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I never thought of myself as any different from other boys when I was growing up, I was of average height and build, black hair blue eyes, that is until secondary school. During the PE lessons I noticed that I was bigger than most of the other boys, I was after that I started noticing the girls at the swimming pool looking me when I was there with my mates.

Like most boys of 12 I had been more interested in football, swimming and mucking around with my mates than girls, sure I knew they were around and in fact I had a fair few friends that were girls, I just hadn’t taken much notice of them. As school went on I join the football team and then the swim team, our PE teacher coached both of them and had seen me swimming and after a long chat had got me to agree to swim.
Joining the swim team gave me more chances to use the local pool without people getting in the way of my training, so I’d go early mornings before school and during the arranged training sessions. The Pool staff became so used to me being around they treated me almost like one of them and I’d chat to all of them and got to know them by their first names. Most mornings I’d see the same staff and that would include while I was training so I got to know who would be on shift and when.

Jessica was relatively new at the pool and was still in training so most of the time she was given the early mornings as there wouldn’t be too many people about for her to worry about, so I suppose it was only logical that we started talking, over the next two weeks I found out a lot about her, she didn’t have a boyfriend as she was quite shy and she was always worrying about her weight, the usual things I suppose. Jessica was 19 and about 5’ 6 inches, dark red hair, curvy (I guess you’d call her plump) with big breasts.

With all the staff she had to wear the uniform when at work, skirt and sweatshirt when not on the pool side and a swimsuit when she was, Jessica’s swimsuit was always a little tighter than I should have been I guess but she looked good in it. After we’d got to know each other we started having a laugh, teasing each other about different things, playing jokes that kind of thing, I guess what made things happen was the day she was sitting on the side of the pool chatting to me, I’d just finished my training session and was relaxing in the pool, from where I was I could see Jessica’s nipples outlined in her suit and if I move slightly I could see between her legs to where it was being pulled tight against her pussy. We were chatting and sneaking another look at her pussy I realised Jessica had stopped what she was saying. Looking up at her I realised she’d seen me looking, with a big grin on her face she called me a little perv and pushed me under the water with her foot.

Being caught by surprise like that I didn’t take a breath and came up spluttering and coughing up water, Jessica was just sitting there laughing and to get her back I made a grab for her hands to pull her in, I missed and ended out grabbing the tops of her thighs, taking a good hold I pulled hard and felt her slip off the side, before I could move my hands she had dropped into the pool in front of me and my hands had moved, one of them ending up between her legs pressing hard against her pussy.

At that point we both had shocked looks on our faces, I was bright red and saying sorry and Jessica had a determined look on her face, Jessica was suddenly moving towards me, ‘let’s see how you like it you little perv’ she said grabbing my cock through my swim shorts, with me getting a feel of Jessica’s pussy and being a teenage boy my body had of course reacted in the usual way and my cock had started to harden.
Jessica thought she was going to get a handful of shorts what she got was a 7 inch cock that hardened even more as she grabbed it. Her eyes widened and she looked down into the water, I was so shocked I froze giving her time to give me a couple of rubs before I pulled away. For a couple of seconds we just floated there and then I ran!

Back in the changing room I sat on the bench my hard on sticking almost straight up and tried to control myself. I started to worry that Jessica would report me and I’d be banned from the pool, deciding to get dressed and then apologise to Jessica I stripped my shorts off and started to towel myself down, wrapping the towel around my waist I got my bag out of the locker and when I closed the door Jessica was standing there still in the soaking swim suit. She looked at me and said she was sorry for scaring me like that, all the time she was looking at my groin which didn’t help as I started to get hard again.

It was obvious that Jessica could see this as she came into the changing room and closed the door behind her, walking over to me she asked me if I liked what I’d been looking at and what I’d felt, all I could do was nod at this point. Slowly Jessica moved her hands up to the straps of her suit and slid them off her shoulders moving it down so her breasts were bare, seeing them just made me harder. Jessica’s eyes got wider at that point and she told me I could touch them if I liked, stepping up to me she let me take them in my hands and I felt her nipples getting hard as I played with them. Jessica’s breathing was getting faster at that point and she was half closing her eyes, looking at me again she asked if I wanted to see more, without waiting she slipped her suit all the way down and off, standing naked in front of me Jessica said ‘now it’s your turn’. Seeing her naked I could feel my cock getting harder than it ever had before, shaking I loosened the towel and let it fall to the floor, Jessica gasped when she saw my cock standing straight up and reaching almost to my navel.
She stepped forward and slowly reached out, touching it for the second time today, as her fingers touched it my cock gave a twitch and then her hand was wrapped round the shaft I could feel the heat of her hand round it and slowly she ran her fingers up to the tip and down to the base, staring at it she gave a little gasp as she saw a drop of juice appear on the tip. I’d wanked before but it had never felt like this, lifting her eyes to mine Jessica stepped in and kissed me her tongue pushing into my mouth as her hand worked on my now throbbing cock. Jessica’s other hand found mine and moved it to her pussy, feeling her willingness I started to rub her mound, a finger slipped inside the lips and she gasped as I kept rubbing and massaging her now wet pussy.

Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and I came hard shooting my load all over Jessica’s stomach, without stopping her hand she dropped to her knees and took the tip in her mouth sucking my cum off and taking more into her mouth as I kept cumming. Finally I stopped and Jessica looked up at me and holding my cock pulled me to the floor on top of her, guiding my still hard cock to her pussy she whispered ‘fuck me now’. Helping my cock inside her she thrust up so it when inside her deeper, without thinking I started to move pushing deeper inside her each time. fucking her harder and harder I felt my balls tighten again and as I started to cum again Jessica started crying out and arching her back as her orgasm hit her, not stopping I fucked her for as long as I could before collapsing on top of her, my cock inside her I could still feel Jessica having orgasms one after the other, pulling out of her now soaking cum filled pussy I could see the lips convulsing as another orgasm hit her.

We lay on the floor for a little while and then getting up Jessica told me to shower, when I came back she had gone, walking out of the changing rooms I could see her standing by the pool, back in her swimsuit, I realised she hadn’t showered or cleaned up, the thought of her still cum filled pussy in her swimsuit gave me another hard on.

Heading to the bus I decided I was looking forward to my next training session at the pool and was hoping Jessica would be there more often.

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