A new Alien/Tentacle story i've been working on
So here we go, a new story i have been working on.
I hope everyone likes it.

I have decided to put more of a story out in this one!
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I made my way to the office to clock off ready to go home, "hey Jim, hows it going?" I asked.
"Pretty good thanks Rob, what are planning to do tonight then?" he asked.
"Just staying in tonight mate with the family, need to relax a little after today." I replied.
"I hear ya man, anyway cya monday!" he shouted as he left the office, I clocked off and made my way out.

Once outside I made my way over to the turn-gate and swiped my card allowing me to pass into the car park.
I made my way over to my car and got inside, I started it up and turned on the radio, as I began drivig home which was about 15 minutes drive, I listened to the radio station and thought it must have been that stupid sci fi channel.
They were talking about strange sights in the sky and pods or some crazy shit, I couldnt be arsed and switched it off.

10 minutes later I arrived at home, I locked up my car and walked up to my front door and opened it.
"Hey honey i'm home!" I shouted with a smile on my face.
"Hey sweetie i'm in the kitchen" I heard my wife shout out, I walked in to the living room and saw my 15 year old daughter on the phone with her friend.
I winked and gave her a smile, she smiled back and iI went to the kitchen, my wife was doing the washing up as I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her slim waist, "Hey baby" I whispered in her ear.

"hey sweetheart, can you have a word with your youngest please? shes been a pain today." she asked.
"sure honey, where is she?"

"upstairs sulking." she replied, I left the kitchen and made my way upstairs to Alisons bedroom, I kocked before entering and when I walked in, she ran up to me wrapping her tiny arms around me, "Happy birthday daddy."

I heard giggling coming from behind me, i've been had!

"Thank you sweetheart." I said before planting a kiss on her cheek, she passed me a card she had made for me at school.
I unfolded it to find a cute drawing of a dog on the inside with a message underneath saying "Happy birthday Daddy, you are the greatest daddy in the world and i love you lots."

Awwww how cute I thought before thanking her for the card, "so then pizza for dinner tonight everyone?"

"YEAHHHHHH." Alison screamed with joy, I smiled and turned to my lovely wife Christy, who was holding a present for me, "Here you go sweetie." she said as she handed it over.
Like a big kid I ripped the wrapping paper off it to find a smart new watch, "thanks hunnie, its perfect" I said.

Before I could wrap my arms around christy and properly thank her, there was an almighty bang which came with a ground breaking shudder that shook the house, alarms from cars and houses went off down the whole street.

"Daddy, daddy!" Alison screamed and hugged me tight to keep herself balanced as the quake shook the house with a mighty force of a bomb.
Christy fell back to the floor but was fine, I heard screams from Emily down stairs, my heart was pounding so hard, I hope shes ok was all I could think.
The quake finally stopped and I ran over to where Christy fell and helped her back to her feet as Emily came running up the stairs, "what the heck was that dad?" she shouted with a worried sound to her voice.

"I have no idea, but I am going to find out, Christy put the tv on and see if theres anything on the news!"
Christy ran to the living room as I told the girls to stay in Alisons room untill I come back, I ran down the stairs stopping for a second to slip my shoes on, I swung the front door open and ran outside seeing many of the neighbors already out too.
I stood still for a moment, I glanced around and saw Dave from nextdoor behind me, "Hey do you have any idea whats going on?" I asked.

"No fucking clue at all, it sounded like it came from around 5 blocks down, lets go see." Dave replied before running ahead, I quickly followed and shortly enough we made it to James Avenue where there was a ton of debris, rubble and a huge dust cloud rising.
We stood back in shock as we peered upon a huge metal cylinder which glowed bright red, nearly orange as it began to cool slightly, we could see more of these huge things falling from the sky in the distance, like a fucked up meteor shower battering our planet, massive thuds were heard in the distance and aftershocks cracked accross the land.

Apart from the thuds in the distance and the mini quakes that were happening, everything was silent, even the massive crowd of people gathered around this gigantic 100 yard long cylinder were silent, all in shock, then Dave turned to me, "jesus fucking christ, what the fuck is this?"
"I dont know dave and i dont think i want to know, I think we should get our families out of here and somewhere else." I replied, Dave nodded and we turned and began to run back to our street but we got no more than 75 yards away before we stopped as we heard sounds of metal twisting, turning and rotating, we turned around to see what the hell was happening.

