stimulation they were delivering to her backside was working. Nancy gnawed her bottom lip and let out a muffled scream as she orgasmed for a second time.

"RRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!" she bellowed as her pussy clamped down on her daughter's small hand. Her legs gave out and she collapsed into the floor of the bathtub, trembling involuntarily from the immense pleasure surging through her spent body. She was smiling broadly, satisfied with the results.

Chuck stood there and took some comfort in his wife's vulnerable state. He grinned slyly and said to Christy "Looks like she couldn't take it, baby."

"She lasted longer than I thought she would. Look at her poor asshole. It's all stretched out. Now I think it's my turn to have some fun with you. But lets get dried off first. The pee play is over, so we don't have to stay in the shower. Here Daddy, let me wash off your big dick for you before we get out."

Christy methodically scrubbed her father's rigid cock thoroughly for him until she was satisfied it was spotless. Once finished, she and Chuck stepped out of the shower and dried off, leaving Nancy sitting in the floor of the bathtub under the falling warm water by herself.

Christy looked back at her weakened mother and said "Mommy, if you get your strength back, come and join us in the bedroom. Me and Daddy are going to play for awhile now. You already got yours twice already, It's my turn for fucking now."

They exited the bathroom with the video camera in hand. The video went dark and ended.

I couldn't believe what she had made her suggestive parents do with her. I felt guilty for having taught her some of these profane acts, ut not guilty enough to make me stop watching her videos. I double clicked on the one marked '3-M/D/D' to see the continuation.

It opened with Christy leading her father around by the cock like a leash. She stood him by his bed and pushed him backward upon it. Then she went to the corner of the room and got a tripod stand and mounted my video camera on top of it so she could be hands-free during their sex. She put the stand at the foot of the bed and aimed it so that it caught all the action on the mattress from a 3ft height. Then she hopped up onto the bed, checking the reversible LED display to double check the view one last time, then crawled up to her naked father. I was wondering when she was going to participate more in the videos. It was her turn now.

She looked up into the camera and said "This is my father Chuck. As you can see, he is completely naked, as am I. We are father and daughter. I know incest is wrong and illegal, but we're gonna have sex with each other anyway. We're gonna have dirty, nasty, disgusting sex with each other and we don't give a fuck who knows about it. Maybe I'll make a website and post pictures on him fucking my teenage pussy. Or maybe some pictures of me sucking his big dick. Either way, it'll be so cool, won't it, Daddy?"

He nodded. "Yeah, baby. It'll be cool."

"We left Mommy in the bathtub just now after having anal and pussy sex with her. She's too tired right now, so we let her rest. Right now I'd like to start the fun by sucking Daddy's fat dick. That okay with you, Daddy?" she asked.

"I'd like that a lot, baby." he replied smiling.

She laid on the bed beside him so I could see the action. Her head was beside his hips. She gripped his still hard cock in her hand and wrapped her mouth around the pointed head of it. She inhaled hard, which made Chuck grip the bed covers tightly. I think he liked having a young girl her age sucking him off.

Christy was humming "Mmmmmmmmmm." as she sucked his cock like it was tasty to her. Her head was bobbing up and down upon his hard cock. She managed to fit 5 inches of it in her mouth before she touched her gag reflex. And I was proud of her that she remembered to use her hand to mark how much she could swallow. She didn't try to go past the point where her hand held onto the base of his shaft. At least I taught her one thing useful during her descent into perversion. One good one, anyway.

My underage niece looked into the camera steadily like the porno stars do as she blew her light headed father. Chuck just laid there contendedly on the bed with his head propped on a pillow against the headboard watching his so called innocent daughter commit adultery on him so willingly. To make the video even more steamy and degrading, she would pull his hard cock from her mouth and tap it against her own face disgracefully like one would do to demean their partner.

"Oh, Daddy, I love you so much, you dirty old man. I love your big dick even though you just fucked Mommy in the ass with it. Yum...... *SLURP* - *SUCK* ........ letting your little girl suck your fucking dick like a dirty little whore. You're a bad Daddy. Baaaaad Daddy! *SLURP* - *SLURP* - *SUCK* "

As Christy sucked his long cock perpetually, Nancy came into the room and sat down on the corner of the bed slightly dazed and silently watched her husband and young daughter commit illicit incest with each other. Christy paused just long enough to adress her mother's presence in the room.

"Look at me, Mommy. I'm sucking Daddy's big fat dick for him." She put her mouth back over it and gobbled it some more. "*SLURP* - *SUCK* Daddy loves it when I suck his dick for him. *SLURP* - *SLURP* I like having my whore Mommy watch me suck my Daddy's dick in front of her like a whore. Mmmmmm......"

Nancy sat on the bed American Indian style watching her horny daughter suck her agreeable husband off. She was looking at them appearing to be getting really turned on from the illegality of her teen daughter doing incest with Chuck. She put her hand down between her own legs and massaged her wet pussy compulsorily without even thinking about it. She dug her fingers into the tender pink folds of her wallowed cunt and softly moaned from the gratifying feel of her exploring hand pleasuring herself.

Christy looked at her lustfully and said "Look at Mommy, Daddy. She's playing with her nasty pussy like a dirty whore again. She wants another fucking again, but your dick is mine right now. All mine. *SLURP-SLURP* Such a nasty Mommy. I want to hear you say you're a dirty whore, Mommy. Say it to me, you dirty little bitch."

Nancy was frigging her pussy enthusiastically. She whispered seductively "Yes, your mommy is a dirty little whore."

"Say it louder, you fucking bitch!" Christy commanded.

Licking her lips from wanting to replace her daughter's mouth with her own on her husband's thick cock, she fervidly replied out loud "I am a dirty, nasty whore who has sex with her family!"

Christy smiled wickedly, pleased over her mother's degradation.

She looked at Nancy and said "Mommy, I want you to come over here and put your face between my thighs and eat my little pussy for me. Get over here and eat my fucking pussy, bitch. Eat my pussy and lick my dirty asshole for me. NOW!"

Nancy got off the bed and walked around it unto she was beside Christy. She knelt down on the floor by her daughter's voluptuous ass. Christy was laying on her side sucking her father but twisted her lower body so that her ass was almost horizontal on the bed. She raised the leg closest to her mother into the air so Nancy could get at her puffy pussy and asshole. Once my sister had her face between Christy's slender legs and began eating her daughter out like a cartoonish Tasmanian Devil, Christy laid her elevated leg across her mother's shoulder and back for support. Nancy wrapped her arm around that leg and held it out of the way for her.

My sister was ravenously eating out Christy's cunt like a seasoned lesbian, like she had eaten pussy her whole life. I don't know where she learned to do it so well being a hetero female, but she was licking and kissing her daughter's immature cunt like a pro. Christy was squirming around from the gratifying attention her mother applied to her juicy cunt.

"Ahnnnnn, Mommy, yeah.... like that, you whore. Eat your baby's nasty pussy, you fucking cunt! Eat that pussy like a dirty whore because that's what you are, Mommy, a dirty fucking whore. Spread my wet pussy and get your tongue up inside it deep! I want you to lick my shitty asshole, too, you goddamn bitch! Fuck my dirty asshole with your finger when you eat my goddamn pussy like a fucking whore, bitch."

Nancy complied with her daughter's orders. As she ate out her puffy gash hungrily, I saw her point her middle finger out and press it against her daughter's tight asshole. She pushed the finger up inside her ass to the knuckle. Christy gasped and paused her sucking when she felt her mother's long finger go inside her.

"Yeah Mommy, like that. Fuck my shitty asshole with your finger and eat my nasty pussy for me, you dirty bitch! Uhnnnnnnn!"

Christy sucked her father's erection more intensely in response to her mother's pleasant actions on her groin. Her cheeks sunk in deeply as she suckled him powerfully. He laid on the bed with his eyes closed merrily enjoying his daughter's forbidden behavior on his stiff cock. He placed a hand on top of her damp hair and moved it in unison with her bobbing head.

Nancy's tongue was working over her daughter's slippery gash while her finger worked in and out of Christy's tight asshole relentlessly. She twisted her hand as it worked back and forth to give the tight, sensitive anus even more stimulation. Christy laid on the bed greedily sucking her father's long cock like a milkshake straw moaning like a porn starlet for the camera. Seeing the three of them cavorting on the bed in a human centipede of lust made me realize what the hidden acronymic meaning of the video's file name '3-M/D/D' was. It meant Mom/Dad/Daughter'. I was a little disappointed in myself that I hadn't caught on to it sooner.

I was stroking my poor, aching cock furiously by this point. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to last long enough to see the final video before exploding like a geyser. I had been able to divert my attention each time I felt my balls try to pump by releasing my cock and waiting until he settled down before I touched myself again.

I think I was experiencing some sort of sexual Tantric effect in my brain, like what the tall skinny boy in the movie 'American Pie 2' claimed he wanted to achieve from cumming through meditation, because my body felt warm and somewhat satisfied like the way you feel after sex even though I hadn't had a full blown release yet. I guess my repeatedly bringing myself to the brink of an orgasm and them cutting it short had released a small amount of rewarding Dopamine hormone into my brain already. I still wanted to achieve that intense final cumm by the end of this jack off session, but my brain didn't require it as badly as when I first started watching the videos.

On the computer screen, Christy's mouth was getting sore from sucking her father for so long. She pulled his cock from her mouth and said "I'm sorry, Daddy, I have to stop. My mouth is numb." She opened her mouth and rotated her lower jaw to stretch the muscles controlling it. "Anyway, I'm ready to get fucked by that monster. Are you ready to do this, Daddy?"

He looked up at her agerly with a big smile and said "You're goddamn right I am. I've been waiting to fuck that tight pussy of yours all night!"

She looked down at her groin at her compliant mother and said "You can stop, Mommy. I'm gonna fuck your perverted husband now, whore."

Nancy raised up from my niece's groin with sticky pussy juice all over her mouth and nose and stood on her feet. Christy crawled on top of Chuck's lap facing away from him and straddled his groin. She laid her father's hard cock back against his belly and grinded her clit back and forth against the underside of it.

"Mmmmm, Daddy, I like how your dick feels on my little pussy."

He replied "It feels even better when it's *IN* your pussy, baby."

"I'll bet it does, Daddy..... I'll bet it does." she said grinning.

She teased her father with her pussy for a short while by grinding her pussy against it from the head to the base. Finally, she laid back, put her hand down to her groin, slid backward far enough for his cock to spring upward, and guided him between her under developed folds and into her tight vagina. They both gasped out loud as she rocked her hips forward to gradually make his cock go inside her pussy deeper and deeper. Once her pussy got accustomed to the thickness, she was able to fit his entire hard cock inside her teenage reproductive tract.

Christy braced herself backward on the mattress so the video camera could see her father's erection impale her very clearly. Sliding her firm ass back and forth against Chuck's pubic bone, she was able to steadily fuck her father without much effort on her part. Chuck was gripping her slim hips and pushing her ass forward to assist her and make his cock go that much deeper in her cunt.

As she rode her father's thick cock, she was moaning and talking dirty at her mother, who had settled at the foot of the bed again to watch her family's incestuous debauchery while fingering herself merrily.

"L-Look at Daddy fucking me, Mommy. Watch his nasty dick fuck my tight cunt, you bitch. My pussy is way tighter than yours is, you dirty whore. Your pussy is so old and wallowed out from making babies that I put my whole goddamn hand up inside it in the bathroom earlier. Ahnnnnnn, Daddy, it feels so good. Your big dick is making my tight pussy horny. I know Mommy's pussy doesn't feel this good anymore. Her fucking cunt is like a goddamn tunnel. Mmmmmmm, I love it when you fuck my little pussy, Daddy. Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnn!"

Chuck just laid there silently as his daughter worked her pussy back and forth on his tingling cock, repeatedly filling her immature womb completely.

Christy looked over at her pathetic mother and said "Make yourself usefull, you fucking bitch! Lick my drippy pussy while Daddy fucks it! Get over here and lick my cunt, you filthy whore!"

Nancy seemed eager to participate. She crawled over between her husband's legs and put her head down at their groins.

Christy grabbed her mother by her hair and pulled her face down against the child's slimy pussy. Nancy stuck out her tongue and began licking upon her lusty daughter's clit and her husband's slippery erection where it went up inside the girl.

"That's it, Mommy, eat my fucking nasty cunt for me, bitch! Eat my pussy while Daddy fucks me hard and deep. From now on I'm gonna fuck your husband whenever I want to, and you're gonna let me. Whores like you with tunnel cunts ca'nt keep a man happy. He needs a tight pussy like mine to keep him satisfied. The only thing your old tired pussy is good for is to fuck horses."

"If you say so, baby." was all Nancy retorted with thanks to the Rohypnol Christy gave her.

Nancy continued lapping her long tongue out against Christy's stretched pussy and Chuck's thrusting cock hungrily. Christy was rocking her lower body on her father's thick member energetically, sliding her weight back and forth on her soft ass cheeks to impale her tight cunt on his manhood as far as she could get it in her. With her avid mother's help, her pleasure threshold was building higher and higher until she succumbed to her arousal.

"I..... I'm cumming, Daddy! Oh fuck.....FUUUUUUCK! I'm.....I'm...... YYYYYAAAAAHHHHNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!"

She pushed her body forward all the way and held it there firmy, stuffing her father's hard cock to the top of her gushing pussy. She grabbed her mother's head and pressed Nancy's mouth against her spread gash to make her lick her clit bump while she climaxed hard. When her loins stopped quivering, she fell limply to the side of her father and snuggled him with her head upon his outstretched arm. His still erect penis stood up from his groin like a flagpole, still waiting for it's turn at a hearty release.

Chuck said "Baby, I'm glad you got off, but what am I gonna do now? I already fucked everything on your mother. I need another hole to fuck so I can get off."

Christy looked adoringly at him and said "I know where you can cumm, Daddy."

"Where's that, Christy?" he asked.

"Daddy, I want you to cumm in my dirty ass so I can make Mommy eat it out of me. Will you do that for me, Daddy, fuck my shitty asshole?"

He grinned pleasantly and replied "Sure, baby. Anything for you." as casually as if she had asked him for a glass of water.

Christy climbed back up on her father's body, but this time she was belly-to-belly with her as in front of his poised cock. She looked back at Nancy and said "Get down there and get my asshole wet with your mouth and tongue so Daddy can fuck my shitty asshole, you nasty whore. Make sure you get your tongue up in my asshole, too."

Drugged out of her right mind, Nancy obeyed and did as she ordered. She knelt beside the incestuous pair and put her head over Christy's upturned ass. From above, she pried her daughter's supple ass cheeks apart and buried her face down into her ass crack. Her pointed tongue licked out at Christy's wrinkled asshole vigorously. I saw her mother defile my teenage niece's asshole like she was digging food out of it with her tongue.

"Oh fuck, Mommy!" Christy cried out. "I... I can feel your nasty tongue up in my shitty asshole, you filthy fucking bitch! Oh god, that feels so fucking good! I hope you taste my nasty shit in there, you dirty fucking whore! Dig it deeper with your tongue bitch! Yeah.... Uhnnnnnn!!!"

I could see Nancy's tongue go up into her daughter's asshole as far as she could get it inside there. It lookd erotically disgusting, but my eyes were glued to the screen. I couldn't look away.

Finally, Christy said "That's good, Mommy. Now put Daddy's dick in my asshole for me so he can fuck my shitty ass for me."

Nancy grabbed the shaft of her husband's hard cock and stuck the pointed tip against Christy's slobbery asshole. Christy pushed backward against her father and let the head of it disappear into her rectal cavity. A little more rocking and bouncing and she worked the entire thing up into her clenching asshole.

"Mmmmm, Daddy..... dammit! It's so goddamn BIG! Fuck, my poor ass is screaming right now."

Chuck hunched his hips underneath his immature daughter and slowly worked about 4 inches in and out of her ass so she could get used to it, the started thrusting more and more of his hard cock up inside of her. Pretty soon she was bouncing her ass upon his groin on her own and begging for more.

"DAAAAHHHH-DEEEEEEE!! Ahhhhhhhnnnnnn! It feels sooooo gooooood! Faster, Daddy! Fuck my shitty ass faster..... deeper! Squeeze my titties, Daddy! Squeeze them hard! Make them hurt!"

