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Before setting out for home we said out goodbyes to Hayden for a wonderfull afternoon, Hayden moved closer before wrapping her still shaking arms around me.
She whispered in my ear, "thank you so much Rob." with a little grin on her face.
"Goodbye everyone" Hayden shouted as we started our short journey home.
Not much was said on our way home, we just enjoyed the mid day rays of sun that shined down on us.

Finally our house was in sight as Ellie moved close and pushed her hand into mine lovingly.
Once we finally got to our house we went to open the front door but it was locked from the inside,I knocked on the door and waited for a moment, "hmmm thats strange, moms car is still here, lets go around back." I suggested.

As we walking around the side of the house to the pool area, we noticed all the window blinds were shut, "whats going on, why are all the blinds closed." ellie said with a worried look on her face.
"I dont know Ellie but were about to find out." I replied as we reached the back door which was also locked.

I noticed the kitchen window was slightly ajar and decided to climb in, "wait here, I'll climb inside and unlock the door." I said before climbing into the window.

I managed to climb inside easy enough, nothing seemed out of place as I walked over and unlocked the back door.
Becky and Ellie joined me inside ready to search for the reason the place was locked up.
we strolled through the kitchen to the living room where everything was quiet and seemed normal.
"Where is everyone." Ellied sighed.
"Lets check up stairs." Becky said before rushing ahead up the stairs, Ellie and I quickly followed.

It wasnt long before we hit the top of stairs and could hear noises coming from Sara's room, as we got closer to Sara's room we heard screaming coming from inside.
I rushed ahead of Becky and Ellie and twisted the door handle opening Sara's door slightly, just enough to peer through.

I was shocked to find mom bent over Sara's bed getting fucked from behind by Sara's friend Mike!
She was crying out in pleasure as Mike pounded her hard, the scent of sex coming from the room was intoxicating and soon enough Becky and Ellie were shuffling behind me trying to get a peek themselfs.

It was then that the door swung open reavling Sara totally naked, she stumbled for a moment before dashing to cover up with a dressing gown that was on the floor.
Thats when moms head turned and noticed me, Becky and Ellie standing there with our mouths open as she got fucked hard from behind.
She tried to move but was prevented by Mikes constant thrusts, Sara returned and walked out her room shutting the door behind her.

"Follow me." she ordered.

We walked downstairs into the living room and took a seat on the sofa while Sara mumbled to herself.
Becky stood up and walked over to her and whispered in her ear for a few moments.

Ellie and I looked at each wondering what they could be talking about when Becky turned back to us smiling.
Sara smiled too before heading back up stairs leaving me and ellie confused, Becky came back to the sofa and pulled Ellies shorts off without saying a word.
My cock began twitching as I watched Becky peeling Ellies shorts and panties down her ankles.
"Okay, whats going on?" I blurted out, Becky didnt speak as she dove face first into Ellies pussy, my cock twitched even more as I watched Becky eat Ellies delightful pussy, I stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers down before slumping back on the sofa.

I pulled Ellies face to mine and pushed my lips against hers, our tongues met and swirled around each other mouths.
After a minute I pulled away and pushed her head down to my throbbing cock, Ellie eagerly took me into her young wey mouth, her tongue danced around the head of my cock making pre cum drip down to her tongue.

She pulled away for a moment moaning lightly as Becky began sucking on her clit, I pushed her mouth back down on my cock and she wasted little time bobbing her head up and down taking about half of me into her sweet mouth.
My head fell back and my eyes closed while enjoying Ellies warm wet mouth work my dick, when I finally opened my eyes I was shocked to see Sara, Mom and Mike had joined us!

Sara walked up to me and knelt down on the floor, Ellie lifted her head away from me as she began shuddering and letting loud moans escape her mouth, with Ellies mouth gone Sara lent down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked me deep into her throat.
Mom was kneeling behind Becky slipping her shorts off ready to eat her pussy, I looked round to find Ellie was now sucking Mikes dick!

Sara was now sucking my cock fast and hard and for a moment I thought I was going to explode in her mouth, but she pulled away.
"I want you to go down on me rob." she said before lying back on the floor and motioning to me with her finger, after seeing her beautiful shaven pussy spread open ready for me to eat, how could I deny her?

