Even a lull in the fighting can be deadly.
Day 4
Cadet Chong shivers in the predawn darkness of the Cadet Barracks, goosebumps rising on her soft young flesh. Wrapped only in a towel, with flip flops on her feet, she is walking to the showers, side by side with her new friend from Bunk 21. “It was so wonderful,” Chong purrs in her soft sweet voice. “Yes, it was,” the other girl concurs. “See, I told you everything would be alright,” Chong reminds her, flashing a gentle smile. “Did you have to suck him?” the other girl asks Chong, as they pause briefly at the entrance to the showers. “No, he was already hard,” Chong replies. “What about yours?” “I sucked him a little,” the other girl responds. “How long did it take him to get hard?” Chong asks. “Oh he was already hard!” her friend answers with a mischievous giggle. “I was thinking about what you said, and I wanted to see what he would taste like! And he tasted good!” Now both giggling, the girls drop their towels and step out of their flip flops. As she stands naked in the chill early morning air, it is evident why Chong’s family and friends have nicknamed her “Doll.” Everything about the young cadet is so delicate and doll like, from her long, soft eyelashes, to her naturally ruby red lips to the long silken black hair cascading down almost to her tiny, perfectly rounded ass. Her small but perky breasts and shaved Mound of Venus only serve to add to the image of a tiny love toy. Her hands and feet are also appropriately small and delicate, and she briefly looks down at her pink painted toenails. As if suddenly aware of her nakedness, Chong flushes with embarrassment, and steals a quick glance at her friend. She is reassured by the other girl’s seeming comfort with her own naked body. She’s very pretty, Chong decides. At 5” 4’, the other girl is considerably taller than Chong, with a fetching smile and long hair falling halfway down her back. Chong almost envies her friend’s c cup titties. Almost, but not quite. Actually, I’m so tiny, they would look kind of silly on me, she giggles to herself. The two girls step into the shower and flinch under the cold jets of water. I’ll never get used to this, Chong thinks as she shivers anew and affectionately sponges her womanhood, the newly discovered focus of her life’s pleasure. Looking over at her friend, she says, “It sounded like you had an orgasm last night!” “I did! It was so wonderful!” the other girl affirms gleefully. “I’m so happy for you!” Chong exclaims, sharing her friend’s joy, and the two soaked, naked teens throw their arms around each other in a joyful embrace. “You did too! I heard you!” the other girl excitedly informs Chong. “Actually, I had two orgasms,” Chong replies, still smiling, but quickly dropping her eyes and flushing deeply again, like the bashful virgin that she still is at heart.

“Sounds like you guys had a good time last night!” a voice calls out cheerfully behind them. Chong and her friend turn to face the 16 year old first class cadet who has befriended them since their arrival at the Barracks. “Yes, we did!” Chong replies with a smile, flattered by the attention from the older girl. “Were you guys V status?” the equally naked older cadet asks, as the trio step out of the shower and reach for their towels. “Yes, we were,” Chong admits, dropping her eyes and flushing deeply yet again. “Congratulations to both of you!” their first class friend exclaims. “At least you got that out of the way!” As the girls towel themselves dry, the older cadet can’t contain herself. “I was in Bunk 5 last night. I made him do me doggy!” she brags. She is greeted with quizzical looks from the two younger cadets. “Doggy?” Chong asks in bewilderment. “That’s when the male takes you from behind!” the older cadet laughs. “Try it! You’ll like it! Believe me!” “Is that Regulation?” Chong’s friend asks. “The Regulations recommend male on top, but they don’t say you can’t do doggy,” the older cadet responds authoritatively. “They also don’t say you can’t be on top!” “You mean the girl on top of the boy?” Chong asks, eyes opening wide in amazement. “Yeah, of course!” the older cadet replies with another laugh. “The blonde animals call it ‘cowgirl’ and believe me, they do it a lot!” “Well, I just hope I get the same boy next time,” Chong says, recalling her fond memories of last night. “Oh, don’t worry, you won’t,” replies the older cadet. “They always make sure they assign you a different male every time. I’ve already had 14!” she announces proudly. “Fourteen?” Chong’s friend exclaims in disbelief. “You mean you’ve had sex with 14 boys?” “Yes. Why not?” replies the older girl, casually shrugging her shoulders. “Remember what The Leader says; a male’s only purpose is to please women. You’ll both be trying lots of them, and believe me, it’s a lot of fun!”

