Twin Japanese Nieces Pt27

Night time for me is initially not very restful. In most cases I spend the first hour or so making love to Kayko and then Saki. But tonight it would be just me and my little pet alone in the sack. Kayko was sleeping in the girls room with Shiori just to make sure that nothing ‘funny’ went on during the night. Her vigilance was really something, and I suppose it was well grounded in this case. This would be the first night that Mark and Shiori had to sleep apart since I had ‘given’ her to him, and I can definitely understand how they would want to be together. But Kayko held firm to her punishment so spending the night with Shiori would be the order.

Saki, on the other hand, not only looked forward to every second she could experience with me, she looked forward to it just as if it were a holiday. As we walked into the room she shucked her shirt and crawled into the bed naked and waited for me, sporting a grin that indicated she was really looking forward to sleeping with me inside her. I was game for it. Besides, I had grown rather accustomed to her sleeping on my chest with her legs dangling down over my sides; so tonight would be no different than any other night.

I crawled into bed and lay down beside her, pulling the blankets up to my shoulders and tucking one arm under my pillow. I pretended like she wasn’t there just to see what she would do. No sooner had I got comfortable when a small hand closed around my shaft and began pumping up and down very slowly.

“What are you doing?” I said teasingly as my dick grew hard under her touch.

“Just getting ready to go to sleep,” she said as my cock reached maximum hardness.

With a little bit of a shuffle she threw her leg over me, scooted up, and I felt her hot little box slide down my shaft till she was fully seated on me. Saki let out a nice, “Aaahh,” when her labia came to rest against my groin. She was completely full again and right where she wanted to be. Pulling my one arm from under my pillow I placed my hands on her small hips and pulled her down, making sure I was completely inside her.

“You know,” I said as she started to ride up and down me in a slow and methodical rhythm, “You do that quite well.”

“Thank you daddy,” she said with a big smile on her face. “You have such a nice cock, and it makes me feel so full on the inside.” and she placed her hands on the pit of her stomach and rubbed her belly like she had just eaten a full meal.

I looked up at the young girl who was sitting on me and grinning like she had just inherited the world. She had the making of being a fine young lady, not only in attitude, but a dynamic lover as well. Slowly and steadily she started to squeeze me inside her, milking me in the same manner as Kayko. Her abilities were improving steadily, and it would not be long before she would be able to bring me to an orgasm with having to move. She was developing a genuine talent of love and affection that has been honed to a fine art, all due to the careful tutoring of my wife. That is another salute that I need to give to my wife. She found a way to continue giving to me even when she was not here. Thanks honey.

I know it might seem a little selfish but I just lay there and let Saki do her thing. She rode up and down on me and practiced squeezing me in several different fashions. She did not seem to want to bring me to an orgasm; rather she just wanted to savor the feeling of having me so close to her. I smiled up at her as she rocked her hips back and forth. She is a true gem.

After about 45 minutes or so she lay down on my chest and hugged herself to me, still firmly planted on my cock. She kissed my chest once before turning her head to the side and rested her cheek against my sternum. “I love you daddy.” she said quietly as she slowly drifted off to dream land. I lay there for quite some time gently stroking her back and arms, completely at ease with her sleeping on me while my mind raced about the day’s events. The contrasts of the warm girl on my chest and the agony of the morning fiasco kept me awake for several hours. Growing spells in a family come in all kinds of different varieties, and this was just one example. While the day’s events had weighed heavily on me, the young girl sleeping on my chest was almost unaware of the turmoil raging inside me. Her solution was to love me in the only way she knew how. I held her close to me as I started to drift off to sleep. The rest of the house was completely silent.


I woke up in the morning to the unmistakable sensation of getting laid. I opened my eyes to see my little pet working herself up and down my shaft with a singular purpose; she was trying to get me off. Kayko was kneeling on the bed immediately to my right holding the small lap table with my customary breakfast for a business trip day. It had a flower vase with a single flower in it, a full cup of coffee, and an empty bowl.

“Good morning my love,” Kayko said while smiling down at me.

“Good morning ladies,” I said as I tried to blink the sleep out of my eyes.

