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Veteran returns to find his sister has grown up
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Memorial Day – soldier return
Memorial Day – soldier return - Love

We toweled each other off then held each other tight. We had lost track of time and no longer
had we sat down on the sofa, the folks came home from their visit. I couldn’t believe we
had spent that much time fucking in the shower.

You guys look like you had good showers, all nice and fresh.
“Yea Mom real nice.”
“Mary, are you OK, you look a little flushed.”

“Sure Mom, everything is fine.”
We spent the day hanging out. Talking, enjoying each other.
It was a dreamy day, I kept reliving my experience with Mary.

Mom and Dad went to bed. It seemed we had waited for this time to be intimate
but nothing was happening. “Dave, what is the matter, is something wrong.”
“Are you unhappy with me? Having second thoughts”
“NO! I am so happy but…..”
“What?” I shouldn’t say this but my ex, Kerri still upsets me.” “How she left me while I was away.”

“Dave, she is a selfish Bitch, get her out of your mind.” “She went for the money, she
didn’t care your sacrifice for us.” “ Dave, I can make you forget.”

Mary pulled me by the arm.
“Dave, let’s go down stairs.” She had a devilish smile.
The basement brought back memories of the times we spent together as kids.
It felt very strange to be going down their with my lover.
Mary leaned against the pool table and pulled me toward her.
We held each other tight and ground our hips together, kissing.

Then Mary dropped the bombshell.
“I want you to fuck my Ass.” “Dave fuck my ASS.”
I couldn’t believe it, my kid sister was talking dirty to me.
“Mary, I don’t know?”
Of course I knew, I wanted her ass, her cute tight ass but……
Mary pulled down my shorts and pulled off her shorts and panties.
She grabbed my cock in one hand and reached under my balls with her other.
She rubbed under my balls and stroked my dick.

I don’t know here she learned all this but she was a constant surprise.
She reached in her shorts and gave me a bottle of baby oil and leaned forward
over the table, facing away from me.. She spread her legs slightly.
I squirted the baby oil over her rear end. The cute tight ass glistened in
the basement light. I rubbed over and around and down her pussy.
I rubbed her between her lips. I could hear her groaning. Her hips
moved back and forth, side to side.

Bob, fuck my fucking ass, PLEASE. NOW. I have dreamt of this. PLEASE.
How fucking crazy was this? Usually I had to beg the girl and
here my sister was begging for it.

I rubbed my cock along her cunt teasing her and poured extra oil on her butt hole.
Usually I would be worried about getting in but I was so fucking hard, harder than I ever was.
I pinched her ass cheeks and pushed my dick along her glistening ass.
Back and forth I rubbed my cock along her tight perfect ass.
I teased her hole with my dick head.

“Dave, Do it. Do it.”
Mary reached back with a hand and rubbed my cock.
“Dave you are ready, Now, Now.”
I slapped her ass. Her shinny butt reddened ever so slightly.
My cock head pushed in ever so slightly. Mary pushed her ass out toward me
pushing my cock deeper inside her.

I wasn’t ass fucking her, her ass was fucking my dick.
We pushed together as one and I was completely inside her.
She was so fucking tight, it was unreal.
Slowly I pumped it, fucking her ass. She groaned so hard I was afraid she
would led out a scream. Her hips were gyrating like crazy. I could hear her grunting, keeping her
screams in, so our parents would not hear.

I was fucking her so hard but as hard as I did, she pushed just as hard against me even harder.
I was throbbing so hard I reached forward and grabbed her hair,
pulling her head back and arching her back fucking her as deep as I could.
I could see her ass tighten as she held onto my cock tightening up
as I pulled back.

Throbbing I came inside her ass. Cum seemed to shoot forever.
I pinched her ass cheeks as hard as I could as I felt my semen fill her.
I pumped every last drop into her. I stayed inside her as long as I could.

Upstairs again, we lay on the couch watching videos. We didn’t want the
night to end.

The next morning was bright as Mary and the folks accompanied me
to the soldiers section of the cemetery for the days remembrance activities.
Later I was part of a Memorial day parade but I didn’t see Mary. My folks didn’t know
where she could be. Back home I was worried when I got a call from one of
my army buddies, Don, from the area. He said Mary was with him and some of the guys
and I should come to this warehouse right away.

What did this mean? Why was Mary with them? All kinds of the thoughts passed
through my mind. The warehouse was in an old run down part of town. I hurried inside
to find a large dimly lit room. I gasped, there was a female body hung, clothed, spread eagled
tied between two poles. She was hooded, and struggling. All I could make out was some garble

No No, what is going on? Suddenly Mary stepped out from the shadows. I couldn’t comprehend
what was happening as 8 of my army buddies also walked out.

The woman had a Yellow ribbon around her neck.

As I walked closer Mary pulled the hood off.
“Welcome back Dave.”


It was the bitch, my ex-wife Kerri, cheating scum. She had a red ball gag in her mouth.
Mary undid the ball gag.

“You bastard, you are going to jail.” “You, your retard sister and your thug army buddies are
gonna rot in jail for this.”

Mary grabbed her hair and laughed in her face. “Who is going to believe a lying cheating whore like
you. Your word against nine war veterans including the man you cheated on and left. Not to mention
his sweet little sister who will swear it was all your slut idea.”

“What will you lying lawyer husband think of you after he finds you banged these guys.”

One by one they walked by her. “Slut, Whore, Scum, Bitch, garbage.”
Their spit dripped over her face. They leered at her in utter contempt.
Hands grabbed from both sides. She twisted and turned as they felt, grabbed and pinched
body parts.

Mary had been in the background watching and laughing with Dave.
She walked up with a box.
“Look what we have for you. She dumped the box on a table in front of the slut.”
There were clamps, dildo’s, paddles, mouth restraints,pins.

“NO. You are crazy. You can’t do this.”

Jason took out his knife and started to cut away her blouse.

“What are you doing? Do you know how much that Cost?”

The End

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-05 01:24:31
Holy fuck! A revenge against a cheater story. Not many of these on the site. Pretty good. We need more of this type of story on this site. Keep up the good work man.


anonymous readerReport

2013-06-20 11:20:46
continue with this story. as to what people think when something bad is going to happen...........the mind is a strange thing.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-16 03:50:45
I liked the ass fucking part but the way the revenge happened seemed out of character for Mary. A little too extreme. That being said I'd love to hear the "9 guys gangbang her" story.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-16 00:40:54
LOLOLOLOL "Noooo do you know how much that cost?" Yeah cus that's what everyone thinks of before they get raped.

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