Chong and her cadet friends are mere cogs in the Asian war machine. After years of bloody conflict, the Asian Army has developed into a formidable, if somewhat unwieldy, instrument of war.

On her 15th birthday, every Asian girl is conscripted into the Cadet Corps. Donning the navy blue beret, tight fighting uniform coat and tight, short skirt of a cadet, she learns military discipline, how to work as part of a unit, and unquestioning, fanatical loyalty to The Leader. The cadets were originally organized to perform staff functions only, but as the war drags on, they are used increasingly in a combat role. Organized in troops of 100 each, they are now thrown into the advance guard of every offensive. When called upon to fight, the cadet kicks off her high heels, pulls on a pair of patent leather boots, and picks up her rifle. She fixes her bayonet to the bolt action rifle, but has no ammunition to load it with. She is to make the enemies of The Leader taste cold steel. In reality, of course, very few cadets ever get an opportunity to plunge their bayonets into an enemy. Advancing in massed ranks, their real purpose is to absorb as many enemy bullets as possible. The sight of the broken, bleeding bodies of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of 15 and 16 year old Asian girls lying in twisted heaps has become commonplace on the battlefields of this war. Even some of the Generals are beginning to question the wisdom of this prodigal wastage of young life, but The Leader herself remains serenely indifferent to the fate of the devoted teenage girls who sacrifice themselves by the thousands in her name.

On her 17th birthday, (if she lives to see it) the cadet is ready for advancement. The most brilliant of the cadets are promoted to Cadet Leader. A high honor, the Cadet Leader is issued a gold braided uniform and ceremonial sword, and leads her 100 girl troop into battle, followed a pace behind by the standard bearer, usually a promising 16 year old. The biggest drawback to being a Cadet Leader is their very short life expectancy; every Cadet Leader entering battle knows she is a doomed woman, the target of every enemy weapon on the battlefield. If, however, she manages to beat the odds and survive to her 18th birthday, she immediately becomes a member of a Shock Team. No time in the regular infantry for her!

The Cadet Leaders are the exception. Most girls on their 17th birthday become part of the regular infantry. Gone are the skirts and high heels; infantrywomen are issued khaki fatigues and boots more suited for the battlefield than the parade uniforms of the cadets. The infantrywoman still has the same bolt action rifle issued to the cadets, but at least she has bullets for it. Her role is to defend against enemy attack, and on the offensive, to provide harassing fire support for the Shock Teams that perform the real work of war for the Asian Army. When a regular infantrywoman reaches her 19th birthday, she is eligible, if qualified, to become a member of a Shock Team. Only the best fighters are so privileged. Most women remain in the regular infantry. The highest rank a regular infantrywoman can hope to achieve is that of sergeant.

The Shock Teams are the elite of the Army. They are comprised completely of former Cadet Leaders over the age of 18 and crack, veteran infantrywomen over the age of 19. Organized into platoons of 12, Shock Teams are led into battle by sergeants or Lieutenants like Ming. Rigorously trained and disciplined, the Shock Trooper wears her black uniform with pride. She is eligible for eventual promotion to officer rank and has first pick of the small surviving population of men. Armed with an AK-47 and grenades, her mission is to destroy the enemy at close range. “Spring like the Tiger!” is the motto of the Shock Troopers, and while the enemy is expending precious ammunition slaughtering cadets, and being tied down and harassed by the fire of the regular infantry, the Shock Teams stealthily work their way closer and closer to the enemy battle line, always staying under cover. When the moment is judged ripe by the Team sergeant, grenades are tossed from close range into the enemy lines, and the Team springs forward. Following up on the havoc wrought by the grenades, close range bursts of AK-47 fire are usually enough to neutralize and capture an enemy position. The tactic has been overwhelmingly successful in the war against the Blondes. Shock Teams have been occasionally defeated, but Shock Team Groups, comprised of two or more Teams working together, have always prevailed.

