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Ok first time posting here my writing may not be that great but I hope to improve to make things more readable so please forgive any short comings i hope you all like it any way.
From my earliest recognition of child hood and having an imaginative friend at the time she seemed to be so real to me, a girl with horns like a ram from her head, wings like a bird black, as a raven from her back, both of us grew up together as I aged she did too, till, when the time came I no longer need to have a friend and she disappeared like my parents told me would happen.

Some times I would think back, I get flashes of her all vague I have no idea why, may be on times lost, easier times or less complicated.

I'm in my twenties I've had my share of girlfriends but they all ended before anything physical happened they seemed to end over silly little things.

One day a new women turns up in town, I was working as normal when I first saw her she was tall and beautiful, dark hair flowing down her back, blood red slim lips, her eyes glinted purple I took it to be that she was wearing contact lenses. her skin a smooth ebony colour, she wore almost skin tight dress that hugged her figure.

I worked a dead end job pulling in a wage that paid it's way, she come in a couple of times to buy bits and pieces, I smiled well I would it part of the job, it was one day i was sitting in the park sun shining, warm weather on a rare occasion and there she was taking a walk round exploring her new home town i figured, she was followed by two men chatting laughing but they were sent on their way I watched them when they where some way away they changed some how i could not place it.

She saw me and walked over sat dawn "Don't you hate it when you get hassled because of your looks," she said. "Yeah it's terrible ain't it," I replied,

She looked at me puzzled "Why say that?" she asked. "It seemed the right reply," I said. She looked still puzzled not sure how she should take my comments, "Your the one from that shop I been in."

"i guess so." all i wanted to do was sit here mind my own business, I had no intension want a good looking friend who thinks i'm safe and talk to me about all them boyfriends woes, i had been there with the nice looking girls being there for them listening to all the problems never being considered so no I was not wanting to do that again, where did that thought come from i wondered.

"Well i'm new around here my names Lilly what's yours?" she asked, I sighed no peace "Edmund." "I'm sorry i'm imposing myself on you but it would be nice to make a friend that could show me round the place."

I gave up "Ok lets get going then," I started showing her round from one side of town to the other and taking her to the library finding an up to date map and making a copy of it and handing it to her after that we parted company.

It was one sunny Sunday I went out for a run and some where along the way I picked up a guest Lilly, she joined me and she chatted.

I'm not what you would really be classed as good looking i'm not athletic, just slim built I consider myself plain but then looks are in the eye of the beholder,

On one of the days i have off work sitting in the park enjoying myself again and reading one of the stories I had on my kindle fire hd, Lilly sits by me we say hello and i go back to reading, she starts talking about some troubles, while she not looking I quickly slip in some ear plugs and start reading again, I don't know how long it had been but I get a poking in the ribs, I sigh pull out one of the ear plugs.

"Did you hear any thing I was saying Edmund?" she asks. "Look I don't know what it is about me but I'm not interested in your guy or boyfriend troubles ok," i reply "I have not said any thing about boys or boyfriends," she stated "Oh!" I must have a complex about this, i thought.

She seemed a little upset by this, "don't you like me?" she asks. "Look your beautiful you're the type of girl a guy like me dreams of but don't get the look and i wonder what your motives are that make you so interested in chatting to me." I could not under stand why i was coming out with such rubbish it was just being round her that st this off.

"You're a cold bastard you know that." she said with a tear in her eye "and i thought you like me." "did i give that impression?" I shrugged and turned back to my kindle I felt a tap on my arm i looked up then feel a slap to the face it hurt but i bit my tongue, looking she stood tears in her eyes and she ran off she looked back at me as she did, I watched her unmoved and went back to my reading.

After that I was left alone for a couple of weeks she did not come into the shop or in to the park, back to normal for me, the park for me was an escape for me to get away from my boring side of my life, and she turned up again "I hope you thought about what you did," she just came out with it "where do you live?" I looked up and ignored her.

"Did you not here me?" she asked "I'm trying not to," came my reply "Why?" "Look I don't know you, if you want to be friendly fine, want to talk fine."

She left again, I did not know why I was acting like this to a perfect stranger, there was something I could not place that unsettled me about her like that.

I climbed into bed, tired and i fell to sleep, something made me jump, I was sitting up in bed in a cold sweat not in my room any more, all around me nothing a grey blankness, then something from behind me was making a sound like a flapping of wings, did i want to know what it was but i could not resist looking getting on to my hands and knees looking down i was naked i was dreaming that's it, as i had pjs on before i fell to sleep thats it i'm dreaming i calmed down a little.

Turning round to see where this flapping was coming from, hovering above me a female, i blinked then realised it was Lilly her skin ebony in colour, rams horns from her head, ravens wings from her back, wings flapping slowly only her hair hung over her shoulders covered her naked form.

