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[b]My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 20 – Phillip's Downfall and Demise [/b]

Characters Introduced:

Phillip, 45, FBI agent, 7” cock
Valerie, 13, FBI agent Phillip's niece, 5'2, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts swan-like neck
Violet, 13, FBI agent Phillip's niece, 5'2, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts swan-like neck
Vanessa, 13, FBI agent Phillip's niece, 5'2, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts swan-like neck
Suzanne, 32, FBI agent Phillip's sister, 5'9, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts swan-like neck
Vince, 35, Suzanne's subservient husband, White, 11” cock
Scarlet, 30, FBI agent Phillip's sister, 5'6, White, Dirty Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts swan-like neck
Linda, 13, FBI agent Phillip's niece, 5'0, White, Dirty Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 34B Breasts swan-like neck
Lisa, 13, FBI agent Phillip's niece, 5'0, White, Dirty Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 34B Breasts swan-like neck
Lorraine, 13, FBI agent Phillip's niece, 5'0, White, Dirty Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 34B Breasts swan-like neck

Story picks up right after chapter 19 …

When Phillip is fully awake Ben says “Hello, Phillip. Welcome to the end of the life you knew. As you can see in the monitors I have captured your family”. “What the fuck do you think you are doing? I am a FBI agent. You will not get away with this” Phillip says. “First off, you are not a FBI agent anymore you were fired. Second I am going to get away with this. Sit back and enjoy the show” Ben tells him.

“What the fuck are you doing!!!” Phillip says. “I am going to make you watch as your wife and children beg me to fuck them. I am going to fuck your wife Mira first after she begs me to pound her pussy. It seems Phillip you have been to busy worrying about me and my family to keep your wife satisfied. She has begged me to fuck her for three weeks. I am going to fuck her pussy then her ass and I am going to make you watch it. Let me clamp off your catheter so you don't get everything wet. You can scream and holler all you want nobody can hear you” Ben tells him.

Ben then gives him a double dose of Viagra and leaves him. Ben goes into Mira's room and takes off his clothes. “Please don't tease me anymore, Please give me your cock” Mira says as she gets up and comes over to Ben and kneels in front of him. “Please give me this big beautiful cock, I want it in my pussy” Mira says as she sucks on BIG FELLA taking it all the way down her throat.

Ben has cameras on Phillip to record his reaction to what he is watching. Phillip is struggling to get loose from his wire tie downs and his restraints. His eyes are taped open and his feels the Viagra kicking in to his dismay. Phillip sees his pretty little wife take Ben's huge cock down her swan-like throat.

Once Ben is hard he pulls his cock out of her throat and puts her on the bed with her legs above her shoulders, “Is this what you want Mira?” Ben asks her. “Yes, fuck my pussy” Mira tells him. Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her wet pussy pumping her and lays down on top of her. Ben whispers in her ear “Phillip is watching us right now. I am going to fuck your pussy and then your ass. I am going to fuck you for seven days straight before I want you to confront him”.

“OH GOD, YOU ARE SO FUCKING BIG. YOU ARE SO MUCH BIGGER THAN MY WORTHLESS LIMP-DICKED HUSBAND WHO IS NEVER HOME” Mira screams out. “Just keep fucking me Master, fuck Phillip” Mira whispers in Ben's ear. Ben pounds Mira for two hours before he pushes through her cervix and begins pumping her womb. Mira has one orgasm after another. Ben pumps her womb for 45 minutes before pouring his load into her.

Once Ben is done he gets out of her womb and then her pussy with a loud pop. Phillip is crying in the other room. Partly because of his wives obvious enjoyment of Ben's sexual prowess and part because of the extreme pain he is in. His groin area is inflamed from the skin tearing and stretching from the unavoidable erection that he was having. In his pain Phillip sees his wife suck on Ben's huge cock after he lies down on his back.

“This is one beautiful cock. It made my pussy tingle. I have never had as many orgasms in a row” Mira says. “Your husband never gave you an orgasm?” Ben asks her. “Maybe once, Phillip was never concerned about my pleasure just his. He was a terrible lover. Unlike you, you are a very good lover. What is your name?” Mira asks like she does not already know. “My name is Ben, Mira”. “Well Ben, I hope this is not a one-time thing. I want this huge cock inside me again and again” Mira says. “What about your husband Phillip?” Ben asks her. “Fuck him, he is a loser with a very little dick. You are ten times the man he is. I have no use for him anymore. I want to be your woman” Mira says.

“Well, Mira. I always fuck my women in their asses. Will you let me fuck you in your ass?” Ben ask her already knowing he is going to do it. “Ben you can fuck me in any hole you want. Let me get that beautiful cock hard” Mira says as she sucks him hard. Ben then puts some lube on her ass and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass.

Mira screams out in pain and pleasure. Ben pounds her ass for two hours before taking BIG FELLA out of her ass and pushing him deep into her womb and cumming hard. When he is done he gets out of her pussy and she sucks him clean. Ben gets dressed and leaves her cell. Mira has a big smile on her face and a very full belly of cum.

Ben arrives back in the monitoring room where he sees Phillip crying like a baby. “Damn you are really small. Your wife really had a tight pussy. I guess you never fuck her. I will ask her that next time I fuck her. I know her ass was virgin before I got to it. Why are you crying? If you want to cry I will give you something to cry about” Ben tells him as he turns on the heating elements on the barbells through his testicles. They are set at 160 degrees and he leaves them in until he is finished with popping Gina's cherries. Gina is waiting for him.

Ben reviews the tapes and sees that Phillip had gotten and erection so he tightens his cock restraints, and tightens the stretching of his scrotum. Ben puts a IV bag full of saline solution and gives Phillip another dose of Viagra. Ben takes his pills and tells Phillip he is going in to see Gina now. “I am going to take Gina's virginity now”. Phillip screams at him not to do it that he will give him whatever he wants.

“Phillip, you don't have anything I want. I am taking the only thing you have left in your life. When I am done you will probably beg me to kill you. I don't know what I am going to do with you other than make you watch your daughters loose their virginity to me. Enjoy the show you prick. I guess now you wish you would have left my family alone” Ben tells him.

He goes to Gina's cell. He undresses and goes over to her he whispers in her ear that her father is here. Gina does her best to suck his cock. She strokes him, licks the shaft and once he is hard she gets on her back and spreads her legs. Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her tight virgin pussy. He breaks her hymen and she cries out loud that it hurts. Ben leans down and whispers “Are you alright?”. “I am doing that for the asshole. Stretch my pussy and cum inside of me. I want to have your babies” Gina whispers back. Ben pounds her with eight inches but does not touch her cervix. He cums inside of her after 90 minutes of pounding her tight pussy. When he is done he gets out of her with a pop. Ben lays down and Gina whispers “That was great, Master” and starts crying for her fathers amusement.

“It is time to suck me hard again, Gina. I am going to pop your anal cherry now” Ben instructs her. She sucks him hard trying to make it look like she doesn't want to do it. Once he is hard he takes the anal plug out of her ass and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Ben fucks her ass with ten inches of BIG FELLA for three hours. And when he is ready to cum he gets out of her ass and puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and pours his seed into her pussy. He rest there hoping it will get into her womb. He gets out and picks Gina up. They go into the monitoring room together.

Gina giggles as she sees her father tied down and restrained. She is completely naked and goes over to her father as Ben turns off the heating elements. Gina pulls and twists on her fathers nipple rings. “Damn daddy, I didn't know you were so kinky” Gina says as she pulls and twist on the rings. Gina then turns the gears on the pulley making Phillips scrotum stretch further. She takes a little hammer and taps on the barbells through his balls. She then takes the channel lock pliers and clamps down on one testicle after another.

When she is done torturing Phillip and he is recovered enough to ask, “Why are you doing this Gina baby?”. “Why? Because you are a worthless piece of crap. You never loved me or wanted me or my two older sisters. You mistreated my mother and you are a terrible father. I have no love for you. I want you to see something” Gina says as she turns around and shows her father her tattoos.

“I am Ben Barnes's now. He is my daddy, my lover and hopefully my baby daddy. If I had my way you would not be around to harass my new family, but your fate awaits you. I am going to assist my Master in your torture and watch as you see Ben fuck Mom again and your daughters. Watch this Dad” Gina says as Ben stands in front of him. Gina comes over and pulls his pants down and then his shorts and takes BIG FELLA out.

“This is a real man, with a real man's sized cock” Gina tells her father as she starts to lick and suck on BIG FELLA. She opens her mouth and sucks on the head and starts to push down on a limp BIG FELLA. Gina gets it past her gullet and works BIG FELLA down her long throat. She bobs up and down on BIG FELLA as Phillip watches BIG FELLA get hard in his youngest daughters throat. It takes Gina twenty minutes to get Ben to cum down her throat and into her stomach.

Ben kisses his little Gina as he picks her up. Phillip screams at Gina “You little fucking whore. You sucked that niggers cock you whore”. Gina starts to cry as Ben starts to beat Phillip. “How dare you call my little Gina a whore” he screams at him as Ben beats him. Ben breaks his jaw and starts breaking his ribs. When he is done he picks up his little kitten and takes her upstairs. Ben takes her to his room and lays her on his bed with his bed slaves.

“I am so sorry your father called you a whore, Gina” Ben says. “Master, he is no longer my father. I hate him. He never showed me any love. He just thought of me as a possession” Gina tells him. “Baby, I love you as does everyone here. I will always love you and take care of you.” Ben tells her. He then tells her that he has to go back downstairs and continue Phillip's torture. He tells Gina he is going to fuck Marsha, Layla, and Haley next. “Master, they are primed and ready. I hope the fucker has a heart attach when he sees you pumping his daughters pussy” Gina tells her Master.

Ben goes back downstairs with Becky. “After I am done with Phillip's family and am done with Phillip I am going to offer each of them an opportunity to stay with the family and be loved and taken care of for the rest of their lives. If they do not want that I am set to give each of them five million dollars to set them up” Ben tells Becky. “I hope they chose to be a part of the family” Becky tells him. “After this we need to find a way to give back to the local community” Becky informs him. “Part of the investigation into Phillip's family showed that they were not happy in their lives. I wanted to hurt Phillip and help the family” Ben tells Becky.

Ben goes into the Den and calls his investigator and asks him to investigate Suzanne, Scarlet and Vince. Ben gives them their addresses and tells the investigator every detail about their lives and that he needs the details in two weeks. Ben goes back downstairs and checks on Phillip. “I am now going to take Layla, Haley and Joanie's virginity. Enjoy the show Phillip” Ben tells him as he puts the three large screens on their rooms.

Ben goes into Layla's cell and strips. Layla jumps up and attacks Ben, stroking BIG FELLA. She kneels in front of him and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard. “Are you finally going to give me this cock?” Layla asks Ben. “Do you really want it?” Ben asks her teasing her. “You have kept me down here for weeks showing me this cock” Layla says with BIG FELLA in her hands, “teasing me and only letting me suck on it. I want this cock inside of me, I want you to take my virginity” she concludes.

“What about your father? What would he say?” Ben asks her knowing that Phillip is watching. “Fuck him, I want this cock and I really don't care what he has to say. He is never at home. It is just my step mother and us girls. He has no use for us or love for us. All he cares about is his work. No fuck me for God sake” Layla says.

“OK, if you really want it. Lay down on the bed on your back and spread your legs” Ben tells her she does as told and Ben sucks her virgin pussy until she climaxes hard when she is in an orgasmic bliss Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy breaking her hymen in one stroke, “Damn, I thought that was supposed to hurt” Layla tells him. “I am quite experienced at breaking cherries. I know how to make it hurt and not” Ben tells her as he begins to pump her pussy. Ben fucks her for a good hour hitting her cervix. He leans over and tells Layla in her ear “Your father is watching in another room”. Layla smiles kisses him and tells him “Good, I hope to give him a good show. You know the old saying “You break it you own it” well I don't know if the rest of my family is willingly wanting to stay by I want to”.

“What are you saying specifically, Layla?” Ben asks her. “Ben, I want to be your slave, your lover and whatever else you want” Layla tells Ben loud enough for the cameras to pick up. “What about your father?” Ben asks her as he pushes deep against her cervix trying to break through. “Fuck him, I have no use for him. I have everything I want in my pussy. I figure that you are pretty rich and powerful. I know you can take care of me and my family if you want to” Layla says.

“OK, I accept you as my slave. I am going to break through your cervix and pump your womb full of my cum” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master get me pregnant” Layla says and looks to the camera and tells her father “Fuck you Daddy, Fuck you. I have a real man to love me and make love to me”.

