Beautiful Italian Girl In Distress
Annalisa II:

We woke the next morning and I helped her to pee. I went through the process of showering her and getting her into a small g-string. “Is this all I get to wear today?” I liked the fact that she put me in control.
“Yes, it will make things much easier?” She looked at me with a puzzled yet excited look in her eyes.

We sat and ate a quick breakfast and then she moved over into my lap. “I really liked what we did last night! I am sorry that I peed all over your bed. Thank you for taking care of me” She kissed me on the lips beginning to push her tongue in. I reciprocated and my hands started to wander on her body.

“So, I think I may have a solution for my situation. I have feelings for you that I have never had before. I feel safer with you than I have ever felt. With everything that has happened lately, I do not want to use the word “LOVE” but I will say that I feel like I am falling for you. Although I have no idea what your situation is and I actually do not know really anything about you, I feel like I can trust you more than anyone right now.”

“I am not sure that is much of a compliment from what I have seen of your friends” I responded.

“Please let me finish, what I said means a lot at least to me. Anyway, if it is ok with you I could stay here with you and do the womanly things like cooking, cleaning, and keeping you happy. When ever you need something I will do it and whenever you want pleasure I will do that too.” She stopped looking down at my erection kissing me “That seems to be a lot of work in itself, but I like it too.” Smiling mischievously “You can take care of me like a man would, but only when you want. You could come places like when I work and protect me and protect me at night.”

“So, you want to move in like we are husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend? All you need from me is a roof over your head and food to eat, which you will cook hopefully in the nude? What will you do for money and getting around?” I asked

“I haven’t figured all of that out, but I will make my own money. I do not want either of us to feel that I am providing services for money, I am not like that.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks. I kissed and licked them off.

“That is not what I meant or even thought. I am willing to try it out and see how it goes. My only condition is that you not bring people to my house unless I know them and approve. I think that I can trust you, but I do not think highly of the people around you. If you are dating or whatever then I hope you will do that elsewhere and respect my wishes.”

She stopped me straddling me to look me straight in the eyes “I guess I was not clear, I will be with you and only you as long as you let me stay with you.” Then she hugged me tightly. Annalisa stood up turning around in front of me, so I grabbed her hips and started licking and kissing her beautiful ass. I scooted back and got up cleaning off the table since she still could not use her hands.

Her phone rang and she answered walking into the other room. She came back in just as I finished cleaning up.

“I received a call to be a cubista (one of the hot chicks that dance up on the stages in a club) tonight. Would you come along and be my manager or more like my body guard?”

“Sure, if you need me to. How are your hands today?”

“They are much better. I should be able to take care of myself, but I think I will still need help taking showers for a while.” She smiled devilishly.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want you to have any issues with that. It would be better if I continued to help until you are fully recovered.” I smiled back.

“Well, I need to get some tanning in before tonight. It would be nice if you could join me if you do not have anything else to do.”

“I will be back and forth as I need to do some things as well.”

I was doing a few things and went out to work on the pool. I quickly noticed that she was lying on her front butt ass naked and my lord was this woman unbelievably beautiful. “Since you are out here, would you mind putting some of this oil on me?” I sat on the lounge chair next to her and started oiling up her back and shoulders while mesmerized by the sight of her amazing ass. Next I started oiling up her feet and legs running my hands up just below her beautifully flowering labium. I stopped just taking in the view from down between her legs. She broke the silence by lifting her ass in the air “you forgot about my butt, you don’t want it to burn do you?”

“I definitely did not forget that” I moved up between her legs licking every inch of her beautiful ass tonguing her anus while I inserted a finger between her slick lips. She moaned continuously lifting her ass further into the air until I was able to lap on her sweet pussy. I sucked her lips into my mouth and shoved my tongue in and out of her hole while thumbing her clitoris. Annalisa started to buck her hips against my face as she was now on all fours. I got down and started sucking her swollen nub in and out of between my lips and she screamed in orgasm while I continued to eat her pussy sopping up as much of her nectar as possible. She laid back down and I spread oil on her ass and between her legs before I got up and continued what I was doing.