The Asian infantrywoman stealthily settles into position 1,000 yards from the Blondes’ perimeter line. Well practiced in her craft, she carefully conceals herself in the ruins of a blasted out storefront, and diligently inspects her rifle. Satisfied that her weapon is in good working order, with a round in the chamber, she sights in her scope on the enemy position and settles down to wait. As a point of honor, she refuses to equip her rifle with a laser sight. Selected for her exceptional marksmanship, she proudly wears the snipers’ red chevron on her sleeve. At 18, she is already an experienced killer of women; eighty blondes have met sudden, instantaneous death at her hands. She has full confidence in her silencer fitted 7.62 mm messenger of death. She well knows that patience pays the ultimate reward, and is determined to wait hours if necessary for an opportunity. Today, she will take her eighty first life.

The Asian Quartermaster stops at Bunk 20. Looking at the identity card, she smiles at the memory of her encounter with innocent young Cadet Chong. I like this girl, she thinks to herself. Eagerly, she pulls the blanket back and immediately spots the tell tale red testimony on the sheets that she is looking for. With a now even bigger smile on her face, she takes her heavy black marker and blots out the “V” in the upper right hand corner of Chong’s identity card. I hope she got it good last night, the Quartermaster thinks, an image of the pretty little cadet locked in coitus flashing through her mind. Stepping over to Bunk 21, she finds evidence of yet another deflowering, and happily blots out the “V” on the identity card of Chong’s friend. Six V girls down so far today, the Quartermaster giggles to herself, and moves on to the next bunk.

“How many women do we have holding that forward position?” Amy queries Katie, referring to the bombed out high rise to the northeast of the headquarters complex. “Five, counting me,” replies the corporal. “Donna and Julie took up position with us at dawn, as ordered.” “Good. Keep alert, and use the prearranged signal if you see anything suspicious,” Amy orders. “You got it, sarge,” Katie replies, moving to the door of the command post. “Oh, and be careful,” Amy cautions her. “Oh, don’t worry! I will!” the corporal replies cheerfully, shutting the door behind her. Stepping out into the morning sunshine, she sprints toward the perimeter line.

The Asian sniper’s hyperalert senses immediately hone in on the play of light and shadow heralding the hurried emergence of a human figure from the captured command post. She can’t directly see the entrance to the command post, but in the next second, to her utter disbelief, she sees a tall blonde trooper emerge into the open and hurry in an undeviating track towards the perimeter line. She’s not even trying to keep her head down, the sniper thinks, marveling at her own good luck. She trains the cross hairs on the enemy soldier’s head. The blonde’s luxuriant hair is tucked under her forage cap. That cap isn’t going to save her, the sniper can’t help but think, in coldly detached fashion, as she steadily increases the pressure of her finger on the trigger. Number eighty one. The number flashes through her mind as the hammer strikes the firing pin.

The hollow point slug smacks into Katie’s forehead, catching her in mid stride. Her forage cap flies off her head with the impact, and goes sailing through the air. As designed, the bullet’s velocity slows as it kisses human flesh and bone, and begins to deliberately plow a destructive path into its victim’s skull. Searing into Katie’s brain, it blossoms out like a malignant flower, pulverizing gray matter and smashing it into a pulpy mush. The destructive force of the bullet surges like a tidal wave, completely obliterating the girl’s consciousness and plunging her into the unending blackness. The pretty blonde doesn’t feel the impetus from the bullet bowling her over and slamming her onto her back in the command post courtyard. She is dead long before she hits the ground, her forage cap plopping into the dust 5 feet away from her body.