Ben pounds her cervix into submission after 45 minutes of pounding her cervix and then pours his seed into her womb. After he gets out of her womb and then her pussy with the all to familiar popping sound. Ben kisses his new slave and tells her “Gina is already my slave as are your aunts Angelika and Anneliese. Your mothers friend Rose and her daughters are already mine. I will take care of you and you will never be lonely again Layla”.

Ben then gets up and puts the covers on Layla gets dressed and goes and checks on Phillip. “Looks like your daughters don't have much use for you, Phillip. Instead of worrying about what I was doing you should have taken care of your own wife and daughters. They are all going to be mine just like Gina and Layla” Ben tells him. Ben attaches electrodes to Phillips chest, legs, scrotum and cock. Once he has them attached he connects them to the controller that has a current gauge on it from one to ten. Ten being full powered.

Ben turns the controller on and sets it to one, Phillip starts to shake and whimper. “That is only setting one. Here is two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and finally ten” Ben tells him as he turns the gauge up from one setting to another pausing for fifteen seconds on each setting and then moving it back down to one. Phillip is crying like a baby when Ben is finished.

Ben replaces the IV bag that has his saline solution and gives him a double dose of Viagra. “I am now going to take Haley's virginity. You saw how well Layla took it. She wants to stay with me. Your family actually hates you” Ben tells him laughing at Phillip.

Ben takes his vitamins and supplements and goes into Haley's room and undresses. He shows Haley BIG FELLA and she sucks him hard. “Are you finally going to give me this?” Haley asks him and he nods. She spreads her legs and Ben sucks her slit until she cums hard and then pushes deep inside of her pussy breaking her hymen while she is still in an orgasmic bliss. He pounds her just like her twin and after he is done three hours later Haley professes to Ben that she also wants to stay.

“Ben, I know you kidnapped me and my family. But I want to stay with you if yo will take care of me” Haley says as Ben exits her pussy with the usual popping sound. “Haley, I want you to be my slave. I am going to be your Master. I have many women and you will be loved and taken care of. I have a requirement of all my slaves. That they get their college educations. My slaves that are school-aged are home schooled by my teacher slaves. Have you ever thought about going to college?”

“Yes, I want to but we never had the money” Haley tells him. “Well you don't have to worry about money ever again. You will go to college and I will pay for everything” Ben tells her. She kisses him and Ben tells her that her father has been watching them. She flips Phillip the bird and tells him that she has a real man to love her.

Ben then gets up and leaves her room. He goes and takes a shower gets something to eat and brings down food for Mira and the girls. He delivers food to the youngest girls first and then finally goes into the monitoring room and turns off Mira's monitor. “I am going to spend the rest of the night with your wife Mira. I am going to fuck her repeatedly throughout the night” Ben tells Phillip as he turns the pain gauge up to the second setting.

Ben takes his pills and supplements again and goes gives Mira her food. He sits there with her and Ben asks her as she eats, “Mira, I am going to give a choice. I know I kidnapped you and your family but hear me out. I am going to support you and your daughters for the rest of your lives. You will never need to work again. Of course Phillip will not be a problem for you ever again. I will buy you a house where ever you want to live. Provide you with a car and give you a monthly allowance plus a handsome savings account in the millions. You can live with me and want for nothing for the rest of your life or live on your own and be setup forever. It is your choice and you do not have to decide right now. Gina, Layla, Haley, Margarete and Michaela are already going to stay with me. You know that Gina is already living in the mansion. I will show you the mansion in a couple of weeks. I will then ask for your decision then. Is that acceptable?”

Mira finishes her meal and sets the tray under her bed and comes over to Ben. “Are the monitors on or off?” Mira asks him. Ben tells her they are off and she tells him, “I want to make love to you again. I want your beautiful cock inside of me”. Ben tells her that he plans on spending the rest of the night with her. She smiles and gets him up and undresses him. She sucks BIG FELLA hard and takes him over to the bed and puts him on his back and starts ridding BIG FELLA.

The fuck six times that night and fall asleep in each others arms. In the morning Ben asks Mira, “When I am done down here in a couple of weeks I want to invite, not kidnap you sisters-in-laws and their families to town. I will offer to take them into the family with them. I have my investigator investigating them right now. Is that agreeable to you?”. “Yes, Master. Maybe if I go with you to convince them to come see your mansion and how we are living that might make it easier on them. I will do whatever you want Master. I know Suzanne and Scarlet are going to love having sex with you. Can I go see Phillip and punish him some more?” Mira asks.

Ben is agreeable to that and they get up and leave the cell. They head to the monitoring room and see that Phillip needs another IV bag. Ben replaces it and gives Phillip two shots of Viagra. Mira comes over and laughs at her husband. “I want to thank you, Phillip. Because of your harassment of Ben you have made it possible for me to be fulfilled and totally satisfied sexually and spiritually. I asked Ben last night to accept me into his family and make me his slave. He accepted me. I gave him Scarlet and Suzanne's address and when he is done with your daughters he is going to bring them here with their daughters and make them his slaves also” Mira tells Phillip and goes and gets Ben and puts him in front of her husband.

Mira then pulls down Ben's pants and takes out BIG FELLA. “Phillip, this is a real man's cock. Once Suzanne and Scarlet see BIG FELLA they are going to fall head over heals for him. I guarantee it” Mira tells him before she begins to suck BIG FELLA off. Once she has swallowed Ben's huge load she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Phillip “Master really can cum a lot. He filled my womb up 8 times yesterday. Master, Can I get my “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on my lower back today?”

Ben says yes and laughs at Phillip's demise and pain, “You see, all your women want to be mine. Layla and Haley professed that they want to stay with me last night. I am going to take Mira to get her tattoo done and while she is up there getting it put on I am going to pound Marsha and hopefully have time to take sweet little Joanie” Ben tells him before he turns the gauge on the pain giver to three. He looks at Mira and starts turning it all the way up to ten slowly showing her how it works. He leaves it on ten for a couple of minutes. It burns Phillips skins as Ben and Mira laugh at Phillips pain and cries. Ben turns it off and removes the electrodes and places them on a new spot on his body. Once that is done he turns it up to ten again and then back down to three.

“Mira, lets go get your back tattooed and introduce you to the rest of the family” Ben says. Mira gets up and spits in Phillips face. “I hate you, you abusive prick” Mira says as she holds Ben's hand and they leave the room to head upstairs. On the way Ben asks Mira in her opinion what should they do with Phillip once the family has converted.

“Maybe take his vocal cords out, remove his cock and balls. He obviously does not need that anymore. Maybe put him in a sex booth and have him give guys blowjobs all day and night in one of those glory holes. You think we could strap him in so that his mouth is permanently opened and that he can take a cock-up his ass also. That would be funny to watch” Mira tells him.

They go to the master suite and Ben takes her into the enormous bathroom and takes a shower with her. He gently washes her and tells her, “I am sorry that I took you and your family like I did. It was wrong of me. I hope to make it up to you, Mira”. “Master, it is fine. I am fine with my new lifestyle with being your slave and lover. I know Gina is happy” Mira tells him as they finish washing. They get out of the shower and dry off. “Master, that is one fancy shower with all those shower heads. It felt great” Mira says. They go into the bedroom and Ben tells her that this is where he normally sleeps with his wives Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn and Peggy. He also sleeps there with his bed slaves which includes Gina.

They head down the hall and Ben introduces Mira to everyone. “Mira, I think you already realize that I have a special place in my heart for Gina. She is really special to me. Gina has made friends with Peggy. Those two are inseparable now” Ben tells her. They make their way to the two living rooms and finally the entertainment room where they see Gina and Peggy playing a video game with Joy and Little Jennifer. Gina sees her Master and comes running up to him and jumps into his arms.

“Master, you are here” Gina screams as she jumps into his arms and kisses him. “Mom, have you decided to become Ben's slave?” Gina asks her. “Yes baby I have. I am here meeting the family and am going to get my back tattoo” Mira says. Gina smiles and kisses her mother. “That is great news, welcome to our new family” Gina says as she gets down from Ben's arms. “Mom, these are my friends Peggy, Joy and Jennifer. They are Masters bed slaves. We all sleep together with Ben. I love it here Mom” Gina says as she goes over and the girls kiss Mira hello and tell her it is nice to have her in the family.

Becky, Tiffani, Laurie, Brooklyn come into the room and Ben introduces them to Mira. Tiffani is immediately attracted to Mira. “Master, I will take Mira to Sheila's room and then bring her back downstairs when her tattoo is done” Tiffani says. “Mira, all us ladies are all bi-sexual. Have you had sex with a woman?” Becky asks her. Mira tells them no and Tiffani tells her she will find out soon. Tiffani and Mira go and head to get her tattoo and Ben goes with Becky. They head downstairs and enter the monitoring room and see Phillip whimpering.

Becky comes over and slaps him repeatedly, “You asshole, how dare you harass my husband. You have now lost everything you had for nothing. Ben is not harming anybody. We are all here of our own free will. Your wife, Mira, is upstairs getting her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on her lower back just like Gina. From what Ben has told me Joanie and Marsha is the only hold outs left” Becky tells him as she begins to pull and twist on his nipple rings. She turns off the electrodes and cranks on the pulley stretching his scrotum, she puts double the weight on the other scrotum piercings. Becky takes a lighter to Phillips “Prince Albert” piercing and heats it up and also burns the tip of the head of his cock. Becky tightens the restraints on his cock and gives him three doses of Viagra as Ben undresses and tells Becky that he is going to fuck Marsha now.

Ben turns on the monitor and then heads to Marsha's room. Once through the door, Marsha pounces on Ben and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. “Mmm, looks like Marsha likes BIG FELLA” Becky tells a tormented Phillip. She turns the electrodes to four as Marsha begins to deep throat BIG FELLA. “That feels amazing having Masters cock down your throat, almost as great as having BIG FELLA stretching your pussy. Maybe we should give you a sex change. You are no longer a man anymore you might as well be a half-ass woman. I will see what Mira and Ben think about that” Becky says as she begins to laugh at Phillip as he watches his eldest daughter bob up and down on BIG FELLA.

After about twenty minutes Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and asks Marsha, “Are you ready to have sex with me?”. “Yes, please put BIG FELLA inside of me” Marsha says. “What about your father? What would he say?” Ben asks her. “Fuck him, I am not going to miss having sex with BIG FELLA because of that looser” Marsha tells him.

Ben puts Marsha on her back and spreads her legs. He rubs BIG FELLA along her slit and makes her cum hard and then pushes it into her pussy. Ben pounds her with little mercy. Marsha has one screaming orgasm after another. When she came down from her fifteenth climax she proclaims that she is Ben's “Oh, GOD please don't ever stop fucking me. I want to be yours. I want to be your lover. BIG FELLA feels so good inside of me”.

“Marsha, what are you telling me. You want to be my slave and for me to be your Master? Are you willing to swear you alligence to me and turn your back on your father?” Ben asks. “OH, GOD. PLEASE BE MY MASTER. Fuck my father, I don't care about him. I want you and want to be your slave. Please Master, Ben make me your slave” Marsha yells. Ben lowers himself down to Marsha and tells her in her ear that her father is watching in the other room.

“Dad, I am Ben's now. I am his slave and he can have my pussy whenever and where ever he wants it. I am his and I hope this causes you a lot of pain” Marsha says into the camera Ben pointed to. Ben begins his assault on Marsha's cervix and begins to break through, “Marsha when I have sex with my slaves I always cum in their wombs”.

“Master, you can cum wherever you want. I want to have your babies” Marsha says. It takes Ben 30 minutes to finally break through her cervix and drop his huge load into her womb. Marsha screams out that it feels so hot in her womb. When Ben is finished cuming in her womb he exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop. Ben leans over and tells her he will be right back. Ben gets up and exits the room. He goes into the monitoring room and sees Becky burning the Phillip's fingers with a lighter.

“Master, Phillip was not paying attention to your pounding of his daughter so I got his attention” Becky tells Ben. “Very good, I see you burned his cock also. I doubt he will ever need that again” Ben tells her. He turns off the monitor and goes back into Marsha's room.

“Marsha, if you want to be my slave you will have to continue your education. You just graduated from high school. Have you given any thought of what you would like to study in college?” Ben asks her. “I want to work with children, like a daycare or early education. Eventually I would like to get a degree in elementary education” Marsha tells him.

“Very good, well we have something of a need for daycare here in the mansion. I have a hundred and thirty-two children, babies and toddlers here in the mansion, with another forty-two or so to be born this month alone. So you can get hands on experience. If you are going to be my slave you will need to get your education. I insist that all my slaves are educated. I will not tolerate an ignorant slave. Is that acceptable to you Marsha?” Ben asks.