She floated round me I could feel an attraction to her she was alluring even with horns and wings her arm straight out beckoning me, but i shook it off as soon as that happened dust was blown in my face i woke in my room.

This happened happened every night each time a different thing in the dreams she wear different bikinis in others bondage bikinis and alluring dominatrix style clothing that revealed her body while still covering her, when she noticed what clothing gave the best reaction she stuck to them.

I never had any type of fetish that i liked but i like her feet they were beautiful and sexy they gave a stirring in my loins and when she walked on the balls of her feet that emphasized her legs.

One night she seemed to float round me, she landed lightly on tip toes on the end of my bed i turned following her i wiggled up to the bed head my back pressed up against it my heart beating fast, she took a step her full foot on the bed but no weight to her, taking more steps forward not making a dent in the bed, she leaned forward, her hand reaches out, takes a hold of my cheek.

"You do not remember me do you?" she said, "Why would i remember you i never seen you before in my life." i replied.

"I will have to jog your memory then," she pointed, i followed to where her finger pointed, there was i as a child with my imaginary friend i could see it now i looked back it was her older but how.

"You are her HOW can that be you're not real she was not real!" my voice broke.

"There are things beyond your comprehension, when you were a child you where able to see things others could not see as you grew you forgot that but never lost that ability, i followed you, watched you as you grew."

"When you first saw me you saved my life without knowing it and kept me safe without you i would of been killed I will tell more later." she blew a dust and i grew tired my eyes closed.

Waking up in bed i looked at my clock only been in bed an hour least it was a dream and went back to sleep.

When i saw Lilly next over this following week i was little more relaxed round her this time but i was not going to talk to her about my weird dream of her.

Her eye colour had changed to a blue she must of changed the contacts so i just let her talk and it was just general chit chat, it was just me having a complex and reacting to past bad relationships putting me on edge with good looking women.

Back in bed just falling asleep to wake up back in the grey blankness there on the end of the bed is Lilly sitting there.

"Hello again as promised i will tell you more, like i said you saved me without you knowing i was not meant to live, there was an assassin sent after me but faild thanks to you," her wings flicked as they adjust to her position on the bed.

"What are you?" i asked."I am what you would call a succubus in your world" she replied.

"Are you a demon?" I asked i knew a little about such legends.

"No. Just.. there is no such thing as angels or demons no god or devil what we are just a species like yourself we just live on a different plain to you and people like yourself who saw us ended up calling us angel and demons there was some who played up to these ideas, we succubus as we have been named by yours have a bad reputation because of some of my people doing what they did to yours."

She paused thought about what she was about to say next "You are.. erm how do we say, are special and i can feel it in you that is the puzzling thing about you," she stopped in thought.

""In my world there is a lot of trouble, a civil war is starting to brake out there has been a lot of turbulence since the time we crossed paths and only now war could start you could be a key to stopping it."

"How do you think i can help?" this is a dream he thought not his normal but it did not matter.

"As i said you are special I think i can show you by kiss me, you have to be willing thought." she said.

She stood, holding out her hand i took it, her hair shrunk back revealing her perfect ebony coloured naked body pert breasts and nipples erect her vagina had what looked like fluffy black down round it. I could feel myself becoming aroused by her and the feeling of wanting make love to her.

She put her arms round my neck i moved in and kissed her their our tongues met flicking over and exploring each others mouths. I felt something in myself in my body, something being awoken in me blood shot to my penis and it started to grow, I felt my body warm up and my back becoming itchy then pricks of pain that became a stabbing pain, I stopped kissing her pulled away shook my head the haze lifted, the feeling faded.

"Why did you stop you were about to be shown." she let me know "I don't know it felt wrong." I lied.

She blew dust in my face i awoke in a cold sweat in his bed day back in his room light what was that about i thought.

Going on the internet searching for succubuss reading what had been put on wikipedia Lilly.

The next few day Lilly did not show up, and over the month she never turned either it seemed like she left as quickly as she came and the dreams had stopped to.

The dreams started again two months later waking in the grey blankness she was naked this seemed to be the norm for her she landed. walked over to me on her tip toes, i could feel the arousal starting in me she was the essence of sexuality i could feel a lust building in me want to make love to her i shook my head and it passed.

"Don't fight it become my lover let me release what is special in you." she said in a soft voice taking my hands "Lay down with me" reassuringly.

I did but this was on my terms, her arms wrapped round my neck we kissed my body reacted i could feel my penis begin to grow i could feel her warm body against mine and a hand wrapped round my semi hard penis.and began to stoke it it only took a couple of stokes to make me fully erect.

I was a virgin "I know your a virgin do not worry so am i" the soft lilt in the voice.

