A crazy day when a friend of the family visits bringing her friends around.
My own little call girl:

I am a 40 year old divorced man. I was married to an Italian woman, but things just did not work out. I remained loyal and frustrated for many years and the divorce was freedom. I am 6’4” tall with hazel eyes and brown hair with a bit of grey. Somewhat fit from playing sports all of my life, but no six pack or anything like that. I have a strong body and a well proportioned penis. I am a grower as they say, so it is not like I would feel really comfortable on a nude beach unless somewhat aroused. I would say that when hard I am probably between eight and nine inches long, but have never measured the girth.

As I stated, I have been frustrated for years luckily having the internet to provide arousal material for self satisfaction. It has been a long time since I have actually physically been with anyone and I am hoping to get out there to get the process started. I do not drink anymore so the bar scene is really not my thing. I am more used to hanging around my daughter’s young friends and the girls I coach, which could get me in trouble. Luckily she is graduated and off at school, so that temptation is not really there as well as if it was they would all be of legal age.

A few of her old friends were getting together with a couple of the girls that were back visiting in the area. Taylor had asked to stay in my daughter’s room and to have them get together at my house as it was big and pretty empty with my son off at baseball camp. I agreed as I thought it would be good to have her around. Little did I know about how things would end up.

Taylor and her friends showed up after they picked her up from the airport.

Taylor has auburn curly hair, big brown eyes, showing her nose and naval piercing. She has one of the nicest bubble asses I have ever seen and I have always been infatuated with it. An athletic body with small A cup breasts and a flat belly. She was wearing a very short denim mini skirt and thin low cut top.

Chelsea had her hair dyed jet black with a few more piercings and tattoos than I remembered. She has an amazing body keeping it in shape since her latest job was a stripper. An amazing bubble ass and D cup breasts. Chelsea was wearing a short low cut sun dress.

Jackie has brown hair and blue eyes, a muscular athlete who was also good looking enough to be a top class cheerleader, an amazing body with thick defined legs and muscular ass, proud of her six pack but small B cup breasts if that. Jackie had some spandex booty shorts with her ass cheeks peaking out and a halter top that only her nipples were holding up.

Brooke also had her hair dyed platinum blonde. Probably the one I knew the least, but also the most sultry of all of them. She had the look of a porn star ready to have sex at any time. Tall with a porn star body I’m talking long soft legs, perky D cup breasts, and a subtle ass. The main thing about her was her deep blue eyes and thick puffy lips that she always amplified with bright lipstick. She was wearing a red dress that stopped at the top of her thighs low cut almost to the belly button providing ample cleavage and side boob view with obviously no bra as there was no place for the straps as well as I could make out her areolas through the thin material. The material hugged her body showing off her curves. I kept staring trying not to get caught to make out any sign of panties, but could not. Now I was intent on finding out, without being a pervert.

Taylor jumped on me giving me a big kiss wrapping her arms and legs around me. “Thanks Tony!!! It is so good to see you, I have missed you a lot.” She even started crying “My Aunt and Uncle have pretty much disowned me and you were always a father figure to me.” I thought that she was not going to let go. All of the other girls where getting teary watching all of this as well. She started to slip and my hands moved from her thighs up to her bare ass, but she kept her grip around my neck and continued sobbing. I felt her ass as I reached up to pull her tight skirt between my hands and her ass. I took my time of course. She stopped and slid down my body until her feet were on the ground, but the front of her skirt hung on the erection she caused. She reached down to pull it off looking up at me innocently yet blushing at the same time. “Sorry about that.”
“Don’t be, it has just been a while” as I kissed her on her cheek. She had not seen me since the divorce and buried her head in my chest hugging me tight feeling my erection poke her belly. I reached down trying to adjust it so it would not be so noticeable when she let go, but there was no hope.

As she moved away my erection was bulging in my pants for all to see and they all did. Each of them gazing and smiling at me as they walked by. Until Jackie who stopped to hug me as well lifting up so that my erection was pushing against her crotch then kissing my cheek and walking inside.

They sat around the den talking about hanging out that night and going to a beach party the next day. A few were worried about the cost as I guess it was expensive with entry, dinks, and food included. Taylor talked about how tired she was and patted the couch next to her for me to sit down. I sat and she draped her legs across my lap resting her head against my chest while I stroked her back. As I sat across from Brooke I could not help but hope to get a glimpse between her legs. Her phone dropped off of the side of the couch and she cussed as turned to pick it up. This exposed part of her ass, but more importantly I got a glimpse of her clean anus and shaven camel toe. My cock started to rise again until Jackie told her that her toe was showing and Chelsea reached over poking her in the anus. Brooke whipped around in a whirlwind which gave me a frontal view until she covered up.
She sneered at Jackie “you’ve been showing your toe all day and I haven’t complained.”
Jackie opened her legs showing her pussy eating her spandex. “I guess so” and they all laughed hysterically.

Taylor decided that she was going to get some sleep so the girls readied to leave to give her some time. It was only 1100 so they would come back with stuff to hang out. Brooke said that she was just going to stay and hang out since she had no where else to go. She and Taylor headed upstairs with Brooke coming back down a few minutes later. She sat close to me as I watched TV. I glimpsed over to see that she was sitting with her legs curled up providing a slight view between her legs her nipples now hard from the cold air conditioning pressing against the thin fabric of her dress. My erection had now grown to its full size and was visibly strained against my pants. I caught her checking it out and she blushed a bit.

