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Bobby y Spanky
Lamia Fangs

I never thought that a dog and a child could modify my life so strongly: I keep thinking about them, especially about Sally, she said she wants to come and play with us, I would be pleased to play with her, too since I love playing with the boy and his wonder dog. However, I must be careful; it would be fatal if things do not get out of control. They could charge me of rape, statutory rape, and pedophilia at least. However, the judges in the court do not know that nowadays kids have more sex than adults do, and it is something we cannot avoid. That is why I have decided to join them in their quest of sex achievements.
The next day after the second meeting with Bobby and Spanky, I was away from home and returned later. All the lights next door were out so I thought I would not see them. I did not pay much attention and had dinner in the kitchen, listening to music and reading a bit. After a while, I went off to my room to take a bath. I looked through the window and everything was quite next door. It seemed to me that we were not going to have any action that night. I went to the bathroom to take a long hot shower. I wore my towel and get to the bed. Nothing changed in the environment. I felt calm, tired, but I cannot deny that I was still slightly horny. I was thinking Bobby's dick and all the wonderful things that I would do with it and how seductive his age is. He is just a kid. Nevertheless, when I think of beautiful Sally, I think about her all: I imagine the softness of her skin, and the smell of her vagina. I imagine kissing her sweet lips, and that I want to fuck her so bad. It was hot to think about all that, but to think about both of them wallowing in the honey delights of forbidden incest was wild.
Another subject that occupied my mind was that I have had a life full of exotic sexual experiences: some extreme, some reprehensible, some even scandalous, but the truth is that a kid and a dog were two things I was missing in my list. I had been fucking a boy and his dog, his dog, and I still wanted more. I fell asleep thinking about Sally in my arms.
Next morning after doing some errands around the house, I decided that I wanted to send them the same message than before. Therefore, I would go to the garden to sunbath and hope for my friends to appear just like before. I got my sunglasses, my towel, a cold drink, a very small bikini and off I went to the garden. When I opened the kitchen´s door, I found Spanky outside. I opened the door and greeted him allowing him to smell the back of my hand. I could not deny it was a stunning dog.
— Good morning, Spanky. Where are your friends? — I looked up the chairs in the garden, and to my surprise, we were not alone. Some rainbow color sandals were next to my favorite chair, but I could not see his mistress. I walked quietly over to find a 16 years old nymph sunbathing on my chair wearing a tiny white bikini and two golden braids down to her elbows. She was beautiful. I took a moment to see her closely and to think of something to say.
—Sally, right?
— Your garden is much nicer than ours is. Miss Tisha, right?
— Yes, that is right and so good that you like my garden. would you like to know the rest of the house?
— I am waiting for my brother, but I am sure he will know where to find me if I am not here.
We went together into the house through the kitchen’s sliding door, Spanky already knew the way to the living room. I must confess that I was nervous, I knew what would happen, but I could not even imagine how to begin. Should I make the first move? In any case, she is only 16 years old and should not be here.
— I saw the little show you put out to my brother through the window the other night, — she said touring around the kitchen bar and swaying her body in front of me. — It was delicious, but you should be more careful in case there is someone else in the room.
— Thanks for the recommendation. — I said.
— I want to see your pierced nipples — she said taking two steps towards me. — I have never seen them live before, and I want to touch them... and suck them. — Saying this she came closer on me and I could feel her fresh breath on my face. She is a very beautiful girl, with big blue eyes and golden hair, with pure white silky skin and a pair of voluptuous 34B breasts defying gravity with the nerve of Sweet 16.
— Do not go that fast, Honey. I want to know some things about you first.
— Do not waste time with questions, all right, I know that no one has to know that we visit you and no one has to know that Spanky plays with all of us. — She said reaching my breasts with her hands. Kids today are something else so I decided not to extend much my questioning and start moving forward.
