A hole in my hedge and a trail to my old garden shed...
This is a lightweight, fun story, mildly girldom with a happy ending.

I didn’t want to break it into chapters so it’s one long-ass story of 11,000 words, which could be an hour if you read slowly (which I would always recommend).


I have a large garden which is rather overgrown these days. Well, to be honest most of it is completely wild and more of a wood than a garden. When we moved in, over twenty years ago, I did a lot of planting of trees and shrubs, and now everything has grown up and seeded more plants which have also grown up and out, and so most of it is quite a jungle.

It’s what I like and with two acres there’s still space for a couple of lawns, one beyond the other, which I mow and sunbathe on; now I’m sixty my energy levels are dropping a bit and so a verdant, low-maintenance garden is just what I want. I’ve always loved nature anyway so I’m quite happy to let it take over and do its thing; I’m not one of those who has to manage every blade of grass. I scatter corn for the birds and animals and there’s a wildlife pond, so I see a lot of wildlife and that’s what the garden is about, mainly. Plus it’s very private and I take advantage of that to sunbathe nude sometimes, which gives me a pleasant sense of freedom.

It has been ‘we’ up until a few weeks ago, but incredibly my wife of 34 years and I fell out over something really stupid, couldn’t find the compromises we used to, and she’s left me. Eventually I might have to sell the house, I don’t know, but for the time being she’s taken a flat and I’m on my own in the house. I do still love her, and I’ve said so, so we have to see. It’s true what she said, that our interests are rather different these days, but I think we still have things in common too. Maybe the ingredients are still there for her, under the surface, so I haven’t given up. You just never know with relationships do you?

Anyway, so I have been a bit lonely recently, I have to admit, and I can only put that forward as my excuse for what’s happened in the business with my shed.

It’s a good-sized wooden garden shed, about forty yards from the house, but it’s invisible now because some years ago I started using the garage for the mower and gardening stuff instead, as it’s so much handier, and the laurel screen grew up and up round the shed, with the rest of the jungle, and I just left the shed to its own devices while it slowly disappeared from view.

Then a few weeks ago I was going through that corner of the wood, for once intervening in nature by chopping down some ash saplings that really take over here if you let them, when I saw a trail of trodden-down soil and undergrowth. Going one way it led to the shed. I followed the trail the other way, and found it led to the hedge between me and the field behind, where there was now a hole at the bottom, about fifteen inches or so across and high, and signs of recent use. We have fox and badger trails but it was too big for them, and an animal wouldn't make a path to the shed door…

I went and looked in the shed, perplexed. I hadn’t left much in there I didn’t think so I was surprised to find several large scatter cushions on the floor, and a travel rug type blanket. The various old plant pots, obscure tools and the old wheelbarrow with the punctured tyre that’ I’d abandoned years ago were neatly tidied into a corner The whole interior was clean, with not much dust and no cobwebs. The little window was wiped clear, presumably with the cloth that had been neatly stored on the shelf with a little dustpan and brush.

Somebody was using the shed.

I thought of blocking the hole in the hedge and putting a lock on the door, but some instinct stopped me. I had an idea it would be children, and if they weren’t doing any damage…I remembered from my own childhood how precious a private, secret place could be. My wife and I hadn’t wanted children, and now I suppose there’s an extra bit of unfulfilled caring instinct in me.

But still, I needed to know who it was and when they were coming; I didn’t want them to be using it for drugs or glue sniffing or anything like that, and I didn’t want them catching me in the nude either! Although it was September now and opportunities for sunbathing were becoming fewer.

So after some thought I took the wireless camera that I normally use to keep an eye on the drive from my office – I work from home - and hid it in the shed in the apex of the roof, at the back. Luckily the shed has power. In the gloom of the shed, against the dark wood, it was pretty hard to spot. In my office I connected the receiver to my computer so I could record, and set it running.

For two days nothing happened; it was an anticlimax. The picture sat unchanging in the corner of my monitor and I started to think I’d overreacted; they’d stopped coming or only came once in a blue moon.

But on the third day, a Wednesday, at just before four in the afternoon, there was a burst of light in the image – the door had opened! The camera struggled with the backlighting from the door, so at first all I could see was that two girls came in, or strictly speaking two smallish, slender, free-moving people around five feet tall with long hair.

When they closed the door the camera adjusted and I could see who they were: Naomi Fielding, who is the daughter of a farmer in the village, and Jemma Duggan, whose parents live at the other end of the village and do something in business I’m not sure what.

I recognised Jemma instantly because, well, you would! I’ve seen her from time to time as she’s grown up, and she waves and smiles if I see her on her bike or pony going through the village. She’s radiantly pretty, about five foot two with I perhaps an inch or two still to grow you might guess, and she’s great friends with Naomi. I see a fair bit of the Fieldings, so I’d seen Naomi grow up too - a sweet natured-girl who is also very pretty, with blue-grey eyes and shoulder-length light brown hair. She must be about five foot one at the moment.

Jemma has green eyes that I have always had to make an effort not to stare into, even when she was quite small, because they’re quite beautiful and she looks at you very directly and holds your gaze. She has long very dark hair that is almost black. She’s a good-natured person too, but not quite as gentle as Naomi and more assertive.

They are both attractive anyway. Budding, might be the word. With breasts and shape so you can see that they’re post-pubescent, but they’re still the sort of girls you look at and think how lovely they’re going to be.

Anyway, so, they came into the shed and closed the door. Then to my complete astonishment they started taking off their clothes! It was obviously a regular thing because they were quite casual about it: pullovers, trainers, jeans, T-shirts and without pause bras and panties! I gaped and hastily enlarged the picture to full-screen. The camera isn’t great in low light and is quite low resolution so the picture wasn’t very clear, but I could see enough to find it completely gripping.

I had no audio so I couldn’t hear a thing, but they were saying a couple of words to each other as they stripped, then they came together and embraced! It was incredible. I’d had a glimpse of moderate little bushes and pert little breasts, then it was the two lithe feminine bodies pressed together, kissing and stroking each other’s backs and asses. Standing in the middle of my shed!

I ought to have stopped watching, I knew. Stopped the recording, closed the video window and I suppose left a note for them or locked the shed for next time, or just minded my own business. It was weak, voyeur and quite perverted to keep watching their very, very private tryst; they’d come to my shed in order NOT to be spied on of course… but they looked so lovely.

