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This is not a finished work. It still needs to be fleshed out, and is not very deive. I just wanted to see what people thought so far.
I was walking through the Walmart parking lot, my mother’s preion in hand. It was so busy when I got here, I had to park way in the back, practically in the office depot parking lot. I remembered being frustrated on the walked into the store that I had to cross the gigantic black top in 110 degree weather. I was wearing a button up dress that went down to my knees, but even that felt like too much in this heat. They had taken so long to get the preion ready that by the time I was leaving, the parking lot was half empty, but it seemed to make the heat all the more intense.
Nervously, I walked to my car, keys in hand. I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around, no one was there. As I got to my car, I saw a man leaning against the driver side door. He was somewhat tall with dark hair. He had a suit on, and nice shoes. I turned around to go back inside the store, but he caught up to me. There was a rag over my face, and I passed out.
When I woke up, I was in the passenger seat of a van, the type that you can practically stand up in. The seat was reclined, so I was completely laying down, and I couldn’t see outside the windows. I tried to move my hands, but they were tied behind the seat. The bottom of the seat felt like it was completely duct taped, and I felt like I was sliding off of it. I tried to readjust myself to get to better a position, but soon realized that the seat had been cut in half, and only my butt could fit on the seat. I started to scream, but I was wearing a gag, and it came out muffled. The man that was leaning up against my car was in the driver seat.
My movements attracted his attention. Taking one hand off the wheel, he put a knife at my throat.
“You’re a pretty little slut aren’t you?”
I tried to scream at him, and tell him to let me go, but he cut me off before I even got started. He pressed his knife into the hollow of my neck just enough to draw blood.
“None of that now, or I will really cut you up. You understand little slut?”
Frightened I nodded my head.
He slowed down, and pulled into some place with gravel, I could hear it crunching beneath the tires. I could hear shouts, a few people cheering, and music.
“Spread your legs!”
I stared at the man frozen with fear. He took his knife and pressed it next to my breasts.
“I said spread your legs bitch.”
I hastily opened my legs.
He pushed my legs open as far as they could go, pressing my right leg against the door, and the left one next to the gear shift. My dress was riding up my legs, and for once, I wished I had decided to wear pants.
“I am going to leave for a minute, and when I get back, those legs better be right where I left them. No funny business either. If you cause any problems, I will kill you! Got it?”
I nodded my head. I felt tears running down my face. He rolled up all the windows, and locked the doors before he left. I tried to jimmy my hands, but there was no hope of getting them free. With the windows rolled up the car was getting unbearably hot, even though night had fallen. I could feel sweat rolling down my back, and down my legs. Just when I thought it couldn’t get hotter, the doors to the van opened.
My assailant on the driver side, and some drunk on the passenger. They both climbed in and shut the doors quickly, the drunk kneeling in front of me. I could smell the beer on him, and it was making me nauseous. He had a greedy look on his face.
“Here’s the deal,” my captor said to the man, “you finger fuck her until she comes, and you get your money.”
The drunk looked at me and lurched forward. He pushed up the skirt of my dress, and yanked down my panties. I tried to close my legs. I didn’t want this man touching me. The driver smacked me across the face so hard I saw stars.
“Open up your legs you little whore!”
I complied sobbing into my gag.
The drunk ran his hands along my thighs, and pushed one of his fingers into my pussy. I wasn’t aware that my body had been aroused, but his finger slid easily into my pussy.
“This bitch is already wet. She is just waiting for a man to fuck her.”
I turned my head away from the drunk in embarrassment and saw the driver stroking his member to the sight of me getting finger fucked.
The drunk quickly went from one, to two, to four fingers in my pussy. I had never had that much in there at once, and I found my body responding to it. The man started fucking me with his fingers faster and harder. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. Involuntarily, I moaned. I knew a climax was near.
“The whore really is enjoying this, isn’t she? I bet you just love my fingers in your filthy whore cunt.” the drunk slurred.
When I climaxed he wiped my juices on my legs with feigned disgust, took his money, and left.
The driver of the van leaned over, and pulled my panties back up, rubbing the crotch into my juices. He started the van, and started driving. Every once in a while he would rub my crotch, or squeeze my breasts, but for the most part, he concentrated on driving, while I cried.
We pulled into what I guessed was a parking lot, though most of the lamps were out. Again he left, warning me to keep my legs apart. I was starting to cramp from having my body in this position for so long.
Just like before, he came back with another man. This time, he seemed to be sober, and he had a black shopping bag in his hand.
“Fuck her however you want, but make sure you come on her not in her. Otherwise you don’t get paid.”