Sitting at her desk, poring over captured enemy plans and blueprints of the headquarters complex, Amy hears the dreaded cry of “Sniper!” Bolting from her chair, she rushes to the door and emerges from the command post. “Keep your head down, sarge!” Barb calls out over her shoulder, scanning the distance, but holding her fire, so as not to draw another shot from the sniper. Crouching down, Amy hurries over to the sprawled out figure in the courtyard. Reaching her friend, Amy realizes that Katie is beyond hope, with her eyes staring blankly into the unending blue sky and her billowing blonde hair sopping up the massive pool of blood gushing from her shattered skull. No! Oh my god! No! Amy cries out in agony to herself, while trying to maintain her outer composure. As the troopers of her platoon reach her side, she can no longer maintain the composure of command and breaks down completely, sobbing bitterly beside the corpse of her friend.

“So, when will we be tested?” Chong asks the 16 year old cadet as they hurry through the corridors of the Cadet Barracks. Together with Chong’s friend from Bunk 21, they are on their way to report to their duty assignments in the massive Barracks complex. Dressed in their tight fitting uniforms, the click of their high heels on the highly polished floor provides counterpoint to their conversation. “Oh, you probably won’t be tested until you’ve had at least three or four males,” the older girl replies. “And what kinds of questions do they ask?” Chong inquires eagerly. “Are you serious?” the older girl responds, stopping in her tracks, and eyeing Chong intently. Chong and her friend also come to a halt, and the older cadet, scanning Chong’s face, can see by the completely innocent look on the younger girl’s face that her question was, indeed, serious. Breaking out into laughter, the older girl exclaims “You’re so innocent!” Quickly, she whispers in Chong’s ear. “Oh!” Chong exclaims, her eyes opening wide as the nature of the test she’ll be subjected to is explained to her. “Yes! That’s what they’re going to be testing you for!” the older girl affirms. “But don’t worry, it’s all routine. I just got tested last week, and I’m clean. But you never know if you might pick up something when you’re with a lot of different males.” At first repulsed at the idea of being tested for STD, Chong experiences a sudden, unexpected thrill at the thought of experiencing sex with multiple partners. They’ll have to test me, because I’ll be taking so many different penises, she thinks. She can feel the surge of wetness down below, even as the three cadets begin walking again, and is only roused from her erotic fantasies by the next, jarring statement of the older cadet. “And don’t worry about testing! We’re going to have a lot more excitement before then! We’re probably going into battle tomorrow! We’re going to retake our Headquarters building from the blonde animals!” the older girl announces proudly. “Battle? I thought we had already taken our headquarters back?” Chong asks, a puzzled look on her face. “We almost did,” the older girl corrects her. “A hundred cadets gave their lives for The Leader, but they killed 300 of the blonde animals,” she proclaims proudly. “If so many of the enemy were killed, how can they still be holding the headquarters?” Chong persists. “The enemy is numerous,” the 16 year old declares, adopting a tone of knowing superiority towards the younger girls. “But just one more attack, and we shall overwhelm them. And the cadets will be in the forefront of that attack!” Chong gazes in admiration at the older girl, whose pretty face is beaming with confidence and enthusiasm. Her shoulder length hair gives her a more mature look than the two younger girls, while her voluptuous c-cup tits are barely contained by her tight fitting uniform coat. Her attractiveness is only enhanced by the proud bearing with which she wears her martial, yet feminine cadet uniform. “Well, I’m assigned to Section A, so I’ll see you guys later,” the older girl excuses herself at the door to her assigned Section. Chong takes one last quick, admiring glance at the 16 year old, as the older girl turns toward the door. Pushed up and thrust out by the posture imposed by her high heels, the older cadet’s shapely ass is displayed to maximum advantage. The door to Section A closes behind the lovely young ass and Chong and her friend hurry on to their assignment in Section D. “You know, I’m not sure I like her,” Chong’s friend confides. “Why not?” Chong asks, with a tone of almost hurt surprise in her voice that one of her friends could possibly dislike another. “She’s the only first class cadet who will even talk to us.” “I know, but she’s such a know it all,” the other girl sighs with exasperation. “Well, she is older than we are. And she has a good heart. I know she does!” Chong replies fervently. “I guess you’re right,” the other cadet concedes. “I’m just worried about going into battle.” “There’s nothing to worry about,” Chong replies soothingly. She holds out her hand, and the other girl takes it. “When we go into battle, we’ll all be together, just like last night,” Chong reassures her, giving her hand a squeeze and smiling her sweet, soft, gentle smile. “Everything will turn out all right!”