Perhaps if my wife had been around I’d have done the right thing, but she wasn’t. It was just me, up in my office, and these stunning girls on my monitor.

They were kissing – little kisses all over rather than snogging - and stroking with their hands and rubbing their bodies on each other. It was riveting. They were so affectionate, and the sex was such fun for them. They kissed and giggled and stroked, and gradually their delicate, sensual hands worked their way to each other’s tits and pussy.

Then disaster – they lay down on the cushions, opened out the blanket, and pulled it over themselves!

I swore. Of course, it wasn’t a warm day and the shed was cold.

Anyway it was still sexy watching their shapes writhing around under the blanket, and I could at least see their beautiful young faces. Jemma was worked over under the blanket by Naomi, until her face went tense and staring and amazed as the orgasm gripped her. Then they swapped and Jemma did goodness knew what to Naomi’s pussy until Naomi clearly climaxed as well.

For the first time in years I found my cock in my hand. I couldn’t see much but my imagination more than filled in the gaps! I started to masturbate slowly, watching the girls talk and giggle for a while, and then start stroking again, and finally manoeuvre into a 69 under the blanket and bring each other to another orgasm.

As did I myself! I have a box of tissues in the office, fortunately.

After a couple of minutes they stood up and I ogled their nubile young bodies while they got dressed. Their tits are just about a B I’d think, both of them, Naomi’s being conical and Jemma’s more of a rounded shape and very lovely on her chest, both sets well spread at the base so they aren’t going to sag even when they’re older. The girls have waists and hips. They’re completely sexual, although their thighs are slender in the teen way rather than thicker as many go when they’re fully adult, but aesthetically I find that shape more attractive.

They left, looking together and happy, and I envied them. Well…my mind was a riot of emotions. I was buzzing slightly from having just had a climax; I was glad that my shed had helped the sweet girls to have a nice time; I was guilty about watching them; I was scared they might have seen the camera, or see it next time (I knew in my mind I wasn’t going to do the decent thing) and denounce me to the whole village as a dirty old man; and I was desperate to see more!

I wondered when they’d come back. Clearly they had just come on their way home after school, and they hadn’t come on Monday or Tuesday… I found I was calculating when it would be safe for me to go back to the shed; then I admitted to myself that I wanted to do anything I could to improve the show. As I thought more about it – and I couldn’t think of anything else – I realised I needed to introduce some heating, and ideally some better camera coverage and with audio.

I replayed the video, masturbated again to it, and found my guilt diminishing as it was overwhelmed by excitement and determination. I was lonely, bored (my software business almost runs itself these days, people just pay and download it), and the shed and the girls became a project. A sexy, challenging project. Basically I got carried away.

I started scheming about how to introduce improvements without alerting the girls to my filming, or even letting them think the shed was being visited. It was perverted and indefensible I knew, but I couldn’t resist it.

I went onto eBay and bought a better wireless camera with sound and good low-light performance. The next day I went down to a place in the nearby town that sells all kinds of ‘antiques’, old furniture and bric-a-brac out of some ramshackle old farm buildings. There after some rummaging I found an old greenhouse heater which was a nice dark brown and had some rust on it, so it would blend in with the shed and look abandoned.

I hid the heater behind the junk, on a thermostat, and hoped they’d believe it had been there all the time. Then I had to hide the new camera and power it from some other source so the girls wouldn’t see the power supply if and when they traced the source of the mysterious heat.

Luckily the camera arrived in the Friday morning post, so by the time school finished I had everything installed, with the camera power taken outside the shed hidden under an old bucket and brambles at the back. The heater was on through a thermostat, behind the neat pile of junk with the wheelbarrow, and I just hoped the girls would assume the weather had only just turned cold enough to set it off, and not remember clearly whether it had been there when they tidied the place up.

I set the thermostat to a nice warm temperature and retreated to my office to watch.

Four o’clock came and went, then five and six. Finally I was feeling too much of an idiot and gave it up for the day.

On Saturday I checked through the recorded video – no girls. I sat and waited, doing other things but keeping an eye on the video picture in the corner of my monitor.

At eleven they came! The door opened and there they were: the two sweet girls I’ve known, albeit distantly, since they were infants; whose parents I know, and whom I would protect and help always. Except that right now I was spying on them and perving them.

As before they took off their clothes straight away; they only came here for one thing, evidently. This time I could see them more clearly and hear them too.

They looked even more gorgeous in the higher quality picture, and their little murmurs and giggles really brought the sexy scene to life. They stood stroking and kissing each other, and this time I could hear their breathing change as their lovely lithe bodies became aroused.

I listened intently, hoping not to hear any suspicions about the temperature.

“That Dean,” said Naomi, “he’s such a jerk.”

“I know,” replied Jemma sympathetically, combing her fingers through Naomi’s hair as they stood snuggled together, “but we fixed him.”

“You fixed him,” Naomi smiled, “I can’t believe what you said!”

“He had it coming,” Jemma sounded quite determined, “asking if he could touch your tits…”

“Only you can touch my tits,” breathed Naomi.

“That’s right,” agreed Jemma, separating for a moment to give one lovely conical breast a fondle with her fingertips.

“Ooh,” Naomi squirmed and gasped quietly, loving the sensation. Jemma bent and kissed it and sucked her nipple, producing more gasps.

I liked hearing how Jemma was looking after her more vulnerable friend. Naomi would be an easy victim for a bully, it seemed to me. I wondered what Jemma had said to the jerk Dean?

“Shall we lie down?” asked Naomi. I was starting to see that Jemma was somewhat the senior partner in their relationship. Jemma supported Naomi, looked after her, and made the decisions.

To my joy they spread the blanket over the cushions and lay down on top of it, their sexy young bodies fully revealed to the camera.

They intertwined their lissom legs and started rubbing gently on each other.

“Lots of time today,” smiled Naomi. Naomi smiles all the time.

“I can’t believe we’ve been doing this all this time,” Jemma replied at a tangent, “and he just never checks. I keep thinking we’ll turn up and it’ll be used or locked.”

“He’s old,” explained Naomi, “Dad says this place is too big for him now.”

I was a bit put out to hear that David Fielding thought I was too old to look after my own house, until I considered that to a farmer my letting the land go to nature the way I had would be anathema. I certainly didn’t feel old. I could still run couldn’t I?

“Well that’s good for us, anyway,” Jemma wriggled into a better position for grinding and speeded up.