The second man just nodded. I was whimpering, but I don’t think they heard me. The man unbuttoned my dress and pulled down my panties unceremoniously. He pulled some objects out of his bag. The first was nipple clamps. I guess we were in a sex store parking lot. He pinched my nipples until they were standing erect, and then put the clamps on them. I tried to wriggle away from him, but my position didn’t allow for much movement. I then felt something at the entrance of my anus. I started to scream, but the man slapped me across the chest causing my nipples even more pain. He pushed the object into my virgin asshole. I was breathing very heavy, whimpering, and my head was spinning from all of the pain. I heard the telltale sound of a camera taking pictures from the driver seat. I turned to see him taking pictures with one hand and furiously stroking himself with the other.
In my distraction, I hadn’t noticed the man positioning himself to fuck me. He didn’t ease into it, he just started going full force
“God, she is so wet, and I haven’t even started yet. She really is a greedy whore, isn’t she?”
I didn’t want to enjoy this. I shouldn’t enjoy this, but my body was responding in ways that I didn’t think was possible. Before I knew it, I was moaning and meeting him thrust for thrust.
“You would think she wants a stranger fucking her.” the man said slamming into me even harder.
Both of our bodies were getting sweaty in the heat. Between the sweat and my fluids, the seat was getting slick causing me to slide back and forth, further aiding the man in fucking me. I felt myself climaxing, and hated myself for it. The man quickened his pace, slamming into me as hard as he could. My stomach was cramping from the abuse. Without warning he withdrew and came on my stomach. The hot sticky fluid gathered in my belly button. I wanted to wipe it off, but couldn’t. I turned my head to the van wall ashamed of what was happening to me. The man spat on my face, then took off the nipple clamps. The sudden rush of blood was more painful than when he put them on. I groaned from the pain.
“Filthy little slut, they all like it in the end.”
He removed the butt plug more forcefully than necessary, took his money and left.
The driver came to the passenger side of the van after the man left, taking pictures of my body, and pumping his load onto my stomach. When he was finished, he closed up my dress, and pulled up my panties, again soaking them with my fluids.
He started the car, drove wordlessly. He continued to rub my pussy through my panties, and pinch my nipples through my dress whenever he got the chance. It was not a long drive. When we parked, I could see a railroad bridge through the window. Unlike the other times, the man did not get out of the car, but sat and waited. Not long after we arrived, there was a knock on the driver side door. I could hear a stranger’s voice talking to the driver.
“You better have a good one for me, the last one was shit.”
“Trust me, she is prime fucking material.”
“She better be, otherwise the deal is off. She has been warmed up, right? I hate having to do all the hard work myself.”
“Yeah, I found a couple of guys to use her. Now hurry up and get your ass in here.”
The stranger got in the van carrying a small duffel bag. I started to cry. I couldn’t take any more. I tried to close my legs and turn away from the new stranger. The driver leaned over and pointed the knife at my crotch.
“You better open those slutty legs, or the next thing that fucks you is this knife.”
Reluctantly, I opened my legs. The stranger immediately ripped open my dress, popping the buttons off in the process. Next, he reached into the bag, pulling out a ball gag with chains attached to it. He took off my current gag and shoved the new one behind my teeth. Immediately I knew it wasn’t meant to block sound so much as make you drool. The chains, I found were attached to nipple clamps. He attached them causing me to holler in pain.
“See, we are already having fun.”
I tried turning my head to the side, but it caused my nipples more pain, so had to face forward. Next the stranger pulled out a dildo. It was huge, and I didn’t want it anywhere near me. Frightened, I started to beg. The man pulled out a knife and stuck it to my throat.
“Don’t speak unless I tell you to. Got it? Say yes sir.”
“..esth sssir” I said around my gag.
I was starting to drool now. He pulled down my underwear and inserted the dildo slowly into my pussy. I whimpered in pain. It was pushing me past my limits. Finally he pulled down his pants and showed me his dick. It was just as big, if not bigger than the dildo.
“Tell me you are a whore, and need me to fuck your ass with this fat cock”
I just stared at him, I could never say such a thing. He smacked me across the face, jerking my nipples. He turned on the dildo, an asked me again to say it.
I whimpered the words around my gag, hating myself for saying it. My pussy was wet by now, my juices running down to my asshole providing the only lubrication I would get. He positioned the head of his dick next to my asshole, and pushed the whole thing in, despite my screams. He turned up the dildo, and then started pounding into my ass. Each thrust causing me pain and pleasure. My breasts were bouncing with the force of his fucking, straining against the clamps that were holding them. Eventually my screams turned into moans. I tried to contain them, but I couldn’t help it. I orgasmed violently crying out. The stranger pulled out and smacked me.
“I never said you were allowed to come you selfish cunt!”
