Twin Japanese Nieces Pt26

I sat down at my desk pissed off and starting to get drunk from all of the scotch. I had no one else to blame but me, and now the kids were suffering because I had made several bad decisions. I know they say high insight is 20/20, but how could I have been so stupid? I guess it could be attributed to the fact that Mark had never done something so blatantly wrong against one of my directives. He’s was a good kid, don’t get me wrong, and I loved him more than anything else; but his lack of experience and his willingness to bow to peer pressure had really shown through. Now he would have to take care of the property for the rest of the summer. And Shiori, I can’t even imagine what it was like for her. Kaykos edict was pretty harsh. Her culture does have its aspects that I could only describe as brutal. This was a wrong that I had caused, and somehow I was going to make it right.

As I sat there flipping through my roll-o-dex to find the number for the lawn care guys I noticed something. I could not hear any talking coming from the den. The girls had been talking up a storm while they were playing pool, and now the only thing I could hear was the radio playing faintly in the background. I punched the numbers into the phone and waited, still listening for any sounds from the den. Nothing. When the answering machine came on for the lawn care guys I politely cancelled the lawn service for the next two weeks. I figured I could call back later and cancel for the rest of the summer depending on how things went. I hung up the phone and finished the last of my scotch , still listening for any signs of life. Still nothing. My curiosity was starting to rise now.

I filled my glass with the bottle of scotch on my desk and got up. The floor tilted a bit to the left and almost caused me to almost fall over my chair. (At least that’s what it felt like) I moved across my office and stepped into the hall, placing my ear next to the door. The only sound was the radio, nothing else. Were the girls still in there? I took one more swallow and opened the door. Nothing could have surprised me more when I stepped in.

The girls were in there all right. Both of them were completely naked. Saki was lying on her back on the end of the pool table and Erin was between her legs licking her pussy like it was an ice cream cone. She had two fingers stuffed up inside Saki and she was pumping them in and out while she attacked Sakis clit with her tongue. ‘This is nice,’ I thought to myself as I looked at the spectacle in front of me. Both of them were thoroughly engrossed in what they were doing and didn’t even notice that I had stepped in. Erins’ ass was pointed straight at me. Her sweet pink gash glistened of moisture as she tongued Saki while her left hand made rapid circles over her own clit. Almost instantly my dick began to grow. After the torment I had just gone through I was ready to blow off a lot of steam.

I set my glass down on the lamp table and dropped my shorts, allowing my now raging bone to spring free. The girls still had not noticed me. Saki was rolling her head back and forth while Erin chowed down. I grabbed a hold of my dick and aimed it for Erin’s sweet spot as I walked the few steps to the end of the table. The angle was right, and from the looks of it she was more than ready.

Erin was really pumping Saki with her fingers when she was suddenly filled with my cock. I pushed all the way into her in one easy stroke. Her glistening wet pussy accepted me without any resistance. Erin suddenly rose up and tensed up her whole body, filled to capacity with her father. She quickly turned her head and looked over her shoulder.

“We were wondering when you would make it in here.” she said with a sly grin on her face.

“Oh, so you were expecting me?” I said as I began pumping in and out of her.

“Oh yea!” she responded as she braced herself against the end of the table to accept my thrusts.

“Well in that case,” I said as I grasped her hips and started to get serious about screwing her, “Don’t let me interrupt you two.”

Erin lowered her head between Sakis’ legs and started munching again, causing Saki to arch her back and moan a little. When Erin had got back into her rhythm Saki looked up at me from her laying position. “Hi Uncle Mike,” she said with a labored smile on her face.

“Hi my little pet,” I said as I began driving into Erin rather hard. “Are you having fun?”

“Mmmm,” she hummed.

I don’t know how long these two had been at it, but Erin was soaking wet. After just the first stroke my cock was coated with her girl cream. And Erin took all of me like a champ, squeezing me inside her just like Saki does. The issues of the morning were starting to fade as I enjoyed my daughter. Watching Erin lick Saki while I slid in and out of her was almost too much. I had to slow my pace or look away to keep from blowing my load in just a few minutes. The girls seemed completely oblivious to my plight. Aside from the occasional moan and gasp for air from Erin, she kept her tongue and fingers busy working Saki into a messy froth.

