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A dad continues to explore his daughter and her friend
Breakfast consisted of eggs and bacon and some fantastic camp coffee. It was a little chilly out and the girls were bundled up in sweaters. The way they were acting, you’d never know that I’d fucked my daughter and her best friend senseless the night before. They were just acting like typical, silly high school girls.

After breakfast, we packed up and got ready to head to our water hole. I packed sandwiches for lunch and brought along some freeze dried dinners and the water purifier, just in case. I also packed my backpack tent and a couple of sleeping bags in my backpack.

The first 15 minutes to the creek are an easy drive down a graded dirt road. After turning off the road, it’s at least 45 minutes down a very rough, deeply rutted four-wheel-drive track. The drive gave me time to think about how we had first found this place. Teri, Samantha and I went camping in the high country a couple of times a year to escape the oppressive desert heat of Phoenix. We found this place the year before Teri died. Sam was just a skinny little 9 year old then.

I had gotten a wild hair and had seen this little rutted trail a few other times, so I decided see where it went. Teri rolled her eyes, knowing how adventurous I was. Still, she went along with it. We drove down the trail until it dead-ended at the edge of cliff, with a clearing that could park four Jeeps. I saw a little path that led off from it and suggested, “Hey, let’s check out where this path goes.”

Teri gave me one of her looks that said, “I think you’re crazy, but I still love you anyhow.”

We had hiked for about 10 minutes, when Sam squealed in delight, as she chased a squirrel off the trail. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks and stood there like a statue. I walked over and asked, “What is it, Sam?”
When I stood next to her I was blown away. Across the canyon we could see the sheer red and rust colored cliffs plunging down into the canyon. At the bottom of the canyon was a beautiful 30 foot waterfall that spilled into a deep, crystal clear pool of blue water surrounded by tall cottonwood trees on one side and cliffs on the other. The sight was breathtaking.

It took us another 20 minutes to get down there, but we spent the whole day there. Sam was having so much fun jumping off the cliffs with me, that she wore herself out, and ended up falling asleep on a rock. That’s when Teri grabbed me and whispered, “I need to get fucked, now. I ended up fucking her three times before Sam woke up and almost busted us. Sam asked, “How come you guys are naked?”

Teri shrugged and said, “Well, nobody else is here and it feels good to skinny dip.”

With that, Sam, ripped her clothes off to and jumped in the water. I remember thinking how cute she was. If you told me then, that I would eventually fuck my own daughter, I probably would have kicked your ass. But I’d done just that the night before. And I’d loved every second of it. And I was hoping to do it again. I wondered what Teri would think.

I was torn from my reverie when Sam said, “We’re almost here, Dad.”

Sam had been pretty quiet on the drive down and I wondered if she was thinking about those times. That’s when she turned and asked, “Dad, do you remember the first time we came here with mom?”

“Yeah, babe, I was just thinking about that myself.” I said.

“Well, you know when I walked up and asked why you and mom were naked?”

“Yeah?” I queried.

“Well, I woke up a long time before you saw me. I hid behind a tree and watched you fucking mom. At first, I thought you were hurting her because she was moaning so loud, but I figured out that you were having sex like they taught us in school.”

I laughed. “Wow, we WERE busted after all.”

“That got me so horny. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I started touching myself and it felt so damn good. That was the first time I saw you with a hard cock, Daddy. Honestly, that big thing scared the shit out of me!” Sam said laughing.

Mindy said, “I walked in on my parents having sex one time. I have to admit that it grossed me out because they’re both kinda fat. It wasn’t a pretty sight.” We all laughed at that.

After we hiked down to the pool, I set up our stuff on the beach near the Cottonwoods. Mindy and Sam, immediately stripped naked and headed to the water. I marveled at the sight of the naked girls in the light of day. Sam was shorter and more petite and had fairer skin with barely any tan lines. Her tits were much smaller but perky and very sexy. Her stomach was impossibly flat, with six pack abs. Her legs had great tone from playing volleyball and her ass was round and perfect. Her pussy was shaved smooth and the two folds of skin rounded up to her petite slit. Only the hood of her clit poked through.

Mindy, on the other hand was taller with darker skin and much bigger boobs. She definitely had tan lines, but they really accentuated her tits and ass. When she walked her boobs jiggled and swayed from side to side. She also had the toned legs from playing volleyball. She had a little more padding than Sam, but that just gave her curvy hips and a little smooth roundness to her belly that looked sexy as hell. She had a strip of dark pussy fur and her labia protruded visibly all along the slit.

I yelled, “Hey, you two better put on some sunscreen, or you’re really gonna fry the naughty bits.”

I busied myself, setting up our things. What I saw when I turned around took my breath away. The girls were standing about ten feet away from me. Each was rubbing sunscreen on the other’s tits. My cock instantly started to lengthen. As I stood there captivated by the sight, they both spread the lotion lower until they were basically rubbing each other’s pussies. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they leaned in and started kissing passionately.

“Well,” I thought, “That’s how they learned to kiss so well.”

Sam broke the kiss, looked at me seductively, and asked, “So whatcha lookin’ at, old man?”

Mindy smiled and asked, “And why do you still have your clothes on, Mr. C?”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I ripped off my t-shirt and hiking shorts. Released from its prison, my cock sprang to attention. I smirked and said, “Old man? I don’t see any old men around here.”

Mindy sighed, “God, Mr. C. You’re the hottest old man I’ve ever seen! You look good enough to eat.”

“Call me old man again, and I might have to put you over my knee.” I said, grinning

”You promise?” Mindy asked with a little smile.

