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A lonely woman sets out on a trip of discovery...
The Island

Lucy was a proud woman, she liked to do things on her own and for herself. It had been eight years since her husband had left her for that whorish little vixen and she was determined never to let anyone treat her like that ever again. Her two kids were fully grown up and had families of their own now so Lucy had a lot of spare time on her hands when she wasnt working. This Christmas Lucy's children would be staying with their father and as her own parents had passed away a few years back Lucy had booked herself a cruise to the Carribean islands where she was planning on doing some exploring and relaxing.

So two weeks later there she was, sitting in a kayak, slowly paddling in the crystal clear sparkling blue waters of the carribean sea. She had gotten quite good at kayaking over the past week or so, using it to travel between little secluded islands where she would have a peaceful lunch and swim. She was always in good shape, actually fairly amazing shape for a lady in her mid forties, but the recent days of kayaking and eating healthy had really made her body look toned and sexy.

Today Lucy had decided to go a little bit further out to some of the more deserted islands that she was previously avoiding due to the distance. But she now felt confident enough to make the long voyage. She had been rowing for a good three hours and thought she must be near her desired destination and began heading in towards a beautiful looking small island with sparkling white sand and a small grove of palm trees. She figured she would drag the kayak up onto the beach and go explore the island then come back for some fresh meats and breads she had packed for lunch. The island wouldn't take her more than 30 minutes to walk around so she wasnt too concerned about leaving her kayak unattended, especially since the last boat she saw was 2 hours ago atleast 15 miles away.

Dressed in only a two piece lime green bikini, Lucy hopped out out the kayak as she felt the bottom scrape along the sand. The water was a warm pleasant temperature with the carribean climate never dropping under 75 F all year round. She waded into shore, dragging the kayak behind her and left it just above the high tide mark so the incoming tide wouldnt wash it out to sea leaving her stranded.

With the midday sun beating down on her bronzed shoulders, she began to walk down the shoreline picking up unique shells before tossing them into the calm aqua blue water.

Making her way round the island, she noticed a small jetty where an old mooring rope was tied to a half submerged post. Thankfully there was no sign of any boats tied up to the post, she wasnt in the mood for intruders onto her newly discovered piece of paradise.

A little bit further down the beach Lucy noticed a small wooden bench sitting just off the sand under the shade of two large palm trees. As Lucy approached the bench she realised it was made out of lots of different pieces of driftwood that had been carefully lashed together using weaved pieces of dried flax. She sat down on the bench, testing its strength to see if it would hold her, with a little creaking the bench held steady. Getting up from the bench she turned towards the palm grove and noticed a large log cabin just poking through above the tops of the palms. A sudden panic crossed her as she realised that she might be trespassing on someone's private island home so she called out to see if anyone was about.

"Hello! Is anyone here?" Lucy called out in a nervous voice waiting for a reply. A few seconds passed in silence so she assumed either the owner of the cabin was out or it had been long since abandoned. She decided not to tempt fate and headed back the way she came to set out and find a less inhabited island.

As she followed her footprints back in the sand she kept looking back over her shoulder to make sure no one was following her. As she rounded the last bend Lucy's stomach dropped when the spot where her kayak had been dragged up to was now empty. She looked around frantically trying to see if there were any signs of the boat being dragged off anywhere. No other marks were visible apart from the original ditch in the sand where she had dragged the kayak in initially.

Fear was building up inside her now and she looked around in distress wondering what she should do. The nearest island was a good 45 minute swim away but she didnt feel like getting eaten by the numerous sharks she had noticed as she was kayaking through the islands. Her only conceivable option was to head back around the beach and try and see if anyone was inside the cabin to help her.

Lucy made her way up to the cabin. It was quite large and well made with the curtains drawn closed and a sturdy looking door locked shut. She knocked loudly on the door, carefully listening for footsteps. She heard none. Lucy decided to make her way around the back of the cabin to see if there was a back door she might be able to open. As she approached the back of the cabin, she heard a steady bang every 10 seconds or so. Startled, she looked about her to see what was making such a racket. It seemed like it was coming from behind a bunch of bushes just past a small clearing. She pushed her way through the shrubbery and that's when she saw him.