The combination of the alcohol and the morning’s evens kind of got to me and I started to pound Erin really hard. She gasped repeatedly on each of my in strokes as I drove into her harder and harder. I hate to admit it, but I was now taking the morning’s frustrations out on my daughter who had no idea what had happened. Each one of my strokes would lift her feet off the floor, suspending her in mid-air for just a moment on the end of my cock. She began gasping loudly with each thrust; taking a quick glance over her shoulder every now and then in an attempt to figure out what had possessed her father. I guess she was trying to pass on some of the force she was accepting when she stuck another finger into Saki and began jamming them in and out of her at the same pace as me. That seems to only turn Saki on even more. With the added finger Saki opened her legs wider and grasped two huge hands full of Erin’s hair and pulled her face into her even harder. I heard a whimper come from Erin as Saki tried to pull her hair out.

The whole situation was starting to get good to me. I reached around Erin and locked my hands onto her breasts, squeezing and massaging them as I pumped her from behind. I loud moan came from Sakis crotch as she apparently enjoyed the added sensation. I slowed my pace and switched to long slow strokes, pulling almost completely out of her before sliding back in until my nuts came in contact with her clit. Erin changed her pace with her fingers and covered Sakis clit with her mouth, sucking hard on Sakis’ hard little pleasure nub. Saki let out a loud, “Oooh,” and started cumming on Erin’s fingers. Her legs shook and her body jerked up and down as a huge orgasm plowed through her.

That set off Erin. As I continued to stroke deep into her, Erin’s pussy began to contract and release in an orgasmic spasm. She lifted her head, causing Saki to rip out a small portion of her hair in the process as she stood up and pressed her back against my chest. I released her right breast and brought my hand up to her neck. Turning her head to the side I kissed her, relishing the flavor of Saki that was smeared all over her lips and mouth. Erin let out another whimper and almost melted in my arms. Goose bumps popped up all over her and she shook slightly as her orgasm washer her away into the realm of bliss. We were both breathing pretty hard, and Erin’s hot breath brushed across my cheek as she exhaled through her nose. I wrapped both of my arms around her and pulled her toward me in a firm embrace. The smell of her silky black hair and her soft smooth skin mesmerized me. For just a moment, I thought I had my Kayko in my arms instead of Erin.

Saki looked up from the table with her legs still wide apart and breathing heavily. “Don’t I get some too?” she begged.

Erin and I broke our kiss and we looked down at my vulnerable pet. I kept Erin pulled close to me as I felt the last few twinges of her orgasm start to fade away. With a devilish tone in her voice Erin said, “Go get her dad.”

Saki quickly sat up and scooted to the edge of the table, grinning like an opossum eating a sweet potato. “Oh boy,” she said anxiously as she spread her legs apart and opened herself up for me.

My little pet was ready for me in a big way, and she did absolutely nothing to hide it. When her ass came to rest on the end rail of the table she reached between her legs, stuck one finger from each hand inside her and pulled her pussy wide open, exposing the dark pink interior. She knew what she wanted and she made no bones about it. I bent my knees and extracted myself from my daughter, making my dick feel cool in the air conditioning of the house. Saki was eyeing my cock hungrily as I stepped from behind Erin into full view. I think if she could have jumped off the table and landed on me she would have done it. I started to take the few steps toward her when Erin reached around my waist and wrapped her hand around my shaft.

“Here,” she said as she looked past my arm on the left side, “let me help you with that.”

I stepped forward with Erin following right behind me and aiming my dick for the middle of Saki. It felt a little strange to have someone else guiding me into my pet, but it was a good kind of strange. Her first aim was off a bit and I poked Saki in the crease of her leg. “To the left a little,” I said as I backed up just a bit. Erin shifted her stance a little for a better view and was dead on the mark on the next attempt. That nice hot feeling flushed all over me as I sank into Saki and pushed in deep, causing Saki to let out a nice moan.

“She has wanted this for a while,” Erin said as she let go of my cock and placed her hands on my hips. “Give it to her hard dad.” and she started to pull on my hips.

I looked down at Saki as I drew back a little with Erins’ help. “You want it hard?” I asked as I looked into her eyes.

“Oh yes,” she cooed as she locked her hands on to the edge of the table, bracing herself for the devastation that was about to come. “I want it all!”

