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This is a story of my life as a horny 13 year old boy...
Hi, my name is Brian. I was a pretty horny boy. When I was 12 I walked in on my dad in the bathroom and I saw his cock. It seemed so much bigger than mine. I wanted to see more so I searched it and gay porn popped up. It was so hot and I started to jack off to it and I would cum on my computer screen at night and I would lick it off and I loved how good it tasted!!! I would also look up pics of guys from my school on Facebook and kiss the picture of them and boy did that make me get a rock hard dick, I mean it was humongous at my age with a stunning 2 3/4 inches!!! I was also one of the few students who actually enjoyed school because I'd love to stare at the boys and the man teachers. This was about the time in my life when I was figuring out I was gay. My favorite class was mr. Brothers class because he was so fucking hot and he let you sit anywhere you want so I would always sit by myself in the corner of the classroom and I would stroke my cock and slide a pencil up my ass looking at the athletic kids and mr. Brothers. I also loved PE because we got to get undressed in the locker room and I would get so fucking hard so one day I had a plan. It was actually pretty genius. I was gonna stick my boner out the whole in my boxers so when I pull down my pants my bulging hard cock would poke out and everybody would see it. The next day I did it but it did not go over so well and the kids told our principal and I ended up getting expelled and went to juvy for a month. When I changed schools it was not a very good school. It was in a very bad part of town where there was lots of crime and hookers. One day when I was walking home a Honda civic pulled up next to me and to my surprise it was me. Brothers! I was already getting hard seeing him. He offered me a ride home and it was pretty cold so I got in his car and he grabbed my hand and said I need you!!! Your so fucking hot!!! And I told him how hot he was and how much I wanted his cock. He asked if I masterbuated and I told him I did it atleast 4 times a day. He said he wanted to see my cock so I pulled it out and started stroking it. After 5 minutes we pulled up to a house that was definitely not mine. This isn't my house I told him. I know he told me. I'll take you home soon. I was nervous but very excited we walked in and then he shoved me on his bed and pulled out hiis cock and shoved it in my mouth I started to suck his 8 inch cock and deep throated it and it was amazing!!!!! After 10 minutes he told me he was about to cum and before you knew it roped after ropes of cum were shooting down my throat. Then he wanted to suck my cock and put it in his wet mouth and his mouth felt so good around my dick. After 5 minutes my cum was shooting into his mouth. He told me to bend the fuck over so I did nervously and then I felt his wet head of his dick rub across my asshole and it shocked me. Then he slowly pushed it in and then started ramming me. I was screaming so loud and it felt so good and then he screamed back at me to shut the fuck and cupped his hand over my mouth. Then I felt nice sticky cum go all over in my ass and I loved it!!! He said he wanted to fuck again and said I could walk home and he wasn't going to drive me. I went to grab my clothes but then he told me I couldn't have them back and I would have to walk home n naked with cum all over my face. He also said if I told anyone about what happened he would kill me and my parents. So I walked home and snuck inside and jacked off to gay porn and went to bed. So to this day me and mr. Brothers still fuck each other. The last thing I did before I turned 14 and got through puberty was test out my little brother Jim. We was a cute 5 year old with brown hair and very hot. When he was taking his bath I walked in naked with a rock hard cock and told him to suck it so he nervously did and I remember how much I loved to shoot cum on him in the bath tub and shovel cock up his ass and he told me he liked it too. So besides fucking mr. Brothers me and my now adult brother fuck each other just like we've been doing for years but now he sometimes fucks me and he ended up having a bigger cock than me at 6 1/4 inches. So thank you for reading my story about me as a horny 12-14 year old boy and you guys can comment your stories and share them and send pictures of your cock. I sure hope you enjoyed and only guys send their numbers and pics if their ass cock and balls. If love to see more pictures and get more numbers because its always great to have more fuck buddies because sometimes your other fuck buddies are out of town. In also in the mood for dating and maybe get married if you wanna take it to te next level.
A little more information about me: kik:coolguy12531 I send dick pics and I will do role play about rape and fantasy sex. I am welcome for you to send pics of your big cocks and tight asses and mouths that may be around my duck soon who knows ;).

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2014-04-08 18:27:31
You need writing skills that are not evident here. Tags are provided for a reason. USE THEM!

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2014-03-19 00:54:19
I respect your opinion but for this story I wrote it on an iPod and I find it hard to type a whole story on it. I plan on writing more stories and working harder on them. But I hope ou still enjoyed the events that took place in the story. H e a good day!

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2014-03-18 13:33:12
Poorly written. You should stay in school and concentrate on writing.
You need a lot more work on your spelling, capitalization and sentence structure . Prior to posting, be sure to have your story proof-read by a literate friend.


2014-03-16 10:26:23
Guys, be sure to comment what you think. :) the more feedback I get, the more likely I'll write a part 2 of this story because I didn't say everything I did... ;)

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