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''Damn Desiree ! That's not what I'm saying . It's like a dessert down there. Do you know we haven't had sex in over 8 months and I think the whole state of California has ran out of batteries . '' Michelle said stirring up her pot.

''So you the damn reason my baby can't play with his Xbox, Jamar I found some batteries'' Desiree said chuckling.

''Girl that ain't funny, I'm horny as shit and this damn vibrator ain't cutting it'' Click! ''Damn Mathius home I'll call you tonight .''

"Nawl, I'll be over there tomorrow." The phone went dead on the other end .

"Hey babe" Mathius said setting down his briefcase.

''Babe sit down dinners almost done'' I said giving him a kiss.

''What's to eat'' he said. I put a plate in front of him.

"Mmmm, Cabanera " . I placed my food next to him and dat down.

"How was church?" I said stuffing my face full of food.

"Good, how were things here?"

"The roof is leaking again".

"Oh, you need for me to fix it again ?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Noooo, I called a repairman."

"Bay but I am a repairman!"

"That's why the bed posts keep squeaking, huh?"

I got on top of his lap and started placing kisses, on his lips. I started to unbutton his shirt.....

"Stop!" He said pushing me off of him, "When I'm done eating THEN we can go to the bedroom and have sex".

I stood up and went to the bedroom.

"Your not going to finish eating?" I heard him say.

"Are we gonna finish fucking,'' I whispered.

"Good Morning, Mrs. Smith." I shook hands with Daniece, ''I am your new assistant".

"Well hello Ms...."

"Oh its Mrs. Givens".

She looked at my hand.

"You're married".

"Yes Ma'am.

"Oh please call me Daniece."

"Well, Daniece what do we have scheduled for today?" She led me to her office.

*Knock, knock*

"Ummm, Mrs. Smith your 10:30 is here." Her secretary stood at the door.

Five minutes later a tall 6'3 brown skinned man entered the office.

She stood up to greet him.

"Hello Mr. Davidson" they shook hands, "this is my assistant Mrs. Givens" I stepped up to shake his hand.

He flashed a smile, and he had the whitest teeth, a smile so wide you thought it huffed

, and those lips. Good Gawd!

"Hello, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Givens," Mr. Richardson gave us both a hand shake.

A few moments later Mr. Brown walked in, ''Hello Mr. Richardson, have a seat".

We all sat around the the coffee table in Daniece's office.

"Well as you all know I'm looking to do a two-year contract with a advertising company for P&T Contracting,"Mr. Richardson said.

"Well you came to the right place," Mr. Brown.

"Well, I haven't made my final decision its between you guys & Levitt Advertising" Mr. Richardson replied, "what makes Brown's so different".

I jumped in, "Sir, what makes us different is if you wanted a 16 foot poster plastered on the moon we would do are VERY best to do it if that means me strapping myself to a rocket and doing it myself".

Everybody looked at me, but Mr. Richardson bust out into a huge smile.

"Great, " Mr. Richardson said, "how about you brainstorm a few ideas and I'll be here tomorrow ".

We stood up and shook hands.

"It was nice meeting you all," Mr. Richardson left.

"Look at the lil' exec," Daniece said, "Watch Out Tony she might put you out of business".

I couldn't stop smiling.

"Tony this is Mrs. Givens, " he shook my hand.

"I like the way you speak its a bright future here for you, um I'll see you two later I have a conference call in 30 minutes,'' he walked out the office.
After getting to know Daniece's Do's & Dont's, as well as finishing up the draft for P&T Contracting. I was beat, horny but BEAT. I walked in my house to see my man had finished dinner I was so happy.

"Babe," I dropped my things and gave him a HUGE hug.

"I felt bad about yesterday, so I thought id make it up." We kissed passionetely.

After dinner I walked into the bedroom to find he had put candles everywhere. I paused.

"Beautiful?" He said kissing my neck and removing my clothes.

"Gorgeous, " I answered.

He pushed me to the bed, where I slipped off my bra and panties. I watched him take off his clothes I was stunned that at 43 he could pass for a 25 year old and we was blessed (if you know what I mean). He climbed on top and you know that gasp you take when they first slide in. He was hitting every spot.

"Yes, that's it!" Was my chant. Until after five minutes I heard.

"I'm Cumming".

What the hell!

"Bae, what was that?!" I said pushing him off me.

"Baby I'm sorry I think the stress from the church is finally getting to me." He said slipping his boxers back on.

I was so mad I didn't even catch myself going to sleep.
Mrs.Givens someone is at your door. I rolled out of the bed to be in a floor length sleeping gown in an extravagant hotel room.

"You look stunning,'' a masked figure said grabbing me in to his embrace.

