Something new in the tentacle genre
Here is a story i have been wiriting for a while.
its a new take on the tentacle genre involving plants!

i hope everyone likes this story :)

i may or may not continue this story depending on how many people like it or not

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i enjoy all the comments i get, even the bad ones as they help me become a better writer

i have proof read the story and corrected as many errors and typos as i could, forgive me for any that i may have missed



My name is Emma and i'm 14 years old who just loves life, all kinds of life and especially plantlife.
When I grow up and eventually get into college I plan to study botany as the strange and beautiful plantlife out in the world intrigues me.

Where as most girls my age were more concerned about boys and clothes and spending days at the mall, I spent my days either infront of the tv watching documentaries on plants or out in the vast unexplored forests near my house.
I could sit for hours watching and taking notes of certain plants and flowers that peaked my interest and later disappear out the house exploring for new and exciting species of plants.

Most girls didnt understand me or my interest of plantlife and would call me cruel and vicious names.
So I would spend most of my time alone exept for the times Tara, my little sister was hanging around the house, she was a stunning little 13 year old girl with long blonde hair that reached down to her lowerback, she had intense green eyes, small a-cup breats and the body of a goddess.

It was maybe 6:30am when I managed to drag myself out of bed and head to the bathroom for a early morning shower, I walked inside the door and began to change out of my nightwear.
I stared at the bathroom mirror as I pulled my top up and over my head revealing my young tender b-cup breasts which were topped with slightly dark pink nipples.

I had blonde hair with red highlights that hung down over my shoulders and piercing blue eyes.
I reached and turned the taps on ready before sliding my thumbs into the sides of my night shorts and slowly pushed them down over my long slender legs.

Now I was naked and climbed into the warm shower and enjoyed the sensation of warm water cascading over my young body, I reached down and grabbed the bottle of shower gel and with my thumb flipped the lid open.
I poured a generous amount of scented gel into my hand and began massaging it into my body.

I begun by slowly rubbing and caressing the gel into my upper body around my arms, shoulders and breasts, I also paid special attention to my young hard nipples, sliding my fingers around them and occasionally pinching.
This of course had me moaning out little sounds of pleasure, after a moment I reached for the bottle again and poured more gel into my hand before reaching down and rubbing it into my legs.
I lifted my leg up to the side as I began massaging my leg up and down with both hands before doing the same to the other leg, as I slowly made my way up my legs and thighs towards my young shaven pussy my mind began to wander back a couple of years to a time when I first started masturbating.

It was when I was 12 years old that I first started realising the huge amount of pleasure I could give myself from rubbing my young pussy, for the first few weeks after discovering the pleasure of masturbation I started slow, just rubbing and caressing around in small circles.
Then a few weeks later I began to explore myself a little further, my hands would reach down in the dead of night and as normal begin rubbing my pussy slowly and gently, then with one hand parting my pussy I let the other hand begin swirling fingers around untill I found my clit.
From then on I would touch myself every chance I got, I loved the feeling I got when my fingers flicked over the young button that was my clit, I began flicking harder and faster making myself moan out in delight, and then something happened that I never experienced before.

I gave myself my very first orgasm, I remember little explosions going off deep inside me making my body tremble ever so lightly, my feet would curl up and I would grip the sheets of my bed with my hands as i felt my pussy leaking juices.
After that night I started experimenting further, pushing a finger inside myself, slowly building up to 2 fingers and eventually the handle of my hairbrush.

Night after night I would spend hours playing with my young pussy, pushing fingers and the handle of my hairbrush inside myself on a regular basis untill 1 night when I was so wet and horny I pushed the handle of my hairbrush deeper than ever before.
That night i had myself sitting up with the handle below me and I pushed myself down onto the handle hard, i felt something inside me snap, the pain was unbearable and the blood of my freshly broken hymen stained my bedsheets.

As my mind returned to the pressent my fingers were now buried deep within my pussy and I built up a steady rhythm, juices were leaking out of me as I could feel myself getting closer when suddenly the bathroom door sprung open with my little sister Tara standing there infront of me while I still had my fingers inside my cunt.
The look on her face was when she saw what i was doing, i quickly pulled my fingers from my wet juicy pussy and lept out the shower towards a towel hanging ready, I wrapped it around myself trying to cover up.

"EWWWWWW, whatcha doin sis?" tara enquired.

"I, I urm... I was just cleaning myself ya know!" I replied.

She didnt look conviced at all, but something told me she hadnt the faintest idea what I was doing, she obviously hadnt started masturbating yet.

"Well hurry up sis, i need to pee" she hissed.

I didnt answer, I just held onto the towel covering me and walked past her and hurried back to my room, once there I shut the door behind me and began to dry myself off.
Once I was dried off I selected some clothes and slipped them on, I decided on a tight yellow t shirt and a short skirt with white cotton panties.

I left my room and walked down the hall past my sisters room towards the stairs, I went straight to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich and poured myself a glass of orange.
I then made my way into the living room and sat back on the sofa, I picked up the tv remote and switched the tv on before flicking through the channels to the discovery channel which had a show on about strange and wierd plants.

