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This story is a work of fiction however I believe in all good stories there is a grain of truth. I have based this story off of some personal experiences I have had. All names have been changed to protect their identities.
This is my first story and first time writing erotica. I would appreciate any and all comments and suggestions as long as they are constructive.

Hope you enjoy

Late one afternoon I received an email from an employer I had put an application in a few months back. It said they were looking to hire a new tutor for math and science subjects. I called the number on the email and set up an interview later that evening.
I arrived at the interview nervous as hell but after ten minutes of talking I had the job. I had never thought that in a few weeks I would be learning from my students. After a week of tutoring I was finally settling in and I was getting great reviews. At the end of my first week I had a total of ten appointments none of which peak my arousal. Several of them were annoying guys just looking for answers but most were unattractive girls whose parents were forcing them to attend tutoring.
As I finished my last appointment of the week I was glad to have two days off. As I pulled in to my driveway; I was hoping for more work and hopefully some students who are actually looking to understand the material and not expecting me to do their homework for them. I put my bag down and turned on my computer to check my email and finish up some work stuff. As I opened my email I noticed several emails confirming appointments for next week some early in the day others much later in the evening. I decided to scan the names to see if I knew any of the names, which I didn’t, I did notice however that there were several evening appointments were made by a girl by the name of Alice. She made the appointment for the last hour we were open and it was for Gen Chem, Which was my favorite subject. I was looking forward to my Monday evening appointments. The weekend flew by and before I knew it Monday was here.
I had five appointments before Alice’s at eight pm most of which were for calculus and organic Chemistry. Finally it was time for Alice’s appointment. After so many unattractive students I had lost hope in tutoring a cute student; but was I in for a surprise when Alice walked in. She was beautiful she had nice tits about the size of a large grapefruit her skin was nicely tanned she had the most golden hair I have ever seen. She was nicely rounded not to skinny and not too fat. Also she was tall which I found very attractive. After the introductions I began the session by asking what topics she wanted to cover. As she spoke I noticed her perfect teeth and her gorgeous smile. We began going over how chemicals combine into compounds and how they interact with each other. Then I showed her how to find the molecular weights and all that jazz. As I stood over her I couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra which gave me a perfect view of her tits. This caused my cock to rise to attention. She must have noticed because I could hear here giggle under her breath and she positioned herself in such a way that I lost my view of those beauties.
I continued on with the session but all I could think about were those perfect tits. The rest of the session passed uneventfully and I didn’t get another glimpse of her chest. This was the best session I had since I was hired. Then I remembered that I have another session with her tomorrow. I was looking forward to her next session hoping I could catch another glimpse of her breasts.
Tuesday flashed by my eyes and before I knew it I looked at the clock and it was eight again and my cock began to harden at the thought of Alice’s tits. As if on cue Alice walked in; and my eyes instantly drifted to her chest. Unfortunately I noticed she was wearing a bra which made my cock deflate. Again I said hi and got all the formalities out of the way. This time she wanted to do problems from her study guide on the white board. As she stood up and began writing on the board I noticed her skirt, which shocked me that I missed that earlier. This got my cock stirring again, after working on a few problems she decided to switch gears and work on her homework which meant she had to log on the computer. As she bent over to log into the computer I got the biggest shock of my life by the lack of panties under her skirt. With her bent over in front of my eyes I got a great view of her pussy. Just like her tits her pussy was perfect so moist and smooth and to my delight totally hairless.
As this sight sank in I must have let out a small moan of pleasure because I again heard a small giggle. Alice turned around and in a seductive voice asked, “Do you like what you see?”
“Yes I do, you’re gorgeous,” I couldn’t believe I just said that but it was true she was hot. Her tits were perfect and her pussy was so smooth. I thought to myself ‘I should be professional and stop this before it gets worse’ that thought died as Alice turned around and checked to see if we were alone which we were as most tutors don’t like the later sessions and I was closing up as the front desk worker had to go home early leaving me and my student alone in the building.
“So how long have you been tutoring?” She asked as she came closer to me.
“Um… well this is my um… second week,” I finally got it out after what seemed like ages. All I could think about was her perfect tits and smooth pussy.
“So do you want to see more?”
“Um… well I shouldn’t but sure” Before I finished she was already unbuttoning her skirt as she let the skirt go the thin material fell to the ground and I felt my cock straining at its cage. Alice noticed the bulge in my pants and she reached down and began releasing the restraints from my cock as she began to pull my pants down my cock sprang out and all seven inches were now free from their prison.
“Oh my that looks delicious” She began to remove the remaining strips of clothes off us and pilled them in the corner. Then our lips met and parted as our tongues began to dance around and explore the other one. As she broke the kiss I got a great view of her well-tanned body for the first time without the annoying clothes in the way. Her nipples were the size of a dime and about half an inch long. They began to perk up as she began to work her way down my chest stopping at my pecks. She began to lick and nibble on my erect nipple. As she worked my pecks I began to explore her tits I squeezed and massaged her mounds. She then stopped and asked the one thing I was hoping would pass by her without a thought. “Are you a virgin?” Great should I lie? NO if I do shell find out by my lack of experience.
“Yes I am”
“That turns me on you’re smart and a virgin” She then began to work her way further down my chest; Stopping just above my trimmed bush. She looked at me and said “Lie down and get comfortable let me do all the work this time.” As I moved the chairs out of our way I heard a sound that made my heart drop. The door in the back opened up and the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. I was screwed someone is going to find us and I’m going to lose my job.

More to come depending on the feedback. Please go easy as it is my first crack at erotic writing.


2013-06-16 09:42:22
Yeah it could do with some more tension really, for example a reason to think she's NOT going to suddenly take her clothes off and seduce you lol. So the reader gets a 'what happens next?' feeling.

Then some more insight into the protagonist's emotions would be good too; not necessarily by baldly stating them.

Last suggestion would be to blend the physical deions into the narrative, just a bit more.

OK one more...some things that are ongoing could be present tense, like her tits perhaps.

It's a nice story and you will improve so keep going :)

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-16 02:25:28
Space between paragraphs, other than that, great story

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-15 23:00:41


Naughty ScientistReport

2013-06-15 18:43:40
No I am a student worker which means I am currently studying for my degree but we have a service for current students to get tutored in the subjects they need and its students tutoring students. I am currently working on part two so if you have any ideas other then the fixes already mentioned please let me know by either commenting or by sending me a PM

thanks to everyone who has read and commented on my first story

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-15 10:05:19
I would assume that he had a teaching degree to be offered a position as such, which would make him in his early 20's...and a virgin? Odd, although somewhat plausible. Read over it a few times, make sure the words flow well to you - that also helps with grammar and context errors in general. Overall, great for a first attempt - progress and continue.

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