He reached up to her small breasts and gripped them like he was squeezing juice out of an orange. His hands squeezed her tender mammary flesh so hard that it bulged out maliciously from between his clamping fingers. Tears welled up in her blue eyes but she never stopped bouncing her full round ass on his stiff member.

"Owwww! Owwww! YES, Daddy YES! Like that. Please hurt them. Make my titties hurt really bad, Daddy! I.... I like it when you do that to me. I love it!" she assured him even tho I saw her crying from it.

He was pulling on them forcibly, yanking them hard enough that it pulled her slender body along with them. When he pushed one of them up and pulled the other one down in opposite directions, she yelled out "OOOOOWWW!!!!!" wincing in pain, but she stayed on you of him. Tears were streaming down her smooth cheeks steadily now, but thanks to the drug she made him take, he didn't care whether she was in pain or not. All he knew was that she told him to do it to her and that she wasn't attempting to stop him, so he kept doing it to her. And she seemed to get some sort of sick thrill from the pain. She was gnawing her bottom lip in ecstacy from it.

Christy was bouncing her impaled ass up and down upon her father's lap vigorously while he abused her bruised tits savagely for her. Nancy still had her face behind her daughter's ass and would lean in and lick upon her reamed asshole and her husband's thick cock whenever she could get to them. Since Christy had just experienced a massive climax, her body was still in a heightened state of excitement. She could tellher body was about to climax again, and soon.

She told her horny father "D-Daddy, you need to cumm in my ass now! I'm gonna cumm again, please cumm for me now! I want your nasty cumm inside my dirty asshole, Daddy. Hurry! Hurry, Daddy. Cumm!"

He didn't need any encouragement. His balls had been waiting to explode for the past hour or so. He quickened his pace and slapped his groin up against her asshole, causing her body to bounce up into the air without her help. She had to hang on to his chest to keep from from being bounced off of him, he was pounding her ass so hard. It wasn't long before his face contorted and he pulled her body down hard against his spurting cock by her tender red breasts.

He grunted "RRRRNNNNGGGHHH!!" as his pent up balls shot stream after stream of thick, white jism into her clenching rectum. It filled her ass with a quarter cup of his incestuous seed.

As her father lubed the inside of her colon with his salty jizz, she concentrated on her own pleasure. Feeling his sperm spray all over her rectum was enough to top off her arousal threshold. Her pussy gushed a second time onto his groin and she shivered and trembled involuntarily on top of her father. She muffled her voice as she cummed hard a second time with her father. When it was over, she layed forward on top of Chuck and rested with her head upon his hairy chest. He put an arm over her shoulders and kissed her on top of the head adoringly.

Nancy laid down beside them and snuggled against the two of them. They all remained that way for a few minutes, happily basking in each other's mutual satisfaction. Then the video ended.

That only left one more video to view, the one labeled '4-HANK'. I double clicked the mouse and the video appeared on the computer screen.

The scene was still in their bedroom. Christy was now laying on her belly on the bed on one side while Nancy and Chuck were in a 69 licking and sucking upon one another. Christy appeared to be resting from her double orgasm. You could see her reamed asshole between her cheeks. It was still wide open from the anal invasion. She tried to willfully close it shut, but it would just spring back open on it's own again.

Christy said "Why don't you guys go do that on MY bed so I can rest here while my strength comes back?"

Taking the hint, Chuck and Nancy disappeared out of view, supposedly to go finish what they were doing in her bedroom.

As the camera rolled, their pet labrador Hank came into the bedroom to see where everyone had disappeared to. When he saw Christy up on the bed, he immeduiately jumped up on it beside her and began licking her in the face. She playfully pushed him back and said "Hank, stop it! I'm tired. Leave me alone."

He began to get off of the bed as instructed, then a scent hit his nose. He turned and saw her exposed ass showing. Curiously, he sniffed around until he caught her heat scent from her orgasms. He licked his long, flat tongue across her bare ass cheek.

She laughed and said "Hank, NO! Leave me alone."

He couldn't though. The enticing smell coming from her flooded pussy hooked him like a bitch dog's scent when she's in heat. He sniffed her ass again and licked her round ass cheek.

Again, she ineffectively tried to push him away and told him "LEAVE-me-ALONE, Hank!" while laying there on the bed with her eyes closed.

Instead of leaving, Hank walked around on the bed suspiciously staring at Christy. Then all at once he was on top of her holding her down with his body weight and attempting to work his growing red cock into her backside. Christy tried to squirm out from under him, but she was stil weak from the double climaxes and couldn't fight him off. He was a very large dog, probably close to her weight. She was powerless to fend him off.

The aroused dog eased his lipstick shaped cock closer and closer to her ass, then shoved it forward into anything it could find. What it found was Christy's reamed, gaping asshole. Once inside, the thick, veiny hard on delved deeply into her rectum, then he hunched her body uncontrolably.

She was flailing about underneath the massive beast trying to call out for help, but her mother and father were busy in her bedroom out of earshot. The dog wrapped it's front legs around Christy's slim waist and bore down on her helpless butt, shoving his 6 inch long doggie cock in and out of her asshole against her will. Eventually, she stopped moving altogether and just laid there paralyzed since she couldn't stop him anyway.

I watched his long cock invade her asshole relentlessly over and over until he finally couldn't move anymore. He tried to pull his dog dick from her ass but it was stuck inside her. The poor dog had knotted up in her ass and couldn't break free. The base of a dog's cock swells up thicker than the shaft when it has sex. That's what was causing the trouble. He knotted inside her rectum and now he was stuck inside her.

I heard Christy say "Hank, I am going to kill you for this, goddamn it!"

The dog resumed his hunching until I saw a familiar look upon his face. Every guy knows that look. It's the same face that her father had made when he was allowed to finally cumm tonight. The dog pushed forward deeply into her ass and was cumming inside Christy's colon, and unleashing quite a big load from the looks of it. It took him about a minute for the look to go away. After another minute or so, his spent cock deflated enough that he could finally pull it out of her ass. He laid down beside her and started licking his shrinking crimson cock and balls to clean himself off.

Christy reached behind her body to assess the damage done to her asshole. She felt around on it and saw that it wasn't harmed, just thoroughly fucked and slightly agape. She dipped a finger down into the hole and made contact with the dog's semen. She went "Ewwwwww!" and wiped it off on her parent's bed sheets.

Then she clenched her asshole as tightly as she could to close it, grabbed the camera and tripod, and headed for her bedroom. She was walking like she had shit herself, clenching her cheeks together in an attempt to keep her asshole closed so nothing leaked out of her.

As she walked, she looked into the camera and said "Uncle John, I hope you like everything you've seen tonight. You and me will have to get together again really soon now that I know how good anal sex feels. You'll probably give me hemmorhoids, but I'll take that chance. Maybe I'll let Hank do me in front of you. How would that be, you dirty perv. Ha Ha."

She entered her bedroom and found her amorous parents kneeling in her floor. Her grunting mother was being fucked in the ass again by Chuck, who was bowing her from behind doggy style. Nancy had her upper body resting upon the side of Christy's bed holding onto the bed covers for dear life while her husband drilled her as fast as he could.

Christy set up the tripod and camera at a 45 degree angle from the action behind them, then crawled up on the full sized bed on all fours in front of her enraptured mother and jutted her ass out at my sister's face.

She ordered her "Mommy, eat out my ass. Eat all tha sperm out of my shitty ass. Dig it out with your nasty tongue, you horny bitch!"

Nancy was so aroused, she didn't need a second command. She raised her face up from the bed and grabbed Christy's slender hips, then buried her mouth onto her daughter's exposed asshole, licking and probing the sticky orifice greedily. Little did my sister know just what she was eating out of her daughter's reamed ass. When Nancy's tongue wasn't up inside the teenager's rectum, I saw some of the sperm inside her ass seep out of her anus. Her mother was ever quick to lap it up and hungrily swallow it down her unsuspecting throat.

Nancy was groaning lustfully as she cleaned out Christy's rectum.

"Mmmmmm, baby, I love that sperm in your asshole. It tastes so good. I'm a dirty whore bcause I love to eat sperm."

"That's right, Mommy. Eat that dirty sperm out of my shitty asshole, you nasty bitch! Eat your baby's shitty ass for her, you cock sucking whore bitch!"

Nancy did as she was told and shoved her tongue as far as she could into Christy's asshole. She lapped her tongue selfishly at the dubious sperm mix as it drained out of her daughter's gaping anus, ingesting every drop she could draw out of it until the last of the sperm had been excavated from it.

Now that she had no fear of her reamed asshole leaking out, Christy took the camera off of the tripod and sat down on the bed, watching her mesmerized parents cavort erotically in front of her. They were indifferent to her incestuous presence thanks to the Rohypnol she slipped them. She filmed having sex them until her mother collapsed breathlessly in place on her bed and her struggling father managed to unload another small pool of sperm onto her mother's wide ass crack.

When she noticed her parents becoming very drowsy, Christy was afraid they would fall asleep in her room, and that would be way too hard to explain away the next morning. She shook them and told them. "You guys better go get in the bed right quick. It's bedtime, my little horny slaves."

Chuck replied "Yeah, I am really sleepy. Come on, Nancy, it's time for bed. Get up."

He stood up and slapped my sister on her jiggly ass. She stirred and he helped her to her feet. They both disappeared down the hallway and into their bedroom for the night.

Christy looked into the camera and commented "Didn't I tell you that you'd love this video? I think I will cut it into smaller parts so the file sizes won't be so massive. Mom can be really obnoxious sometimes when she gets in one of her bossy moods. Me and Dad got her back tonight, I think. If he had known what I was going to do to her, he probably would have volunteered willingly, but this way, neither of them will remember tonight's sex with me. They'll wake up and think they had sex with each other and forgot about it. If I could catch Dad alone, like if we could go camping just me and him, I'd give him another pill and fuck his brains out again. Too bad he usually goes off with a bunch of his friends when he does it."

I'll sign off now. I'm making myself a copy of this video for my own enjoyment and I'll mail the video camera back to you in a day or so. Enjoy Mom's distress. Love ya, Salty Milk Man.". She blew me a kiss and turned off the camera.

I sat there with a load of sperm slowly making it's way down my chest to my belly button. I grabbed a Kleenex and wiped it off. I cummed the moment I saw the dog fill her asshole with his beastly semen. I deviously imagined that if he had hit her pussy instead of her ass, would there be little blonde, blue eyed labrador puppies running around their house the next time I visited. I laughed out loud.

I took the SD card out of the card reader and hid it where no one else would ever find it. The next day, I went to Radio Shack and purchased a 32gb flash drive and a good file encrypting program to password protect all of the files I didn't want anyone else to discover. I was careless with my videos and my computer journal, leaving them out in the open on my computer where anyone could find them, and did find them. I was just lucky the one who saw them had a deviant mind like mine and got a thrill from them. Once I transferred all of my offensive files to the flash drive and encrypted them, I cleaned my home computer thoroughly, deleting all the illegal files and wiping the free space on the hard drive with CCleaner to jumble all those illicit videos and images. Even programs made to recover lost deleted files can't restore what CCleaner removes.


Journal Entry 1/30

Sitting at home relaxing about noon time on a Saturday watching a movie on FX when the phone rang. The caller ID showed that it was Nancy, my sister. I picked up and said "Hello?"

Christy was on the other end. She sounded a little excited about something.

"Uncle John. Uncle John! Do you have any plans for today? Please say you don't."

I replied "No, hon, I don't have anything to do at all. Why?"

"I wanted to tell you to pretend like I left something of mine over at your house and you're bringing it back to me. Pick out anything you think I might like and asked you if I could have it, then bring it to our house. Can you do that?"

I was confused. "Wait a minute, Christy. Let me understand this. You want me to bring you something from my house and say you left it over here, correct?" I asked trying to get a grasp on her request.

"Yeah, yeah. Like that. Just do it and bring it to me late ths afternoon about 5."

I still didn't understand. "But why do you want me to do that for you?" I asked puzzled.

She said "It's not really for ME, Uncle John. It's for you, too."

I asked again. "But why, hon?" I insisted,

She replied "You see, Dad has gone hunting with his friends for the weekend. He won't be back until tomorrow night. I want you to bring that thing to me to give you a reason to come over to our house because......", she paused, "......because we're gonna give Mom another pill while he's gone and fuck the hell out of her."

I was a little shocked at her plan, although not entirely against it.

I said incredulously "Hon, you want to drug your unsuspecting mother again and make her fuck me. Is that right?"

"Oh come on, I know you want to. You said so the other day. You got horny thinking about her big saggy tits last month, and I know you probably jacked off to the videos I sent you. What's the problem?"

"The problem is that we might get caught doing it."

"No we won't." she assured me. "Daddy is definitely gone until late tomorrow night. He's 300 miles away. We can do her tonight and she won't remember a thing about it. One thing, though. Bring a pill with you. Mine are all gone."

I thought about her despicable proposal, wondering if I should do it or not. It has been a while since I nutted. I weighed the pros and the cons and decided why not? I had nothing better to do. Plus I wanted another crack at that tight cunt on Christy. And now that I know she'll take a dick in the ass, anal would definitely occur as well.

I told her "Hon, let me get a quick shower and I'll be right over. By the way, should I bring a pill for you, too?"

She giggled. "No thanks, Uncle John. You already *KNOW* you can do whatever you want to me..... an-eee-thing! But go ahead and bring an extra one with you. I have a cute friend from school that I might invite for a sleepover. I know how you like the young stuff. See you tonight. Thanks again, Salty Man. Bye."

She ended with "And bring the video camera, too." Then she hung up.

I was intrigued by all of this. I hurriedly took a thorough shower since I hadn't bathed since yesterday morning before work. I picked out a dark polo shirt and black jeans. For this special occasion, I opted for leopard pattern briefs because they were very snug and it would make my junk look bigger. To pass the time before I left around 4pm, I watched 'Avatar' on pay-per-view.

The clock rolled around pretty fast and it was 4 o'clock before I knew it. Maybe it was the anticipation that made the time pass so quickly for me. I threw on my quilt lined leather jacket that had some Rohypnol in a hidden pocket, grabbed my video camera and some ambiguous item from my bedroom nick-nack shelf for my alibi, and headed over to their house. It took a little over an hour to get to her house even with fairly clear roads today. It hadn't snowed since last week and the snowplows and car tires had pretty much rid the streets of most of the snow. When I pulled up in their driveway, I saw Christy peek out of the front window. Before I could knock, she opened the door and greeted me warmly.

"Hey Uncle John, how are you doing? Nice to see you. What brings you way put here?" she asked.

I stepped inside and hung up my coat, retrieving the small ziplock I kept my pills in. I slid a couple to Christy, who covertly put them in a small fob pocket at the top of her regular pocket on her jeans. I looked around for Nancy. Not spotting her right away, I silently mouthed the words "Wheres your Mom?". She pointed to the living room indicating her location.

I stepped into the doorway that led to the living room. Nancy looked up at me surprised.

"Hey, Johnny. What you doing here? It's not Christmas yet, is it?", making it known I was notorious for only coming around during the holidays.

"I.... um, I brought Christy something that she left at my house last month. A little figurine she fell in love with when she was there. She called and asked me if I'd bring it to her."

"You could have just mailed it to her to keep from driving all the way out here." she said snidely.

"I was afraid it would get broken in the mail, so I just brought it to her. It was no problem."

"Maybe she should forget more things at your house. Then maybe we'd get to see you more often."

My sister was being her usual snotty self. Is it no wonder why I don't come to visit more often.

Just to make polite conversation, I asked "Where's Chuck hiding at?"

"Oh, him and his drinking buddies down the street are gone hunting up north at one of them's cabin. He'll be gone 'til tomorrow night. Left us here to go have fun with his friends."

"Does he usually bring back anything good, like a deer or anything?"

"Sometimes he'll luck up and get a deer, but most of the time it's just an excuse to get out of the house with his beer buddies."

From behind me, I heard Christy talking by her bedroom. She was curling her finger like she was telling someone to come here. A head appeared from her doorway and peeked around. Christy pointed in my direction. They both came down the hallway to where I was.

Christy said "Uncle John, this is my friend Amanda from school. She's in a grade below me."

I shook her hand and said "How do you do Amanda? Christy sure has some very cute friends."

She got shy and blushed. Christy spoke and said "It's her birthday in 2 weeks. She'll be 14."