I stood up and knelt between her thighs and bent down slowly while caressing her beautiful soft legs, I pressed my lips against her inner thighs and began kissing slowly and softly all around untill reaching her amazing cunt.
Before I began licking and eating her pussy i took a moment to take in the wonderfull scent of her sweet juices leaking from her wet hole, I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue over her swollen clit making her shiver with excitement.

The room was now filled with sounds of lust as we all engaged in filthy incestuos sex, I closed my eyes listening to the sounds as I continued flicking my tongue over Saras tasty clit, I took my time and swirled my tongue around in circles.
I moved my hands up her quaking legs and parted her tender lips ready to bury my tongue in her dripping hole, my lips closed around her clit and i sucked down hard before sliding my tongue further south and within seconds I was tongue fucking her delicious cunt.
After a few moments I felt Saras pussy constricting around my invading tongue and shortly after my face was showered with warm pussy juice.

Sara pulled herself off the floor and pushed me over on my side,"I need your dick in me now" she screamed as I felt her wet cunt sink down on my rock hard cock, as Sara ground her hips against me taking my full length into her I was pleasantly surprised by Ellie joining us on the floor.
Ellie bent down and began kissing me and licking the sweet pussy juices from wet face, Sara bounced up and down on my hard dick watching as Ellie cleaned my face with pride.
I felt like I was in heaven as Sara continued slamming herself down on my cock, Ellie stopped kissing me and placed herself above my face and lowered her soaking pussy to my mouth, I didnt need an invitation as my tongue darted out my mouth and made circles around her tiny little clit.

Just when I thought things coundnt get better, I felt saras body tremble and shake, her orgasm was violently rushing through her body making her grind her pussy on my cock with furious lust, that was it for me, I felt my balls tighten and surges of pleasure rushed up my shaft as I shot 5 big loads of warm creamy cum deep in Saras drenched pussy.
Feeling my cum blast inside her set her off again and she bathed of cock in a stream of cunt juice before falling on my chest out of breath, Ellie was now screaming out loud as her body shook and her pussy coated my face with another river of juices.

Meanwhile Becky was licking my Moms asshole while Mike fucked her from behind, "thats it you dirty little girl, eats Moms asshole" my Mom shouted .
I couldnt believe the things i was hearing while collapsed on the floor, Mike was pounding Becky's tight pussy like a man possesed, I managed to pull myself off the floor and roll Sara onto her back so I could watch Becky getting fucked.

My Mom noticed Saras cum filled pussy and couldnt resist tasting my cum from Saras cunt, she bent down and pushed her tongue deep inside Saras drooling pussy which made Sara start moaning again, I pulled Ellie off the floor and hugged her close while watching my Mom suck every last drop of cum from saras juicy hole.
Sara was shaking all over as my Mom continued slurping at her cum filled hole when Sara let out an almighty scream signaling her new orgasm, her body shook and shuddered once more as she filled my Moms mouth with cum.

Mike had Becky lying accros the arm of the sofa as he plowed his big 8" dick into her soaking cunt, Becky was screaming out as Mike kept up his relentless thrusts, he wrapped his hands around the back of her head and pushed his dick deep within her before roaring out and filling her cunt with so much cum it dripped down her thighs and onto the arm of the chair.

When Mike finally stopped cumming he pulled free of Beckys dripping pussy and pushed his cum soaked cock into her mouth, she eagerly cleaned his shaft of spunk and swallowed every drop.
Finally after a good hour of fucking the house went silent but the smell of fucking remained, I lay back huggling Ellie tightly and slowly fell asleep.

I awoke at 6am in the morning finding Ellie's naked body cuddled beside me, her right leg and arm draped accross me, the sight of her naked flesh made my cock twich and surge with vigor.
My dick was fully erect now but i didnt have the heart to wake Ellie, I decided to go take a cold shower, I made my way across my room and opened my door ever so quietly as to not wake Ellie, as my door open i could hear faint moaning sounds coming from Sara's room so i went to investigate.

