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In the beginning........
I need your help. I have been a major part of a conspiracy that has been going on since I became 16. To explain this, will be a pretty long story. It may seem unrealistic, but true, nonetheless. This is an account of how my neighbor started stalking me.


All my friends were at my house for my sweet 16th birthday party. Unfortunately, this was a party unlike any of the other sweet 16s, considering my family is in financial trouble. No car. No confetti. No huge cake. It was just as much as a regular pool party. I did get presents, but boy was I in store for actual life-changing one.

I was a virgin at the time. I’m not that social when it comes to meeting people. I only had five friends over for my sweet 16. I had short brown hair that once was sand blonde that changed over time. I was a pretty skinny dude. Not muscular in the slightest, but a little fat on the stomach that I have worked it off over time. I have brown eyes...

Well, enough about that, back to the story. Me and my friends were in the above-ground pool just swimming and splashing away. One of my best friends named Stark lived right next door. We hung out almost every day. To be honest though, I really didn’t see him as my best friend. What I really went over there to see usually was the package his mom brought.

She worked as a waiter in a restaurant that I liked going to every once in a while. They had the best burgers. She was gold digging an old man who hardly had time to deal with her and her son, but he always gave her money whenever she needed to pay the bills. She was smokin’ hot. Big breasts, great ass, long blonde hair. The whole package. I loved seeing her dressed up for work.

Man, I wanted to fuck her so badly. I would fantasize every day about her and it would give me great erections, ones that pulsed. I never acted on them. Usually teens would, but not me. Something told me not to in my head, that it was morally wrong to fantasize about people in your everyday life that isn’t your loved one.

When we were done swimming, we all got towels and wrapped them around our waists and started heading inside. I was the last one that was headed in, but in the corner of my eye I caught something and looked. Someone was staring at me through my neighbor’s window, someone that was hiding behind a curtain; I can only see the eye and a shadow.

The next day I went to Stark’s house. We sat and played video games for a good while. Stark loved to talk trash over the internet when we played, he had a right to though, because he was so good.

His mom came into the room, wow was she on fire. She was ready to leave for work.

“Goodbye, hun! Time to go to work!” she said as she went over to Stark and gave him a peck on her head. Man, I was so jealous.

“Shit mom, I’m playing here!” he yelled at her while he was focusing on what he was shooting. He was such a douchebag, but his mom is worth being around him, that’s how much I liked the way she looked.

An idea crept up into my head. A sneaky one.

“I have to go to the bathroom, probably a shit” I said to Stark. “I’ll be back in like 10, maybe 20 minutes.”

“I don’t care’ he replied back.

I ignored it. I have my objective.

I went upstairs into a hallway. The bathroom was the first door to the left, but sneaky little me went to the door that was after that one: his mom’s room. I looked around to see what I could find. I first looked into her drawers and pulled out a pair of panties and sniffed them. yes, I know I was a pervert for this woman, but I knew it wasn’t meant to be. The age difference is much too high, her being 45 and me being just turned 16.

After I was done I got a major erection and asked myself if she had any toys. I started snooping around and just when I was about done after looking through all her drawers and her closet, I thought to myself under the bed? I laid down and looked and sure as shit: a box. A LOCKED box. I pulled it out from under the bed. It was kind of actually unlocked. I opened it.

A wave of shock poured over me. I don’t think my life would ever be the same. Hundreds of pictures of me alongside her sex toys. Places where she had followed me to. Photos where I was getting dressed out of the shower and my penis in clear view of the photo. This was just... wow. Too much for me to take in, and then I saw them. Behind the box I pulled out, there was panties on the floor. Ones that were recently wet. I grabbed them and sniffed them. Took it in. I wanted to masturbate right there and then, but no time, damn it. I put the box and panties back, making sure nothing was as closed to notice being touched as possible and went back downstairs and resumed playing games with my friend.

I wanted her now. I wanted her badly. And I knew just the way I could get her. But this was much more than just getting her. My whole world would change, and it might kill me.......

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2013-06-15 20:21:19
More now. Now. Now.

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2013-06-15 19:45:41
please write more of this story !

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2013-06-15 19:45:08
dude you are a god of literature !!!!

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