I thought to myself "Oh my sweet jesus, Christy! You're trying to put me in an early grave by enticing me with these young beauties!"

"Fourteen, you say? Wow. And so pretty already too."

Her face got even redder from my nice compliment. She was about 5 ft even, 85-90 lbs, with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. She seemed to have a little Bengali blood in her from her all natural semi-tanned complexion. Her eyes resembled the East Indian girlfriend from "Big Bang Theory". From what I could tell through her conservative clothing, she had a nice figure on her, but she wasn't as developed as Christy was. Her breasts were a tad smaller than hers. Her body was slim and was just about to start becoming curvy like my niece's tempting body.

Christy asked me if I wanted something to drink, which I replied "Sure, I'll take a beer if you have one in the fridge."

She said "Coming right up. Mom, do you need a refill on your tea?"

Nancy said "Yeah, baby. Please." handing Christy her empty glass.

Christy and Amanda disappeared into the kitchen. I decided to sit down in Chuck's recliner so I didn't have to sit right next to Nancy on the sofa. The chair was right beside her, but it being separate was preferable.

"She's a little young for your charm, isn't she, Johnny." Nancy said in an irritating tone.

"Wh-what the hell does THAT mean?" I asked suspiciously.

She mocked what I said in the hallway. "Fourteen? And so pretty already.......Christy has some cute friends."

"I seriously hope you don't think I was trying to pick up a little 14 year old?"

"You may not have done it consciously, but whenever there's women around, you always have to come off as the smooth guy. Doesn't matter how old they are. It's in your nature."

"I don't like what you're accusing me of. I wasn't trying to come on to her!" I said emphatically. "Do you really think I'm that shallow?"

I really was, but she didn't know it.

"Actually, yeah. I've seen and heard about your so called 'conquests'. You've always been a ladies man, Johnny. Everyone knows it. It's not a government secret or anything."

"I may enjoy the company of a lot of 'different' women, but I'm not the horndog you make me out to be."

"Really, Johnny? Really?". She shot me a disbelieving sneer.

Trying to keep my voice down so the girls would hear me, I said "Well, if you think I'm such a dirty manipulator of women, why did you let Christy stay with me at all?"

She paused and said "That... That was a matter of desperation and convenience. Everyone else had travel plans for the holidays. You were the only one who wasn't doing anything at the time."

I gruffly said "Well, I'm glad you only semi-trust me enough to leave your daughter anywhere near me. Your opinion of me must be really low. Goddamn, do you actually think I would have any sort of impure thoughts like that about my own little niece?"

Nancy turned her body in place so she could face me. "I know you, Johnny. Christy is starting to turn into a woman. A really pretty one. I know how you react when something hott comes along. Like I said, you may not realize you do it, but you have the tendency to think with your horny dick before you do with your brain. You lay on the charm really thick with any pretty woman, and I don't want Christy influenced into thinking she is nothing but a fuck toy by being around you when you seduce all these women."

I shook my head at her accusitive assessment of me. Of course it was all 100% true, but she didn't know that. I had already corrupted her little girl and turned her into a slightly sadistic nympho who uses sex as revenge against her overly strict and possessive mother.

I replied "I am SOOOO glad we have these intimate conversations every 5 years or so. It reminds me of why I only show up on Christmas."

Nancy turned her body away from me in a huff to watch the TV again. Right about then, Christy came into the living room with a sealed can of beer and her mother's glass of iced tea.

"Here you go, guys. Here's your drinks." She winked at me like she was letting me know she had put Rohypnol in her mother's glass of tea. Nancy was so aggravated that she turned hers up and drank it in one continuous gulp, the sat the glass down firmly due to her bad mood. I also noticed that Amanda was holding a glass of Mountain Dew, which I assumed was poured for her by Christy and also contained a dose of the drug I slipped to my niece.

With Amanda in the lead, they walked back to Christy's bedroom. She stood in the doorway where her mother couldn't see her and pointed at her younger friend suggestively. Then she put her V-shaped fingers to her mouth and simulated eating a pussy like the landlord did on Woody Harrelson's movie 'Kingpin'. Then she giggled and ran off to join her young friend in her bedroom.

I popped the cap off of the bottle of beer she gave me and took a small sip from it. Nancy, still looking at the TV, said discourtiously "Don't you have to head back home...... soon?", as if to hint that my company was no longer needed nor wanted.

"Don't worry, I'll leave in a minute. Can't I at least finish my beer first? They kind of frown on it when they see you driving down the road with a beer in your hand."

"Fine!" she said boorishly, then turned her full attention to the movie on the TV screen.

I sipped my beer slowly so as to prolong my presense in the house. After about 40 minutes of silence, Nancy showed signs of the drug's hypnotic effects. To test my theory, I whispered to her "Nancy, do you like me?"

She said with slightly slured speech "I.... I don't hate you, if that's what you mean. You're just a guy who uses women for sex is all."

Her disposition was one of indifference now, not the irritated hateful wench she was after our talk.

I told her "Pinch your arm for me." to see if the Rohypnol was in control of her strong will. She casually put two fingers on her forearm and pinched herself, saying "Ow!" from it.

I said "Lift your shirt and show me a titty." daringly.

She compliantly lifted the bottom of her shirt up with one hand and one side of her bra with the other. One of her saggy DD tits came flopping out onto her pudgy belly. Then she let her shirt drop back down over her chest.

Figuring her young friend was most assuredly in the same condition by now, I sought out Christy in her bedroom. They were both sitting on the full sized bed looking at Teen Beat magazines.

My niece looked up and said "How's it going, Uncle John?"

I said "She's ready. And you?", hinting at whether Amanda was succumbing to the effects of the Rohypnol yet.

She grinned and replied "Everything is going according to plan. Watch." She looked at Amanda and said confidently "Take your shirt off."

The young girl dropped her magazine and automatically obeyed. She lifted her sweater over her head and sat there compliantly with her training bra showing, not caring who saw her that way.

I grinned and said "Looks like we might be ready to start, then."

"I guess so. How do you want to start, Uncle John?"

"I think we can start this party with this pretty young thing right here." I held out my hand to the younger child to make her stand up. She took it and stood for me beside the bed. I looked her in the eye and said "Go ahead and take off the rest of your clothes, Amanda. We want to see your hott little body."

Without a word, she lifted her training bra over her head and dropped it into the floor. Then she reached down to her belt line and unbuttoned the jeans she was wearing. A quick pull on her zipper and soon the pants dropped to her ankles. Then she slid her Hello Kitty panties down her smim legs and kicked the clothing to the side out of the way.

I stood there totally scoping out her tight little body thoroughly. My eyes ogled the little girl like she was a grown woman naked in front of me. She didn't have the first strand of hair anywhere on her body yet. Her puffy pussy was completely bald, unlike Christy's groin which sported a 1 inch wide thin patch obove her slit. She was gorgeous to look at, especially since her skin was the color of Jasmine from 'Aladdin'. I've always liked my women with a little color to them.

Christy scooted up to the edge of the bed next to her helpless friend. "How do you like her, Uncle John? She's really hott, isn't she?". My niece rubbed her hand across the girl's bald pussy demonstratively. "And look, not one hair on that delicious pussy yet. I know you like girls with snatches like that. Here, get a good look at her."

Christy pushed Amanda backward on the bed to make her lie down on her back. She pulled her legs apart to expose the child's groin to me.

Ribbing her hand across her submissive friend's pussy, she said "Her little pussy feels so good, Uncle John. It makes me so horny playing with her tight cunt."

I said "How come you haven't taken off your clothes yet, my Salty Milk girl?"

"I will if you will, you raping pedophile." she replied playfully.

We both shed our clothing simultaneously, piling it all up in the corner to get it out of our way. We both eyed one another lustfully, anticipating the night of illegal, nasty sex that was to come. She stood up in front of me and grabbed my flaccid cock with her small hand.

"I figured he would be hard by now with all this tight little pussy in the room. Maybe he needs some encouragement. Sit down on the bed, Uncle John, and we'll see what we can do with him."

When I sat down, she pulled on Amanda's arm roughly and made her kneel in the floor in front of me. I spread my legs apart and Christy scooted the girl closer until she was on her knees right in front of my exposed groin. Christy sat on the bed beside me turned slightly toward her friend. She gripped my soft cock with one hand and the back of Amanda's head with the other.

She ordered the girl "Suck his dirty dick, slave. Suck it hard for him."

Christy moved her friend's head closer until my limp cock could reach her thin lips. When Amanda opened her mouth obediently to put her mouth on my cock, Christy teased her with it, putting the head of my cock in her mouth and spinning it degradingly against her lips and against the insides of her cheeks. The girl tried to suck on it when it touched her lips, but Christy kept taking it away from her and tapping it against her young face vulgarly. Then she would tease her again by putting it in her mouth forcibly, only to pull it back out when she tried to suck it.

"You're my little bitch, Amanda. My horny little fucking bitch. You have to earn the right to suck his big dick. You want it, don't you?" she asked sadistically.

The girl simply nodded.

Christy lifted my cock back and said "If you want this dick, play with his balls first. Lick them and suck on them like a dirty whore, bitch!"

Amanda complied. She opened her mouth and took one of my testicles inside it. She gently suckled it like a jawbreaker, licking her small tongue on my scrotum pleasantly. I leaned back on my outstretched arms and let Christy demean the poor girl as she wished. As her hypnotized schoolmate worked her mouth on my egg sized testicles, Christy was tapping my soft cock against Amanda's pretty face to humiliate her while she did it.

"That's a good little bitch, slave. Suck his nuts like the nasty whore you are. He's gonna fuck that tight pussy of yours and his balls are gonna fill up your nasty cunt to the top with his sperm. Little whore like you have to learn how to please a man, and I'm just the dirty bitch to teach you."

After about a minute, Christy said "Okay, slave, now you can suck his dirty dick for him."

The innocent looking girl grinned slightly and opened her small mouth all the way. Christy fed her my semi-hard cock, craving that she could trade places with the consenting child. She wallowed it against Amanda's lips and cheeks again for one last disgraceful act before letting her friend grab hold of it for herself.

I rested comfortably on my propped arms and watched Amanda grip my growing cock with her small hands. She studied it for a moment before opening her mouth and putting the blood engorged head of it inside. Her tiny lips closed around it under the flared hood and she began gently suckling upon it. I felt her short tongue rub against the underside of the head where the foreskin tapers up to make it look like the ace of spades. I moaned satisfactorily as the girl worked her magic on my now hard cock.

Christy watched her friend pervert herself without any control over her actions with a perverted gleam in her eye. The hypnotized child softly sucked on my manhood, looking up at me as if to see if I liked what she was doing to me. I smiled broadly to show my appreciation. She grinned and kept staring at me.

Christy spoke and said "How's it feel to have your big dick sucked by a girl this young, Uncle John?". She grinned devilishly.

I replied "I-I like it a whole lot, Salty. It's too bad she's so young. She can't get but about 3 inches of it in her mouth."

My niece perked up. "Hmmm, you want a girl who can take a lot of dick in her mouth? I can do that for you, Uncle John."

She stood up and left the bedroom. A few minutes later she returned with her naked mother in tow leading her by the hand. I was still a little mad from my conversation with her earlier and feared that the altercation would stifle my arousal and kill my hard on.

"Get out of the way, slave. Mommy is gonna take care of Uncle John now." she announced.

The young girl climbed up on the bed beside me and sat indian style. Christy made her entranced mother take Amanda's place between his spread legs.

Pushing her head down to my groin, she commanded "Mommy, suck Uncle John's big dick and swallow it all. Let him fuck your face hard like Daddy does."

"O-Okay, baby" she replied calmly.

Nancy put her hands on my hips and held on to them snugly. Then she opened her experienced mouth and plunged my erect cock into it. It took a few tries for her to accomodate her throat to accept my thick cock, but eventually she was able to touch her lips against my pubic bone. Her head bobbed up and down upon it, causing her throat to expand and bulge out visibly with very ingestion.

Christy suddenly exclaimed "Oh shit, I forgot the fucking camera!" and darted out of the room. She retrieved it from the inner pocket on my leather jacket and rushed back into the bedroom again with it in hand.

"Damn, we almost missed all the action." she said triumphantly. "Is the memory card in it, Uncle John?"

"Y-Yeah, hon, there's one in there." I stuttered from the pleasure her complacent mother was applying to my stiff cock. She was swallowing the entire thing easily now. Her throat stretched over my erection and squeezed it delightfully over and over. I didn't have to grab her head to make her try to choke herself on it. Every so often, Nancy would take it all the way in and hold her face down upon it on her own. I guess she was used to the way Chuck fucked her face forcibly when she deep throated him, so she just automatically thinking that was how all men liked it. In the case of my bitchy sister, that's exactly how I wanted her to act with it.

My niece grabbed the tripod from the corner of her room and mounted the video camera on top of it, then positioned the stand across the room to see the action on and beside the bed. After aiming it, she looked over at Amanda, who was quietly sitting on the bed curiously watching Nancy defile herself on my long cock willingly. She said to her "Some guys like it when you act like a dirty whore for them this way. Daddy makes her eat his whole cock, too. Uncle John, show her how Daddy does it to Mommy."

Thinking back to the sordid video Christy made of their night of lusty revelry, I remembered how improperly her horny father treated Nancy when she blew him. I put my hands behind her head and earnestly pulled her face down upon my erection repeatedly, making her eat it whether she wanted to or not. Her tight throat made indecent gurgling sounds as I fucked her face swiftly and forcefully.

"*GLUG* - *GLUG* - *GLUG* - *GLUG*"

The young girl watched as I treated Nancy with utter disrespect. I told my indignant sister "You think I'm a pervert, you holier-than-thou bitch? You're right, I am, and I'm damn proud of it. I've fuck a lot of girls.... a LOT of them. I even fucked a woman's little daughter in the ass as she watch us do it. I like the pussy and I'll take it whenever I can get it. I fucked your little whore daughter and turned her into a dirty slut. She wants my big dick so bad that she made this little girl get naked and I'm gonna fuck her too right in front of you. I'm gonna fuck her tight cunt and I'm gonna fuck her in her tight ass and make you clean my cock off after I do it to her."

I wasn't afraid to mention my encounter with the Latin woman and her preteen daughter in front of the stranger Amanda because I knew everything we did and said tonight would be wiped from her impressionable mind.

Christy was grinning from ear to ear at my abusive talk directed at her mother. She said in awe "Goddamn, Uncle John, you really hate her, don't you?"

"No, I don't hate her, but I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from making her be my bitch right now, her and her uppity attitude. I won't feel sorry for anything we do to her tonight, that's for sure."

"Me either, Uncle John. Me either." she replied coldly, pleased with my similar feelings for her strict, judgemental mother.

Amanda was looking at us as we spoke about Nancy so callously. She asked "I think I'd like to try something else now. Can I? I've seen pictures of boys licking on girl's pussies on the internet. I'd like to do that with you if I can."

I smiled at the young girl and said "Sure thing, Amanda. I'll be glad to eat that little pussy of yours for you. I'm sure Christy can find a similar use with her mother's mouth."

"Damn straight, I can!" she asserted. Christy grabbed her mother's hair and pulled her mouth off of my slobbery cock, yanking her head back with a jerk and causing Nancy to land on her back with a thud. She looked down at her mother defiantly. "You're gonna eat your baby girl's pussy for her, you stupid cunt!"

Nancy meekly replied "Okay, baby. I can eat your pussy for you if you want me to."

Facing Nancy, Christy straddled her mother's head and dropped her groin down upon her mouth firmly. From between my nieces legs, me and Amanda saw my sister dart her long tongue out at her daughter's yearning pussy while Christy braced her upper body on her outstreched arms and grinded her cunt against the probing muscle lustfully.

I looked over at Amanda and said "It's your turn now, little slave. But first, I have to tell you that when me and Christy have sex, we get a little wild and dirty and call each other sexy names, like whore and cunt and bitch. It's just our way of making sex more fun and interesting for us. They're just dirty words. We don't mean anything by them. Understand?"

She nodded. "I think I do." she replied.

I added "Now if you get horny and want to say some dirty words or cuss a little, that's fine. You do whatever you like. If you get turned on and want to call Christy or her mom a 'bitch' or a whore' or say 'fuck and 'shit' and 'pussy', go ahead. We do it all the time with each other. Okay, Amanda?"