“Yes Master are you going to keep me down here long?” Marsha asks. “I am going to keep you down here for a couple of weeks, I plan on getting you pregnant while you are down here. What should I do with your father?” Ben asks. “I don't care what you do with him as long as you keep me as your slave. Is my mother and other sisters already your slaves?” Marsha asks. Ben tells her that Gina was first followed by her aunts and finally her mother, Layla and Haley. Joanie is the next one he is going to have sex with he tells Marsha.

“Can I see my father? I want to suck on BIG FELLA in front of him and embarrass him” Marsha asks Ben and he agrees. They leave her cell and go into the monitoring room where Phillip is being tortured by Becky. Becky is playing with the electrical gauge turning it up and down.

“Marsha, this is my wife Becky. She has been torturing your father Phillip while I was with you. As you can see I have pierced your fathers nipples, tongue, testicles, scrotum and cock. I have his cock tied down to his stretched out scrotum. I have fed him Viagra that have given him many erections that are very painful, tearing and stretching his scrotum in a different direction. You can see that his scrotum is being stretched downwards and outwards in a forty-five degree angle. What when I turn this pulley” Ben says.

Ben turns the pulley three times and it stretches Phillip's scrotum making him delirious in pain. Ben clips chains to Phillip's nipple rings and pulls them over the pulley contraption and puts a pound weight on both which causes them to stretch and pull out. Phillip looking at his oldest daughter pleading with her with his eyes to stop this.

“Dad, I want you to witness this” Marsha says as she pulls Ben's pants down and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. She deep throats all sixteen inches of Ben's mighty cock and bobs up and down on him until he climaxes down her throat. While Ben is still hard Marsha takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and mouth and tells her dad “This is a real man's cock. Ben knows how to pleasure a woman and make her feel special. I along with Mira and several other of my sisters are now Ben's slaves. I am going to have his babies. Ben is going to support us and love us for the rest of our lives. I have no further use for you. Becky keep on torturing him” Marsha says.

Marsha then takes the heating elements and puts them back on the barbells through Phillip's testicles and turns them on. There is a ruler on the desk and Marsha picks it up and starts hitting her fathers cock. When she has had enough of that she takes the lighter and starts burning Phillip's nipples and then his ear lobes.

Ben goes over and gets Marsha and takes her back to her cell. He tells her that he is going to bring her some food and vitamins. “Master, you have fed us hormones and fertility drugs haven't you?” Marsha asks. He admits it and she says “Well, when I get pregnant I probably will have multiple babies” she says and Ben tells her that is the plan. “I plan to go with your mother and pick up Suzanne and Scarlet after I take the rest of the family upstairs. Your mother, aunts and Gina have already gotten their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their lower backs, would you like to get yours tomorrow?” Ben asks. She jumps up and tells him yes and kisses him.

Ben then goes and collects Becky. He gives Phillip another IV bag full of fluids and puts a bucket underneath of his catheter and releases the clamp on it. Phillip fills that bucket up and Ben gets another one. When Phillip is done he clamps off his catheter and puts Phillip in a reclined position. Ben then gets a funnel and pries open Phillip's mouth. He puts the funnel in his mouth and then tells Becky to hold it there. Ben slowly pour Phillip's urine into the funnel and down his throat. Ben makes him drink both buckets full of urine before they leave. Ben takes the funnel out of his mouth and puts the ball-gag back into his mouth and straps it in.

Ben then puts Phillip upright and tells him he will be right back with Mira. He is going to take Joanie's virginity next and then Margarete and Michaela's virginity. Ben and Becky go upstairs and eat dinner with the family Margaret, Zoe and Zoey come over to Ben and Becky after dinner and tell him sad news.

“Ben, our parents were just killed last night by burglars. The police just called we need to go back and bury our parents. I don't know what we are going to do” Zoe says.

“First thing is Margaret and Mike are going to accompany the four of you back to Colorado. You are going to bury your parents. Take care of the business that you have there and then come back here and live with us. We have more than enough room and I have the means to take care of you. Mandy would love to have her friends with her. Is that OK with you Margaret?” Ben asks.

“Ben, you are very generous” Margaret says. “Ben, I don't know what to say” Zoey says to him. “It is my pleasure to open my house up to you and your sisters. I want you to feel safe, secure and loved as all my women do” Ben tells her. Zoe and Zoey both kiss Ben full on the lips.

The next day Margaret, Mike take Zoe and her sisters back to Colorado to attend the funeral and take care of business. They take Ben's little jet. Margaret calls Ben after the funeral and tells him that they are going to pack up their house and go to the lawyers to review the will in a couple of days and that she will call him afterward.

Becky gets up and makes plates for the girls downstairs. Mira comes into the kitchen with Becky, “That was really nice of Ben to take in those girls. Is he going to make them his slaves?” she asks. “Only if they want to be his slaves. Ben usually does not force women to become his slaves. As you can see he has plenty of women. We all love and cherish him. Ben is very generous, to a fault. He gave your husband many opportunities to back off and leave us alone” Becky tells her.

“I am glad Phillip harassed Ben into kidnapping me and my children. Gina is in love with Ben, I love how he makes me feel. You know I had sex with your mother after I got my tattoo. That was really special for me” Mira says. “I am glad to hear that, we ladies love each other and take care of each other. We stick together and take care of ourselves and our Master. The other men we have sex with at our discretion. I really enjoyed torturing Phillip downstairs” Becky tells her.

“I wish I could have been there to see it” Mira says. “I believe Ben has it recorded. By the way Marsha just asks Ben to be her Master” Becky says with a smile. Ben comes into the kitchen and asks the ladies if they are ready to go back downstairs. They are and they take the food to the girls downstairs. Ben delivers the food to Marsha, then Layla, Haley, Margarete and Michaela. He then takes it to Angelika and Anneliese whom he asks if they are ready to get out of the cell and join the rest of the family after they get their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their lower backs.

Angelika and Anneliese both say yes as they eat their food. “Master, I think I am pregnant” Anneliese tells him. “That is great news, I am going to have my wife Becky take you upstairs to get your tattoo and then get your blood tested by our resident doctor Nadia” Ben tells her. She finishes her meal and gets up with Ben and he escorts her out of the cell and introduces Becky to Anneliese and tells Becky what he wants done.

Ben then goes to Joanie's room and delivers her food which she eats while Ben watches. When she is finished he takes her plate out of the cell and comes back and asks her “Joanie are you ready to have sex?”. Joanie looks up at him and tells him yes. The monitors on in Phillip's room and he witnesses Ben getting undressed and has Joanie suck his cock until it is hard. Ben then fucks Joanie for three hours and pours his seed into her womb.

Ben fucks Marsha, Mira, Layla, Haley, Joanie continuously for two weeks while Phillip is watching. They all get pregnant. Michaela and Margarete have sex with Ben every other day. When the two weeks is over Ben takes each one upstairs and introduces them to the family. Joanie finally accepts that she is Ben's slave after Mira and Marsha convince her that it is okay to accept Ben as her Master. They show her their tattoos on their backs. When they are all situated upstairs Ben brings them together in the den.

“Ladies, I have these for you” Ben tells them as he hands them a bank book. Inside it shows each has five million dollars in an account under their names. “Is this a joke, why did you give these to us” Layla asks her Master. “Because, I want you to know that you have choices. You can leave here now and be taken care of for the rest of your lives. You are all multimillionaires and are set for life. All my slaves have five million dollars in their accounts. I want you to stay here because you want to not because I forced you” Ben tells her.

“Master, Ben, I am here because I want to be here. I enjoy having sex with you and Tiffani also. I don't know about my girls but I want to stay and it is of my own free will” Mira says.

“Master, I love you. You are mine and I am yours. I have friends here and am loved. I enjoy playing with my fellow bed slaves especially Penny. I am staying nobody is going to take me away from you. I do not need nor want this money. All I want is you” Gina says. All the girls state the same even Joanie who has made friends.

They are all pregnant with Ben's babies, Rose and her girls, Mira, Gina and Phillips daughters along with Mira's sister. Between them they will have a hundred and twenty-three babies, all giving birth to multiple babies in January.

“OK, I have another question for you. What should we do with your father?” Ben ask.

“I think we should remove his teeth and hands so nobody can identify him” Marsha says.

“Maybe we can take his vocal cords out so that he cannot tell anybody who he is” Layla says.

“I think we should put him in a booth and have his mouth permanently open to receive cocks and have his legs spread apart so that he can receive a cocks up his ass” Haley says.

“When we have completed his transformation maybe we can send him to the orient and put into the sex trade” Mira says.

“How about cutting his cock and balls off and give him a sex change” Gina says.

“Mmm, all great ideas. Mira are you ready to invite Suzanne and Scarlet over to your new house? I have done an investigation on them and they seem to be good people” Ben asks.

“They are very nice, good people. I really like them a lot. I will give them a call. I need to call my neighbors and tell them I have moved” Mira says. Becky comes into the room and tells Ben that Karen has gone into labor. Ben gets up and goes to the birthing suite with Gina. They get there in time to see the first girl to be born.

In the room are Karen's daughters Joy, Jane, Kelly and Little Jennifer. Along with them is Peggy who is three months pregnant. Gina goes stands with her girlfriends as Nadia delivers the first girl. Karen then delivers the final two baby girls she names the babies Justine Kathleen ,Julianne Ketra, Juliet Kema. They all weigh around seven pounds. Karen's daughters come over and tell her that was beautiful and that their sisters are very pretty.

“Karen, dear you did a great job. Our daughters are very beautiful indeed” Ben says as he kisses Karen and his daughters. Ben kisses his three girls that are pregnant, Jane and Kelly who are eight months pregnant along with Peggy. “I can't wait until Justine, Julianne and Juliet see their cousins. I love you all with all my heart” Ben tells them.

The girls accompany their mother to her room with the babies as Ben goes back downstairs and cleans up the cells. He goes in and tortures Phillip for a while. “Phillip, your family doesn't have much use for you anymore. I gave them the option of what to do with you” Ben says as Mira and Marsha come into the room. They both show Phillip their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their lower backs.

Mira works over Phillips cock and balls while Marsha takes the ball gag out of his mouth and attaches chains to the hoops in tongue and pulls on the chains until his tongue is extended out of him mouth. Marsha attaches weights to the chains and pulls them over the pulley contraption that is stretching out his scrotum. Marsha then pulls and tugs on the chains in Phillip's nipples.

Mira has turned on the heating element on the barbells through Phillip's testicles. While this is going on Ben gets Phillip's estrogen shots ready. “Phillip, this is probably going to take three months to accomplish but you have nowhere else to go. We are going to give you three shots a day of estrogen. I like the idea of giving you a sex change. In a week or so I am going to have Nadia come down her and chop off your cock and balls. She is then going to give you a vagina seeing as though you are already a pussy you might as well have one” Ben tells him.

“That is appropriate, he is an asshole and has one of those” Mira says. “Oh, by the way Ben. Scarlet, Vince and Suzanne say they can't wait to see where I am living now. They were worried when they hadn't heard from me in a couple of months. Phillip, if I have my way your sisters will be Ben's slaves also. When they see BIG FELLA they will want to be his. Ben is such a superior lover” Mira says much to Phillip's displeasure. Not only is he loosing his wife and daughters but also his sisters to Ben. If he wasn't defeated before he surely is now. Having his wife betray him and his daughters also.

Ben gives Phillip his first estrogen shot. “Oh, we are going to remove your teeth also. I am going to have my doctor come down here and remove them” Ben tells Phillip as he gives him his shot. “How about his hands, aren't we going to remove those also?” Marsha says. Phillip looks at her in disgust. “Yes, I am going to have her do that after we get his teeth removed. You see Phillip after we complete your transformation you will not be able to be identified. I almost forgot Layla had the idea of removing your vocal cords so that you will not be able to speak. Somebody will come down here three times a day to give you your shots and torture you” Ben tells him.

Mira uses the pliers to crush Phillips testicles and then uses a cat with nine tails to whip his cock and balls. Marsha asks to see it next and she uses it on his chest and legs. They leave him and go back upstairs to see Nadia who has Kaley, Katie and Kasey on delivery tables as they get ready to give birth to his children.

Kaley is the first to give birth to her quintuplet girls she names Kirsten Madison, Kourtney Mary, Krystal Morgan, Kylie Mandy, Kayla Megan. They all weigh in around 7 pounds. “Looks like you have five beautiful sisters, Kasey Katey. You did a great job there Kaley our daughters are very beautiful, just like their mother and sisters. Kasey is the next to give birth to her triplet girls who she names Madilyn Jasmine, Morgan Beverley, Megan Janie. They weight around eight pounds and then Katey gives birth to her triplet girls Patience Kaley, Paulina Kasey, Pamela Becca all weighing around 7 pounds.