He stared at my light brown figure. Slim waist thick ass, what can I say it was the Jiffy. My hair flowed down blending in with the gown. My hazel eyes twinkled in the candle light. I hope he was pleased. He started sucking on my neck. He was wearing a mask you usually saw someone wearing at a masquerade. His hands sliding up and down my back made my spine melt. He laid me down on the
bed my gown just seemed to slip away. I was laying there naked in front of these man I didn't even know. I watched him as he slowly undressed, but his mask stayed on. He climb on top of me kissing me. From my lips, to my
neck, to my stomach. He paused at my ever so wet pussy and stared. He slowly opened my lips and took a lick at my clit. I shuttered. He devoured my clit and began sucking, I dug my hands in the
back of his hands. He was licking up and down, lapping up my juices; I began screaming and moaning. He reached up and grabbed my throat, he began squeezing little pulses at a time. My moans were trapped
in my throat. He lifted up his head to gaze at me, he grabbed my legs and dragged me to the end of the bed. I was anticipating what was next. He took his ever so big friend and played with
my clit. He took his time making his way pausing and stopping it drew me crazy. I started thrusting forward. He choked me up, I stopped. He
pushed in all the way making sure I could feel it in my belly. I wanted more. He was in and out, in and out. I was moaning, grunting, and cursing up a storm. This is
what it felt like to be alive. I felt his balls smacking my ass its sent me over. My first orgasm. I shuttered and froze this orgasm
sent me into convulsions. He knew I came, he let out a small chuckle. He flipped me over and smacked my ass. He pushed in, all in one motion. I turned around to look
at him. "The stroke was real". He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it. "Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck!" He kept a tight grip on my hair. Making my back arch. He was
grunting and moaning, smacking my ass. He kept pumping faster and faster I came over and over again. My body couldnt take another orgasm.''Uhhhhhhh!'' I think
it was his his time. He thrusted harder and harder. I was about to...

"Bae, bae, you alright," I was awaken by Mathius tapping me.

"Yea, why you ask," I said.

"You were screaming ." He said getting up.

"You hungry, " I said wiping the crust out of my eyes.

I walked to the kitchen. Looked at the stove it was 6:32. An hour and a half till show-time.

"Mathius, don't forget about tonight . At eight, okay?" I gave him the reminder añd left for Brown & Serum Advertising.

"Mrs. Givens may I talk to you?" I walked into Mr.Brown's office.

"Mrs. Given..." I interrupted him.

"Call me Michelle, continue" I sat.

"Well, Michelle I saw your work for P&T it was outstanding you can have a real future in this." He sat on the edge of his deck.

"Well, thank you sir. That really means a lot." I stood up.

"Well, I thank you for your time. That's all''. We shook hands.
Waiting in Daniece's office for our 12:00 was so nerve wrecking. Would he like it, wouldn't he like it. I saw him at the corner of my eye he was walking towards the door. We stood up to greet him.

"Mr.Richardson, nice to meet you again, " we shook hands.

"I would like to think you all have those ideas ready?" He said taking a seat.

"Well, Mrs. Givens here brainstormed last night and I love what she came up with."

"Well, shoot" he said pointing at the canvas.

"Well, I wanted the key element in your advertising to be a lumber jack. One who is very light skinned, he could pass for white or black. Yes, its hard to believe racism still exists. He's going to look like your average Joe. Cute enough for the women of the house to be impressed but average enough for the man of the house to not be jealous. If you sign with us we have 30 second spots on over 100 channels. We have advertising signs in almost every city you have a franchise. We have deals with newspapers and magazines. Your ad will be seen." I finished off by taking a seat next to him.

"What do you think Mr. Richardson?" Daniece said looking him dead in the eye.

"It was, it was great, I loved every bit of it. But I do have some questions for Mrs. Givens if you don't mind."

"No I don't, I'll be in Brown's office if you need anything." She walked out and left.
After three hours of working out the kinks we had an ad that would be a hit.

"Ummm, Mr. Richardson I'm so sorry I have to cut this short. But I have a lot to do today".

"Like, " he said raising an eyebrow.

"Well if you must know, my husband and I are celebrating are 6th year anniversary."

"6 year's, you dont seem that old?!" He said turning to face me.

"I'm not, I'm only 24 I met him when he was 27 and I was 18." I said walking towards the elevator.

"That's nice, you rarely find couples like you all. Well congratulations on six years." He presses the button to go down.

"Why thank you Mr. Richardson."

"Call me Brian." He said helping me into the elevator.

"Michelle. " I said as the door closed.

Michelle, her name is Michelle.

After the third text and the 10th call I decided to take my food home. Mathius forgot our damn anniversary, fuck 'em! I saw a club on my way home, I don't know what intrigued me about it. For all I know it wasn't even a club, it just had a huge Lion on the door. I parked my car in the lot across the street. Something about the Lion drew me in, his big green eyes were talking to me. When I pulled open the giant doors a man was waiting there.