“Nothing could be better than this,” breathed Naomi as her lovely little body started to jerk with her impending orgasm. It seemed to me they had both reached the point of orgasm remarkably quickly, though I didn’t really know what would be normal for girls that age.

I watched the two girls enjoy their orgasms then settle down again. They weren’t in any hurry to go, evidently. They lay together, naked and intimate.

“We have to try a boy though, don’t we?” Jemma picked up the conversation again.

“As long as he didn’t go talking about it…” Naomi was characteristically nervous.

“Yeah,” Jemma considered the point, stroking Naomi’s tits, “they’re all after these tits aren’t they? And your gorgeous pussy. If any of them made it with you they’d be all boasting about it I bet.”

“And you Jem, even more! You’re so hot, it would get round in a flash.”

“Yeah…I had that knobend Mick Harris talking about sexting last week. As IF! He’d send everything to his moron gang in a second. I told him to stick his little cock in a blender THEN send me the pic.”

Naomi giggled. I could hear she admired her friend’s robust way of dealing with the boys, though to me it seemed quite fierce. I could just imagine the kids in a group laughing at the unfortunate Mick Harris.

I carried on watching and listening to their girlie conversation as they aroused each other, gave each other another orgasm, then relaxed and talked some more, before enjoying another pair of climaxes with some delicious-looking oral and a 69. It went on for two hours altogether, during which time I had two orgasms as well; then they got dressed and left. It had been an amazing thing to see, and I thought about it constantly for the next days.

I also thought about being too old, and my fitness. I was really scared of spending the rest of my life on my own, if my wife didn’t come back. It could be thirty years living on my own and lonely.

I still hoped she might come back, but in case she wasn’t going to the girls’ words triggered me into going and buying a multigym, which I put it in the dining room since I wasn’t using it for dining of course. If I needed to, I wanted to be able to attract another partner, or at least not turn her off at bedtime! Not that I was overweight or even flabby, but some really defined muscles could only help. I was bored anyway, and I suppose a bit paranoid. I’d already been going running and looking up about diet, eating less salt, sugar and fat, and more vegetables and fruit to give my skin a healthy glow.

Now I set about getting in shape. I was surprised how quickly I started to develop extra muscle. My shape did indeed start to change, with my shoulders, pecs and ass, and I carried myself better. I was encouraged and decided to make sure I kept building it up.

The girls didn’t come back until the following Wednesday, when they appeared after school as before and had a relatively intense half an hour that involved three orgasms each. It looked like Wednesdays and Saturdays was the routine, and sure enough on the next Saturday they came and had another two hours of sweet intimacy, all soaked up by my eager eyes and ears.

My worries about the shed being unnaturally warm and too obviously heated faded as we had an Indian Summer, with temperatures more like August and wall-to-wall sunshine. It had me out on the far lawn working on my youthful-looking – I hoped - all-over tan. I was blond once upon a time (and my pubes still are for some reason) so my skin tans to a golden colour. The hair on my head is mostly grey, though at least it is still all there. I’d debated dying it, but decided it would just look fake, and any partner would be in the same boat anyway, even if it’s more acceptable for women to dye their hair as the dreaded grey takes hold.

So on the Tuesday afternoon I was lying naked on the far lawn, which can only be accessed through a gap in the overgrown shrubbery via the main lawn that adjoins the house. I had my tablet and sun oil – I use plenty of oil to stop my skin drying out - and was happily reading a story. The story was a sex story, and I was gently stroking my well-oiled cock because, through no coincidence at all, the story was about girls having sex in a shed.

I could not stop thinking about sheds, girls, sex, and Jemma and Naomi. I kept replaying the videos. Through sheer repetition, and reading many stories about older men having sex with teens, my guilt had pretty much disappeared.

I was well on the way to a very pleasant orgasm when I head a rustle in the undergrowth. Somehow it didn’t sound like an animal, and I froze. There was another rustle, a faint gasp, and a faint whisper. A girlie gasp and a girlie whisper.

My goodness! I realised it pretty much had to be the girls. The shed was just off the edge of this lawn, and evidently they’d come on a Tuesday, early, and caught me red-handed! Or cock-handed I should say. It was hard in my hand, its thick seven-and-half inches glistening and throbbing.

My mind raced with desperate ideas as I tried to decide what to do. Suppose they told other kids? They couldn’t tell any adults, directly, without giving away their lesbian sessions in the shed…as long as they knew I knew about them…because if they thought the shed was unknown to me they might think they were safe to gossip…

Even though they couldn’t say they’d seen me without admitting they’d been sneaking about in my garden, they could start a rumour by suggesting it to other kids, or…

Well while I worked it out I had to stop them just running away, at the very least…

I rolled from my side onto my back, and for a few seconds I aimed to keep the girls rooted to the spot by slowly stroking my cock, holding it vertical.

I kept thinking feverishly. Well…the best I could think was to say I knew about them and do a deal. It should keep them quiet, at least. If word of my nude masturbating in my garden got round the village there’d be all kinds of sniggering at drinks parties with little references to my tan, and my trees would be full of peeping kids.

“Jemma, Naomi, come out and stop hiding in the trees,” I said, loudly enough to carry and hoping to sound authoritative, “I know what you’ve been up to in the shed, but it’s okay. I don’t mind. Just come out and talk to me. Promise me you won’t tell about me, and I won’t tell about you. Come on, I know you’re there…I won’t touch you, you know that, come out.”

There was a pause, some more whispering, then some loud rustling and the girls emerged onto the lawn near the shed about ten yards away from me. From some obscure instinct I kept stroking my cock, slowly, keeping it hard and fascinating for them. Both the girls were looking at it, fully dressed in their jeans and T-shirts, and looking guilty and embarrassed – Naomi more so than Jemma.

“We’re sorry Mr Lawrence,” said Jemma.

“Alright,” I used a soothing voice, “we all need some privacy don’t we? So promise me: not a word or a hint about me, and I’ll do the same for you. I don’t mind you using the shed, you can carry on, I don’t use it anyway. I won’t tell anyone what you do together, it’s not wrong so I don’t mind, but I know you wouldn’t want everyone else to know. So it’s alright. Don’t bring anyone else though.”

The girls nodded, dragged their eyes away from my cock and fled back into the trees. I heard them making their escape through the hedge.

For some reason I never thought clearly what would happen once they had time to think. I suppose I was too besotted, or I just underestimated young Jemma.