Screech, screech were the sounds now as the end of cylinder twisted and rotated further, I turned to Dave with a grim look of shock smeered accross my face, Dave's eyes never left the cylinder, as I turned back to it, the lid fell off.
A thick mist like cloud emerged from within and suddenly 2 luminous disc like eyes appeared above the rim, a huge rounded bulk larger than a bear rose up slowly, glistening like wet leather,its mouth covered in thick viscous fluid and snake like tentacles writhed as its clumsy body heaved and pulsated.

The people crowded around the huge cylinder began falling down for no reason at all, others ran and fled, most fell and didnt get back up.
My heart was beating like a drum within my chest and my previous reaction of standing still and watching disapeared as my feet began moving on there own, backwards I went before turning and picking up the pace running in the direction of my house, Dave was close behind, screams were heard in the neighboring streets, cries for help echoed in the midnight breeze.

As I reached my house I left Dave to his business and ran inside screaming for my family to show themselves, suddenly from the corner of my eyes I saw christy looming from behind sofa in the living room with the girls peering from around the side of her.
I rushed into the room with a terrible look of horror on my face, "what is it rob? what did you see? whats going on?"

"Its terrible, we need to get out of here NOW!" I demanded, I turned to Emily and told her to go to the kitchen and pack whatever food we had, "Alison go with your mom and help her pack." "Christy pack light, no crap, just a change of clothes each."
Everyone nodded and ran to do each job quickly, I ran out the house once again and towards my car, I opened the door and jammed the key in the ignition and turned, nothing happened.
"FUCK." I hissed as I continued turning hoping for some spark of life to roar from the engine, but nothing happened, the car is useless.

I rushed back in the house and found Emily had finished packing the food and could hear Christy and Alison coming back down the stairs, I grabbed the tv remote and flicked the power button, once again nothing happened.
This is some shit I thought to myself, "ok lets go out the back and head towards the old farm on other side of the fields." I said.

We hurried out the backdoor not bothering to stop and lock up, out the back gate we ran and began our journey to the other side of town accross the fields where the old abandoned farm was, it would take us just over an hour on foot, I was pleading with god in my head, begging for help to protect my family.
As we got closer the farm, the screams and cries for help disapeared into the distance, this gave me some comfort knowing we were at least heading away from danger for now.

Alison pushed her hand into mine, hoping for some comfort maybe, we walked on in silence for now, still in shock from what has happened and is still happening.
The farmhouse is just up ahead now, we will be safe here for tonight.
As we approached the dark silent house, I stopped everyone, "wait here while I check it out." I said, I walked up the old wooden gate and pushed it open slightly and quietly, I moved up the old gravel path towards the old beaten house and grabbed the handle which came straight off the door in my hand.

I pushed on the door slightly and it slowly creaked open, the hallway was dark and the smell of damp lingered in the air, I crept inside for a closer look.
Old crappy beaten down furnature remained in parts of the rooms, ripped dirty damp carpet squelched beneath my feet as I moved into the living room, everything seemed to be ok, even if the place itself was a nasty dirty hole.
Suddenly a shadow ran accross the wall, my eyes opened wide and my heart nearly lept out my chest, the door behind me squeaked open leaving a chilling feeling creeping up my back, as I turned around I was relieved to find Christy with th girls were behind me and not "something else."

"Is it safe? Christy whispered, "seems so." I replied.

The girls scurried inside and sat on the old dust and dirt covered sofa, I must to the front door and pushed it shut, I then moved an old side cabinet against it holding it firmly shut.
I motioned to Christy to stay there while I check the rest of the house, it took me a few minutes but everything was fine.

I walked back in the living room with a few old blankets I found in a wardrobe upstairs, they werent pretty but they were thick and dry.
"Here you go girls, take one of these each." I said, they both took one and so did Christy, leaving two more.

I walked over to the sofa and placed one over the dirt covered seats, i kept the last one for myself.
We all gathered on the sofa and slumped back, the girls fell asleep quite fast, Christy took longer but I stayed awake for what seemed like hours, how could I sleep after seeing that thing from the cylinder, and what the fuck happened to all those people? I wondered.
I eventually drifted off to sleep, my dreams were that of horror and twisted visions of slaughter and sick perversions.

