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Making mom pregnant
The sex between my mom and Aunt Shellie and I continued like this for over a month. We would only do things when Aunt Shellie came over but inevitably this happened at least twice a week. There were times that it happened during the week as well, I know that the two of them talked on the phone a lot and there were things that my mom would say to Aunt Shellie that she didn't want me to hear. Kinda bizarre I guess, my mother was letting me tie her up and fuck her in her ass, or her tits or even in her mouth but she had to whisper to her best friend about what they had done or were planning on doing with me whenever I was around.

What really got me though was the way mom talked during sex about "make a baby" that never failed to get some sort of response from her. She wouldn't talk about me cumming on her tits or in her or Aunt Shellies mouth. It was make a baby on her tits or make a baby in her mouth. Who knows, maybe that’s how she learned about sex I don't know. Well I didn't know until things changed that is. Aunt Shellie still had issues going on with her husband cheating on her. She didn't care so much about his cheating now that she was getting her own on the side but I guess things were happening at her home front.

Aunt Shellie realized that some of her husbands belongings were disappearing and he was not noticing it. Well obviously he was removing them, golf clubs, clothing, things like that. She decided that he was planning on moving out and filing for divorce. Just to make things harder on him she came up with a plan. On the Friday that Aunt Shellie came over I could tell something was up, she wasn't all smiles like normal. She got real formal "Candace? (that’s my mom) that asshole has been moving things out of the house, I think he’s planning on leaving me and filing for divorce. He can have the divorce but its going to cost him dearly. I need Ronnie here to get me pregnant, for real. I researched it and in this state it doesn't matter who the father is, we are married and he will be held responsible for any baby I produce.

Awesome, fucking awesome, mom didn’t say much really. I stood back and listened to the two talk. Well mainly Aunt Shellie, she had stopped taking the pill but we needed to wait a month before she could safely get pregnant. She still wanted to come over and do stuff with us but we were going to have to do things differently until she was ready. Mom was quiet during this and I never heard her object.

The way it worked mostly was that Aunt Shellie ended up directing more and taking cock less for the next month. Mom still let us tie her up and I was now openly fucking her tits or her mouth and of course moms favorite it seemed, up her ass as well. Mom was a little more subdued though about the comments regarding "make a baby"

By the time that month had gone by Aunt Shellies husband was spending weekends away from home and much of his belongings were out of the house. He hadn't filed for divorce yet. Mom was on edge, we all knew that this weekend was it, we had all been keeping tabs on the "date" Aunt Shellie was obviously excited when she came over. We tied her hands behind her back like we had in the beginning, I could tell that mom was really getting turned on by this and she was watching intently. We did it like in the beginning mom sat on the floor and Aunt Shellie straddled her legs so that she could watch the action up close. Only this time I didn't pull out, I emptied my balls into Aunt Shellies pussy. Mom started asking if I wanted to watch Aunt Shellies belly swell with our baby, was I going to suck milk out of her little titties when they filled for me and stuff like that. She was totally into making Aunt Shellie pregnant.

We had no problem getting Aunt Shellie pregnant, that all turned out funny really. Aunt Shellies husband filed for divorce shortly after she was pregnant. There was a court hearing to determine if, amongst other things, was she pregnant. The answer was yes, the court froze the action, the girlfriend then dumped Aunt Shellies husband because he was gonna be paying child support. The divorce came to an end because the husband didn't have anyone to leave his wife for anymore. And, Aunt Shellie got to keep visiting my mom and I without her husband being able to figure out how she got knocked up.

Mom on the other hand was having some problems with this pregnancy thing though. Even though Aunt Shellie hadn't even started showing yet, mom would always stare at her belly. Also mom quit making the comments like she had before about "make a baby" What Aunt Shellie did though to bring this all around still blows my mind.

Aunt Shellie started our sex out pretty typically the day that this all came down. We tied moms hands behind her back making her massive breasts strain at the fabric of her shirt. Shellie kept commenting on how nice they were and had me feel moms tits up first before having me strip open moms shirt and pull them out. Moms nipples are huge like her breasts and just sucking a nipple into my mouth is enough fill my mouth.

This time though Aunt Shellie had me pull down moms skirt telling me that there was something that she needed to show me. Without too much more foreplay she had me strip my moms skirt and panties off exposing her thick brown muff below. Aunt Shellie had mom sit on the floor with one leg up totally exposing her slit to me. She had me lay on the floor with my face inches from moms slit and began by talking about how nice moms breasts were, only that I wouldn’t be able to suck milk out of them like I was going to be able to do with hers.

It was weird, mom obviously had no problem with letting me stare up close at her slit. But when Aunt Shellie mentioned how she was going to have milk and mom wasn't mom shifted and started closing her legs a little. Then Aunt Shellie said "you wouldn’t want to be able to suckle milk out of your mothers breasts too would you?" Mom adjusted her legs a little opening them back up causing her pussy to come closer to my face.