Now fully awake, Saki got really serious about trying to make me cum. She began grinding her hips down against me while squeezing me repeatedly inside her. She felt great and I was thoroughly enjoying her as Kayko stood up and spread her feet apart. Holding the empty bowl between her legs Kayko pushed a pair of hard boiled eggs out of her pussy and into the bowl. With the two eggs sliding around in the bowl she knelt down beside me again and placed the lap table over my chest.

“The eggs are for prosperity and a good fortune,” she said with a smile on her face.

I had heard those words from her countless times and eaten maybe 6 or 7 hundred eggs that she had kept inside her. Every time it was the same thing, and every time it was just as good as the first time back in Japan. I looked into the bowl and then up at Kayko.

“Thank you honey,” I said as I was jostled around a bit by Saki. “But I want something else for breakfast this morning.” and I started to lift the tray from over me.

Kayko looked at what I was doing before she smiled and quickly took the tray away and set it to the side. “Let me guess,” she said with a coy smile on her face as she spread the front of her robe apart and moved in my direction. “You want this,” and she swung her leg over my body and straddled my face.

I didn’t even bother to give her an answer. I shoved my face up between her legs into that smoldering hot honey pot that is my home and began licking her like I was starving. Kayko let out an immediate moan and started shaking. Her rich musky smell and delicate taste urged me to devour the sweet flower of my wife. “Oh my!” her voice fluttered as I feasted on her while rubbing her clit with my nose. “Saki!” she suddenly barked out. She completed her sentence in Japanese, causing Saki to alter her attack and squeeze my cock while she pounded her pussy up and down my shaft. I was in hog heaven! My two beauties were working me into a frenzy, and it wasn’t long before that eminent feeling arose from my nuts. I grabbed Kayko by her legs and pulled her down onto my face as my dick swelled inside of Saki. I shoved my tongue as deep into my wife as I could and held on for dear life as my cock erupted, sending a torrent of cum up into Saki.

“He’s cumming in me!” she shrieked as she slammed her crotch down and clamped onto my dick with her pussy.

“I know!” Kayko gasped as her own orgasm rocked her world.

I shook and jerked as I unloaded into my pet, blasting my seed directly through her cervix and into her womb. “It’s so hot!” Saki gasped, and she began shaking too while jerking her hips back and forth in an erratic fashion.

The three of us were riding the wave of orgasmic bliss. Loving the sensations and each other in what I would describe as a wave of unity. It was magnificent! Kayko bucked her hips forward and back, grinding her clit against my nose while my tongue licked at her soft pink interior. Her sweet flavor flowed down into my mouth, giving me a drink of her essence as her orgasm slowly faded. I don’t know how long I fired into Saki but my cum was running out of her and down over my groin and nuts. It was a complete unloading of what I had stored up, and Saki rocked her hips back and forth trying to experience every last bit of it. When my nuts were finally drained, and my dick quit twitching, I fell back onto the blankets gasping for air.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed between gasps for air. “You guys are going to kill me!”

“Wasn’t that good Uncle Mike?” Saki asked proudly as she gripped and released my cock as tightly as she could, milking the last of what I had into her.

“Oh my yes!” I said as I released Kaykos legs and let her climb off of me. “That was great!”

“I’m glad we could be of service,” Kayko said as she picked the tray back up and set it on my chest. “Now hurry up and eat. You can’t be late for your appointment at the office.”

Kaykos’ practical side was really something else. She could have stayed in bed with me and screwed my brains out for another hour, but she knows how important my job is to the family. As I sat there and ate my pussy coated eggs with Saki sitting on my dick she prepared my bath. ‘It looks like I’m going to Sydney,’ I said to myself.

Kayko and Saki took care of me in record time in the bathroom. It was no time at all before we were heading down the stairs on the way to the garage. Erin was waiting in the kitchen along with Shiori and she stopped me on the way through.

“Here dad,” she said as she handed me a small flash drive. “A little something to remind you of home. Hurry back.” and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks sweetie,” I said as I slipped the flash drive into my pocket. “I’ll be back in 10 days.”

As we walked into the garage I spoke to Kayko. “Are you going to be able to handle things while I’m gone?” I asked out of genuine concern.

