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4 15 year old's. all you need to know...
It was just another usual Friday for me. As school finished and everyone else went home or to hang out with their friends I would remain at school so I could workout alone and not be bothered by anyone else. My abs really started to show this time of year, close to the summer and I could see all my hard dieting and workouts have paid off. There were some other students there as well but they all left after a short period of time. When I was done I decided to just shower here because I was really tired and sweaty. As I was entering the showers I heard some girls enter the locker room. I continued my shower as I thought they had made a mistake and would just go to the girl’s locker rooms. Anyway my bag and clothes were out there so they would know someone was here. As I enjoyed the last hot water, I dried myself with a towel and put it around my legs. I thought the girls had left long ago but as I got closer to the changing rooms I could hear some soft moans. I walked in not knowing what to expect when I saw only what could possibly be heaven. Erica completely naked and bent over showing that big round juicy ass as she ate Britney’s hot wet pussy with pleasure. Erica and Britney were two of the hottest girls in school. I never thought they noticed me but I sure noticed them. Erica had a big round ass and nice boobs. She was fit as she played volley and really good-looking. She had long dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. Britney was really sexy with her cute ass and small boobs. She was one of the prettiest girls in school with those amazing blue eyes and her brown long hair.
When Britney saw me she didn’t looked surprised, at all. I wonder if they knew it was me because I was the only one who could be here at this time on a Friday afternoon. When Erica turned her head towards me another girl, Sofia walked in through the locker room door. Sofia had the biggest pair of tits in our school and was like a goddess. She had a big ass and eyes that could make you cum instantly, so you could say she was the whole package. She was dressed hot as hell in her tight panties and bra. Her bra was see through so I enjoyed the view of her nipples going hard as she saw Erica and Britney. I was standing there speechless as I didn’t know what to say and they just giggled quietly. They didn’t seem confused or ashamed to be completely naked in front of me and if anything, they liked it. As Sofia approached the two other naked girls slowly, she said to me “We knew you were here and wanted to surprise you”. I was still in shock so the only thing I could say was “Um… you’ve really managed to”. Erica, looking me and biting her lip stood up and said to me “Would you like to join us?” Her hot pussy was dripping wet and completely shaved except a small line of hair. I had only one thought in my mind as I approached her “who shall I fuck first”, as I dropped my towel and went over to kiss Sofia passionately on the mouth. As she moaned, she grabbed my dick, which was quite hard as I enjoyed the show of Erica, eat Britney’s pussy. After about a couple of minutes kissing Sofia I decided to make a move, so I removed her bra and grabbed one of her boobs. We were now lying on the floor and as my lips moved from hers and continued on further down her neck I knew she started getting wet. So I moved even closer to her body and sucked on one of her nipples while teasing the other one with my hand. She let out a loud moan as she slowly began to lower her panties. Her pussy was completely shaved like Britney’s and I was sure that it tasted delicious. So I decided to find out. I moved my lips off her nipple and started kissing her amazing body slowly as I made my way down to her pussy. She moaned softly as I started eating her pussy slowly at first, as I wanted her to get really wet. I could see the other two girls changed positions, from pleasuring each other with their tongues they now started fingering each other’s wet pussy as they watched Sofia moan and moan. As I put 1 finger in her pussy and started fucking her with it she led out a loud moan and asked me to go harder. So I put 2 fingers in and started pushing them in and out as Britney walked towards us and started sucking on one of Sofia’s breasts. Erica sat down next to me so I let her finger Sofia as I started eating her pussy from behind. Her ass was so godly that I couldn’t wait to fuck her but I knew that she needed her time to get wet again so I played it slow. Two minutes was all I could bear as I put my dick in her sweet little tight pussy. She let out a soft moan and asked me to fuck her. The other two girls were still having fun, with Britney now sitting on Sofia’s face while Erica kept moaning loudly. Erica’s pussy felt so good, as it was tight and hasn’t received many fucks if any so far. As she had her second orgasm I decided to stop and change pussies. I started fucking Britney in a missionary position so I could see her moan. I started off slow because I could see she has never had a dick in her this big, As I kept fucking her harder and faster she moaned really load that even made the two girls stop from a 69 position and enjoy the show. But I knew I would cum soon and there was just 1 more pussy I wanted to fuck. So I let Britney have one more orgasm and then approached Sofia. Sofia saw me walking over and smiled. She bent over in a doggy style position as Britney and Erica started eating each other’s pussies again. As I put my dick in Sofia’s soft pussy lips I knew this wasn’t the first fuck she had, but I wanted it to be her best. I started of fast compared to the other 2 girls but I knew this was the way she liked it. She moaned really loud as I put my finger in her ass and fucked her pussy hard. She was really enjoying my fuck and even had multiple orgasms but I badly needed to cum. Sofia realized it as I slowed down and all three girls came close to each other and gave each other horny looks. Erica started sucking my cock as Britney observed intensely. Sofia saw Britney react and moved Erica from my cock. She then told Britney to suck it and she did. She would gag a lot as this was the first time she had a big dick in her mouth but she managed to give me a couple of deepthroats. Lastly came Sofia’s turn, and she gave it her all. I never experienced such a pleasurable blowjob. Her mouth moved rapidly, most time without taking air for minutes. I couldn’t hold it any longer and asked the girls to gather around my cock. I came all over their hot faces shooting one of my biggest loads. They enjoyed eating my cum off of each other faces for several minutes before we decided to take a shower together. As we showered and gave one last great fuck we decided to do this more often. I don’t need to say more as every Friday afternoon as everyone would go home or hang out with their friends I would meet my three new bitches here and give them a fuck to remember.


2013-06-16 06:20:42
Wow what a great story. Thanks for sharing. Made me hard. any girl or ladies care chat pm me we go from there. don't b shy

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2013-06-15 10:42:55
One giant paragraph is nuts

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2013-06-15 10:11:07
I cannot believe that this is the same author under the pen-name. Your stories range from concise and erotic to near-illiterate and stupid. Its either that, or your other personalities take turns at the keyboard.

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