“What’s up” as I moved closer to her.
“I think I could get used to this quick. I love the way you take care of me.” She reached up caressing my rigid cock through the leg of my shorts. “Can I take care of you too?”
“Nah, wait until tonight. If we get started on that then we will never finish.”
“I am fine with that!” she retorted “I just won’t make any money.”
“You already told them you would go. It would probably be good for you to get out anyway.”
“You mean for us to get out, right?” I nodded and went back to what I was doing.

Time passed pretty quickly and we ate then got ready to go out. She had on a Pocahontas looking costume that did not hide much, her beautiful ass was in full view under her nude panty hose with a little brown G-string panty underneath. Her top just barely covered her nipples as her breasts swayed to and fro. She had a black stripe across her face at eye level. Just seeing like this was already making me hard.

I had on an oversized black silk un-tucked shirt and loose silk pants. Normal club attire, but flexible just in case something happened. I felt like a pimp walking with Annalisa dressed like this. I was definitely proud to be with her as she grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers and we walked towards the club.

We walked in a side entrance and into their little changing room. There were quite a few beautiful scantily dressed and naked women in there getting prepared for work. A few eyes turned my way, but only smiled not even attempting to cover up.

A hot blonde came up in just a thong. “Hey big guy” as she grabbed my cock through my pants “Annalisa, we have a new man around? I like him and it seems that he likes me.”

Annalisa responded by pulling her hand off of my crotch “We do not have a new man, he is all mine.”

“What is this, a strip club? I thought you all had clothes on.” I asked.

“No, we do not strip. Some of the women just change here if they do not want their families to see them like this or if they come from another job.”

“Damn, are there anymore that need a place to stay?”

She punched me in the gut “Oh, really…I see how it is and I thought it was just me.”

“Hey, the more the merrier…” I said jokingly.

I had forgotten about how possessive Italian women could be, which didn’t go well with their hot tempers either. Her gaze was no longer playful as she started to turn away angrily. I grabbed her arm pulling her into my arms “I was only joking, you are the most beautiful and sexy here. It is my job to focus on this body and guard this body.” I squeezed her ass with both hands and kissed her on the forehead.

She kissed me passionately “Sorry, I know that I am falling for you too quickly. I have never met a man as giving and loving as you have been much less anyone I feel so safe with. I know that I am probably not your only woman and it is not fair for me to act this way. Not yet at least…I need to go to work, could you just stay close?”


We went out and the manager pointed to a small round stage in the middle of the room. She pulled me by the hand and I lifted her up by the waist onto the platform. We moved platform to platform for about two hours. It was starting to get bad as people were drinking and other things that was effecting their attitudes. All of the sudden I see two faces I have seen before. Maria and her brother came walking towards me. I braced myself for a fight.

Maria comes up and says hello to Annalisa, her brother comes up to me and strangely shakes my hand. He then looks up to Annalisa and says he is sorry walking off. Maria came up kissing me on both cheeks “Did you like the way I tasted?” and started using me like a stripper pole. I was getting hard and she loved it pulling her skirt up and grinding against it. She started stroking it through my pants and just as Maria was getting ready to unzip pants I looked up seeing Annalisa steaming, but still dancing.

Next thing I knew there was a guy climbing up the other side. Just as he grabbed her ass I pulled her down into my arms holding her against me with my left arm and grabbing his foot dropping him onto the platform with my right. The platform was about six feet high so I know the next action hurt quite a bit as I grabbed the cuff of his pants sliding him of the platform flat on his back. Two of his buddies came around to help and I dropped them both quickly by using the first guy to knock the second guy down. By the time they thought of getting up the security from the club was there to take them out.

People were cheering and slapping me on the back as I walked Annalisa back to the dressing room. Annalisa asked me “did you get hurt? Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m ok, how about you?”

“I think I hit my butt on the platform on my way down.”

“Let me kiss it and make it feel better” I said as I rubbed it.

“That was amazing how you took those guys out. I know it had to hurt when the first one hit the floor.”