She grinned and said "Okay, Uncle John. That sounds like fun."

I liked it when she called me 'uncle'. It added to the incest theme and excited me immensely.

I rubbed the child on top of her head and said "Okay, lets get started. Lay back and I'll eat your little pussy for you, little girl."

She eagerly scooted back on the bed, laying her head on a pillow by the head board. She looked down at me as I laid on my belly and hovered my head over her exposed groin. I folded her legs up on the bed and spread her knees apart. Her entire hairless gash was laying out before me, ready to be devoured.

Using two fingers, I spread her puffy labia lips apart and pointed my tongue at her tender, pink folds. She gasped excitedly when my tongue touched upon her sensitive clit hood at the top of her immature slit. I used my tongue to lift the thin flap of skin and sought out her small, rounded clit bump. Finding it, I massaged the sensitive lump vigorously with the end of my tongue. Amanda breathed in deeply and smiled.

Christy was getting very animated with her hypnotized mother in the floor beside the bed. Her slender hips were grinding into Nancy's licking mouth with short, circular motions. She alternated between pressing her puffy slit and her wrinkled anus against her mother's enthusastic tongue.

She was moaning "Lick it, you nasty fucking cunt! Get your tongue up in my asshole and pussy. Uhnnnnn, yeah, like that! I feel it inside me, Mommy! Soooo nice. Ahhhnnnnn!"

I was licking at Amanda's immature puffy gash hungrily, working my long tongue against the outside and the inside of her delicious cunt and peehole. She was moaning rather loudly. laying on her back holding herself open for me with her small fingers so I could really attack her sweet cunt without any impedements.

The old adage about a woman is 'The older the berry-the sweeter the juice.'. None of them ever put their mouths upon a 13..... er, I mean a 'two-weeks-from-14' year old's pussy before. Her young snatch tasted even better than Christy's, and that's saying something because when I had eaten Christy out that first time, I thought I had gone to heaven, it tasted so new and unadulterated to me. You know most older women will have a 'flavor' to them down there, whether it be the stereotypical fishy taste, or musky, or mentrual, or pissy, or whatever. They can't avoid it most of the time due to the environment a vagina lives in. It's trapped in sweaty underwear all day, it bleeds sometimes, it's fighting off yeasts and other contaminants, it gets piss all over it, many men have fucked it, and so on. But Christy and Amanda's youthful pussies were still practically showroom fresh due to their age and lack of experience.

I gorged myself upon Amanda's succulent cunt ravenously, causing her to sound off like a fire alarm at times with her moans. She bucked her slim hips against my face like a tawdry nympho as her building lust took control of her urges. The faster I ate her hairless pussy, the louder she got.

"uhnnnn.... Uhnnnnn...... Uhnnnn..... UHHnnnn..... UHHHHNNNNN...... UHHHHHNNNNNNNN!"

At one point she got so worked up from it that she decided she would experiment with the dirty talk. She started out fairly tame, but she became slightly more coarse as her pussy throbbed harder.

"Mmmmmmm, I like that Uncle John. You're a dirty old man. Eat my little pussy. Aaaahhhhh, that's soooo good. My pussy likes it too. I feel your tongue up inside me. Uhnnnnnn! I can't wait to feel your big dick in there. Oh god, it feels so damn good, Christy. You were right, he *is* good at eating pussy. Eat it, Uncle John! Eat my nasty pussy! Yeeeeaaaaah! Ahhhhnnnn!"

It took less than a minute after that for her to cumm. Amanda grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down onto her gushing pussy as she climaxed onto my face. I lapped at her clit bump continuously as she writhed around on the bed to heighten her pleasure until she went limp. Her trembling body was a sign that she had liked the ride. She laid there weakly with a wide satisfied smile on her face.

I decided turnabout was fair play. I sat up, then lifted her helpless body like a ragdoll and laid her chest across my thigh so her head would be over my lap. I grabbed the back of her head by her dark hair with one hand and gripped my hard cock with the other. Without warning her or waiting for her permission, I pressed her small mouth against the head of my cock and pushed it between her teeth. She held it open once it touched her tongue.

I mimicked Christy's cruel teasing by wallowing my cock around in the girl's mouth vulgarly, then tapping it against her pretty ethnic face, saying "This is how I treat all of my little sluts. I treat them like a dirty whore and they keep coming back for more. Little naive bitches like you don't know what they're getting into when they ask me to fuck them." I pressed my cock against the insides of her cheeks to make them bulge out obscenely to demean her. "Before we're through with you, your little pussy and asshole will be begging for me to stop, they'll be so sore." I promised her.

I pulled her head back by her hair and made her look up at me. "Do you still want to keep doing this, you fucking little slut, knowing what me and Christy are going to make you do to us and with us?"

She meekly whimpered "Y-Yes, Uncle John. I.... I want to do it with you guys."

I pushed my cock forcibly into her mouth and bobbed her head upon it, then pulled her head back by the hair to make her look at me again.

"Okay then. It's your choice, you dirty little cunt."

Christy was busy entertaining herself with her delirious mother in the floor below. She was in a 69 now with Nancy on the bottom. They were both greedily licking and sucking on one another's drippy pussies like rabid lesbians. I heard their wet tongues dig and probe each other's cunts, making very wet sounding *SLURP* noises as they ate each other out non-stop.

I got up on my knees and man handled little Amanda roughly, making her lay on her back. She looked up at me apprehensively not knowing what I was going to do to her, yet seemed to be getting a slight thrill from it as well. Her puffy little gash was very wet, I noticed.

I looked into her big, dark, middle eastern eyes and told her authoritarianly "I like little naive girls like you. Your bodies are so smooth and tight. There's not an ounce of fat on you anywhere." I rubbed my hand across her hard, flat belly and across the spot where her pubic hair would appear in a year or so. She breathed heavily as I touched her pubic bone, watching my hand curiously as it trailed back up her stomach, across her outie belly button, and between her small B-cup breasts. She grinned in anticipation. I don't think she was expecting what I did to her next.

I let my hand slide across first one pointed tit, then the other, gently groping each one with a soft massage to make her nearly invisible nipples spring to attention. Once they were hard, I flicked my extended fingers back and forth across them like a washboard. The spaces between my closed fingers rubbed against her emerging nipples roughly, causing her to inhale deeply and whisper a soft moan in response.

I leaned in and began suckling upon the under developed mammaries while I squeezed the opposite one with my large hand. She closed her eyes, murmuring "Mmmmmmmm....." as I did it. Then I suddenly inhaled very deeply upon her right breast, so hard that it made my lips feel a little numb. Her eyes opened wide and she yelped "YAAAAAHHHHNNNNNN!!!" out loud in distress. She put her hands against my shoulders in a vain attempt to push my face away from her chest, but she was too young and weak to fight me off. My free hand and my body weight held her sufficiently in place as she kicked her legs in the air, fruitlessly seeking something to prop her feet against to push away. "STOP! STOP IT! STOP IT!" she cried out, her legs flailing about from the over-stimulation I was giving to her swelling nipple and pink aureola. I ignored her pleas and continued my assault upon her other breast, sucking the tender nipple and half of the tit into my mouth maliciously.

Christy looked up at her tormented friend with sadistic glee. "You go, Uncle John. Give that little bitch a good hurting! She asked for it.". She turned her attention back to her mother and ordered "Mommy, eat out my asshole! Touch my nasty shit with your tongue and lick it out of my asshole, bitch!"

Nancy raised her head slightly and drilled her long tongue up into her daughter's dirty asshole greedily to comply.

To add to the little girl's humiliation, I squeezed her small breast very hard, causing her to scream out in pain.


I raised up and looked at her menacingly. "For complaining so much even after you said you wanted it, I must punish you, you horny little bitch!"

I grabbed her hips and roughly turned her over onto her stomach. Holding her down with my hand on the small of her back, I slapped her small ass cheeks with 5 sharp raps. She cried out from the harsh spanking. "YAAAAHHH!!" I gave her 5 more slaps across her round ass again, then flipped her onto her back once more. She had tears in her reddened eyes as she looked up at me sort of fearful.

I said "I don't give a fuck if you cry. I like to see little whores like you cry in pain." I slapped my hand down onto her reddened breast sharply, causing her to flinch. "You wanted this, so now you have to finish it."

I grabbed her undamaged breast and harshly squeezed it to make it hurt like it's twin. She yelped OWWWwwwww!" and tried to protect her pained breasts with her hands as the tears rolled down her smooth cheeks onto the pillow she had her head resting upon. I straddled her naked body and sat upon her groin to hold her still. I grabbed her hands and put them underneath my body, using my legs to hold them against her sides so she couldn't move them anymore.

"Please, dont! Please, Uncle John.... don't hurt me anymore. I'll be a good girl, I promise!" she tried to insist assuringly.

I shot back "I know you're gonna be a good girl. You're gonna be my good little bitch and you can't do anything about it, whore!"

I pinched her swollen nipples between my thumb and finger and yanked up on them cruelly. Again, she cried out in pain "OWWWWWW!!". In an attempt to ease her suffering, she lifted her shoulders up to relieve the strain. My hands followed her body up and kept the pressure on.

"Nice try, little bitch, but this isn't the frst time I've done this."

I twirled them in a circular motion to stretch them out in all direction. The longer I abused her poor little tits, the less she complained about it. I didn't want to bruise them visibly like I had Christy's breasts during her stay at my house, so I only tugged and pulled at Amanda's nipples after this. Her tits were reddened, but they weren't to the point of leaving bruises on them the next day, leaving her to question how they got that way the next day after the Rohypnol wore off and her head cleared. Right now, Christy could pass it off as saying they played football in the yard and Amanda catching the ball against her tender tits.

As my nipple assault progressed, her whimpering changed from 'Get off of me' to 'This ain't so bad anymore'. Her eyes were still watery, but she was licking her small tongue back and forth against her red lips now. I eased my pressure on her nipples and started massaging them gently. They contained just enough ache that it made them more sensitive to my touch.

I scooted up on her skinny body so that my rigid cock was resting right between the reddened tits. I wrapped her breasts around the shaft as far as they would go and slowly worked my cock back and forth between them. I raised my body to the side slightly so that she could pull her arms out from under me, which she did.

I said "Hold your fucking tits on my cock so I can fuck them."

She obediently put her small hands against the sides of her small breasts and pressed them against the sides. Her tits weren't big enough to wrap around the shaft completly, so she just squeezed the up against it as far as they would go.

"Now when my dirty cock gets by your chin, you open your mouth and suck the end of it. Understand?"

She looked up at me compliantly with her big watery brown eyes and nodded in agreement.

I hunched my hard cock between her small tits slowly, and as instructed, she kept her chin on her chest and opened her mouth so I could stick the head of my cock into it. When the bulbous glans entered her small mouth, she inhaled deeply upon it. And when I would pull it back out, it made a wet sounding *POP* sound.

I looked down upon her and said "I want to hear you beg for my fucking cock! I want to hear you say you love to suck dirty men's dicks and that you're a cock hungry whore. Say it!"

Amanda laid her head back to empty her mouth and whispered "I... I love to suck big cock's, Uncle John. I'm a cock hungry whore and I love to suck big dicks. I love your big dick, Uncle John." she said convincingly.

"Tell us you want me to fuck your nasty little pussy and asshole with it, bitch!"

"I want you to fuck my pussy and asshole with it, Uncle John. I want it so much."

I eased forward and pulled her head up to my groin, pushing the head of my cock into her mouth as she finished speaking. I made her eat about 4 inches of it until she coughed from it touching her throat.

"Eat that fat cock, you little slut. Show him you want it in your fucking pussy, my llittle indian bitch."

She sucked my cock deeply as I hunched the end of it in and out of her small mouth. I didn't try to make her take in too much of it for fear of choking her or activating her gag reflex. I didn't want to spoil my mood by cleaning up puke.

Christy was in the floor working her voluptuous ass and gushing pussy across her drugged mother's licking mouth. Nancy laid beneath her with her hands gripping her daughter's round ass cheeks tightly, pulling it down against her face so she could get her tongue up into each tight orifice as far as it would go. Christ had formed her small hand into a spear by twisting her extended fingers into a point and was invading Nancy's sloppy pussy up to her wrist. The two of them writhed around in the floor like crazed lesbians as they pleasured one another non-stop.

Their wild incestuous efforts paid off. The two of them experienced a gratifying climactic end of their built up lusts and carnal urges in a mutual mother/daughter orgasm. Both cried out as their satisfied pussies clamped down and squirted each other in the face with their slimy ejaculate.



They remained in their Gemini symbol pose while their libidos sent pleasant mind numbing electrified sensations throughout their convulsing bodies until at last it subsided. Christy extracted her pointed hand from her mother's vagina and rolled off of her into the floor. She weakly turned her body so she could lay up against Nancy while she regained her strength. They both wrapped their arms around each other and kissed one another adoringly. Christy threw her leg over her mother's belly and entwined it between her mothers legs.

Christy said "I can taste my ass on your breath, Mommy." and laid her head upon Nancy's shoulder.

"I'll be sure to gargle before we continue, sweetie." she assured her.

By now I was ready to have some tight flesh around my aching cock. I pulled my cock from Amanda's mouth and said "I hope you're ready for a good fucking, little whore. But I think we'll do some wet stuff first to break you in properly."

I stood up and grabbed the young girl by the arm, hoisting her up to her feet and laying her across my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I carried her into the bathroom and stood her on the floor.

I told her "First I need to see if we have any unwelcome visitors. Bend over."

She leaned forward and braced on the commode seat. I wet my finger in my mouth and pushed it against her clenching anus. It slipped up inside of her forcibly and she yelped from the unwelcome invasion."

"Owwwww.... Owwwww...."

I touched against the sides of her soft, lumpy colon and discovered she was in need of a bowel movement.

I said "I want you to sit on the toilet and get that shit out of your nasty ass."

She compliantly sat on the commode like she normally does and I had to correct her.

"No, not like that. Turn around and shit"

Amanda stood up and straddled the commode backwards as instructed. Her small ass barely covered half of the opening even in this awkward position. She rested her arms on the tank lid in the back.

"Now push that shit out of your ass. I don't want my cock to get shit on it when I fuck you. Unless you want to clean me off with your mouth" I asked depravedly.

Even in her semi-delirious state from the Rohypnol, it was clear that she did not want to participate in anything that disgusting. She shook her head emphatically, afraid that I might include that in our little game. "No, Uncle John. I... I don't want to do anything that gross."

"Suit yourself, little whore. Now shit for me while I watch you do it."

She turned her face to the wall, tensed up, and grunted loudly. Soon I saw a hard thick poo start to emerge from her tight rectum. It was so thick it had trouble getting past her straining sphincter. As the clumped log eased out about an inch, I touched my finger against the end of it.

I said "You've haven't been eating your fiber, little whore. This thing's hard as a rock."

In a sick twist, I pushed up on the hard turd and made it go back inside of her.

She gasped and turned her head worringly. Wh-What are you doing, Uncle John?"

"I told her "I said to shit that turd out. Now do it."

She looked at me perplexed. Againshe turned her head and strained hard to make it come out. Her constipation made it difficult, but she managed to get 2 inches out before having to rest before the next push. I diabolically reached through the gap between the seat opening and her small round ass and pushed it back up inside of her once more.

She was frustrated and getting irritated with me. "H-How can I shit it out if you won't leave it alone?" she asked futilely.

I laughed. "Okay... Okay. I'll leave you alone this time. Go ahead."

She tried for a third time. She squeezed with all her might and finally the cumbersome log slid out of her ass and into the cold water below. She breathed a sigh of relief. "WHEW! That hurt."

She stood up and we both peered into the bowl to see this monster. It was a good 2 inches across and 6 inches long, covered with all sizes of lumps and corn.

I said to her "Well, if that thing came out of your ass, I'm pretty sure my big dick will go up into it. You must have been making that one for 2 days."

"Yeah, I haven't pooped since yesterday morning." she admitted.

Just to scare her into thinking I had reneged on my promise to avoid poop play, I looked at her and said "You should be proud of that one. I would be. Pick it up and look at it."

She looked at me funny. "You want me to do what?" she asked dreadfully.

"I said pick it up and look at it." I repeated matter-of-factly.

She started to get a wad of toilet paper to cover her hand with, but I said "No, just pick it up with two of your fingers."