I awkoke in a cold sweat, my hands were clammy and cold, outside was slightly brightening up so I decided to get up and take a peek outside.
My feet sloshed on the damp floor as I walked over to the door, then I remembered the old cabinet I put there and realised I couldnt get out without waking the girls and Christy from the noise, so I went around to the back door, the door was old and beaten, warped and damp.
I pushed on it which had little affect so I put my back into it and the door slowly opened about half way, it was enough to squeeze past which I did.

The air was somewhat different today, thicker somehow, less fresh.
The grass seemed to be dying, old vines that climbed the walls of the house too looked in bad shape, the sky although brightish was darker than it should be for this time of morning.
No birds were chirping and a silence filled the land, I creeped about for a minutes checking the area surrounding the house, apart from the grass, plants and such dying or dead, all seemed ok.

I went back around and slipped inside the back door and pulled it shut before heading back to the living room to check on my sleeping family.
Christy's eyes flickered open and she slowly stumbled to her feet being quiet as not to wake the girls, I pulled her close and kissed her good morning and dragged her into the hallway, it was time I told her what I saw yesterday.

She seemed horrorfied at what I told her but tried to keep her calm, at that moment we heard the girls yawning in the other room, waking up to a new world full of terror that we had yet to experience.
They stumbled past the living room door and greeted us good morning, they asked for water and breakfast so I went to check the supplies Emily packed, I opened the bag of food finding tins and half a loaf of bread, at least she pact a can opener.

But we had no water, this was a problem.

I turned the taps in the kitchen but nothing happened....
"Shit." I shouted, Christy came in wanting to know what was up, I filled her in and she agreed, were in trouble without water.

"Ok Christy stay here with the girls and keep the doors shut, I'm going out and looking for water and other supplies."

She nodded her head with approval, the girls threw there arms around my body hugging me tightly, "Be careful dad." Emily whispered in my ear.
I said my goodbyes and left out the back once again, town was about 4 miles away and I thought that would be the best bet to find any usefull supplies, before heading off I turned my head around and stared into the dirty dark windows of the house, I lifted my hand gave a wave knowing the girls and Christy would see me even if I couldnt see them.

The sky was filled with a strange mist that blocked out most of the sun, with every step dead grass and weeds crunched away beneath my feet, I marched on roughly in the direction of town.
Around an hour of walking I could see the town in the distance, I moved closer with every step and soon enough I was on the outskirts of town, once again like last night, screams echoed from the streets in the distance.

I could now see the mini market and headed towards it with haste but keeping as quiet as possible so I didnt gain any unwated attention, I creeped down the street closer to the market, I could hear screams coming from around the corner of the street connecting to the one i was in.
I peered into the mini market windows and it seemed ok, I hurried inside and went straight for the fridges at the back of the store, I grabbed as many bottles of water as i could and began packing them into my bag, while there I grabbed some more food, tins mostly and then headed behind the counter to see what I could find.

Nothing of any use really, I picked up what was left of the tablets and stuffed them into my bag, I decided I had been here long enough and wanted to get back to my family.
I hurried to the front door but quickly hid when I saw a young woman run past the front windows screaming and crying, I saw one of the huge hulking beasts slowly chase her and with a whip of one of its long tentacles tripped the poor girl over and trapped her against a wall.

My escape route was now blocked by this hulking monster, I took the time however to spy on it and try to figure out what it wanted, it didnt take much figuring out though, the young girl on the floor was only semi aware of her situation after the fall knocked her head pretty bad.
She appeared to be about 16 or 17 years old with long red hair and pale skin, she seemed fit and in shape, I watched on as this thing moved closer to the girl before stopping infront of her, I took a moment to look at it closer, a disgusting looking beast with maybe 8-10 tentacles writhing from its mid hulking body, viscous fluid dripped down its rounded body.

The large hulking beast now firmly in place expanded its long slimy dripping tentacles towards the helpless young girl, the thick viscous fluid oozed from the tips of each tentacle and dripped down splashing the poor girl and coating her in a layer of slime, 1 tentacle slithered its way up her body passing slowly under her shirt tearing as it went.
Other tentacles spiraled around her arms and legs holding her firmly down, the girl was now totally unable to escape and at the monsters mercy.
The tentacle slowly moving up her body continued oozing slime and tearing her clothes off with every inch it slithered accross her, "OH MY GOD, NOOO, get off me you filthy thi..."