“Just doing my job” I said cracking a smile.

Annalisa slapped me on the arm “Oh, I thought that you were doing it to protect me because you care so much for me and did not want anything to happen to me” puffing out her lip fake pouting.

“Yep, that’s my job!” she then pulled up to me kissing me on the lips.

Backing off and looking at me quizzically “By the way, what was Maria doing with you down there?”

“Well, I think she was about to unzip my pants. I am not sure what her next plan was, but I can guess.”

Fire entered her eyes “you were going to let her do something like that?”

“Hell no, not out in the middle of everyone” she hit me again and looked like she was really going to cry. “Not really, it all happened at the same time. Just as her nimble hands hit my zipper all hell broke loose with you.” I pulled her face up to look her in the eyes “I thought you said that there was no attachment.”

Her eyes got big and went soft “I know what I said, but it is getting harder and harder for me to really feel that way. Maybe it’s because it is someone I know. I mean you know how she treated me. You remember pulling her off of me. I don’t know exactly what it is.” She pushed me down onto a chair sitting on my lap “Tony, I guess it kind of hurts me thinking of you with someone else. Not because it is not me, but because I want to be the one to make you feel as good as you make me feel. In the end it really hurts thinking that I am not enough for you.”

“Come on, you can’t take everything so hard. I sensed the way you feel and was trying to bring you back down to earth and myself as well. I feel much the same, but I really do not want to. I have been hurt badly in the past and do not want to go through it again. When I look at you I see the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen, much less been with. My reality is that I am too old and not attractive enough to keep you. I am not saying that you are out of my league; I am saying that we are in different leagues due to timing. I would feel different if it was 10 or so years ago, but it is not. Things have been awesome these past few days and I have deeper feelings for you than you could ever understand, but reality keeps me grounded so that the day you get your feet back on the ground and leave without turning back I am not crushed by it. I hope you understand, I will say that you fully satisfy me and I am not looking to get with anyone else while you are around.”

“Wow, I don’t have words. I can not believe you feel like that.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“I think that this was probably not the right place to start this conversation” wiping the tears from her face.

“You’re right. Come with me to get my money and then we can get out of here” as she walked me upstairs to an office overlooking the whole dance floor.

We were greeted at the door by a short stocky man with hairy knuckles. I noticed them as he patted me down. Another guy came over from the windows looking like a true Italian mobster. Confident with his dark hair slicked back wearing a maroon silk shirt open with displaying his hairy chest and thick rope chain, black silk pleated pants, and shiny wingtip shoes. “Tony this is Angelo, the manager of the club.” He kissed her on both cheeks and then went through the actions with me taking my hand gripping it firmly.

“Antonio, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“The same for me” returning the proper Italian respect.

“I saw everything that happened. I must apologize that my men were not able to get there in time. It is impressive how you handled that so calmly and effortlessly with one hand free and the other protecting our beautiful Annalisa and her friend. Especially without hurting them so badly or causing such a commotion that the police would need to come to my establishment.”

“I can understand why you would not want that to happen” giving him a stoic smile.

“How would you begin to understand about the issues with taxes and licenses and how corrupt police could shut me down for months?” Angelo came back seeming almost bothered by how I responded.

I sensed the little fire plug positioning himself close behind me. The last thing I needed was trouble with the Camorra. “Sir, I meant no disrespect. I am not the police and do not judge. I assumed by the wall of windows that you knew everything that was going on in your establishment. No offense intended, if you could pay Annalisa for her work we will be on our way.”

“Hold on, I am somewhat offended as it seems you feel that I am someone I am not. I am a respectable man trying to run a respectable business. It would be disrespectful for you to make comments like that without proof of such accusations. If you want to show me respect then you must inform me of what you think is going on right underneath my nose.”

“Like I said, I meant no disrespect and I am sure that you have the finest club in the area or Annalisa would not have taken your call to work here.” He smiled softening up a bit.

“Antonio, quit kissing my ass. You act like I am going to put you in cement shoes or something. Without looking out the windows, just tell me what you saw that you did not feel was appropriate.”