"Do wish to enter?" The man said.

"Yes, but...." I said looking lost.

"But..... You're a new comer? No?"

"Well enter into ecstacy. Enjoy! " he tapped the door three times and a man opened the even bigger doors.

I walked in to see everyone hugging, caressing, touching people in places unknown. Men with women, men with men, women with women; I was in shock. I stumbled through all the smoke. And made way to the bar.

"Excuse me bartender, can I have a coke?"

"Yes Miss coming right up." When he comes back I noticed he was naked.

He had nothing on but a faux collar. I stared. His dick was huge.

I noticed the drink hhe had put in front of me was far from a coke.

"Sir, I didn't order this." I tried to give it back.

"I did." I turned around to see Brian face-to-face with me.

"What are you doing here? " I asked pushing the drink away.

"I was about to ask you the same thing. " he said, "doesn't seem like your type of crowd" he said sitting next to me .

"It isn't. What is this place?"

"Freedom! Come with me " I took his awaiting hand and he led me to a room ; Pass the kissing, the caressing, the sex. I walked past a couple and they were literally having sex.

"Sit." I did as I was told. It was a room full of candles, and in the middle was a sofa.
He sat next to me, and just looked at me. He looked and looked and looked. He looked me up and down just stared. I started twirling with my hair.
"Is it something on my face?" I said giving him a grin.
"No, but it should be."
I gave him a puzzled looked. 15 minutes had passed by and he had not said a word.
"I guess things didn't go as planned for your anniversary?". He said giving me a serious look.
"Why you say that," I said finishing my drink.
"Your here," he said rubbing my thigh.
His touch sent a shock through my body.
"Well everything was perfect I might add.''
"Don't lie to me," his eyes got narrow.
"I gotta go," I got up and ran.

Sitting in the driveway I cant believe he stood me up.

I walked in and saw Mathius on the couch half asleep.

"Mathius," I said knocking him upside his head.

"Bad I am so sorry about tonight I got so caught up at church I forgot what time ii was, and about time I found out it was too late." He got up and tried to get up and hold me.

I pushed him away.

"You could've called, ya know," I said walking to the kitchen.

"My phone was dead, I was on my way home," he looked at me puzzled.

I couldn't lie his 6'3 muscular frame looked good against that mocha colored complexion and that cold soft hair made my pussy wet, but why start something HE couldn't finish.

"Leave me alone Mathius! It seems like excuse, after excuse, after excuse. Be gone! "

I walked into the bedroom Mathius following behind me. I took off my clothes and put on my robe I walked back in to the kitchen and got a bottle off champagne I hadn't opened since our wedding a gift from my parents. I grabbed a glass and to the patio I went. I stretched out on the lawn chair and drank glass after glass, looking at the stars. I dozed off....

Something lifted me up. Mathius was carrying me to bed. I squeezed him tight I wanted his embrace. It was either this moment or the fact that I was still drunk but I was horny as hell. I want him.

"Eeh, eeh, eeh, " the alarm was going off. I smacked it off the night stand. I looked over to my left to see, something I haven't seen in a while. Mathius' Dick. I decided to surprise him. I slid under the covers and opened the slit in his boxers to release my fully erect friend. I guess its true what they say about morning wood. I started French kissing his dick starting with the head, how I longed to taste him again. He was waking up, I decided to deepthroat the whole thing. My head started going up and down getting intune with the motion. I took his Dick out my mouth and started licking up and down his shaft. His veins were poking. I was loving it.

"W, w,w, what?!"

Mathius was awakened. He looked under the covers and I looked him straight in the eyes. He threw the covers off us. His hand found the back of my head and he shoved his Dick deeper. I went to town sucking and slurping, hitting all his spots. I sucked on his head until he was about to cum. I hopped up and dropped my robe the the floor giving him a little dance in the process. Bra and panties off. I hopped on my DICK! I placed kisses on Mathius' lips, to his neck. Oh how I loved him! He closed his eyes as I rode him throwing his head back. I hopped up and down making sure that he felt it. I felt it in my stomach. My knees were getting weak. He flipped me over making me sit on his lap, the dick still inside. My moans were getting louder and louder. He picked me up and slammed me down time and time again I was cumming again, and again, and again.

"Ahhhhhh! D-d-d-d-d-daddyyyyyyyyy! " I needed this.

He smacked my ass, and pulled my hair. He threw me on the bed.

"Roll over," Mathius said playing with his dick while I gave him a show.

I stuck my ass up and he rammed in.

''Ahhhh, babe, " he smacked my ass making me shut up.

He was in and out, in and out ; I didn't want it to end. But I couldn't take me cumming one more time. He slammed into me one last time then I knew he was nutting inside me. He slid out and I felt the warm cum oozing out of me.

''Ding dong! Ding, dong!"

Somebody was at the door.

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