Brooke finally spoke “I really want to go tomorrow, but it is so expensive 50 Euro to get in without any extras.” She kind of pouted puffing up her lower lip. I also noticed that her legs were a little more open and I could see that her labium was swollen as well as glistening a bit. I couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful view of her magnificent pussy. “Are you looking up my skirt?”

I quickly looked away embarrassed. “Sorry, I don’t know what to say.”

“No, it’s ok. I actually caught you a long time ago. You were just not so obvious.”

“Ok, well I guess we are even as I caught you checking me out as well.”

“Maybe, but you have really seen mine. I will let you keep looking if you show me that hard cock.” The thought of it made me harder so I reached down pulling my pants down until my cock was showing. I looked over to see her spread eagle giving me full view.

“Damn, that is big! I haven’t seen one that big before.”

“You have a beautiful pussy as well. So now what?” I asked as I moved my hand to her knee.

“Well, I have never done this before…Ah, never mind” as she started to close her legs.

“What, go ahead and say it” I pulled her knee hoping to keep her legs open. I could see that her pussy was much more swollen and her lips were budding out. It took all of my power not to just dive in face first.

She opened her legs back up “Well, I have never done this for money. But I will give you a blowjob for 20 Euro, then we can see where it goes from there.”

“How much to eat you?” I responded

“Well, as long as I don’t have to pay you then that would be free.” I dove right in licking and sucking at her pussy. It had a musk to it that burned my nostrils as I shoved my tongue as deep into it as I could then lapping at her clitoris and she pulled my head into her crotch bucking wildly against my face. Holy shit did her pussy taste good and she was so sloppy wet. She sat up pulling off her dress and then stood up. I turned her around licking her ass and then tonguing her tight little anus. “MMMhhhhmm shit that feels good. I have never had anyone do that” as I shoved my tongue in to her anus tasting the salty flavor as my tongue jutted in and out of her tight asshole. “AAAUUUGGGG holy shit” and she started her orgasm as I shoved a finger deep into her pussy to feel her walls contracting against my finger. Bending her over further I licked her clean of her ejaculations. “Oh, fuck…that was awesome. Who is paying who? I don’t think I have enough to pay for that kind of service. Her body shivered as she came down from her orgasm. I kissed her neck and down to her breasts as she worked her way down to my swollen member. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and very sensitive to my sucking.

Brooke started kissing the head of my cock and licking down the sides. The precum was flowing freely and she took in every drop. She sucked masterfully getting me to the edge of cumming, so I pulled her up licking her pussy once again. We should go upstairs and finish this off.

We walked upstairs leaving our clothes in the den. She went to my room and I headed to the bathroom for a towel. I heard the door open and though it was Brooke coming in to pee, but it was Taylor who made it almost all the way to the toilet before seeing me in her fog from the jet lag. “Oh my god Tony, I am so sorry. I should have knocked, but I was half asleep.” The whole time she was focused on my erection.

“I’m sorry I should not be running around like this, but…never mind.”

Taylor smiled “are you and Brooke up to something?”

“Just let me get out of here. I am naked and you are almost naked so this might not look good.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

I walked up to her in the narrow bathroom and she turned towards the sink. Her ass was amazing in her little G-string, just as I had always imagined it. I turned to scoot by and my cock rubbed her ass sticking for a second in her crack as she pushed back “oh god” she gasped. “This really wouldn’t look right” as we both laughed at the situation, but she still pressed back against my cock which was spurting out precum from the excitement of my infatuation.

“Oh shit, sorry about that” as my juice ran down her ass cheek across her crack to the other cheek.

“EWWW, get it off!” as she grabbed my erection diverting it from her ass.

I reached down slowly wiping it off with my hand starting on one cheek and working my way to the other stopping to get what was in her crack. I then wiped my hand with the towel. “You could have used the towel” she said with a smile.

“You can also let go any time now” and she turned beat red as she realized that she was still holding my cock. “Let me go take care of this” as I headed to my room where Brooke was waiting.

I licked her pussy to get it nice and wet while holding her ankles up with my hand. She wanted to go slow due to the size of my cock so I laid down and she sat up mounting me looking the other way working her way down until she was full of my cock. She was a loud fuck as well as she humped the hell out of me. I reached down wetting my finger from her juices and pushed my pointer finger into her ass down to the first knuckle. She started bucking harder so I pressed on to the second knuckle and then all the way in. She screamed in orgasm and I was ready to shoot, then I turned to the side to see that Taylor was looking through the partially open door caused by the cross wind when she exited the bathroom. I saw she had her hand in her panties and then looked her in the eye as I shot my load. She realized she was caught running into the room she was staying in. Brook hopped off taking the rest of my load in her mouth and licking my cock clean.

“Fuck that was great, I have never had anyone shove their finger in my ass like that. It made me cum even harder.” She came up kissing me and then went down sucking to get me hard again. I pulled her up holding her groping her ass and breasts. “Damn, I should have worked out something for that, but I feel like I owe you.”