The next day I was watching for their regular Wednesday session, and sure enough they came. But I could only watch aghast as Jemma started looking for the camera, with her phone’s flashlight. She found it pretty quickly. The picture on my monitor went white, then she turned the flashlight off and I saw both of them looking up at it.

“I bet you can hear,” said Jemma, her beautiful young face looking furious, “you pervert! Filming us in secret! You should freaking well go to prison!” She turned and stormed out, pulling Naomi with her, and shortly afterwards the bell went on my front door.

I went down and opened it, guilty and shamefaced. There they were, bold as brass – well one of them anyway. Naomi was scared, but Jemma was on the warpath.

“You pervert!” she spat at me. ”We thought you were nice! But you were filming us in secret, watching and perving over us! That’s terrible! And what have you done with it? Have you posted the videos on some pervy peeping tom wankers’ website or something?”

I quailed before the onslaught.

“Come in,” I stepped back and waved them in, “no I haven’t posted the videos and I never will. I never would. I’m sorry...”

“And as for you and your nude wanking,” Jemma interrupted as they came into the hall, “that’s nothing compared to secretly filming two girls who’re experimenting a bit and violating their privacy! I bet there are all sorts of laws about it! Spying on us, perving our naked bodies. Underage. You could be sent to prison! And you freaking well ought to be! What would everyone say, if they knew? Me and Naomi doing a bit of experimenting would be NOTHING compared with that!”

I hadn’t realised how ferocious Jemma could be.

“Look, I’m sorry,” I spluttered, “I didn’t mean to spoil anything, I put the camera in to find out who was coming, because I didn’t know, and then when you came and took your clothes off and kissed and…”

“It was too much for your perverted brain I suppose!” Jemma resumed fire, “so you got your ginormous cock out and put oil on it I suppose and got off, watching us, like some, I don’t know, pervy webcam show! As though we were cam girls or something!”

“No no,” I got in quickly while she took a breath, “it was just so beautiful…”

“Pah,” she spat, “so did you write a poem about it or did you have a wank?”


“And what were you wanking about on the lawn? Do you have it on your tablet, all the video? Or do you just wank like ALL the time?”

“No, no, it was just a story…”

“Oh yeah, and what was the story about?”

It’s hard to explain how difficult it was for me. Yes Jemma is only five foot two and a youngster, and I am five foot eight and sixty, but I felt so much in the wrong. Normally I’d have been the wise adult advising and guiding the children, but now I’d put myself completely in the wrong and she knew it. We both knew she had every right to lambast me for what I’d done. And she is not a meek girl, to say the least.

“It was a story about…girls in a shed,” I was too crushed to think of a lie.

“Ha! Fancy that!” she pointed an accusing little finger at me. “Girls in a shed - doing stuff I suppose and you were thinking about us? Your free underage webcam girls that you’ve been violating with your pervy camera!”

“Well, yes I suppose…look it was just me being weak,” I grovelled, “I saw you and you were so sexy; I shouldn’t have kept watching but I did. I am very, very sorry. I’ll delete all the videos and you can have the shed and I’ll take the camera out. It was wrong and I am very sorry, really. Keep the shed, I’ll stay away.”

Jemma considered it for a second and I realised the shed must be quite important to them; well when I thought about it, where else could they go?

“So we can come whenever we want? And you won’t watch or anything?”

I nodded and shook my head respectively.

“Well let’s go and see,” she said, and I followed her and Naomi out and over to the shed. They stood and watched while I took out the camera and undid the wiring.

“Is that a heater?” Jemma asked as I worked at the power socket. I had to admit it was.

“I thought it was warm in here suddenly… that’s so we wouldn’t use the blanket and you could totally perv us! Honestly you are SUCH a pervert!”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but you can keep the heater now so it’s warm in the winter, or at least until it gets really cold. The shed isn’t that well insulated, of course…”

“You could make it insulated though, couldn’t you?”

“Yes I could insulate it, line it.”

“And it could have lights, and be painted and have some better cushions in…? And beanbags?”

“Yes it could,” I was ready to agree to anything.

“And it could be on your wifi for our phones?”


“And have a rug?”

“Yes.” God, I was being mugged.

“And some speakers to plug our phones into?”

“Yes alright.”

“Alright we have to talk.” It took me a second or two to realise Jemma was waiting for ME to leave so she and Naomi could talk. I scuttled ignominiously outside and waited. I was hoping desperately that there was a deal to be done that would save my reputation, and even my freedom. Also I suppose in a lonely little corner of my mind I was hoping I could keep seeing them somehow.

After a couple of minutes they came out. “Can we use this lawn too?” Jemma indicated the small super-private lawn next to the shed.

I nodded.

“And we want to perv you, too. That’ll make it equal.”


“We’ve seen you already haven’t we? We just want more time to look. We don’t get to see naked men normally and you’re not bad are you? And we want to see an orgasm and spurting. You’ve seen us cumming lots of times already so it’s only fair isn’t it?”

For a second I could only gawp stupidly at the little vixen. My mouth might even have been open I’m not sure.

Jemma’s beautiful young face was set, her lovely full lips compressed into a line, her stunning green eyes hard and unyielding.

“Alright,” I agreed.


“Yes alright,” I sighed. I sensed that at least, humiliating though it might be, it would set the seal on our deal – clearly they were being naughty suggesting it, and it would be something they’d find hard to explain away afterwards.

Jemma grinned suddenly – it was mission accomplished. Christ she was going to be something when she grew up.

Little Naomi was smiling again too now, obviously relieved the tension was over, and looking forward to the show. She stood with Jemma, her big blue-grey eyes like saucers.

I took a couple of steps away and took off my shirt and trousers, shoes and socks. I was hoping my cock might rise to the occasion while I was doing that, but it didn’t. The girls were fully dressed, not doing anything with each other, just watching me perform for them. It wasn’t sexy.

“Go on,” urged the implacable Jemma, and I pulled my briefs down to reveal my limp cock and dangling ballsack.

I sensed they were unimpressed.

“So are you going to lie down?” asked Jemma, “is that how you normally do it?”

“Yes okay,” I acceded weakly, the humiliation mounting and feeding on itself. I lay down, put my hand round my shrivelled cock and rubbed the skin up and down, trying to get it going. There was no feeling at all. My cock was a soggy, floppy little thing that disappeared in my fist.