She was cut off from speaking as a tentacle lashed out and dove for her mouth, it parted her lips easily and slipped inside, her screams became muffled noises of choaking and gargling sounds.
I watched on in terror as this ugly hulking beast began molesting her young body...

Moment laters, her clothes were completly torn apart, the tentacles smothered her naked flesh, swirling and twirling around coating her in another layer of goo and slime.
As the slime dripped and ran down her body, the tentacles began spiraling around her young firm breasts, a tentacle snaked its way up her leg and slithered past her inner thighs and was soon pushing at her cunt, the ooze dripping and splurting from the tip lubricated her entrance nicely and soon enough the tentacle popped inside and began twisting and turning as it made its way further inside.

Her eyes rolled back into head and the tentacle in her mouth pushed deeper making her throat bulge and expand to accommodate its massive girth.
The girls muffled noises slowly disapeared as the tentacle sunk deeper and deeper...

The tentacle inside her pussy began thrusting in and out with great force making her body tremble with every stroke, it wasnt long before the girls body began shaking violenty, her head snapped backwards and her restrained legs tried to buck, her hips thrashed about and suddenly a river of cunt juices squirted from tentacle stuffed pussy.
I had seen enough of this sick shit I thought to myself and began looking around trying to find another escape route, obviously the front was no longer an option so I decided to try the back door.

I stumbled to my feet and turned away and headed to the back of the store, once there I ran over to the door and twisted the handle which swung open creaking slightly, I stopped for moment looking around to make sure everything was safe before I proceeded to make my escape into the back alley leading to a nearby street.
Now outside I began my journey back to the farm where my family waited for my safe return, I had finally made it out of town and was at the edge of the old fields leading to the farm a few miles away, the mid day sky grew darker as the strange mist expanded filling the sky like bad storm on its way.

I picked up my pace and hurried accross the fields hoping to reach my family soon, the things I saw in town filled my entire being with terror.

The farmhouse was just about in sight in the distance as I began to run with a steady pace, I stopped for a moment as a strange unearthly howl was carried accross the winds that blew in my direction, I looked around but saw nothing, yet the howling didnt stop, infact it grew louder with every step towards the farmhouse.
I reached the gate which lead to the house and as i approached the house my heard began thumping in my chest as i noticed the front door was hanging from its hinges.

I ran towards the door and past into the hallway, slime coated the floor and surfaces of old beaten furnature, I peered around into the living looking for signs of my family when suddenly a bang came from upstairs followed by a long groan, I lept up the stairs following a trail of slime that covered the steps.
The trail went dead outside what used to be the master bedroom, the door was ajar and bent, as I approached the door a horrid scent of sex and filth filled my nostrils, i pushed the door open and ran inside.

What i saw horrorfied me to my core as my 15 year old daughter Emily was spread accross an old bed naked with tentacles slithering around her body, my wife Christy was pinned against a wall held in place by huge tentacles , her eyes were wide with terror, my youngest daughter Alison lay unconscious on the other side of the room.
Screams filled the room and echoed through the house, I jolted foward towards the lagre hulking body of the beast thats attention was firmly on Emily, I swung my fists as hard as I could hitting the thing with all my might, the hulking beast turned and lashed a huge tentacle at me which caught me square in the face knocking me over, I banged my head pretty hard against the wall and the last thing I saw was the huge beast looming above me before I fell unconscious.

Images flashed before eyes while unconscious, images of terror, shock and dread.
The last moment of my awareness replayed over and over in my head, tentacles dripping with slime swirling around the naked flesh of my daughter, the expression on my wifes face as tentacles assaulted Emily in the most horrific way.

My eyes flickered open, my head jolted forward a little looking around, there was very little light, infact it was nearly pitch black.
Where the hell am I? I wondered, I tried to move but found myself paralyzed from the neck down, I lay motionless for a while untill my eyes became used to the darkness surrounding me.

I glanced down noticing I was naked, tubes of some sort connected to parts of my body which pumped small amounts of fluid into my body.
Then I saw my cock but it couldnt be mine! it was huge!

A massive limp penis was slumped on my belly with a large tube lodged in my piss slit, it too was pumping something into me.

