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When Richard Black goes to meet a fuck buddy, he meets someone else instead-a sexy blonde who introduces him to the pleasures of elevator fucking
Richard Black stepped out of his low-rider car, equipped with thousand-dollar hydraulics, and headed

towards the door of Kim Johnson Law Firm. He gave the keys to the waiting valet (he did not know they had

valets at law firms, but here they did, apparently) and walked up the smoothed out marble steps leading to

the entrance to the massive 25 story building.

The receptionist was a middle-age blonde with shoulder-length hair, a big smile, and an even bigger rack.

She greeted him with a warm “hello, may I help you.”

“Yes, I am here to see Kim Johnson.”

The receptionist, whose name tag protruded off of her chest on one of her massive breasts reading “Emma”,

suppressed a laugh, but a smirk still appeared on her face.

Oh, the things I would do to you, though Richard. He realized that he had been staring discretely at her breasts, and was starting to feel an erection coming. He looked up and gave an exasperated sigh.

“Sir, I am sorry, but Ms. Johnson doesn’t allow people just off the street to see her dur—”. She was cut off by

an intercom on her desk which suddenly came to life with a presumably young woman’s voice which

said “Emma, I expecting a visitor by the name of Richard Black. When he arrives, please send him directly up

to my office.”

Emma stared dumbly down at the intercom for a moment, then put on a smile (most likely fake, thought

Richard) and said “follow me.”

He followed Emma to the elevators, which were positioned about thirty feet from the receptionist desk where Emma had been stationed a minute ago.

Sounding genuine this time, Emma said “Mr. Black, I am sorry. I get a lot of upset people going into the office

demanding meetings and such, and it is hard to keep it all under control.”

“I understand,” replied Richard. He caught himself staring at her breasts again. This time, she noticed.

“I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended,” she said with a small smile.

“I think it would be less awkward for both of us if you said flattered.”

“I do too,” she said. As she said that, she reached for emergency stop button. Richard had just realized what

she was doing when she pushed the button, and the elevator stopped abruptly. Richard nearly lost his

balance, and Emma (purposely he guessed) fell into him, “accidently” grinding her bottom across Richards

half-erection. This quick but noticeable action caused Richard to get completely hard. For the moment, he

forgot about Kim, and the online dating site he had found her on, and anything else he had planned. He

looked at the longing in Emma’s eyes, and guessed that he showed the same emotion in his.

A small part of him was saying don’t do this; you are here to see Kim, not this middle-aged slut! But a bigger

part of him was saying you came here for some action; why not let it happen sooner rather than later?

In the end, he decided to let Emma make the call. But something in his facial expression must have given her

a hint, because before he knew it, she was taking her tight shirt off and tossing it onto the floor. She did a

one-eighty spin and put her ass up to Richards cock, now harder than ever, and began a circular grinding


Richard decided to take initiative. He reached for and undid her bra strap, tossing it aside once he had

finished. She turned around, revealing her massive tits, and started to remove his shirt. He raised his arms

above his head to help her, and she removed it easily and tossed it to the side. She then got to work on his

pants, unbuttoning them and dropping down to his ankles quickly. She slid his boxers down next, which

caused his large, hard cock to spring free and bounce onto Emma’s face. She smiled and took Richard’s

cock in her right hand, using her left hand to begin to remove her skirt. As she did, Richard noticed she was

wearing a very tight thong which revealed her amazing bare ass. When she was finished removing her

unnecessary clothing, which turned out to be everything but her high heels and thong, she turned her

attention back to the cock which she had been gently stroking for the duration of the undressing period.

She grasped Richard’s large cock in both hands and guided in slowly towards her mouth. Richard could feel

her warm breath on the head of his cock, and pushed every rational thought out of his head. The last non-sex

related thought he had before submitting completely to Emma was I’ll fuck Kim another day.

Emma put his cock into her mouth, sliding it to the back of her throat so it would be lubed down for her

handjob she planned to give. She flicked her tongue on the underside of the shaft, which caused Richard to

give out a slight but pleasing moan, which signified that Emma was so far, so good.

Richard felt his cock being licked with quick flicks of Emma’s tongue. It felt very pleasuring, and Emma knew

this, but instead of being satisfied herself, she decided to make this just the beginning. She removed the now

saturated cock from her mouth and took it in her right hand (her dominate hand) and took Richard’s package

with her left. With her right hand, she began rapidly stroking the shaft, occasionally sliding all the way up to

the top of the head. With her left hand, she made circular motions over his balls, occasionally taking one in

her hand and rubbing it. Richard loved this and let out a moan.

