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Chapter Four – Payback Time!
Three days after their outdoor excursion, Mark vanished. Rachel couldn’t find him anywhere in town or at his house. Four days without awesome sex was making Rachel more and more miserable. There wasn't much that could get her mind off her need for sex, but the worry she was starting to feel for Mark was doing just that. She just wanted him back, just wanted to know that he was okay. She was about ready to start crying now, when a knock came to her door. Answering it, she was shocked to see who it was.

"Hey you miss me?"

She dived at him, throwing her arms around his neck and knocking him off his feet. "Mark!! Where were you, I was so worried!!"

"I'm sorry Rachel. Amy kind of kidnapped me."

Rachel froze, still on top of him on the ground... Amy... Things were starting to make sense. "What?" she asked with anger in her voice.

Mark sat up, and Rachel climbed off him then sat on the ground beside him. "Yeah it was weird! I was on my way home from school when Amy asked if she could give me a ride. I didn’t see anything wrong with accepting her generosity and before I know it she drugs me with chloroform and knocks me out."

"Anyway I wake up in this room, like a bedroom, but with no windows and this big metal door. There was this big bed, a shower and a toilet, and she would slip me food through the door every day. She didn't talk to me though, and wouldn't tell me what she wanted."

Rachel glowered. "So she just left you in that room for four days?"

"Yeah, it was really boring, but the bed was so comfortable at least.”

"That bitch!!" Rachel screamed jumping to her feet in a rage.

"Relax Rachel, it wasn't that bad. I don't suppose you know why she abducted me, do you?"

She looked at Mark, still feeling tremendously pissed off. "No. How'd you get away?"

"She just let me go." Mark shrugged.

"Just like that?"

"Yeah, the weirdest part was what she said. She says, “I am done with you, stud. Go home.” Then she gives me a hundred dollars for a cab ride. Since when does Amy call me stud? I mean it’s not like I can blame her or anything, but..."

"That fucking bitch!!" Rachel snapped.

"Rachel!" Mark gasped. "Language!"

Looking at Mark, she slowly smiled and helped him back to his feet. Then she gave him a warm hug. "Go home Mark. Your parents have been worried about you."

He smiled back. "Okay. Are you coming with?"

"I'll join you later," she assured, as she walked past him and got a deadly look on her face once her back was too him. "I've just got some stuff to take care of first."


Rachel knew that Amy would be exercising at her family’s dojo on a Saturday, so that’s where she went to confront Amy about Mark’s disappearance. Rachel entered the deserted dojo and found Amy sitting comfortably in a nearby chair reading ESPN magazine. Amy hearing the loud footsteps looked up to see Rachel quite annoyed.
Amy smiled, then stood up and dropped her magazine onto her chair. She looked absolutely furious as she stalked forward. "You stole Mark!!"

"Simply borrowed him Rachel." she corrected, smiling.

"For four days! I went without sex for FOUR FUCKING DAYS!!!"

"You're lucky it wasn't longer. But four days is all the time I needed to have some one-on-one time with Mark."

"I had to masturbate! Do you have any idea how unsatisfying that is, after having Mark?!" She slipped off her backpack and let it drop to the floor.

"Awww, poor baby," she sneered.

As Rachel continued to close the distance between them, she kicked of her shoes, then unfastened the waistband on her cargos and let them fall around her ankles. She wasn't wearing any underwear, so when she stepped up to Amy she was naked except for her black tank top.

"You're going to make it up to me right now!" she snapped, grabbing Amy's shoulders and pushing down on them hard. "On your fucking knees, bitch!!"

Amy wasn't prepared for this, but the next thing she knew her hair was being pulled forward hard, and she was tasting hot, wet cheerleader pussy. And though she never would have expected something like this from Rachel Smith, she decided to just go with it and start licking.


"Yeah, that's it whore! Eat my pussy! You owe me four days worth of orgasms, and I'm not leaving until you've paid in full!"

Amy had never been a woman who much liked being dominated; she was generally the dominant one. But something about sweet little Rachel ordering her to make her cum was so hot. Had her licking deep and with enthusiasm, eager to give her what she wanted.