The show was very intersting and talked about giant plants in the amazon, how some had flowers bigger than a man!
Some even smelt like rotting flesh and were quite deadly, the next show talked about how plants reproduce and that some actually had sex, that really intrested me.

After a few hours of watching tv my mother came down the stairs and walked into the kitchen, I jumped to my feet and went to say goodmorning.
I walked in the kitchen as she was pouring herself a hot cup of coffee.

"Goodmorning mom." I said with a big smile accross my face, "goodmorning sweetie." she replied.

"Tara and i are going to visit your grandparents today if you would like to join us?" she asked.

"No thanks mom, i have plans today." I replied, knowing that I would probally head out soon exploring the forest once again.

I returned up stairs and begun packing a bag with my sketchbook and notepad, I also packed some sun block as the tv said it was going to be a very hot day.
As I ran back downstairs to prepare a packed lunch, Mom and tara were just heading out the front door shouting their goodbyes as the door slammed shut.

Once I finished making my lunch I packed it into my bag along with a few bottles of water before heading over and slipping my shoes on.
I walked out the front door closing and locking it behind me, I now set out accross the fields towards the forest.

It was just going past 11am as i reached the edge of the forest, I stopped for a moment and took a drink of water before I choosing a new area I had previously not been, I swung my bag over my shoulder my marched on into the forest.
I saw many intresting plants along the way but nothing I havnt seen before so I continued deeper and deeper into the forest untill around 12pm when the sun was so blistering hot I decided to take a short break and apply some of the sun block I had pakced.

I opened the bottle of sunblock and apllied plenty to my legs, arms and face before taking a long drink of water.
20 minutes had passed when I finally got up and started walking again, up to this point everything I had seen was stuff I had seen elsewhere and it was starting to seem like I chose the wrong path through the forest when I saw something flickering ahead through the thickness of the forest.

Hoping that I finally found something worth my time I sprinted ahead towards the area with the flickering light, a few minutes of running and I finally reached where I was heading and what I saw amazed me.
I just couldnt believe my eyes and for a moment thought I was hallucinating from the extreme heat of sun, I rubbed my eyes for a second and opened them to realise I wasnt hallucinating at all.

I had stumbled upon the impossible it seemed as infront lay what appeared to be a tropical oasis, the flickering I had seen from a distance was sunlight bouncing off a pool of exquisite looking water surrounded by all sorts of plants and flowers I had never seen before.
Butterflies filled my stomach as an enormous sence of excitement took over me, I spent a whole hour walking around and looking at all the different types of plants, some were small, others huge but they all differed in shape.

I immediately reached in my bag and took the sketchbook and notepad before planting myself on the ground and started to sketch the different plants while taking notes.
There was a sweet scent in the air that filled the area as I sketched a very odd looking plant, it was tall and quite thin with a strange dome shaped pod the size of an apple on the end.
I really took my time taking notes on that one as I turned my attention to this exotic, speckled, though not particularly pretty, rust colored plant.

It was about 2 feet high and 3 meters wide, I had never seen anything like it, straight away I began to sketch this amazing looking plant as I felt something below shifting.
I dropped my book and pen before jumping to my feet thinking some creature or insect was below me, but nothing was there, just a bed of weeds I was sitting on.

I sat back down and once again and began to sketch, again I felt something beneath me move and shift, I began to feel light headed as the sweet scented air filled my lungs.
I lay back for a moment trying to regain my senses as this curious movement continued below me, a soft leathery type feeling brushing against me.

The sensations of the movements wasnt at all bad, infact it felt amazing, a thousand soft leaves massaging me through my clothes.
After a moment I sat back up to continue drawing, the leaves below me however didnt stop, as time after time these soft leathery leaves brushed against the thin fabric covering my young little pussy.
I tried to continue sketching but it became increasingly difficult to concentrate as my now moist panties were getting massaged beneath me, my pussy began tingling with pleasure as I felt drop after drop of pussy juice trickle down my thighs.

I could no longer hold my sketchbook and pen and let them fall to the ground as once again i fell back, my eyes closed as I let the sensation of a thousand leaves tease my body.
It wasnt long before I was moaning out as the continuos pleasure of the leaves brushed against my soaking wet pussy, I pushed a hand down my body aiming for the damp fabric clinging to my young cunt, I began rubbing gently in circles around the area covering my moist clit.

Suddenly I felt something new but I wasnt at all alarmed as I felt the soft stem of a vine plant wrapping around my ankle, very slowly working its way up my leg towards my inner thigh.
Another vine appeared on the scene wrapping itself around my free arm and pulling it back slowly, more and more vines came and slowly but surely wrapping around my limbs restraining me to the ground where the leaves below never stopped caressing me.

I was totally restrained now, the vine creeping towards my pussy slipped around the damp fabric of my panties and began pulling softly.
2 more vines slowly made there way towards me, they slithered there way up my body towards my chest and slowly wrapped around my tits squeazing tightly making me squeal out in pleasure.