Emma began getting excited, and removed her left hand from his now-tight sack and moved it to her wet

pussy. She began fingering herself, while at the same time stroking his cock. Richard noticed that she was

fingering herself and realized that he could do that for her.

Richard got down onto his knees and gently but firmly pushed Emma onto her back and put his head

between her legs. He started with quick flicks of the tongue which gently patted her wet pussy. She couldn’t

help but let out soft moans. Emma found herself holding her breath from the mixture of excitement and


Richard increased the pleasure by inserting his tongue into her pussy, and felt her sweet, warm juices flood i

nto his mouth as he began eating her out. He slid his tongue in and out, up and down, and felt his tongue

slide across her hot clit. She began with soft moans at first, trying to suppress them, but in the end, she

couldn’t, and all the moans she was holding in came out with a scream, and she felt herself getting close to

an earth-shattering orgasm.

Richard did not stop, but increased the intensity of his tongue, and found himself in the target of a wave of j

uices being fired from Emma’s pussy, which was now swollen. She cried out in pleasure and Richard felt his

face being covered by her juices, which her sweet. He thought this would be the end of the elevator

experience, but he was wrong.

Emma stood up and took his cock once more, this time with renewed energy, and guided it to her still-

dripping pussy. Once it was in, she jumped up, and he caught her in his arms.

When Emma and Richard got into a settled position, with Richard standing and holding Emma close against

his body, they started.

Emma began moving her ass away from Richard, then pushing it back onto him. This caused Richard’s cock

to go in and out quickly, while at the same time slamming his back against the elevator.

After about five minutes of intense action, Richard found himself feeling his balls start to get hot, and his

cock, still forced into Emma’s pussy, began to pulse, and he forced Emma off of him.

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted.

He prepared to fire into Emma, and furiously jacked his cock. After four seconds, he felt the semen rushing

though his cock and exiting.

Emma was kneeling by the control panel of the elevator, mouth open, her pussy dripping onto the floor, and

eager to take what Richard’s cock had to offer. Unfortunately, Richard miscalculated his angle of trajectory

and came over her right shoulder. The semen hit the control panel and seeped into the buttons.

An alarm started to go off, and Emma and Richard felt the elevator lurch beneath them.

“Turn the fucking elevator on!” yelled Richard. Emma bent down to her skirt, which was on the floor, and

began digging through the pockets to find the keys.

That was when the two of them heard the screech of metal, and the elevator jerk once beneath them, and

then began to free fall down the elevator chute.

When Emma stopped the elevator, they were on floor 18. By now, Richard and Emma were flying by floor 11.

Suddenly, Richard had a crazy idea that just might work.

He remembered a time, about a year ago, when he had had an injection into his cock that made it extremely

powerful and big when activated.

“Stand back,” he commanded.

Emma backed up, and watched as Richard squeezed an area near the base of his cock. Suddenly, his cock

grew three times as big. It was now a massive 27-inch cock, as opposed to his 9-inch cock before.

Richard forcefully pushed his monster cock between the elevator doors by squeezing his cock until it fit, then

bulged it back to normal size, causing the elevator doors to fly open.
Richard then took his cock and rammed it into the steel wall of the elevator shaft, where it stuck. He climbed

out of the elevator, breathed a sigh of relief, and then thought oh, shit when he realized he had forgotten


“My bad!” he shouted at the elevator, which continued its rapid descent. He used his cock to carve a hole in

the wall large enough for him to climb in. As he was forcing his body in, he heard the elevator hit the bottom.

He went behind a wall and shrunk his cock back down to normal size, and continued to the nearest elevator.

He decided to go pay Kim a visit, after all. He entered the elevator when it arrived, and pushed 25, the floor

Kim worked on.

When he arrived, he noticed that nobody was in sight. He walked down the hallway, not seeing anyone. It

seemed, he thought, that nobody worked here. Maybe Kim had her own private floor, he thought.

“Hello, Richard.” Richard spun around, his cock flying in front of him.

What he saw instantly made his cock get hard again. Kim had the perfect body. Large tits. Huge ass. Sexy

curves. This is what he came to see. Or rather came to fuck.

“So, Mr. Black, would you like to get started?”

“Yes, Kim. I am going to fuck you to the moon and back. After this story gets 4000 views.”

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