"Mmmm, yeah! You're good at that! I'm going to teach you what happens to girls who take my toys without asking!"

Amy winced when Rachel pulled her hair again, but still continued with her appointed task. She was getting juicier, and her hips were grinding into her face with more enthusiasm. She was a good cunt licker! Had so much experience, she could probably make this little girl feel so good she'd forget all about her stupid sidekick. Yeah! 'Prepare yourself Rachel, because I'm going to go for the gold!'

Rachel reacted to Amy's increase in enthusiasm with a gasp and some long loud moaning. She was going to make this demanding little brat cum her brains out!

"Ooooh, looks like Amy's been holding out on me!" She gave her black hair a hard yank in punishment, and Amy yelped into her pussy. "No more holding back, you bad girl! You give me-uhhhh! Everything you have! And... And don't stop until I give you fucking permission!"

That had hurt! Rachel was acting like a selfish, demanding, sex crazed bitch... And Amy absolutely loved it! Kneeling and worshipping the delicious pussy of about the only person on the planet who could truly dominate her! And this had her even more eager to please.

"Mmmm, Rachel's getting close!" Rachel moaned. "You wanna be my pussy licking lesbian sex slave, don't you Amy? You want to lick me out and make me cum hard, like a good slave?! Oh God!!"

Oh yes, YES!! That was what she was, she was a slave! Rachel Smith’s slave! And if she was a good slave, her mistress would reward her with a nice juicy orgasm! She couldn't wait!

"Yeeeaaahhh, that's it!" Rachel groaned, as she pulled roughly on her hair and shoved her pussy into her face. "That's it! Such a good slave! Ohhh! Your mistress is sooo close!"

"Mmmm!" Amy licked and slurped, was giving it everything she had. But Rachel wasn't going to make this easy, she was holding back, and refusing to just give up the reward Amy was so desperately wanting.

"Oh fuck, you want it don't you? Greedy slave!"

Amy could sense by Rachel's movements and moaning that her level of pleasure was reaching critical mass. She was licking sucking and nibbling on that pussy with every trick she knew, and it wasn't going to be long before she tasted another one of those delicious Rachel-orgasms she'd had a week ago.

"Mmmm! Don't stop! Mmmm!! Such a good slave!! I'm gonna cum!! Can't... hold it... much... Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Amy eagerly licked and slurped up her hard earned reward, as Rachel's whole body shuddered, and she pulled her face hard into her pussy with another yank of her hair. Her tongue lapped away at the tasty treat, while continuing to stimulate, putting everything she had into making the orgasm last.

She did a good job too, it lasted a good while, and Amy was pretty sure she'd broken a personal record. When she felt the spasms in Rachel's body start to subside, heard the loud sigh she gave off and saw the weak, shaky look to her legs, she looked up into her Mistress' eyes with a smile.

Only she didn't receive the smile in return she was expecting. Rachel was still scowling. The red head lifted her foot, and kicked Amy in the chest, knocking her off the knees and onto her back. Before the older woman could react, Rachel stepped over her body, fell to her knees and lowered her pussy onto her face.

"Not good enough!" Rachel snapped. "You'd better make me cum much harder this time, or I'm not going to be a very happy Mistress!"

And before Amy could make any kind of comment to that, her mouth was buried in soft swollen pussy flesh. She absently started licking, but she was feeling angry. Who does she think she is?! Not good enough?! If she gave an orgasm like that to any other woman, they would be thanking her, kissing her and begging to return the favor! Not good enough?! That Rachel was such a... such a... WONDERFULLY KINKY BITCH!!!

Again Amy found herself licking like she'd die if she stopped. Nothing she loved more than a challenge, and satisfying Rachel seemed like a doozy! She was going to relish it.

Rachel started moaning, she gave her hair a few more tugs for no particular reason. "I thought we should get on the floor, slave. Get comfortable. 'Cause you are going to be licking me out for a very long time!"

"Mmmm!" was Amy's best attempt at an enthusiastic response.