“We’re sending you a strong relief force, sergeant,” Amy’s Captain assures her over the videoconference screen. “Thank you, Captain,” replies an emotionally drained Amy in a soft, trembling tone. “We’re sending you three platoons of recruits,” the Captain continues, and Amy’s heart sinks even as she hears the words. Girls, Amy thinks. She’s sending me girls. I need women! “Captain!” she interjects, perhaps a little too assertively, “Can’t you just send me one platoon of veteran infantry? That’s all I really need.” “We have no infantry to spare,” the Captain replies evenly, overlooking the sergeant’s borderline insubordination. “What about Karen and her platoon?” Amy persists. The words are barely out of her mouth, when her heart drops. At the mention of Karen’s name, a grim look crosses the Captain’s face. Looking directly into Amy’s eyes, and in a surprisingly gentle tone, the Captain replies “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Karen and her platoon were in battle yesterday in the western sector, and…” Amy can feel the sense of helpless dread flooding her soul. Time seems to stand still, and while the Captain’s next words are not unexpected, they still hit her with sledgehammer like force. “…and Karen and six of her troopers were killed in action.” Feeling unsteady now, Amy struggles to stand upright. “I know you and Karen were friends, Amy. I’m truly, truly sorry,” the Captain continues consolingly. Blinking back tears, Amy looks up at the sincerely sympathetic face on the screen and whispers, “Thank you, Captain.” “Don’t worry, sergeant, we’re going to make sure you get the help you need to hold your position,” the Captain continues. “The relief force will be led by a sergeant and three corporals, all of them veterans. They will place themselves under your command, and with your leadership, I have no doubt that you’ll be able to hold your position.”

Lieutenant Ming pores over the plans to the captured Headquarters complex with her trusted second in command, Sergeant Chang. The two have fought many battles together and have proven an invincible team, and Ming wants no one else at her side for the task at hand. The 19 year old Chang is just slightly shorter than Ming, at 5 foot 5, and like Ming, glories in a pair of c cup tits. Like Ming, she is a beautiful young woman, also with shoulder length hair, but with her thicker lips, her appearance is more blatantly sensual than that of the elegantly beautiful Ming. In this case, appearances are not deceiving, and Ming knows Chang well enough to be aware of her sergeant’s voracious sexual appetite, which is a complete contrast to Ming’s more disciplined carnal desires. I’ve slept with a lot of men, Ming reflects, but I’m nowhere near as wild as Chang. The two women are also different types of warriors, but they complement each other perfectly, with Ming being the skilled planner and Chang the aggressive, hard charging Shock Team leader. “We have three Shock Teams,” Ming informs her Sergeant. “I will attack from this direction with two,” she announces, with a sweeping motion of her hand across the map. “And you…” A soft knock at the door interrupts her discourse. “Enter!” Ming calls out in an exasperated voice. “The Colonel is ready for videoconference,” announces the young cadet at the door. “Put her through!” Ming orders. Presently, the videoconference screen flashes to life and the Colonel’s image fills the screen. “Good evening, Ming,” the Colonel says. “Good evening, Colonel. Sergeant Chang and I were just finalizing plans for tomorrow’s attack,” Ming informs her. “It will be necessary to modify your plans, Ming,” the Colonel cautions her. “We have monitored enemy communications, and have learned that they are sending a relief force.” “I will detach some infantry to delay the relief force while the attack on the headquarters is taking place,” Ming replies. “No, Ming,” the Colonel answers, shaking her head. “The enemy relief force cannot merely be delayed. It must be destroyed.” “Well, I suppose I could use all of my infantry for that purpose, but I was hoping to utilize them as extra fire support for my Shock Teams,” Ming offers. “No, Ming. You will personally destroy the relief force with one of your Shock Teams,” the Colonel orders. “But, Colonel…” Ming begins to protest. “Ming, you have your orders. You will personally lead a Shock Team to destroy the relief force. Is that understood?” the Colonel asks in a tone that brooks no contradiction. “Yes, Colonel,” Ming replies, drawing herself to attention. “Chang shall lead the attack on the Headquarters, then.” “Chang will accompany you,” the Colonel counters. “You are the most successful command team in our army, and we do not want to separate you. You have your orders. Carry them out.” Before Ming can draw another breath, the videoconference screen goes black. Ming and Chang look at each other in complete bafflement for a moment. “I don’t know why she’s insisting on us doing it this way, but we have our orders, Chang. Let’s revise our plans.” The two women return to their maps.