“We’ll be fine,” she replied with a smile on her face. “You just go and do what you do best.”

“Don’t I always?” I responded. “And you,” I said as I looked down at my pet. “You behave.”

Saki smiled at me and hugged me around the waist. “I will Uncle Mike.”

I kissed Saki, Erin, and Shiori on the tops of their heads and gave Kayko a big kiss goodbye. I hated having to leave, especially at such a rough time for the family. But my job was calling and I had to answer. As I backed out of the garage I saw Eric pushing the lawn mower in the yard. He gave me a half-hearted wave before returning to his work. At least he was attempting to take his punishment in stride.

My meeting at the office was not much of a briefing at all. It turned out to be just more gravy on top of an already sweet deal, and was probably not going to come up at all. But it was nice to have the extra ammunition for this meeting. This one meeting alone was going to account for all of the sales I would need to make for the rest of the year. Everything else would just be maintenance.

It was almost 12 o’clock when the cabin door was shut and the plane started to move. The light came on for us to turn off all of our electronic equipment so I killed my phone and stuck it in my pocket. The next 15 hours would be nothing but monotony. The steady drone of the plane’s engines and the sound of the air rushing around the fuselage make for excitement that is unparalleled. (Note sarcasm) I closed my eyes and got some sleep.

Three meals and two full movies later along with several snacks we arrived in Sydney. I had managed to sleep a little but was still dead tired. My night and day were now flip flopped and I was definitely feeling it. I was looking forward to some down time before this week long bout of meetings commenced and headed straight for the hotel. A hot shower and the bed were going to feel so good.

Once in the hotel room I arranged my things for the following week. As I was emptying my pockets I came across the flash drive that Erin had handed me in the kitchen. I wondered what that little rascal had given me so I plugged it into my computer and selected it. Sitting back in the chair I waited for the images to come up. There were several different file including one that said ‘Watch me first.’ It doesn’t get any simpler than that so I clicked on it and sat back. My Quick Time player opened and there was Erin standing in the gym. “Hi daddy,” she said as she held the camera out at arm’s reach. “We wanted to show you what we can do while you’re away so you will know that we are thinking about you.” She had a very pleasant sound to her voice, almost like she was proud but definitely happy. “So first we’ll start with Saki,” she said as she moved around the room and spun the camera around in her hand. When Saki came into view she was at the long low table with the second smallest dumbbell directly underneath her. “Saki is learning how to grip today,” she said as she stuck the camera right down into Sakis face. “Say hello Saki,” she said as she pulled the camera back a little.

“Hello Uncle Mike,” she said with a smile. “I’m practicing how to grip you today.”

Erin backed up with the camera so I could see almost all of Saki. Only her feet were not included in the frame. Saki lowered herself down onto the dumbbell, taking the entire upright wooden peg inside her before she paused for a moment. She gritted her teeth and stood up, lifting the dumbbell up as she went. When her legs were straight she stopped and looked directly at the camera.

“See Uncle Mike,” she said as she stood there holding the dumbbell with just her pussy. “I’m getting better.” She then squatted back down and replaced the dumbbell on the table top before standing back up without it.

“Saki has this thing about being able to grip you really hard,” Erin said as she turned the camera back around so I could see her face again while she moved around through the room. “Next is Shiori,” she said as the picture jumped up and down while she turned the camera again. Shiori was sitting on the smallest peg of the big horse with her feet completely off the ground. “Hi Uncle Mike,” she said as she waved to the camera. “We’re all working hard.” she said. Again Erin turned the camera for a moment. “See dad, she’s doing it just like mom told her,” and she turned the camera back around and stuck the lens very close to Shioris wide open gash. The image was so clear that I could see the wood grain of the horses back.

“We’ve all been working hard for you,” Erin continued as she moved to another place in the gym. “Even mom is working hard,” and she spun the camera around to show Kayko hanging upside down from the pulley in the ceiling with the gray stone sticking out of her from between her wide stretched legs.

“Hey honey,” she said as the stone slowly disappeared inside her. “I’m keeping in shape for you. Why don’t you come home soon and replace this stone with something harder?”

