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I was at my auntie's house one day with my mom. She suggested we all take a vacation together. There was: me, I'm 18 and still in college, my mom, Michelle, who is 45, short, but curvy. She had great tits and an even better ass. My auntie, Sue, who was 49, and looked just like my mom. Then there was my cousin, Rachel, who was 24, she was also short and curvy, maybe a few pounds overweight, but not fat.

As we were looking at the computer looking for a place to go on vacation, my eyes kept looking at Rachel, for some reason I just couldn’t stop looking at her. I noticed her thong was sticking out. I tried, but I just couldn't stop looking. I looked up and noticed Rachel was looking right at me. She just smiled, I guess she didn't mind.
Rachel was the first girl I ever fantasized about. When I was younger I would fantasize about her coming downstairs fresh from the shower, hair still wet and sitting on my dick. I have always had a thing for Cousin Rachel. One time I was at Aunt Sues house all by myself whilst mom, Sue and Rachel went out clubbing; I walked up to Rachel’s room and began looking into her drawers. “Bingo” I said. I had just found a Red thong. I sniffed that thong like my life was on the line. It was the best wank I ever had.

Eventually we found a place to go for the weekend. Problem was, Sue couldn't go until Saturday, so we arranged for her to travel down on her own the next day. The plan was: me, mom and Rachel would go on the Friday and Sue would follow on the Saturday.

Friday arrived; me and mom picked Rachel up and we began the 3-hour drive to our destination. Mom was driving and it was a hot day, so she had a low-cut top and short shorts on. Her legs looked amazing. I had a boner in the back seat. It didn't help when we arrived to pick Rachel up.
Rachel was wearing a low-cut top; a very low-cut top and no bra. It was almost like she wanted to tease me. She asked me to get her a pack of crisps from her mini suitcase. There was no room in the boot of the car, so we just put it on my knee in the back. I opened the case and I see a pack of crisps on top of a dozen thongs. Right on top of them all the red one that I had previously sniffed. I froze for a second before she said, "eh, Luke, the crisps" I said "sorry" and gave her the crisps.

My first thought was, why has she packed so many thongs? I couldn't stop thinking about it. A few hours later we arrived at our destination. It looked nothing like it did on the website. It was in the middle of nowhere. There was 11 holiday cabins and nothing else for 3 miles. Not even a shop.

We got the keys to the cabin and went to unpack. I opened the door and only seen 2 rooms. We could not believe how small it was. A main room and 2 bedrooms. “There’s only two rooms” my mom said. I told her we would make it work. “Me and Rachel will have to share, Luke has to have his own room” she said.

About an hour after we arrived I went and sat in the back garden. It wasn't long until I was joined by Rachel. We talked about how shit the vacation was going to be. It wasn’t long before we started talking about girls. She asked me what my type was.
I told her "short and curvy. Darker hair; a good pair of tits and a great ass"
she replied "just like all the women in our family?"
I didn't say much. "Oh, wow, you do fancy the women in our family, don't you?" she said.
I froze and looked guilty. It was weird, but I wasn't really embarrassed, something came over me. I had remembered she caught me looking at her thong and she asked me to get her some crisps when she knew her thongs were in the case. Why would she not want me to see her thongs if it creept her out, I thought.
"All boys fantasize about family members, its natural" she told me.

She was smiling. She asked me which family member I fancy the most.
"Honest answer?" I replied.
"Yes" she said.
"Mom" I told her.
She laughed and said "why Michelle? She's your mom"
"She would always walk around the house wearing little, her legs are sensational and her body is hot" I told her.
“Have you ever seen her naked?” she asked.
“No, but one time I went in her room just after she had a bath, she was lying on her bed in a white towel, we started talking and she asked me to give her a foot massage”. I replied.
“You and massages” she said. I had always liked getting foot massages. My mom used to give me one every week.
“I was rubbing the oil in her legs, she was lying on her chest, she put her legs in the air and I saw up her towel. I wanted to see her pussy. I hoped she would say ‘rub my pussy, Luke. Fuck me’ but she didn't and I didn't see anything, it was too dark.” I told her.
Rachel seemed shocked at hearing me talk like this. I could tell she was getting excited. “Ever thought about me?” She asked.
This was the first time I ever told a woman I fantasized about her.
“Yeah, you were the first one I ever fantasized about”. I told her.
“What did you do to me?” She asked in a seductive tone.
I told her about the one with her and the towel. She was clearly excited.

She left and went back into the cabin. I followed her in 5 minutes later. Like I said, the cabin was small. I could hear her talking to mom in the bedroom. I went by the door to get a clear version of their conversation.
"He's my son" I heard mom say.
I thought "oh no, she told mom, she's going to hate me"
"We should let him know why it's best to keep things in the family" said Rachel.
"Oh, I don't know" mom replied.
"Why not? You love him, he loves you, and we should have some fun. After all there's fuck all else to do here" Rachel said in a serious tone.
I was in shock at was I was hearing. I went to the living room and sat on the sofa. 30 minutes had gone by and there was still no sign of Mom and Rachel.