— I see that you are ready and you know very well that I can go to jail if anyone finds out. Yet there are things I want to know, — I stand in front of her with my already very famous pierced tits, that that morning were wearing a pair of black pins with skull clasps. I popped my tits out of the swimsuit and I saw that look on Sally's face: it was a virgin surprised face, it really was the first time she saw something like that and apparently, she liked it. My nipples react very easily so they pointed to her face eager to be stimulated. — Here they are. Do you like them? — She nodded again. — Touch them, and tell me why did you turn to make out with the dog?
— I saw it in a movie and I wanted to try, I did some research and I tough him; he is a very intelligent dog. — She said very proud while gently touching my breasts with her hands. — Your tits are beautiful; I want to eat them all. — Sally said approaching the tip of her tongue to my super excited nipples. — I had never been with another girl; you know? Having you as my first means the world to me. I had it so long for a fantasy.
— That is a very nice complement I should thank; because having a 16 years old doll in my arms is a very risky gift that cannot be neglected. We will have a great time Sally: you, your brother, Spanky and I, but we have to be very careful. Do you understand?
— Do not worry about anything, it will be our secret, and I assure you that Bobby and I are very good at keeping secrets. — She said sealing the promise with a warm, soft kiss on my lips. That feeling was so shocking. That girl was driving me crazy. I responded the kiss pressing my lips against hers and venturing my tongue into her mouth. She accepted the intrusion leaning her body into mine comfortably playing with my nipples. I broke the kiss after few seconds.
— And how it all began between Bobby and you? How many tricks have you taught him? — I asked curious as I ventured my right hand between her thighs, I was not surprised when she responded by opening them offering me a wet bathing suit and the outline of a hairless teen pussy beating in the palm of my hand.
— When Bobby turned 10, we realized that his body had begun to develop, but I realized that what was growing the most in his body was his penis. Therefore, I gave myself the task of making the bedtime baths more interesting… Oh Miss Tisha, please, do something to ease my clitoris, it is about to burst if you continue playing with it like that. —she said excitedly.
— I can teach you a couple of girls’ tricks that you would love, but tell me how did it happen that first you bath with your ten years old little brother and you end up fucking him? — I asked as I put aside the cloth that stood between my fingers and her clit.
— Well, I begun by teaching him how to get a hard-on when washing it, then I started to do him with my hand and later with my mouth… You can also do me with your mouth while I talk. — Sally proposed deftly shedding of her bikini bottom and climbing up the kitchen counter to bring her pink hole up to my face.
— What a beautiful view — I said before I put my tongue as deep as I could, savoring her juices for the first time. — What a delicious flavor. I will be here for a while, so continue, what else do you do to your brother?
— Well, then I showed him how to fuck-finger me and I let him suck my tits while I jacked him off at bedtime. By then, I was allowing Spanky not only to lick me but also to ride me.
— Who popped your cherry? — I asked looking at the inside of the most gorgeous flower I have ever seen.
— I cannot tell now. — She answered.
I interrupted my licking task to reposition my new friend on the counter and bring her buttocks up to my face. — When you do it, does Spanky fuck you from behind, too? — I said, fingering his nervous sphincter.
— Sure we do! I am an anal acrobat! — She said proudly in between gasps and moans —I can fist-fuck my ass.
— You are full of surprises, my dear! — I said. Then, after kissing her butthole again, I took her by the hand and brought her to the living room. — I am sure we will be very good friends and that we will have very good time together. Now, why don’t you tell your dog to eat me as I continue where I was before?
We did not discuss anything else. She sat down on the couch just like her brother did a few days ago, and I took the "bitch" position in front of her so that Spanky could have access to my pussy. I started slowly licking her pussy lips and poking my tongue inside her, and then I ventured my middle finger a bit further into her ass. Meanwhile she gave Spanky the order to come and lick. The dog immediately obeyed and I could not help but gasp of pleasure thanks to the wonderful feeling of Spanky's tongue stuck in places humanly impossible to reach.
