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Kate meets her Master for the first time.
A Sleepless Night for Kate.

Damn him to hell, this is impossible thought Kate as she turned over again in bed; for God’s sake she had to sleep.

Three o'clock in the morning and sleep would not come.

She had that low ache in the pit of her stomach and a warm wet feeling between her legs, that delicious warm wet feeling that she yearned for but could not satisfy.

Thinking about Mark, her mysterious and impossible friend just added to the agony,

Kate started to masturbate stroking her finger gently on her outer lips, imagining his tongue teasing and exploring her, the tip of his tongue feeling it's way gently through the outer folds of her pussy lips, through her whisper soft hair, searching for her clit only to find the hood, tantalizingly close but....

What was the use, this was not his style, he would never do this, would he? She knew she needed a stronger fantasy, something extreme, something with an edge, something painful? Her fingers were no longer enough.

Kate pulled the thin cotton bed sheet over her naked body, over her breasts and tight under her armpits. Tucking the sheet tightly under her thighs, back side and chest on each side. The sheet constrained the movement of her legs and bound her chest squeezing her hardening nipples down flattening them against her breasts. With her arms and hands free outside the sheet she was ready.

This was one of his tricks, she remembered that summer night weeks ago when he had told her just what to do; like this, to imagine she was restricted in the bed unable to move, tied down, restrained, cocooned in the sheet. In her mind he sat on the edge of the bed, gazing at her with cold blue eyes.

Her hands would be his hands in her imagination.

Although they had never met they had chatted for hours on the webcam. He always seemed pleased to hear from her. His fascination with her long black hair was hard to understand, he always wanted her to let it cover her naked breasts when she was on view on the webcam.
“Let it cascade over your breasts and nipples hide them from me.”
She knew why; teasing, anticipation and denial were the most erotic devices Shaun had in the toolbox of his imagination.

Her fantasy of being tied to his bed spread-eagled and helpless started to build slowly.
He caressed her cheek and cupped her head in his hand brushing his thumb lightly over her mouth and lips. Gently slowly and inexorably his thumb parted her red lips and eased its way into her mouth. Her gentle resistance waning as she succumbed to his persistent probing. The violation of her mouth in this way was a great turn on, she longed for the day when Shaun would do this for real.

Using her own fingers she touched her breasts imagining his slender fingers brushing her nipples through the material of the bed sheet. The sensation was infuriating, indirect, remote, the lack of direct contact with her nipples and the tight restriction of the sheet changed the sensations completely. Tease, denial, anticipation, just as he would do.

Taking her hair brush she pushed the plastic bristles over the sheet above her breasts, gently circling around her nipples but not touching them. Slowly the low ache of desire between her legs began to build. Alternating between the smooth back of the brush and the bristles she teased herself watching as her dark nipples pushed up, straining beneath the sheet as they hardened.

She braced herself for the sharp sting of a blow, no doubt Shaun would have done that by now but the brush seemed to be seeking her pussy of it's own accord as it travelled involuntarily down from her breasts towards her ache. Kate pushed the smooth back of the brush hard against the apex of her thighs and into her triangle, trying to make some contact, knowing her clit was crying for movement, for fingers, for pressure.
The sheet formed an infuriating barrier.

As the warm wet feeling started to grow between her legs Kate made a decision.
Shaun and his impossible fantasy world was what she wanted. These feelings were overwhelming but she wanted more; more than imagination and fantasy could supply.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Shaun's words from a previous conversation rang out in her head.

“I wish to try reality.” She uttered the words out loud.

Kate surprised herself with the sound of her own voice.


Shaun’s world was a revelation to Kate, never had she imagined wanting or liking the “Dark Side” as she called it but as they talked and they explored his world she became fascinated and drawn to a world of sensual possibilities.

She had seen pictures of his Dungeon and Play Room.
Shaun had repeatedly asked her to come and play; Play? A strange word to describe his game.
Shaun’s game was not to be played lightly. Not to be played without a great deal of thought.

And risk.

He had always been attentive and caring in his own way, thoughtful and my God what an imagination he had, but she was so nervous, the feeling in the pit of her stomach was there again but Kate had lost the capability to distinguish between the two causes, her feelings of fear and joy, of pleasure and terror were inextricably linked.

The Journey.

The black cab dropped Kate at the other end of Kensington Rd a short way from Shaun’s address. She was as prepared as she could be and thought she had followed every instruction. The 8” high heels were absolutely ridiculous, so over the top and difficult to walk in but she dare not disobey.

The walk was short.

Pulling her coat collar around her neck she fastened another button as she set off down the street.
109 Kensington Rd the address had danced through her mind repeatedly over the past few days. She knew she was being dragged along by her stupid ego and insatiable desire to explore the sub way of life. He’s probably a serial killer she mused idly as she tried to walk with some elegance and a mock confidence she did not feel inside.

Fear is not too strong a word for what Kate felt. She had never submitted in real life before but the thoughts of being tied and immobile, helpless and in his complete control had grown to the point of obsession. It was all she fantasised about.

What if he really did do some of the painful things he had described? Kate tried to console herself telling herself she would learn by the experience and would know for sure if this was what she wanted.

You only live once!

Life is for living!

Nothing ventured........