“Kyle you have more girls to deal with. I hope you are more respectful of you new sisters and nieces” Ben tells him. “Yes, Master I will be. I will protect them with my life. They are very beautiful and precious” Kyle says. “I do believe my son is a changed young man. I think we broke him of his bad habits” Kaley tells her Master.

Ben kisses all three of his women and tells Nadia he wants to see her when she is done here. They go downstairs and head to the pool outside to do a couple of laps. Margaret, Mike, Zoe and her sisters come out and tell him that they are back permanently.

“Master, Zoe's parents gave Mike and myself custody of Leah and Layla” Margaret tells him. “So ladies do you want to stay with us here in the mansion?” Ben asks the two girls. “Of course we do, Ben” They say as they jump into the pool. They swim over to Ben and kiss him. “We want to give you our virginity also” Layla tells him as Bill gets into the pool

“It doesn't rain it pours, Ben with his women” Bill says with a smile. For the next week Ben makes love to his slaves, gives Phillip his injections three times a day. On the eighth day Nadia goes downstairs to remove Phillip's teeth, the next day she removes his cock and removes his balls from his scrotum. Gina is downstairs watching Nadia remove her father's cock with Ben.

“Are you enjoying the show you little whore?” Phillip says to his daughter. “How dare you call me that, you worthless piece of crap” Gina says. Ben starts beating him and then gets his machete. When Nadia has sewn up the wounds Ben chops Phillips hands off. Nadia starts cauterizing the stubs. “Tomorrow we are going to remove your vocal cords so that you cannot insult anybody ever again” Ben says as he gives Phillip a double dose of estrogen and an antibiotic. “Phillip's breasts are coming in quite nicely don't you think Master?” Nadia asks.

“Yes they are, I believe in a couple of months we can get him to grow at least B cups. Phillip, in two days I will have Nadia start constructing your vagina for you. Gina, I think we should change your father's name. I was thinking about calling him, her Phyllis what do you think about that name” Ben asks her.

Gina tells her Master that she likes it as she takes the cat with nine tails and starts whipping Phyllis. Gina whips her until her right arm is tired and then whips her with her left hand until it is sore also. Gina whips Phyllis so hard it cuts the skin. Ben goes upstairs and gets kosher salt and comes back down. “Pour this on his sores, it will give her a lot of pain” Ben tells Gina and she pours the salt all over her wounds. She puts a glove on and then rubs it into the wounds.

“How does that feel asshole?” Gina says as she rubs the salts all over her body causing her former father to cry and whimper. When she is done they go upstairs on the way Gina asks Ben “What are you going to do with his cock and balls? I think we should make Phyllis eat them. Along with his hands”. Ben laughs at that and they go into the kitchen and asks Dominic if he has an old pot that they can use. He tells him he will throw it out afterward.

Ben, Gina and Mira make a stew out of Phillip's hands, balls and cock. When they are done cooking the stew Mira gets her girls together and they take the stew down to Phillip. “Girls, Gina has a great new name for Phillip. Seeing that he is going to be a woman soon we though Phyllis would be perfect for her” Ben tells them before they enter the room. Mira and the other girls look at Phyllis's crotch and the beginnings of a pussy.

“We have something for you to eat, your last solid meal. I made you some stew” Mira says as she starts to feed Phyllis. She eats three bowls and when she is done they leave. The next day Mira and the girls come back downstairs and tell Phyllis “You know the stew you ate yesterday. It was made from your hands, balls and cock. You ate it all and enjoyed it” Mira tell her as the girls laugh at her. Ben and Bill pick Phyllis up and lay her down on the operating table. The strap her arms down and her legs in stirrups. Nadia starts to work on her new vagina. She puts inside of Phyllis a tight vagina that is 15” long. She works without anesthesia so that Phyllis feels all the pain and suffering. When Nadia is done for the day Mira comes into the room and splash rubbing alcohol on Phyllis's new vagina causing it to sting.

“What's up pussy?” Mira says as she gives Phyllis her injections of estrogen and antibiotics. “You know that stew you ate yesterday was made from your cock and balls. You ate it all up to” Mira tells him. “Master, what do you think three months of estrogen therapy will do the trick?” Mira asks. Ben tells her that should do it. “Phyllis, your sisters are coming to the mansion next week. Ben and I are flying to Chicago to pick them up and bring them down here. I know Suzanne and Scarlet are just going to love Ben, especially once they get a look at BIG FELLA” Mira tells her.

They go upstairs leaving Phyllis strapped to the operating table. “Master, I have always wanted to try that operation. Thank you for giving me the opportunity” Nadia tells Ben as she kisses him. “Your welcome sweetheart” Ben tells Nadia as he strokes her breasts.

Marty comes in and tells Ben and Nadia that her mother Martha has just broken her water and is in the birthing suite. The five of them go and watch Nadia deliver Martha's boys, Anthony Benny, Peter Paul, Avery Drew, Jason David, all weighing in between 8 and 9 pounds. Mira looks over the boys and notices they have one common trait, huge penises for a baby. “They are definitely your sons, Master. They all have huge penises like their father” Mira says. “Yes, they are Ben's son's and they are going to pleasure women just like their daddy. I love you Master” Martha says.

“I love you to baby. You really did a good job with my boys, they are very handsome” Ben says as he kisses the boy's mother and aunt. Sophia comes in and tells Nadia that her water just broke and goes into labor in an hour she gives birth to her three daughters, named Lucinda Victoria, Candice Sally, Sherry Olivia. Just as she delivers Sherry in comes Victoria who starts into labor in two hours she has her three sets of twin girls Gaetana Monique, Gemma Sarah, Genevra Becky, Geonna Martha, Geovana Marty, Gia Martina. Ben kisses all the new mothers and his new babies.

“You see Mira, I love all my women and love having a huge family. Victoria, Sophia you both did a great job delivering our babies. I love you guys” Ben says. “Master, we love you” Victoria says. “How many children does this make, Master?” Nadia asks

“I believe this takes it up to one hundred and sixty-three beautiful children. You ladies keep blessing me with children” Ben says with tears in his eyes. He sits down and Marty comes over and kneels in front of him. “Master, you give us so much. I am not just talking about BIG FELLA, but your heart. You are loving, caring and very protective of us. I thank God everyday that he brought you into my life and the lives of my mother and sisters”.

Marty kisses the huge bulbous head of BIG FELLA and she looks Ben right in his eyes as she sucks BIG FELLA. She takes him down her throat and gives his a nice long blowjob. It takes Ben thirty minutes before he pours his load down Marty's throat. When she is done Ben kisses her and tells her that was fantastic. Marty whispers in his ear “I want to get pregnant again, Master. I want to have another child”. Ben kisses her and tells her okay. Ben leaves the ladies with their babies as they head to their separate rooms.

Ben goes to the den with Mira and books the “Presidential & Princess Diana Suite” at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago for three nights. He also books two other rooms one for Jamal, Sheila and baby. The other for Steve Rodgers. He calls for a limousine service for the four days they are in Chicago. Ben then has Mira call Suzanne and Scarlet to tell them they will pick them up on Saturday to go to dinner at Morton's on North State.

The next couple of days it is the normal routine around the house, Phyllis gets her estrogen injections. Ben is standing for a bronze statue that Nevaeh is sculpting for the front drive. Cecil and Nevaeh have been working on the design. The statue will be in the middle of a huge fountain that is surrounded by flowers. Nevaeh is taking measurements of Ben's body, she has constructed a long box outside that will contain a mold of Ben. They go outside and Ben sees the box and Nevaeh has him sit for the mold. He is encased in the mold until it hardens, first his back and then his front. Ben breathes through a tube that will be used to pour the bronze into the mold when they are done.

When it is done Ben gets out and gets hosed off. He then goes into the outdoor shower and washes himself. He thinks to himself “What I do for my slaves”. Ben then leaves and goes into the indoor pool area and sits in the hot tub. Kiki and Roxanne's sisters come over and kiss him and love on him. Kiki rubs his shoulders and tells him “I love you Master. You see all these women and girls around here. You provide them with a safe secure home. You love them and they love you”.

“Master, We are fertile this week can you make love to us so that we can bless you with our children” Dana says and Doreen, Leyla, Lili and Lidalila shake their heads in agreement and asks him please. He cannot say no and Doreen gets into the hot tub. She strokes BIG FELLA until he is hard and then straddles him and puts BIG FELLA into her pussy. She bounces up and down on him splashing water. They stay entangled like that for an hour before Ben picks Doreen up and takes her to a lounge chair and pushes BIG FELLA past her cervix and into her womb. Ben pours a huge load into her. When he is done he gets out of her womb and then pussy and lies down.

Becky comes over with his pills and water. He takes them and then drinks a couple of bottles of Ensure. Dana asks why is he drinking the Ensure. “It helps with the libido baby. Time to get BIG FELLA hard again” Ben tells her as she smiles and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Gina, Peggy, Mira, Harper, Marsha, Julie, her sister Dana and Rose and her daughters come into the pool room and swim and watch Ben and Dana. “Master sure does have a beautiful cock, Don't you think Rose?” Peggy asks.

“Master is very handsome, like a Greek God” Rose says. “Well he is going to have a bronze statue out front in a couple of months” Nevaeh says as she comes into the room.
Dana has gotten Ben hard and starts to ride him as the girls play in the pool. James, Karl Jr., Ray and Freddie come into the pool area. Lauren and Troi take James to a lounge chair and start sucking on his cock. Peggy and Gina take Karl Jr. and suck on his cock and Ray has Marsha and Julie sucking on his cock and balls.

“So do you guys like being a member of the family” Ben asks and they all shake their head yes. Cecil comes in from the outside shower having just completed some yard work. Rose and Mira come over to him and take care of him.

Ben pounds Dana's pussy and flips her over and pushes past her cervix and pumps his load into her. Next up is Leyla and he makes love to her for a couple of hours as James, Karl, Ray, Freddie and James pound the ladies asses. Ben takes Lili next and finally gets to Lidalila. Ben falls asleep after he finishes with her. They let him sleep until dinnertime. When he is finally awake Bill is sitting next to him. Ben looks over and Bill says “You have a rough life, Ben. So many women and so little time to make love to each of them”.

“That is why I have you guys around to take the load off of me”. Reanna comes down to the pool area and tells everyone that dinner is ready. Ben gets up and comes over to Reanna and rubs her pregnant belly and asks her if she has decided on names for their baby girls. “I have Master, I like the names Montana Rachel, Morgan Sarah, Moriah Samantha. How do you like these names?”.

“They are very beautiful like their mother. I can't wait until July. Are you excited about your wedding in August?” Ben asks her. She says she is as they head to the dinning room. After dinner Ben calls Jamal and Steve about the trip in two days.

Ben takes Rose and Mira into the den and asks them to inform the police in their hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts that you have moved out-of-state, and that you are going to have movers at your house to pack your belongings and deliver them to you. I have the names of the movers and their picture identification. After you call the police I want you to call your neighbors that you are friendly with and tell them that you have moved to Alabama.

Ben uses his phone to call Omar and give him the addresses of Rose and Mira and asks them to go move there belongings down here to the estate. Mira tells Ben that the police want the documents faxed to them along with a sworn affidavit that they are who they say they are. Ben tells her to asks if a judges signature and a picture with fingerprints are satisfactory. The police agree and then Rose calls the police in her hometown of Palmer. After they are finished talking to the police and their neighbors Ben tells them that tomorrow they will go see a judge friend of his to get the affidavit signed and their fingerprints done at the local police station that Paula, Stephanie and Sally work at.

“Master, We don't have any clothes” Mira tells him. “You can borrow a dress from Janet, Hanna, Missy or Rebecca. We will go dress shopping tomorrow after we get the documents signed. I need to pickup a few things at the store also. Will that do?” Ben says. “Go shopping, yeah I am all-in for that, Master” Rose says with a smile.
What do you think, Mira? You are in need of a few outfits for our trip to Chicago” Ben says. Mira comes over and kisses him. “You really do know how to treat a lady, Master” Mira tells him in between kisses. “I will have Becky come with us. She has impeccable taste in clothes and she knows the shops and the salesladies. Oh, and when we are away from the estate call me Ben not Master. We do not want to raise suspicions, especially when we are not in my town” Ben tells them. They leave the den and go to the living room and relax for a minute until Ben is attacked by Gina, Julia, Mandy, Zoe and Zoey.