He stood there shirtless, glistening with sweat. His darkly tanned muscles shining in the harsh heat of the sun. An axe was held over his shoulder and he stood looking at Lucy with a curious expression on his clean shaven ruggedly handsome face. He brushed a lock of his golden hair off his forehead as he swung the axe down once more to lodge it firmly into the base log. He wiped his hands on his faded swim shorts and took a step towards Lucy.

"Hello?" He called out in a rough raspy manly voice.

Lucy realised she must have been standing there with her mouth hanging open just staring at this incredibly sexy man for the last half minute.

"H-Hi" she stammered in a soft nervous voice.

"So what brings you to this secluded island?" He smiled, revealing a mouth full of perfectly white straight teeth. "I don't get many visitors."

"Oh I'm so sorry, I didnt realise somebody lived here and I only wanted to find a quiet spot to have lunch" Lucy quickly explained, not yet mentioning that she was stranded and needed his help.

"Oh well I was about to cook up a lobster and some freshly caught fish if you would like to join me" he said in that raspy tone that made Lucy's knees feel if they would give way at any moment.

"It's ok really" she said, "I have some Lun.." She stopped herself mid sentence as she realised that all her supplies were still inside the storage of her lost kayak. "Actually to tell you the truth the kayak that I rowed here on has disappeared and I'm kind of stranded!" She blurted out while turning turning a light shade of red as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"Oh dear!" Said the handsome stranger, "never mind, we will sort that out later" he smiled reassuringly. "In the mean time why don't you come inside and give me some company over lunch?"

Lucy's stomach gave a grumble at the mention of lunch, the mornings exercise building up a healthy appetite.

"Sounds like your tummy agrees!" He laughed.

The deep chuckle of this alluring stranger made Lucy's heart flutter as she nodded in agreement. He took a few steps towards her and help out his hand to lead her inside. She placed her small hand in his and felt the rough warm grip of a true working man's hands. He opened the door with his free hand and gently pulled her through the wooden doorway into a well lit room with a big oak table and two wooden chairs. In the corner was a simple kitchen area with a few copper pots and pans.

"Why don't you take a seat" he said as he released her hand and pulled a chair out from the table, before moving towards the kitchen to prepare the seafood lunch.

Lucy sat down at the table then suddenly realised that she was still dressed in only a revealing bikini. She ashamedly looked over her shoulder to see if he was looking but he was busy putting the lobster in a pot of boiling water.

"Um you don't have a jumper I could borrow do you?" She asked in a soft worried voice.

"Why, are you cold?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No it's just that I'm not wearing much and I don't want to seem innappropriate" she said, blushing furiously.

Without saying a word, the mysterious man bent down and removed his swim shorts. He wore nothing underneath and his large impressive member was revealed, hanging loosely between his muscular thighs. Lucy gasped and tried to look away but could not remove her eyes from his manhood, it looked about six inches she thought and it wasn't even hard. Without noticing she had begun to lick her lips with the tip of her small pink tongue.

"No need too feel embaressed" he said, "no one else here so we might as well be comfortable." With that said, he turned around and went back to the cooking to check on the tin foil wrapped fish baking in the oven.

She stared at his tan strong buttocks, still sitting there speechless, not knowing what to do next. Eventually she snapped back to reality and averted her gaze away from his athletic body.

"I... err... You didn't have to... um... I didn't mean for you to do that!" she finally croaked out.

"Why? Does it offend you?" He asked casually as he turned back toward her, his member swinging with the turn.

Lucy couldn't help but gaze back down at his large thick cock. She could feel her nipples getting hard and pressing into the fabric of her bikini top. The naked stranger smiled at her waitng for her reply.

"No" she eventually whispered.

"Good, because lunch is almost ready" he turned back toward the stove and begun to plate up the delicious smelling meal.