I really don’t need a cheering section when I am having sex. The women in my life are all very beautiful and all of them arouse me very much. But Saki was begging for it, and I was just drunk enough to try and fuck her in half. From my somewhat drawn out position I slammed my hips forward, stabbing my dick deep into my defenseless pet. Saki let out a loud gasp and gripped the table as tightly as she could. Her fingers and knuckles turned white with the force she applied as I began hammering her as hard as I could. Erin gasped when she saw how hard I had thrust into her cousin and quickly sat down on the chair to watch. She spread her legs apart and began masturbating furiously as I drilled Saki like a piece of meat. Saki began moaning almost instantly and flopped back on the table, leaving her legs wide open for me to do as I pleased. Her tiny body jerked back and forth as I repeatedly struck my groin against her open legs, sending my full length into her each time.

“Holy shit dad,” Erin said in amazement. “Why don’t you just break her legs off?”

“Not a bad idea,” I said as I stopped for a moment. I hooked Sakis knees over my elbows, picked her up by her torso, and raised her up till she was looking at me almost face to face. Her legs were now spread as wide open as they could get and were completely out of the way. Saki threw her arms around my neck and hung on as I began stroking her up and down my shaft. “Get ready sweetie,” I said as I slid her up and down my shaft a few times, “because daddy is coming home!”

She never had the chance to respond before I began hammering her up and down my shaft like I was masturbating with her. Her body was almost a blur in front of me as we were off to the races in a wild and furious fuck frenzy. I slammed her tiny body down on my shaft repeatedly while I thrust my hips forward, making her take all that I had every time. Saki had her eyes clamped shut and her mouth wide open as her 7 inch trek was repeated over and over for the next 10 minutes. Her first orgasm left her rather weak, leaving her grip on my neck a little loose and her legs with almost no strength. Her second orgasm took all of the wind out of her sails. As it washed over her she became limp, hanging on to my neck in only a token gesture. When her third orgasm hit her, she turned into a rag doll, leaving her gasping for air. Her arms came down from around my neck and her top half leaned back. She was completely unable to support herself anymore and totally at my mercy. I looked over at Erin who was sitting in the chair with two fingers in her pussy, her mouth wide open, and her eyes as big as saucers. She had never seen anyone get fucked so hard before in her life, and she was frozen in place to prove it!

By now Sakis’ pussy was so soaking wet lewd squishing noises resonated up from between her legs. It felt like I was fucking in a swimming pool as her juice dripped steadily off my nuts and onto the floor between my feet. Saki was getting what she wanted. A hard cock that was so deep in her she could probably feel it in her throat. I pulled her down hard onto me and stopped in place, keeping my little pet completely mounted as I turned to face Erin. She looked at me with the limp Saki hanging from my arms and cock and just gently shook her head no. She already knew what was coming, and it was going to be her dad inside her.

I stepped over to the lounge chair in the corner and pulled Saki off my dick. Her almost lifeless body conformed to the arms and seat of the chair just like a blanket would if you had tossed it there when I set her down. Saki was breathing hard but was definitely out for the count, and I still had a raging hard on. I turned to Erin who had now stood up.

“Easy dad,” she said. “I can’t do that. Not like Saki.”

“I know,” I said as I stepped up to her. “You’re my daughter, not my fuck toy.”

A look of relief came across Erins face as I reached down and picked her up in the same manner as I had Saki. Her knees were hooked over my elbows and she had her arms around my neck. I lowered Erin onto my shaft and began stroking in and out of her at a greatly reduced rate but with equally long strokes. A big smile came across her lips and she looked me straight in the eye as I slowly worked her up and down on me.

“Wow,” she said as I started to grind her clit against my pelvic bone every time she was all the way down. “That feels so good. Why don’t you do that with Saki?”

“I do,” I responded as I gave her a few quick pumps. “But she said she wanted it hard, so that’s what I gave her.”

Erin looked over at Saki for a moment as she rode up and down on me before she looked back into my eyes. “You know she loves you, right?” she said with a little smile on her face.

“Yes, I know it,” I responded as I pulled her all the way down onto me and stopped. “What about you?” I asked.

Erin grinned at me and leaned in and gave me a kiss. “I love you too dad.”

“I know that too,” I replied as I twisted my hips back and forth a little, making us spin in a few half circles.