Erin then held the camera directly over my wife’s wide open pussy and aimed the camera straight down. I could easily see into my wife. The end of the gray stone was about an inch or so down inside her and wrapped snugly in the pinkish red interior. I couldn’t help but start to get a boner as I watched the stone slowly move back up toward the camera. Erin backed the camera away so I could see a nice side view of the stone emerging from inside my wife. It really was a good shot considering she was just a novice at making videos. With almost half of the stone showing Kayko stopped. She held the stone in place for a few seconds before it slowly slid back down inside her. I was impressed though I had seen if before many times.

Erin turned the camera back around as she walked across the room again. “I have a little more stretching to do before I work out with the dumbbells,” she said. “Hurry home daddy, we all miss you a lot.” She then blew a kiss to me and smiled before she turned the camera off.

It was a nice video to say the least. And it left me with a raging boner. But I was happy to see that all of the girls were practicing under Kaykos direct instruction and enjoying themselves in the process. I could not help but smile. I was very proud of the girls. I looked through the file for the next video. It was labeled ‘T o W’. It was anybody’s guess what that meant so I clicked on it blindly. When the video started Kayko was in full view on the screen. She was standing in the middle of the gym completely naked with the largest dumbbell hanging from inside her.

“Mike, as you might have guessed this video is about strength,” she said as she gestured toward her crotch with her hands. With that said she squatted down with her knees moving outward until the dumbbell almost touched the floor before she stood back up without it moving an inch. “We have come up with a game to show you how strong the girls are. It’s called Tug of War.” As she spoke she walked over to long low table and set the dumbbell down without using her hands. “The rules are really simple,” she said as she walked to the other end of the table and picked up the large double ended dildo she has in her collection. “Two at a time the girls will pull using only their muscles for grip,” she said as she gestured for the girls to come over to the table. Saki and Shiori showed up first. The two girls stepped over the table with one foot and lined up back to back. “The one who is able to hold on to the dildo moves to the next round. The loser then has one more chance to advance by pulling against the cameraman.”

The camera instantly began to shake like it was in an earthquake before Erins smiling face showed up in the frame at very close range. “That’s me,” she said before the shaking resumed as she spun the camera around again.

“The final winner will then compete against me for the chance to milk you for that delicious hot juice you so love to shoot into us,” and she licked her lips and ran her hands up and down her belly a few times. “Whoo,” she said as she looked around at the girls, “I’m getting horny just thinking about it.” She then walked around the table so that she was on the far side from Erin. “Ok girls,” she said as she extended her hand with the dildo, “assume the position.”

Saki and Shiori both bent over at the waist and placed their hands on their knees. Their asses were maybe a foot apart as Kayko leaned down and fed one end of the dildo into Saki, pushing on it till it was fully inside her. She then lifted the other end, bending the dildo in the middle, and started to feed it into Shiori. When it was straightened out she had Shiori back up till the ends were firmly pressed against the tops of both of the girls vaginas. So both of them were now completely full, leaving about 4 inches visible between them and no clear advantage to either one.

“Ok,” Kayko said as she gave each of the girls a little pat on the ass. “On your marks, get set…Go!”

Immediately I could see both of the girls lean forward just a bit as they gripped the dildo with their muscles and pulled. Shiori gritted her teeth and pinched her eyes shut tightly as she strained to hold on to the thick rubber dong. Saki also appeared to be straining, but not quite to the extent as her sister as the length between them started to increase in length ever so slightly. I was honestly surprised that the two of them did not just pull apart immediately. But then again I had no idea how much force they were applying. The object was to pull the dildo out of your opponent without losing the grip you had on your own end. When you think about it, there was a pretty good amount of skill involved here.

Kayko started hollering, “Pull girls, pull!” as the length between them grew a little longer. Someone was losing her grip and the dildo was slipping out. After almost a minute the two girls parted suddenly. “Yea,” I heard Erin say as she turned the camera to Saki who stood with the dildo hanging lewdly between her legs, “the winner!” Round one had gone to my pet. The picture jumped around a bit and instantly the picture changed. Now Shiori and Erin were lined up with the dildo already in place and Kayko standing up behind them.