“I’ll tell you what, I will give you the fifty if you help me have sex with the others or at least get them naked.”

She thought for a moment and then replied “I think I can do that, it’s a deal. I will have to get them to see that big cock of yours to get them started.”

“Sounds good” then I thought of Taylor watching us have sex. “Let me go wash this sweat off.”

“Ok, I am going to take a little nap to recover.”

As I walked to the shower I noticed Taylor’s door was not closed all of the way, so I looked in and could see she was on her belly with her ass up in the air and was masturbating. I was entranced by her ass wiggling back and forth bucking against the motion of her hand. I heard her moan “ooh Tony, yes it is so big”. My heart pounded out of my chest as I wanted to rush into the room. So I headed into the shower.

The thought of Taylor masturbating while thinking about me and the vision of her frigging herself with her ass in the air kept blood flowing to my vein popping erection like Viagra. I washed the sweat and Brooke’s juices off of my body and had just stepped out of the shower to get a towel when the door opened. Taylor came in and I stood silent hoping she was coming in to get fucked. Her face was flushed and the nipples on her small breasts were trying to cut their way out of her little sleeveless half shirt. “Sorry again, but I am ready to burst and have to pee” as she tried to make it between me and the sink again. I could see her smile in the mirror as she pressed her ass against me so that my cock brushed across her ass like a turnstile. I could smell the sweet musty scent of her wet pussy which made me drool and my cock jump a bit as it brushed her ass.

“Give me a minute to dry off and I will be out of here.”

“Hell, we have a week or so that we will be together here and we are like family. Plus, I think we are now acquainted enough with each others bodies that it should not be uncomfortable” as she pulled her panties down sitting on the toilet. She was also leaning forward enough to give full view of her little breasts and hard nipples. I heard the pee start to flow as I reached onto the shelf above the toilet to get a towel. My blood filled cock just a couple of inches from her mouth as I did. I could tell that she was excited by it due to the fact the stream of pee cut off while it was there. “MMMMMy god, hasn’t this thing gone away since the last time we were in here?” I looked down to see her looking up at me with my cock almost in her mouth.

“It was right up until just before I came into the bathroom” trying to hint to the fact that I saw her masturbating without actually saying it.

Taylor’s face turned beet red again actually continuing down her neck as I guess she realized what I was hinting to. “Oh, well I guess you should have made the shower a cold one then” trying to play it off.

I was starting to dry off “It was cold, you can see the mirror is not steamed up. I guess it didn’t help cool me down.”

Her pee was starting to flow off an on again as she seemed to just get redder. Finally she wiped standing up giving me a clear view of her swollen slit as she pulled her panties up. There was a landing strip of auburn hair ending just above her slit. She pulled her g-string up so high that the triangle split her slit and then she reached down fixing it. She caught me as I was 100% focused on her crotch and smiled. I was standing in front of the sink and was almost finished drying off when she wedged herself in to wash her hands. My erect cock stuck in her crack as she leaned over the sink. I put my hand on her waist and pushed my cock between her legs. She pushed back against it and then pulled away quickly. “I guess I need a cold shower too” as she bent over pulling her panties off giving me full view of her ass and swollen wet pussy as she did. She had a nice dark little asshole as well. I almost shot my load right there. Then she stood up taking her shirt off turning around to see me with my jaw on the floor seeing her nice little breasts with light pink areolas and hard pink nipples down her flat belly to the thin landing strip of auburn hair. Smiling ear to ear she hung her g-string and little half shirt on my erection “I guess there is more than one use for this” and laughed.

I pulled them off and was holding one in each hand. She looked at me kind of shocked when she saw that I was rubbing the panties between my fingers feeling the wetness. “You’re not a panty sniffer are you?”

“I don’t know” as I pulled them up to my nose. The smell was intoxicating and exciting my cock jumped.
“Ewww, that’s kind off gross” as I sniffed them. “At least you didn’t taste them.”

I looked down to see that her slit was more swollen and now glistening from wetness I popped the crotch in my mouth and started sucking on it. “Holy shit, you are crazy I just peed too” but I could sense that it was really turning her on. “Now I have to unpack and get another pair.”

“I would say that these were already to wet to be used again anyway.” She diverted her eyes away from mine.

“How is it?”

“Like honey” even though she was looking down I could see her smile ear to ear.

As she was looking down she could see the precum dripping from the tip of my cock, the excitement and taste of her pussy on the panties was too much excitement for me. “Ohhhh, watch it or going to make a mess” still staring down at my cock, which made it flow even more. I reached down with the towel wiping from the under side of my cock which made a river of lubrication come out while she watched.

“I have to get into the shower” I could see that she was now extremely wet and her lips fully budding out of her slit as she stepped one leg over into the tub. I placed a towel on the sink and exited the bathroom.

I went back into the bedroom with Brooke laying there naked. Her beautiful ass was turned my way so I licked it. She moaned and went back to sleep. I grabbed a bottle of ball refill and took a couple hoping that Brooke would come through or Taylor would want to take it to the next level. Having seen her naked I was now more obsessed with her than before. The site of her naked, smell of her sex, and taste of her panties was driving me crazy. I was worried that our little escapade would change the way she acted around me or make her more careful. It could go the other direction and she may want me as much as I want her.