"You like that huh? Good. By the time I'm done with you, you're never gonna get the taste of me outta your mouth!"

Amy moaned some more as she just went on licking for all she was worth. Her mistress was so naughty, so kinky. Just so deliciously nasty and she just loved it! This time she was going to put even more effort into cunt pleasing, this time she was going to make her mistress happy.

Eventually Rachel proved to be quite insatiable, it seemed like she'd been riding Amy's face for hours. All that time Rachel spent moaning, grinding her hips onto her face and shuddering with delight every time she came. Amy had never eaten a single woman's pussy for so long in her life, and she'd stopped counting orgasms at around twenty-something. On occasion, Rachel would call her a good slave, but after each orgasm she demanded more! And more!

After God knows how many orgasms for Rachel, and zero for Amy, Rachel made a quick change of position. Taking less than a few seconds she raised her hips, turned to face Amy's feet, and then lowered herself back onto her face again. Amy was covered in the cheerleader's juices at this point; they were all over her face, and soaking her hair. And the taste of her was so strong in her mouth, yet she went on licking like an obedient slave.

"Mmmm, you've pleased your mistress, like a good slave," Rachel purred, still grinding her pussy into Amy's face. "I think you deserve a reward." She started to lean forward, before Amy made the mistake of talking for the first time since she had started licking.

"Mistress, do you want me to-mmph!" Rachel reached back, grabbed a handful of hair from the top of Amy's head, and pulled her mouth roughly back to where she wanted it.

"I did NOT give you permission to talk!! You're mouth is NOT for talking!! Do you want me to change my mind about your reward?!"

Taking the hint Amy went back to work, coaxing out more orgasms from her teenaged lover. Rachel resumed her leaning forward and placed a hand on the inside of each of Amy's thighs. Rachel had long since pulled off her tank top, so she was completely naked now, but Amy was still fully covered in her karate robes.

"Mmmm, I wanna taste my slave," she purred, and Amy moaned. She had been giving nonstop pleasure to Rachel for what felt like hours, but hadn't received anything in return. So to say that she was anxious for some attention, would be the understatement of the millennium.

The material and the stitching of Amy's outfit were very strong, but Rachel was stronger still. Taking two handfuls of the fabric, she tore open the crotch seam with a powerful yank. Giving the new hole a few tugs to make it bigger, Rachel soon leaned forward and started to feed on the sweet fruit beneath.

"Mmmm!" she moaned, as she tasted her slave.

Amy moaned too. She was so turned on by now, had been for hours actually. And finally, FINALLY, Rachel was going to make her cum too. She decided to slow her own licking to time it so they could orgasm together. Amy was already close to cumming anyway, it wouldn't take Rachel long. To her disappointment though, Rachel stopped her pleasurable actions to snap at her again.

"Did I say you could slow down, slave?! You keep making me cum as much as you can!! I will make you cum at my leisure! You don't want me to stop, do you?"

Amy made a moan that sounded as scared as she could make it, then resumed eating pussy the way Rachel wanted it. Rachel then leaned forward again, and resumed some licking of her own. Slow leisurely tongue strokes that drove Amy crazy but wouldn't make her cum. Every few licks Rachel would speak.

"Mmmm, that's a tasty pussy... Keep making me cum good, and I'll make you cum too... yummm... I promise... So long as you don't stop, I won't either."

Amy eagerly agreed. She was on the edge already; if Rachel didn't stop she'd surely cum any minute! Especially with her mistress making those torturing slow strokes over her hard clit. So Amy kept up her efforts and Rachel came on her face again and again. Moaning loudly and keeping her promise my keeping up the tongue action of her own. But she still hadn't cum.

'I just have to do better, that's all!' was Amy's logic, and she had Rachel shuddering and moaning with delight on top of her several more times. And even though Rachel didn't stop her slow torturous licking for a second, Amy still didn't cum. She was on the edge, so close and in such need that she was in pain. She wanted to beg Rachel to make her cum, but knew if she stopped licking to do that, Rachel would stop too.