“So,” my daughter said to me as she looked down at our groins which were pressed together, “Are you going to cum in your little girl?”

That was the music that my ears wanted to hear. I laid her down on the floor at the head of the table and began making love to my daughter with short strokes. She wrapped her legs around my back and kissed me all over as ground ourselves together, savoring everything that each had to give the other.

When she felt my cock begin to swell she placed both of her hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me down hard into her and whispered in my ear. “Come in me daddy, cum in your little girl.”

I pulled my head up and kissed my angle as I fired my load deep into her. I could feel her gasp in my mouth every time another hot spurt was sprayed inside her. Erin clawed at my back, just like Kayko does when she accepts a load from me. We continued our open mouth kiss until I had finished cumming and then some. The passion that was flowing between us was better than the orgasm we had just shared. We were connected on a level that I had only done so with only one other person, and that is my wife. I hugged my daughter tightly against me, loving her the way she was loving me. It was the closest moment we had shared in our lives up to that point and one that is engrained in my memory. When we finally parted Saki was just beginning to stir.

“Come on up here,” I said as I offered her a hand up from the floor. “I need to talk to you guys.”

I picked up the extra chair and carried it over to the lounger where Saki was now sitting up. “Are you ok sweetie?” I asked as I set the chair down next to her and took a seat.

Saki looked around for a moment before she stood up and straightened out her legs. “Yes, I’m fine,” she replied.

“I need to talk to you two for a few minutes so make some room for Erin.” and I gestured for her to slide over a bit.

Saki didn’t slide over; she stood up, offering the chair for Erin to sit in by herself. “I want to sit here,” she said as she straddled my legs and scooted up next to me.

“We have had a bit of a situation today,” I said as I worked on telling them the morning’s events without going into too much detail. “Mark and Shiori did something that went against my direct instructions. And as a result, they have both been grounded for the rest of the summer.”

“For the rest of the summer?! What did they do?” they both asked at the same time.

“I’m not going to tell you everything because that’s not what is important,” I responded while trying to pick my words carefully. “But I will tell you they were both involved, and it resulted with someone outside of this family finding out some of what goes on here.”

Erin looked at Saki and said, “That little shit told Eric.”

Saki nodded her head in agreement before both of them looked back at me. I was surprised. I had not noticed anything with Mark before this fiasco. Then again, I am away from the house a lot, and Kayko can’t be everywhere. But apparently this was something that they had either overheard or observed. I needed to let them know that this was serious and no joking matter.

“Mark has been given the yard to take care of for the rest of the summer and you two are not to give him any grief over it. Do you understand me?” I said with an extreme sternness to my voice.

“Yes sir,” they both replied.

“And Shiori has been itai.” I said to them.

Sakis expression changed immediately to a look of extreme sadness. “NO Uncle Mike, NO!” she said in an almost pleading voice.

Saki knew exactly what that meant, but Erin looked completely lost. “What does that mean dad?” she asked with her head turned sideways a little.

Saki turned to face her before she spoke. “She has been cast out of the family.”

“WHAT!?” said Erin as she looked at her cousin in disbelief.

“It means that her status in the house is no more than that of a servant right now.” Saki explained as tears started to roll down her cheeks. “She has been stripped of all status and is not to be spoken to unless it is either Uncle Mike or Aunt Kayko.”

“She’s right,” I said as I looked back and forth at the two of them. “It was Kaykos decision since she is in charge of you girls. Now I want you two to think about that long and hard.” I said as I picked Saki up and set her on the floor in front of me. “I didn’t make these rules simply because I wanted to; there is a reason for them. Mark and Shiori found out today what happens when you break the rules, especially with someone outside the house.” Both of the girls looked pitiful as they sat there and contemplated what a breach of the house rules might entail. “Now you guys are not to feed them any grief of any kind. No teasing or making fun of them. Do you understand me?” They both nodded their heads yes. “Alright.” I said as I picked up Sakis shirt and handed it to her. “Let’s go and make some lunch.”

The girls pulled on their shirts and headed out the door for the kitchen. I know this was quite a blow to them, but I had to make sure they knew exactly what would happen if either one of them slipped up. I pulled my shorts on and followed them out. I didn’t think either one of these two were anything to worry about. But then again, I didn’t think Mark would do anything like this either. I was certain that neither one of them would forget our little talk.

