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That girl on the train
I stared out of the window, bored, as the train trundled on through the countryside. I had no idea where on the map we were, but I knew I was a long way away from my destination. The bogey I was sitting in was decently packed, but the seats opposite me were empty. From this I inferred that a family would be occupying those seats, and that did not improve my mood. All I wanted opposite me was a group of hot girls, which was all the entertainment I would want for this journey. As the train pulled into a tiny station and the next passengers boarded, I found my hopeful dream half fulfilled. Opposite me was a family all right, but the daughter was hot as flaming hell. She was accompanied by her parents and her brother, who were dressed very traditionally, as was she. I took a closer look at her as she bent over to slide her suitcase under her seat. She was about 19, the same age as me. I guessed her height at around 5'10. She was pretty slim, with a tiny waist and A cup boobs, but her ass was huge. I enjoyed watching her bend over and seeing the shape of her butt through her modest salwar kameez. She straightened up, adjusted her dupatta and flicked back her ponytail. Her hair was as black and shiny as her eyes, and her features had that innocent beauty so common amongst small town girls. She wore gold earrings, and the tiny silver ring in her nose made me a little hard inside my jeans. But for all the modest display she put up, she didn't fool me. I could tell from the way she moved her hips and from the size of dat ass that she'd seen some action. At this point her father caught me staring and I quickly looked out the window. She sat down directly opposite me and I felt the bulge in my pants grow bigger. I grew uncomfortable as I found I couldn't sit in peace; the father glared at me every time I looked in front of me, i.e. at his daughter. Resigned, I climbed on to the upper berth, happy to be away from those glaring eyes. I looked down at her as she typed something on her cellphone and my heart skipped a beat as I saw the outline of a black bra strap where her dupatta had shifted. The bulge in my pants turned into a full blown erection. I squirmed and tried to distract myself by listening to some music. But as my phone scanned for my Bluetooth headset, it detected another device, a mobile phone with the name $!MM¡. After decoding this jumble of symbols, I realized this phone probably belonged to a girl named Simmi. I looked down at my hot co-passenger, who seemed like the only female in the compartment who knew what Bluetooth was. A wild idea came into my head. I rushed to the toilet and clicked a picture of my 7 inch fully erect penis. Then I changed my Bluetooth name to B0ñ€r and sent the picture to the new device as I walked back to my seat. I kept a close watch on my phone as well as on the girl, who was still clicking away on her cell. I felt my pulse quicken as the picture was accepted and sent, but the girl's expression didn't change. But a few seconds later, I saw her smile at her phone, and (though I might have imagined it) quickly touch the tip of her tongue to her upper lip. Then she went on clicking. I had no idea what had happened. I sighed and pulled my blanket over my head. It was getting dark and my arousal was making it difficult to think normally. I drifted to sleep while imagining exposing that shoulder and ripping off her black bra.

When I woke next, the compartment was dark, everyone was asleep, my mouth felt musty and I needed to pee. I'd dreamt of shooting my cum all over that innocent face, which was now fixed in a peaceful expression as she slept on the lower berth. I hurried to the toilet while chewing some Mentos to get rid of the taste in my mouth. I went into the western style, as it tended to be cleaner, and aimed my boner at the toilet, emptying my bladder with a moan of satisfaction. I hadn't bothered to lock the door in my hurry, and it opened and shut with the movement of the train. As I shook out the last few drops of pee, the door opened again and I heard a little gasp. I swerved to see the girl from my bogey with her hand to her mouth and her eyes on the hand gripping my erect dick. I was paralyzed with shock. She lowered her eyes, and then, to my surprise, pulled out her phone and held it in front of her so I could see the home screen. The picture of my dick was her wallpaper. I was currently holding it in almost the same way as I had in the picture. This was Simmi all right.

As I went on staring, she entered the toilet and locked the door behind her. We were face to face in the cramped vestibule as she looked at me with those once-innocent eyes that now had a mischievous glint in them. She reached out and began stroking my dick, which was now throbbing with excitement. I moaned softly and placed both my hands on her butt, squeezing lightly. She closed her eyes and trembled a bit, but made no objection. She squeezed my penis hard and I felt a trickle of pre cum escape from my glans. Even as I watched, she got on her knees, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and licked the tip of my dick clean. Then she took it in her mouth and began sucking in earnest. She couldn't take all of it and I could see she wasn't very experienced with blowjobs, but man, she could suck! Her tongue felt great on my penis and I helped her a little by fucking her mouth gently with my hands on her head. She seemed to enjoy this as she made little muffled squealing noises as she tried to take off her top. I helped her do this and she knelt there in her sexy black bra and squeezed some more pre cum out of my dick. Then she rubbed the tip on her nose, getting it all sticky, and looked up at me with appealing eyes.