She stood beside the bowl and looked down at the noxious log for a long time as she tried to make her mind up whether to do it or not. Her eyed glanced back and forth between me and the shit as she contemplated my request. Hesitantly, she leaned down and put her thumb and index finger on each side of the poo and retrieved it from the cold water. Her face was making awful faces thinking about the nastiness of the situation.

She looked at me with fret in her eyes and asked "N-Now what do I do with it?"

I said "Just study it for a minute. Look at your dirty handiwork. Your little body made something that most people would be proud to brag about. Look at how BIG it is. That would have hurt MY ass even."

She faked an interest in the hard log just to appease me, then asked, almost pleading, "Can I let go of it now?"

"Oh no, my dear little shit whore. That monster is far too big to go down the drain like it is. Put it back in the water and pinch it into smaller pieces with your fingers. You can wash your hands afterward. Go ahead, be a good little slut and break it up so it doesn't stop up the commode. Go on."

She snurled her nose and winced as she placed the awful smelling poo back into the bowl again. It floated on top of the water like a boat. Reluctantly, she obeyed and began breaking the log into smaller pieces by pinching it until it was effectively flushable. She pulled her hand out of the stained water, shaking it into the bowl to get the excess drips off of her two shitty fingers. Then she flushed it down the drain before I could come up with another obnoxious chore to do with it.

I tapped her on her reddened, hand printed ass and congratulated her. "Very well done, my dear. You are a very obedient little whore. Good little whores like you are rewarded for doing as they are told. I promised I wouldn't make you do anything really gross with the shit and I didn't because you did as I asked. Be glad that I only made you touch it with your fingers instead of making you wipe it all over your pretty face and little tits. Now go wash your hands in the sink so we can do some nasty play in the shower."

"Yes, Uncle John." she replied thankfully. As she soaped up her hands, I reached down to her ass and pushed my middle finger up into her asshole to check it. She gasped and said "Owwwww!".

"Hmmmm, it seems to be shit free now. I knew I could never get my whole cock up in that tight little ass of yours with that monster in my way. Now I can."

She finished washing her hands and stood in front of me complacently awaiting my orders.

I said now get into the shower so I can wash off that dirty little asshole of yours."

Amanda stepped over into the shower as instructed. I turned on the water and adjusted it to a comfortable temperature. The water ran down her mocha colored body like a waterfall. Her glistening, perpetually tanned body was very arousing. I especially liked the way her puffy labia lips showed between her closed thighs, and not one hair on them or above them at all. She looked beautiful and sensuous to this newborn pedophile.

I said "Now lets get you all cleaned up."

I slowly washed her smooth enticing body with my bare hands so I could feel every inch of her appealing youthful skin. I started at her shoulders, slowly working my hands around on her small, aching breasts. She sighed heavily as I fondled the painful teats gently, enjoying their over-sensitive state at athe moment.

I worked my soapy hands along her skinny torso, causing her to flinch and giggle when I tickled her sides. She watched me intently as I neared her bald pubic bone and her wet slit. She put her hands on top of my head for support and gasped as I pushed my sudsy hand between her slender thighs and worked it roughly against the outside of her pussy. She leaned back against the rear wall of the shower and spread her legs slightly so I could move my hand faster and more vigorously against her under developed cunt. I pulled up on her pussy with my hand to apply more pressure on it.

She squealed "YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" as I massaged her fat labia and swollen clit unceasingly. She even grabbed my wrist a few times when the pleasure became too unbearable for her. I was almost lifting her body up, I was pressing so hard against her dripping pussy.

She begged "Please..... Uncle John...... I-I can't take it! M-My pussy..... AAHHHHNNNNN!!!! PLEASE!!". The more she begged, the faster I worked my hand across her puffy, hairless cunt.

My hand finally got tired, so I stopped and pulled it out from between her slim thighs. She alit solidly on her feet and put her hands down upon her slit, trying to massage away the insessant tingling she still felt on it.

She groaned "My pussy..... my pussy.... Oh god, I still feel it. Oh god! Ahnnnnn......" covering her pussy with her hands.

"That's when you know you did a good job is when it keeps on tingling like that. Now turn around." I grabbed her skinny arm and forcefully spun her around. I pushed her up against the rear wall of the shower and held her there. "Stand there for a minute." I ordered.

Nancy's shower head is the end of a hand held shower sprayer, complete with an adjustable pulsating spray selector. I used my hand to twist off the swivel nut that attached the sprayer to the flexible hose. Out shot a steady 1/4 inch stream of water out of the end of the hose.

I said "This might tingle a little." is all I said to her.

I bent her over slightly so that her ass would jut out a little. Now I could see her asshole as well as her puffy lips at the top of her mocha thighs. I place my free hand between her shoulder blades to keep her bent over, then aimed the strong water stream at her unsuspecting gash. The force of the water hit her immature slit and spread it open like someone doing it with their fingers. She yelped "YAAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!" loudly as the water impacted against her tender clit and peehole. She tried to stand up to get away, but my hand held her shoulders down and kept her in that awkward position.

She groaned "NOOOOOOO! AAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!" from the torturous over stimulation being done to her sensitive womanhood. Every now and then I would aim the stream right at her vaginal opening, squirting some water up inside her. She seemed especially in distress when she felt the hard stream hit against her vaginal walls. It ran back out of her hole and down her thighs.

Please Uncle John. P-Please! It.... it hurts my pussy. Please...... stop.... my pussy..... Uhnnnnnn, it's too..... too much."

I asked her "It hurts bad, or it hurts GOOD?"

She groaned and comfirmed my suspicions. "AHHHHNNN!!! It.... it hurts...... good!"

"I thought so, you horny little cunt!" I said grinning slyly. "You little whores are all the same. As long as someone plays with your little cunnies, you don't care what we do to you. Take this!"

I aimed the hose at her small vagina and sprayed her pussy full of water like a balloon popping water target game at a carnival.

"AAAAHHHHNNNNNNGGHHH!!!" she groaned from the pressure she felt inside her filling womb. The pressure of the water stream hitting the hole made it difficult for the water inside her to flow back out. To keep from ruining her reproductive tract, I only allowed the stream to stay on her vagina for about 4 seconds, then I moved it away to allow the water to spray out of her distended cunt. After a minute or so, I realized there was another target I hadn't even thought of.

Amanda was bent over 90 degrees with her ass completely exposed to me. I looked at her inviting anus and got a devilish idea. It was still slightly agape from the ejection of the 2 inch diameter turd she released. That, and the bent over position she was in caused the skin of her round ass cheeks to be stretched, which helped hold her anus open as well. I aimed a little higher on her crack and sent the forceful stream down into her unwitting rectum like an enema. She arched her back as the powerful stream splashed against the inner lining of her virgin bowels.

She asked excitedly "What are you doing? You're filling my ass with water! Why are you doing this to me? Oh god....oh god! You're gonna make me shit on myself. Oh shit, my.... my belly is filling up. I feel it going down my friggin' guts. Oh my fucking god! It... it feels..... it's making my guts fill up. My belly.... oh fuck, my belly!"

I said to her "That's the idea. I want your goddamn belly full so you will shit yourself in the bathtub, if there's any shit left in you after that fucking tree limb you shit out of your asshole."

She groaned nauseatingly as her colon filled to capacity. When the water started spurting back out of her open asshole, I knew she was full. I let go of the hose and let it spray into the bottom of the bathtub, then shoved a couple of fingers into her dribbling ass. I fingered her rectum furiously while it was still full, then pushed down on her ass to put her on her knees. I turned her parallel with the tub aiming her ass at the drain below the faucet.

"You can go ahead and shit, little whore.... if you can, that is."

I kept working my fingers in and out of her asshole continually as she strained to push the water out of her straining rectum. It squirted out from around my probing fingers whenever it could find a small gap between her anus and my fingers. She was moaning from the ache of putting so much pressure on her bowels with her clenching stomach muscles to empty her watery waste tract. The spurting water was tinged with small bits of tiny waste the water had dislodged inside her. When I felt a larger one hit the tip of my fingers, I removed them from her asshole to let it pass. Out shot a slippery, hard 4 inch poo from her rectum and into the bathtub floor behind her as well as the remainder of the water in her relieved colon.

I looked down at the small log and said "Looks like you were working on another ass buster there, little girl."

Amanda looked beneath her kneeling body and saw the poo between her knees. She looked up at me wanting to know what I wanted to do about it.

"Do you want me to flush that?" she meekly asked, reaching for it with her extended thumb and middle finger and picking it up.

I said "What if I told you to put it back up in your dirty little asshole? How would you like that, bitch?"

She nervously replied "I... I think it needs to go in the toilet with the other one, Uncle John. Poop is too nasty and disgusting to play with." she insisted with pleading eyes. Sex or not, drugged or not, she still wasn't willing to submit to any scat play. To tell you the truth, neither was I. The smells always turned me off. I'll fuck an ass, but even then, I really hate the clean up afterward.

I grinned at Amanda and set her mind at ease. "I'll let you flush it this time. I don't want to have to wait to fuck that tight ass and pussy of yours."

She went "Whew!" gratefully and dropped the odorous log into the commode. She flipped the lever and it went down the drain in a vortex of cold water. I replaced the shower sprayer on the end of the hose and hung it back up on the wall. I rewashed her from her waist down to clean her off while she used strong shampoo to wash the stink from her hands. When I was done, I climbed over into the bathtub with her. She looked at me with a giddy zeal thinking we were going to have sex now, but she was wrong. I still had some kinks to get out of my system.

I leaned back against the rear wall and stood her right in front of me, facing me. I pushed down on her shoulders to make her sit on the outer edge of the tub so her face would be directly in front of my semi-rigid cock. Lack of tactile contact had let him get soft on me. I put my hand behind her pretty head and pulled her face closer, them manually fed my limp cock to her with my hand, pushing the head of it about 3 inches in and out of her small mouth like I was fucking her face. She closed her lips and applied deep suction upon it to draw the blood back into it again. Once it was rigid enough to support itself, I grabbed her short brown hair and made her eat it by bobbing her face back and forth on it.

Christy entered the bathroom with the video camera in her hand. She saw us in the tub and got excited. I hadn't closed the curtain or anything.

"Ooooh, Uncle John, is it that time already? I do have to go pretty bad." I caught the hint but Amanda didn't know what she meant.

After setting the camera on the lavatory and pointing it at the bathtub, Christy climbed in with us and pulled her younger friend's head off of my cock roughly. She stood between me and Amanda facing her and put my hard cock between her milky thighs, playfully hunching her pussy lips across the top of my shaft.

"I want to do it on her while you're fucking me, Uncle John." Christy said deviously with a sly grin.

Amanda was still unsure as to what we were talking about.

I kissed my nieces neck and said "Sure, hon, why not? Go ahead."

Christy looked at Amanda devilishly, saying "My turn first, slut!"

Christy lifted one leg up. She reached down to her groin, eased forward slightly, and placed the head of my erection against her wet pussy. It slid inside her tight birth canal easily thanks to the slimy juices her orgasms had already supplied inside her snatch. Her shorter legs caused her to have to stand up on her tippy-toes when my cock filled her pussy to the top. She moaned from having her small womb distended, but liked the ache she felt from it.

I grabbed her firm B-cups tightly, then began working my hard cock in and out of her tight cunt steadily. She gasped and groaned every time the head of my long cock impacted the top of her senitive womb, but never indicated that she wanted to stop. Amanda was still squatting in front of us watching me drill Christy's soft pussy vigorousy over and over.

Christy looked down at the neglected child and grabbed her dark hair on both sides. She pulled the young girl's face against her stuffed cunt and said "You keep your mouth open no matter what, you hear me?"

Amanda looked up at her with those big brown eyes and obediently nodded in agreement.

Pulling her hair roughly to keep her face against her stretched pussy, she grunted loudly and I felt her abdomen tense up. Soon out shot a thick stream of piss right into the hapless girl's open mouth. She spat it out and coughed as the awful flavor hit her taste buds. Christy stopped peeing and slapped her across her pretty face for not obeying.

"You skanky bitch! You keep your mouth open and drink my goddamn piss, you filthy fucking whore! If you don't I swear I will shit in your mouth and make you eat it! You hear me?"

Amanda looked up at her frightened. She replied "Y-Yes, maam. I'll be a good girl."

"You'd better be, you fucking little shit! Get your fucking mouth on my pussy and open up!" she ordered.

The underage teen obeyed and put her chin against my niece's puffy slit. When Christy pushed the urine out of her bladder again, the little girl kept her mouth open and tried to swallow as much of it as she could handle without choking on the fetid piss until Christy's bladder was completely empty.

She looked down at her pissy friend approvingly. "That's a good little piss whore. She knows when to listen to her masters." she said to Amanda just before slapping her across the cheek one more time to assert her authority over her. "Now eat my goddamn pissy cunt and his big dick while he fucks my nasty pussy for me, bitch!"

As Amanda compliantly serviced Christy's groin merrily, I whispered to Christy "Did I tell you she took a great big shit when we came in here?"

Breathing heavily, she replied "S-She did? Oh my fucking god, how nasty! How big was it?"

"It was as thick as my cock. I watched her shit it out of her tight asshole into the toilet."

"Mmmmmm, I wish I had seen it."

"I'm sort of glad you didn't. You would have made her eat it or something.", hinting at her newfound fondness for kinky sex the past month or so.

Amanda's acceptable abilities at cunnilingus got Christy really aroused. She had her head leaned back as far as she could get it so she could get her mouth under Christy's pussy. The child was pushing her tongue up between my niece's labia lips, prodding and licking it at her tender clit bump as quickly as she could. Christy pressed in against her taut belly with her fingers to apply more pressure to the inside of her vaginal canal and my thick cock working in and out of the tight orifice. Amanda must have found her most sensitive spot because it didn't take my niece but about 2 minutes to show signs of her impending orgasm.

"AAAHHHHNNNN! Ohhh my fucking GOD! My fucking GOD! I'm gonna do it again. Lick it faster, my slave! Make my pussy cumm in your fucking mouth, you horny bitch! Uhnnnnn..... yeah, faster.... faster..... Here it comes...... YAAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!!!"

Christy put her hands behind Amanda's head and pulled the gorgeous girl's face up against her exploding pussy as she cummed on my hard reciprocating cock. I drove it up inside her fully and held it there to add to the sensations her pussy was experiencing. I could feel her vaginal walls clamping down onto my erection, gripping it like a hand. Her discharge squirted out from around my cock and into the face of her licking companion below. Her body became very weak after it was al over. I eased her into the floor of the bathtub to recouperate when she couldn't stand up. She quietly sat at one end of the tub smiling up at me, happy for supplying her with another climax tonight.

"Uhnnnnn.... that felt so good, Uncle John. Your dick is like milk; it does a body good!" she joked.

Amanda was looking rather eager to be the next in line for a good fucking, kneeling there in front of me with anticipation in her eyes. I asked her "You ready to have your tight cunt stuffed?"

She grinned up at me and excitely said "Yeah, Uncle John. I want to do it really bad."

I quipped with her and replied "I don't fuck a pussy bad. I fuck them GOOD!"

I grabbed her upper arm and stood her up on her feet facing me. I lifter her up against me by the armpits and said "Hold onto my neck.".

She wrapped her frail arms around me as instructed and held on tight. I made sure to press her smooth, young body against my hard cock on the way up and squeezed it between us both so she would feel it. She giggled as it touched against her hairless pubic bone. Once she was aloft and supporting herself, I slid my forearms under her knees and cupped her ass cheeks with both hands to hold her up.

I warned her before I did anything. "I'm about to put my big cock up inside your pussy, little girl. I'm gonna lower your cunt onto it slowly so it doesn't tear up anything in your pussy. It's gonna feel really tight since you're so young. It's probably gonna sting just a little when I stretch your cunt but it will stretch more and start feeling good to you after a few tries. Just ask Christy."

She looked up at us attentively and replied "Yeah, it hurts at first, but then you get used to it and it feels like heaven in your pussy."

After hearing Christy's enthusiastic endorsement, Amanda said "Oh, now I *really* gotta get it up inside me." and kissed me deeply. "Uncle John, if you don't fuck me soon I'm gonna burst!" she promised.

"Then get ready, Here it comes, little slut!" I replied.

