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I feel very weird and still bitter about being in this new house as I unpack my meager belongings. If I wanted to actually be a part of my surroundings I know I’d be in with money in this family. My Dad and Mom aren’t poor at all but the lawyer asshole Loretta hooked up with is living big. I can see the Mercedes I arrived in but the four car garage and the rot iron and brick fence tell me Delauter likes to show off and has enemies.

“Hey Gi, aren’t you going to come down and eat,” I hear Delauter call from down stairs.

Well apparently Loretta didn’t get the memo about how I want my name pronounced. Still got my camo pants on but I change into a plain black t-shirt and head down stairs. It takes me about a minute or so to find the damn dining room but when I get there I can see everyone is dressed a hell of a lot better than I am, and in another world I might actually care. Aside from Mr. Delauter and Loretta there are three people I’m assuming are Delauter’s children. The first is a guy a couple years older than me, about 6’3” and built like a wall of muscle in a polo shirt and khakis with well groomed black hair. The two females are polar opposites, one girl is about my age I think with black hair like the guy and about 5’7” with a petite build and dressed in a white button up blouse and a long brown skirt, her face framed in some plain glasses. The last girl is about 5’9” and built like a porn cheerleader, long blonde hair and large b cup breasts held in by a varsity sweater and a pleated skirt.

“Oh, Guy, I want you to meet Mark’s children,” Loretta says as I start to sit down at the table,” Mark Jr., Abigail and Bethany.”

I grunt in the girl’s direction and nod to the son. After a few moments of everyone praying at the table we start to eat, someone cooked Mexican and while I don’t often eat Mexican get half a plate down before I realize that Loretta is talking to me and not one of the others.

“I remembered that you loved Mexican food when you were a kid Gi,” She tells me smiling.

“I didn’t eat a lot of Mexican food when you were around,” I tell Loretta as I stop eating.

“You did, you were always hanging out with that Mexican family and their son in the apartment down stairs when your father and I lived in Detroit,” Loretta tells me expectantly.

I think about it for a minute and remember the family she’s talking about, I start laughing as everyone is looking at me funny.

“Mexican, Dad paid them to watch me while you were hung over and he had to work. My friend’s name was Kalani and they were Hawaiian,” I spit out laughing,” Excuse me I need to go laugh this off. Mexican.”

I know everyone at the table is staring at me as I get up from the table and leave the room. I get to the stairs before I hear other’s putting their forks down and I think Loretta is crying. I leave it them to their own damage control and head back upstairs to my room. I get the door closed and go to my phone shooting off a text detailing that I’ve arrived and the first dinner in my new jail was a laugh riot. I post the same on facebook and just relax on the couch in my room.

After about an hour I realize that scanning my phone for anything interesting on the internet is boring and I wish I had a laptop. I head out of my room to search for the bathroom, it’s not a huge house but it takes me a minute to find the first bathroom and see that it’s occupied. After waiting a few minutes the door opens and I’m greeted by the blonde, Bethany.

“Oh, did you knock,” She asks exiting.

“Nope, you wait in line in prison,” I say entering the bathroom and closing the door.

I exit the bathroom to be greeted by Mr. Delauter standing there with his arms folded. I nod my head and walk past him to my room; I make it in the door to realize he’s followed me from the bathroom.

“Would it kill you to try to treat my family with a little respect,” He asks me closing the door.

“Probably but I haven’t gone after everyone,” I reply sitting on the couch.

“Your mother is trying to bridge this gap between you two but you seem dedicated to make her feel as horrible as possible,” Mr. Delauter asks rhetorically.

“She’s not my mother, you are really slow for someone who’s got a law degree,” I tell him standing up,” and MY name is pronounced Guy, not Gi.”

I can see him thinking about what to say but he leaves and I am once again alone in my room. I hate not being home and I’m stewing that Mr. Delauter won’t even bother to figure out how bad of an idea dragging me down here is. I start to think about the girls back home and lying on the couch I drift off to sleep.

I wake up with the sun down and that odd ‘not sleeping in my own bed feeling’. I check my clock and see it’s about midnight and I must have dozed off about six in the evening. Not wanting to wake other’s I decide to do some sneaking around, I take off my socks and head out into the rest of the house. It’s still a really big house but I need to get my bearings fast since asking for help is off the table for me. Giant kitchen to go with the dining room, a damn pool in the back yard, looks like everyone but the oldest, Mark Jr., seems to sleep upstairs. It takes me about an hour to make my figure out my way around when I hear movement upstairs. I creep up the stairs to see Abigail in a t-shirt and shorts creeping off to the bathroom. I get close enough to watch her head past the bathroom and into my room. I follow and into the doorway and peer inside to see her going through my luggage bag. I get inside the room and close the door behind me startling Abigail.