Sally closed her eyes and moved her hips at the rhythm of my tongue in and out of her vagina, facilitating the entry of another finger up her ass. — Get all your fingers in and fist-fuck me in the ass — she said when we heard little Bobby’s voice coming from the kitchen.
— excuse me if I interrupt but I cannot believe you guys started without me.
The three of us stopped what we were doing: Spanky stepped back to welcome him wagging his tail, I pull my fingers out Sally’s ass and she changed her position on the couch.
— Hello little brother, so good you came, Miss Tisha and I were getting to know each other a little bit.
— Hey Bobby, I am happy to see you. Do you have any new tricks for us this morning?
— Tricks? I do not think so, but what I have for you girls, is my hard-on ready for someone to suck. — He said while taking his clothes off and we could see that wonderful weapon he has to fight that morning’s battle. When I set my eyes on it, I burned with desire same like last time and remembered that Bobby had said that he had never penetrated his sister.
— I know a trick called "The Little Train" — said Sally. — I will suck you, Tisha will lick me and Spanky will do Tisha.
That is how my living room became the Train Station with Bobby at the top, sitting on the couch, with Sally as "dining car" eating him up, then me as the smoking wagon, with my face tucked between her thighs licking from her ass to her clit, and Spanky in the caboose with his tongue wonderfully licking me.
Suddenly the atmosphere was filled with gasps and sighs of pleasure. I opened my eyes to see that Sally was immobilized: Bobby was holding her by the neck and pushing his hard cock into her mouth, slightly choking her. Apparently Sally had not been able to suck beyond the head, although at the time, that head was already in the back of his throat. Meanwhile, I had stuck my hand up to the knuckles in his ass, and kept coming in and out of her, opening her sphincter more and more. I wanted to do more but I could not concentrate because I was going crazy with Spanky’s tongue around my crotch. My head was spinning around by thinking about what was happening there. The most perverted scene of the best European porn movie was happening right there in my living room. For my eyes only. Then Bobby opened his eyes and his met mine, I could not help but smile. He also smiled with a perverse spark flashing in his eyes.
— Up boy, up! — Bobby ordered the dog holding his sister’s head who immediately knew what was happening behind her, but could not move to see or do anything.
Then the rapist dog climbed up on me again, with the ease of an animal that enjoys performing its trick. Three attempts to score and Spanky had his gun deep inside my uterus. Once again, I was filled with dog cock and I loved it. It was the best experience I had ever had: its strength, the size, the speed, fucking an animal was forbidden, dirty and hot. I had my whole hand up the teenager’s ass and the boy was on the verge of collapse in the face of his sister. I was like been possessed by a lust spell which made my dreams come true. Therefore, I let myself go and in few seconds, there was my first orgasm.
— Good dog, very good dog, was that good Tisha. — Bobby said while face fucking her sister — will you get the knot again, just like last time?
— Yeah, yeah let him fuck me like a real bitch. — I prayed — and you can come over here and fill your sister’s ass with your cum, she is wide open just for you.
Sally opened her eyes amazed: Spanky was going to penetrate Tisha with its knot and Bobby was going to fuck her for the first time. She has never allowed him to fuck her before; Spanky is the one for that job.
Bobby got up from the seat without removing his cock from his sister’s mouth. He took her by the chin and brought her beside of me, I still had my fist up her ass; meanwhile I was about to be split in two by the cock of a Doberman, who was at his first attempts to introduce his knot inside me. Bobby pull his cock out of her mouth and Sally breathed hectic between coughing and large tears because been victim of shocking. When she finally cleared her throat, she could not help but see that Spanky was filling my bowels with his huge cock.
— Are you going to let him finish it all? He is about to go complete into you!
— Yes, I want to stay stuck with him like a bitch — I answered panting —, and you have to let your little brother fuck you from behind and make you an ass creampy.
— I have never done that before — Sally said — I have never let Spanky push the knot inside me and Bobby had never fucked me. However, I am ready for you today, little brother.