I pulled upward on Amanda's small, lithesome body with my hands to raise her ass up high enough, then when my hard cock sprung underneath her, she handily reached down under her pussy, grabbed it, and aimed the pointed head against her bald gash. I slowly eased her body downward until I sunk 3 inches inside her wet, slippery cunt fairly easily, but now was the moment of truth. I hunched my cock in and out of her to coat it in her slimy juices, then went full bore on her straining pussy.

She gasped and screamed "YAAAAAHHHHNNNNN!!" as it crammed her immature birth canal to the top and then some. Her uterus was a little more compact and not as lengthy as Christy's, so I hit the top of it with an inch to spare. I held her body aloft and used her inertia to get a good, steady hunching rhythym going. She gripped my neck firmly and groaned disconcertedly as my thick cock stretched her inexperienced pussy to it's limits. The pleasured misery in her face was nice to watch as I fucked her over and over again without end.

"AAARRRGGGHH! My..... oh, my damn pussy! Damn..... DAMN! You're killing my cunt, Uncle John! Ahhhnnnn, it hurts! Owwwww." she exclaimed while hunching her small hips in sync with me.

Amanda looked into my eyes with a lusty gleam that belied her complaining. She was licking out her tongue at me vulgarly as she loosened her grip on my neck to allow her small body to drop even further onto my erection. Even though I was tryinto to keep a small portion of my cock from going inside her to prevent it from extending her entire immature reproductive tract so severely, she was fighting against my efforts and trying to get it all up inside her horny cunt. I can only imagine what it felt like to have the top of one's uterus pushed upward about an inch or so past it's normal resting spot repeatedly.

As the young child satisfied her lusty desires on my thick cock, Christy had regained some of her strength and decided to assist her young aroused friend in achieving a good climax. She knelt in front of us between my feet and lapped her tongue out at her school mate's exposed anus rapidly. The girl looked over her shoulder and grinned at Christy gratefully.

Amanda gritted her teeth as I pounded her stretched pussy forcibly over and over again. The impacts of my thrusts and her hugging arms wrapped tightly around my neck were keeping her body aloft. I barely had to hold her weight up at all, not that it was all that difficult to hold her against me anyway at only 85 lbs. She clenched her abdomen and gave her groin a slight hunching motion against my invading cock to try and rub her clit against the pistoning shaft as it went up inside her pussy.

She was moaning "Yes....YES! Fuck meeeeee, Uncle John.....FUCK MEEEEE! Fuck my pussy hard, you dirty bastard. Ahhnnnnn, my poor pussy is so sore, b-but it feels sooooo goooood. Uhnnn.... Uhnnnn.... Uhnnn! Oh god, it's splitting my pussy in half! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!"

Christy had replaced her small tongue with one of her fingers on Amanda's asshole behind her. She drilled the skinny digit in and out of her friend's tight ass twice as fast as I was pounding her aching pussy. Our combined efforts were successful in pushing Amanda's pleasure threshold over the limit. She convulsed in my arms and screamed out as her orgasm pulsed through her small, wet body.


The young girl bucked wildly as I held her in my strong arms. Her arms wrapped even tighter around my neck. Her satisfied cunt flooded with her self made lubricant all over my hunching groin. I kept fucking her sensitized cunt to heighten and prolong her pleasure until she went limp in my arms. She was breathing heavily as though she had just ran a marathon, it felt so good to her. I laid Amanda down in the bathtub. Christy sat at one ond of the tub and pulled the child up against her front, hugging her from behind around the waist. They were both looking up at me, thankful I had supplied them both with tremendous orgasms.

I asked the amorous duo "You horny little bitches satisfied now, or do you want some more?"

Amanda was still trying to regain her strength laying back against my naked niece and couldn't reply. Christy, ever the deviant, said simply "I'm kinda thirsty myself." She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue lascivously.

I got the hint. I stood over the wet, perverted pair and aimed my softening cock at them. I relaxed and let nature takes it's course. I hadn't used the bathroom since before I showered, so my bladder was completely full now. The amber stream spewed out of the end of my semi-rigid cock and landed right on Christy's beautiful face. She closed her eyes and giggled, then put her mouth right in the path of the acidic piss. She let some of it run out of her mouth and all over herself and Amanda, and other times she swallowed it willingly.

Christy suddenly said "Stop, Uncle John! Hold it in. I have a better idea for it." with an evil grin. I did as she asked and cut off the flow to see what she had in mind.

She grabbed Amanda's skinny legs and pulled them back against her chest so that her bald groin would be exposed and turn upward slightly.

"Uncle John, piss it *inside* her." she suggested deviously grinning.

I liked the dirty idea, so I knelt down in the bathtub in front of the child's upturned ass and leaned forward. I pressed the head of my cock against her wallowed cunt and relaxed. Suddenly she gasped loudly as my smelly piss shot out of the end of my cock and began filling up her immature reproductive tract. Her flat belly rose slightly as it poured inside her pussy and filled it up. When my bladder was empty, I pulled my cock out of her and before the piss could pour out, I shoved two fingers into her vagina and fucked them back and forth rapidly. Piss was trying to spray out from around them as I drove them up in her cunt deeply. My hand was getting tired, so I pulled them out of her pussy and the remaider of the piss spewed out of her violated vagina like a fountain.

I looked at them and said "Christy can come up with some nasty ideas."

"You have no idea what pops into my head sometimes, Uncle John."

"Of that I have no doubt, my nasty little whore. Now I think while you have her held down, I'll have some fun with her ass."

I grabbed her hips and pulled Amanda's ass toward me. I didn't lube it or anything. I just pressed the head of my cock against her wrinkled asshole and plunged it balls deep into her rectum forcibly. She groaned from the sudden invasion into her small sphincter and colon. Christy held her arms while I fucked the small girl's asshole relentlessly fast. She whined much like she had when I fucked her tight cunt the same way.

"YYYYAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! MY ASSHOLE! YYAAAHHHHNNN!!! It hurst so bad! My asshole hurts like hell! Please stop! STOP IT!! AAAAHHHNNNN!!!!"

Christy turned a little cruel and said "I'll show you what it feel like to hurt, you fucking shit!"

She reached down to Amanda's groin, pinched her tender labia lips in her fingers, and pulled them both wide apart, stretching her gash wide open painfully. The child screamed "OOOOWWWWWWWW!!!! loudly from it. She was crying profusely and yelling, begging her friend to stop the abuse. "P-Please, Christy, Owwwww..... it hurts so bad...... OWWWWW! My pussy! Please.... please stop it!"

Christy released her death grip on the girl's reddened gash to alleviate her discomfort. "I'll tell you when I'll stop.... IF I stop." my niece informed her. "Now dig your pussy while uncle fucks that shitty ass of yours, you goddamn bitch!"

Fearing a hurtful reprimand, Amanda put her hands down upon her sore pussy and shoved her fingers up into her dripping snatch for Christy. My niece resumed holding her younger friend's legs backward against the poor girl's chest so I would have full access to her hairless groin.

I fucked the child's tight asshole just as heartily as I had her pissy cunt as she laid back against Christy's chest groaning lustfully. Her asshole was accomodating me quite nicely now, having adapted itself to my thick cock. Amanda had one of her small hands digging feverishly inside her pussy while she worked two of the fingers on the other hand in between her puffy folds feverishly against her swollen clit bump. She brought herself to fruition in mere minutes, she was masturbating herself so rigorously.

"Oh god! Oh GOD! I'm gonna do it again...... YAAAAHHHNNNNN!!!!" she exclaimed excitedly as she cummed on herself. Her pussy sprayed out onto my groin like a dam bursting when she climaxed again. She shook uncontrolably in Christy's grip while it sent waves of glorious pleasure thoughout her tiny body, then collapsed from exhaustion on top of my niece.

After a quick rinse, we all got out of the bathtub and dried off. I had to carry Amanda into the bedroom since her body was totally spent of energy from our romp in the bathroom. Christy grabbed the video camera from the sink and brought it into the bedroom with us.

We found my sister Nancy laying on the floor in Christy's room on her belly napping peacefully on her forearms from the effects of the Rohypnol we had given her. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to accomplish my insulting degredation I had planned for her after her little high and mighty condemnation of me in the living room earlier this evening. If she thought me a deviant, I was going to show her just HOW deviant I could get.

Once I laid Amanda up on Christy's bed to rest, I tapped Nancy on the ass with my foot to rouse her. She barely acknowledged my presence. I had my mind set, though, that I wasn't leaving tonight until I had humiliated her in some perverted fashion.

I told Christy "Put the camera back on the tripod and I'll get to work.".

She did as I asked and clamped it on top of the stand. I turned Nancy's unconscious body to a better position but she was still on her belly. Christy kneeled down beside her helpless mother to assist me if needed and to get a front row seat for the action.

I said "I'm gonna make your bitchy mother pay for holier than thou attitude."

Christy said "I don't blame you, Uncle John. I heard what she said to you in the living room, about you not being trustworthy enough to hang around me."

"Well, that part might have been true since I helped turn you into a deviant nympho, but still, I didn't like her uppity attitude like she was a saint, because she ain't one, believe me."

"That's how she acts around me, too. I can't stand it." she confessed. "When she's alone with us in the house, she's a real gripey bitch to me and Dad, nagging us all the time as if she's mad about being stuck as a mom and a housekeeper, like she really had any options if she hadn't gotten pregnant and had to get married."

"She used to talk about being a model when we were younger to pay her way through college. Something about being a vet or something, but she never did either one. Back in the day, she was fairly good looking and might have been a model. Now she's just a bitter hag who hates it when everyone else gets to do as they please when she can't."

"Well, that's not mine and Dad's fault, and we don't deserve to catch hell for her failed dreams." Christy said very sternly. "She's the one who opened her legs and got pregnant."

"You're right about that." I agreed. "It's not your fault she got pregnant with you. And it's not Chuck's fault, either. It takes two to tango."

Nancy still lay passed out in the middle of Christy's bedroom floor. She was murmuring something incoherent in her drugged state. I could only make out some of the words every now and then.

"Nnnnnnn..... I.......nnnnnngh.......n-n-need...... rrrnnngh...... bed........" she muttered.

I told her "That's a good idea, my dear bitchy sister. No need to get Christy's room all dirty and smelly like sex."

I put my hands underneath Nancy's armpits and helped her to her wobbly feet. We stumbled and wobbled down the hallway and managed to get her into her bedroom. Once I got her beside the mattress, I let her go and she fell forward onto her bed with half of her legs hanging off. She crawled weakly to the center of the bed, pulled a pillow underneath her groggy head, and tried to fall asleep on me, but I wasn't finished with her humiliation yet.

I told Christy "Go get the camera. I need you to film us."

My naked niece ran back to her bedroom and retrieved the video camera and the tripod it was mounted on. She sat it beside her mother's bed and acted like a cinematographer. She put her hand on top of it to control the angle and kept close watch on the LED screen like she was a cameraman on a movie set. Amanda took a seat on the foot of the bed to watch what I was going to do up close.

The young middle eastern girl asked inquisitively "What are you going to do to her, Uncle John?"

"Just a little degradation and payback for her years of constant nagging and bitching is all."

I sat down on the bed beside Nancy and rolled her over onto her back. She was still fairly out of it from the Rohypnol doing its job quite effectively. I slapped her across her jaw to rouse her. She opened her eyes and came to, albeit not with 100% of her faculties. She looked like someone who had just been wakened from a sound sleep.

I told her "Hey, you dirty bitch. Wake up! We have some more dirty fun to accomplish and I need you awake!"

She was coherent but was still a little dazed. I slapped her again but this time on the end of her huge saggy breasts. She grabbed them to fend off another slap.

"S-Stop hitting me, Johnny." she said grasping her flat tits.

I slapped them hard where her hands weren't covering them. "I'll fucking beat them and make you ask me to keep doing it." I pushed her hands away from her deflated tits and slapped them a couple more times each. When her hands tried to cover them again, I pulled them away from her and pinched the quarter sized nipples as hard as I could. She cried out from the pain, but learned to keep her hands down because she kept them to her sides now.

"That's a good bitch! You're learning." I said to her. I yanked up hard upon them to assert my dominance over her.

She cried out "NOOOO! Johnny please! It hurts. Please..... please stop! It hurts so bad.", pleading with me to stop abusing her tender breasts so cruelly.

I pulled them apart to her sides, making the skin of her cleavage stretch and ache. She had tears in her eyes before I finally let them go.

I said sadistically "You're just a fucking skank bitch who should feel lucky that anyone would have anything to do with you anymore, you fat assed, droopy titted whore!". I slapped her reddened breasts a couple more times for good measure. She yelped and flinched from the pain, looking up at me with teary eyes, but she kept her arms to her sides on the bed.

Christy liked the mean treatment I was inflicting upon her helpless mother. She was grinning satisfactorilly with keen interest.

She asked "What are you going to make her do to you, Uncle John?"

I replied "I'll have to work fast before the drug takes over and knocks her out completely. It won't be any fun if she doesn't stay awake for it."

Christy kept the camera aimed on the two of us as I crawled over to her mother's head. Kneeling behind her, I laid my soft cock across Nancy's mouth and told her "Get me hard again, slut, so I can fuck that throat of yours good and deep."

Without any more instruction, my sister opened her mouth wide and let the end of my cock fall inside. She inhaled upon it deeply and started bobbing her head slightly to add more stimulation to it. Gradually, my cock regained it's former rigidity. Once it was hard again, I straddled her head facing her body and plunged my long cock down into her tight throat and fucked it feverishly like it was a pussy. We heard her throat making vulgar, wet sounds as I shoved it in and out of her sucking mouth.


Nancy took it like a professional porn star. Not once did it seem to choke her. Every 10 seconds or so I would pull it out and let her catch a breath, then resume fucking her face again.

Young Amanda was watching us from the foot of the bed with keen interest. Her small hand was stroking against the top of her slit, digging at the small clit bump between her puffy folds. I could tell she wasn't done just yet and wanted to join in. I grabbed her by the arm and jerked her on top of Nancy in a 69 position, placing her pretty face directly over Nancy's shaved groin. That put her ass bottoms up on my sister's heaving chest right in front of me.

I looked at Christy and said "Looks like your horny little slave is wanting more." Then I squeezed Amanda's small round bottom and told her "Get ready, my lovely litle cunt. I need some more ass wrapped around my fucking cock."

I held her ass down, pulled my slobbery cock from Nancy's mouth, and shoved the tapered head against the child's wrinkled sphincter. The saliva coating it let my hard cock slide into the tight orifice easily. She gasped as I pushed the entire length of it up inside her clenching rectum.

"AAAHHHHNNNNN! My asshole! UHHHNNNNN!" she whimpered at first until her body stretched to accomodate my thick dong. Then her whining turned into a contented "Mmmmmmmmm....."

I pressed her pretty face down to Nancy's hairless groin and ordered her "Now eat that slimy pussy, little cunt. Eat her Momma's nasty pussy like a hungry lesbian."

Amanda put her fingertips against Nancy's pussy lips and spread them apart so she could get at the pink flesh inside them. Then she dropped her head down to the sloppy gash and lapped her tongue wildly against it. My sister cooed as the child ate her wallowed pussy ravenously for her.

After about a minute of fucking the middle eastern girl's clenching asshole, I pulled it from her shapely round ass and plunged it down into Nancy's moaning mouth before she could object to it. I didn't know if it had any stains upon the outside of it nor did I care. I just kept cleaning my thick cock off against the ripples inside my sister's tight throat.

I told her "Dirty bitches like you don't mind it when a man goes ass-to-mouth on them. Women like you are supposed to take care of their men no matter what they make you do. So you eat that shitty flavor off my cock like a good whore, you fat bitch!"

I couldn't really tell if Nancy objected to my sick treatment of her or not. Her drug induced stupor kept her compliant and forgiving for me. If she was tasting any bad flavors upon my ass riddled cock, she didn't indicate any disdain by trying to avoid it. She just laid there quietly and let me keep feeding it to her each time I pulled it from Amanda's tight ass.

Amanda was enjoying the deep reaming I was giving to her backside. She was simultaneously shoving her small pointed hand up into Nancy's wide pussy and licking at the top of my sister's gash wildly. Her slim hips were pushing back against me as I thrust forward deep into her waste canal over and over. The pleasure she was experiencing was being transmitted to Nancy's hapless groin. The harder I pumped her tight rectum, the more excited and vigorous she was with my sister's gushing pussy.

