When I was in high school I decided my senior year that I was going to try out for the swimming team. The summer before I was a senior all I did was go to the pool and swim laps for a few hours and then go home and lift weights to get my upper body stronger. At the end of summer I went from weighing 120 pounds to 135. I was so excited to go back to school knowing that I wasn’t going to be this little skinny kid anymore. Most of my friends were impressed that I was able to gain 15 pounds over the summer.

Once swimming tryouts came I was anxious to sign up and to see who else was going to come out for the team. The first day of tryouts came and the coach said that everyone who came out to try out were already on the team since there wasn’t that many of us that actually wanted to be on the swimming team. Then he said that we only had to compete to see who was going to swim each individual event. That week was pretty tiring but at the end of the week I ended up winning 3 spots the 100 and 200 meter free style and also the 1000 long distance free style. I was also going to be on the relay team as well.

Everyday at practice I had to contain myself because there were a few cute guys on the team that looked so hot in their Speedos. There was one guy in particular that I really thought was hot. His name was Joseph and he was also a senior. Joseph was Latino and was 5’ 8” and had a really nice slim defined body. Since we both were going to compete on the 100 and 200 we started to become friends and would often hang out after school and practice.

We had practice only for the first two weeks and everyone couldn’t wait for the first competition of the season. The night before our competition Joseph had asked me if I was going to shave off my hair for the swim meet. I really didn’t want to shave my head because my brother was a gangster and most of his friends that came over all had shaved heads and I didn’t want to be mistaken for a gangster around my area you might get shot from some rival gang. I told Joseph that I wasn’t sure and then asked him if he was and he said yeah he was and then asked me if I wanted to come over his house and we could use his hair clippers to shave each other’s hair. I thought about it and said ok since I really only wanted to just hang out at his house.

Once we got to Joseph’s house he introduced me to his mom and then we went to his room. Joseph got out his hair clippers and said "I’ll shave your head first" then I said "well let me shave you first" because I was still not sure if I was going to shave it all off. So Joseph said "sure" and took off his shirt and then said hang on and took off his pants and put some shorts on. He sat down I started shaving off all his hair. Once I was done he stood up and said "how do I look?" I looked at him and then said "you look good" and then "he said ok now take off you shirt and get on the chair or else I’ll just take it off for you". I laughed and said "don’t you wish you could take my shirt off".

Joseph said "oh that sounds like a challenge to me" and then quickly wrestled me to the floor before I could try to defend myself. Joseph was sitting on top of me with my stomach to the floor and said "well you wanted to take the rough way so now I am going to have to teach you a lesson "and started to pull my shirt off. I started to semi struggle with him because I was really secretly liking Joseph on top of me trying to take off my shirt. Once Joseph finally did get my shirt off I looked at him and said "ok now how you going hold me down and shave me at the same time". Joseph looked at me and said "good question maybe I’ll just rape you instead" and started laughing then said "it looks like you want me to anyways" and then started to grab my ass.

Dam I was getting a boner and was trying to hide it when Joseph quickly turned me around and saw that I was hard. He started grinning and said "I knew you liked it" and then said "you made me hard also so now your going to have to suck my dick" and pulled down his shorts and pulled out his dick and said "go ahead suck it". I pretended to resist a little when he finally grabbed my head and said "just go ahead I won’t tell anyone who knows if you do a real good job maybe I stick it in your butt hole also".

There was Joseph’s dick staring me right in front of my lips. I just started to open my mouth when he pushed the head of his dick inside my mouth and said "oh yeah that’s it go ahead suck it for me". I started to suck his dick a little but was really in an uncomfortable position laying on my back and him sitting on top of my chest so I said "hang on let me sit up so I can suck it better". Joseph said "ok" and stood up and pulled off his boxers and then said "why don’t you take off your pants and boxers also". I said "ok" and pulled down my pants and boxers and then sat on the edge of his bed and then started to suck his dick.

Joseph dick was about 7 inches and uncut and tasted kind of salty but I was loving it. He was so hot standing there naked rubbing my head with his hands while slowly pushing his dick in and out of my mouth. I started to get into it and started to lick his balls and the area between his balls and butt hole. I could tell Joseph liked it when I was licking near his hole because he was slowly starting to spread his legs more apart so I could get to his hole. I decided to go for it and lick his hot smooth butt hole once I started licking his hole Joseph just started moaning and said "dam that feels fucking hot don’t stop". I turned him around so that his butt was in front of my face and started to spread his butt cheeks apart and really stick my tongue deeper inside his hole. Once I got him really wet and moaning I stood up and pushed him to the bed and got behind him. He was laying on his stomach now with his legs spread apart so I got in between his legs and started to eat him out some more getting him really wet so I could try to stick my hard 8 inch dick inside his tight butt hole.

I could tell he was really getting relaxed so I decided I was going to fuck him so I leaned forward and started to rub my dick up and down his wet butt crack. I then got a hold of each butt cheek and spread them as far apart as I could and started to insert my dick inside his now open hole. Fuck he was nice and tight but once I got my head pass his ass muscles I was able to shove the rest of my dick deep inside his hot smooth ass. I started to fuck his ass slowly at first but once I could tell he was used to it I started to fuck his hot ass hard and fast pounding my balls against his smooth butt each time I went deep inside. Fuck he was so hot with his ass so smooth I wanted to fuck him all day but knew I was going to cum anytime so I started to slow down but he then surprised me by pushing his ass back and forth in a rocking way so he was fucking himself. Dam this was hot I would push forward while he was pushing his ass back towards my dick. Fuck I couldn’t take anymore and said Joseph I am going to cum where do you want my leche. Joseph yelled backed fuck cum in my hole I want to feel you warm juice deep inside me.

Fuck that was all I needed and immediately started to cum deep inside this hot boys ass. Fuck once I finished I just collapsed onto his bed and laid there when he started to jack off over me and I could feel his warm cum shot on my back. Once he finished Cumming he grabbed a towel and cleaned me off then with a smile said so you ready for your head to be shaved. I laughed and said "fuck it go ahead shave my head and then said "after your done I am going to shave off your pubic hair so I can fuck you again like a good little bitch".

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