My dog fulfills my needs
Hi guys! I'm 14 years old and I'm going to tell you a true story that makes me wet thinking about the event. My name is Miranda and I am tall, a cheerleader, very popular, nice delveloping breasts, a big ass, brown hair, and blue eyes, and I'm skinny. Anyways, I had just got home from school, it was a Friday night but I didn't have any plans. I opened the door and saw a note next to the couch. It read, " Miranda, me and your father have decided to go out tonight, we will be home around 12. Love you. - mom and dad." They left me alone a lot, but it didnt phase me. " max!" I shouted. Then I saw my cute jack Russell terrier run full speed into the living room. We sat on the couch while I pet him. "Whose a good boy?" I said and he licked my face. "Max, I'll be back, I'm gonna get comfortable." I walk to my room but I leave the door open. I grabbed a pair of black short shorts and apink tank top. I then flop down onto my bed. I then sit and stare at the wall. Then I took off my black short shorts and panties. I then begin to rub my clit. "Mmmmm..." I hum as I then began to finger my hole. I then arched my legs and lay on my back. I then begin to feel a great sensation on my pussy. I open my eyes and see max sniffing my clit. I kinda got frightened and I move back. But max follows. I then spread my legs even wider and motion his head to my pussy. He takes a moment to realize what I want him to do and then, het takes a big lick of me and I shiver. "Mmm, that feels good max,give me more!" I plead. He then answers by diving into my pussy. I moan and bounce my hips. The bed springs squeak and I keep bouncing my hips. "Oh, yeah, more max, yeah, your such a good boy, keep it up." I praise him.but just when I thought this was good, he found my clit. A loud moan comes from my mouth. I then press his head onto my clit and he begins to lick even faster and harder. Masterbaiting by myself was never this good. Then, a great sensation came over my body. I began shaking and moving. I then let out a giant moan. Cum shot out of my pussy and the dog licked even faster. I began having more and more intese orgasms. Finally, reaching an orgasm I'll never forget. Cum wouldn't stop coming out of my hole as my body shook as if I was having a spasm. I tried to stand up once it was over but I couldn't, my legs were too weak. "Oh max, your amazing." I pet the dog and he want to the back door telling me he had to pee. I hurried and regained strength, i put on my shorts and I went to the door. I then notice something amazing. A giant pit bull was in the yard. It was our neighbors, but they really didnt care much for it. I noticed his cock, and wow was it big. I wanted it. I opened the door and max ran out as I got the dog inside. I pet the dog as he sniffed me. He was brown with big white spots. His name was Alex. I took off my panties and shirt and I lured the dog to my room. I admired his cock the whole way back to my room. I then sat of the floor. i softly rubbed his cock, it then poked out of the shaft. "Mmm.." I said as I thought about it in my pussy. I then got on all fours. I was a virgin so I didn't know what to expect. I then turned my head and saw the cocks size, it had grown, about 10 more inches. It was about 11 inches long and I didn't know if I could take it. I then thought and said "I can't take that in me! It will split me in half!" So I was about to stand up when the dog jumped on my back and mounted me. His huge dick poked at my clit as he tried to find my hole. Then, he found a hole alright. He found my ass and stuck his huge doggy dick in it. I screamed in the pain. I had never tried anal or fingering my ass. The dick was about as thick as a baseball. He ramed his dick inside my ass hole. My ass grew and the pain eased but then he got out off my ass and once again fount my clit. He then penetrated my pussy and I moaned in the pleasure. The dog ramed inside of me, I kept having orgasms over and over. I was so light headed. My knees almost gave out. The dog then began to ram me with something huge. Bigger than a softball. It hurt as it tried to go inside me. He then gave a few hard pushes and then bam! It popped in. I notice something was growing inside of my pussy. My walls expanded even further. It hurt and I tried to get away, but I was attached to the dog he held me down and I was stuck, he then stopped for a second and then, a hot river of cum shot into me, I moaned In the excitement of his hot cum going inside if me. After a few more minutes he pulled the knot out. Mine and his cum spilled all over the floor. He took his dick out and I flopped on the floor. I panted. He went and began to lick his dick. I then waited to regain strength and I put on my panties and shorts and let him go back into the yard. I sat on the couch and said "this was the best day of my life." I went back to my room and licked up the doggie cum. I orgasmed a couple times while drinking it. That night I went on my laptop and searched doggie sex. I saw so many amazing videos. I talked to a few people on the Internet about it and they were estatic with my story. I have done it with Alex 5 times after that day and 7 with max. (max and I can only do oral due to his short body.) nobody exept me knows about what I have done with the dogs and I intend to keep it that way. Thanks for reading and if you like this story, I'll continue to right more. (: bye! Hope you enjoyed.


2014-01-13 00:59:24
Thanks for your story. A dog should be called a woman's best friend instead of man's best friend. Please write more of your doggy adventures. It would make for easier reading if you broke up the text with paragraphs though.

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2013-07-04 15:38:11
Awesome stort i came twoce while reading it

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2013-06-29 13:44:49
Mmmmm sounded amazing

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2013-06-25 20:41:08
one of your neighbors is a perv and will be looking through this and put it together the your name and 2 dogs have the same name as this storie. that is unless you changed the names, which i hope you did.


2013-06-16 05:47:15
Have to say that was a hot story. lucky max and alex. any girl care chat pm me

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