“Oh shit I thought you were in the bathroom,” Abigail whispers startled.

“Why are you in my shit,” I ask in a growl.

“I was just seeing what you brought is all, I got curious,” Abigail tells me keeping her hands behind her back.

I cover the distance between us slowly and take Abigail’s right arm and pull it around in front of us, it’s my underwear in her hand. Little pervert was jacking my underwear to masturbate or some shit. I start chuckling and I see she’s getting scared.

“Want to explain it before I start calling out that you’re taking my drawers,” I ask Abigail letting go of her arm.

“I don’t know, I just thought it would be risky to take them since you’re so hostile,” Abigail says edging back and sitting down on the bed.

“Now I know you’re bullshitting me. If that’s how you get your freak on then cool but those are clean, do you want ones that smell like me or is it a texture thing,” I ask undoing my camo pants.

I can see her puzzled in the light coming through my window, Abigail’s looking at the door like she should run but I can tell she has the curious questions about what is going on right now. I step out of the door way and sit down on the couch, taking off my camo pants.

“So you’re not freaked out that I smell your underwear,” Abigail asks.

“Not really, after this year and having three girlfriends and a couple fuck buddies there’s only a few things that I can’t wrap my head around when it comes to sex,” I reply.

“You’ve had three different girlfriends in one school year,” Abigail asks.

“No I have three different girlfriends and they all know each other, it’s really quite good since they’re all different enough to be interesting but they all want to be with me so they work it out and I don’t play favorites,” I explain to Abigail who is a little stunned by the news.

“Can I ask you a not sex question,” Abigail queries.

“Sure but I’m bored a little and if I answer I get to ask you a question,” I reply opening myself up for the first volley of questions.

“Why do you hate your mother, Loretta, so much,” Abigail asks cringing a little.

“All I remember of my mother was either being in the back of a bar while she drank, trying to wake her up cause I was hungry while she was hung over or watching her when she’d forget something she was supposed to go to but was either at the bar or passed out,” I explain to my not so captive audience.

“That’s all you remember of her,” Abigail asks confused,” and you can’t get past the fact that she wants to be a part of your life?”

“Ah ah ah, I get a question before I answer that,” I tell her holding up my hand,” Are you a virgin?”

“No, I lost my virginity sophomore year to a junior on the chess team,” Abigail tells me embarrassed,” he insisted that since we were dating we should and afterwards I didn’t want to anymore so I broke it off.”

“Nice, I’ll answer your question now. I might have been able to get past it in different circumstances, like not taking me from my life against my will and moving me to Texas,” I reply to her previous question,” What happened that made you not like sex?”

“It was short, fast and painful,” Abigail tells me loosening up,” I get off when I do it myself but it hurt when he did it so I just didn’t want to anymore.”

I shake my head, I’ve heard about guys who don’t know what to do to get a virgin warmed up for sex but apparently I’m one of the few who pays attention. I start to smile but I don’t think she can see it.

“it’s my turn, ummmm, so you get to have three girlfriends and other girls you have sex with,” Abigail struggles for a moment to find the question,” What makes you pick a girl?”

“Well honestly if she’s not interested in me then I don’t bother with the whole making her interested in me,” I answer simply.

“So would you have sex with me or my sister,” Abigail asks me quickly.

“Hey I get to ask my question first,” I cut her off,” are you on birth control?”

I see her nod in response but she’s still shy about it. I pull my shirt off and motion her to come over. Abigail gets off the bed and moves over until she’s standing in front of me. I reach up and pull on her shirt to help her out of it; once it’s off I can see her A cup breasts and quarter sized nipples are rock hard. I take Abigail by the hips and sit her down on my lap straddling my crotch and bumping our hips together. She’s a little startled by the sensation and places her hands on my shoulders.

“It’s been a while I’m guessing,” I ask quietly.

Abigail nods her head and realizing she still has her glasses on takes them off and sets them to the side. I wait for her to finish before I latch my mouth onto her left breast, rolling the nipple between my lips. I feel Abigail’s body shift and a light moaning escape her mouth as I keep her nipple from leaving my mouth, I move my hands from her back and taking hold of her ass start grinding our hips together slowly.

