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I was starting to get tired, and a headache was brewing. It was 10:30 pm on a Friday night, and I was beginning to get horny at the prospects for the week ahead. I was returning to New York for important meetings about selling one of my company's.
The report was due to be presented to the company's stockholders at 10 a.m. Wednesday, which meant it had to be in my hands at 8 o'clock that morning. It was the start of a steamy Texas summer, a time when the blood ran a little slower.

Sighing, I pushed my chair away from my desk, stood up and walked to the window that dominated one end of my large well appointed office. I needed to stretch after being in my chair too long. His office was on the 20th floor of the company's 55-story skyscraper that sat smack in the middle of downtown Fort Worth. It was on the side of the building that faced the main boulevard that served as the building's prestigious address, and was directly across the street from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

I walked to the window and gazed across the street, my cell phone rang. It was Karen one of my ex wife's, asking if I was available for a drink or coffee. That she was leaving the tv station. Karen is a news co-anchor with one of local tv stations and had just finished the 10:00 pm news cast. I told Karen I would meet her at the Hyatt Regency in room 606.

Karen is very attractive 42 yr. old woman, with short sandy-blonde hair, bedroom eyes and the most sensual lips a woman could possibly have. She was dressed in white blouse and dark skirt that were part of the stylish business suit she had worn that day. Karen smiled at me as I closed the door, then her hand moved to her chest and she begins to slowly unbutton her blouse...pulling it off and tossing it aside. Next, she reached back, unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She had my undivided attention now.

Smiling, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting her perfectly formed breasts fall free. Karen is average, about 5-foot-8, 125 pounds, with a pair of firm 36Bs that still sat up high and proud on her chest. After playing with her tits for just a second or two, she lifted one leg and slid her thigh-high stockings off, then did the same with the other leg. Finally, she hooked two fingers in the waistband of her panties and slid them off her butt and down her legs.

I stood there admiring this mature beauty stripped naked for me, I reached down to squeeze my swelling cock through my slacks. Yes, I made damn sure she saw me do it. I certainly needed to show her my appreciation. Karen swept her hands down her body, stopping to cup her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples, before moving her hands down over her hips, down her legs, then up the insides of her thighs.

Her pussy was gushing with desire as she ran both hands through the trimmed light brown hair that framed her pubic area. She let her middle finger slide gently between her prominent labia, which sat like pearly gates at the entrance to her wet, pink fuckhole.
Karen gasped sharply as her finger brushed her clit, and she spent several seconds rolling it around before sliding back and pushing the finger into her cunt. She groaned " ooohhh..aaaahhhh " as she fucked herself with the stiff digit, and brought her other hand to bear on her clit.

My cock was raging in my slacks, my hand was steadily kneading the throbbing ridge that snaked down the inside of my slacks as I stared at Karen's lewd performance. She turns going to the bed and laying down on her stomach. She turns her head, looking at me standing naked beside the bed. She watchs as I slowly turn and walk over to where the candles sit on the dresser. She hears the click of a lighter, and can see the reflection of the light from the candles in the mirror behind them. She breathes in the scent of the freshly lit candles, and watchs as I slowly turn and walk back towards the bed.

She lays there watching me and feels the side of the bed sink slightly as I sit down, leaning over and whispering in her ear “ I still love you.” as I softly brush her hair away from her face. For several minutes she just lies there with me looking at her and running my fingers through her hair, and then caressing her cheek softly. The cool room air along with the feeling of my fingertips running lightly over her skin is making her shiver in contrast to the heat that is between her legs. She closes her eyes and feels my fingers gently running down her back, and back up over her hip, she moans softly into the pillow as my fingers run lightly up the side of her body, gently brushing against the side of her breast as I continue on up to her shoulders.

She feels me move slightly on the bed and then feels my hand again, traveling along her other side this time as I repeat the whole process again, My hand runs down the back of the top of her leg, down her calf stopping at my ankle and gently nudging her leg to the side of the bed. My hand moves across to her other ankle and repeats the same thing again. She lays there on her stomach, eyes still closed and feeling me move around on the bed again, I don’t say anything but she swears she can feel me smiling as I look her over, she can feel me watching her my gaze sweeping over her body taking in the sight of her before me. I whisper " I have missed seeing your beautiful body. I have missed caressing and kissing your body."

She opens her mouth to speak and the words are instantly forgotten as my hand slides up the inside of her leg, making her shiver with delight. my hand moves across to the other leg, fingers slowly sliding up the inside of her other leg, stopping before I reach the place where she desperately wants to feel my fingers now. She wriggles slightly and moans " oh please..fuck me " in frustration as I continue on with this torture.