As they were just going to be hanging around the house I figured I would give them some space until I was invited. I heard the doorbell ring and some of the girls show up. I was sitting in my chair when Taylor came in waking up Brooke and handing her dress to her. Brooke jumped up running to the bathroom to clean up. Taylor quietly came over and kissed me on the forehead as if to tell me everything was OK. I looked over to see that she was wearing some loose booty shorts and the half shirt she had on earlier. She looked back to catch me checking her ass out as she walked away smiling as she left the room. Brooke came back in wearing just a towel dropping it and sitting on my lap. “I remember our deal, but I would rather just keep making money with you or doing it for free. That was awesome, so awesome that I am sore from it.” She kissed me passionately “Can I borrow a shirt to wear? I don’t want to just hang out in my dress.”

“Sure, just look in my drawers and take what you need.”
It was nice to see that she chose one of my wife beater undershirts. It was loose on her body with her boobs showing every time she moved. This girl could be sexy wearing a potato sack. She turned her back to me bending over “does my ass show when I bend over?”

“Just enough” as I pulled her to me licking her recently washed pussy and asshole.

“Stop that or I will never make it downstairs. You already got me wet again and I don’t have any panties, remember?”

“Believe me, I remember!”

I changed into a wife beater, with a loose t-shirt over it, some mesh sweats and my ergo wear boxers. They hug my legs and have a comfortable pouch that holds my stuff out and has room to grow without too much stress black yet somewhat transparent. If I was going to get hard I wanted them to know it. In fact I was continually semi erect thinking about Brooke and Taylor as well as what adventures might take place if Brooke comes through. The Yohimbe in the ball refill had them tingling with energy as well.

About 30 minutes later I was sitting in my lazy boy watching a ball game when Jackie came in “Hey Tony, we have pizza and drinks downstairs. It would be nice if you came down. Damn, your room smells like sex.” When I looked back I saw that she was looking at Brooke’s dress that she had left on my bed and smiled. Still smiling “I actually like the smell, are you coming down?”

“Sure, that sounds good” I noticed that Jackie was now wearing a little spandex skirt that accentuated her muscular ass coming just to the bottom of her ass cheeks but not under them. I watched her ass as she walked in front of me down the stairs as her muscular buns went switched up and down as she walked.

I got downstairs to find the same girls as before plus a girl named Jordan. She was thick, but Latina sexy. Jordan had big breasts, a big ass, and thick legs. Very attractive with a piercing sparkling just above her thick lips and wavy light brown hair with big deep brown eyes. She had on a denim mini skirt and a loose shirt that was not flattering.

I sat in my lazy boy eating a couple of pieces of pizza and drinking some water. The girls were drinking beer and a couple had mixed drinks. I haven’t drank in many years due to the violence that comes when I lose my inhibitions. Brooke brought out some Jaeger bombs and Jordan pulled out a bottle of tequila. They all got tipsy pretty quickly.

Chelsea came out “I see Jackie got tired of toeing and wore a skirt.”

Jackie responded by spreading her legs showing her transparent little g-string that was up in her slit “I am always toeing!” I could see that she was totally shaven and had a nice big puffy pussy.

Chelsea came back “damn girl, you would make some cash in my club.”

Taylor decided to come over and sit with me with her ass on the arm and legs draped across my lap. My hand was on the arm when she sat on it so I turned it over and left it there. She smiled looking down at me so I shrugged in innocence picking it up and dropping it in her lap. She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek in appreciation. I looked down to see that there was not much to her booty shorts or boy shorts between her legs. I could make out part of her labium through the short loose leg of the shorts. I started stroking her thigh getting closer and closer as I did. I rested my arm in a comfortable position with my elbow on a little piece of the arm and my hand on her thigh just below her crotch. I was not sure if her nipples were hard from liking that or from the cold AC.

Brooke followed up “I heard you were stripping. What is that like?”

Chelsea answered “It can be great, depending on the crowd. I love giving lap dances to the right guys. I almost feel guilty taking their money since I enjoy it so much and it makes me really horny.”

“Do you get totally nude” asked Taylor

“Not in my club. At least you are not supposed to. I have shown my goods to the right guy who returns and tips well. Girls have been fired over that as well as getting caught giving bjs and even fucking their customers. You have to know where the cameras are. I have also made guys cum in their pants, which makes us both happy. They get the release and that is the ultimate compliment if you ask me. There is a nude club near by and they have asked me to come over. The good part is that they pay you hourly to get naked plus you get tips. The bad part is that the tips are not as good because they already get to see everything you have. Plus they expect more during lap dances.”

Taylor added holding her little breasts trying to push them together through her shirt “I would have to get a boob job, I don’t think men would pay to see these itty bitty titties.”

They all laughed and I said “I think that they are sexy and would pay to see them.”