Aunt Shellie continued by asking "how often has your mom said things about making a baby?" Mom blurted out "NO!" but at the same time she did not close her legs like she had with the milk comment. Then Aunt Shellie commented "how long have we been doing this and your mom is still not on the pill?"

Then the clincher, "Ronnie? look at your mothers slit, wouldn't you like to shove your bare cock up inside of her and just pump her full like you did with me, make a baby for real inside of her like you have with me?" I swear moms pussy lips just opened up and started to get shiny wet. As that happened Shellie was asking me "is your mothers pussy opening up now and getting all wet for you, just from hearing me say that?" in a pleading voice mom meekly said "no" no real conviction in her voice. I told them both how moms pussy slit was opening up and getting real wet. Shellie continued with "wet from the idea of you shoving your bare cock up inside of her and unloading your balls inside of her like you did with me? making a baby for real inside of her like you have with me?. Would you like to shove your cock up inside your mothers wet slit right now?" with that comment moms pussy bloomed open with her pussy lips opening up like they had after having been sucked on. Not only that but she began to drip, her pussy juice was actually flowing out of her and forming droplets on her exposed slit that was now hanging open with this change in the conversation.

I stood up now and told mom to stand up, turn around and bend over. Mom sounded almost like she was going to cry but she started turning to the side a little like she was going to get up but then stopped.. Mom stopped moving but Aunt Shellie took hold of moms naked hips and turned her towards the couch so that mom was now kneeling with her face on the couch seat. Mom allowed her to do this and with only gentle pressure Aunt Shellie had mom kneeling showing off her flushed and open fuck slit. Mom began almost crying but at the same time it was obvious from what she was saying how she was thinking about it. Mom asked me "you don't really want to suck milk out of my breasts too do you Ronnie?"

There goes the Ronnie thing, she was obviously not seriously trying to talk me out of anything. Then Aunt Shelly really put it on. She said here’s an idea Ronnie, just to see how turned on your mom is by the idea of you really making a baby in her. Lets get the scissors and a razor. You can clean your moms slit up nice and smooth to see the effects on her even better when we talk about you getting her pregnant. Mom lurched forwards and closed her legs while snapping out an immediate "NO!"

Aunt Shellie smiled at my confused look saying "there you have it , she’s more upset at the idea of you shaving her pussy then she is at the idea of you filling her up with your bare cock and making her pregnant. She never even reacted like that to the idea of you ass fucking her or shoving your cock down her throat. C'mon Ronnie lets get started with you making a baby inside your mom" Mom relaxed and went right back to her ineffective pleading asking me "you don't really want to do this do you Ronnie? You wouldn’t want to watch my belly swell up with our baby along with Aunt Shellie would you,,,,, Ronnie?"

I positioned myself behind mom and began lining my cock up for her sloppy wet slit, mom gave a soft whiney "noooo" while shifting her legs open a little more. Aunt Shellie started to untie moms hands but mom shook her head no so she left her tied up and bent over the couch. Shellie backed up and watched me thrust into mom from behind. Mom grunted and did her best to push back while talking with more force now. "you really want this Ronnie? you want to fuck me and make me pregnant like that slut Aunt Shellie? you want your mother to be your pregnant slut too?" As she got to that last part her voice was changing, she was so turned on that it seemed like she was getting ready to cum even though I had just started.

Mom started pushing back on my cock as best she could with her hands tied like they were. She was grunting and pushing while she grunted out the words. "fuck me then, fuck me like that slut, you want a pregnant mommy slut?"After that she started making some high pitched whiny noises as she started cumming on my cock. I finally lost it and started spurting off inside of her which she obviously felt. As soon as I started going off inside of her she started groaning out "in me, yes in me, do it in me"

That is what it took to finally change the way my mom acted towards me when Aunt Shellie wasn't around. After school the next day mom was in the kitchen pretty much like normal, only she had that rope coiled up on the counter next to her. She never looked at me, she only slid the rope towards me and quietly said "if you're going to finish what you started then you'll need this, every day after school for a while"

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"Ronald Jeremy Part 4" - Sincle Mother Candace and Her Son Jeremy, and Mom's Friend (Aunt??) Divorced Shellie.

At long last we get the past constant foreplay of son Ronnie/Ron and Ronald (the name mom uses depending on her mood at the time) cumming in his mom's mouth, her ass or her tits all the while with her hands tied behind her back. Now, finally he fucks his mother bareback and her never on the pill, intentionally with her reluctant permission, to knock her up/get her pregnant/"put a baby in her pussy/womb"!! Best of all, Ronnie has impregnated his mother's friend (Aunt) Shellie, being due to deliver within about eight months.

Praise The Lord, and pass the biscuits, his momma Candace AND her friend Shellie both are having babies about a month apart, and Ronnie now has--at least one time he has doggie-fucked his momma in the pussy--two mature, divorced, pregnant women to conventionally fuck pussy-style!!

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