Annalisa squeezed my hand looking at me with fear in her eyes. So I laid it all out “your bartender with the door wedge looking hair cut is selling E at his end of the bar, that is why he is the busiest bartender and not because he mixes the best drinks. One of your other guys is letting people in the side door just below us for what I would imagine to be less money and filling his pocket. There is a group of underage teenagers sitting in the far corner out of view due to the platform the blonde is on, probably getting in the same way but I am not sure as they were there when we got here. There is a couple of guys hanging out by the bathrooms continually in and out selling drugs that I would say are stashed in the bathroom as they switch places not leaving them unguarded. The same guys keep refilling your bartender when he gives them the thumbs up. I would also point out that your guys are probably missing this due to the strong smell of alcohol on them when they came to help out. That is all I have and was probably too much. Once again I apologize for my assumption.” Annalisa hugged me tightly looking impressed, but also looking for protection.

“Madonna! You have been in my club for a short time and in one night have seen more than I have seen from this window every night. That is amazing, simply amazing” as he shook his head. He pointed towards two big leather swivel chairs by the window “please be nice enough to have a seat and keep me company, this will not take long at all.” Looking around me towards the stump behind me “Giordano, did you know about any of this?”

Giordano replied with his hands out “Boss, you know it is hard to get good people. Most of them are family. I figured that there was some nickel and dime stuff going on, but nothing like this.”

I could see Angelo’s demeanor change quickly “You are the head of my security, you have to protect me from stuff like this. I would be out a lot of money and have no business if the police came in to find this. I would go to jail or have to line their pockets.” He pointed at the door “go and take care of this shit and don’t come back until you have.”

“Angelo, I need to get someone up here to guard the money and protect you first.” He replied.

Waving his hand like shooing a dog “Just go, I am sure that Antonio here is able to do what is needed if it comes to it.”

I sat in the chair and Annalisa quickly jumped into my lap pulling my arms around her waist. Angelo was pacing the room trying to calm down. My hands dropped into her lap with one close to her crotch. I could feel the heat coming off of her crotch putting a finger down against her slit. Her little thong costume was sopping wet allowing my finger to push deeply into it. She looked back at me and smiled. I asked “why are you so aroused?”

“You” is all she got out before I moved my hand sensing Angelo coming to sit in the chair next to us.

“Well Antonio, let’s see what happens” pressing himself against the window like a school kid waiting for his parents to come home. “If what you say is true, then I have some house cleaning to do.”

“Angelo, I hope for you that I am wrong and that it was just my vivid imagination. I never meant to cause problems, I was just trying to do my job and take care of Annalisa. As you know, you have to watch your surroundings and sometimes you may see things that are not really there.”

“You have been straight up with me, and I respect that. Please do not try to make me feel better about it, all though it is appreciated I appreciate more when you are candid with me. I am probably in this situation for being too nice, trusting the wrong people, and listening to what they say rather than looking for it myself. Too many people have probably told me what I want to hear rather than what I need to hear.”

I rested my mouth against Annalisa’s shoulder as I watched Giordano talk to the bartender. The bartender looked terrified as he raised his thumb and seconds later one of the guys hurried over from the bathroom. Giordano jumped up pulling the guy across the bar and grabbing the other taking them to the bathroom coming out alone about 30 seconds later. Angelo slapped me on the leg “see, you were right!” I would say that I feared what happened behind the closed door of the bathroom, but I really did not give a shit.

He then moved to the dark corner flushing out the underage kids herding them towards the door below us. “Damn it, right again!”

A few minutes later entering the room were we sat with a hand full of Euro. “I guess you were correct on the last one as well” as he got up to confront Giordano.”

“Boss, he was right. I have the drug dealers down in the bathroom and Peppe had all of this money in his pocket.”

“Make sure that he never steps foot in here again. If I am nice I will use his last paycheck to cover the other half of what he stole from me tonight. I need to know how long this has been going on and who all knew about it before he leaves the building.”

“Boss, Peppe is family. He has also been with us for a long time. We brought him in at his father’s request.”