She blushed and leaned down hugging me “you are so nice to me” as she leaned forward it pushed her legs down and my hand further between her legs. My pinky finger resting directly on her warm slit as I heard a slight moan in my ear. I left it there as she sat back up and she did not move it. I started caressing her inner thigh, which made my pinky rub around on her slit. I could feel the heat and the swelling as I did. She sat down further into my lap moving her butt to my thigh, which allowed for me to rub with more than my pinky. The thought of this had me at full attention which was now up against her leg. She smiled at me as she reached down giving it a tug.

Chelsea added “They like all kinds and I think the fact that you look 16 and your bubble butt would bring a hell of a crowd.”
Brooke pushed further “Why don’t you teach us how to give a lap dance?”

Taylor was now very wet pulling my hand out and changing positions. She leaned down and whispered in my ear “you need to slow down you are going to make a wet spot in my shorts.”

While she was down there I pulled my hand up to my mouth and licked my fingers. “Damn it Tony, now I bet I do have a wet spot and she kissed me on my cheek.”

“Shit, I would be embarrassed to stand up right now too.”

“That is definitely nothing to be ashamed of” as she gave it a squeeze.

We were lost in our own little world when the girls put some music on my surround system. Brooke grabbed Taylor’s hands and pulled her off of my lap and they all did a shot of tequila. Then Chelsea came towards me bending over with her ass to me while she stripped off her skirt showing me one hell of an ass just a few inches from my face.

“Whoa. What are we doing here?” I asked.

“You’re the subject for our stripper training” Chelsea said looking up from between her legs.

“Well ok, but what are the house rules?”

She turned around straddling me while popping off her bra “I don’t see any bouncers and it is your house.” Now pushing her breasts against my face her nipples both pierced “come on now, you like it right? Play along like a good customer.” The smell of perfume and tequila was over whelming, much like in a normal strip club without the cigarette smoke.

She instructed “You want to get them riled up by putting your tits in their face grinding on them. Be careful as sometimes they latch on” as she shoved her left breast to my lips and winked down at me. I took my queue and latched on “mmmm he is good. The best way to get them to release is to grab there face like you are pulling them into you, but put a little pressure on both sides of their cheek/jaw area. She took her time allowing me to suckle her wonderful pierced nipple then going through the motion. “He is very tall, so unless you are too then you will have a hard time grinding his crotch while putting your tits in his face. You also want to try to avoid face to face time as they might try to kiss you, which is considered to be too intimate and cause romantic feelings. This is not meant to be romantic as a business, but very romantic at home.”

Chelsea dropped to my lap to grind in her little g-string then pulled up turning around. “This is a good way to get them going without eye contact. Most men love asses, so put it in their face. Let them smell you and if you smell good it will drive them crazy.” She moved in so that her slit was right in front of my nose and almost hitting it. Her fragrance was divine almost perfumed, yet still a bit musky. “At this point it is about you and what you like as to how far you want it to go. When I am really horny I will grind myself on their chin and sometimes mouth.” I was playing with her hanging breasts and I could see a wet spot growing in her little panties. I was also eyeing her beautifully pink asshole and wondering if she bleached it.

“Do you have to bleach back here for your job?” I asked.

She responded “Oh, I see we have an ass expert and where his attention is. Not really, I just like it like that. Don’t you?” she pulled reached back and pulled the string to the side to give me the full view, so I started licking it. “Oh my lord, I did not expect that at all. I have never had anyone do that MMmmfff, it does feel good though!”

All of the other girls, but Brooke came back to see what I was doing even though they knew. Not a one of them looked grossed out, more excited by it as I put on a show shoving the tip into her anus. “Holy shit, we need to save that for another time” as she raised up so that her asshole was no longer in reach of my tongue. I noticed that her slit was now swollen and I could see her big lips pushing against the wetness of her little panties. “I would think that would gross me out as I never do anal, but it definitely did not. WOW” they all laughed including her and the others moved back to sit down.

“Don’t be afraid to brush against his crotch or even grab it through his pants. That is a good way to gauge if they like it, unless they are impotent. I get a lot of them and I never understood why an impotent man would come to a strip club.” She paused while they all did another shot and as she leaned back to drink it her pussy sat directly on my mouth. I thought she was going to spit it out when I licked up the middle of her swollen pussy pressing through her panties, but she did not move at all. Once she was done with her shot she handed the glass away grinding against my mouth as she reached down feeling my erection through my sweats and boxers. “Oh my, I guess he really likes this. He is big and hard as a rock” wrapping her hands around it pulling my sweats tight against it to show the rest.

Jackie blurted out “Holy shit! I wish I had known you had all of that before now!” They all started laughing.

Taylor was past tipsy “yeah, I saw it before and it is pretty impressive.”

They all looked at her “How did you see it?” asked Brooke. I was thinking “Oh shit, here we go.”

Taylor cleaned it up “I am staying here and I accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom.”

Jordan asked “was he hard?” Taylor just nodded in response. Jordan followed up “Why was he hard?”

Jackie jumped in “Hmm, good question. I am sure that someone here may know.” Brooke turned red, but sat silent, Taylor smirked and the rest just looked puzzled.