He took the dildo out of my pussy, and thrust it angrily into my ass. He then repositioned himself in front of my pussy and slammed in. I screamed in pain. He thrust as hard as he could into my pussy, intentionally trying to harm me. He went faster and faster until I was crying out in agony. I couldn’t feel the pleasure in this, I could only feel the pain. Finally he pulled out and shot his load all over my torso. Load after load, I had never seen so much cum.
“That will teach you whore.”
He tore off the clamps, and it felt like my nipples were being torn off with them. I cried out in pain. He slapped my breasts right across my nipples.
“Shut up whore, you know you enjoyed it.”
Turning to the driver, he started talking about their “deal”.
“One more fuck like this, and your debt is paid off. Send the video to me as soon as you get back to your little playhouse, I want something good to watch tonight. Oh, you can keep that dildo in her if you want. I don’t like to re-use them anyway.”
“Alright boss, whatever you say.”
I was so humiliated. I was just another object in their payment plan. My body covered in strangers’ cum, and the fact that that I came with them. I felt like I didn’t know my own body anymore.
The stranger jumped out of the van, slamming the door. The driver once again came to my side and pumped his load on my body. Picking up my underwear he shoved it in my pussy. They were moist from my juices. He also turned up the dildo in my ass before returning to his seat.
“Let’s get something straight you little cunt. From here on out, you call me sir. You answer any question directed to you with ‘Yes Sir’ unless you are asked specifically to say something else. You got that?”
“Yes sir” I gargled through my spit and gag.
“Good, now keep those legs open until we get home.”
The drive lasted somewhere around twenty minutes. Every minute that went by felt like an eternity. The pressure in my ass was becoming uncomfortable, and I could feel myself getting wet, the fluids seeping past the underwear in my pussy. The driver started rubbing my swollen labia and clitoris. I started to whimper. I was ashamed that I was finding pleasure in my predicament. I didn’t want these strangers touching me anymore.
I felt myself climax, soaking the underwear and causing the seat to be slimy with my cum. Humiliated, I turned my head to the side waiting for the driver to arrive wherever we were going.
Finally we pulled to a stop. The driver pulled my seat to an upright position, and untied my hands. As soon as they were free, he pushed me forward and cuffed my hands behind my back. He jumped out of the van and came around to open my door. He pulled me out of the van and onto my feet. My legs gave way, unable to support me. I fell into the dirt face first. He picked me up by the arm. As he lifted me up, I felt the dildo slide out of my asshole. I sighed with relief. In the dark he hadn’t noticed, and marched me to the door of a nice house.
Once in the house he pushed me into the middle of the living room facing four other men in the middle of playing some card game. Two were black and built like tanks. They were identical, I thought, maybe twins. The other two were white, and although muscular, not as much as the twins. One was skinnier with greying hair likely in his forties, and the other was a bit bigger and clearly in his twenties. As I was shoved to my knees, there was a chorus of lewd comments directed at me.
“Look at this little slut, she’s covered in filth” one of the twins said.
“Look at all that spunk, I guess this whore does a good job”
“Come suck me off you little bitch”
“I am going to fuck you in the ass until your slutty little mouth begs to come”
There was more, but I just looked at the floor. Tears streaming down my face.
“She needs a good cleaning first” My captor said. “Take her to the back yard and hose her down, I will get her room ready.”
The four men half dragged half carried me to the back yard. There were no fences, but there were no neighbors either, so I guess they didn’t need them. They threw me to the ground. I tried to stand up, but the older man pushed me back to my knees. The twins each had a hose, and started hosing me down. It might have been more uncomfortable if it weren’t for the fact that it was about ninety degrees outside. They cut off the remains of my dress and released my hands. They rubbed my body to get rid of the filth occasionally smacking my ass or pinching my nipples. When they were done, the young man put a collar and chain around my neck, and led me to the house.
Before letting me in, the man leading me shouted “Get on your hands and knees like the bitch you are!”
I complied. I noticed a lurch in my stomach when he called me a bitch. I felt my pussy getting wet again. This disturbed me. Once inside the air conditioning made me shiver. My nipples hardened at once making me blush. Here I was, completely naked, offering myself to five complete strangers. I didn’t know what to do, each one of them carried a gun on their hip, and I didn’t think I was escaping out here in the middle of nowhere.
The man partially dragged me to a room on the other end of the house. The room had linoleum floors, and all kinds of chains and straps on the wall. In the corner was a large dog kennel with straps attached to it and dog bowls next to it. There were a couple of sawhorses with boards leaning against them. Immediately, I knew this room was not meant to make me comfortable.
The young man pulled me to the center of the room attaching the chain to a metal ring on the floor forcing me to remain on all fours. The men surrounded me, the man who drove me in front of me.