But she was getting her clit licked, albeit slowly, she was bound to cum soon, she wasn't even holding back anymore. As long as she kept pleasing Rachel, things were going to be ok. No one could lick a pussy that was aching so badly with desire and not make it cum... Sadly Amy forgot that Rachel could do anything.

After three more orgasms for Rachel, there was still nothing but torture for Amy. How the hell was Rachel doing this?! How did she know her body so well?! She was applying just enough pleasure to keep her close enough to think she was going to cum any second, but not enough to actually make her cum. This was fucking ridiculous!

Soon though, Amy felt Rachel starting to lick harder. She moaned anxiously into Rachel's pussy, as her tongue ceased its slow movements and started flicking all over her most sensitive areas. Amy was ready to hyperventilate. Two fingers slid into her pussy and started sliding in and out. Teeth gently bit down on her clit, and started slurping and nibbling.

Oh yes! YES!!! Finally, Rachel had stopped teasing her. She was putting everything she had into pleasuring her aching needy pussy, she'd held her on the edge of climax long enough and was about to push her over. This was going to be so good! Rachel was doing everything just right, just the way she liked it! The pleasure was incredible, and she was licking and slurping on Rachel's pussy eagerly as Rachel worked on hers.

Rachel started to cum again. She started working harder on Amy's clit, she was about to start cumming with her. It was so good, she was so close! Rachel's body was shuddering, her tongue was going into overdrive, and Amy was almost there. Finally!! Rachel's spasms started to die down, but her tongue kept working at full speed. And finally Amy felt it, the building and imminent explosion, there was no stopping it now! She inhaled deep, preparing to scream with pleasure when finally Rachel...

... Stopped... at the worst possible moment... Pulling her mouth away from the pussy, she stood up, removing her own pussy from Amy's still working tongue, and she stretched. "Mmmm, thanks Amy. I'm done."

With a gasp Amy sat up and watched as Rachel walked away and started gathering up her clothes. "But... but..."

Rachel was pulling on her cargoes and tank top, before Amy snapped. She jumped to her feet and started stumbling up to the teenager. "Come on! You're kidding, right Rachel?! You wouldn't really leave me hanging like this would you?!"

She slipped on one of her shoes and started tying the laces, and made a casual reply. "Sure I would."

"But you can't! Please! Please Mistress, I need it so bad!!"

Rachel giggled. "Game's over Amy, you don't have to call me Mistress anymore."

"Come on Rachel, please!! It would only take a minute, just one that's all I ask, please!!"

She smiled and pulled on her back pack, and then to Amy's horror she gingerly started to walk out the door like it was no problem. "Maybe this will teach you not to borrow my toys without permission."

In an act of desperation, Amy fell to her knees and quickly hugged Rachel's leg. "I'm sorry Rachel, please!! I promise I'll never do it again, I'll do anything, please don't go yet!! I need you!!"

Rachel sneered down at the desperately horny woman. "Sucks to be you, HAHAHA!"

"But you promised!!" she screamed, still hugging her leg. "You promised you'd make me cum!!"

Rachel hesitated and gave Amy a thoughtful look. "Yeah... I did promise didn't I?"

Amy nodded, a small hopeful look in her eyes. But then Rachel's smile turned mean. Jerking her hip sideways she knocked Amy away from where she was kneeling and hugging her leg, and then she kicked Amy in the stomach.

"I lied." Then she left the building very pleased with herself, leaving Amy on her own.

"You bitch!" she gasped. "You FUCKING BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!!"

Tears were running down her cheeks now. That evil bitch had played her like a fool, turned her on as much as possible, and then left her hanging. The worst bit was that Amy found that Rachel doing something so evil was a tremendous turn on! This meant she was going to remain this horny for a very long time. That evil, beautiful, sexy, malevolent cunt-slut!! She didn't know whether to kill her, or find her and ask to eat her pussy some more.

What the hell did she go and think about that for?! She needed some release, and she needed it now! Didn't matter from where, what or who, she needed it! Amy screaming, “I’ll get you for this Rachel!” and Amy broke down into tears on the dojo mats.


To be continued...

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