My hearing seemed sharper somehow, I could hear whispers coming from somewhere close.
I lay there motionless, naked covered in tubes for hours untill I eventually drifted off to sleep, once again my dreams were filled with images of terror, horrific visions of perversions filled my mind.

When my eyes flickered open once again, I found myself in a new place with little lighting, warm moist air filled my lungs and the scent of filth lingered.
"Urgggh, hello? is anyone there? Christy honey? anyone?" I whispered out into the dark damp cellar of a room I lay in, the room remained silent for the time being.
My legs began to twitch a little, signs of life filled my body and soon enough I was able to sit up and stretch, I took a look around the dark room, the floor was damp and each step created a slushing noise, I stumbled forward as I had not yet regained my strength, my hands touched the cold damp wall which helped me to keep my balance.

Suddenly a door on other side of room swung open, a low pitched groan came through the door followed by light foot steps of a young girl, she carried with her a candle which illuminated the room.
"Alison?" I screamed out

"Daddy!" she squealed and ran towards me, she swung her arms around my naked body, my huge limp penis brushed against her naked flat chest.

"How are you sweetie? where is you sister and mom? I asked with a worried tone, "I dont know daddy.. I havnt seen them since the monster came to the house and made me sleep."

"I'm ok though daddy." she muttered.

My heart warmed a little knowing Alison was safe and sound and we were together again, I sat down pulling Alison closer and wrapping my arms around her trying to keep her warm.
She layed her head against my chest and let out a small sigh of comfort, now there was some measure of light in the room from the candle Alison brought with her I could cleary see my deformed cock which lay accross my belly towards my chest, inches from Alisons mouth.

Big black veins covered my dick which seemed to pulse slightly, thick green tinted fluid dripped from my piss slit down my shaft which pooled in my belly button, Alison's eyes closed shut as she drifted into a slumber with my arms wrapped around her.
As time went by, new feeling and impulses began to take over my body, an aching sensation covered my body head to toe, my cock grew longer, more and more fluid leaked down my shaft, the veins began to pulsate with more intensity.

My eyes gazed at my naked little girl and a hunger grew within me, a desire for her, a need for something perverted.
With every passing moment my cock hardened more and more, my body began to tremble, my heart raced within my chest and blood surged though my body carrying new DNA which fueled my new hunger for pussy.

Without realising it, my hand which was draped around Alisons side began caressing and mollesting her naked young flesh, my fingertips streched outwards and flicked the end of the nipple on what would someday be her right breast.
I began drooling as I continued touching her, twiddling her nipple around between my fingers, light moans of pleasure left my sleeping daughters mouth, my other hand began rubbing her hair lightly and lovingly.
The desire filling my body told me to fuck my little girl, I tried to fight the urge but I losing the battle, my hand was now massaging the small mound of flesh where her nipple was, squeezing hard with wicked intent.

I slowly pushed Alisons sleeping head down towards my throbbing gigantic cock, her lips touched the end and were immediately coated with the fluid it leaked, my hips began humping upward forcing her lips to part and take my cock into her warm wet mouth, as my cock head passed her lips and pushed inside, her eyes flew open but to my surprise she didnt resist.

Instead I felt her tongue swirl around the massive head of my cock, she applied a slight suction with her tiny mouth, fluid dripped from her mouth which slid down my shaft covering me with a layer of saliva and my own leaking juices.

Burning desire deep within me was sending me over the edge, I pulled her wet mouth from my throbbing cock and rolled her over, thick viscous fluid from my cock dripped from her lips, her tongue darted out her mouth trying to lick the juices up.
"Mmmmm, tastes so sweet." she groaned, I knelt down and pushed her legs back revealing her bald virgin pussy, I wasted no time and flicked my tongue out my mouth licking her up and down her slit until I found the hood hiding her tiny clit, I pushed my mouth against her and wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked down hard making her moan out loud with pleasure.

My tongue lashed about her tiny cunt tasting her sweetness for the first time, the taste of her young juices sent me into a sexual rage witch sent surges of perverted electric shocks through my entire body, I felt myself changing before Alisons very eyes.
My tongue stretched and contorted, my new alien tongue began to push its way inside her virgin hole making her squeal and howl, my tongue continued bending out of shape, expanding, thickening and filling her tiny cunt canal.