A few minutes later they were both seated at the large wooden table. On the table in front of them there was an array of mouth watering dishes; a steaming opened lobster, the white succulent meat of a fresh local fish, and a selection of breads and salads.

"Bon appetite" he smiled. As he waited for her to begin eating.

Lucy filled her plate with a generous portion of each dish and begun eating with unabated relish. The naked host followed suit and before long they had almost finished every last delicious morsel.

"Oh my goodness that was amazing!" Lucy said, as she sat back in her chair, enjoying the taste of the salty seafood juices still lingering on her taste buds.

"Glad you enjoyed it" the man smiled, standing up from the table as he began to clear the plates.

"Let me help you with those" Lucy offered as she pushed back her chair, about to stand up.

His hand gently touched her shoulder as he smiled at her, "no need for that" you just relax and enjoy the view" he winked at her as he strode towards the metal sink with the empty plates in his hands.

She was wondering what he meant by 'view' and then suddenly remembered that he was stark naked! She had totally forgotten with her mind occupied by the incredible feast she had just enjoyed.

"Oh I will!" she called out cheekily, feeling slightly more confident with herself after a warming meal.

He had finished rinsing the dishes and left them drying in a rack by a window, and them turned back towards Lucy and walk up in front of her so that his large member was only inches from her face. She quickly stood up, but the chair caught the backs of her legs and she stumbled foward into him. His strong muscular arms caught her as she was pressed against his hard warm body. She stayed there motionless, wondering what to say but her thoughts were cut off as she began to feel something pressing into her bikini bottoms just between the cleft of her thighs. A realisation came over her as she knew the hard warm flesh pushing into her was his growing cock.

She looked up into his face and as she did he bought his mouth down onto hers and begun to kiss her in a way that she had never experienced before. His wet tongue entered her mouth and she could taste the saltiness from the seafood as she began to kiss him back. The kiss became more frantic as he picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table, his soft lips crushing into hers as she whimpered in pleasure.

Lucy wrapped her legs around his waist wanting to pull him towards her, feeling his fully engorged member pulsing as it pushed against the now damp fabric of her small green bikini bottoms. They finally broke the kiss and he reached behind her to untie the strings of her top, the flimsy top dropped away revealing a pair of perky white breasts. Lucy's small dark nipples were firm and hard with her arousal.

The man bent down and took her nipple between his teeth and pulled on it lightly as Lucy moaned out in shock. His right hand fondled her other breast as he continued to nibble and suck on her sensitive nipples. His remaining free hand ran down her back and he traced his fingertips down the curves of her spine.

Lucy's pussy was now soaking wet as she strated to grind her hips into his pelvis, feeling his massive hard cock rubbing between her inflamed pussy lips as it pressed against the thin fabric of her swimsuit. His hand made its way down to the top of her ass and slipped under the edge of the bikini so that he now had a handful of her firm cheek in his rough palm. Lucy raised her hips off the table top to give him better access and he slipped his hand further down so that she could now feel the tips of his fingers grazing her dripping lips.

He lifted her up off the table with her legs still wrapped around him and she slipped slightly downwards. She gasped out loud as his middle finger entered her tight wet cunt. His thick finger felt incredible inside her and she pushed further down with her hips, feeling it slip deeper into her aching pussy. He began to work it in and out as her continued to play with her creamy breasts with his mouth and hand. The combined sensation was too much to bear and Lucy screamed out as she came hard on his finger, her pussy clamping down around it as her juices leaked out and coated his throbbing cock through the wet fabric of her bikini.

She continued to hump her hips into his body and finger as she bit down on his neck, unable to control her body. The man grunted in pain as her teeth sunk into his soft skin. He roughly threw her down onto the table and turned her over so that she was face down with her ass hanging over the edge. He grabbed hold of her soaked bikini bottoms and ripped them from her. He push his way in between her legs and started rubbing his coarse fingers over her dripping pussy. He then applied the juices to his rock hard cock and started stroking it quickly.