I can feel some moisture from the crotch of her shorts and I’m getting hard enough to move things up a bit. I let her nipple fall out of my mouth and squeeze her ass cheeks to get her attention. Abigail looks down at me in a minor daze then gets up off me and drops her shorts to the floor before crawling onto my bed and lying crossways rolls onto her back with her legs spread.

I get up after her and see a little pubic hair on her pussy as she lightly starts rubbing her clit. I smile and take my shorts down and when I straighten up I can see her eyes widen at the sight of my hard seven and a half inch penis.

“Oh shit that won’t fit in me, my ex boyfriend was half that size,” Abigail says with a little fear.

“Okay, so this is what is going to happen,” I tell Abigail crawling up her body till we are face to face,” I am going to push into you slowly, I’m not going to stop until either I am all the way inside or I reach the bottom. After that I will wait till you tell me that I can start moving. Deal?”

I can see she’s skeptical but she nods her head in agreement. I take my time lining up my cock with Abigail’s pussy hole and after a little prodding get the first two inches in. I can see Abigail’s eyes are closed and she’s biting her bottom lip as I slowly work more and more of my cock in and out of her pussy until I get all but the last inch inside as I bump her womb. As soon as I hit the bottom I watch Abigail’s eyes and mouth open wide in shock, I quickly place my mouth over hers to keep the scream contained. Abigail’s mouth was making the noise but her body wasn’t offering a different opinion of the situation as she clamps her legs around mine and tries to grind my cock deeper into her pussy.

Once Abigail is done screaming and thrashing we lay there quietly as she adjusts to my size. I take my mouth off of hers as she slides her hands down my sides and pulls me against her by my ass. I don’t need more invitation than that as I start moving three inches of my cock in and out of her pussy. She’s not screaming as I work long, smooth strokes in and out of her pussy but moaning and grinding back against me start making me a little more anxious as I back up to my cock head and slamming as much of my cock as will fit into her pussy.

“Fuck me harder, I wanna cum hard again,” Abigail whispers to me desperately.

I start kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear as I fuck her pussy with fast, deep strokes. I can hear her grunting and the sloshing noise that her pussy is making every time I thrust is keeping the room from being too quiet. I’m grunting with Abigail and she has her hands all over my back and lightly bites into my shoulder as I grunt and cum deep into her pussy. My orgasms sends her over the edge with hers and we grind against each other riding it out till we’re both covered in sweat and physically tired.

I don’t know how long we laid there but when I finally pulled out of Abigail I watch her slide off the bed and pull her panties and shorts back on pulling them up into her pussy as she wobbles out of my room. I put some shorts on without underwear and wait in the bed under the covers. It takes Abigail a few minutes but she wobbles back and slides up next to me resting her head on my chest.

“Why did you kiss me,” Abigail asks me quietly.

“To keep you from letting everyone in the house know you were getting your orgasm wings,” I joke lightly.

I feel her cuddle in deeper and the silence continues as I drift off to sleep.

Five thirty in the mother fucking morning and my cell phone alarm is blaring to me to wake up. I look around and see that I’m alone in the bed; Abigail must have snuck out after I passed out. Just as well considering she’d have to get up and leave or explain why she was in my room alone to someone other than me. I get myself changed into my black running suit and matching hooded jacket and creep down stairs and out the front door. I get to the front of the yard and fence and discover there is a code or system to get the doors to open and that the alarm is active. Well that kills street running so I start doing laps around the yard.

I keep a good pace and realize that I’ve been jogging for thirty minutes and I’m at the back of the house when I decide to head back up and bust out the pushups and sit ups portion of my morning routine.

I don’t know when it happened but I realize that there is an audience watching me from the house as I finish up. I ignore it and bust out the last of the morning routine before heading in the back door.

“Do you work out every morning,” I turn to see Loretta asking me.

“Yes, either I work out or I train with Dad, been that way for seven years now,” I tell her pulling my hood off.

“I can make you some breakfast if you want,” Loretta asks me quietly.

I turn to face her then see a maid working in the kitchen behind her and chuckle. Loretta turns to see what I’m looking at and turns her head downcast.

“Rosa just cleans, I actually cook meals for the family,” She tells me weakly.

“Yeah, just wondering what else you ‘remember’ about my childhood that is wrong,” I say coldly.

