When I was seventeen, my parents and I moved to California... and that's how I met Cassie.
Key: §§§§ = the scene has changed.

Today is my first day at a new school; I'm nervous and scared. As I navigate down the large hallways, I notice that I am being stared at; why? Is there something on my face? On my clothes? In my hair? Do I have mismatching shoes?

I quickly spot a sign for the restrooms and I pick up pace to go examine myself. I enter the Ladies' Room and I plop my backpack down on the pale-colored tiling.

I look fine; what the fuck?

I sigh in frustration and wipe a small smear of eye liner from my eye, and then I fix a strand of my long blonde hair. I tell myself to stop worrying as I wash my hands, and then I dry them off and pick up my backpack.

Just as I'm leaving the Ladies' Room, I bump into a Blonde who is about the same age as me; she's tall, slim, about a C36, and she's got fantastic legs that go all the way up to her fantastic ass. I'm no lesbian, but I'd tap that. I catch a whiff of her perfume and nearly melt to the floor. I feel a sensation between my legs that I’ve become familiar with throughout my teen years... fuck; I apologize and scram out of the bathroom as fast as I can; I pull out my schedule and try to refocus.

I find my first class two minutes before the final bell rings; I feel accomplished. I walk in and pass two rows of desks, and then I walk down the third isle and choose a desk. I scroll around on my iPhone until the final bell rings and I put it way. A few minutes pass and the teacher still hasn't entered the classroom, but Ms. Pretty Blonde from the Ladies' Room does. My self-conscious screams and jumps with joy while I sit in my seat and watch where Ms. Pretty Blonde chooses to sit. Luckily, there is an empty desk to my left, and then I see two girls wave their hands at her; I channel death stares at them. She walks down the fourth isle and ends up sitting in the desk next to me! She looks over and smiles at me, and then she turns to talk to one of her friends on her left.

Today is going to be a good day.


I've made about ten friends already in my first three classes of the day; Ms. Pretty Blonde from my first hour even sparked a conversation with me. I've been invited by a couple of my new friends to join them for lunch. I grab a sub from the lunch line, and I search for my new friends in the large cafeteria. One of them waves to me, and I scramble over as quickly as I can.

When I sit, I see Ms. Pretty Blonde sitting in the seat across from me. I smile at her as I unwrap my sub and take a bite.

"So Alex, have you met everyone?" My new friend Abby refers to the people sitting with us.
I finish chewing a part of my sub, and then I look up at Ms. Pretty Blonde and I say, "No I haven't."
"Well we have Liz, Sam, Rachel, Crystal," Abby introduces everyone at the table, but all of their names mash together until she reaches Ms. Pretty Blonde, "Cassie, Jamie, and Andrea."
"It's nice to meet all of you." I say with a smile, and then I return to my sub.

As I eat, I listen to the conversation around the table; Cassie is speaking, "So ladies, my parents are going to be out of town this weekend, and I thought we could all stay at my place while they're gone."
I look up from my sub and watch everyone's reaction, and then Cassie looks at me and says, "You're coming too."
I smile politely, "O-okay."
"I'll text you my address." Cassie adds.
I chuckle, "Okay." My self-conscious climbs up onto the lunch table and starts dancing; I sit in my chair quietly and finish my sub.


I can't wait for tonight, I'm so excited to go to Cassie's house. Ever since my first day of school and meeting Cassie, things have been getting better day by day. People talk to me, people want to hang out with me! My other school didn't have these kinds of people.

When school lets out, I drive home as fast as possible so that I can pack and leave for Cassie’s; she said she wanted me to be the first one to arrive. I rush to my room and throw my backpack down on my bed, and then I search for all the things that I think I would need. When I finish, I leave downstairs to say goodbye to my parents.

I follow the instructions from the GPS in my car all the way to Cassie’s house.

Her house is massive! I lean into the steering wheel as I drive up the long driveway in awe. I circle around and park my car just a few feet from her front door. I grab my overnight bag from the passenger seat, and I hop out onto the cobblestone walkway. I saunter up to Cassie’s massive front door, and I ring the bell. A minute passes and then I hear a click from the front door and it opens.

Cassie is standing before me completely naked. Without clothes on she looks even more beautiful. Her blonde hair halts to a stop just before touching her perky nipples; her breasts are massive! I stare at Cassie for what seems like ever, and then she grabs me by the wrist and pulls me inside. I look around the entrance of her house as Cassie takes a few steps passed me, and she stops at the bottom of a staircase; she’s signaling that she wants me to follow her upstairs. I keep my backpack attached to one of my shoulders, and I obey by following Cassie up the stairs.

Cassie’s ass is practically in my face as we climb the stairs; now-and-then I see hints of her pussy; her slit glistens in the dim lighting of the starewell. I suddenly get the urge to ram my fingers into her pussy, but I hold back and think of what I could do to her instead; I feel a rush of liquid in my pussy, and it only excites me more. We reach the top of the stairs, and I continue to follow Cassie down a long hallway. Cassie turns and enters a room; I follow her into the room.