Lucy, startled by the sudden roughness tried to push herself up from the table. She felt a firm hand push her back down and then she cried out in pain as another hand slapped down hard on her firm ass cheek.

"Be a good girl" the aroused man growled out as he slapped the other cheek just as hard.

Lucy felt something large and hard pushing between her legs and realised the he was about to enter her. She tried to squeeze her legs tight together to prevent him but her was much too strong and with her dripping wetness he easily pushed the head of his massive cock into her tight pussy. She felt as if she was being ripped apart as he began to push even deeper into her.

"Please, you are too big" she pleaded with him.

This only bought another hard slap down onto her red behind and she squealed out. The shock of being hit again caused her to release the grip she had on his huge cock and he took the opportunity to drive the full nine inches deep into the depths of her body. The feeling of having his enormous cock filling up her tight pussy was almost too much for her to handle and she tried to shift her weight to get some relief from the pain. As Lucy wiggled her bum it only made the man impaling her even harder and his cock throbbed inside of her sending intense sensations straight through her entire body.

The pain slowly subsided as he remained inside of her, his pulsating cock creating new feelings inside of her as pleasure began to take over. The walls of her vagina began to stretch out slightly as she got used to the feeling of this intruding organ inside her body. The man, sensing this change, slowly withdrew his long hard cock from Lucy's pussy so that just his large head was still inside of her. The shaft of his cock was slick with the juice that had once again begun to flow from her pussy.

Lucy gave a longing sigh as she felt empty without the massive cock filling her entirely, but just as that thought passed, the man drove back in so that he was once again pressed right up against her. Before she could enjoy being filled so completely, the man begun to slide out again. But this time as soon as he was halfway out he thrust back into her as hard as he could. The table shifted along the ground as the force of his thrusts were so strong that Lucy had to grip onto the edge of the table. He continued to slam in and out of her stretched hole as Lucy's moans became louder and louder.

His energy seemed never ending and the motion of him driving hard into her was making Lucy's clit rub against the hard edge of the table. She cried out in complete ecstasy as an orgasm tore through her body. As she came, he only increased his speed and she bit down hard on her bottom lip as the pleasure was too much for her to bear.

Lucy's contracting pussy muscles clamping down on his thrusting cock was finally too much for the man to endure and he came violently inside of her. His hot cream spurted into Lucy's spasming pussy, stream after stream of it entering her quivering vagina. Lucy screamed out once more as the hot cum splashed out inside of her, the new sensation only intensifying her orgasm and she squeezed her thighs tight around him as she tried to milk as much of the warm cream from his throbbing cock.

Finally he withdrew his long hard cock from her twitching cunt, and as the head exited her now gaping hole, a thick stream of milky white cum oozed out and dripped down her thighs. Her pussy continued to contract, loosening and tightening, causing more and more cum to leak from the depths of her body. The man used his thick fingers to wipe up a handful of cum from Lucy's thighs and he held his hand in front of her mouth with the creamy liquid dripping from between his fingers. Not able to control herself any longer, Lucy grabbed his wrist with her hand and drew his fingers into her mouth. The thick cream was salty and rich and she sucked it off his fingers and palm greedily, savouring every mouthful.

"That's a good girl" he said softly in his deep raspy voice. He stroked her head and then lifted her easily in his arms. He took her into another room where the only piece of furniture was a large four posted bed. He placed her down gently on the bed and she lay on her side and curled her knees up towards her breasts, giving him a perfect view of her raw pussy, still glistening with his cum. The man drew an old feather-down quilt over her naked body and lightly kissed her forehead as she drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

Lucy opened her eyes and turned her head to see the early morning sun streaming through the window. "How long have I been asleep?" she wondered and went to look at her watch to check the time. As she tried to move her arm, something pulled against her wrist. Lucy attempted to move her other arm but found it too was restricted. Lifting her head, she discovered that each of her slender arms and legs had been tied to one of the four posts of the large bed.