She hears me laugh quietly as I continue to slide my hands up and down her legs, over her ass but avoiding her sopping wet pussy. She opens her eyes and looks up at me and I move my hand away. My fingertips start working their way up the sides of her body again, over the curve of her hips, the side of her rib cage then slipping them beneath her cupping her breasts in my hands. She gasps " AAAHHH " as my fingers gently circle her erect nipples, the touch of my warm hands against her makes her shiver, and my hands gently play with her breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples lightly which makes her moan into the pillow. I begin to move my hands back down, over her ribs and belly and as my fingers slide down a little bit at a time, making her wait for what she knows is coming next.

I slide my hands down she feels the warmth of my breath on her back, my fingers now gently stroking the soft skin above her pussy, where she really wants them. Her body arches as my fingers finally slip down to the wet warmth of her pussy. She has been aching for me to touch for so long. My fingers slide down and exploring her, taking their time, touching her everywhere. One hand moves up slightly, and my finger starts to gently circle her clit while I pull my other hand away, within seconds the other hand is back again, between her legs, seeking out her pussy that she so desperately wants me to fill. The gentleness of my fingers around her clit changes tactics, starting to increase the pressure rubbing her clit, then without warning, I plunge a finger into her, she archs her back as she cries out, " This is what I've been waiting for. OMG!"

I start working my fingers a little faster, reading what her body is telling me. She can feel a warm sensation in the pit of her stomach starts to grow, She knows she is near now. Then all of a sudden I stop. She cries out " OMG..Don't Stop..Please don't stop," as she feels me getting up off the bed. She opens her eyes and looks at me, watching as I stand beside the bed. She slowly, seductively gets on her hands and knees crawling to the edge of the bed while looking up into my eyes. She slowly flicks her tongue out over the head of my hard thick cock and then licks the base of my cock moving slowly, teasingly up towards the tip. She barely touchs the head of my cock, her tongue dancing around it. Then softly and gently her moist lips lock on softly and slide down until they are just past my head, her tongue playing teasingly all over my cock as she takes me in deeper.

She grabs onto my hips to prevent herself from swallowing me whole right away. Her right hand slides over, massaging my cock in rhythm with her mouth. When I start getting really sensitive she slows down and stops sucking, but keeps massaging it with her hand and gazing up into my eyes. Lifting my throbbing hard thick cock and lightly sliding her hand up and down the entire length she lowers her head and sucks one of my balls gently into her mouth and then the other as her hand continues to stroke my cock. The desire to feel my hardness in her mouth again is overwhelming, so with her hand steadying my thick cock, she moves her mouth back over my throbbing cock, and plunge it deeply into her mouth and down her throat, taking all of me in.

She can feel my cock getting even harder in her mouth, her hand slides slowly down, gently cupping and caressing my now tight balls as I let out a low guttural moan. " uu
hh..uuuuhhhh." She slowly pulls her mouth back, all the way to the tip. Her tongue circles the smooth skin there. She lifts her hand and wraps it around the base, of my long thick cock, working in unison with her mouth, as she moves in a steady rythym up and down my cock. Another moan " UUUHHH " escapes as I stand there enjoying the feeling of her mouth around my cock, She can tell that I'm so close to cumming and she stops, slowly sliding her mouth off of my cock and gently trailing her fingers down my inner thighs. She looks up at me and whispering “ you haven't been in my pussy yet " trying to look innocent but her eyes smoldering with desire. " Don’t you want my warm, tight, wet pussy surrounding your big long hard thick cock?" as she lays back on the bed.

She watchs as I kneel at the end of the bed and lean forward, and flick my tongue lightly over her clit, gently licking and kissing her, teasing and tasting her as my tongue explores the folds of her pussy. She squirms with delight at the new feeling building between her legs. Her fingers join in as I slip 2 fingers inside of her and continue to lick and kiss her clit. My hands move up to her hips. Lying on her back with her arms above her head, I lift her legs slightly sucking at her clit, occasionally stopping to slip my tongue deep inside her, my hands slide up her body, to her breasts, my thumbs rubbing across her nipples and gently squeezing her breasts at the same time. The feeling of desire in her stomach is getting stronger now, She archs her back, pushing herself against me, grinding herself against my mouth, urging me to continue on. My tongue darts deep inside of her again, and as I trail it back towards her clit. She can feel her legs starting to shake, its coming and suddenly I stop and bring my lips up to meet hers, kissing her deeply.

She can taste her wetness on my tongue as I ram my long hard thick cock deep inside of her. I begin slamming in and out, her back arches, and her body begins to shake. She moans loudly " OOOOHHHH...OOOOHHHHH...AAAAAAHHHHH...MMMMMM " as her first orgasm engulfs her, flooding through her like hot molten lava. She digs her nails roughly and hard down my back as I continue to keep slamming her tight wet pussy. Her pussy is dripping wet with her sweet juices and my cock slides easily in and out, going deeper and faster as I enjoy the flow of her juices around my cock and onto my balls. As I feel her tighten and push against me, I rise just a little higher to get deeper into her, watching her tits move with the rhythm.