Amy throws herself face down on her bunk and sobs convulsively in the darkness. My two best friends! Both in the same day! she reflects in anguish. The pretty, smiling faces of her friends flash through her mind, but then the horrific image of Katie, sprawled on her back, a bullet hole in her forehead drives out the familiar vision of the two living, breathing women. At least I didn’t have to see Karen die, she reflects, grasping desperately for any slight ray of comfort in her torment. Both of them! Why? she asks bitterly. I tried to warn Katie, but could I have done more? And what am I going to do to save the rest of my platoon? she asks herself. They’re sending me a bunch of girls as reinforcements. And the worst part is, I’m sure the enemy intercepted our videoconference. I don’t even know if those girls will get through to me.

Cadet Chong lies awake in her bunk. The Cadet dormitory is wrapped in darkness, and she can hear the soft snore of her friend in Bunk 21. Chong’s mind is racing and she cannot sleep. I can’t believe what I’m thinking, she reflects. I used to think that any girl who had sex with more than one boy was a slut. But now, I’m excited about the idea of sleeping with a lot of different boys. Some of them might even be better than the one last night, she thinks, smiling happily into the darkness. They’ll all be different. And then they’ll start testing me like a little slut, she thinks. But maybe I want to be a little slut. Hesitantly, she slips her hand under the blanket, and begins to slide it down, down towards the wet, eager little pussy. No. No, I can’t. If I start that now, I won’t get any sleep, she decides firmly, quickly withdrawing her hand. And I need sleep. We’re definitely going into battle tomorrow, Chong reflects, staring up into the blackness. The Cadet Leader said so. This seems so unreal, she marvels. I might have to kill somebody tomorrow, she thinks to herself, and the realization fills her with horror. She’ll be blonde, probably with blue eyes, but she’ll be a girl, just like me, and I’m going to have to kill her. I don’t know if I could actually go through with killing another girl. Or I might die, she reflects calmly. To her own surprise, this thought troubles her less than the idea of killing someone else. If I die tomorrow, it will be my time, she tells herself firmly. There’s nothing I can do about it. But, I know I won’t die. Everything will work out for the best. I just know it will. Hopefully, if I meet an enemy soldier, she’ll just surrender to me. That’s right, Chong reassures herself. She’ll just throw down her rifle and I’ll take her prisoner. I’ll tell her that nobody will hurt her, and I’ll lead her back to our lines, she thinks with a smile. That way nobody will have to get hurt. With that comforting thought in mind, and a sweet smile on her lips, the pretty little teen drifts off into a peaceful slumber.

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