“Listen to me, family would not steal from me like this. If his father thinks he is worthy of a job with us, then he will need to come down and explain why. I have no idea how much he has stolen from me even for him to make restitution. I also do not want people working here that I do not trust.”

“Boss, I will get his father down here tomorrow. I am sure that there is some kind of explanation for his actions.”

“Giordano, I am already tired of this. Get Annalisa her money from the safe.” He turned to me as we were now standing handing me the pile of money he had in his hand. “Here, take this for everything you have done.” I tried to hand it back to him “You are trying to offend me again. Just take it and understand how much I appreciate it” shaking my other hand. “I want you to think about something else for a couple of days. The money in your hand is nothing compared to how much I would pay you to be here on a regular basis. I would bring you in and treat you like family if you would be honest and keep me out of trouble.” I started to say something and he held up his hand “Please, take sometime and think about it. You will always be welcome here whether you take the job or not. Here is my card, just show it at the door and everything for you is on the house.”

Giordano handed Annalisa an envelope and we headed out when his stubby little hand grabbing my elbow. As I turned he placed his hand on my chest “Antonio, please think about what he said. We need good people. I have to clean house and could use your help if I am still here.”

We exited quickly down the stairs to where we started. As Annalisa grabbed her bag the other women came up to us some naked and others close to it. They kissed us on the cheeks and hugged us “a lot happened after your brawl out there. You guys missed it. That was amazing what you did, we could really use you around here guarding these bodies” posing in different sultry positions.

Annalisa grabbed my arm yanking me away from them “we did not miss it and he is only guarding this body!” pulling me through the door. Handing me the thong bottoms to her costume. They were soaking wet and full of her sexy odor making me quite hard.

She stayed on the driver’s side as I opened the door she sat in my seat surprising me by unzipping my zipper pulling my almost fully hard cock out sucking it to the fully erect state. She looked up to me “I can’t wait, I have to have you now! Don’t make love to me, fuck me!” as she turned standing on the rocker panel (door jam) lifting her ass in the air to me. I reached down feeling her pussy swollen, hot and sloppy wet. I bent down licking her pussy and she stood up turning around kissing me passionately while pulling my hair. “You are trying to make love to me, I am on the edge, holding my orgasm, and I want you to fuck me with your big hard cock!” turning back around putting her hands on the arm rest as I did what she asked.

She screamed like a crazy woman and I drove my cock as far as it would go into her sloppy pussy. I held her hip with one hand and held her thong to my face with the other. She screamed even harder the orgasm hit her hard and I continued fucking her. It was hard to push in and out as her pussy walls contracted, so I placed her thing in my mouth using my other hand on her hip as well to continue thrusting. As her orgasm seemed to end I wet my finger shoving it in her ass as I continued slamming my cock in her. This set off another wave of orgasm and I felt her knees buckle. I pulled my finger out and slapped her on her ass, which seemed to get her back in action. “Oh Dio, You’re going to kill me!” I stopped thrusting “No, don’t stop! Keep fucking me!” I continued slamming my cock against her cervix and she screamed like I was killing her until I started to shoot my load as deep into her as I could setting her off once again.

Her body went limp with me just holding her up from face planting by her hips. Her pussy had locked around my cock and I thought we were stuck like mating dogs until it finally released its hold. I pulled a towel out of the back seat sitting it under her as our juices flowed freely back out of her pussy. Her eyes seemed to be rolled into the back of her head, but I could feel her breathing. I slapped her lightly a couple of times until her eyes opened. “Oh Dio” is all she could say and all she said the whole way home.

I pulled her out of the car and carried her to the bathroom stripping down and holding her in my lap on side of the tub. I used a wash cloth putting cool water on her face, which seemed to make her feel better yet still not fully coherent. I made the water a bit warmer washing her pussy and legs. Finally I put her in the bed then went back drying myself off to join her. I slid into the bed and the first coherent thing she did was to kiss my cheek and melt into me like I was a body pillow. I started to think about the night, but quickly drifted to sleep as well.


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