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A mother stumbles upon her son jacking off
I was already very much interested in girls since when I was really young, but without really knowing why. When I was a child I sometimes asked my mother, with whom I lived alone because she had divorced my father a mere two years after my birth, about the differences between boys and girls, but I always received evading answers.
Sex was clearly something that was not discussed. I never had a lot of contact with my mother anyway. We lived together in the same apartment, but we didn’t have a lot to say to each other and I had the impression we actually hardly knew each other. She tried to raise me well, but somehow I had the idea that, when she divorced my father at a relatively young age, I had been a nuisance to her and had kept her from starting a new life. After all, how many men were looking for a woman with a child by another man? More or less subconsciously I felt a little guilty about that.
Once I got older I found out this and that about sex, but how it all precisely worked I didn’t learn until I was exposed to a bit of sex education in school. When I was sixteen I had discovered masturbation, but that was about it. Since I wasn’t exactly popular in school I didn’t get any chance to experiment with girls.
Being sixteen, I was of course suffering from a condition of permanent horniness, the reason why one Friday afternoon, after school, I gathered all my courage and stepped into a store to buy a porn mag. I was greatly embarrassed and afraid I might get caught by someone I knew, but ultimately my horniness defeated my shame and fear I took a random porn mag from the upper shelf. I paid for it as quickly as possible, with a flushed face that enticed the girl behind the counter to smile, put the magazine in my bag between my school stuff and rode my bicycle home.
Mother had dinner ready when I got home. I was quite nervous and scared that mother would figure out I had done something wrong, but I tried to tell myself that I was just imagining that. How could mother suspect that I had purchased a porn mag?
After dinner I mumbled something about homework and quickly went to my room. I closed the door en immediately took the dirty mag from my bag. Holding my breath I flipped the pages, greatly fascinated by pictures of things I had never seen before: women with dicks in their mouths, men spraying sperm on women, groups of men and women who were doing all kinds of things to each other simultaneously . . . the pictures drew me mad with lust. Without thinking I untied my pants, grabbed hold of my by now rock-hard dick and started to jack off furiously. Because of my excitement it only took me a couple of seconds before spraying an enormous load of warm semen on the porn mag. I took an old shirt and tried to wipe the magazine as clean as possible. After that, I hesitated for a moment. I really was planning to put the mag away now, but my orgasm had done little to stifle my lust and compulsively I started flipping the dirty magazine’s pages again. As soon as I had looked at all the pictures several times, I also started reading the stories and this quickly got me so horny again that my penis was getting hard again. Without giving it another thought, I started to wank again.
I was about to come again, when suddenly the door to my room opened. I was startled and looked over my shoulder: my mother was standing in my room, looking at me sternly. “And what do you think you’re doing?” she asked harshly.
I gave her a helpless look, not knowing what to say, while I clumsily tried to push my shrinking dick back into my pants. My mother walked up to me and stood behind me.
She took the porn mag and gave me a questioning look. “Where did you get this?”
“Bou, bought it . . . in a, a store. Honestly.”
To my surprise my mother didn’t just keep quiet for a moment, but also started to look through the magazine. When she got to a few pages that were stuck together, she frowned, but she still didn’t speak and kept flipping the pages.
“So,” she finally said, while I was holding my breath out of anxiety over how she was going to react, “you like to look at these kind of pictures.”
“Yes, er, yes,” I stammered.
She put the dirty magazine in front of me and pointed at a picture of a naked woman with big breasts. “Do you like bare boobs?”
“Yes,” I said in a rasping voice, distressed a bit by my mother’s choice of words. I’d never heard her say anything like that before.
“Have you ever seen bare boobs for real? No in a picture?”
“No,” I answered, much to my regret and my disappointment over this fact showed in my voice.
“Would you like to see real bare boobs?”