Seconds later my tongue was whipping and lashing at her hymen, my tongue coiled up and with a might joust pierced through her hymen with litte trouble.
Her head shook side to side while screaming out in pain, I continued pushing my tongue further up her pussy before I felt a barrier that was her cervix, my tongue licked and snaked around inside her tight pussy untill finding a small opening leading past her cervix into her womb.

While I tongue fucked her cervix, I pulled my right hand up and stretched out a finger and pushed it deep inside her tiny tight anus, this along with the tongue fucking sent her over the edge, her body twisted and bucked, her thighs trembled and deep within her little body a orgasm formed and washed over her.
Her cunt muscles squeezed around my invading tongue while her legs thrashed about, her head snapped back and the orgasm passing through her body reached her pussy which exploded into a river of juices that filled my mouth.

My raging cock throbbed with firey intensity as I pulled my long tongue out of her body back into my mouth, I licked my lips catching the last drops of pussy juices that clinged to them.
I sat back up and lined my massive cock up with her tiny pussy and pushed forward with little luck of fitting myself inside her, this drove me insane and I continued pushing for 10 minutes untill the head of my enormous dick finally pushed inside.

Alison let out a bloodcurding scream that echoed through the room, my massive cock head now inside her began pushing again.
I looked down and watched her bulging pussy stretch to fit my cock, as my massive dick pushed further inside, you could actually see the lump moving towards her belly, soon enough I was half way inside her and looked up to find she had passed out from the mixture of pain and pleasure.

With my cock half way inside her amazing tight little pussy, I began a slow motion of thrusting in and out trying to push deeper.
I let my long snake like tongue drop from my mouth and head towards her tiny nipples, my tongue slithered around the mounds on her chest twirling and leaving a trail of saliva as my tongue spiraled around her nipples squeezing gently.

Alisons eyes opened, she stared into me as I continued pounding my cock further into her, screams of pain and pleasure left her mouth as the tip of my massive cock slammed against the wall of her cervix, I grinned as I felt the tip slipping inside into her womb, I gave one last mighty push and felt her cervix give way to my huge cock.
My long tongue still swirling and snaking its way around her nipples and squeezing made its way to her wide open mouth, my tongue slid inside and began wrapping around hers and it continued to the back of her throat and slid down easily.
Alison young little body once again began shaking, her hips bucked against me forcing me slightly further into her womb, her body thrashed about in a state of complete spasm as her orgasm built up inside her, she stopped breathing for a second as the orgasm exploded and waves of pleasures passed through her body like electric shocks, her pussy tightened around me making my cock pulse with pleasure, I could feel the big black veins tremble and pump fluid up the shaft of my dick.

I let out an almighty ear shattering roar as my cock began pumping copious amounts of my thick viscous green tinted spunk into her womb, my rampaging cock was in a constant state of release and I could feel her womb overflowing and bathing my cock in my own spunk.
Her belly began expanding as I filled her up with my fluid, her body contined spasming out of control and a string of continuous orgasms went off inside her, my cock had finally stopped dumping fluid within her and I pulled my huge cock free of her tiny cunt, as the head of my cock popped out it was followed by a steady stream of thick spunk that spilled out onto the floor below.

My tongue returned to my mouth and my dick slowly went limp and the feeling of overwhelming lust that gripped my soul vanished, I stumbled backwards against the wall resting a while I gazed upon my little girl lying in a puddle of spunk twitching and moaning while riding the last of her insane orgasms that battered her body...

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2013-08-03 12:26:58
graet story . how to continue tough as everyone has been affected by the aliens . you could describe the perversions the father and mother are thinking as they lewdly drool over their children and other boys and girls .their deepest darkest desires and fantasies being fulfilled

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2013-08-03 12:26:57
graet story . how to continue tough as everyone has been affected by the aliens . you could describe the perversions the father and mother are thinking as they lewdly drool over their children and other boys and girls .their deepest darkest desires and fantasies being fulfilled

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2013-08-03 12:26:56
graet story . how to continue tough as everyone has been affected by the aliens . you could describe the perversions the father and mother are thinking as they lewdly drool over their children and other boys and girls .their deepest darkest desires and fantasies being fulfilled


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I liked your 'War of the Worlds' description in this.:)

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More please don't stop it's great !

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