"What the fuck is this?!" she yelled out in panic as she tried to struggle free. She gasped in pain as the ropes squeezed tight. She was flat out on her back in a human X shape, the soft quilt covering most of her body with just her roped arms and ankles sticking out.

"Hello sleeping beauty" a deep voice sounded from the doorway of the room.

Lucy lifted her head to see the man who had intruded her body so wonderfully the day before walking towards the bed. He reached down with his large calloused hand and roughly yanked off the big soft quilt off Lucy's body. She tried to turn her hips over in an attempt at modesty but with the ropes restraining her it was a futile attempt. Her legs were help wide open and her tight shaven pussy was in full view for the man gazing down at her from the foot of the bed.

"Please I don't know what you want from me" Lucy pleaded, as she closed her eyes tight hoping that when she opened them he would be gone. Instead, with her eyes closed, she heard a soft humming noise. Alarmed, she opened her eyes to see the man holding a large massaging wand in his right hand and a medium sized rotating vibrator in his left. He crawled up between Lucy's spread legs and leaned down to lick on the soft skin on either side of her pink pussy lips. He gently nibbled and teased all around her pussy until she finally gave out a small moan, unable to hold it in any longer.

The man gave her one long lick from the base of her pussy right up over her most sensitive parts, using the rough part of his tongue to lick up the juices that had already begun to leak from her delicious cunt. She raised her hips to meet his face, eagerly awaiting the feeling of his long tongue inside her. But as she lifted her hips he pulled his face away from her, leaving her to whimper at the loss of his touch.

"Lick me" she urged him.

"Is that how you talk to your master?" He growled at her.

Confused as to what he wanted her to say she put on her best little girl voice and said "please lick me master" she instantly felt her cheeks flush at the embarrassment of this pleading but the thought was soon washed from her mind as she felt his amazing tongue flick over her engorged clit.

"Ughgggh!" She moaned out loud between clenched teeth as he begun to assault her soaking pussy. Soon she could feel her orgasm building with his tongue buried deep inside her and his rough thumb working her clitorus. Lucy bucked her hips as juices flooded out into the mans waiting mouth and spasms begun to shake her whole body. Again, she cried out in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm took hold of her and the relentless assault on her dripping cunt seemed to never end.

Finally the man removed his mouth from her twitching pussy lips and smiled up at her face which was dripping in sweat as she panted heavily.

"Did my girl enjoy that?" he asked in a steady deep voice.

"Yes" she whispered out softly.

SLAP. A sharp pain wracked through her entire body as the man's rough hand smacked down on her exposed raw pussy lips.

"Ahhhh what the fuuuu..." Her scream was cut off as his hand once again slapped down on her wet cunt. Once more he spanked her sensitive pussy but this time the pain was mixed with a sharp jolt of perverse pleasure at the unexpected punishment.

"Yes, master!" He growled out at her, giving her one more harsh slap.

"Yes MAASSTER!" Lucy screamed out as the intensity of the final slap was too much for her to bear and she began to weep.

"That's a good girl" the man said soothingly as he gently massaged her raw red pussy with his large hand.

She gradually calmed down and her sobbing subsided, the soft massaging of her pussy starting to make her tingle inside again. That familiar humming noise once again caught her attention but before she could process the thought, a warm solid object began buzzing just above her pubic mound. Lucy raised her head to see the man holding the massaging wand against her stomach as he slowly drew it down towards her wet sensitive pussy. The vibrating wand came in contact with the top of her vagina and she let out a yelp as the sensation instantly made another gush of juices escape from her moist pussy.

Just as another orgasm was about to take hold of her, Lucy felt another object rubbing against her, this time lower down over her twitching pussy entrance. The man had the long thick ribbed vibrator in his other hand and was rubbing it along Lucy's wet hole to get it fully lubricated. Once the device was dripping with juices he slowly eased in into her awaiting cunt and pushed it the full 7 inches into her.