“What is it?” asked Jemma. She didn’t sound critical, just curious and slightly disappointed.

“It’s just not a sexy situation, like this,” I apologised, “I can’t think of the right things I need to get it going.”

“Like two girls in a shed?” Jemma was a little bit mocking, but not really in a hostile way; as though she recognised that two girls in a shed could be sexy. Jemma may be – as I was discovering – bossy, strong-willed and even imperious, but there’s no nastiness in her.

“Yes like two girls in a shed, sorry,” I had to smile.

“Alright well it’s nearly teatime, so we’ll come back on Saturday and see,” the stunning young madam informed me, “and you’ll have the shed done up by then won’t you?”


So Thursday and Friday were spent lining the shed with insulation and white-faced hardboard, fitting lights, and painting the door and window and shelf. On Saturday morning the beanbags, rug and audio system arrived and I carefully installed them in what had now become the girls’ shed. I set my wifi to Open network and moved the router so the shed had a signal, and lastly I added a roller blind for the window so they could be sure no old pervert was peeking in.

It all looked bright, clean and homely, and I found myself hoping the girls would be pleased. Anyway the work had at least helped me to forget the ghastly humiliation of Wednesday - lying naked in front of the two fully dressed teens with a wrinkled little penis…

I’d thought carefully about this Saturday’s required performance and how to try and avoid a repeat of that failure. I decided it needed some exercise followed by a rest period, so I masturbated as much as I could for the rest of Wednesday and Thursday, then left it alone all Friday.

Saturday dawned with persistent rain, forecast to continue all day. I wondered if they would come at all, and if they did whether I should invite them into the house. I decided I couldn’t, just in case my wife called in unannounced; it was very unlikely, but whatever small chance there was I didn’t want to blow it by being caught masturbating in front of Jemma Duggan and Naomi Fielding!

Also I wanted them to spend some time in ‘their’ shed and sort of take possession of it. It was a bit odd since if they did I’d probably hardly see them, but somehow I’d rather have had them on the property than not around at all.

As it turned out they arrived at eleven as before, in their anoraks.

“Oh wow!” they were gratifyingly impressed with the shed. “Gosh I can’t believe how different it is! Thank you. We can put some posters up can’t we.” Jemma has no arrogance, which for me pretty much redeems her bossiness.

“You’re welcome,“ I smiled, “you have wifi too.” It was lovely to be in there with them, teens so pretty and full of life, inspecting everything I’d done and being appreciative. The shed was just large enough for the three of us to be in there without being uncomfortably close together. Then after a minute there was a lull.

“We’ve been thinking,” Jemma said to me, looking me in the eye in her direct way, “it was a bit unfair asking you to get off, you know, just in front of us like that. Hopeless really. So we thought we’d give you a hand and sort of join in.”

“Oh?” was all I could think of to say.

“We’re going to get off too,” Naomi grinned. I could see she was looking forward to it.

“Cos we know you’re not going to try and do anything,” Jemma picked it up confidently, “to us, you know, we trust you obviously and so we can all just be nude together can’t we and that way you’ll be able to get it up.”

“OK,” I tried not to look too exultant. My God!

“You start.” Jemma is likeable, but still bossy.

She can say things like that though and her smile just makes you want to do it.

I pulled off my shoes and socks. The girls took theirs off. I pulled my pullover over my head, and the girls did the same. Now I undid my trousers and took them off; the girls removed their jeans.

I ogled their lovely young legs, feeling the beginning of a tingle. The shape of them is gorgeous, and so is their skin. They were both wearing little bikini panties, evidently chosen to look sexy during this mutual striptease.

I pulled off my shirt, revealing my chest. My chest hair is about half grey, but since I’m not really hairy-chested it doesn’t show that much. I was glad I’d been working out on the multigym anyway, because now I knew I had pecs, lats, shoulders, a hint of a six-pack and no bulges or handles.

I thought the girls’ expressions weren’t too discouraging as they examined me, before they pulled off their T-shirts. They were both wearing lacy little bras, with their pert little tits half revealed and half not. Their slender, feminine bodies looked fantastic in bra and panties, and my cock stirred encouragingly. It stirred a bit more as it sank in that these bras and panties had been chosen to look sexy – perhaps the girls even cared what I thought about them? I wondered if they’d talked about what to wear; I could just imagine them giggling about it.

I pulled my briefs down, stepped out of them and stood up again. My cock was enlarged, but not stiff, perhaps five inches long at the moment, dangling but not straight down.

“That’s an improvement,” smirked Jemma. She wasn’t embarrassed at all.

“I think it’ll be okay,” I said, standing waiting for the two young teens to finish off stripping. To my slight surprise it was Naomi who first reached with effortless flexibility behind her narrow back and unclipped her bra. She pulled it off, and immediately slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and eased them down her pert ass and lovely legs. Then she stood up, smiling as ever. She’s not the most confident person, generally, but she knows her body is slim and sexy, with her tiny waist giving her shape.

My cock gave a little twitch, boosting my confidence too.

Jemma followed suit, and then there we were: me and these two gorgeous girls all naked in this small space. Jemma is an inch taller than Naomi but still quite short, and a bit broader in the frame, with lovely shoulders and hips; equally lean and perfect, and with the same fine skin just a shade darker. Jemma has brown nipples that are quite a lot bigger than Naomi’s pink ones, but they both look perfect on their breasts. They both have nice natural bushes, not too rampant but enough to have me thinking they must feel nice for the girls to stroke their fingers through; either their own, or each other’s of course. Naomi’s is a lighter brown than Jemma’s, as I realised I’d been expecting.

I slid my fingertips up my cock and it jumped. I very lightly cupped my balls with my left hand, waved my cock around gently with my right, and there it was – the full seven-and-a-half inches long by two across. Thank goodness! I grinned in relief.

“Wow. Have you got the oil?” asked Jemma.

“Oh, no I haven’t,” I confessed, “I don’t use it normally but I can get it, if you like it?”

“Yes please,” she said, “we loved the way it glistened didn’t we?”

“It looked so smooth, when you stroked it,” agreed Naomi.

Using the back door I’d be alright without my clothes so I didn’t waste time with them. I ran back to the house, grabbed the sun oil from the downstairs loo and got back to the door - just as the girls arrived!