I tip toed across to her door and twisted the handle letting the door open, my cock stood to attention with pride as i saw Becky spread across the bed with Sara bent down lapping at her pussy, I walked inside closing the door behind me.
Beckys face lit up as she heard the door close and saw me standing there with a hardon, Sara pulled her face from Beckys cunt and turned to me, "oh hello Rob." she greeted me while staring at my erect cock.
I grinned as I saw Sara's pussy pointing back at me and without warned I moved behind and plunged my dick into her wet cunt, she shrieked with pleasure as my cock sunk into her warm wet hole, Becky wrapped her hand around Sara's hair and pulled her face back to her dripping pussy.

I placed my hands around Saras hips as I began to pump into her with a steady rhythm making her moan into Beckys wet cunt, Becky let out a long sigh of pleasure at this and began humping Sara's face, I began slamming myself into sara's pussy hard now and pushed the tip of thumb into her tight asshole.
This caused her hips to buck back against me forcing my hard cock deeper inside her, as I continued thrusting away Becky started gasping for air as her body trembled and shuddered.

Becky's tight body was shaking and shivering and her pussy released a stream of juices, Sara slurped away trying to drink down every tasty drop as I pulled out of sara and lay down on the bed.
Once Sara finished cleaning Becky's juicy pussy she leaned over and bagan licking the sides of my shaft, her warm breath soothed my cock before her mouth slid down and coated me with her saliva, I let out a huge sigh of releif as Becky crawled beside her and began licking my balls.
They both contiued licking and sucking my cock for a few minutes more, I sat back up pushing my sisters away before standing and pushing Becky down on the bed, I grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance of soaking cunt and pushed myself inside gently.

Sara sat there and watched as i began fucking Becky harder and deeper, I gave long sharp strokes before pulling out all the way and pushing back inside with force, her cried of pleasure filled the room as I pummeled her tight little pussy.
A few seconds later I felt Beckys body shudder and cunt grip me tight before her sweet juices ran down my cock and washed my balls, "FUCK MY ASS." she howled as she enjoyed the last waves of pleasure flowing through her, I pulled my drenched dick from her leaking pussy and pressed against her tight anus.
I applied moderate pressure allowing myself to slide into her extremely tight ass, it was so tight i nearly blew my load then and there.

I kept still for a moment as regained some control before pushing deeper into her aching asshole, her cries of pleasure echoed in the room.
Sara moved closer to us and spread Beckys ass apart allowing me easier access to pound away, I stared into saras eyes as Becky pushed her hips back against me forcing my cock all the way inside, surges of electic pleasure rushed through my body and went straight to my dick, i knew i was about to blow my load.

I pulled free of her ass just in time to coat Saras stunning face with the first string of cum, he splashed her neck and lower lip, the next string hit her chin and dripped down to her tits.
The next few spurts of jizz filled her open mouth, she swirled my cum around her mouth before tipping her head back and swallowing the lot in 1 huge gulp, "fuck me" i gasped as i fell back onto the bed.
"hahahaha" sara giggled.

Becky mumbled something that i didnt make out before passing out, "well i'm to get showered and dressed, cya later sara" i said as i left her room.
Before heading to the bathroom to use the shower i decided to check on Ellie, as I entered my room I saw she was just getting out of bed.

As the door squeaked open her head span round with a huge grin across her face which soon turned to anger and disapointment, "whats up ellie?" i asked, "GRRRR i missed out on the fun while i was asleep." she shouted.
I looked down at my cum stained semi hard cock and giggled, "your turn is coming later." i annouced with a grin on my face.
"Really? do you mean it this time rob?" she asked, "yes i mean it!" i replied.

My cock began twitching a little while i stared at ellies beautiful slim naked body, "put some clothes on ellie!! see what your doing to me" i laughed.
"Hahaha" she giggled as she lept out of bed and reached for her clothes, "see you down stairs ellie, i'm going for a shower."

I turned and headed straight for the shower, once cleaned off and I changed into new clean clothes I headed down stairs for breakfast, I heard cries of joy coming from the kitchen as i walked in and saw everyone gathered around the table talking and smiling.
"Hey rob! good morning, get your things together because were heading to the beach for the day!"