The feeling of the wand stimulating her clit and the ribbed toy deep inside her made Lucy moan with pleasure and hump her hips at the vibrator trying to get the man to fuck her with it. Instead, he turned the toy on and the ribbed head began to quickly rotate inside of her.

"Oooooo FUUUUCCCKK!" Lucy screamed out as her body began to shake and twitch, her orgasm almost unbearable.

As this orgasm tore through Lucy's spasming body, the man slipped a belt under her back and fastened it across her belly and over the buzzing wand, thus securing it in place. With his hands now free, he took Lucy's nipples in each hand and tweaked and squeezed the hard nubs, drawing another moan from the shaking lady's mouth.

The man suddenly stood up from the bed and walked out the door, leaving Lucy writhing on the bed with the buzzing wand still rubbing against her clit and the spinning vibrator lodged the full 7 inches deep in her pussy. She tried to shake her hips to try and dislodge one of the devices but it only made in worse as the movements cause wave after wave of intense orgasms to rip through her shaking body.

After what seemed like an eternity, the man entered the room once again and began removing the toys from Lucy's soaked, exhausted body. As the vibrator exited her contracting pussy it was followed by a final stream of juices which the man scooped up and tasted, taking care to suck all the juices off his dripping fingers.

"Mmmmm you have done well, that was a nice breakfast" he said softly as he leant over her and kissed her hard and full on the mouth. Lucy could taste his breath and her own juices as his tongue entered her mouth and wrestled with her own. She felt his hard cock brush against her thigh as he continued to kiss her, and she instinctively raised her hips to meet him. His hand slipped down between them and he grazed his fingers across her moist puffed pussy lips.

"Mmmmph!" She groaned out in pain as his fingers made contact with her assaulted pussy.

"Not recovered yet?" He smiled at her, breaking the kiss. He edged his way up the bed, his long hard cock dragging over her body and across her breasts leaving a trail of sticky precum behind it. Once his large cock was positioned over her mouth, Lucy tried to lean forward to taste that delicious looking head. The man pulled back slightly so that his cock was just out of reach of her lips. She darted her tongue out and got a quick taste of his salty precum but was rewarded by a sharp tap to her still very sensitive pussy.

"Ask to taste your master's cock" he instructed her in a stern voice.

"May I please taste master's delicious cock?" Lucy asked in a meek voice.

"Louder!" The man warned.

"MAY I PLEA..." Before she could finish her sentence the man drove his thick hard cock deep into Lucy's throat, making her gag and cough.

He withdrew his cock so that the head was just at her lips, allowing her to regain her breath as tears formed in her eyes from the gagging. She dutifully sucked on his cock head and licked the underside of his long shaft as she relaxed her throat and took almost half of his length in her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and began slowly fucking into her mouth and throat. Lucy kept it up as long as she could before she began to gag again. The closing of her throat around the man's throbbing cock was too much for him to withstand and he spurted a hot stream of creamy cum straight down into her stomach. He pulled his twitching cock out of her throat and allowed her to suck the last few drops of sweet salty cum from his dripping cock.

As Lucy was swallowing the last of his tasty cream, the man begun to untie her wrists and ankles. She moaned in pain as the blood rushed back into her hands and feet, she leaned over and began to massage her rope marked limbs. Once the passion subsided she made to get up off the bed but the man wrapped an arm around her and carried her out into the dining room.

The table was no longer there and in its place was a large wooden structure set out like a tripod with some kind of crude looking harness hanging from it. The man carried Lucy over to the tripod and begun to strap her into it so that she swung freely in it with her face pointing towards the floor and her legs hanging under her. Her feet were then placed in some stirrups so that her legs were spread apart, making her pussy once again visible under her tight round ass.

A rough finger began to intrude her pussy and asshole as the man begun to apply a generous amount of lubricant to both of her holes. Lucy was now resigned to the fact that she was his sex slave so just kept quiet and braced herself for what was about to happen.