“Oh, I’ve got it,” I said, but Jemma pretty much pushed past me into the house! The contact disoriented me: the sexy, naked body, the teen skin; and Naomi made it worse by doing the same thing. They were both grinning. We were all a bit wet from the rain, but the girls made that exciting.

The sexiness was starting to make my head spin and it was frightening to see them in the kitchen, which had normally had my fifty-eight-year-old wife in it. She’s a normal shape for a woman of that age so two naked, nubile teenagers were completely out of place and a shock.

“Oh look. No.” I tried to assert myself. It was my house, after all. “We can’t be in here. My wife might come back, or someone might come up the drive.”

“Let’s go through then,” Jemma was heading into the hall already, “you could show us round, and the living room at least. I bet it’s lovely.” Her voice is quite deep for a girl and has a throaty sort of resonance, which is yet another thing that’s sexy about her, but her voice was fading because she was off into the house.

Naomi looked at me from the far doorway, a naughty smile on her innocent young face. “It’s OK isn’t it?” she said, “she can’t go far.”

I ran into the hall, having to brush past Naomi again because she was half in that doorway now. I found Jemma, looking somehow more nude than ever, in the living room gazing out of the back window, which overlooks the main lawn. The room is the full depth of the house and also has a front window onto the drive. Anyone could walk up it and see us.

“It is lovely here,” she said, “and look at that pheasant, isn’t he gorgeous!”

It was stupid but I went over and looked, and in a second Jemma had moved sideways touching me. Naomi arrived on my other side, and leaned slightly into me as well.

Suddenly the problem was not getting an erection, it was avoiding an impromptu ejaculation over my wall and carpet. My cock was a throbbing bar at forty-five degrees.

“Look,” I said desperately, taking a step back, “we’ve got to go back to the shed. Seriously. People do call you know…”

The girls were on the move again though, heading for the stairs now. In a panic I managed to grab Jemma by the wrist.

“You’re not going to use force on a girl?” she accused me instantly.

“No, no, of course not,” I let go and she ran up the stairs, her pert ass following Naomi’s and her long dark hair swaying around deliciously. They were running amok! I chased up after them.

They’d gone straight into the main bedroom. At least I’d made the bed, I thought idiotically, and at least the bedroom is at the back so now our naked bodies were out of sight of anyone coming up the drive. This was a bedroom, though.

Jemma climbed onto the bed and gestured for Naomi to follow. In a moment they were both lying there on top of the quilt, one arm round each other. They looked incredible. The situation was out of control.

“So let’s do it here,” said Jemma, “it’s nice isn’t it?” I realised it might be out of my control, but it was by no means out of Jemma’s. Quite the opposite I was starting to see.

I couldn’t pick them up and carry them out, and I couldn’t argue them out either.

“Alright,” I capitulated, “but let’s be quick.”

“Okay do you want to get in the middle?” Jemma and Naomi made a space between them and I crawled up the bed and turned onto my back, with my cock waving in the air.

“Shall I put it on?” Jemma was holding her hand out expectantly and I was beyond doing anything but putting the bottle of sun oil into it. In a moment she’d squirted oil onto my cock and her deft little hand was spreading it all over my cockhead and down the shaft. The sensation was unbelievable. Her fingers are fabulously sensitive, and once she’d spread the oil she reduced her contact to fingertips, stroking very, very slowly and with the lightest touch I could imagine.

I was nearly on the point of orgasm already, and busy thinking I’d overdone the preparation of my balls for today, so that I didn’t catch it when Jemma whispered something to Naomi. I vaguely registered a gasp and some giggling, then Naomi was kneeling up and Jemma’s hand stopped.

“Naomi’s going to sit on your face,” she told me calmly.

What? My brain was just trying to process this strangeness when she gave my cock a squeeze, and by the time I’d recovered my senses Naomi had straddled my shoulders with her shins and taken hold of the headboard with her hands, making herself impossible to dislodge without a struggle. She promptly lowered her young pussy onto my mouth. Jemma made any struggle impossible, anyway, by resuming her oily stroking of my straining cock.

I had never done this before, and if I’d had the chance I’d have tried to get out of it, but now we were started I found the aroma and wetness of Naomi’s pussy was sensational. And she loved it so intensely. Here was like the very core, the key to this beautiful, sweet young girl.

It was the ultimate intimacy, the ultimate affection, and the ultimate pleasure for her. I licked and sucked, even forgetting my cock for a few minutes while I listened to her joyful groans and gasps and felt her blissful slight writhing. I searched for her most sensitive places, and what I could do that drew the strongest responses. I probed and tongued and squeezed with my lips and even gently nibbled. Her lovely pussy was wet and swollen and supersensitive, and I worked away on it.

When gradually I became aware of my cock again, the feeling from Jemma had become even more fabulous. The pressure was all around it, the oil really creamy, and there was a weight on me somehow…or something…something had changed...well anyway young Naomi was there, cumming, groaning loudly, her sexy little pelvis jerking around…and so was I there, my orgasm welling up…and I could hear Jemma too, gasping loudly so it was almost a chant, and at the last second I felt the bouncing pressure on the tops of my thighs and my pelvis, in time with the chant, and realised…she was actually fucking me!

I came, long and hard, knowing now that I was spurting right into the depths of Jemma’s gorgeous young body, and that she was spasming with me, her convulsing pussy sucking my seed into her. It was outrageous. She was only a teenager, and this was just supposed to be me masturbating.

Anyway Naomi was in orgasm too, on my face, her very, very special pussy leaking fluids onto me while she too was shuddering in ecstasy. It was amazing, and it went on and on, for many never-to-be-forgotten seconds.
Eventually we wound down. I gave Naomi a last lick and she got off to one side, leaving me looking at the gleeful, beautiful face of Jemma, who was straddling my hips and moving slightly on me, enjoying the aftershocks. Her hair had evidently been swirling all over the place and had now settled over her tits and half her face, but she didn’t sweep it away.

“Jemma!” I groaned, “I don’t believe it, you crazy girl. I wasn’t supposed to do that with you. How did you get it in you so easily? And what if you get pregnant?”