As I stepped out of the den I caught up with the two girls who seemed to be frozen in place at the edge of the living room. I was stunned that both of them had stopped right in the middle of the walkway and was just about to ask what was up when I spotted what had stopped them so abruptly. Kayko had returned to the kitchen from the upstairs. But she was not the reason for Erin and Saki to stop dead in their tracks with their mouths hanging open. Shiori was there also, and her head was completely shaved. Kayko had used the hair clippers and shaved off all of Shioris beautiful black hair! Only some short stubble remained, leaving her head looking a pale gray. I must admit, I was taken aback. I had no idea this was that serious. I gave the two girls a little pat on the back.

“Go and watch some TV,” I said quietly.

Both of them turned immediately and walked over to the couch. I could tell that Saki was choking back tears as she sat down and folded her hands in her lap. Erin looked several times over at Shiori before she sat down next to Saki and began flipping through the channels. ‘Oh boy,” I said to myself as I continued the trek to the kitchen. This was going to be awkward.

I walked in to the kitchen to see Shiori cutting foods and preparing the pots for cooking. She did not look up at me at all, but kept her face down with a very bland expression. “What’s this?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen.

“We’re having homemade soup and sandwiches for lunch.” Kayko replied, obviously ignoring my query about what had happened to Shioris’ hair.

“Ok,” I responded with a big exhale. “I’ll go and see how Mark is doing.”

I definitely had not expected this. As part of her punishment it is not uncommon for the person in question to have their head shaved. This is an outward display of the punishment for all to see and a sign that they are to be treated as a lesser person. I thought what I had done to Mark was harsh, but Shiori really had it bad. I walked out onto the patio and could hear the lawn mower in the front yard. Mark was making the mower tracks in an ever decreasing square as he knocked out the biggest part of the yard. He had sweat pouring off his head but was pounding it out as best he could. I waved to him and he stopped the mower.

“Come on inside,” I yelled to him, “and get cleaned up for lunch.”

Mark left the mower where it was sitting and trotted across the yard to me. He looked a little tired, but that was just too bad. He had ‘earned’ this duty, and I was going to make sure he followed through. But I figured it best that I warn him about Shioris punishment. The sight he was getting ready to see would definitely make him think.

“Mark,” I said as he walked up to me. “You need to know that Shiori has had her head shaved as part of her punishment.”

Instantly his mouth dropped open. “Why?” he asked in an exasperated tone.

“Now you hold it right there buddy!” I said in a rather pissed off tone. “And you just think for a minute. You brought this on by opening your mouth to your friend and telling him about you and Shiori. You have no one else to blame but yourself!” Mark stopped his protest and thought about what I said. “You should be thankful that you are under my authority and not your mothers or else your head would be shaved too!”

Marks expression changed dramatically as my words sunk in. He really should consider himself lucky. If he had been under Kaykos charge he would be just as bald as Shiori was now, and he would still have to mow the lawn. Mark dropped his head and said, “Yes sir.”

“Now come on,” I said as I patted him on the shoulder, “Let’s get cleaned up for lunch.”

This whole situation was going to be hard on everyone and I knew it. Kayko seemed to be handling the whole ordeal in her usual fashion, stern but seemingly unaffected. I would have to come to terms with the differences in culture and not bend in any way. As most households go, I would have to be the rock.

Mark and I headed into the house. I figured that telling Mark about Shioris’ punishment would be enough, but I guess the old adage of ‘Seeing is believing’ took on a whole new meaning for him. When we walked into the kitchen and he saw Shiori he immediately started crying. Shiori didn’t even lift her face. She kept her head down but tears started flowing down her cheeks as well.

Kayko looked at Mark and snapped at him. “You stop that right now mister!” She then looked at Shiori and barked at her in Japanese, causing Shiori to quickly wipe the tears from her cheeks and return to the task she was doing.

Mark bolted from the kitchen and ran upstairs, closing the door to his room. I guess now the full gravity of the situation hit him. I looked at Kayko before starting to follow him. I was going to have to explain this better to him before Kayko shaved his head too. The house was halfway upside down and spirits were extremely low. Some real authority was going to have to be exerted.

I knocked on Marks door before I opened it and stepped in. Mark was lying on his bed face down and crying. “Mark,” I said as I walked over and sat down on the edge of his bed, “Sit up.”