I couldn't take it any longer. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply as I fumbled with the strap of her bra. Her eager tongue wrestled with mine as we made out. She tasted like lime pickle and I thoroughly enjoyed the tangy flavor of her mouth as I kissed it. I finally managed to get her bra off and broke away to take a good look at her tits. They were small and perky, with big nipples stiffened in excitement and wide brown areolas. I took one breast in my mouth and tweaked the nipple of the other, my dick nudging her knee. Her chest heaved as I pinched and sucked and licked. She let out a tiny yelp as I bit one nipple, then closed her eyes and threw her head back, fondling my hair as she began to enjoy the feeling of her nipples being gnawed.

I could wait no longer. The fabric at her knee was sticky and wet with my dick juices and I could see the area at her crotch become moist too. In one motion, I pulled down her tights and panties, fully exposing her naked body. A dark clump of hair covered her pussy and her juices were running down her thighs. I closed the toilet lid and sat on it, beckoning her to come and get on. She inched forward slowly, running her hands over her naked body. Evidently she enjoyed being naked. She positioned herself and eased her pussy onto my dick. She lowered herself slowly until my dick was all the way in and her face in front of mine. She panted softly as my rock hard penis easily slid into her sopping wet pussy and I moaned softly as the warmth of it encircled my dick. I put my hands on her waist and began to kiss her mouth again. She put her arms around my neck and kissed back in earnest as she rocked her hips in circles. She was pretty tight for such a slut and I fought back the urge to fuck her harder. Instead I broke the kiss and played with her tits that were bouncing in front of me. She gripped my shoulders as she moved up and down my shaft and let out soft gasps. I grunted every time my dick hit home. So far we were doing a great job of keeping the noise down. But suddenly the train went over a rough patch and the violent vibrations that ran through it caused her to bounce even faster. She dug her nails into my shoulders and I saw her eyes roll back into her head as she approached orgasm. I panted harder and drove into her with the rhythm of the train. She arched her back and screamed with ecstasy as the orgasm coursed through her body. Luckily for us, her scream was muffled by the rumble of the train.

When the rumbling stopped, she slowly got off my still erect penis and looked at it in admiration. I wasn't done yet, and as I would soon find out, neither was she. She turned to face the wall and put both her hands on it, thrusting her ass out at me. From this view I could see her dripping pussy perfectly, and I quickly stood up to take her from the back. But as I squeezed her ass cheeks, I observed something else. Her asshole was huge! I'd only seen holes that big on porn stars that performed anal regularly. Her ass must have been fucked a lot to stretch it out that much. Without thinking about it, I thrust my dick deep into her ass. It went in easily thanks to the size of her asshole and the fact that my penis was slick with pussy juices. She gasped in surprise and pressed her face to the wall but made no protest. I pumped her ass again. It felt even warmer and tighter than her pussy and I couldn't hold back as I fucked it harder while grabbing handfuls of her ass. She reached down to play with her clit as I did this, rubbing her cheek against the wall. She stroked it faster and faster as I fucked her slutty asshole. I shifted my hands to her waist so I could pump her even harder. At this point she slapped her clit as she reached her climax and stuck her tongue out, panting like a little bitch. She leaned against the wall, exhausted. But I still wasn't done. I moved my hands up to her boobs and resumed fucking her in the ass. Now I heard small cries of pain mingled with the moans of pleasure. I kept on going and crushed her tiny tits in my hands. The cries of pain grew louder and spurred me on. I went faster and faster, pounding that poor asshole for all it was worth and tugging her nipples hard. At this point she stopped crying out and made a gurgling sound as she licked the wall senselessly. She was totally in my control. I went faster than I thought possible and grabbed her ponytail, yanking her head back. I suddenly moaned out loud as I emptied my load into her asshole. She groaned with her tongue hanging out of her mouth as saliva dripped from it.

I pulled out my cum covered dick and collapsed on the toilet seat. I realized we were both sweating. Simmi looked back at me and smiled. Without changing position, she spread her ass cheeks and let me watch the cum trickle out of her asshole into her waiting pussy. Then she promptly knelt on the floor and cleaned my dick with her tongue, looking straight into my eyes as she did. As she licked a droplet of cum off her chin and smiled, I realized how much she'd enjoyed being used as a whore.

The moments after that were a blur, as we tried to get back to our berths after cleaning and dressing ourselves, without being caught. I was so tired I collapsed the moment I hit the berth.

When I woke up the train had stopped at a station and the family was gone. Despite my tired limbs, I wondered if it hadn't all been a dream. But when I looked out the window I saw them standing there on the platform. As I caught Simmi's eye she grinned at me and slipped her dupatta off her left shoulder. I could clearly see an erect nipple against the fabric of her top. The train pulled out of the station and I climbed onto my seat, dejected that she was gone. And there, in the water bottle holder, I found stuffed a small black bra, and a crumpled piece of paper with her phone number on it.

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Not bad. You need to break the story into paragraphs. The wall of text is hard to read.

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Not bad at all! Love it.

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