“This is round two,” she said as gave both of the girls a pat on the ass. “Get ready…get set…Go!” and again the two girls leaned forward in opposite directions from each other. Both girls pulled with their heads down and their eyes shut. Kayko began cheering for them saying, “Come on girls, come on, you can do it!” Slowly the distance between them began to increase as they both did their best to hang on. More than a minute went by this time, and the length between them was almost a whole foot before Shiori lost her grip again and the two girls quickly parted. But as Erin stepped away the dildo fell out of her and landed on the table between them.

“We have a tie,” I heard Kayko say before the picture suddenly changed again. This time it was Saki and Kayko standing over the table with Shiori standing behind them. There was no gap between them at all. Their asses were touching when Shiori said, “This is round three. The winner gets to milk Uncle Mike.” She patted both of them on the ass before she took a step back and said, “On your marks…get set…go!” Saki and Kayko both leaned forward as they pulled. A small gap opened up between them as the rubber dildo stretched and pulled at their soft insides. I was glued to my computer screen as I watched my wife and my pet compete in a vaginal tug of war. Both of them were straining hard as they fought to maintain their grip and pull the dildo free from their opponent. Saki was twisting her head back and forth and she gritted her teeth as she pulled from her end of the rubber dildo. She was working hard to win, and she was doing a pretty good job. Kayko just maintained steady even pressure and held her ground. Her years of experience were paying dividends as she worked to hold on to her end.

“Come on mom,” I heard Erin say as she moved in closer with the camera to give me a better look.

I could see where the skin was being pulled on both of them. Their outer labia’s and the soft outer flesh was distended outward on both of them as they both strained against each other. It was quite a site to see because they fought back and forth for several minutes before the gap between them started to grow bigger. Shiori was hollering at Saki in Japanese though I can very easily imagine what she was saying. This was going to be a duel right down to the end.

By now both of them were starting to breath hard. I could see their stomachs moving up and down as the battle continued with only another inch or so being yielded. But then it was over in an instant. In a flash the dildo pulled free and both of them took a step forward. “Yea!” I heard Erin yell as she turned the camera toward Kayko who stood with the dildo hanging down between her legs. “The winner!” The camera shook a bit again before the picture instantly changed to all of them sitting on the low table facing me.

“That’s all for now,” Kayko said. “Hurry up and get back from Brussels, we all miss you.” And all of them waved at me before Erin stood up and turned the camera off.

I was speechless and I had a raging hard on. I had never seen anything quite like that before in my life, but it just proved to me that the girls were thinking about me while I was gone. It really was amazing. I closed the video file and opened the next file. This file was set up along the lines of a screen saver and had a bunch of pictures in it. I turned it on and sat back to watch. There were pictures of the girls out nude sunbathing in the yard. Apparently they had been taken by Mark because all four of them were in the picture. There were pictures of them in the pool and in the gym. There was even a few pictures of me asleep on the bed with Saki sucking my cock and of Kayko sitting on me. Everyone had a few pictures of them included in the file. Mark was even in there with Shiori sitting on his cock and her legs wrapped around his back. They were both looking at the camera and smiling as they were giving the peace sign with their fingers.

No one was wearing any clothes in any of the pictures, but it really was a nice collection that showed many of the different dynamics of my family. Smiles decorated everyone’s faces in all the pictures, and all seemed to be having a really good time. I smiled as I thought about how wonderful my family was, but hated the fact that I was missing so many wonderful times with them. Flying all over the world was depriving me of my true wealth. And for the first time I actually considered taking the partnership over my outside sales position. I was missing too much now, and I would never be able to get those times back. As I watched the last few images change on the screen I could feel my family pulling at my heart. All five of them were sitting on one of the lounge chairs on the patio and were looking straight at me. The smiles on their faces shown right through me and warmed my heart with feelings that you hold dear and keep with you forever. It really was a nice picture. The only thing missing from it was me.