“Master, thank you for taking in my friends” Mandy says as she gets in between Ben's legs. Mandy starts sucking on BIG FELLA as Zoe and Zoey kiss him. “Ben, what does a girl have to do to become your slave. I want to have you inside of me, I want to take care of your needs like Mandy and Abigail. And all your other women” Zoe asks. “All you have to do is asks and have a clean HIV/STD certificate if you are not a virgin. The family must be protected at all times” Ben tells her. Zoe and Zoey both tell Ben that they aren't virgins anymore but always used protection when they had sex with their boyfriends who had small cocks.

“Most guys have small cocks compared to our Master” Julia says. “All of the men here have larger than average cocks and you can have sex with any of them as long as they wear a rubber while having vaginal sex if they are not sterile. They guys know it is up to you ladies to say yes or no. You ladies out number the men here twenty-two to one so take it easy on them” Ben tells the girls.

That gives Ben an idea. He might as well have all the men on the vitamins and supplements that he takes. Ben reminds himself he will have to call Doctor Reynolds and have him call in preions for all the guys.

Ben then grunts as he starts to cum down Mandy's throat. Mandy takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and Julia takes over sucking on BIG FELLA. “Master, why don't I take Zoe and Zoey up to Nadia and have her do a blood test on them” Mandy asks him. Gina is kisses him as Mandy asks her question and Ben gives her a thumbs up. Mandy gets up and takes her girlfriends to Nadia's room.

Julia takes her time with BIG FELLA sucking and licking on him. She takes BIG FELLA down her throat and starts squeezing with her throat muscles. “Damn, baby that feels so good. Keep that up” Ben tells Julia as she does while she slides BIG FELLA up and down in her throat. Just as Mandy comes back Julia gets Ben to climax down her throat.

Mandy has Ben's pills with her as she gives him her friends clean certificates. “Do you two really want to be my slaves? Has Mandy told you about the requirements?” Ben asks them. They both say yes to both questions.

Ben has Zoe suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard while he takes his pills. Once he is hard he puts Zoe on her back and pushes BIG FELLA deep in her wet pussy. Zoe moans and groans as Ben pushes in and out working BIG FELLA all the way to her cervix. “AHH, I knew you were huge Master, but I did not know it would make me feel so full” Zoe moans as Ben pounds her cervix. “Zoe, Master always finishes in his slaves wombs” Mandy tells her as Ben reams her out.

Margaret comes in the room with Zoe's twin sisters Leah and Layla. They hear Zoe moan out her pleasure to her new Master screaming out his name and claiming that she is his. “I was wondering how long it would take for them to succumb to your charms, Master” Margaret says with a smile.

“Are you two virgins” Ben asks looking up at them. “I am, but not for long” Leah says and Layla agrees with her twin. Ben then breaks through Zoe's cervix and starts pumping her womb. He takes thirty minutes of pumping her womb before he pours his seed into her. Once he is done he exits her womb and pussy with the usual pop. Ben lies down on his back and tells Zoey to suck him hard. She does as told.

“Leah, come over here and straddle my face as your sister sucks me hard and rides BIG FELLA” Ben tells her. She jumps and says “Yes, Master!”. Ben sucks Leah to ten orgasms and drinks all of her virgin slaves. When Leah comes down from her final orgasm Ben has Layla straddle his face and he gives her ten orgasms before he is ready to climax in her sisters womb.

After Layla comes down from her orgasm, Ben rolls Zoey over and pounds her cervix into submission and begins pouring his seed inside of her. When he is done Ben gets out of her and gets up. He tells everyone good night and takes Zoe, Zoey, Leah, Layla with him to their room. One the way out of the room he sees Becky and tells her that he is taking the new girls to their bedroom to make love with them. He tells her that he needs her to go with him in the morning with Mira and Rose. She needs to find them something decent to wear in the morning.

Becky smiles and says “Yes, Master. Welcome to the family girls. I guess tomorrow you will get your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos”. All the girls smile and respond with “Yes, Mistress Becky”. Ben takes the four girls to their bedrooms and he makes love to Leah first then Layla. When he is done popping their tight virgin pussies he takes both of them to the shower and cleans the blood off of their pussies and takes them into Zoe's bedroom and he sleeps with all four girls. In the morning Becky comes around and gives Ben his pills and takes the girls to get their tattoos on their lower backs.

Ben goes and takes a shower and meets the three ladies at the front door. Becky has picked out very nice outfits for Mira and Rose to where. They head to town and go see the judge. She is in between sessions and her clerk lets them in.

“Mr. Barnes is here to see you your honor” the clerk declares as Ben, Becky, Mira and Rose enter her chambers. The judge tells him very good and to leave them. Once the door is close the Judge says to Ben, “It has been too long since I have seen you, get your ass over here Master” she says as Ben walks around the desk. The Judge unzips Ben and takes BIG FELLA out of his confines.

“What brings you to my chambers today, Ben?” the Judge asks as she strokes BIG FELLA. “I need two affidavits signed for my two new slaves here Rose and Mira. I am having my movers sent up to where they use to live to pack their stuff and move it down here. The local law enforcement wants proof of who they are and that is where the affidavits comes in play” Ben tells her.

“OK, I will sign a couple of affidavits on one condition” the Judge says. “OK, if you must” Ben says as he looks at his three ladies. Becky already knows about the Judge, Mira and Rose are dumbfounded as they see the Judge deep throat BIG FELLA. She bobs up and down on BIG FELLA for about thirty-five minutes before Ben erupts into her stomach.

“Master, that was great. I want you to get me pregnant before I am too old to have children” the Judge tells Ben once she has taken BIG FELLA out of her mouth. The Judge writes to affidavits for Rose and Mira and has the notary public come in and notarize her signature. After the notary leaves Ben kisses the Judge and tells her to come buy the mansion when she is ovulating and he will put three or four loads in her.

The leave and go see Stephanie at the police station to have their fingerprints taken. Once that is done. Ben takes the girls shopping for clothes for the two of them and their girls. Ben knows the girls are going to be a while so he goes shopping for jewelry.

At the jewelry store Ben buys 50 sets of sapphire with diamond earrings, matching necklaces and bracelets. He buys 55 sets of emerald with diamond earrings, matching necklaces and bracelets. Ben buys 15 sets of black tourmaline with diamond earrings, matching necklaces and bracelets. He also buys 10 sets of pink morganite with diamond earrings, matching necklaces and bracelets. Ben buys 120 diamond engagement rings and wedding bands for his new slaves. When Ben is done shopping for jewelry he goes and finds the ladies still shopping. He waits for them for two hours as they shop.

When they are done they come over and kiss Ben. Ben takes them home and before they get out of the car Ben gives Mira and Rose their diamond rings and engagement rings. “Ladies, I am only allowed to marry Becky. But I treat all my women as my wives. I will love you and cherish you for the rest of our lives. Don't worry we can get them re-sized if they don't fit perfectly” Ben tells them as he gives each one their rings. He gives them their earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Ben spends the rest of the day taking the rings and jewelry around to his new slaves. Ben gets attacked each time. Becky witnesses Ben giving some of Saffron's girls their rings and jewelry and attack Ben. “Master, what do you expect to happen when you give a woman a ring and jewelry. Every woman loves jewelry” Becky tells him as she witnesses Ben getting kissed and loved on.

That night Ben makes love to Eun and her girls before getting up in the morning to get ready for his trip to Chicago with Mira. Ben goes and gets Mira and they take the bags to the airplane. Steve, Jamal and Sheila are there waiting for them. They board and head to Chicago.

When in the air, Ben asks Mira if she would like to join the mile high club. Mira is puzzled at that phrase and Ben tells he will show her. They go into the bedroom and Ben makes love to Mira, fast and hard. Ben makes her climax four times, loudly before he cums inside of her. Sheila knocks on the door when they are on approach to the regional airport outside of Chicago. Last time Ben was here was when he picked up Renee. This is a better occasion to come to Chicago.

When they arrive there is a stretch Hummer limousine waiting for them. The five of them head to the Drake Hotel on the Magnificent Mile in the heart of Chicago.

Ben has reserved the limousine for the whole weekend. They arrive and check-in and Ben tells Steve, Jamal and Sheila they are free to explore Chicago with the limousine. That they are going to order room service and spend the night in the suite. Ben and Mira head to the “Presidential & Princess Diana Suite” with the bellboy carrying their bags. The bellboy places the bags inside the suite and Ben gives him a 50 dollar bill.

Once the bellboy has left, Mira comes up to Ben and tells him the room is really beautiful. Ben and Mira relax in the room and talk for a while and eventually order dinner. They relax and watch a little television while they wait for room service. After their meal they take a nice hot bath together. While in the bathtub Ben asks Mira if she is looking forward to seeing her sisters-in-law again. She is and tells him she can't wait until she can introduce them to BIG FELLA.

“Master, I really like my jewelry and my time with you and how you treat me and my girls. You make me feel loved and cared for. I was very lonely when I was married to Phillip. He was never there and he wasn't very affectionate when he was there” Mira tells him.

“Mira, I am very sorry about how I took you and your children. This is my first time I ever took a woman or women by force. I don't like to do that, it wasn't the way I was brought up. I love my women and women in general” Ben tells her.

“Ben, it was wrong to make us pay for Phillip's harassment of you and the family. That being said I do believe that I will be happier with you than I was when I was with Phillip. I know Gina is totally infatuated with you. She radiates when she sees you” Mira tells her new Master, lover and baby daddy.

“Mira, I promise I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you and the girls. I do love you all and you are very special to me. Gina is extra special, she gave herself body and soul to me. I plan to keep her with me at all times after I bring your sisters-in-law into the family. You met Brianna, Harper, Sidney and Destiny right?” Ben asks, Mira says yes and he continues “they want me to invite their mothers and siblings to the mansion. They told me that they want them to be a part of the family. I will ask them but will not force them to be my slaves”.

Ben and Mira get out the large whirlpool tub and dry off. They head to the king size bed. Ben lays down and Mira starts working on BIG FELLA. Ben asks her to straddle his face while she attends to BIG FELLA. They are in the 69 position as Ben begins to suck on Mira's pussy that resembles a flower pedal. Mira takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Ben, “That asshole Phillip, OH MY GOD, I AM CUMMING.... never did …. this …. to me... he never sucked on my pussy”. After Ben has made Mira climax from cunnilingus he tells her, “Mira, I love sucking on my ladies pussy. I especially love sucking on virgin pussy. I made Gina climax one night twenty-five times”.

They make love ten times that night and in the morning Ben tells her that she has completed her vaginal training. “Master, not that I am complaining. But you already trained my pussy. I need training in my ass and my throat. Oh, by the way I am pregnant” Mira tells him. “I figured as much, Mira. Gina will be happy she will have a little brother or sister” Ben tells her.

“Master, with all the fertility drugs you gave us I will probably have multiple children. As will Gina and the rest of your new slaves” Mira says. “Are you okay with this?” Ben asks. “As the tattoo on my lower back states I am your property. My body is yours to do with as you choose” Mira tells him as she kisses him and starts stroking his cock.

“You ready for some breakfast?” Ben asks her as he picks up the phone. Mira smiles and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Ben puts down the phone and enjoys Mira's affections and attention to his cock. It takes Mira a half an hour to make BIG FELLA erupt down her throat. Ben pumps her stomach full of his seed. Mira takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and starts licking on the shaft and works on getting him hard again. Once he is hard again Mira smiles up at her Master.

Mira gets on top and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass, “OH Yeah that is where BIG FELLA belongs inside your woman's body. Damn he feels big in my ass” Mira tells her lover as she bounces up and down trying to get more of BIG FELLA into her ass. They make love for an hour before they get up and take a shower and get dressed. Ben has tickets for the Shedd Aquarium and then they will pick up Suzanne, Scarlet and Vince for a nice dinner at Morton's.

Ben and Mira go to the Aquarium with Jamal and Sheila. They do the sights in the Aquarium for hours until it is time to go get Phillip's sisters. They pull up to Vince and Suzanne's house, Ben gets out and holds out his hand for Mira they walk up to the door and knock.

Suzanne opens the door and welcomes Mira and Ben into her house. Mira and Suzanne talk for a couple of minutes as Scarlet gets ready upstairs. Vince comes in and looks over Ben, “I seem to be under dressed for the occasion. You must be Ben, Mira's new beau. I am Vince, Suzanne's husband”. Vince shakes Ben's hand. “Are you ready yet Scarlet, Mira's new boyfriend is down here and we are ready to go” Vince yells upstairs. Scarlet and Suzanne's girls come upstairs from the basement and Vince introduces his girls Valerie, Violet and Vanessa all with red hair and green eyes like their mother. All with what appears to be C size breasts that bounce as they come up and say hello to Ben. Next is Scarlet's triplet girls who have dirty blond hair and blue eyes like their mother. Linda, Lisa and Lorraine come bouncing over with smaller breast then their cousins.