Bobby came up behind her to penetrate her for the first time. I took his cock in my mouth and moisturize it with saliva. I pulled my hand slowly out of Sally’s rectum watching her sphincter gapping. Then I put his dickhead in the opening of her dark hole and Bobby pushed hard while Spanky sank his knot in my guts. The two of us were moaning of pleasure: I was filled up with dog meat and Sally was receiving her brother thrusts up her butthole.
— Oh Bobby, this is the first time I have human flesh up my ass. — Sally stated very satisfied — Delicious, huge. Give me more, more. Give me all your cock I want it all inside.
Bobby pumped irrepressible, and his sister's ass gladly opened ready for his incestuous semen to blow. — I am going to fill your ass with cum, sis. There you go! Ah! Ah! Ah!
At the same time, Spanky rested on me while finishing ejaculating. Then he made this magical move and turn around to be stuck back to back with me, but when doing so, he rotated his knot inside me and pressed my G Spot and I had an explosive orgasm that took me by surprise tightening the knot inside my vagina. The feeling was extremely delicious.
When I opened my eyes, I found Bobby's cock throbbing in front of me with a drop of semen on the tip and Sally moisturizing my ass with saliva.
— It is your turn to be trapped motionless in the middle of the train. We are going to fuck you now, dear Tisha — Sally said starting to get his fingers in my ass —. Give her a taste of my ass on your dick, bro. I want to see if it is true that you can eat it all.
Then Bobby stuffed my mouth with his messy head. — Clean it bitch — Bobby said with that tone of voice that makes me do everything he ordered. Therefore, I opened my mouth to lick and suck the head and the whole body of that wonderful cock that I was beginning to love madly. It smelled like shit and cum, and I did not care. I would eat it whole to show Sally how much I liked it. Meanwhile, her fist was tucked up to the knuckles into my rectum and Spanky began to take his knot out of my uterus. He pulled out a little each time while Sally pushed in in the other side, crushing the two of them in the middle of my G Spot. I opened my body and received, by one end, Bobby's cock in the back of my throat and, on the other end, Sally’s fist up to the wrist when I expelled Spanky out of me along with a dense ejaculation.
— Wow, I have never seen anything like this before! You can ejaculate! — Sally said surprised.
— I can ejaculate, too! Ah! — Bobby said throwing his first load of hot cum directly into my esophagus. Then he took out his gun to shoot the rest of his testicles on my face. Sally removed her hand from my rectum and came to lick the white milk dripping from my face. Bobby joined her and they both licked me clean. We take the time to kiss for the first time. All tongues touched and moved in and out of every mouth and drank all the saliva. Those two guys were driving me crazy.
Bobby was the first to break the kiss. — I had never tasted my cum before and it tastes great.
— I had never tasted human flesh in the ass and tastes great — Sally said paraphrasing her brother.
— I had never been with two children and a dog at the same time — I said — and it tastes great ... —we all laughed hilariously. — Now I think it is time for me to take a shower and to rest. Moreover, it is time for you two to go home before someone starts looking for you.
The three of us set out to pick up our clothes from the floor and went to the kitchen to drink some lemonade. Both kids were very quiet.
— is everything fine, guys? — I asked.
—Miss Tisha, when can we come back to play again? — Bobby asked.
— My parents will go on a trip next weekend — Sally said — we can have a party the four of us together again. What do you think?
— Let’s wait until next weekend, okay? and we will see, — I answered curtly —. Besides, if you are going to be alone, you surely have a nanny, right?
— I am my brother's nanny. — Sally said winking as they made their leave by the sliding glass door in my kitchen to the garden.
I remain stunned at the kitchen chair thinking that my ass was still hungry for cock and that with those two kids, nothing was enough: we could continue fucking night and day until any of us fainted. I poured myself another glass of lemonade thinking that I could babysitting the two kids for a weekend for free.

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