“We’ve been on protection for ages,” she grinned, “you can’t rely on boys using condoms and we knew it was going to happen sometime. We don’t have to ask our parents these days, you know. Look at all the girls who aren’t ready and when the moment comes it just comes and you just do it and then there you are with a baby and your whole life screwed…”

God. I so nearly said ‘kids today’!! It was a relief though. And it was so Jemma to have the answer all pat. I looked down to see if there was any blood getting onto the quilt, but there didn’t seem to be any. Jemma lifted herself a bit to show me. “I was a virgin, cock-wise” she giggled, “but we have put things in, obviously, our hymens went ages ago. Your cock is big but I’ve had big things in, so’s Naomi, you just have to relax and let it go in. Electric toothbrush is the best isn’t it babe, bottom end first of course!” The girls giggled together while I thought about these young girls using a toothbrush as a makeshift vibrator.

Jemma subsided onto my chest and Naomi snuggled in from the side. I automatically put an arm round both of them.

“Christ you’re beautiful,” I thought, then realised I’d said it out loud.

“You’re not uncool yourself, Nick,” said Jemma, using my name for the first time and stroking a sexy little hand over my shoulder, “I love these muscles. We couldn’t believe how hot you were when we saw you on the lawn.”

“Thank you,” I gave them both a squeeze, and they snuggled affectionately against me.

In only a couple of minutes I could feel the girls’ energy returning. I could have done with a few more minutes’ rest, or even a nap, but I didn’t want to be the old fart, or to leave the house in the care of two nude and now completely illegal teens, so I got up with them. I popped into the en-suite to rinse my face, then we went downstairs and into the kitchen, heading for the shed, but it was raining hard.

“Let’s wait for it to slow down, at least,” I said, “ we can have a sandwich?”

To my surprise they accepted my suggestion and we ate a light lunch, naked and watching out for visitors, but none came. After half an hour the rain showed no sign of abating though. We gazed out of the window at it.

“Oh, let’s run for it,” laughed Jemma, “we want to be back in our shed don’t we, now it’s so cool and nice inside.” Naomi nodded, grinning. She nudged into me and I smiled down at her pretty, sweet-natured face.

We made a break for it and ran across the main lawn, through the gap in the shrubbery and onto the small lawn. It was pouring down. As we made the turn towards the shed Naomi slipped on the wet grass and went over. Jemma and I stopped for her – we were soaked already.

Naomi didn’t immediately get up so I leaned over to offer my hand, and she pulled on it without trying to get up. “Do me in the rain,” she giggled at me.

“Yeah go on,” Jemma urged, “that’s hot!”

Naomi was looking extremely hot, her slender little body soaking wet on the grass, rain falling on her and nothing on her sexy little mind but getting laid. I felt Jemma’s body against me and her sensual hand on my cock, and I was hard. Now there was nothing on MY mind but fucking the lovely Naomi, too.

It was cold - not the time for anything slow and lingering. I lay down next to Naomi and slid my hand up her thigh, and a finger into her pussy. She was ready, wet and pulsating, her eyes on my cock.

I moved between her thighs and offered my cockhead up to her. I was surprised when it slid in easily, and kept sliding. In a couple of very gentle thrusts I was all the way in, and she was loving it. As with Jemma I’d had the hazy idea that such a small-framed girl would have struggled a bit with my size of cock, but she hadn’t at all. I’d never been with such small girls as her and Jemma, so I just hadn’t known, but with them at least it was perfect.

Her thighs were wide apart and her little hands were on my sides urging me on. I slid an arm under her shoulders and one under her ass and cradled her lovely little body while I started to fuck her, hearing her still giggling in-between gasps.

Her hands kept me speeding up and up as we fucked in the pouring rain, staving off the cold with our vigorous, elemental fucking. Naomi felt fabulous, her warm skin an electric contrast with the cold rain, and so happy, so joyful and full of life and the simple pleasure of sex.

She pretty quickly picked up the idea of thrusting back, and then her agile, well-coordinated little body really came alive in my arms. The sensations were amazing, and they went on for quite a few minutes because we were both on our second time in half an hour. Eventually I could feel her climax building and her movements starting to change. I kept thrusting long and fast, and so did she and we swept into our orgasm. My brain swam in ecstasy as I pumped sperm into her pulsating, welcoming young body. She writhed and groaned gleefully in my arms, loving the whole thing.

“God,” I gasped, panting, as the climax faded, “you gorgeous, gorgeous girl.” I kissed her quickly on her nose, forehead, cheeks and lips, then eased my cock out of her and stood up. Naomi stood up too, more easily than me, and we ran for the shed, laughing.

We got in, soaked, and realised there were no towels. No Jemma either…then the door opened and in she rushed, with towels that the wilful girl had gone into the house for on her own.

“Here you are,” she grinned at me, passing me and Naomi one each. We rubbed ourselves dry quickly and Jemma turned up the thermostat, pulled the cushions and beanbags into a big heap in the middle of the floor, then pulled me and Naomi down on either side of her.

I lay back, tingling, tired and happy. Jemma stroked an affectionate hand over me, and turned to Naomi.

“I’ve only had one,” she said.

Naomi had plenty of energy left. I turned onto my side to watch as she shuffled down to give Jemma some eating. After a few licks she looked up at me with a grin: “Mmmm yummy,” she said. Of course she was licking my cum out of Jemma’s delicious young pussy.


So began an amazing period in my life. The girls came round two or three times a week and we fucked every time, including a couple of times outside in the sunshine while the warm weather lasted.

My body adapted and I found I could go more and more times and longer and longer, and the girls found the same. We became adept at spinning out long sex sessions, sometimes lasting for hours while we hovered short of a cum, touching, licking, nibbling and fucking until our bodies insisted on a release.

I tried to keep it mostly in the shed, though we did use the house sometimes too, especially when they had permission to stay out late, so we could be certain nobody would be calling. A couple of times they stayed all night and those nights were very special, full of sex and affection. I loved the sex-to-exhaustion and then waking up with those two beautiful girls in bed with me.

Sometimes they girls would come for the evening and we’d fuck in all the rooms in the house or on all different pieces of furniture, having fun. The girls are highly sexed, and generally wore me out then did things together while I watched. We tried every different position we could think of, and often used several one after the other.

With all the intimacy there were definitely ways in which I was coming to love them – not the ‘in love’ way because obviously they are teens while I am two full generations older, but in a way of caring deeply about them. When I thought about my wife now, if she should come back, I would really, really miss Jemma and Naomi.

Anyway that’s relationships for you, and emotions. We don’t have much control over them.

So one Wednesday afternoon in early November the girls were round and we were in the shed, naked and fucking as usual. A text came in on my phone, but since I was doing Jemma doggy while Naomi fondled her clit, I left it. This was Jemma’s second time of the day, my third, and we were taking our time.