Maybe it was time for me to slow down a little and spend more quality time with Kayko and the kids. I had been doing my job for the last 20 years, and I certainly had seen enough of the world. I stood up and looked out the window as all of these thoughts raced through my head. The partnership would keep me at home, and I would actually get a raise. Actually that did not have a bearing on my decision at all; we already had enough money to where I would not have to work another day for the rest of my life. But I really did love my work. Traveling to different countries and meeting new people brought a new challenge almost every week. It kept me on my toes and my ‘A’ game sharp. This would have to be a decision that I made with the family and especially Kayko. I know she would tell me that it is ultimately up to me, but something of this magnitude should involve her, or at least give her a venue to state her opinion. I could feel the need for a long overdue vacation. The down time would give us all the chance to rest and heal a bit.


As expected my week of meeting went very well. The contracts went through without a hitch and I didn’t even have to bring up the ‘gravy’ that the boss had thrown in for good measure. The rest of my year would be only maintenance visits and marketing seminars to keep our clients up to date with the current trends. Basically I was done. Only a plane ride and a taxi ride home kept me from the ones I loved. As I boarded the plane those familiar stirrings started in my pants. I planned on making love to Kayko for two days when I got home.

At the airport in Chicago I called the house to let Kayko know I was on the way. “Hey sweetheart,” I said as I carried my bag through the glass doors and out to the street side. “I’m back.”

“Oh Mike!” she exclaimed over the phone, obviously glad to hear my voice again. “Where are you?”

“I’m just leaving the arrivals area and getting into a cab,” I said as I threw my stuff in through the cab door and sat down.

“Good,” she replied, “because your office called and they need to speak with you.”

“Ok,” I said after I told the cabbie where I needed to go. “I’ll give them a call right now. I’ll see you in about an hour and a half.”

“I can’t wait,” she responded before she hung up the phone.

I decided I was not going to tell her and the kids about the trip until I got to the house. The company had given me the vacation and I was going to take it regardless of what they wanted. It was time for me to get a little selfish and claim a little ‘me’ time. I dialed the office as the cab got under way. My decision was final, and that was the end of it.

When David answered the phone he had nothing but praise for me. Both he and the board of directors were very pleased with my performance in Australia and he congratulated me several times. Then he switched gears and got to the meat and potatoes of the call, they wanted me to go to Dubai. “Sorry old sport,” I said as I watched the city slowly shrink in size as I headed down the highway for the house, “I am taking my vacation next week.” David was a little disappointed and he did his best to convince me that this was a necessary trip. I know it would mean a lot to the company but I was already determined to take the time off. Besides, for the last 20 years I had gone where they wanted me to go when they wanted me to go. Now it was time for a break. My family needed me around for a while and I needed the break. Reluctantly David caved in.

“You’re right Mike,” he said after he realized how important this was to me, “we have worked you rather hard for the last 20 years, and you are the best we have. I can’t blame you for wanting some time off. Go and enjoy your family for a while and have a good time.”

I was relieved that he had finally caved in. Truth be told, if he had persisted a bit longer I would have been the one to cave in and accepted the trip to Dubai. I’m glad I didn’t. The trip to St. Thomas turned out to be the best move I could have ever made for me and my family. As you’ll see, the healing process I was so longing for showed up on that tiny island.

At the house I was greeted in the driveway by everyone, including Mark and Shiori. Granted Shiori did stay behind and hug me last, but I gave her a hug just as though she had not had any of these restrictions placed on her. I was just as glad to see her as everyone else. Kayko gave me a huge hug and a kiss as she pressed herself tightly against me. I was just as glad to see her as I pressed my raging boner into her belly. The coy smile she gave me told me she knew just what I wanted.

“Welcome home Mike,” she said as she stepped to the side to give everyone else the chance to hug me. “We’ve missed you.”

“Have you now,” I said jokingly as I hugged Erin and Saki against me at the same time. “That’s funny, I couldn’t tell!”

Both of the girls giggled as they hugged me around my torso. It felt great to be back in their arms, and I was relishing every moment. I looked over at Mark who just stood patiently next to Kayko. He was tanned pretty dark from having been outside for the last week mowing the yard. After I looked at him I turned and looked over the yard. ‘Not bad’ I said to myself as the yard was neatly mowed and the flower beds looked as if they had been tended well. I turned back around to face him and cleared myself of Erin and Saki. “How are you doing big man?” I said as I extended my hand to him like he was an adult.

