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A teenage girl wakes up naked in a bed, surrounded by scientists, with no memories as to how she got there.
Laci's Awakening Part 1

I felt a stinging of light shining in my eyes. So I opened them.

A group of about 8 doctors in lab coats, 6 male, 2 female, greeted me. Or rather, they stared at me as they scribbled in their notebooks.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I made no sound. I was parched. “Water,” I managed.

The male doctor on the right hand side of me, almost annoyed, grabbed a sippy cup of water. I reached out to grab it, but found that my arm was restrained at the wrist. He stuck it into my mouth. I sucked on it. After a few seconds, I felt better.

“Where am I?” I croaked. I had no idea how I ended up here. In fact, I had no idea who I was.

“You are Laci,” the doctor who offered me the bottle said. “You are in a research lab. It doesn’t matter where.”

While the doctor was speaking, I realized that I was completely naked. For some reason, I felt completely ashamed of this. I wasn’t sure why; I saw the fully clothed doctors around me, but somehow this shame felt more profound than a self image thing. Deep down, I felt like I shouldn’t be this way.

I struggled against the restraints; I was bound at the ankles as well. After a few seconds of struggling, I gave up; it didn’t seem like I was getting out of this anytime soon. The doctors didn’t seem to notice my struggle, they were all still scribbling in their notebooks, each occasionally glancing at me .

“Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?” I tried to yell, but I was still groggy from whatever I was on before I woke up. It sounded more like a half-asleep request. Still, I got a response.

“We are just recording some basic responses of yours. You have been asleep for a very long time. Do you remember anything?” one of the female doctors said.

I tried to think. “, not really” I said. “Anything at all?” another male doctor said, without looking up. “I remember... a fire?” I almost asked.

“Great job, Laci,” the female doctor said, giving me a slight smile while scribbling down on her notebook. “You were in a car crash, years and years ago. “

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You were very young, Laci. You were seven years old when the car crashed. Your parents, they perished in the crash, I’m sorry to say.”

This would have been a shock if I’d remembered anything, but I didn’t, aside from a hot, bright orange light.

“How old am I now?”

“Sixteen. you’ve been in a coma for nine years. You may have been able to wake up earlier, but we wanted to make sure you’d be fully prepared in your new life.

I didn’t even know what to make of this whole situation. I’ve been asleep for a longer amount of time than i’d been awake before the crash.

I looked up as far as I could with the restraints on me. I saw a swirl of red-brown hair around my shoulders. I saw the mounds of my breasts in front of me, the small, pink areolae poking up from the center of them. Between my breasts, I could make out a chestnut colored patch of hair right between my legs.

“Why am I naked?” I asked. No one answered. “Why am I naked?” I asked again.

“We have one more test to run, now that you’re awake. Just to make sure everything is functioning as intended,” an older male doctor said, without looking up.

“What kind of test?”

“It won’t hurt. You will hopefully find it pleasant, after a few moments.”

I lay there, silent. I was growing fearful of what they had in store for me. Why else would they have me restrained?

“We are going to put a blindfold on you. We don’t want you to react based on what you see.”

I tacitly consented. What choice did I have? As he tied the blindfold around my head, the world went black, just as it had for 9 years earlier.

I waited. What seemed like 10 minutes went by. Eventually, I heard the door open, and footsteps arrived at my bedside.

“Now, Laci, don’t be alarmed.” I heard a male voice say.

Just then, I felt a pinch, just outside my vulva. “OW!” I shreiked. It was merely a pinch, nothing too invasive, but I hadn’t been expecting that.”

“Shhh, Laci, it’s OK,” I heard one of the female doctors say. “It’ll be over in a minute. They’re just giving you a shot.” The pinching persisted, I felt a tingling feeling around where the needle was injecting something into me. I felt butterflies in my stomach, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was I was feeling.

Then, I felt the needle slide out of me. I could feel that my heartbeat was faster. I felt calm, yet full of adrenaline. The feeling escalated slowly as I lay there for a few more moments.

“Okay, everything looks stable. Laci, open your mouth, dear.”

I complied. Just as I began to find it odd that t I seemed to obey without a second thought, I felt something slip between my lips and slide past my tongue. I couldn’t see what it was; I was still blindfolded Flesh. I somehow knew that it was flesh. The very back of my mind told me to pull away, but I didn’t.