Half an hour later we finished and I came into her, savouring the feelings as her stunning little body shuddered through her cum. Just as I was kissing Naomi my phone rang.

This time I looked at it: it said ‘Sheila’.

Christ! My wife. I hadn’t spoken to her for weeks. I had to pick up. so I flagged the girls to keep quiet and answered.

“Hello Sheila,” I said. It was an emotional moment.

“Where are you?” Sheila asked. “Is it convenient? I hope so, I did text, I thought you’d be in. Your car’s here…”

Jesus Christ she was here!

“I’m in the wood,” I improvised quickly, “I’ll be back in a moment.”

“Oh alright, it’s not inconvenient?”

“No no, I’m glad you’ve come. Just give me a minute.”

We ended the call and I started jumping into my clothes, the girls into theirs. In two minutes I was out of the shed, giving the girls a quick kiss as they set off for their hole in the hedge.

When I got into the kitchen there was Sheila, smiling at me a bit uncertainly. I wondered if she’d want to kiss, but it seemed not.

“I hope this is okay,” she said. “I just…well… thought we should talk.”

I was busy trying to get my breath back and find some orientation, talking to my wife for the first time after the big row, her leaving, tears, a couple of emails, being alone, and weeks of intimacy with two young teenagers. Sheila who is fifty-eight, middle-aged and some kilos overweight, whom I was intimate with for over thirty years but hadn’t had sex with for well over a decade. Whom I’d been missing so much.

We made some tea and took it through to the living room, passing the open door of the dining room on the way.

“You’ve been exercising?” she smiled, “you do look healthy.”

I probably have a glow from my orgasm into Jemma Duggan ten minutes ago, I thought, but what I said was “Got to keep busy, you know.”

Sheila is a very proud person. She was here to talk, and her attitude wasn’t the regret or sadness of one coming to say we had to sell the house and split the proceeds to each start again.

I’m not an assertive man, as you may have gathered, but I knew that to get her back I had to take the lead.

“We have some different interests,” I started. Sheila nodded. “But we have a lot in common too, I think. Music, sense of humour, wildlife…”

“Yes we do,” she said. Some of her old smile was back.

“So, it’s quite OK for us to do some things separately and some together isn’t it? If you wanted to have a vegetable patch or do local politics or whatever, and I wanted to do my trees and naturism? Or whatever each of us wanted to do?”

One of the bones of contention had been my nude sunbathing, which Sheila had been embarrassed about or felt was creepy or something, I wasn’t sure. It had just built up and up somehow, with some other things including the garden although Sheila hadn’t wanted to do anything with it herself.

“Shall we go for a walk round?” she proposed.

We walked round the drive and lawn, then along the path I kept through the wood. We emerged back onto the lawn, walking slowly, close together but not touching.

"I could grow a bit of cannabis just there," she pointed out an area at the side of the house.

"Good idea," I smiled, "we can check how much you can grow before the police get serious?" We’d met at a festival and Sheila was still fond of a smoke.

“OK,” she smiled. “and your little lawn can be your private sunbathing patch, I’ll leave you to it.”

“You’re coming back then?” I asked.

“I’m so spoiled,” she said, “Only child. Doting daddy. I expected you to make everything how I wanted. But I have to take responsibility.” She meant yes.

“But your workout machine has to go somewhere, it can’t stay in the dining room can it?” she smiled, making light of it, but in her mind she was taking possession of the home once again. “Would it fit in your old shed?”

“No it’s too tall,” I said, trying to be definite without sounding as alarmed as I felt. If Sheila stuck her nose in the shed she’d see One Direction posters all over the roof, beanbags all over the floor, the audio system and goodness knew what girlie odds and ends. Not to mention the huge smell of sex that would be in there right now.

“OK well, what about getting one of those log cabins for it?” she suggested. “It could go where that shed is and be your personal HQ. You’re right you know, we just need to allow ourselves some more individual space don’t we? Not expect to do every single thing together. Perhaps I can have a log cabin too, over there with my cannabis patch, then I can sit on the little porch and smoke myself into a stupor between writing policy papers.” She grinned at me. I leaned a little towards her and we kissed. I pulled her in and we had a cuddle. Not a sexy, grinding sort of cuddle but a friendly, partner sort of cuddle. Still intimate, and very together.

“I missed you,” she whispered.

“I missed you too,” I whispered back.


These log cabin people do not hang about do they? Two weeks later Sheila’s was installed over on the other side of the house, and I was standing looking through double-glazed doors over the little sunbathing lawn.

I would say I was standing in MY log cabin, but it is just as much Jemma and Naomi’s, of course. We have the multigym in one half and our beanbags and cushions in the other. The posters are on the walls and the speakers are on a shelf. It’s much smarter and more spacious than the shed. I was thinking sometimes we could even do different things, the girls on their laptops while I’m working out, or whatever, but together anyway. And the girls can come while I’m not here, too, of course.

Nobody can see us, and Sheila’s been clear that she isn’t going to be coming into this bit of the garden, so right now the three of us were, as usual, naked.

Jemma, standing in the middle as she likes to do, gave me and Naomi a squeeze.

“This is so perfect,” she grinned.

“Amazing,” agreed Naomi.

Jemma steered us back to the cushions and nudged me to lie down. We were all a bit needy after the break while the cabin was being erected, and I was hard and throbbing, gazing up at their gorgeous young bodies, so lithe and firm and flawless, full of energy.

Jemma came and sat on my face, facing my cock which she was generously letting Naomi have first go with. She is a very generous person, I’d realised. Such a perfect partner for Naomi who is simply the most smiling, sweet-natured person you could imagine.

I started tonguing Jemma’s wet, eager pussy while Naomi lowered herself onto my cock and began fucking, lifting herself easily up and down, adding a thrust with her fluid little pelvis each time. I couldn’t see but I knew the girls would be touching, grinning their beautiful smiles at each other, their lovely hair waving about. They are so gorgeous.

We were going to have a cum, all together – we’d had a lot of practice - then a short rest probably before it would be Jemma’s turn for some cock.

Now Jemma was saying something, but it was muffled of course. “Wha...mmmmppphhh?” I went into her pussy. She lifted herself up so I could hear:

“Are we getting some curtains Nick?" she puffed, "For nighttime? What do you think Naim babe, green ones?”


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