Chelsea stroked it some more and I took a mouthful of panty sucking on her pussy. She pushed back against me moaning loudly as I found her swollen clitoris with my lower lip. She pressed back against me pulling her g-string so that it split her fat pussy and I licked on either side of it catching a lip and sucking it into my mouth. She let go and I pulled it out with my tongue running it through the middle of her now sopping wet over used pussy. She reached back pushing my face into her pussy while she pulled her panties to the side from underneath. I shoved my tongue as deep between her lips and as far into her hole as possible. She then pulled off fixing her panties turning around letting me lick from her pierced belly button to her breasts taking my hands and putting them on her wonderful ass as she came down shoving her tongue in my mouth and licking her juices off of my face. Now her crotch was against mine and she was rubbing her pussy against my erection. She kissed down my chest across my belly and pulled my waistband down checking for underwear. When she saw I had it on she continued to pull my sweats off kissing my erection through the thin pouch material.

“I have never seen these ERGOWEAR? I like the way they let your cock stick out like this without pushing it down.” She sucked my cock through my underwear. I could only imagine what that would feel like without them as the pleasure through them was more than I had ever felt getting a blowjob.

She kept going until I pulled her head up “You keep that up and it will really get messy”.

She came back up straddling me and rubbing against my cock until her body shivered from what seemed to be an orgasm. Chelsea kissed me passionately moaning in my mouth and then into my ear. “Oooh, you have to promise me that I can come back when no one else is here.”

I whispered back in her ear “only if you let me taste it again now that you have cum.”

The other girls were now talking about who would try it next as Chelsea turned around pulling her panties to the side letting me suck her juices from her nub and lick her pussy clean. She got off leaning down kissing me again “Fuck you are good at that and the best customer I have ever had.” Then turning “Who is going to try what I taught you?” sitting down with her skirt over her lap to cover up her soaked panties and fully flowered pussy that was hanging out the side of it.

Jordan got up backing up to me and dropping her sweats. She had on some little bitty light blue boy shorts that her big ass looked like they were eating. The middle was a thin strip of material and her fat pussy was handing out the sides. Not fat as in heavy, but fat as in she had a big pussy. She was visibly wet as the part over her pussy was a darker color blue. I was amazed at what I saw. I had always thought that Jordan was over weight “chunky”, but attractive. She was actually big but mostly tight. Not an extra fold or dimple in her ass at all. I couldn’t help but reach out in wonder to feel this awesome booty. She didn’t complain so I continued to grope it just dumbfounded at how nice and firm it was.

They did another shot as I continued fondling her ass as I started to get close to her pussy she turned around “Not yet mister!” as she pulled her top off revealing a flat belly and massive slightly sagging breasts.

Chelsea yelled out “Holy shit those are some big ass titties! You have an amazing body!”

Jordan strangely blushed and the straddled me sitting facing me on my knees. Her legs were open around me which pulled her bottoms up into her big wet pussy. Reaching down grabbing my erection while leaning forward to kiss me. She leaned to the side whispering in my ear. “I am going to try this, but I am really into girls. I do like the way your cock feels in my hand though.”

I had a grip on her ass as she moved up putting those massive tits in my face. I licked her nipple and sucked in her puffy half dollar sized areola. I heard her moan as I tried to pull more in. Chelsea coached her “Now that he has locked on push his cheeks.” She took her time still moaning I released and then she placed her other breast in my mouth.

Jordan let me suck a bit turning to Chelsea “I just wanted to try it again, I don’t think I got it right.” I continued to suck in as much of her breast as I could and the letting loose doing it again. “Shiiit” came from under her breath and then she massaged my face a little finally pushing my cheeks. As she raised up and I licked down her belly to her belly button as she ran her fingers through my hair.

As she turned around I licked as much of her ass as she would let me while massaging her massive hanging breasts. She reached down stroking my cock, which keyed me to take advantage licking her pussy to the sides of her panties. She sat back letting me lick and suck her big pussy through and around her panties.

“Try the asshole thing and tell me if you like it as much as I did” said Chelsea bringing her another shot. I reached up pulling her panties to the side licking it as she moaned. She leaned back to take the shot and I shoved my tongue in causing her to spray what she had in her mouth all over. “Holy shit! That is strange” but she didn’t move while I continued tongue her ass getting as deep as I could tasting the salty goodness of her anus as I moved my hand up between her legs thumbing her pussy. “Ooh godddd, as she lifted up away from my tongue. I still had her bottoms pulled to the side so her pussy was in direct line. I pulled back on her thigh tipping her back onto my face tasting her sopping wet pussy. It seemed as though she had not had much experience with men as her pussy was big, but very tight. Her lips did not flower out too much. Everything about this girl was big but beautiful. I finally licked her swollen clit running circles on it and then sucking it into my lips. I felt her body shudder and sucked for deer life hoping she wouldn’t pull away. Instead she bent down further giving me a better angle and better access while she road it out. “oooh fuuuuckkk mmmfff” finally dropping down into my lap almost breaking my erection as it hit her crotch. I reached around fondling her breasts rolling her nipples between my fingers. “Holy fuck, I can’t take anymore” as she turned sitting on my lap tonguing my mouth tasting her own juices.

“You are so damn hot!” I said to her under the music.

“Whatever” she responded

“No really, you are amazingly beautiful.” She smiled ear to ear and kissed me still humping my cock against what was probably now a very sensitive clitoris.