Christy had taken the camera off of the tripod stand and was holding it in her hands getting close ups of me pulling my hard cock from her young friend's ass and shoving it down into her dazed mother's mouth.

"Keep going, Uncle John. Make that bitch eat your shitty dick like the fucking whore she is. I hope she wakes up with shit on her breath in the morning. It serves her right." Christy said vengefully. As an added measure, Christy reached down and pinched and twisted the nipple on one of Nancy's deflated breasts that had squeezed out from under Amanda's writhing naked body. Nancy yelped in pain but didn't try to stop her. "Fucking bitch! This is for the shit you make me and Daddy put up with." She twisted her mother's hurting nipple harder and yanked it cruelly. Again, Nancy cried out but laid on the bed without trying to prevent her daughter from doing it to her. Her eyes were welled up with her tears. "That's right, Mommy, cry. Cry like a dirty whore. Cry while Uncle John puts that shitty dick of his down your goddamn throat, you nagging bitch!"

Christy looked up at me somewhat relieved and satisfied. She derived great pleasure from seeing her bossy mother get treated so degradingly for a change. I was too, in a way, after my sister voiced her low opinion of me earlier. It's too bad she wouldn't remember anything we did to her in the morning after the Rohypnol wiped her memory. It might have humbled her a little and made her a better person. But once she woke up, she'd be back to her old gripey, self important, holier than thou self once more, and if it weren't for the drug removing all traces of our devious actions from her mind, she would have most likely had us all arrested for doing it to her instead of learning a lesson from it.

Amanda had her small hand buried up to the wrist inside Nancy's stretched cunt, working it back and forth almost as quickly as I was drilling my long cock in and out of the child's reamed ass. She was moaning loudly like she had when I fucked her in the bathroom, so I knew she was about to cumm again. I concentrated my efforts on Amanda's asshole and in no time, she was quivering and trembling on top of Nancy from another intense orgasm. Her thick secretions sprayed out all over my sister's unwitting face between her slim thighs. Nancy licked her tongue out to clean them from around her mouth. Amanda rolled off of her and laid beside us on the bed, smiling broadly from all the climaxes we had given her small, slender, naked body tonight.

She sighed "Mmmmmm, Uncle John, I sure hope you start coming over to Christy's house more often. We could say we're going out for ice cream or something and spend a couple of hours fucking in the woods. I know a nice hidden place behind my house with an old treehouse we could fuck in."

"I might just do that, little slut." I replied. The thought wasn't wasted on me. "Maybe we can make a movie wearing masks so no one knows who we are and put it on the internet for all the pedophiles to jack off to."

She nodded approvingly. "That sounds like it would be really sexy. I can just imagine all those perverts getting off from watching kids have sex with someone. You're really dirty minded, Uncle John. I like you."

Christy was getting anxious standing beside the bed. She wanted another turn before we ended this deviant scene. She handed the camera over to Amanda and said "Now tape me getting fucked on top of Mom. Uncle John, I want that load of cumm really bad and I intend to eat every last drop of it. I want you to shoot it into my mouth like a whore."

I grinned and said "Well, get up on here before the poor thing goes soft on me again, you dirty skank. I'll be glad to fuck your shitty ass again for ya."

My amorous niece clamored up on top of Nancy and straddled her knees along her mother's sides. She sat her puffy gash on top of Nancy's mouth and ordered her "Eat my nasty cunt, you fucking bitch! Get that tongue up in my goddamn pussy and make it cumm like you did earlier.", referring to her lezzing session with her mother while me and Amanda played in the bathroom. Nancy drove her tongue all up and down her horny daughter's moist gash and clit hungrily.

I pressed my slippery cock against Christy's clenched anus and pushed it inside her rectum. The sudden invasion made her groan pleasurably.

"Ahhhhnnnn! Oh fuck, my goddamn asshole, Uncle John! Oh shit..... SHIT! It's so goddamn big! My asshole! Uhnnnnn!!! It's tearing me in half! Fuck.... FUCK! Keep..... keep going. Deeper, Uncle John. I-I want it all up in my fucking asshole, you big dicked mother fucker!"

Even though her face was distorted with a pained grimmace, I did as she asked. I kept pumping my hard cock deeper and deeper into her until finally my balls were resting against her puffy gash.

I slapped the side of her round ass and asked "Is THAT deep enough for you, you dirty cunt?"

She replied in a strained voice "Y-Yes it is, you fucking child molester! You're tearing out my goddamn guts but I like it! Now fuck your niece's asshole like you did Amanda's asshole. Fuck it like you did that little girl's asshole in that video on your computer, pervert!"

I grabbed her slim hips for leverage and pumped my erection in and out of her ass rigorously. She groaned painfully pleased, gripping her mother's bed covers with all her might. I stretched her inexperienced asshole to it's limits and then some. Her father wasn't as thick as I am, which made it a little more uncomfortable for her than she was used to. But she kept at it, even backing her body up when I thrust up inside her and making our groins slap against one another that much harder. Her soft ass cheeks and medium sized breasts jiggled like jello with each tremendous impact.

I pushed her pretty face down to Nancy's splayed groin and said "Now eat your mom's slimy cunt, little bitch. Eat the pussy that gave birth to you while I fuck your shitty ass for you. Eat it, you horny little lesbian whore."

She didn't raise her head back up. Instead, Christy wrapped her legs around her mother's thick thighs and put her fingers between the sloppy, wet folds and pried them apart, then stuck out her tongue at the loose folds and buried it down onto the pink flesh inside. Nancy moaned softly as her energetic daughter ate her pussy ravenously for her. Her mother's flicking tongue was working on Christy's immature groin just as briskly in response.

Amanda said "Boy Christy, you sure do eat a pussy like a pro." as she filmed her aroused friend's sexy antics.

Christy glanced up at the child and replied "I'd do anything to have Uncle John fuck me!"

I took this opportunity to get a little raunchy. I asked her "An-ee-thing?"

She mumbled with her mouth full of clit "Mmmmm-hmmm."

"Okay then, my dirty little whore. Suck your mother's piss hole and drink her dry."

Christy turned her head toward me and said "W-what?"

I put her face back down onto her mother's slippery cunt and repeated it for her. "Put your pretty little mouth on your mommy's dirty peehole and suck the piss out of her."

Christy paused for a moment, then went in. I heard her slurping on her mother's gash for a moment, then she leaned back her body and head and gargled what she had retieved from Nancy's bladder before swallowing it all down. She looked back at me smiling, proud of having accomplished what I asked of her.

I grinned and nodded my approval. "Good girl, little slut. Now finish your drink so you can get back to your pussy dinner."

Christy leaned her body down and put her soft lips back against her mother's small urethra opening. She inhaled and drew out another mouthful of salty piss from Nancy's bladder, then ingested it as well, repeating her perversity over and over until no more urine would come out of the miniscule hole. She resumed eating out her mother's drippy gash once more.

Amanda was looking at her friend with sick admiration. "Oh my fucking god, Christy! You are so fucking nasty, drinking that piss right out of her pussy like that."

She grinned into the camera and replied "Maybe I'll make you do it to me after Uncle John leaves, my slave. We have all night to do nasty things to each other."

Amanda didn't seem to disgusted by the idea. She smiled at Christy like she was favorable to the dirty notion.

As promised, for her devious obedience in willingly extracting her mother's acrid urine for me, I resumed my anal assault on Christy's clenching anus. I shoved my hard cock deeply down into her upturned asshole until my groin slapped against her bottom, then withdrew it while keeping the fat head within, then plunging it back within the tight waste cavity, over and over, faster and faster. Christy was groaning and licking her mother's dripping cunt like a starved nympho, aching from my long cock stretching her bowels so cruelly while simultaneously loving the full feeling and the stretched abrasion it was applying to her sensitive anal ring.

Nancy lay below us bucking her wide hips up against her daughter's active tongue and fingers. Both were probing and rubbing feverishly against my sister's tender clit and deeply into her gushing cunt. They both cummed hard in unison, yelling out in delight as their orgasms consumed them.

"UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!!" Christy exclaimed blissfully.

"YAAAAAHHHHRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!" my sister screamed beneath me, muffled by my niece's puffy gash that was grinding brutally against her mother's face trying to prolongue the pleasurable sensation both of them were experiencing together.

When the two of them were done, neither of them could move a muscle. Christy simply lay on top of her mother like a limp ragdoll while her satisfied pussy oozed her thick lubricating juices out onto Nancy's slimy grinning face.

I told the two girls "I think it's time for me to finish now."

Christy weakly whined "Y-You gotta give m-me that fucking load of sperm, U-Uncle John. I want you to..... to shoot off in my mouth!"

I had to deny her request. "I don't think you want to put your mouth on it right now after it's been up in your nasty ass. Let your Mom clean it off this time."

"You.... you mean you're gonna ......."

"Yep, right down into her bitchy throat!" I said assuringly.

"You are a sick mother fucker, Uncle John. The bitch deserves it." she replied, happy with knowing what I was going to make my judgemental, overbearing sister endure. Happy that I was helping her get some payback for years of constant nagging and dominance.

I leaned over top of Christy's helpless body, braced my arms along her sides, and started fucking her tight asshole steadily, concentrating on the deviancy of the moment so my own lusts could build now that I didn't need to satisfy anyone else's urges anymore.

I looked over at Christy's young naked friend, who was still filming the whole seedy event, and said "Get down here by me and keep the camera aimed at my cock and her mother's face."

Amanda crawled over beside me and squatted on her calves. She kept the camera aimed right at my hunching hips as I plowed her schoolmate's asshole relentlessly over and over. I looked at the nude child and let my pedophilic mind race wildly with thoughts of her pretty teen face servicing my cock, wrapping her small soft lips around the head of it and suckling it like a baby bottle. I imagined the hard fucking I had given to both her and my insatiable niece tonight. I mulled over the night's sordid events over and over until I felt my balls start pulsing.

I shot out a couple of pumps of thick, slimy sperm into Christy's asshole before I could catch it. I quickly pulled my stained cock from her ass and put the head against her mother's semi-conscious mouth, which she reflexively opened wide for my cock to go down into it. Before she could react to any distasteful flavors upon my ass riddled cock, I swiftly shoved it down into her gullet and humped her tight throat as I unloaded the remainder of my brotherly cumm deep within.

Nancy was powerless to stop me, even when the awful shit flavors activated the bitter taste buds on her tongue. Christy's and my weight held her firmly in place even when she tried to move her head to pull my shitty cock from her mouth. She was screaming, muffled by the 9 inches of thick cock I had wedged in her throat.

"NNNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!!!" she groaned loudly as she tried to get her arms free to push me off of her. Only after my balls stopped pumping and I thrusted my softening cock a few more times in and out of her mouth for good measure did I finally pull it from her mouth and climb off of her. She quickly pushed Christy's limp naked body off of hers and sat up, spitting into the floor to try to get any residual fecal matter out of her mouth. Once she was done, she looked over at me with daggers in her eyes for what I had done to her, even in her drug induced delirium. She slapped my arm hard in anger.

"You dirty mother fucker! You put your shitty dick in my mouth and made me taste it! Oh god, I can still taste it." she griped, sticking out her tongue disgustedly. "I'm gonna kill you for that, Johnny!"

She tried to attack me, but I was stronger than her and quickly subdued her, pinning her down on her front on the bed and sitting upon her back to keep her that way. She struggled, but in vain. Finally she stopped trying to get away and laid there quietly out of breath from the exertion.

I told her "That was for making Christy's and Chuck's lives a living hell with your constant nagging and bitching, trying to tell them what to do all the time."

"Don't you tell me how to run my own house, you sick bastard!" she bellowed angrily, swearing "I'll make you pay for what you did to me, mother fucker!"

I flipped her over onto her back and pinned her arms under my straddling legs. I pulled on her droopy breasts cruely, making her yelp in pain.

I said "No, big sister, you're going to be a good little bitch and keep your mouth shut about this. You see, we drugged you so you would play along with us. We gave you the 'date rape' pill that guys use to make women fuck them. It's why you've been having sex with your perverted brother and these little kids all night, and we have it all on video. How about if we show it to your husband Chucky? I'd love to see you go to jail over it, you fucking bitch. But we won't. Instead, you're gonna lay right there quietly like a good little whore."

She looked up at me sort of scared, mostly due to the hypnotic effects of the Rohypnol. Her confused mind didn't allow her to comprehend the situation fully, that she was the victim in all of this. All she could understand was that she had committed incest with her brother and daughter and was fearful her husband would divorce her for it.

Anxiously, she begged me "Please, Johnny, PLEASE! Please don't tell Chuck what I did. I-I'll be good. I promise. I won't tell anyone. Just please don't tell Chuck or the cops on me. I don't want to go to jail."

I eased her mind. "Okay then, I won't tell on you, as long as you keep doing as we say."

She timidly grinned and nodded her agreement.

I looked down at her and said "To show that you don't want to go to jail, I want you to eat the cumm out of Christy's shitty asshole."

Nancy looked at me half believing what I was telling her to do. "I... I have to eat her asshole?"

"That's right, my dirty whore. I want you to eat my cumm out of her ass." I repeated.

Hesitantly, she looked over at Christy, who was laying beside us with anticipation. Having regained her strength once more, the agile teen arose and straddled her thighs alongside her mother's head and put her firm ass right above her mother's reluctant mouth. Nancy lowered her jaw and opened it. Christy grabbed her ass cheeks and pried them apart to open her reamed asshole. Slowly we saw my thick sperm dribble out drop by drop and land down upon my sister's outstretched tongue. Ever eager to please, Nancy swallowed every drop that fell down into her mouth.

I said to her "Lick it out of her shitty asshole, bitch. Get your tongue up in there and dig that nasty sperm out of your little girl."

Christy lowered her ass down until it touched her mother's lips. The drug's effects made my sister go against her own better judgement. Nancy darted her long tongue up at the waste outlet and into her daughter's rectal cavity. Her face distorted from the detestable flavors she encountered within, but she did as I instructed. Christy grinded her ass against her mother's mouth depravedly, demeaning Nancy as she pressed her asshole down against her face.

"Eat my shitty asshole, Mommy! I hope every nasty drop of his cumm tastes like my fucking shit, you hateful bitch! You deserve it for being such a fucking two faced nagging cunt!"

When Christy was satisfied with her mother's punishment, she got up off of Nancy, sat on the bed beside Amanda, and looked at her handiwork. She pointed at her mother's fecal flecked mouth. Nancy was trying to clean off her own tongue with her lips and some extra saliva she built up in her own mouth to get the terrible taste of shit out of her mouth.

Spitting into a waste basket next to the bed, she whined "Oh my fucking GOD, that tasted awful. Why did you make me do that?"

Christy answered sinisterly "To pay you back for all the years of bitching and nagging you've done on me and Dad, that's why."

Nancy tried to explain herself. "I.... I just tried to be a good mother and wife...."

Christy interrupted her. "Well, you failed miserably. And thanks to Uncle John, I got my revenge on you, you fucking bitch!"

Nancy began sobbing softly. "I'm..... I'm so sorry you hate me so much, baby. I thought I was being a good mother to you."

"Well, all I saw was a bitch who wanted to control every moment of her family's life. It's too bad that tomorrow, everything will return back to the way it was." Christy replied lamentedly.

Nancy was crying by now and ran off to the bathroom to hide her shame. I almost felt sorry for her, then I recalled our argument earlier in the evening and the regret dissolved away.

I sat there on the bed with the two girls and said "Looks like we're done for the night."

Christy said "YOU might be done, but me and Amanda have some more fun planned later on tonight. You're welcome to stay and enjoy our company tonight too if you like, Uncle John."

I was really tempted to take her up on her seductive offer, but the weather was going to get worse later on tonight, so I declined.

"Thanks, hon, but I have to get back home before I get snowed in."

The girls approached me on their knees and knelt beside me, one on each side. They took turns kissing me deeply and passionately, as well as frenching one another wildly every now and then. I cupped my hands under each of their rounded asses and pulled them snugly against my naked body as we kissed one another on the bed. After a few minutes of this, I rose off of the bed and gathered my clothing from the community pile in the floor.

"I need to take a quick shower to get the shit smell from my crotch, then I have to get going."

The girls grinned excitedly and said in unison "I'll help you!"