I found myself opening my mouth and accepted this invasion. It slid in and out of my mouth, gently, It didn’t hurt. I didn’t find the sensation unpleasant; in fact, for some reason, I enjoyed having the large fleshy object in my mouth.

After a minute of this, still wondering what exactly was going on, something strange happened. I tasted a warm, salty substance on my tongue. I swallowed instinctively.

I don’t know what came over me. Every fiber of my being wanted more of that taste. I let out a low, guttaral moan as I tried to lurch my head to engulf the entire object.

“MMMMmmmm,” I moaned, willfully accepting the invader into my mouth. I heard a male voice moan as well, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I rhythmically sucked and teased the rod in my mouth. Somehow, I knew exactly what to do, even though I’d never done this or seen this done before. I flicked my tongue, teasing it. I licked it like a lollipop. I took the whole thing in, as deep as it went, and felt it tickle the back of my throat.

Just then, I heard more urgent male moans, and felt the object in my mouth convulse and twitch. A hot, salty liquid started unloading into my throat. When I swallowed the first shot of it, I felt an intense feeling between my legs. When I swallowed the second load, it was me who started to convulse. I felt a wave of euphoria and a gush of juices flow out from my pussy. I was shaking like crazy. I had no idea what it was, but I’d never felt anything like it before. I shrieked and screamed and moaned. I completely forgot about the object in my mouth; I didn’t even notice the shots of sticky liquid that landed on my face and breasts.

The feeling subsided, but I never went back to normal. I felt empty and I needed filling up. I NEEDED it.

“Please,” I gasped. “Please, please, please, PLEASE!” I kept screaming.

I heard a male voice say, “Here you go Bob, you won the lottery, make your wife a baby!” I had no idea what this meant, but I heard the rustling of clothing. I could barely hear. All I cared about was the need between my legs. I couldn’t touch it myself, my hands and feet were restrained.

Just then, I felt a warm object at my opening. It lingered for just a moment, then slowly entered me. This made me go even crazier. I felt it slip farther and farther inside of me, until maybe 2 inches were inside.

I couldn’t stop gasping and moaning. The sensation felt great, but it wasn’t fulfilling me. I was bucking my hips as much as my restraints would allow me, but it still wasn’t enough. I wanted more from this intruder.l

“Let’s go Bob, pop her cherry!!” I heard voices say. “Put a baby in her!” I barely listened to these, I had one thing on my mind and one thing only.

Suddenly, the rod inside my pussy lurched forward. I felt a small yelp of pain, and a waterfall of pleasure. “Oh god, oh god oh god,” I wimpered. I continued to buck against him. No matter how good it felt, I needed more. I was possessed.

After a few minutes of intense, sweaty, animalistic fucking, I heard a man groan loadly, and I felt the object inside me convulse, just as the one in my mouth had. I felt a warm sensation inside my womb, and I screamed in intense pleasure. I felt drops of warm liquid shoot up my torso towards my breasts, but I was too busy experiencing this intense pleasure to really care. After a few minutes, I began to calm down, and I felt a warm towel wipe off my body. My blindfold was removed, and I looked around to find no one but one of the female doctors.

She was looking at me, smiling. “You may have just saved the human race,” she said. She left the room and closed the door, leaving me completely alone.

Once my heartbeat slowed down, I finally had time to consider what had just happened. I knew it was something very adult, but I didn’t really know much about adult things, since I was seven when my car crashed. I felt like I should feel shame, but I didn’t. It was the most incredibly wonderful experience of my short life.

I felt my eyes drooping, exhausted from the day’s events, and I dozed off.

I woke up in what looked like a small bedroom, with a TV, DVD player, closet and dresser. There was a doorway that led to a full bathroom. I was lying in the middle of a king-sized bed. I looked down and was startled. My breasts were much larger than before, and my belly was gigantic. I was clearly pregnant, and, by the looks of it, ready to pop at any moment.

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2013-07-03 10:40:50
Great scenario! Love it.

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2013-07-01 23:45:49
This looks cool! Hope there's more on the saving humanity stuff and what the scientists were saying.

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