The vine removing my panties accomplished its mission as it slowly made its way back up my leg, spiraling as it came.
Soon enough it was poking at the entrance of my soaking cunt, it didnt enter however but poking at me as if teasing me to the point i would go insane.
The leaves below me stopped for a moment, I could feel they were changing somehow beneath me, suddenly I felt thousands of incredibly long but extremly thin tentacle like appendages sprouting from the weeds below me.

The long thin tentacles began slithering around my flesh as I felt the vines around my breasts slowly release and make there way under my top, they moved slowly accross my breasts towards my belly and out the other end of my top they went before coming back, this time they went over my top slowly pulling it off revealing my tits.
Once my top was fully off, the vines once again swirled around my tits tighly, the long thing tentacles began to slither in all directions around my nearly naked body, the tentacles were very soft and slimy, i felt some snake there way around my pussy and soon enough i felt some wrap around my clit and begin twisting and turning sending massive amounts of pleasure through my body.

I could feel myself getting closer as all these tentacles attacking my body were driving me crazy, suddenly the vine that was poking at pussy a few minutes before returned but this time it was pushing against my tiny asshole, i had never tried anal before and before i had chance to think about what it was like, the vine pushed inside.
My ass gripped the long thing vine as it pushed deeper inside me sending pleasure i had never experienced before crashing though my body, I felt the first of many orgasms building up inside me, as my body began to tremble and shake I felt the orgasm shoot through me and explode between my legs casuing a river of juices to leak out onto the ground below.

I could feel another orgasm building inside as the vine inside me kept pushing deeper, long thin tentacles now found their way to my rock hard nipples and like my crit they began to wrap around them and squease with immense pressure, this sent my body into spasm as my new orgasm exploded within me, my entire body trembled and the orgasm forcing its way through me set my whole body off in a wave of uncontrolled hip thrusts.
My clit began to throb and my legs violently shook as a jet of pussy juice flew out of my convulsing cunt, screams of pleasure filled the surrounding area and echoed into the forrest.

I lay there still restrained for a moment trying to catch my breath but there was no time to rest however as the tentacles squeazing my nipples were joined by more tentacles that poked and prodded the tips of each nipple trying to force there way inside my breasts.
I began to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as one by one the tentacles popped inside my tits, I was now writhing around the ground in sheer ecstacy, I then felt something much larger pushing against my waterfall of a pussy and lifted my head to get a glimpse of what it was.

My eyes widened and my mouth flew open in total shock as the large plant with a apple sized dome had somehow come closer to the action and was pushing its apple sized dome into me.
It pushed harder against my soaking pussy forcing me to stretch to accomidate its apple sized girth when suddenly it popped inside causing my hips to jerk and buck up and down.
I had never been so full in all my life as this apple sized dome pushed inside deeper and deeper filling my entire cunt with its girth.

Just when i thought nothing else could surprise me the vine still buried deep in my asshole reached my belly, I once again began to shake and tremble as this assault on my body sent me over the edge again.
As my new climax erupted deep within I could feel the tentacles pushing deeper into my breasts and start swirling around inside releasing a thick creamy substance that rapidly expanded my tits to bursting point, I was now screaming at the top of my lungs as all the sensations pushed me further over the edge.

With my body still in complete spasm and my hips thrusting upwards the huge apple sized dome slipped deeper inside and was soon battering the walls of my cervix, with one final push my cervix gave way and allowed the apple sized dome passage into my womb.

Pussy juices began to pour out of me now and were pooling on the ground beneath me as my body continued to spasm out of control as wave after wave of mind blowing pleasure passed through my entire being.
Then the apple sized dome now firmly inside my womb began to surge and pulsate as I felt a river of plant sap filling me up, this was simply to much to handle and my mind suddenly went blank and i was alone in a void of nothingness untill a tiny speck of light in the distance began to grow at an ever increasing speed.

The void became lighter with every passing second and soon enough I realised the light was a representation of the coming orgasm that would send me insane.
My fully penetrated body trembled like never before, my legs spasmed out of control and my hips violenty shook and like a nuclear bomb going off, my orgasm exploded and wave after wave of eletric shocks surged though every fibre of my being, the intense sensasions passing through me reached my loins and my cunt erupted into a stream of pussy juice that ran out of my quaking cunt.

I felt my mind slowly slip away as my body was in a continous state of climax.

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2015-01-16 05:18:49
very nicely done. good format, like others have pointed out. It is true that this site will remove stuff under 16 if found.. sux, but we can still imagine that the fantasy story we're reading as fiction might still happen and can perfect it in our heads as we read. good work!

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2014-06-21 20:55:15
Free speech my ass.If 15 and under is band then its not free

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2014-02-24 04:43:15
i liked it until it got 2 the "vines inside her breasts". then it just got nasty & horrifying

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2013-09-17 21:15:19
The downside for me was the way she kept referring to her "young" parts. Who does that when touching themself? No one. It takes away from the eroticism of her actions.

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2013-08-18 22:10:20
It's well formatted, however you need a greater understanding of anatomy as describing a vine fucking someone's intestines is not hot its really disgusting. Also you need to avoid characters so young, 16 is about as young as tolerated (18 to be safe) as younger is just pedofilia. I'm not trying to discourage your writing but just be a little more careful in future and it makes the stories more enjoyable.

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