“That was amazing, but weird for me. I told you I really like girls” As she looked down away from me.

“Then just think of me as your lesbian boyfriend” and she laughed hugging me.

“Yeah, but you might try to fuck me with this thing” reaching down grabbing my hard cock.

“I would love too, I am sure it would be amazing. Would that be so bad? You could just imagine it was a strap on.” She now laughed almost uncontrollably almost falling back off my lap.

“Ok, now I have to do the finishing move” as she kissed down sucking the head of my cock as hard as she could in her mouth through the boxers. I am sure that she could probably taste the precum flowing out the tip before she let loose blowing me a kiss and then sitting back on the couch.

Jackie jumped up and almost lost her balance from her drunkenness dancing up “you strip me!” as she backed up close to me. I ran my hands up her thighs and under her skirt running my hands up under over her ass rolling it up and pulling it down as she bent over. I purposefully pulled her g-string down with it getting a good view of her pussy and asshole. She stepped out of them “oh well, you have already seen it now” still bent over looking at me with her head down by her ankles. Her pussy was swollen, wet, and her lips hanging out to each side. It looked like the used and abused pussy of an experienced porn star.

As she straddled my lap facing away from me I pulled her shirt off while she did everything she could to impale herself with my cock underwear and all. I was surprised that she was already about halfway down on it as I played with her smaller b cup breast. She arched her back and started riding me leaving her pussy on my pole as she lifted her legs and I spun her around. She kissed me with my cock in her hole and her ankles by her ears.

“Holy shit you are flexible as hell Jackie” coaxed Chelsea. Jackie’s ass was now resting on my balls as she had pretty much succeeded in getting me all in. I pulled her legs down pulling her up off of me and sucking her pencil eraser sized nipples. Jackie turned around presenting her asshole and I dove right in while she rubbed her own clit. The other girls laughed “she is so drunk, she’ll do anything.”

Then I heard Jordan say “I would do that again” and they all laughed.

I pulled her hand down and started licking her tart pussy. The smell burned my nose hairs as it was so strong, but not in a bad way. I sucked each flap of a lip in and licked and tongued her hole. She bucked against my face as she rubbed her clit and came all over me as I went back up to tongue her ass. While she cooled down I licked her muscular ass cheeks then pulling her down into my lap.

She looked over at Brooke and Taylor “Did you guys decide to try it?”

Brooke answered “Not me, I am too sore” and Jordan laughed “now I get it” Chelsea still looked puzzled.

Taylor said “He is like family to me” and wouldn’t look me in the eyes.

Jackie turned around kissing me while I held her by her ass then she kissed down like the other girls except I felt my underwear pull down just before her mouth locked on my cock. “Holy shit Jackie as Chelsea and Jordan came up close” Jackie was pushing as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and going to town on my cock while fondling my balls. “We better get her to bed, she is crazy drunk. Sorry.”

“Sorry for her being drunk or sorry for stopping her before she finished?” they laughed as I covered back up. Taylor left first not saying a word much less even look at me. Jordan and Brooke walked up with Jackie while Chelsea was in the back still just wearing the g-string. It was a wonderful trip up the stairs behind her.

“Are you still checking out my ass?” she turned back catching me.

“It is a beautiful view from back here.”

“Well why don’t you do that thing one more time for me so I have good dreams?” she asked with a sideways smile.

“What thing?” I knew, but wanted her to say it.

“Tongue my asshole, please?” as she gave me the puffy lip big eyed begging look.

“Gladly” as she turned around at the top of the steps pulling her g-string off I dove right into her puffy wet pussy licking up to her ass and ending up in her anus. I took two fingers shoving them in her pussy while I shoved my tongue as far into her asshole as I could. It was a nice strong salty taste.

She stood up kissing me reaching down and squeezing my cock “You have to let me come back sometime for this.” Walking around into the bedroom they were all staying in.

Brooke was in my room getting her dress when I entered. “A deal is a deal and I handed her 50 euro.”

She kissed me shoving her tongue down my throat while I groped her naked ass with one hand and a breast with the other. “If we don’t go tomorrow then I will give it back, but then we have to do it again.”


I sat in my chair in sensory overload. I started thinking about Taylor then Brooke and then all of the stripping then back to Taylor. I had no idea what was wrong with her and why she started giving me the cold shoulder all of the sudden. Then I thought about what happened in the bathroom, in the chair down stairs, and then seeing her masturbating. My balls were tingling and ready to burst from all of the excitement without release. I decided to bring my own release sitting in the dark.

The door creaked open “Tony, can I come in?” Taylor whispered

“Sure” as she walked in seeing me sitting in the dark.

“Why are you sitting down there in the dark instead of getting in the bed?” she came over sitting in my lap with a t-shirt on. “Oh, you’re naked. What were you doing? I am sure this thing needs a rest at some point it seems like you have been hard like this since I got here.”

“Pretty much, you have always had this kind of effect on me.” I felt her warm wet pussy against the tip of my erection. “I can feel that I am not the only one who is naked.” I could feel her lining herself up as the head of my cock was pushing between her slick lips. “I got the feeling that you were mad at me when you left downstairs.”

