Beth spends the afternoon thinking of Wendy
In the morning, waking up and laying there in bed still half asleep, hugging one pillow while humping another, slowly gyrating my hips pushing the pillow firmly between my legs. Continuing this for about ten minutes, an orgasm begins to simmer in my cunt. Continuing to grind my pussy into the pillow, my hand flicking at my clit. It dawned on me that the other person in my fantasy was not Terry. It was Wendy. She was behind me, in my head, whispering in my ear how she wanted to watch me cum. It was also not my hand frigging my clit, but hers. Her other arm was under my head, wrapped around me, her hand squeezing my breast and pinching at my nipple.

After a few more minutes, cumming hard. Wave after delicious wave of sizzling passion coursing through my body, and devious thoughts that it was Wendy doing this to me and for me. Laying there, my hand still between my legs, my finger still against my clit. Rolling onto my back, trying to catch my breath.

"Incoming text from Wendy Brooks.", scrambling to grab my phone.

"b, thinking of u & what we did yesterday! ;) & yes, certain about 2nite, bfwkotl, w"

Not feeling shy, texting her back.

"w, thinking of u 2, delicious devious thoughts, big O! ur hands touching me. cant wait 2 cu 2nite. lskotl, b"

"b, o u naughty gurl, rents and bro out 2nite, can u sleep over? w"

The thought of spending the night with her has me squirming in my bed, Not sure if my parents would object, but how to ask them? "Mom, Dad, I want to spend the night with Wendy Brooks, she's a hot cheerleader and we want to get each other off." Or maybe better, "Mom, Dad, they're having an all-night cast party, may I go?"

"w, need 2 talk 2 rents. will talk 2nite @ school. kotl! b"

"b, really hope u can stay. kotl, w"

Getting up out of bed and hopping into the shower. The water ran over my head, my fingers run through my hair gathering it up into a ponytail, then back up again from the back, rubbing my finger tips into my scalp. Grabbing the shampoo, squirting a generous amount into my palm, close the bottle, and work it into my hair. Soaping up my body, my hands pausing at my nipples to pinch and pull them. Twisting and teasing them, a familiar feeling tingles in my stomach. Imagining Wendy biting at my nipples, stopping to run her tongue around them, our eyes locked on each other. Clutching at my breasts adds to the level of the sensation.

Shaking off the thoughts in my head in the hopes of finishing with the shower, but Wendy is still the center of thoughts. My phone rings, by the ring, it's Terry. Still being in the shower, it goes to voicemail. Besides, thinking of Wendy has me lost in a warm feeling, one my brain won't relinquish.

Grabbing my towel, the phone signals a new voicemail. Still fixated on thoughts of tonight with Wendy, having no clue why my obsession with her is so intense. Slowly running the towel over my head, shaking off the water from my hair into the tub. Rubbing the towel over my body, my nipples are hard, sensitive, and showing signs of excitement. The towel pulls at them as it passes over, and once again my thoughts go to Wendy. In my head, standing in front of her, my hands are touching her breasts, trying to remember how they felt yesterday. My tongue goes between her folds and flicks at her clit. Again, as yesterday, her hand on the back of my head, inviting me closer into her pussy. Memories of her musk flood my mind, it's almost as if her taste was once again on my tongue.

"Hey, Beth, mom wants to see you in the kitchen.", startled to hear Ronnie, my little brother, say as he comes into my room. Thankfully still in the bathroom, out of his sight, he can't see that my towel was now being used to rub my cunt, one hand at each end on the towel, with it's length running between my legs, my hips gently undulating over it's surface.

The bathroom door open, shouting to him, "Alright, I'll be down when I'm dressed, so get out now!", dropping the towel and grabbing my robe.

"Why? You afraid I'll see you naked? I don't need to see you again, I already got pix on my phone of you without clothes.", and he slams the door as he leaves. He likes to remind me often that he walked in on me on purpose while changing into my bathing suit last summer. Full frontal with my legs spread, full-on beaver shot if there ever were one. It was probably Randy, my older juvenile brother, who put him up to it. He doesn't really have any pictures, dad made sure of that and grounded him for a week just to make an impression. He may be a little shit sometimes, but he's not all bad for an eight year old kid. It's Randy that you have to watch.

Getting dressed and turning to head downstairs, again my thoughts drift to Wendy. Wondering what it would be like to just hold her hand, or kiss her lips. Or maybe just talk, get to know her. Or what it would be like to call her my girlfriend. My mind tries to slow me down a bit. Still needing to ask mom about staying at Wendy's tonight, it dawns on me that the story used on Terry last night would work here as well. Tell mom that she asked me for help on her paper, and as it was to be a review of the show tonight, Wendy wanted me to come by after the show to work with her and that she invited me to spend the night. It also goes without saying that no mention of her family not being there would be made, or for the matter, the real reason for my being there.

"Hi, mom, Ronnie said you wanted to see me. What's up?", coming into the kitchen.

"Morning, Beth. I got to run some errands, some things came up with your dad, and he will be gone til Monday. I need you to watch the house while I'm gone. Randy's coming with me, so it will be just you and Ronnie. I should be back by five, and I know you have your theater thing again. Will that be enough time for you to be there?" She was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and eating breakfast.