I can see she’s hurt and decide not to push the pain anymore I’ve got five weeks and six days left to drag this out if needed. I could be nicer, possibly more respectful but I remember George Carlin, respect should be earned, not assumed. I head to the upstairs bathroom and stripping down hop into the shower. A good warm rinse after a workout helps a lot but once I’m done I realize that either I put a towel around me or wear dirty clothes back to my room. I opt for the towel and head back, nearly bumping into Bethany as she’s exiting her room wearing nothing but a pink tank top that barely covers her light blue panties.

“God you are not supposed to be here,” Bethany gasps loudly.

I puzzle then hear the noise from her room, shuffling and then a window opening followed by a distant thud. I smile at her as she scowls down at me for listening.

“You just remember that you’re the visitor here and you better keep your mouth shut,” Bethany threatens with her light Texan accent.

“Okay, what happens in your room isn’t any of my business,” I tell Bethany getting serious,” by the way you have some cum on your face.”

I watch her unconsciously pull her hand up to her face to wipe it off as I breeze past her and into my room. Before I can close the door I hear Bethany growl and start stomping towards me, I step inside but leave the door and ready my towel.

“You asshole, I ought to have my boyfriend come back here and kick the shit out of you,” Bethany threatens closing my door behind her.

I turn to address her, keeping my face blank with no real expression at first then smiling big and crazy like. I watch her own gaze go from anger to fear in less than four seconds as she turns and start to open the door before I cut her off by placing my hand on the door to keep it shut. I take my free hand and lightly grab Bethany by the back of her neck and place her back against the door with my body only inches from hers.

“You don’t know me so listen well; I will not be talked down to for any reason by anybody. Especially some dyed blonde cheer slut who gives her boyfriend a blowjob then lets him sleep over cause she’s too prudish to actually fuck him,” I start in,” I’m not the guy you blew last night, you ever come at me again and I’ll come into your room, wake you up when he’s here and fuck you like a good little bitch and let him watch. It’ll be hard and fast and afterwards you’ll like me for it.”

I can see her fear in her eyes; apparently nobody talks to her like this in her world or at her school. I figure I need to ‘emphasize’ my point and let my towel drop to the floor. Bethany is so freaked out that she doesn’t even try to look down, she just keeps staring into my eyes.

“Take your hands and feel how big my cock is,” I order Bethany.

I feel her fumble around for a second then take the base of my cock in her left and the rest with her right. Bethany’s eyes go wide and she finally looks down and then back up with either more fear or shock.

“Now tell me what you have in your hands,” I demand from Bethany quietly.

“Your cock,” Bethany answers almost in a whisper.

“And what is that cock going to do to you,” I ask her again more intensely.

“Fuck me hard and fast if it wants to,” Bethany whispers out.

“Good, now let go of me and I’ll decide as to when and where I’ll fuck your cheerleader ass,” I tell her stepping back and letting her take the door and leave.

I chuckle after she quietly bolts out of my room and quickly get dressed in my camo pants from yesterday and my ‘Antisocial’ t-shirt. Once done I shoot Kori a text about last night and this morning to which I get the reply ‘told you so’. Before I’m even down stairs I get one from Katy saying she needs to see a picture of me making a cheerleader moan. I reply that I’ll see what I can do as I hit the kitchen.

The kitchen has a bar with stools for dining and sure enough Loretta is actually making some breakfast. Bacon and eggs with some hash browns, I sit down and Loretta serves me a plate and I proceed to devour my first helping in record time.

“I was going to head into town today and wondered if you want to head in with me since the girls still have school for today and till Wednesday next week,” Loretta asks me expectantly.

I think about the pros and cons of my answer when I see Abigail walk into the kitchen area slowly with a large amount of books in her back pack for her last Friday of school. Abigail smirks at me and trails her finger tips across my back as she walks past.

“Sure, I’ll head in with you, I think I need to get a tattoo anyway,” I say plainly drinking my orange juice.

Both Loretta and Abigail start to chuckle at the comment and then stop when they see my face, I wasn’t kidding and this isn’t a joke. I watch Loretta start to get into a Mom mode but she quickly backs down realizing that it wouldn’t help.

A day trip with my biological mother, what could possibly go wrong?

Down with Part 2 and up with the comments, No PM’s about the story but thanks for the positive comments. I know some people keep reading cause they like the character and I’m thinking there will be a third series with this character but that has to happen after this story arc. If you are a long time fan and have read all the works please PM me with any thoughts you have.


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