"Sweet" i shouted before running to my room to change into some shorts and grab a towel and some lotion, I rejoined everyone in the living room where they were waiting for me.
I slipped my flip flops on and we all piled out the door and headed for the car, mom was driving so sara was in the passenger seat, i was behind lisa with ellie in the middle and becky behind mom.
It was about an hour and a half drive to the beach so i decided to take a short nap.

An hour passed when i woke up hearing moaning from beside me and ellies ass pushing against me, I turned my head to find ellie's head bent down sucking on becky's tits, her hand was also rubbing away between becky's legs, mom and sara were in the front giggling away with each other.
I sat back and watched the show, ellie was sucking and biting becky's right nipple with pride as her hand continued rubbing between beckys legs, becky's head was back with her eyes closed tightly, soft moans filled the car and soon enough my cock was fucking rock hard.
I was kind of annoyed actually, having such a hardon in the back of a car....

But nevermind i thought to myself as i leaned forward and undid my seatbelt, i pushed my arms forwards around saras chair reaching for her fantastic tits, sara jumped in her chain when she felt my hands on her waist reaching upward towards her tits, i finally found them and oh god did they feel good.
I cupped her right tit and squeased gently while with my other hand began pinching and tweaking her left nipple, she began moaning instantly as i continued groping her from behind, after a minute of this i moved my right hand away from her tit and moved slowly down towards her heavenly crotch and pushed my hand inside her shorts and began rubbing my fingertips over her clit.
My left hand too went down her body and went back up but this time my hand was inside her top, as i pushed my hand up her to reach her tits once again i felt a hand enter my shorts and grip my stiff dick, i looked around to find becky laying back on her seat gasping for air from the orgasm ellie had given to her and ellies attention was towards my cock.

Her nimble little fingers slipped around my shaft she gripped tightly before giving my cock a good hard pump with her fist, she began working my dick up and down very very slowly, she pulled my short down thighs releasing my cock and i felt saliva dripping down my shaft as she drooled above like a naughty little slut.
My hand was now inside saras bikini bottoms and i had 2 fingers rapidly fucking her moist hole, sara's hips bucked in her chair as my speed increased, i wasnt even paying attention to sara at this point as ellie bent down slipped her soft lips over the head of cock, i felt pre cum leaking from my piss slit and slide onto the girls tongue, my breathing became heavy as her tongue flicked across my cock.

"Ok guys were here!!, stop fooling around and get it together" my mom shouted from the front seat.
Damn i thought to myself as my raging cock pulsed and twitched, ellie pulled her mouth away from my saliva coated dick and giggled at my situation.

I pulled myself together and we all got out the car and headed to a partly secluded area with nobody around.
When we arrived at nice spot me and ellie ran to water for a swim while mom and sara put the towels down and such, becky also helped them, after about 5 minutes of swimming we both headed back, our towels were layed out and mom was pulling out a picnic lunch just as we sat down.
We talked for a bit while we ate lunch and had a drink, once we finished eating we all decided to get some sun, i had mom put lotion on my back for me and i was pulled away straight after by sara who smiled at me in a sensual way, she forward and kissed my cheek before whispering in my ear" i want you to rub lotion all over me."

My face lit up with joy as i thought about having my hands groping her beautiful body once more, my cock allready hardened.
Sara bend down whilst pulling her shorts off before standing back up and pulling her shirt over her head, she lay face down on her towel and turned her head towards me and motioned to me to get started.
I reached for the bottle of lotion and knelt beside her, i unscrewed the lid and squeased a load of lotion into my hand, i rubbed the lotion between my hands before placing them on saras lower back, i slowly and carefully began massaging the lotion into her.