We went into the bathroom and found a tear stained Nancy sitting on the commode with her sleeping head resting upon her forearm on the lavatory sink. I led my groggy sister to her own bedroom and pulled the covers over her to let her sleep off the effects of the Rohypnol we gave her. Tomorrow she would wake up with strange fluids and odors on her body and the awful taste of my shitty sperm in her mouth, wondering what had happened to her the night before. I just wished I could play the video of the night's events for her so she could see what we had made her do all night long, but that would only lead to arrests and child welfare being called in, so I and Christy would have to settle for the secret knowledge of our revenge to be enough.

When I re-entered the bathroom, the young teens had the shower running at a warm temperature for me already. They were both sitting on the outer rim of the tub with soapy hands waiting for me to climb into it. Once I got under the falling water, Christy and Amanda assailed me with their lathery hands, scrubbing me from head to toe in a matter of minutes. When they were done, they took turns rewashing my groin and soft cock over and over again. When I got semi-hard from all the attention they gave my cock, they fed it to each other's mouths playfully until I cummed all over their gorgeous faces. They licked the cumm off of one another until they had removed every drop.

When I stepped out of the shower to dry myself off, the two of them continued to carouse in the bathtub, acting really gawdy for my amusement. Christy would bend over and jut her ass out at Amanda and say "Eat my ass, slave!". The little girl would lick her tongue out at Christy's ass and pussy lustfully. Then Amanda would lay in the bottom of the tub. spread her slim legs apart, and say "Eat my fucking pussy, you dirty bitch!", at which Christy would kneel down and lick and finger her little friend like a horny nympho. They continued to play act like that until I had gotten dressed.

I said "I think you'd better get in all the fun you can before Amanda starts getting sleepy from the drug."

Christy strangely replied "There's no hurry." with a sly look on her face.

I asked "Why's that?", wondering what she meant by her statement.

She said "You only assumed that I gave her the drug, too. I only put the Rohypnol in Mom's drink. She's here on her own."

I looked anxiously at Christy and then over at the not-quite-yet 14 year old, then back at Christy.

"Wh-What do you mean you didn't give her the Rohypnol?" I asked nervously.

She replied "I never gave any to Amanda, Uncle John. She's here on her own. We've been friends for awhile, and when she heard I had finally had sex with someone, she said she wanted to try it, too. I only told her I let an older man with a big dick fuck me. She didn't know it was my own uncle. I told her I was going to invite him over to fuck while Mom was knocked out by the drug. When I told her who you were, it really turned her on and she agreed to play with us. I hope that's okay, Uncle John."

This was the first time I had been put in a position like this. The little girl I encountered during my first Rohypnol try out was unique in that she was already conditioned by her deviant father to keep his sexual perversions quiet from her mother and the cops. This little girl was different, though. She might have been a willing participant, but I feared she hadn't learned dutiful discretion yet. Teenagers like her tend to gossip and brag to their friends. I had counted on the drug to wipe all memory of the night's events from her mind. Now I was worried she might blab about it to someone. I tried to come up with a plausible plan on how I could slip her one of the pills in my pocket to guarantee she would forget our sex.

Christy sensed my discomfort and said "It's okay, Uncle John. She'll never tell on us. She's a nympho like I am. She's had sex before and she wanted to do it with you tonight. She's never had a big dick up in her and wanted to feel what it was like after I told her how good it was."

I was slightly pacified by her assurances, but still apprehensive that the young girl might say something to someone in the future.

Amanda looked up at me from the floor of the bathtub and asserted her vow of silence. "Yeah, Uncle John, I'll never tell anyone what we did. I'd get in as much trouble as you guys since we were so mean to Christy's Mom. I just wanted to get fucked is all, and you did that wonderfully. My pussy and asshole are so sore, but it felt great.". She smiled, rubbing her hairless pussy satisfyingly as she recalled our sex.

I tried to press that idea into her head to assure her silence. "That's right, you'd get in trouble too along with me and Christy since you helped us, so make sure you don't tell anyone about tonight!" I told her assertively.

"I won't, I swear! Cross my heart." she promised with a quick swipe of her pointed index finger across her breast in the form of a cross. "But I hope I'm over here the next time you come to visit. I want to fuck you some more if that's okay."

I replied "I dunno, I hardly ever come over here."

"Darn!" she exclaimed sadly. "Maybe I can get one of the seniors at school to fuck me then. The boys in my grade just don't measure up now that I've been fucked by a big dick like yours."

Christy pushed three fingers up into the child's tight cunt and wallowed them around inside her. "Maybe I should introduce you to the glories of cucumbers and condom covered bananas, little fuck slut!"

Amanda looked up at Christy lustfully and replied "If you've got one in the kitchen, I'd love to try it out."

Christy smiled wide and said "I've got a nice long, hard banana on the counter in the kitchen with your name all over it, you horny cunt. I'll shove it up your tight asshole and make you lick it afterward!"

"Bring it on, bitch!" Amanda replied seductively. "You can stick it up my ass while you eat my pussy out!"

Christy looked down at her schoolmate with a dirty grin on her face. She liked her friend's adventurous spirit. My niece climbed out of the bathtub, wet and naked, and exited the bathroom. She returned with a 9 inch green banana and a packaged condom I assumed she stole from her mother's room. As they wrapped the fruit in the smooth latex balloon, I retrieved the video camera from the bedroom and filmed their dirty lesbianistic antics in the bathtub for them. Had I not just cummed twice in the span of half an hour, I would have loaned them the use of my own fuck stick as well. Sadly, it remained flaccid throughout the entire sexually illicit coupling.

The two of them writhed around in the bathtub pleasuring one another with their hands, their tongues, and the home made fruit phallus sensually as the warm water cascaded down from the shower head upon their gorgeous, lithesome, naked bodies. Every now and then one of them would look into the camera and make some vulgar display with their wagging tongues in an effort to tease me to join them, or they would do something extra perverse like stick a finger up into the ass of her partner and then lick it afterward.

They made excellent use of the improvised dildo on one another. The condom surrounding it removed any rough edges and made it as slippery as plastic. The girls inserted the long yellow fruit up inside one another's yearning orifices, sometimes deep enough that just the stem was visible. When it was over, the two of them had cummed many times and the all natural dildo was oozing white banana cream from a split in the peel near the uncovered stem where they had gripped it so tightly and smushed the firm fruit inside to a gooey pulp.

As she sat in the floor of the bathtub regaining her strength after their tiring wet romp, Christy held the mushy fruit over her open mouth and squeezed it hard, making the softened banana ooze out from the open end of the condom and into her mouth. It squished out like thick white mud onto her tongue. She looked into the camera and pretended like it was sperm from a man's cock. She playfully rolled it around in her open mouth with her tongue lustfully.

She garbled "Look at all dis banana sperm in my mouf, Unca John. I luf it when I haf a mouf full of spurm." Then she swallowed it down and smacked her lips. "Mmmm, that banana had some tasty sperm. Almost as tasty as yours, Uncle John."

I shook my head and said to her "You're terrible, little slut. Just terrible."

She grinned and said "But you wouldn't have me any other way, would you, Uncle John?"

"Nope. You're perfect just the way you are, hon." I agreed. She smiled confidently, looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers. I turned off the camera and said "I guess it's time for me to head on home."

Christy asked "Do you want me to edit that video for you before you go?"

"Nah, you two keep having fun. It's fine like it is. I gotta get back to my apartment before the roads slick up. You got this handled?", meaning the alibi to explain her mother's sore condition and fecal breath.

"Yeah, we're good. I'm gonna clean up everything, then put a banana up in Mom's ass so she'll think she got horny during the night and played with herself. If she asks about her sore tits, I'll tell her she tripped on a cord and landed on her chest or something."

"Good girl." I commended her.

I put on my coat and grabbed my video camera while the girls climbed out of the bathtub and dried off. They followed me naked into the living room. Before I left, I gave Christy a very deep, passionate french kiss. Amanda, being only about 5 feet tall, climbed up onto the couch so she could be face to face with me and kissed me appreciatively for introducing her to the world of grown up sex.

When the 13 year old ended the intense kiss, she looked into my eyes and said "Thanks for the amazing fucking, 'Uncle' John. If you ever want to do this again, just call Christy and we'll meet you at a motel or something. Maybe you can set it up with her mom to let the two of us sleep over at your place some weekend."

I replied "I don't know if Nancy would ever go for it with the way she feels about me, but I'd love to have you both at my place where we can do as we please."

Amanda said "That sounds like a lot of kinky fun. I can't wait to have my pussy stretched like this again."

I reached between her slim thighs and pushed my middle finger up into her slippery cunt, then fed her the slimy finger. She used her darting tongue to remove every drop of her excretions from it, looking at me very innocently as she did so, belying her horny demeanor.

I said my final goodbyes and left. I looked back at the naked pair and watched them disappear into Christy's bedroom for more lesbian frolicking. Amanda grabbed two bananas from the kitchen as they went down the hallway to aid them in their continuing debauchery. I drove to my apartment carefully and arrived in about an hour and a half. Once inside, I shed my coat and sat down on the couch to recouperate from the afternoon's dubious encounter.

I was watching Pawn Stars on the History Channel when, about 11:00, the phone rang. It was Christy and she sounded sinisterly delighted.

"Hello?" I said.

"Uncle John! Uncle John! You'll never believe what happened after you left! Daddy came home early." she stammered.

I held my breath at the thought of Chuck almost catching me at their house like I feared might happen. I'm just lucky I left when I did.

I stuttered and asked her nervously "Wh-What happened when he got home?"

She said "When he came home, Daddy walked through the house quietly looking for us. He didn't say anything because the house was dark and he probably thought we were all asleep. Mom was still asleep in her room and me and Amanda were laying on the bed naked kissing and feeling each other up. When he got to my cracked door, he peeked through the opening to see if I was in there. Me and Amanda were laying on the bed kissing and stuff, but instead of yelling at us to stop, he just stood there and looked at us not saying a word."

I gasped. "What are you saying? That he watched you guys making out and liked it?", hardly believing my ears.

"That's what I said!" she insisted. "I only caught a glimpse of him looking at us out of the corner of my eye, but he was watching us kiss and stuff. I couldn't believe Daddy would do something like that. It was really weird, him doing it without the drug in his system. I pretended I didn't see him doing it. I just kept on kissing Amanda and he just stood there staring at us. I think it was making him horny."

I reeled at the illicit implications. Her own father was as big a pervert as I was.

I asked her "Did.... did he start touching himself while he watched you?"

"I couldn't tell. The door was only open about 2 inches and the only light on was my desk lamp. All I saw was his shiny eye looking through the crack."

I didn't feel like such a perv for corrupting her now that I knew her own father viewed her as the gorgeous teen that she was like I did.

"H-How long did he stand there and watch you guys?"

"About 10 minutes or so. Amanda had her back to the door and didn't see him. I gave Daddy a really good show, though."

Curiously, I asked "Hows that?"

She told me "We were laying on our sides facing each other. I was rubbing and grabbing Amanda all over her body, I pulled her ass cheeks apart so he could see her asshole good. Then I threw her leg up on me and put my hand down between her legs. He saw me when I put my hand between her legs on her pussy and finger it. She was moaning and getting really hot from it. I said to her 'You like it when I play with your little pussy? It feels great on my fingers. It's so wet and tight.'. I kept talking dirty like that to make Daddy even hornier. He must have liked my show because when he did finally leave, he went into his bedroom with Mom and took it out on her. I heard him in there fucking her pretty roughly through their bedroom door. I don't even know if she was awake or not, but Daddy was sure using her to get off."

After she told me all of that, it took me a minute or so to react to it. I finally said into the phone "Holy fuck!. I can't believe ol' Chuck did that to you."

Excitedly, she said "I know...... Right? It's soooooo wicked!"

"Yeah, but also a little disturbing."

"What do you mean? YOU'VE looked at me like that and fucked me. How is it any different?", pointing out that my having sex with her was just as incestuous as her father ogling her.

"I know.... I know. But being an uncle that hasn't seen you in a long time is one thing. He's your father. That's really taboo."

"Are you forgetting that I've already fucked him when he was drugged?"

No, not at all. But he didn't know what he was doing then. The drug had control of him then. This is way different. He chose to watch his little girl and her even younger friend make out naked this time. It's just a little creepy."

"That's the pot calling the kettle black!" she threw back at me matter of factly, laughing cynically. "Like I said before, *ALL* you guys are after just one thing: SEX! And you'll do anything to get your fix, whether it's from a dirty magazine, a porno, a woman, or whatever. A pussy is a pussy no matter who it's attached to."

I had to concede her statement was true. I didn't have any reservations about who I looked at or fucked as long as the woman was attractive, just as my judgemental sister had accused me of doing. It just seemed strange to think of Christy's normally principled and upstanding father Chuck as a lecher like myself.

"That's not what I meant by creepy." I said. "I know I'm a perv and haven't really tried to hide it. I just meant your Dad isn't the type that would normally look at a kid in that manner, least of all you, his own daughter."

Christy giggled. "I guess I'm just that hott. Hott enough to turn her own Daddy into a big pervert like you, Uncle John."

"Now that I can agree with." I said to make her feel good about herself. "I'm just wondering if there's something about the Rohypnol that affects the people you give it to even after it leaves their system? Maybe it does more than just lower a persons inhibitions when they take it. I wonder if it removes all of their memories completely when they're on it or if they retain some vague recollection of the perversions they did, and that somehow lessens their ability to control their urges and desires? Sort of like how after you see something horrific or really disgusting, your tolerance for such things sort of jades you and it doesn't bother you as badly the next time you see it. I know before I started using the drug on women and had that encounter with the first woman's little girl, I never had any thoughts about kids sexually. Now that I've tasted the thrill of you young girls, I'm less repulsed by a little pedophilia and incest now."

"Maybe." she replied. "I don't know if it changes you or not. I've never taken it myself. I was already a perv on the inside. But I'm going to see just how pervy Daddy is. When he gets done doing Mom, he'll probably take a shower afterward. When he does, I'm going to pretend I have to use the bathroom wearing only my bra and panties. Then I'll sit there and rub myself and moan and see if he peeks at me. If he does, I'm gonna jump in the shower with him and fuck his brains out."

I cautioned her "Christy, don't do anything rash. It may go the other way and he'll yell at you for it."

"I'm pretty sure how he'll react. He loves me a lot. He takes up for me when Mom is in one of her bitchy moods. When I grab his dick and start eating it, I doubt he'll stop me."

"Christy, I don't think you should do this." I warned her. "Looking is one thing. Actually participating in something this lewd is another."

"Uncle John, you have no idea how how Daddy acts when he's horny. I've heard Mom tell her friends what they do together when they do get around to fucking. You remember how Mom was used to deep throating? That's because Daddy fucks her face rough during sex like you did. And sometimes he ties her to the bed, too. He's a real perv on the inside. He just puts on a front when he's around family like you and Grandma. Trust me, he won't say anything about it if I lead him on now that I know he likes to watch me."

My words fell on deaf ears. She was determined to seduced her poor, unwitting father no matter what I said. I only hoped that her efforts didn't end up with her family scarred from it all.

I said "I hope it works out for you, hon. I guess if things go badly, you can always come move in with me."

She retorted jokingly "Yeah, like that would really work. I'd end up pregnant and you'd end up with a dick half as long from being worn down. Ha Ha!"

"That's probably true, but what a ride it would be." I laughed. "Just be careful, hon, whatever you do."

"I will, Uncle John." There was a short silence on the phone, then she spoke again. "See, what did I tell you? Daddy just went into the bathroom. I'm gonna go look in their bedroom and see what he did to Mom while she was asleep. Then when I hear the shower come on, I'll go in the bathroom and tease Daddy. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow, Uncle John. Bye."

The phone went dead, so I folded it in half to end the call. As I watched the rest of the movie on the TV, I thought about my diabolical little niece stealthfully creeping through the house in her underwear, finding her helpless mother laying on the bed still asleep and covered in her father's gooey semen where he violated my sister unapologetically to get himself off. Then Christy entering the bathroom to seduce her unwitting father as he showered. I just hoped she would be all right in the morning. Either it was going to go horribly wrong and she would cause disharmony in their household when her father chastized her for her perversions, or it would go incredibly right and the two of them (or three if she included Amanda in the tryst) would end up in puddles of their own dirty lusts when it was over. Whichever way it turned out, I was proud to have been the first one to deflower the little vixen.


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