They all giggle as the babysitter comes into the room. She is a college student that is a neighbor. Ben shakes her hand and gives her two hundred dollars for pizza and soda for dinner for the girls. “Are we ready to go, I have reservations for eight tonight?” Ben asks and the everybody says yes. They all pile into the stretch Hummer limousine.

They head to Morton's and have a great dinner and after dinner and before dessert Ben invites Scarlet, Suzanne and Vince back to his place for a nightcap. They have dessert and Vince tells Ben that he needs to get home to the children. Scarlet and Suzanne go back with Ben to the Drake Hotel.

When they get into the limousine Mira tells her sisters-in-law that Ben has rented the “Presidential & Princess Diana Suite” at the Drake. She tells them that is very luxurious and plush. The driver pulls up to the front door, Ben gets out with Mira, Suzanne and Scarlet. Ben tells the driver to take Vince back to his house. He tells Vince that he will drop the women off the next day.

While he rides back to his house Vince wonders if he made a mistake leaving his wife with a very large black male who has a very magnetic personality. When he gets home he gets a call from Suzanne telling him about the hotel room. She tells him that Ben got them their own room to stay in. He is a little relieved at hearing this. She tells him that Mira has invited them to brunch at the Drake. She tells him that the limousine will be there to pick them up at 9:30.

Ben gets up and excuses himself and goes to the bathroom. Suzanne and Scarlet can hear him pissing in the toilet and it sounds like there is a fire hose in the bathroom. They look at each other and smile. “Yes, Ben is very well-endowed. Very well-endowed” Mira says to them. When Ben comes back into the room Mira gets up and brings her Master over to where the ladies are sitting and kneels in front of him and unzips his pants and takes out BIG FELLA.

“Holy Shit, that thing is freaking huge. No wonder you are with Ben” Suzanne says. “That is by far the biggest cock I have ever seen” Scarlet tells them. “You have seen quite a few cocks in your time” Suzanne says in jest. The girls get on their knees and grab BIG FELLA. Suzanne strokes BIG FELLA, “Damn, I though Vince was big. You have at least five inches on him and two inches in girth”.

Suzanne and Scarlet take turns sucking on BIG FELLA while the other one licks on the shaft. “Can you see why I am no longer with Phillip? He had a little penis, only about 6” and very thin. He hardly fucked me with it anyway. When I met Ben and saw his cock, Phillip was history” Mira tells them as they lick and suck on BIG FELLA. Scarlet looks up at Mira and says she sees that Ben knows how to take care of her and that sex must be great with him.

“Ben has sex with me and all my girls. You will see on Monday when we go to his place” Mira says. “Mira honey, it is our place. Scarlet, Suzanne I know Mira and Gina would really love to have you come down and stay with us. We have enough room for all of you. I will offer this when the whole family is at the house” Ben tells them as they continue to work over BIG FELLA like two women that have been forced to be without cock for years.

Suzanne takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and Scarlet takes her place. When Suzanne recovers enough to speak she asks Mira, “You let Ben have sex with Gina and the other girls?”. “Hell yes, he is a terrific lover. Gina absolutely adores Ben. The other girls would probably tie Ben down and rape him if he did not make love to them on a regular basis” Mira tells them with a smile.

After about an hour Ben comes in Suzanne's mouth and then gives Scarlet a few shots of cum. When he is done he tells the ladies he is going to bed “alone” and that they are free to stay in the room and talk all night if they want. Ben goes to the bedroom and takes a shower and gets into and watches the ball game. After the game Mira comes into the room and lays down next to Ben. “Master, you made quite an impression on Suzanne and Scarlet” Mira says as she cuddles next to Ben. She strokes BIG FELLA as she lays her head on his chest. “Master, I believe they will make excellent slaves for you. The want to make love to you and have BIG FELLA stretching them out just like you do me” she tells him.

“I want to include the whole family, Vince also. Want to keep the family together. I hate emasculating men, but sometimes it is necessary to do” Ben says. “Like the case with Phillip, he is better off as Phyllis then he was as Phillip. Maybe he can be of some use now” Mira says. Mira strokes BIG FELLA until he is hard and then Mira gets on top of Ben. “I am horny Master, seeing you with Suzanne and Scarlet” Mira says as she lowers her pussy onto BIG FELLA. She bounces up and down for a good two hours before he explodes inside of her pussy. Making sure he does not go past her cervix.

When her Master is finished cuming Mira lays down on Ben's chest, “Master, I want to sleep with you still inside of me”. She drifts off to sleep with BIG FELLA still inside of her gaping spasming pussy. When they wake up Mira smiles at Ben and squeezes her PC muscles. “I love this feeling of waking up with BIG FELLA inside of me” Mira says as they look over at the clock and see it is already 8. They get up and take a shower and head out to the living room. There is a knock on the door and Mira answers the door, it is Scarlet and Suzanne.

Suzanne tells Mira that they have called Vince and he is going to bring them a change of clothes. They wait for Vince and the girls to arrive and they head downstairs to the restaurant for brunch. Ben asks the girls about their school and what they like to do. They all get to know each other, after brunch they all go back up to the suite and the girls say it is very elegant.

“Ben only goes first class. He knows no other way!” Mira tells them. “Marsha, Layla and all the girls are looking forward to seeing you guys again”. Vince and Ben talk, Ben asks Vince about his family. Vince tells him about his sister, Ida and her three girls. Also his brother and his boys. Ben tells Vince that he has a big family and that they all live happily on his property in Alabama. He says he will meet them all tomorrow.

“I have an idea, why don't we go shopping. I need to get Gina and the girls something while I am up here in Chicago. We can make a day of it and then drop you guys off at your house to pack tonight for the trip to Alabama. Mira, I assume you know your girls sizes right?” Ben says.

“Yes, Maaa.. Ben. I know my girls sizes. How about the others?” Mira asks. Ben tells her that he has a list. Ben and crew pile into the hummer limousine with Jamal and Sheila and go shopping. Ben buys all his girls a nice dresses and shoes, he buys a nice hat for his Becky. Vince sees Ben buying all this stuff and tells his wife that he must have a huge family. They shop for hours and then go out to dinner to a nice restaurant.

Vince asks Ben “You sure did buy a lot of dresses and shoes today Ben. You have a big family do you?”. “Yes, Vince really big. I enjoy my family and love them to death. I would do anything to protect my family” Ben tells him as Mira smiles and holds his hand. “Mr. Barnes is very protective of his family, friends and loved ones. You will see that tomorrow when you visit his place” Jamal interjects.

“Vince, I like my ladies to dress in the finest clothes and where nice jewelry when we are out” Ben tells him. They get back into the limousine and head back to Vince and Suzanne's house. Ben tells them that they will be back to pick them up around noon to go to Alabama.

They go back to the Drake Hotel and have a nightcap. “Master, do you think that Suzanne and Scarlet will make good slaves? Their girls are pretty also” Mira says as she strips and goes over and starts to take off Ben's clothes. “Yes, they seem very excited about seeing BIG FELLA and sucking on him last night. The girls are very pretty, I know they will enjoy it at the mansion, with the other girls there. Plenty to do at the mansion, with the two pools and the new volleyball and basketball courts, game and entertainment rooms” Ben says.

“Master, the mansion is very beautiful and luxurious. They will die when they see their rooms. They might be a little surprised by Phillip's transformation into Phyllis. I know Vince doesn't like him or her very much. Phillip has always been a pompous ass towards Vince and Scarlet's former husband Jerry” Mira tells him.

They go and take a nice hot bath together. Mira calls back home and Gina asks to talk to Ben. They talk and Ben gives her the phone back and smiles as they talk and tell her that they will be home around three tomorrow.

The next day they make one trip to the regional airport, dropping off Sheila, Steve and Jamal plus load the packages and luggage on to the plane. Mira and Ben then go and pick up Vince, Suzanne, Scarlet and their girls.

“You guys ready to go see where the girls and I live. I think you will like Ben's house” Mira asks her sisters-in-law. “Mira, honey. It is our house not my house” Ben corrects her. “Yes, we are ready to meet Ben's family and the see where you are living” Scarlet says as they load the limousine. They get to the airport and load the jet.

“This is Ben's plane. It is the smaller of his two planes” Mira says as they board. Sheila serves them all champagne as Steve tells them their flight time will be three hours. When they are close Ben calls to Steve and tells him to circle the mansion.

“This is our house” Mira says as they look out the windows. “You live in a hotel, Ben?” Scarlet asks. “No that is my mansion” Ben replies “You mean our mansion, Ben” Mira corrects him. Ben smiles as they land and circle around to the cars that are waiting for them. Ben takes them to the mansion in one vehicle as Jamal loads the packages and luggage in the other vehicles.

The circle the mansion as Ben describes the mansion. He tells them they have over 1000 rooms, two pools, volleyball and basketball courts, two living and dinning rooms, entertainment and game rooms. Each room has its own private bathroom. They get to the front door and see Nevaeh's sculpture of Ben. Suzanne and Scarlet's girls giggle as Mira says “The sculpture turned out great, don't you think Ben”. Ben shaking his head says yes.

They enter the front door and they see the portrait of Ben hanging in the foyer as Becky comes up to them naked as they day she was born. “Welcome to the mansion. I am Becky Barnes, Ben's wife” Becky says as she kisses Ben then Mira. Vince smiles at Becky and takes in her beautiful body and her tattoos. Mira undresses as Gina comes running into the room and jumps into Ben's arms screaming “Master is home, Master is home”. She kisses him repeatedly and starts undressing Ben.

Mira tells Scarlet, Suzanne and the girls “We are nudist in the mansion and on the grounds now that construction has been completed on the new rooms”. She is now naked and tells them they might as well take off their clothes. Marsha, Layla, Haley and Joanie come in and kiss their mother and go over and kiss their Master.

“I see you all have “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on your lower backs” Scarlet says. “Yes, we are all Master's slaves. Our bodies belong to him, and we could not be happier” Marsha tells her aunt. “We all have sex with Ben” Layla tells her aunt as she notices her uncle's cock, “Uncle Vince, you have a really nice cock. Master we need to get him tested so that I can get some of that”.

Now that Ben is completely naked Valerie looks over Ben's body. “That sculpture doesn't do you justice Ben” she tells him as she rubs her hands over his body.

“Ladies, we have two rules in this house. One, no hair below the neckline on any girl. Most of the guys have gotten their pubic hair removed like Ben. Second is that all the women are always naked in the house” Becky says as Tiffani comes into the foyer and asks them if they are all going to stand in the foyer or come into the mansion. She then goes over and very passionately kisses Mira. “Oh, and by the way. All us women are bi-sexual” Becky says as she introduces her mother.

Ben picks up his little kitten and leads everyone around the mansion showing them the whole mansion and eventually showing them their rooms. Each has their own separate room. The girls are ecstatic with the size of the rooms and the private bathrooms.

Ben tells Scarlet, Suzanne and Vince if they want to have sex with the family members that they will need to get their blood tested for HIV/STD's. He tells them that Nadia can do it and it takes only fifteen minutes. While Ben is alone with the three of them he tells them that he wants them to consider relocating to the mansion to be with Mira and the girls. He tells them that family is important to him and to the rest of the family. He tells Vince that he is free to have sex with any woman in the mansion, any woman who says yes after he gets his test done. Ben tells him he will need to wear a condom if he has sex with one of them in their pussies otherwise he can go bareback.

Vince tells Ben that he has had a vasectomy. Ben tells him that when he gets his test that Nadia will confirm that. He tells him that he will have Layla go with him so that she can get him off. “I don't need your decision today, tomorrow or the next day. Just consider my offer. I know that Vince is a mechanic, what do you two ladies do?” Ben asks them.

“I am in healthcare, a benefits administrator” Scarlet tells him. “I run a daycare business. I love children” Suzanne says. “Well you have come to the right place, Master has fathered 165 children. They are all under the age of three. I am pregnant now along with all my girls” Mira tells them. “Even Gina?” Suzanne says. Gina walks into the room and tells her aunts “Yes, I am pregnant with my Master's baby. Although I cannot get him inside me fully yet, I am still pregnant” Gina tells them.