The familiar feeling of his huge cock head made her groan out as his large member began stretching her pussy open once again and he slowly slip into he until he has filling her to her limits. As she was expecting him to begin roughly fucking her, she felt another member pushing against her tight virgin asshole. It was his large middle finger and with the lube he was able to slip it in to the first knuckle. She squeezed tight around his finger determined to resist the intrusion.

"You need to relax or this will hurt you too much" he whispered into he ear. He squeezed he ass cheek firmly and felt her sphincter muscle release his finger so he was able to work it in a bit deeper and move it around. He slipped another finger in and felt her loosening up a bit. With his cock still deep inside her pussy, he began to finger fuck her tight asshole and she started to gyrate her ass as the new sensation of having both holes filled was beginning to make her cum again.

The man begun to slide his massive thick cock out of her hot slick pussy and drive it back in. The sex swing made it easy for him to control Lucy's body and he started to fuck her ruthlessly as fast as he could while also driving his two thick fingers deep in her ass.

"Fuck me, fuck me, FUUUUCK MEEEE!" Lucy screamed out as her body finally succumbed to the pleasure and a puddle formed under her spasming body as her pussy juice streamed out around the man's pounding cock. Her asshole clamped down around his fingers and he quickly withdrew his cock from her twitching cunt so that she relaxed a bit allowing him to remove his fingers and leave her stretched asshole gaping open. Before the hole could close, he shoved his cock deep into her waitng asshole. Freshly coated in Lucy's cum, his cock slid in a full 5 inches before he could go no further.

Lucy cried out in pain as the huge cock felt like it was tearing her apart. Just as she thought she couldn't take it any longer, she felt the cock twitching inside her as hot cum begun to fill her up. The added lubrication of the warm cream allowed the man to push in a further inch as he shot the last of his seed deep into her rectum. He grabbed onto her hips as he pumped into her a few more times before finally pulling fully out of her.

Lucy's once again gaping asshole began to close as a stream of warm cum dripped from deep within her and dribbled down over her wet pussy lips.

"Good girl" he told her and walked around to her head and shoved his cum covered cock into her mouth. She greedily sucked it clean and with her free hand begun to rub her wet pussy, the thought of having this huge cock in her mouth while her cum filled asshole contracted open and close was enough to send her into an instant orgasm and she screamed out once more around his cock.

After her spasms subsided the man withdrew from her mouth and began removing her limp body from the harness. He cradled her in his arms and carried her outside and down the trail onto the soft white sand and into the warm morning sea. The fresh sea water made her shiver and she hugged onto him tightly as he begun to wash himself and her body clean of their combined cum and juices. He kissed her passionately and carried her back up to the house and sat her on the seat outside his cabin as he went back inside.

He soon came back with a glass of fresh pineapple juice and a plate full of local fruits. After the morning's activities they were both famished and hungrily ate down all the food, washed down with the cold refreshing juice. They sat there in silence as the morning sun rose up and warmed their naked bodies.

"Thank you for the company" said the man in a warm friendly voice and he bent down to kiss her on the lips.

After a short embrace he stood up and walked off back towards the beach. Lucy, not wanting to leave his presence, quickly got up and ran after him. As she came out onto the beach she noticed the man dragging something out of the bushes. Her kayak. Lucy ran over to her kayak and checked to see if all her gear was still there. Sure enough, everything was as she had left it the day before.

"You should head off before it gets too late" the man said as he dragged the boat towards the water.

"Will I ever see you again?" She asked in a worried voice.

"Perhaps" he smiled as he turned and walked back to the cabin.

Lucy picked up the paddle and waded up to her kayak as she carefully hopped in. She began to make her way back out into the ocean, the warm sun beating down on her bare shoulders as she settled into a steady pace.

A few hours later a boat passed close by her and she noticed the a man in the back point excitedly towards her as he called his buddy over. Lucy frowned for a moment before looking down and realising she was still completely naked. She raised her hand and waved back to them with a big grin on her face. She dipped her paddle in the water and did a quick turn as she headed back towards the small island, hoping her new lover was there to teach her.


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