"Ummph oh yeah, that feels great rob." she sighed as i continued rubbing her soft beautiful flesh, my hand moved up her back to where her bikini top was tied behind her, i undid the strings and let her top fall down her sides, I had a awesome side veiw of tits now, my cock was poking out the top of my shorts now and leaking pre cum down my shaft, i placed more lotion on her back and began kneeding her soft skin once more.
Her back was shiny and beautiful from the lotion now as i let my hands slide to the sides of her breasts and rub lotion around the soft flesh of her side tits, i continued rubbing lotion into her side boobs for a few more mins before getting up and kneeling between her legs, i pushed her legs apart quite a bit as i splashed lotion up and down her long tanned legs, i massgaed the lotion well into her her for a few mins and headed up her inner thighs.
I took my time here and gently rubbed the lotion into her skin, i let my hand skim accross the thin layer of fabric covering her pussy a few times, soft moans of pleasure passed her lips and my hands continued massaging her.

I pushed my thumb into the side of her bikini a little and pressed against her clit making her shiver slightly, i began to press harder as i pushed my other thumb inside her bikini bottms from the other side, with both my thumbs i pushed into her pussy a little and parted her soft lips, i did this a few times teasing her.
With my right hand i pulled her bottoms aside and pushed my entire left thumb into her wet cunt, she moaned a sigh of relief as i slowly pumped my thumb in and out of her perfect pussy, after a couple more thrusts i pulled my thumb free and pulled it to my mouth so i could taste the juices slowly dripping down my hand.

I placed 2 fingers at her wet entrance this time and pushed forward hard and sank my fingers up to the knuckle, i fucked her juicy wet cunt with my finger hard and rough making her squeal out moans of passion.
With my other hand i placed my fingers around her clit and began pinched lightly and swirling my thumb around, after another minute of this she threw her head back as her legs spasmed and her thighs quaked and her pussy let loose a stream of sweet juices coating my fingers.

my cock was throbbing at this point, sara turned around and reached up pulled my face to hers and sticking her tongue in my mouth, we kissed for a moment before she stood up and took my hand and pulled me away for a walk.
She headed towards some large rocks on the beach which offered some slight ammount privacy, once there she fell to her knees and ripped my shorts down my legs with furious speed, her mouth darted forward and her lips slid over my hard cock, her tongue danced around my piss slit gathering up the leaking pre cum and swallowing it down eagerly.
Sara bobbed her head up and down my shaft for a few moments before pulling me down beside her and pushing back on the sand, she undid her bikini bottoms and held herself above my throbbing dick before slowly sliding her wet cunt over my rock hard cock, she went half way down before pulling up and slamming her pussy back down hard making herself scream with ecstacy.
I pushed my hands up her body and cupped her amazing tits and they bounced about, mere seconds went by before i felt her pussy gripping my shaft tightly and her thighs trembled, her eyes rolled back into her head as a huge orgasm rocked her body, her shaking body still bouncing up and down on my cock was sending me insane and i knew i wasnt going to last long at this rate, so i wrapped my arms around her and pulled down to me before rolling her over onto her back.

I pulled my cock from her soaking cunt and knelt down flicking my tongue accross her clit, i pressed a finger against her and began stroking her up and down along her wet sticky slit.
My lipped around her clit and sucked hard making her body shake even more violently than before, she screamed out loud as a river of juices ran from her beautiful pussy, this is what i was waiting for, while her body was still shaking and trembling i sat up and placed my cock to the entrance of her asshole and pushed forward slowly untill the head popped inside, once i felt myself pop inside i pushed hard against her sank my entire length into her tight asshole.
Saras head thrashed from side to side as she fruiously rubbed her wet juicy cunt while i rammed her arsehole with my hard cock, i was close now, i built my speed up and gave longer strokes and as i stared at her body and her tits bouncing around, i could feel my cock was about to erupt so i pulled out and aimed myself towards her face while wanking my shaft hard, then it happend.

My balls tightened and electric shocks pulsed up my hard shaft and the first long stream of jizz flew out the end of my prick and splashed accross her face hitting her cheeck, the 2nd stream hit her lips, she opened her mouth now just in time for the next string of spunk.
after 6 long strings of jizz, her face was covered in my salty load and it oozed out of her mouth dripping down her chin and down her neck onto her tits below, she sat back for a few minutes regaining ourselfs before returning to our towels to catch some sun.

Sara cleaned herself up with the end of her towel and slumped back on her towel out of breath, i too lay back and drifted off to sleep for a while.
The dat lasted for about 4 hours longer before we packed up our things and got back in the car and headed home...

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