I don't know what i was doing but something took over me guiding me i took one of her breasts and began to flick it with me tongue she gasped then i started to suck it small moans came from her then i switched to the other and another small moan, so i switched from one to the other and then we kissed once more.

She stopped me she lay down on the end of my bed, i knelt down between her legs, she parted her vaginas labia showing me her virginity, i lowered his head and began to lick i had no clue but my body did so i just let my body do its thing. My tongue to trace her pussy working inwards and worked to the clitoris i kissed it taking it in my mouth and sucked it gently then harder i flicked it with my tongue then ran over it pressing on it to making her body tense up. The taste of her juices i could not describe it it had a tangy quality to it but not unpleasant.

She stopped me pulled me up to her we kissed her juice on my lips she lapped it up, she traveled down my body kissing her way down sparks of electricity of pleasure shot threw my body.

Her hand gently wrapped round my cock and slowly began to stroke up and down i lay back closed my eyes feeling how good it felt then feeling it speed up she altered the speed slow to fast, she stopped all of a sudden and pulled down hard sending a jolt of pain and pleasure, feeling her take a testicle in her mouth and sucked on it these things where all new i could not describe half the sensations going threw me then swopping from one testicle to the other all i could say my body was ridged to with all these new sensations, she ran her tongue from base to head taking his cock in her mouth she started to give me a blow job.

Feeling the wonderful feeling of her mouth and tongue working on my cock i was going through a lot of firsts with my first sexual experience.

She stopped slid up my body looking in to each other eyes she had a gently smile, we kissed, taking held my cock adjusted her position lined up and pushed down letting go of my cock sank down on me we both moaned we were both no longer virgins now i could feel her pussy contraction on my cock she lay on me i looked she had tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong whats up?" i asked her "It hurts more than i thought it would!" came a rasping reply, "we can stop and when it stops hurting we could start again," i started to pull out looking down her some of hr blood on my cock from the tearing of her hymen.

Her body reacted to me pulling out she pushed down and gripped hard not wanting to let me out pain and pleasure shot threw my body, then i felt the itching and pain in my back, i had to get up i stood her leg wrapped round me her arms round my neck my cock buried in her pussy, it started to milk me from the contractions, i felt more pain in my back then sheer agony as some thing ripped out.

Lilly started to work sliding up and down on my cock i could feel a liquid run down my back i felt like i lost my mind then i was brought back to my senses, "You YOu YOU have wings were flying!" her voice high pitched.

We were making love "WHAAATTTT" i looked down we were off the ground "you have wings that's why we are flying." "No my wing are not flapping look," she said, i looked she was right her wings ere not flapping, her body worked harder sliding up and down my cock her pussy working faster and harder round my cock, we kissed.

We both moaned out loud with the pleasure i could feel my orgasm build "i'm cumming i said i'm cumming." "Yes yes yes cum for me baby cum in me cum deep in me."

I felt warm liquid run down my legs from her, that sent me over the edge and shot my load in her i came and came and came again i her i ejaculated more time in her than i ever had from masturbating, i looked down my feet was on the ground now "you can get off now if you want." "Ok" she tried to pull off but could not, as she tried to pull off shots of pain went threw us both of us cried out from it she tried again but no good i was fast in her.

"What's wrong," i asked "i can't get off you i'm stuck." "You what try again." i felt her try to pull off "Aaaarrgghhh, stop it hurts it hurt stop pulling" she did "Whats happening to us," i asked.

"The only thing i can think of is we are bonded there is no way a human can bond with us when i aid you where special i was lying to tempt you in to having sex but before you saying anything you really did save my life." she stopped tried once more to pull off both of use screamed in pain.

"I was only having sex with you to thank you for saving me by giving you the best experience of your life i did not expect this there is more to you than both of us knew the only way the bonding ends is if i become impregnated or fail to but we will have to wait to find out one way or other.

I sat down when we stopped fight the bonding she moved it gave a new feeling i was still hard in her even after i cam the bonding kept me hard sh moved again this time it was a different type of pleasure ran threw both of us so she carried on in these mall movements we ended up making love some more we both orgasmed more and i cam again and again in that time both of us worn out we just hugged let our bodies do there thing as we rested.

I was not worried i was dreaming this was all a dream then after some time we were freed from the bonding, i woke in my room.


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look up my edited story it should read better now all being well this one will be deleted in due time.


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Not sure how long it take to get a reply about the editing a posted story so just keep your eyes peeled for revamp.

I'm working on next part so i take my time learn lesson from first part, all reading will be up some time during the coming week.


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Ok I have gone back over this story hopefully I caught some of the mistakes.
I have altered some of it as some of the ides did not work as well as I came up with.
It not to drastic a change now I hope the changes help the story.
On words and upwards on improving.

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from the mistakes that are pick i learn from them hopefully be better next time round i go back over this.

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