“Well, I have been confused ever since I got here” she stopped moving and looked down.

“Confused about what?” as I started caressing her ass.

I felt tears hit my shoulder as she rested her head on it. “I have always look up to you as a father type figure, since I really did not have one. I have been so anxious to get here and the trip became less and less about visiting friends and more and more about seeing and staying with you, in my mind. I did not know how it would all end up, but some things have been right and some very wrong.”

“I’m sorry. I never expected anything like this, any of this, to happen. I have also really looked forward to you coming; you could see how happy I was by my reaction. Just the thought of seeing you again and spending some time with you was the most I ever expected. The rest has been totally unexpected. You have to understand that it has been a long time since I have touched a woman…”

She cut me off “Tony, you didn’t let me finish. When you bought me tickets a month ago I know it was because you knew about my issues and you wanted to give me a break. With each day my mind was whirling with ideas as to what would or could happen. It went from thinking about hitting the beaches and clubs with the girls, to sitting around with you, and then escalating into masturbating thinking about the nights with you. Although I figured you were big, it was not about that. It was more about the feelings I always got from you. You have been the only male in my life that ever made me feel loved just by the way you looked at me or the way you talked to me. It has always made me feel warm inside, loved, and protected. I so saw you making love to me at some point but after a few days of feeling things out, teasing you a bit, and some romance. After all of that with Brooke and downstairs I can only think about having your big cock in me and you fucking me.”

“Taylor, I find it funny that you masturbated when thinking about me. I have been masturbating thinking about you for a long time. You have always had a hold on me.” She kissed me on my cheek and neck. “I want all of that and we can start over or start from here.” Taylor started pushing her self back down onto my cock “wait, you want to make love right?” she nodded her head.

I kissed the tears off of her cheeks and moving to her lips as we locked into a deep kiss while I caressed her breasts under her shirt. Reaching underneath her I picked her up and carried her to my bed. Leaving her standing while I stood behind her and pulled the t-shirt over her head. Her body was trembling. I moved her hair to the side while kissing her neck continuing down her back and onto her ass. “My god you are so damn sexy” I kissed, nibbled, and licked every inch of the masterpiece of an ass in front of me. As I moved my hand up the inside of her thighs I felt the liquids from her pussy dripping down her legs continuing up pressing my finger against it. Just as I touched her she shook in orgasm.

“Hooolllly shhhiiiittt, omygod” turning around pulling my face up “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t hold out any longer.” I could see a wave of emotions going through her as her body was still shuddering in orgasm and she looked as if she was about to break out in a full cry.

“Why would you be sorry?” as I kissed her dipping her back onto the tall bed until she was lying down.
“Wait, please go get a towel. I am so wet that I will mess up your sheets.” She said as she tried to wiggle off of the bed.

“Don’t worry about that, I don’t think any of it will have time to get to the sheets” as I pulled her feet up pressing her knees to her chest licking from her knees to her stomach on both sides moving to catch the wetness oozing over her asshole and down her crack. I licked her pussy clean like it I was a kid and had to show my mother the clown at the bottom of the bowl. I could have stayed down their for days as her pussy smelled like heaven and her nectar tasted like a million dollar jar of honey. I continued licking and sucking her immaculate pussy and just as I licked towards her clitoris she reached down grabbing my head and pulling me up.

“Please no, I am ready to cum again already. I love you and I want to cum with you. I want to cum with you cumming inside of me.” Moving down I sucked her nipples pulling each of her small breasts into my mouth one by one. “Seriously! If you love me then you will put that big cock of yours in me and cum with me. I can not hold it much more” rolling me over onto the bed while shoving her tongue down my throat.

Taylor guided my throbbing cock into her sloppy wet pussy pressing down taking about half of it in. Even as hard as I was and as wet as she was her pussy was still so tight and swollen that it was hard to get all the way in. She continued to work it until most of it was in. I reached up playing with her breasts and on up her neck to her hair. For some reason this drove her over the edge and she dropped until my cock hit her cervix, which made her shudder following up with pushing her face into my chest while rigorously slamming her self up and down on my cock. This got me to the point of explosion “I am about to cum!”

Just hearing that allowed her to let loose “oohhhh fuuuuccckk. mmmmffffgyuckkinnggggoooddd” as another orgasm hit. The convulsions her inner walls pushed my load out and as she slammed my cock as far in her as she could leaving it there feeling my ropes of cum hitting her cervix. “Ooohhh yessss Toonny, I love you so much. Thank you, I have never felt this way before.”

“I love you too Taylor. You were amazing! I hope that this is not the last time we do this, but I understand if it is.” She laid there until my cock deflated and her pussy let go of it with an audible pop.

“What the hell are you talking about? I am not leaving this bed except to eat, drink, use the bathroom, and like now to clean your cum out of me” giving me a quick kiss rolling off of me running to the bathroom.

I laid there going over everything that had just happened, with the smell of her sweet nectar still strong in my goatee and mustache. I did not expect her to tell me she loved me, but maybe that was just in the throws of sex. The picture of her ass and the feeling inside her pussy running through my head. I was surprised to feel another erection coming as I drifted off to sleep happy and exhausted wondering how things would go the next few days.


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