Serial Killer? flashed through her mind in two foot high red neon lights “Serial Killer!” but in an act of bravado she determinedly pulled the plug out from the socket plunging the sign into darkness. Remembering her sleepless nights she walked on.

The Street was lined on both sides with elegant four storey Georgian town houses separated from the pavement by 6 foot high black painted iron railings. Iron gates and stone steps led up to imposing front doors. Mature trees and clipped grass verges, Mercedes and BMW's completed a picture of genteel restrained wealth.

As she walked Kate kept an eye on the polished brass plaques on many of the houses, the engraved numbers slowly ascended into the hundreds.

Kate stood staring at the plate when she finally reached it. “Walk past; this is stupid and dangerous.” she thought. The battle between desire and fear raged in her head.

Shaun had instructed her to use the lower entrance. Kate noticed steps descending into the void between the railings and the houses, a basement level, probably the old servants entrance? Opening the gate she stepped through and started to walk down the steep stone steps; the sensation of descending into another world was not lost on her as her head dropped below street level.

“Damn these shoes!”

Stepping into the short passage well below street level she saw the featureless cold metal door. There was no bell, no handle on the door and very little light.

Kate felt cold and alone.

Looking up again to street level she watched as people walked past oblivious to her predicament.
What now? Knock on the door? Turn and leave? She knocked. There was no answer.

Perhaps this was the wrong door? Kate hammered on the door Shaun knew she was coming at 4 pm she was exactly on time. “Answer the bloody door Shaun.” Her cry was under her breath, no one would have heard it. Thumping on the door as loud as she could she let out a cry “Please!” open up. Her heart hammered in her chest. She was visibly shaking. The door remained closed.

Why had she been so stupid as to believe him? Was he even there? Perhaps this was not even his house? She turned to ascend the stairs holding back a tear. How could she have been so stupid. Why did he not answer the door?

Kate turned and placed her foot on the first step ready to ascend the steps.
A harsh buzzing sound emanated from the door, a latch slid back and the door eased open just an inch letting a thin band of light penetrate the gloomy stairwell. Kate looked down and back behind her. “You bastard.” she thought “I bet you did that on purpose.” I've half a mind to run and think what a lucky escape I've had.
Knowing she would never forgive herself after coming so far Kate returned to the cold metal door.
It opened with a little effort; she stepped through into a dimly lit corridor.

Swallowing, she noticed how dry her mouth was, the only sound; her thumping heart.
A deep longing and desire had built up over many months culminated in this moment.
Closing the door behind her she realised she could not turn back.

“Serial Killer.”


“Wonder for the rest of your life?”

The red neon lights returned.

“Turn back now and have the rest of your life”
Desire or lust or bravado or.......stupidity..... one of these drove her on, drove her to pull the plug once again.
The corridor was dimly lit by two small bare light bulbs on pendants hanging from the ceiling. Her shadow mocked her as it slid silently along the walls and floor, distending and distorting, travelling ahead of her; it lead her by the hand, an unwelcome guide to a world beyond?

She shuddered.

Kate walked unsteadily past three doors on either side of the corridor, they were void of light or sounds of life within but the end of the corridor had a single wood panelled door, bigger than the rest, it was closed but a bright light fanned out from a small gap at the bottom.

She paused not knowing what was expected. Just as she raised her hand to knock the door opened.
The bright light surprised her and her vision dimmed before it adjusted.
Shaun stood there his expression dark and serious.

Kate beamed a smile so full relief and joy she felt she would burst.
She wanted to fling her arms around him, to pull him close to her, but something was desperately wrong, why didn't he smile? Was he not pleased to see her, had she misjudged things so terribly?
Why was he being like this?

They had talked for hours, laughed and joked, commiserated with each other and of course explored their innermost desires, their darkest secrets, secrets that some couples do not tell each other in a lifetime together.
This was what they wanted dammit! This was what he wanted surely there was room for some understanding some empathy for what Kate was experiencing for the first time.

“Take your coat off and stand there.” he said pointing to a spotlit corner of the room.
In a dreamlike state she just obeyed, head down she walked unsteadily over the polished wooden floor, managing to remain upright.

A small 3 foot diameter circular podium blazed in the heat of a spotlight.
Kate obeyed in silence walking to the corner and stepping up carefully onto the 6 inch ” high wooden platform.
She unbuttoned her coat to reveal the red corset, fishnet stockings and suspenders that he had commanded her to wear. Holding the coat she stared into his eyes then glanced at the coat asking without speaking “What shall I do with this?” Shaun turned away with a look of disgust.

In all her life Kate had never felt so vulnerable so out of control and so embarrassed.
She dropped the coat on the floor, tears welling up deep within her.

Her stomach hurt, an ache so deep, so tight, even in the heat she shivered, goosebumps flashing in a wave down her spine; not knowing what to do with her hands and feeling unbelievably awkward she held them in front of her crotch.

Pressing her fingers secretly into her crotch she applied a little pressure reminding herself why she was here. The ache was unbearable, the first wave of something beyond her comprehension, welled up within her.
Shaun noticed the tiny rivulet of Kate’s excitement running down her inner thigh and contacting her stocking top.

He struggled to hide his inner smile pursing his lips together.

He was sure in his mind that she was the one.

He had not yet laid a finger on her.


copyright MarkMastermann June 2013
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