“Look, her pussy’s already dripping, we haven’t even started yet” the man behind me joked.
I shook my head. I didn’t want them to think I enjoyed this. Tears sprang into my eyes as someone smacked my ass. The man in front of me moved to the back of me, removing my underwear from my pussy. I felt relieved now that it was gone. He walked in front of me, and shoved the panties in my face.
“Does the little slut want her panties in her mouth?”
I shook my head, trying to look away from them. I felt something smack across my wet ass, a belt maybe?
“I said, does the little slut want her panties in her mouth? Answer me you little whore”
I looked down, ashamed.
“Yes sir.” I managed through my gag.
He loosened the gag, and shoved the panties past it before tightening it back up. I could taste my arousal on them, and wanted to spit them out.
“That’s a good little whore, now put that ass in the air so we can fuck that wet little pussy of yours.”
Reluctantly I leaned forward. I had lost all dignity. I knew denying them would make it worse for me. I felt someone line their dick up to my pussy and push in. I looked back to see who it was, and saw that it was one of the twins. Immediately I was turned on, I had always wanted to do it with a black man. Immediately I was ashamed. I shouldn’t be enjoying this at all. I was brought here against my will, and they were fucking me.
I knelt there on the cold linoleum floor as the five men fucked me and came on my ass. Their cum slowly dribbling down my back. My gag sufficiently blocked out my moans, but my body still shuddered and tightened around their cocks with every orgasm.
When they were done, I was led to the back yard to be hosed off again. They made me kneel with my hands behind my head exposing my breasts, and my knees spread apart to expose my pussy. I was lead back through the house, again on all fours to the linoleum room. My hands were cuffed behind my back, and I was made to kneel facing the line of men.
“We’ve cleaned you off, now you clean us off.” The leader said.
He stepped forward, flaccid dick in hand.
“Do you want my dick in your whore mouth?”
“Yes sir” I replied, looking at the floor.
“Say it, beg me to put this cock in your slutty mouth”
Looking at the floor I whispered “Please put your cock in my slutty mouth sir”
And so he did. At first he asked me to lick it, cleaning my juices off of it, but as his dick grew, he started to face fuck me with it. He pushed his whole cock in my mouth, burrowing my nose in his pubic hair. I was having a hard time breathing. He pounded his member in my throat until I felt his balls contract, and he shot another load down my throat.
“You better swallow all of it, and lick me clean you filthy cunt”
I just nodded my head and did as I was told. Tears streaming down my face. The next four men were pretty much the same, each shooting their loads down my throat. It was harder for me to take the twins because their cocks were so big. I was so disgusted with myself, I wanted to throw up.
“With all this fucking, I bet you need to take a piss, don’t you slut?”
Now that he mentioned it, the need to pee was great. My eyes were watering with how much I needed to pee.
“Yes sir.”
“Well, let me show you to your rest room.”
He dragged me to the back yard.
“Come on bitch, if you gotta go, go.”
Ashamed I let go kneeling in the grass, hands still behind my back. The men laughed and spat on me while I released.
When I was done, they dragged me to the room again pulling my face to the floor, causing me to raise my ass in the air. I felt someone put a butt plug in my ass, making me to cry out in pain. It was bigger than the other man had used, and it was stretching me out. Once he got it in, he put a vibrating dildo in my pussy. Next they put clothes pins on my nipples, which hurt more than the nipple clamps earlier.
For a moment I just knelt there with my ass in the air groaning with the pain. Then, out of nowhere someone threw a bucket of water on me. I cried out in surprise. The men laughed as I shivered in front of them. I heard the sound of someone unbuckling a belt and pulling it out of their pants. Fear gripped me as I realized that they were going to beat me with the belt. I began to whimper. I didn’t think I could take any more.
I didn’t bother counting, but eventually I passed out. When I came to, I was still in the same position. There was only the young man there, holding the belt in his hand. He brought it down on my ass a few more times before he stopped and undid the clasp to the chain on my collar.
He removed my nipple clamps, dildo, and butt plug before unclasping my hands.
Grabbing me by the hair, he led me to the front porch. There was a porch swing on one side, and on the other side, a large dog bed. The young man pushed me onto the dog bed and chained one of my feet to the wall.
“When you are a good girl, you get to sleep in the dog kennel inside. That means you always answer our questions correctly, and you never resist us. If you do any of that, you sleep out here. When you sleep out here, you beg anyone who comes to the door to fuck you, even if it’s a woman or a Jehovah witness. If you are a really good girl, and make us really happy, you get to sleep with one of us.”
I just stared at the man as he got up and walked into the house. I heard the door lock, and his footsteps as he walked away.
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