Becky comes in with her shaving kit. “Alright ladies it is time to get rid of those bushes” she tells them as Vince smiles. “Vince has always wanted me to get rid of my pubic hair” Suzanne says. “Well seeing as though you are getting yours done I might as well get pubic hair shaved also” Vince says. Ben leaves and goes and checks in on the girls in their rooms. He goes and sees Valerie first.

“So do you like the room. If your parents decide to join the family and stay here you can change anything you want” Ben tells her. “It is a very nice room, Ben. It is very large. I have always shared a room with my sisters. It will be nice to have some privacy” Valerie says. She goes over and strokes BIG FELLA. “How big are you? You seem to be several inches bigger than my father who seems to have a nice cock” Valerie asks. “It is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide. Are you a virgin, Valerie?” Ben asks her. She looks down and says yes.

“Will you let me make you feel good? I know how to make you orgasm. Have you ever masturbated?” Ben asks her and she says yes. Ben puts her on the bed and spreads her legs and starts licking her slit. Ben licks her from her clit that is barely exposed to her anus and back he continues this until her clitoris is fully engorged. Ben then spreads her outer lips and starts licking and nibbling on her inner lips and then starts to suck on her tunnel which makes her cum hard. She pours her virgin cum into his mouth and Ben sucks it all down. Ben then starts stroking her hymen with his tongue. Ben makes her climax six times as her sisters come into the room and tell Ben that they want to try that.

Ben sucks on Valerie's pussy until she cums for the seventh time and then moves on to her sister Violet who is identical to Valerie. Ben makes her climax eight times and then her sister Vanessa eight times as Linda, Lisa and Lorraine come into the room. Ben makes each girl climax eight times each. Eventually Scarlet and Suzanne come into the room and watch Ben sucking on their girls pussy.

Ben lifts his head from Linda's pussy after she has climaxed and says that he loves virgin cum, and that nothing else taste as good. Mira comes in and sees that her Master is enjoying the girls. “Master is really good at cunnilingus, are you girls enjoying my Master” Mira asks. They all say “Hell yes”.

“I am ready to get my HIV/STD test done, how about you sis?” Scarlet asks and Suzanne says she is ready. Mira takes them to see Nadia along with Vince. Ben tells Mira to take Layla with them and that Vince knows why. The five of them make their way to Nadia's room to get their blood tested. Vince tells Nadia that he needs to get his cum tested for sperm. That he had a vasectomy a couple of years ago and that Ben wants confirmation.

Layla knows why she is there and proceeds to suck on her uncle's eleven inch cock. Nadia gives Layla a specimen cup to collect the ejaculate. It takes Layla only fifteen minutes to make her uncle climax. She gets him to pour his semen into the cup and then hands it to Nadia. Who has the results of their HIV/STD tests that all came back negative.

“Aunt Suzanne, I am going to take Vince here to my bed. I believe you might want to check in on Master” Layla says as she gets up and takes her uncle by his hand to her room. Suzanne and Scarlet go and find Ben still enjoying the virgin pussy of Lorraine.

“Have you had enough of those virgin pussies that you might like some more experienced lovers, Ben” Suzanne asks. Ben looks up covered in Lorraine's juices and asks them if their test came back favorable. They both say the did as Ben makes Lorraine climax again due to his efforts.

Ben then gets up and kisses Lorraine, Lisa and Linda and takes Suzanne to her bedroom where he lays her down on her bed. He spreads her legs and starts sucking on her pussy making her scream out loud. Scarlet comes into the room and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, once he is hard Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep into Suzanne's wet hot pussy.

“OH, MY GOD. YOU ARE HUGE” Suzanne screams out as Ben pumps her fast and hard. Meanwhile Vince is in Layla's room laying wood to her pussy. Ben leans over and tells Suzanne that he always climaxes inside his lovers wombs and begins his assault of her cervix. He pounds her for over an hour. Vince has finished with Layla and comes into the room and watches Ben taking his wife to heights of pleasure that he has never seen her experience before.

Ben pushes through her cervix and starts pumping her womb. He looks down at Suzanne and asks her if she has ever taken it up the ass. She says no, but Vince has always tried to get her to do that. Ben then rolls over putting Suzanne on top of him and then spreads her ass cheeks. “Vince would you do the honors of taking Suzanne's cherry” Ben asks. Vince smiles and strokes his cock trying to get it erect. Ben looks at Scarlet and she knows what to do.

She goes over and sucks on Vince's cock getting him hard. Once he is hard she takes him out of her mouth and tells him that he has a very nice cock. Vince then goes over and pushes his eleven inch cock into his wives ass making her scream out in pain and pleasure. “Slow the fuck down, Vince please”. Vince just smiles and slowly pulls out and pushes back into her after a while he builds up his speed. Vince and Ben begin to get their rhythm down as Suzanne continues to climax repeatedly. Vince is going to town on his wife's ass like he always wanted to do. Vince is the first to cum in his wife's ass and then Ben picks Suzanne up and puts her on her back with her legs above her head.

Ben starts jackhammering Suzanne as her eyes roll to the back of her head. She climaxes repeatedly coming down from one climax and going into another one right away. It takes Ben another thirty minutes before he pumps his extra-large load into her. When he is done cuming in her womb he exits her womb and lays down next to her. Ben asks her, “Are you on birth control?”. “No I am not, Master. Vince I want to stay and make love to Ben some more. I liked it when the both of you fucked me. I have never came that hard before” Suzanne says.

“I am glad you enjoyed it, Suzanne. So let me get this straight you want to be my slave. Your body will belong to me, for me to use however I like whenever I want” Ben asks her. “Yes, please Ben. Be my Master” is her reply to his delight. “What do you think of this Vince? You must come along also. You will be given rights to have sex with any willing slave, as long as they are willing” Ben asks him. “I can live with that” Vince says. Ben exits Suzanne's pussy.

“How about me, Ben? Don't I get some of this?” Scarlet says as she grabs BIG FELLA and strokes on him. She does not even wait for Ben to respond to take BIG FELLA into her mouth. Scarlet sucks on BIG FELLA as Vince looks over and asks “Ben, I guess you get that reaction a lot”. Bill walks buy the door and says to them “Every time he shows BIG FELLA to a new woman. They always fall over backwards to get it inside of them”. Ben just smiles as he enjoys Scarlet's throat.

Becky comes in and tells Ben that Alexis's water has just broken and is going into labor. Ben cums down Scarlet's throat and then gets up and heads to Nadia's room to witness the birth of their three daughters Daniela Claudia, Elsa Alileen, Eva Becky, all weighing around eight pounds. In comes her sister Alileen whose water just broke and she gives birth to three girls all weighing around seven pounds. Alileen names their girls Teresina Alexis, Trista Martha, Tia Michelle. He kisses his lovers and Martha. “You girls did really good job. Our babies are very beautiful just like their mothers.

Martha walks with Ben back to Scarlet's room, “Master, You know we all love you and care for you”. Ben looks at her and tells her that he knows that they all love him. “Master, you are only one man and you keep bringing all these women into the family. We don't want you to over indulge yourself and hurt yourself” Martha says. Ben stops walking turns to her and plants a deep passionate kiss on her lips and caresses her hip.

“Martha dear, I am just bringing Mira's extended family into the fold. I love you and all my girls the same” Ben tells her. “Some more than others but we can live with that. We know you have a special place in your heart for Peggy and now Gina. That is okay with all of us. We don't want you hurt or worn out” Martha tells him.

“Martha you can inform everybody that after I have made the offer to Brianna, Harper, Sydney and Destiny's family to be a part of the family I will not initiate any other offers to become members of the family. As you realize I cannot keep up with the women I have. I love you all and am here for all of you equally. You know you are free to have sex with the other men in the mansion” Ben tells her.

“Master, once you have had BIG FELLA all other men are all second fiddle” Martha says before dropping to her knees and sucking on BIG FELLA. Once he is hard they continue to walk to Scarlet's room. Scarlet is laying on the bed with her sister. “Are you ready for me?” Ben asks them.

Scarlet gets up and goes over to Ben “Master, I have been waiting for you. I see why Mira left my brother. You are a hundred times the man he is” she tells him as she kneels before he and sucks on his cock. Ben picks up Scarlet and puts her on her stomach on the bed. He spreads her legs and then pushes BIG FELLA deep into her wet pussy. Ben pounds on her cervix as Vince comes into the room.

Ben asks Vince to gag her with his cock. He tells Vince to let her suck on his cock while he pounds her cervix into submission. Ben pounds her into submission as Vince pushes his cock down her throat. It take Vince thirty minutes to climax this time, having already cum twice before in the past eight hours. After he has deposited his seed into his sisters-in-law's stomach Vince pulls out of Scarlet's mouth and then lays back with his wife. “Fuck I have wanted to face fuck Scarlet for as long as I have known you” Vince tells his wife.

“So you have wanted to fuck my sister all along” Suzanne says. “Actually, I always dreamed of a threesome with you and her. I love you both so much” Vince tells her. “I do believe this is the place where we can live out all our fantasies” Suzanne tells him.

“Tomorrow you and Scarlet here are going to get your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos. When I get done with Scarlet here you might want to tell your daughters that you are staying” Ben tells them. Suzanne tells him “Yes, Master” and all that Scarlet can do is nod in agreement as Ben continues his pounding of her cervix. It takes Ben two hours to finally break through her cervix and pump her womb full of his seed.

Ben rests and tells Vince that he will have Abigail pick him up the vitamins, supplements and a preion for Viagra that the family doctor will prescribe for him. “Once my girls see your cock you will be in high demand. I have found other men in this house hiding from some of the women. I should worn you about Renee and Reanna. Mother and daughter that will suck you balls dry. Trust me when I tell you to be careful with those two”.

When Ben is fully recovered from his days activities he exits Scarlet's pussy with a pop and tells the ladies, “Let's go tell the girls that you are staying here in Alabama. When my moving friends are back from Mira and Rose's houses I will send them to Chicago to pack up your stuff and bring it down here. I will tell you this I am very particular in how my women dress when we are outside of the mansion, but we will address that at another time”.

They go and tell the girls that they are staying and each one asks if they can have sex again with Ben. “I am Ben's slave and he is my Master. It is your decision whether you want to be his slave. You can have sex with him if you want. I can find no better man to take your virginity” Scarlet tells each of her girls as does Suzanne. Ben spends the night with Valerie, taking her cherries. In the morning he takes Suzanne, Scarlet and Valerie to get their tattoo's. Valerie getting the customary name on her upper left arm.

After they get their tattoos Ben takes Suzanne and Scarlet downstairs with Mira. “I have something to show you” Ben tells them as they descend the steps as Mira giggles. They go into the monitoring room and see Phyllis restrained in her chair.

“Suzanne, Scarlet here is your brother Phillip now Phyllis. I brought him here because he threatened the family. I made him a her at the request of his family. As you can see he or should I say she has breasts and a pussy. I have also taken away her vocal cords so that she cannot speak and spew her hateful remarks to her family. She cursed my beloved Gina several times. It took all I could do not to kill her on the spot” Ben tells them. They look over Phyllis and laugh, “We need to bring Vince down here he would love this. Phillip has always been a pompous ass. I see he finally got what he deserved” Suzanne says.

“So you don't mind that we have taken your brother and made him into your sister. We have taken his balls and testicles and given him a vagina instead?” Mira asks. “Not at all” Scarlet says. “Why don't you show Phyllis your backs” Ben tells Suzanne and Scarlet. They turn around and show Phyllis their backs and their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos. She starts to cry knowing there is no one else to come to his rescue now.

“Your demise is almost complete Phyllis” Ben says with a laugh as he takes the girls back upstairs. When they go back upstairs Ben takes them to the den and discusses Phyllis's next step.

“Phyllis has another month or two of hormone therapy. Mira and the girls had an idea of what would be a good permanent punishment for him. Put Phyllis in a sex booth and have her mouth permanently opened and ready for cock. Have her legs spread and her asshole ready for guys to gain access through another glory hole. What do you think of that?” Ben asks them. Mira looks at her sisters-in-law and all three laugh hysterically at the idea of what was once Phillip being taken over and over in his/her mouth and ass.

“I think it is a great idea, a good way to punish him. I always hated him, he was always mean to me and was very rude and nasty to Vince. Vince is a really nice guy and very loyal to me. Fuck Phillip or should I say Phyllis now” Suzanne says and Scarlet agrees with her.

“I need you to call back home and quit your jobs, take your children out of school and call the police and your neighbors and tell them that you have moved. I will have my mover friends go up to Chicago and pack your stuff in a week or two and bring the stuff down here. Tomorrow I will Emily permanently remove your hair below your neckline. No reason to keep shaving” Ben tells them.