“I’m ok,” he responded as he took my hand and shook it.

I didn’t want to shake hands with my son, I wanted to hug him. As soon as his grip tightened I pulled him to me and gave him a big bear hug. “You have done a wonderful job on the yard Mark.” I said as I let go of him and stepped to the side to take in his fine work.

“Thanks dad,” he said as he looked around too.

“Come on everyone,” Kayko said as she started toward the house, “Let’s get inside out of this heat.”

As everyone turned to walk in I took a knee right in front of Shiori. “Hey there,” I said as I looked up at her.

Shiori glanced into my eyes before she quietly answered. “Hi Uncle Mike. I’m glad you’re home.”

“So am I,” I responded to her as I watched everyone file into the house except for Kayko. She stood at the door and watched while I had a moment of quiet with Shiori. “I’ve missed you.” I said as I reached out and gently took her hand in mine.

Shiori gave a quick glance in Kaykos direction. Kayko just gave a very slight nod before Shiori turned back to me and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. I could tell by her hug that she had really missed me. When her first little gasp came I realized that she was crying. “I’m so sorry,” she said into my ear as she started trembling in my grasp.

I could feel the pain and shame in her as she clung to me tightly; and it hurt. I felt a lump in my throat as I hugged her back with all of the love that I had in me. She might have done something wrong, but I still loved her just as if she were one of my own. “Hey,” I said as I stood her back up and looked into her eyes. “I still love you honey and I know that you are sorry.” Shiori wiped the tears from her cheeks and did her best to regain her composure. “I’ll tell you a little secret,” I said as I glanced up at Kayko who was wiping a tear away from her cheek as well. “You’re going to get to see a lot more of me for a while,” I told her quietly. A smile came across her face as she looked at me expectantly. “Promise you won’t tell anyone?” I asked as I looked into her dark eyes. Shiori nodded her head yes. “We’re going on vacation.” Immediately her smile doubled in size and she threw her arms around me again. This time it was a hug of joy. “Now don’t tell anyone,” I said. “It’s our secret.”

Shiori stood back up and nodded her head yes again. I think I had just given her that ray of hope that she must have been looking for. She straightened herself out and turned toward the house. Kayko was still standing in the same place at the door but was now sporting her stern look again. “In the kitchen,” she said as Shiori started walking toward her. “Make some lunch for your Uncle.”

Shiori scooted straight past her with her head down and disappeared into the house. “What was that all about?” Kayko asked as I stood up and walked over to her.

“She might be being punished,” I said as I reached out and grasp her hand, “But I still love her.” Kayko smiled at me and followed me into the house. She understood what I meant.

I didn’t waste any time at all once I was in the house. I led Kayko by the hand up the stairs and to our room. I had been away for ten days and I really missed my wife. I was going to have her and that was all there was to it. Kayko did not offer even the slightest bit of resistance as I stripped her down and set her on the bed, planting kisses on her where ever I could reach. Her soft little moans and coos of enjoyment only reinforced how much she had missed me as well. I was thoroughly going to enjoy myself and my wife.

I made love with Kayko for several hours, holding her close to me while we rolled all over the bed. We expressed our love and passion for each other over and over, burying each other with kisses while our bodies were locked in an intimate embrace. Of all the trips I had been on, and all the times I had come home and made love to my wife, this time made me feel like I was really home.

End Part 27

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2013-06-21 04:37:21
Great story so far. It got me wondering, have you ever molested any white kids? or do you just go after Japanese children?


2013-06-20 09:09:33
I can't to read what happen on your vacation


2013-06-20 06:13:26
Incredible story like always. I'm very glad to see you writing. I sure as hell hope you keep continuing to tell the story, even up to present day. Congrats on the promotion.

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Grate time on the vacation and have fun in your city I have been t Chicago its grate navy pear was fun. Well about the hair thing I would be embarest.


2013-06-16 09:13:34
I'm always glad to read more but this chapter was bitter sweet. I mean I'm glad your taking a vacation and spending time with the family but was this really the time to do it? You have a son who's in trouble but quickly working off punishment, then you have a disowned neice who's not even part of the family technically. I just feel so bad but we've got to vacation and break at some point.

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