That question surprised me, but what surprised me even more was the sudden change I detected in her voice. There was something there that I never heard before and couldn’t really place.
“If you want to see bare boobs so badly,” she continued, “you can see mine.”
That remark hit me with a mixture of shock, fear and excitement. I wanted nothing but to see bare boobs for years, but my mother’s boobs were the last I would have thought of. I had always seen mother simply as mother, a certainty in my life, someone who was always there and would always be there, but I had never seen her as a woman. Her remark abruptly changed this and instinctively my eyes drifted over her body. She actually looked pretty good for a woman of almost forty. Her face wasn’t exactly pretty, but not ugly either. Her nose was a little big and her chin a bit pointy, but she had nice green eyes and beautiful long, flowing dark blond hairs. She was wearing a tight black shirt with a high neckline, but without sleeves, that made her large breasts stand out well and a simple, light brown cotton skirt. Now that I looked at her with different eyes, I concluded that was actually was quite a fox. While I was staring at her like that, she took hold of her shirt and started to pull it over her head. “Well,” she said teasingly, “want to see my bare boobs?”
“Yes, yes,” I stammered, “please.”
Without further ado she pulled her shirt over her head, causing me to see that she was wearing a red bra under her shirt, that I thought to be a size too small, since her breasts were hardly contained by it. I found this to be such a horny sight that my dick started to get rock-hard almost immediately. I was a bit embarrassed by the fact that my own mother provoked such a response and crossed my legs to hide my erection, but mother smiled. “Doesn’t matter,” she said, “it’s perfectly normal for a woman taking off her clothes to provoke such a response in a sixteen-year-old boy.”
Still smiling she pulled her bra straps over her shoulders, untied the bra and let the garment fall to the floor, so that I could now see her firm, naked breasts. It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen, these wonderful, huge balls of flesh with nice, big nipples.
“You may touch them if you want to,” my mother said.
I felt a little ashamed, but apparently mother didn’t have any qualms about me touching her breasts. Carefully I placed hand on one of her tits and as soon as the soft flesh touch the palm of my hand, I let go of all my inhibitions and surrendered to my lust.
Enthusiastically I started to rub her breasts and massage her nipples. Apparently mother enjoyed this, because I heard her breathing quicken. That gave me some courage and I began to lick her breasts and suck her nipples, that came fully erect almost instantly. After I had been fanatically playing with her breasts for a while, mother motioned for me to stop. I let go of her tits and gave her a questioning look. She didn’t say anything, but untied her skirt and pushed it down over her nice ass.
All she was wearing now were a pair of red panties and she sat on my bed. She looked at me and said, “do you want to see everything?” I couldn’t utter a single word anymore and just nodded, while my mother pushed her panties down over her pretty long legs. She wriggled her panties over her sandals, the only pieces of clothing she was still wearing and threw them indifferently into a corner of my room. She spread her legs wide, showing me her ripe pussy in all its glory. “Come on,” she said, “play with my cunt.”
I couldn’t believe this was really happening, but even if this were to prove a dream, it was at least a fantastic dream. Still hesitating a little, I looked at the naked, incredibly hot body of my mother and carefully I dropped to my knees. I pushed my head between her legs and she immediately put her hands on my head to push my face against her fanny. I thought that she smelled nicely down there and carefully I pushed her pussy lips apart. Her cunt was very moist, which aroused me intensely and I stuck a finger in her wet pussy. Slowly I was gaining confidence and I started to move my finger around in her cunt and lick her clit, as soon as I’d located it. I felt that her wet pussy tasted really good and from her soft moaning I concluded, that I was doing quite all right.
After I been eating out my mother for a while like that, she grabbed my arms and pulled me up. She kissed me roughly on my mouth, which I especially enjoyed, before giving me a severe look. “You are old enough to realize,” she said softly but sternly, “that no one must ever know what’s happening here right now, right?”
I nodded. “Good,” she continued, “then come lie down nicely.”
I did as mother told me and lied down on my bed on my back. Mother sat on her knees in front of me, grabbed my stiff prick with a hand and started to jack me off softly. “Nice?” she asked. I could only moan in response. The feeling of her warm, supple hand on my pole was so amazingly good.