“Are you going to take our daughter virginity?” Scarlet asks. “Only the ones that want to give it to me. I am more than happy to suck on their virgin pussies. They seemed to like that” Ben tells them. “Like it, they loved it. Valerie loved you taking her cherries. She told me it hurt at first but it got better once she was loosened up” Suzanne says. The four of them then go to the pool area and swim for a while. In comes Vince screaming, “Hide me, please this girls will not stop sucking on my cock. It really hurts when you shoot blanks”.

Vince dives into the pool as Reanna comes around the corner. “Where is he Master, where is the new guy with that nice eleven inch cock” Reanna asks. “Reanna he is in the pool hiding from you. Leave him alone, that is an order. You are fucking scaring him. It is his first day here and you already drained his balls” Ben says as he gets out of the pool. “GO back to your room and play with James. Now Reanna, shit you are going to scare Vince away” Ben tells her.

Ben picks up the phone and call Doctor Reynolds he asks him for a preion for Viagra and supplements for Vince. He then calls the pharmacy and asks Abigail to pick them up for him. Becky comes into the pool area with the bottles of vitamins and supplements Ben takes his and tells Vince to get out of the pool it is safe.

“Vince, these are the vitamins and supplements that I take to keep up with all these women. The supplements help produce semen and in my case sperm. The vitamins will help with the stamina you are going to need to take these four times a day for at least a year. I told you Reanna would drain your balls” Ben tells him.

“I was just walking down the hall and she grabbed me and through me on to the bed and began sucking on my cock. Fuck, I came six times before she drained me and kept sucking on my cock. It really fucking hurts shooting blanks. That is when I came in here screaming” Vince tells him.

“I need to put in RFID chips into you and your girls. This way I can track your whereabouts if you get kidnapped” Ben tells the three of them. Gina comes into the pool area and comes over to her Master. “Thanks for inviting my cousins to join the family. I saw Uncle Vince enjoying Reanna” Gina says giggling. “Very funny, Gina. You could have at least come in and pulled her off” Vince says. “You need some of Master's pills” Gina says as she pulls Ben back into the pool. “I see you two love my Master” Gina says to Suzanne and Scarlet. “You mean our Master” Scarlet says as she kisses her and then her Master.

“You have it really rough, Ben. All these women to love you and take care of you” Bill says as he comes into the room and see Ben with three women and gets into the hot tub. “You keep that shit up and I will sick Reanna and Renee on your ass, Bill” Ben tells him. “I sorry, Ben. Please don't do that. I do not have enough fluids in me for either one of them much less both of them. Have you had a chance to meet the two, Vince?”

“Yes, Reanna. She drained my balls” Vince says as Bill laughs “She will do that to a guy. Thank God for James”.

“James is the only man who can keep up with that vixen. They are going to be married this August after she gives birth to my children” Ben tells them as Gina has gotten BIG FELLA hard and starts bouncing up and down on him getting six inches of BIG FELLA into her young pussy. Ben erupts in little Gina's sweet tight pussy as Martha comes in and tells everyone that Candy and Cynthia are going into labor.

Ben gets out of the pool with Gina, dries off and heads to the birthing suite to witness the birth of more of his children. Candy is the first to give birth to quintuplet girls she names Fiorella Megan, Fiorenza Tina, Flavia Maria, Florentina Tiffani, Florenza Jenny all weighing around six pounds. Her sister Cynthia is the next to give birth to her sextuplet girls she names Chantal Candy, Berangaria Camalla, Denise Monique, Denisha Penelope, Danika Jennifer, Emanuele Mandy all weighing around 6 pounds.

After Cynthia has given birth to her last baby girl, Monique comes in and tells Nadia her water has broken and proceeds to give birth to her sextuplet girls she names Maryvonne Bethany, Mateja Becky, Mathilda Laurie, Maurina Lauren, Maurine Joy, Mavis Jessica weighing six pounds each.

Ben sitting there with his little Gina and Peggy is crying like a baby, deliriously happy. “Ladies, you have made me extremely happy. Adding seventeen beautiful baby girls to our family. I love you with all my heart” he tells them before getting up and kissing each mother and all of his babies. “Master, you have your large happy family” Peggy says. Ben rubs her belly and responds “Yes, I do and look forward to seeing our baby or babies being born in October. What do you think of the names of the babies, Peggy? I love them” Ben asks.

“I like them Danika and Denisha and them all. They are all beautiful like my sisters” Peggy says as she kisses her sister slaves. Gina comes over and looks at the newborn babies and smiles and tells the mothers that they are all very beautiful. All fair-skinned looking like their mothers.

Ben kisses the baby mommas and tells them to rest now and he will check on them later. Ben takes his two little lovers to the master suite. It is the first time he has been in his bedroom in over a week. He takes them into his large bathroom and draws a hot bath and then gets in it with them.

“In a couple of weeks I plan on visiting Harper, Brianna, Destiny and Sydney's families and I am going to bring the two of you along with me. I want to keep you two close to me wherever I go. Is that acceptable to you two?” Ben asks them. They smile and say in unison “Yes, Master”.

They soak for a while and talk about Reanna and Nikki's wedding. “Girls, have you ever been to Disney World or Orlando?” Ben asks them. They both say no. “I was thinking about taking the family after Christmas. With the numbers we have swelled to I think I need to book rooms very soon. Would you two like to spend a couple of weeks down there in the parks?” Ben asks.

“Yes, Master that sounds exciting” Peggy says and Gina agrees. “Let us keep this to ourselves. I want it to be a surprise” Ben tells them. In the morning Ben discusses the topic with Becky alone and she approves. Ben then makes arrangements for 325 family members and friends, 16 maids and two hundred babies. Ben calls his travel agent and asks her to work on getting the whole family into the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa for three weeks.

Ben brings Mira her girls, Vince, Suzanne and Scarlet to the den and asks them “It is time to decide on what we should do with Phyllis. When her treatment is done. I have some suggestions already that we should send her to a brothel in Singapore or Tijuana. Do we have any other suggestions?”

“Maybe we should have her service men a little closer to the mansion. Say a local sex shop so we can monitor her and poke fun at her from time to time” Vince says.

“I like the idea of keeping her close so that we can observe and torment her from time to time. Seeing as though she has no teeth or hands there is no way to identify who she is. She cannot speak so that aids in our keeping her identity a secret” Suzanne says.

“Master, can we think on it some more?” Scarlet asks. “Sure, she has some more doses of estrogen to go through before she is completed her transformation. I like the idea of building a box around her with her head strapped to it and a glory hole put in and have her mouth permanently opened to receive cock. Another hole put in the other side for access to her ass. I am going to spend the next couple of weeks training you two and your daughters along with Nevaeh and her daughters” Ben tells them.

Ben then goes to Valerie's room and tells her it is time to start her training. He informs her that he is going to train her in her pussy, ass and then her throat. He tells her that he is going to fuck her ten times in a row without interruption in her pussy, then take a break and do the same thing in her ass. Finally she is going to give him twenty blow jobs in a row without interruption. He says the same thing at the beginning of each of his training sessions with fifteen trainees. Melena and Tamara he does not train their pussies seeing as though they are only eleven and he wants to keep them virgins.

It takes Ben two months to complete the training. Only stopping to witness the birth of his children by Jane, Kelly, Jess, Randee, Jay-Tee, Joyce, Amber, Bea, Jayne and Evelyn. They give birth to forty more mostly girls with only four boys being born. All thirteen women are pregnant by the time he is completed their training.

Ben fucks Valerie's pussy first beginning slowly and then really pounding her hard and fast. It takes Ben sixteen hours to train Valerie's pussy. When he is done her womb is fully-loaded with cum and is very bloated. Ben has made her climax over fifty times. He rests with her after inserting BIG FELLA into her rectum, Ben tells her it will help her get adjusted to his girth. They sleep for ten hours the whole time BIG FELLA is securely inserted in Valerie's ass. Becky, Tiffani, Peggy, Laurie and Brooklyn assist Ben with his vitamins and supplements. They make sure both trainer and trainee are well nourished and do not dehydrate. When they get up they take a shower and eat a complete meal and then start the anal training. It takes Ben 20 hours to complete Valerie's anal training and then they rest. Finally Valerie completes her oral training.

When Valerie is done Becky takes her to get her tattooed. Queen of Spades tattoo on her mound and back of the neck. “Excellent Cocksucker” tattoo on her hip. Ben does this same routine with the other 13 ladies.

Tamara and Melena are anal and oral trained only. Ben also sucks their virgin pussies. When he is done with all the training Ben tells Mira, Scarlet and Suzanne that he is going to rest for three days and then they will make a decision about Phyllis.

Ben spends part of his rest period with his daughter Nikki and Karl Jr. They have decided along with Reanna and James to have a double ceremony on the estate. With just the family and friends. Ben asks Cecil to work with the ladies on the flowers and plants. Ben asks his Judge friend to officiate the wedding which she is very happy to do.

Nikki and Reanna decide on the Labor Day weekend to get married. Ben has already decided to give Nikki the “little mansion” and asks Becky, Renee and Tiffani what he should give Reanna and James for a wedding gift. Ben asks if they want to live on their own in a separate house. Renee doesn't think that Reanna would be happy leaving the family. They think on it for a while and Ben goes and checks on Phyllis. Nadia has taken up the administering of her hormone therapy. Phyllis is completely broken and very obedient.

Her breasts have grown to a nice full c cup size as Ben admires his handy work. He puts a collar around Phyllis's neck and attaches a chain to it and pulls her along behind him. She has her urethra clamped off and a very large anal plug firmly lodged in her ass. Ben leads Phyllis around the mansion and introduces her to the family members after the introduction they all laugh at her. Steven Taylor and Kyle are both thankful they are not him or her.

Ben tells them “You better behave and do as you are told or this could happen to you”. They both tell Ben “Yes, Master we will do as we are told. We will obey our Mistresses and our Masters” with their heads down. When he has finished leading Phyllis around the mansion and introducing her to everyone he brings her to where her family is assembled and asks the question of them, “So what do we do with her?”.

“Master, we think you should put her in a box with glory holes for her to give men blow jobs and get fucked in the ass. She should first be sent to the local adult bookstore to perform this task, maybe for six months and then ship her off to Singapore or Thailand” Mira says. Ben asks the others if they agree and they all do.

Gina comes over and slaps Phyllis in the face, kicks her in the groin and beats her breasts. “You are a worthless piece of crap, Phyllis. You were a terrible father and hopefully you will be a better cocksucker. One good thing you did was piss Master off enough to take us and makes us his. I am carrying his babies as are the rest of the family. We are all pregnant with his children and are going to give birth to his children many times. We are his, body and soul”.

What she doesn't know is that they are all going to give birth to one hundred and fifty-three babies this time. With a lot more babies to come. Ben has a box built for Phyllis to live in for the rest of her miserable life. They make sure that she can swallow a cock in her mouth glory hole by using one of the dildos made from a mold of BIG FELLA.

Jay-Tee has an idea of using the fucking machine on Phyllis for a week to break her in. Phyllis cries as she is being sodomized for a week. Once this is completed she is permanently sealed into her box that has air holes in the top. She is strapped to the glory holes so that she cannot avoid the cocks that are coming at her. Once she is completely encased Ben calls his friend at the adult bookstore and tells him that his fuck slave is ready.

When Phyllis is securely positioned in the back of the store a sign is attached to the front of the box that reads “$15 for blow job, $25 for ass-fuck”. The owner calls Ben in a week and tells him that Phyllis is a hit. He has made over $2,500 on her already.

Ben tells the family this as Becky comes in with a large envelope that came in from the Cayman Islands. Ben goes into the Den with Becky and they discover that Ben's wealth has increased by another seventy-five billion dollars. Becky has made 650 million on her accounts. Ben has bank books for all the new slaves with five million in each of their accounts.

At dinner he hands them out to each of his slaves and tells them to open them only after he has given them all out. “Master, this says I have five million dollars in a Cayman Bank” Mira asks. “Yes, you all are millionaires as are all my slaves. You do not have to stay here if you do not want to, you can now afford to live comfortably anywhere you want. You are free to decide one way or another” Ben tells them all.

Mira looks around to the new slaves that just got their bank books and they all nod to her, “We do not want these bank accounts. We want to be with you and raise our children with the family” Mira says and they all agree.

Ben has the maids bring in champagne for everyone, the pregnant ladies just take a sip after Ben toasts the family. He tells them all he loves them all.

Next up in Chapter 21 ....

Cayman Island Girl's Family Reunions and a couple of Weddings

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