“This is my room; you’ll be sleeping here tonight... if we even get that far.” Cassie finally says.
“And what about you?” I ask.
“Oh Alex; so ignorant.” Cassie takes a step closer, and then she gathers the bottom of my shirt into her hands, and she pulls it up and off of my body; she tosses it onto the floor, and then she reaches behind me to unclip my bra, “You won’t be needing these.” Cassie says as she pulls the straps of my bra down my arms. Once my bra is off, she starts to cup my C32 breasts into both of her hands, and then she leans down and lightly bites down on my left nipple; wow that feels good. I let out a moan, but Cassie bites down hard on my nipple, and then she says, “Be quiet.” Cassie resumes, and circles her tongue around my nipple several times, and then she nibbles on my nipple a few more times before moving on to the next breast.

Cassie finishes with my breasts, and then she moves to my jean shorts. Cassie unbuttons my shorts, and then pulls the zipper down and yanks them down my legs; I step out of them and watch Cassie throw them aside. I can feel the wetness of my pussy seeping through my panties; I want so much to taste Cassie.

Cassie points to her bed and commands, “Lay.” I’m confused that she’s left my panties on.
I walk to her bed, and then I lay down on my back with my feet at the end of her bed. Cassie walks over and crawls on top of me; her knees either side of my hips, and then she says, “I’m going to make you cum again, and again.” My muscles clench tightly at Cassie’s words, and then I realize she’s sitting on me naked with her pussy lips spread open. I move my hand to my stomach, and then I move my hand closer to her pussy. I stick my index finger out and poke her clit; she just barely flinches, but she let’s me continue.

I move my hand down and I find her entrance; soaking wet and sticky. I circle my finger around the outside of her entrance, and then I insert my index finger into her pussy; as far back as I can. She moans, and then she starts to move in circles around my finger. I use my thumb to stimulate her clittorus while she moves around my finger; I feel her muscles tighten around my finger almost instantaneously... now I see why guys like this so much. Cassie slows down, and then sticks one of her fingers into the side of my panties, and she pulls them down with little effort.

Cassie then crawls off of me and pushes my panties down my legs and onto the floor, and then she spreads my legs. Cassie examines my pubic bone, and then she runs her index finger down the center while I lick her juices off of my finger; she stops just above my clittorus, “You’re shaven and smooth.” Cassie announces.
“Yeah, so what?” I answer.
“I didn’t expect this from you.”
I lift a brow, “I didn’t expect any of this.” I admit.

Cassie leans into my legs, and positions herself; my self-conscious screams with fear. I’ve never had anyone lick me down there! Cassie sticks out her tongue and places it on my entrance, and then she stops, but she keeps her tongue in place; I nearly combust. Then, she licks up and stops at my clittorus... she’s teasing me! That bitch.

“Stop teasing me!” I bark.
Cassie lifts her head, “Don’t tell me what to do.” She commands; rawr.

I sigh heavily and say nothing.

Cassie continues.

As she licks, she picks up speed, and she makes sure to pay attention to both my clittorus and my entrance. Cassie inserts her index finger as far into my pussy as she can, and she starts a rhythm that matches with her tongue; her tongue wiggles my oh-so-sensitive nub perfectly, and her finger gently hits my g-spot with every movement. With her free hand, Cassie grabs a hold of my right breast, and she involves her movements with her already-torturous rhythm. It’s not long until I reach my climax, but Cassie doesn’t stop there. She inserts a second finger and continues to finger my pussy as she licks my clittorus; making me go over the edge several more times.

Cassie stops at my eighth orgasm, and she pulls both of her fingers out of my pussy and puts them to my mouth. I lick her fingers clean, and then I relax on her bed, “Don’t relax; I’m not finished yet.” Cassie announces with a warning in her voice.

I groan with frustration from feeling so tired, but Cassie ignores me and gets up from her bed. I watch her walk over to her dresser and open the third drawer to the top. Cassie pulls out a small silver and black box, and then she walks back over to her bed. Cassie stands at the foot of her bed in front of me, and she opens the box, but I can’t see what’s inside.

“Spread your legs.” Cassie insists.

What is she going to do now? I watch her intently as I weakly pull my legs apart, and then I see a silver ball in her right hand.

“What is that?” I ask suspiciously.
“They’re Ben Wa Balls.” Huh? I look at Cassie with a confused look on my face, “They’re for your pussy,” She answers as she holds one of the balls up to my mouth, “Suck.” She instructs. I open my mouth and wait for her to slip the ball in, and then I close my mouth and lubricate it with my saliva.
“Open.” Cassie says; I follow through, and then she puts the other one into my mouth.

Cassie then licks her index finger and rubs it all over my pussy, and then she slowly inserts one of the balls.

After I’m finished sucking on the second ball, I take it out and hand it to Cassie, “Don’t let these fall out,” She says, “There will be consequences if you do.” Cassie playfully threatens as she slips the second ball into my pussy; I feel so full.

(To Be Continued...)

By, 7DirtyKetos

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