“So, Daddy, whatcha gonna do with that great big cock of yours?” Sam asked.

With that I walked over to them, my turgid prick swinging back and forth obscenely. They looked like two kittens watching a ball, their eyes glued to my cock. I put my arms around them both and leaned in and gave Sam a deep French kiss. Then I broke the kiss and gave Mindy a deep kiss.

When I broke the kiss, Mindy sighed, “God, you kiss as good as Sam.”

I chuckled. “So you two taught each other a few things, huh?”

Mindy said, “That’s not all we taught each other.” With that she slid down until she was kneeling in the sand. Sam followed her down.

The two of them were on each side of my cock. They leaned in, each wrapping their mouths half way around my cock with their tongues touching on the bottom of the shaft. They slowly started sliding back and forth over the length of my cock. Oh. My. God. I was in heaven. Standing there looking out over a pool that belonged on a postcard, with two hot teenage girls working over my cock, in a way that was completely new to me. I mean I’d had lots of blowjobs. Teri loved to give them. But this was something else. The sensation was so intense I realized that I was going to cum…soon.

“Uh, guys? Keep doing that and I’m going to cum real quick and I don’t want to waste it.” They kept going. Finally, I stepped back and pulled my cock from between their mouths.

I said, “That feels awesome, but I really want fuck you both.”

Sam quickly yanked a beach towel off a branch and laid it on the ground and told me to lay on it.
I laid on the towel and Sam straddled me. Mindy grabbed my cock and guided it into Sam’s pussy. Shit! She was so tight. I mean I know I had my cock in there the night before, but still I marveled at how anybody could be that tight. Then Mindy straddled me facing Sam and kneeled down until her pussy was over my mouth and her ass was over my face. I sniffed a little since my nose was practically in her ass crack, and smelled…nothing. She was fresh as a daisy.

I know a lot of guys fantasize about licking a woman’s ass. I’m not one of them. But, damn, that little puckered star looked so inviting. I started licking her pussy and then I trailed my tongue right down and circled her anus. She must have liked it because she moaned. I was lathering my tongue all over her, from pussy to asshole, while I felt Sam sliding up and down on my cock.

The real challenge was to keep from blowing my load in 30 seconds. I tried to concentrate on pleasing Mindy and keep my mind off the sensations rippling across my dick.

Suddenly Mindy stood up and turned around straddling me with her face towards me. She lowered her sweet pussy onto my mouth. Looking up, I could see her belly curving up to her ample breasts. Sam’s hands were around her fondling her nipples and she was looking down at me. She whispered, “Please make me cum with your tongue, George.” With that I started to increase the tempo of my tongue across her clit. I could also feel Sam picking up the pace. I guessed that this position wasn’t as sensitive for Sam, because she started to finger her clit. From the look on Mindy’s face it looked like she was getting close. I was very quickly losing control myself. I sucked Mindy’s ample clitoris into my mouth and flicked my tongue across the nub the way I had with Sam the night before. And then it happened all three of us exploded! Sam’s pussy was pulsating like crazy as my cock pumped her full of spunk. Mindy was writhing around, moaning, her juices spilling into my mouth and down over my chin.

It took us a minute to start moving again. Slowly we untangled ourselves. Mindy said, “Wow, Mr. C, I’ve never cum like that before in my life. Thank you.” After Mindy got up, I looked down towards Sam. She was smiling as she started to pull up off my cock. As it popped out of her, a flood of our mingled juices spilled out onto my belly. Holy shit, that was hot!

Mindy looked at me and with a wink said, “You know, after lunch it’s my turn to get fucked.”

I laughed, “You do know I’m an old man, don’t you?”

As soon as we finished eating, Mindy kneeled in front of me and sucked my cock into her mouth. Sam stood next to me and stroked my shaft while she kissed me. It didn’t take long before I had a raging hard on. Mindy stood up and said, “I want you to do me doggie style, while I lick your cum out of Sam’s pussy.” That set my heart to racing. Sam laid on the towel, legs spread, with cum leaking out of her pussy. Mindy got down on her knees and started licking Sam’s pussy. I was so mesmerized by the sight, I almost forgot I was a participant. With that I kneeled behind Mindy and slide my cock balls deep into her wet pussy. Again, I was in awe of this erotic scene. My cock was sliding in and out of a very sexy fifteen-year-old girl, while she was down on her elbows licking my own cum out of my daughter’s wanton cunt.

Sam was moaning and I was looking into her eyes. I reached around Mindy and started circling her clit with my finger. That brought a nice little moan from her mouth. We all increased our pace as the passion flowed. I thought, “Good God, I’m going to cum again!” Suddenly Sam arched her back and let out a shriek as her orgasm started. I could tell that Mindy and I were right on the edge. Mindy moaned out a long’ “Oooh Gaaaawd.”, as her pussy started pulsing with her orgasm and I began shooting streams of love juice into her pussy.

Before we left that afternoon, I fucked both of the girls again. Sam and Mindy also gave me a nice show with the two doing a very erotic 69 with a happy ending. As we bounced up the trail back to the campground, I realized that we would be heading back home soon. I wondered what would happen when we got home. Would my relationship with Sam change? Would I ever get to fuck Mindy again?

When we got to Mindy’s house to drop her off, her dad came out to meet me. I thought, “Oh shit. Here it comes.” But he just smiled and said he had a little favor to ask of me. He and his wife had won a Caribbean cruise through a local radio station. They were wondering if Mindy could stay with us the week of the cruise. I actually made a show of thinking about it, but eventually agreed to let her stay with us. We had a VERY adventurous week, but that is a story for another time…

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