“Why dad?” he said with his face still buried in the mattress top. “Why did she have to shave her head?”

“Sit up and talk to me,” I repeated. Mark rolled over and looked up at me. I could see the hurt in his eyes even though they were red and swollen. “There are different rules for family member that come from Japan. Now your mother is in charge of the girls,” I said calmly to him, “That means that they have to follow the rules of Japanese family members. What you and Shiori did was really bad, and according to the rules of Japanese culture, Kayko acted accordingly with Shioris punishment.”

“But we’re sorry dad,” he said, almost pleading with me as the tears poured from his eyes.

“I know you are son,” I said reassuringly. “But you still did something very wrong so now you have to deal with the punishment.”

I could tell he was not in agreement with the punitive measures Kayko had handed out; it was obvious from his actions. He shook his head from side to side and looked around the room, unable to fully assimilate the thoughts and emotions that were racing through him.

“Look,” I said as I gave him a pat on the knee, “Her hair will grow back, it’s not like it’s gone forever.”

That didn’t help. He started crying even harder when the vision of his bald ‘girlfriend’ popped back into his head. I was starting to grow a little impatient now. This whole mess had left a bad taste in my mouth and I was getting fed up. It was time to exert the authority.

I stood up from his bed and looked down at him. “Now listen up,” I said in a very stern voice. “I am not going to put up with this for much longer before I take my belt off and ‘explain’ how things are.” Mark lifted his head and the water works shut off. He knew I was coming close to my breaking point, and that meant that his ass was going to be broken next! “You two guys have some punishment to deal with so I suggest you get over it. You did something wrong, now you have the consequences. Now go and get cleaned up and get back down stairs. You have 10 minutes.” And with that said I turned and left the room.

I could feel my blood pressure in my ears as I walked down the stairs. I might have handled the initial crisis ok, but now I was in no mood to be fucked with. I walked back into the kitchen to an awaiting Kayko. “Did you handle it?” she asked without even looking up from her cutting board.

“It’s handled.” I replied as I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I nuzzled my chin into the crease of her neck and shoulder and buried my face in her hair, inhaling the wonderful clean smell. I could feel the tension that she had bottled up inside and I understood. This morning had sucked to a degree that could have ripped some families apart. I drew her in close to me and kissed her neck. “Are you ok?” I whispered into her ear.

Kayko made the next few cuts of the carrots with some added force, sending the pieces scattering across the counter top. “I’m fine.” she replied, blatantly lying to me because this was not the venue for us to talk. I gave her a little squeeze before I pulled my head away from her neck and looked at her from the side.

“Hey,” I said quietly, getting her to turn her head and look at me. “It will be ok.”

A labored grin came across her face, but I could tell she was hurting inside. I had been thinking about how this was a terrible thing for Shiori, but it never donned on me how this would affect Kayko. To pass out an edict like ‘itai’ on Shiori was a pretty big deal. (Huge actually) But to her credit she did not let any of her own emotions show. I gave her a quick little peck on the lips and squeezed her again. We were going to get through this.

I walked over and sat down between Erin and Saki. Both of them were sitting quietly and looking at the TV blankly. I put my arms around them and drew them in close, hugging both of them at the same time. They both curled up under my arms and hugged me back. These would be trying times on the whole family. I kissed both of them on the tops of their heads.


Lunch was ‘strained’ to say the least. Everyone ate in silence, which was understandable. Mark and Shiori now had to sit on opposite sides of the table but directly across from each other under Kaykos watchful eye. Many times Mark looked at Shiori and almost started to cry before he would look first to me, and then at his mother. Seeing our disapproval of his actions he would then return his gaze to his food and continue eating. He knew he could not say anything.

Saki and Erin had their usual places, but neither one of them looked toward Mark and Shiori except for quick glances. There was no need to try and get any of them to talk now after what had happened in the morning. Everything was still fresh in everyone’s minds and feelings were raw. Any attempt to mediate any kind of conversation would just be a waste of time and potentially lead to some kind of explosion. I didn’t want that, and we didn’t need that. I just observed quietly as the meal went down. This was the quietest meal the six of us had ever eaten.