My mother smiled a satisfied smile and bent over my crotch. She closed her lips around the head of my cock and started to lick it carefully. I had no idea what was happening to me, I had never felt anything like this before! With her tongue she licked some pre-cum from my dick, after which she took my prick completely in her mouth. She blew me slurping and the feeling this caused was so awesome, that it didn’t take long for me to come gruntingly. My mother felt I was going to come, but firmly kept my dick in her mouth. I experienced an intense orgasm and unloaded an enormous amount of sperm, but my mother tried to swallow it all. The amount of semen that was flowing from my balls at this moment was so large, however, that she couldn’t swallow everything and from her mouth excess sperm was dripping, which I felt was an incredibly horny sight.
After a little while my mother let my shrinking cock glide out of her mouth and she lay on top of me. The sensation of feeling her tits against my chest and her belly against my dick was indescribably horny. She smiled at me, while large drops of my young semen were still trickling down her lips and chin.
She kissed me again and whispered in my ear, “now I had you eat me out and I blew you, so I might as well teach you everything right away. Ready for your first time, kid?”
“Yes,” I moaned. My cock was already on the rise again, since my mother had put her voluptuous naked body on top of me.
Mother rolled off me and lay on her back. “Come,” she said, “stick your prick in my cunt.”
Because of the language my mother was busying I was getting even hornier than I already was, if that was possible and I clumsily climbed on top of her. My mother put her arms around me, pressed my body against hers and easily guided my hard cock into her pussy. Prudently I started to thrust. I still couldn’t believe this was really happening, but the slurping sound of by my dick in her cunt and the banging of my balls against her pussy with every single thrust, convinced me of the fact that all this was actually real.
I could hardly control myself and started to thrust faster and faster, causing my mother’s tits to swing back and forth. She softly moaned while I was fucking her like a madman and put my head between her breasts. Ultimately I couldn’t take any more and felt another orgasm was on the way. “Yes,” mother groaned, “shoot it in my cunt! Shoot it in the cunt that bore you!”
My mother’s dirty language made even crazier with lust than I already was and I felt my body shake. I groaned and came, squirting my young sperm deep into my own mother’s vagina. As soon as I had unloaded the last drops of semen from my balls, I let myself fall down on her, completely exhausted.
My mother still had her arms around me. She hugged me tightly, pressing her tits against my chest. She then gave me a wet kiss and looked at me in a way that was tender and horny at the same time. “So,” she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, “is doing it for real better than looking at pictures in a mag?”
“It’s brilliant,” I softly said, “better than I ever had dared dream.”
“I quite enjoyed it as well myself,” my mother smiled, “from now on you sleep in my bed.”

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2014-08-29 07:25:02
god i love these kind of stories. incest is so hot! what i wouldn't give to fuck my mother or any milf for that matter.

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2011-01-02 12:15:22
Good story I enjoyed every bit of it

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2010-04-19 19:38:43
My mother first sucked me at 13. I loved fucking my mother and I fucked her alot. My son started fucking my wife at 14. He was fucking her ass at 15.

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2009-10-15 19:56:02
I have finally worked it out guys, All these idiots that complain about story content actually get off by complaining. They don't really care what they are complaining about they just love to complain...

And they call the writers "deviant"?

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2008-11-30 17:41:11
Hot story! the characters felt 'real' Please do a sequel.

btw i agree with the guy commenting about readers derogatory comments. For starters why the heck are you here in the first place? this is a SEX story site. The subject matter is CLEARLY listed. btw the mother wasn't clearly described so she could be as hot and sexy as you can imagine. if you read this and thought she was fat and ugly well thats your own preference. to me she sounded like a sexy MILF

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