Eventually they both came out of the bedroom. "Wow" I blurted out. They were both wearing very short black lace dresses, Mom's had a little bit of white on the inside. I have never seen Mom's legs look so hot. She was in heels. I was in awe of her. The dress went above her knees. Her legs were shining, it was like she had some sort of oil on them.

"You wanted your Mommy didn't you?" asked Rachel.
I had never talked about this with Mom before so it came as a shock. I didn't know if they were just going to go out clubbing or if Rachel had persuaded her to make love with me.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"It's best to keep things in the family" Rachel said in a seductive tone.

Just seeing Mom's legs like that got me hard. Rachel walked over to where I was sitting. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to the floor. She began sucking my dick. Mom was still stood in the same position as before.

It felt weird getting a BJ in front of mom. It had been years since she seen my cock. Even though I had always wanted Rachel, I just couldn’t take my eyes off mom.

"Come and suck you son's cock, Michelle" Rachel said.
"Uh, I don't know about this" answered Mom.
"Luke, tell your Mother why you want to fuck her" Rachel asked me.
I looked nervous. Rachel told me to tell Mom what I told her earlier.
"Here’s the thing…You are stunning Mom" I said. "Your legs look incredible, your tits and ass are prefect; your body is sensational" I added.

I could see mom was starting to be won over. “I want to make love to you, mom” I told her. “You are beautiful. Please, mom, let me make love to you” I added.
It was at that moment Mom began walking over to me. She knelt down and slowly positioned her head over my now fully erect dick. She slowly parted her lips and inserted my dick inside her mouth. The first 20 seconds seemed surreal. "That's it, Michelle, suck your boy's dick" Rachel said. I started to feel more relaxed. I started to push my Mom's head into my dick a little harder.

3 minutes passed before Rachel told my Mom to stand up. "Pull your Mom's knickers down" she said looking into my eyes. "Reach up her dress and pull them down" she added "mommy wants to show her boy her little pussy" I slowly put both my hands on her legs and felt my way up. I finally reached and began pulling her panties down. I finally saw my mother's pussy. It was well worth the wait.

The panties got to her ankles, I could see they too were black and made from lace. "Touch your Mom's pussy" Rachel said. I ran two on my fingers across Mom's pussy. I could feel a little bit of hair. It was so wet.
Rachel unzipped Mom's dress from the back. She had a black bra on. Rachel unhooked it and said "Suck your Mother's tits". I stood up and slowly started to lick her nipples. It didn't take long until I sat Mom down on the sofa and began to kiss every part of her body.

I was living every son’s dream. Staring down at my own mother’s naked body. "Open your legs and let your son have your pussy" Rachel whispered into Mom's ears. “Let Luke open my legs” mom said.

I slowly parted her legs and exposed her pussy. "Lick me, son, taste Mommy" she said to me.
I didn't need telling twice. I began licking like my life depended on it. I could taste all of her juices. It was paradise. “ahhhhhhh, you’re making mommy feel good” mom screamed.

It turned me on so much hearing my mother moan in pleasure. It just felt right. I thought I would feel guilty, but I didn’t. We were both adults; it’s not like we hurt anyone. I love my mother, why is it so wrong that I want to make love to her?

I licked Mom's pussy for about 5 minutes before Rachel said "It's time to fuck your mother"
I slowly positioned myself in between Mother's legs, my nerves were all gone. I said "are you ready for your boy, mom?" "Yes, son, take me" she moaned.

I slowly put my dick into her pussy. It was so wet, it just slid in. Me and Mother both moaned with intense pleasure. I was thrusting back and forth for around 5 minutes. It didn’t take long until I heard her scream "I'm going to cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. Fuck, you really know how to pleasure mommy, we should have done this years ago. Fuckkkkkkkk”. She and dad split up years ago. I guess she hadn’t had sex since.

"Right there, son, treat mommy like the slut she is. That's it my boy" I had never heard mom talk like that. I guess she just got caught up in the moment. "I'm cummmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiing" I screamed. I went to pull out of her pussy, "leave it in, cum in my pussy, give mommy your cum" mom moaned. So I did. I exploded inside my own mother. Her pussy was on fire. I collapsed on top of her. "Kiss me" she said. I kissed her like a son has never kissed his mom. I looked into her eyes, it was beautiful.

I look down and what do I see? Rachel licking cum that is dripping from Mom's pussy. I was so into mom I forgot she was even there. She had some in her mouth and said to mom "taste your son's cum". They start to kiss. Rachel looked at me and said "don't just watch, come get some", the three of us passionately kissed.

The next day
I woke up and went to the living room, mom and Rachel were just getting ready to leave “we’re going shopping” mom said. Rachel walked over and told me to go in her bedroom. I waited until they left. I opened the door and saw Rachel’s case on her bed. I was open with a message that said “have fun xxx”
Part two coming soon.

What happened when Sue comes? And I and mom explore each other.
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