When the kids were done I excused them from the table. They all left except for Shiori who sat quietly with her head down and her eyes fixed to her plate. Kayko gave her only one glance when I had excused everyone else, and that one glance kept her glued in her seat. I knew the exact range of my authority, and that was a boundary I was not going to cross.

After a brief rest period to let our food settle, I sent Mark back outside. He had a huge yard to mow, and the only way he was ever going to get it done was to do small sections at a time and knock it out methodically. Kayko and Shiori cleaned up the dishes with Shiori doing most of the work. She was absolutely silent as she completed the tasks and left nothing undone. When they were finished Kayko called for Saki and Erin. “Ok girls, gym time.”

Even though things were a bit strained in the house, Kayko kept up the normal routines as if nothing had happened. Granted there were some adjustments made, but everything proceeded just as it would any other day. When the girls left for the gym I headed into my office. I needed to make a few checks on my documents for my trip the following day, and with the house empty I knew I would be undisturbed.

When my computer came up the camera icon was flashing in the top corner. I don’t know if it was curiosity or just that I wanted to see the girls, but I clicked on the icon and waited for the cameras to come up. Kayko was standing near the long low table while both Erin and Saki practiced with the dumbbells. Shiori was seated off to the side still fully clothed. She had her hands folded in her lap and she sat completely motionless. I guess that is what I expected. From the bruising Kayko had described, Shiori was probably out of the loop for a while. But I had no way of knowing. How do you ‘earn’ your way back into a family? There were still many aspects of the Japanese culture that I did not know about, and I assumed that I would have to ride out the punishments just like everyone else. I turned the cameras off and went to work. I really needed to concentrate on my work.

A few hours later I went and collected Mark. He was really sweaty but had done a pretty good job on the yard. He had the bulk of the mowing done with just some trimming and a patch near the road to complete, not to mention all of the flower beds. I think I have been getting robbed by the lawn care guys.

The whole evening was just as subdued as lunch. Everyone ate in silence and then retired to the living room. Erin and Saki both curled up under my arms with Kayko sitting right behind Erin. And Shiori sat on the far left end of the couch while Mark sat on the right. To say that it was a bit uncomfortable would be a lie. It was very uncomfortable. Mark kept glancing at Shiori who just sat with her head down and not moving at all. Erin and Saki looked around a bit, but managed to watch a little TV while ignoring what the rest of us were doing. As for me and Kayko, we exchanged looks about every 20 or 30 seconds. Neither one of us was watching the TV, and neither one of us could ignore Mark and Shioris obvious pain. For the two hours we sat there, it felt like 3 months. When the show was finally over I called it quits and sent everyone to bed. The day had been long enough.

Mark headed to his room alone and closed the door. I told Erin to leave her door open and to let us know if she heard or saw anything during the night. I hated having to put her in the role of a sentry, but it would give us a good measuring of her character in a time such as this. I gave her a kiss and walked Shiori to her room. Kayko accompanied her in and shut the door. I guess it was just going to be me and my pet tonight. I hoped like hell things would be better in the morning.

End Part 26

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2013-06-18 21:18:23
It's amazing how you monkeys can dispute the validity of a story when you won't even sign in. Sign in and let us know who you are, otherwise go some where else.

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2013-06-18 10:02:29
I have to admit, when I first started reading this I believed it was a true story too. Now though, it seems clear that it isn't a story of actual events. How could it be? No one in their right mind would write this down if they were really doing it. The internet isn't really anonymous. Now as I read this, I take it as a cool fantasy.

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2013-06-17 17:57:51
Yes, I agree. You shouldn't tag a story as a "true story" when it clearly isn't. What's the point in doing so, just to fool the gullible and naive? Maybe that's why the ratings are rather poor. People don't like to be lied to and made to look foolish.

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2013-06-14 22:43:09
Look folks, obviously this isn't a true story. It's just written for fun and should be taken that way. If it were true then it would be the confession of very serious criminal activity. Law enforcement would have been all over this guy if it was true. It would be a huge national story and Mike's mugshot would be on Nancy Grace every night. But any cops reading this would smell the B.S. in a second. I don't know why the author labels it as true, just poetic license I guess.


2013-06-14 22:18:59
Wow. Just finally got a chance to read this chapter. ( stupid work interfereing with my reading time). I gotta say I feel sorry for Shiori. I hope all worked out well between the family afterwards and you were all able to pull back together.

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