Her moans get louder and my cock gets thicker and harder as I slam all the way in. Causing her to heave and buck as my cockhead batters her cervix as my balls slaps aganist her. WAP..WAP..WAP..WAP. " OOOOHHHH ..AAAAAHHHH..AAAAAHHHHH..MMMMMMMMM." She stretched her hands out on the bed and grabbing the sheet in her fists. She couldn't muster coherent words, so a loud moan escaped her lips " OO OOHHHH..AAAAHHHH," and the continued thrusts of my cock sends bursts of pleasure through her body. The feel of my hard thick cock penetrating her fully was taking us over the edge. " Yesssss, please John fuck me, ooooh..ooooh..mmmmmmm," she exclaimed.

I replied without words, pushing my hips full against her, our hips slamming together. I rested for a moment and let her adjust to me. I then slid my hands under her ass and start with a rhythm not unlike dancing. We moved together and pulling apart, my cock removed except for the tip. As I then slammed in again driving fully into her. Karen pulled her knees up to her waist giving me deeper access. This spurred me on to fuck her hard with abandonment. Our mating was primal and feeling like it went on forever but was more like minutes in reality. We moved faster and faster, both of us panting and moaning. I was holding back my own orgasm, wanting to bring her pleasure first. I feel her pussy tightening like a vise on my hard cock as her orgasm is approaching. I press deep and hard as I hold her ass in a vise grip, bringing her over the edge. I lifted my head from her mouth, wanting to watch her in the throws of her orgasm.

" Come for me Karen...let go now," I said to her commandingly, knowing she was right there. She felt herself tipping over and couldn't have stopped for the world. My last rough hard push inside her made her see stars. She went hot and cold at the same time. It was so intense that no sound came out of her mouth. She came shuddering silently then was heaving and bucking as I watched her. That was all it took for me. I thrust one more time in and out of her pulsating pussy to let go of my powerful orgasm and I slammed hard all the way into her. Holding steady as jets of cum shoot into her. My throbbing cock jerking wildly spraying cum filling her.

They lay together, bodies overlapping, not knowing where one began and the other ended. They were both tingling with the sensations of fulfillment. She draws a short breath in. We had often experimented with anal play during our marriage, and anal orgasms were becoming her favorite. I withdrew the finger from her pussy, dragging a trail of wetness from her vaginal canal to the opening of her ass. I was careful to lube up the outside, and poked the tip of my index finger into her tight ass hole. She shuddered as I forced my finger further inside her. Nothing felt more dangerous or wrong than the two of us, sprawled naked while I fingered her ass. I pumped my finger in and out of her ass, picking up speed. After a few minutes, I added a second finger. She groaned, " that's right, sweetheart, finger my ass...fill my ass up and give it to me!"

" Oh, you like that?" I asked her. I removed my two fingers from her ass and she groaned with the thought of delayed pleasure. " You'll get what you deserve..." I grabbed her hips and forced her ass cheeks apart. She leaned forward, balancing on the stairs while grabbing both banisters. I guided the tip of my cock to her ass hole, pausing at the entrance before easing it in. " Ready?"

Her answer didn't matter -- I was going to fuck her, in the ass, right then and there. I shoved inside, and she winced as my hard thick cock struggled to enter her tight ass. The tip of my cock soon popped past the tight ring of muscle, and the pain of anal sex intensifed as the thick shaft entered. I gyrated my hips to maximize my pleasure, and she slowly bounced up and down on my cock, trying to adjust to the fullness in her ass.

I slammed her hard and she slammed back until our moans of "Fuck! Yes! Ahhhhhh!" melded into a jumbled mess of pleasure sounds. It was impossible to distinguish between our vocals. She rubbed her clit in a frenzy, attempting to quell a fire that burned deep inside her. Her orgasm started first. She bounced faster than ever, using the banisters to hoist her up and down on my hard thick shaft buried deep inside her ass. Her anal muscles clenched hard on my cock, and her breasts jiggled as she called my name in a scream of passion. My hand replaced hers on her clit, and I rubbed so fast my knuckles were a blur of motion between her legs. My other hand wrapped around her abdomen as she came hard, and she heard me " Fuck!" and " Yes!" become an indistinguishable yelp of pleasure. As her orgasm reached a peak, She feels hot jets of semen pulse into the upper reaches of her ass. My shots of six full bursts into her as the last waves of pleasure subsided.

Her ass pulsated as the electricity emanating from her clit washed away. She hoisted herself off my cock and cuddled next to me on the stairs. Her mind was reeling from pleasure overdrive, and she could hardly think straight. " Thanks for waiting for me," She managed to choke out before collapsing on my bare, heaving chest.
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