"Sure, I don't have any plans for the day, and five should be plenty of time for me to be ready. What's going on with dad?", fixing myself a plate of eggs, potatos, and bacon, then sitting down at the table across from mom.

"He got a call from his district manager about a problem with one of the computer systems in the downtown office, and it sounds like a huge mess, he asked Randy to get some things, and I have to play taxi-driver. We should be leaving in about an hour, once Randy gets home."

"Ok, mom. I can handle this." Feeling more comfortable with the distraction of the situation, "If I could, I was wondering if I could stay the night at a friends house after the show?", maybe the whole story won't be necessary.

"Yeah, I don't think that would be a problem. Just be sure to call when you get there.", mom is kind of a worrier.

"Not a problem. Thanks.", thinking that was easy.

"Who is it you're going to be staying with?", maybe not so easy after all.

"Wendy. She's writing a review of our show tonight, and she asked me to help her with it. She wanted to get it done right after the show, as she claims she knows nothing about theater, and she thinks she will forget most of it if she waits too long.", stumbling a little, but nothing to give off suspicions.

"Who's Wendy? I don't recall you mentioning her before?", she presses further.

"She's a cheerleader, we have a gym class together, and we run into each other in the locker room showers.", oops, can't take that one back. Feeling myself go a little flush as the words escaped my mouth.

"What grade is Wendy in?", she quizically asks.

"She's a senior.", answering her.

"Wow, didn't know you had any senior jock friends. How long have you and Wendy been friends?", pressing even more.

"Wendy's been asking me questions about theater for the past couple of months now, seems we have other things in common, too. Wendy's actually one of the few jocks, as you said, that does talk to me. She's not really like the other cheerleaders, especially considering that she's the head cheerleader." Ok, TMI, stop before you trip up or something, shouting to myself loudly in my head.

"Well, it is my duty as a parent to tell you no alcohol. I remember when I was in school. Besides, she's Randy's age, and I can only imagine him doing something dumb. I hope she thinks more clearly than your brother."

"Yeah, mom, thanks. It will be just the two of us...", oh my gawd, giving more than needed, stammering, "...none of her other friends will be there."

"Well, then, I guess I should trust her parents enough that she won't corrupt you in some other way.", she says with a grin, almost choking on my food wondering what sort of "corruption" mom had in her head. Knowing what was in mine, hoping, praying they weren't the same.

She gets up and puts her dishes in the washer, "I'm going to start some laundry, if you could work on it for me while I'm gone that would be a lot of help."

"Sure, mom, I don't have anything else scheduled, I just have to make a few calls and do homework. Did you need me to make lunch or dinner?"

"If you could, that would be one less worry for me. Randy and I will probably get something while we're out. So just make enough for Ronnie and yourself."

Finishing up, put my dishes in the washer, then head up to call Terry. Checking my voicemail for Terry's message, again Wendy is in my head, holding my hands and planting soft kisses everywhere her lips could touch. Even imagining what it might be like to suck on her tongue, or her sucking mine... "Hey, Beth, give me a call, I was thinking of driving over to a music store in Knoxville, I got to find some music for a competition I'm going to shoot for, and was hoping you might want to come with me. Talk to you soon." My mind went back to Wendy as she kissed my hands during my attempts to listen to Terry. If only she were really here.

For the life of me, my obsession with Wendy is just nuts, insane. Never once has the thought of us kissing crossed my mind, before yesterday that is. Now, it's thoughts of seeing her naked and touching her skin that won't leave my head. It's like a whole different, new person woke up in my bed this morning.

Ok, get back to Terry. Dialing him up. It rings. "Hey, Beth! You get my message?"

"Morning, Terry, Yeah, I got it, but I don't think I can go though, I gotta stick around here today. Something came up with my dad's job, and mom and Randy gotta drive downtown. I'm staying home to watch Ronnie, make sure he doesn't burn the house down or something. What's the competition?"

"Oh, well, um it's a scholarship grant for music performance. It's a local contest, but it could potentially cover almost half my tuition, and if I can get a full scholarship somewhere, I can then use this towards books and other expenses."

"So, what kind of piece you looking to play? Jazz? Or something classical?"

"Well, my teacher recommended that I look at something from both. The idea is we are given an hour to fill with what we want, then the panel decides based on how they think we did. I was thinking of asking Mike if he would play piano for me. I know he could handle both Jazz and legit music. I also thought it might be cool to add some drums and bass for the Jazz tunes, do some improvising, you know, show myself off a little.", the thought of him smirking when he said that crossed my mind. He knows he's good, but he genuinely loves playing for people. So he can pull off being cocky with me, but he keeps it in check around others.

"Well, I hope you find something while you're there. How about doing something by Bach? I bet you could pull off that. Didn't you play some of his music on one of your serenade nights under my window?", poking some fun.

"Yeah, 'Sheep May Safely Graze', that's not a bad idea. Play some transcriptions too. Well, if you are tied up, maybe I should go earlier and I can call you on my way back into town, I'll take you and Ronnie out for dinner, if your mom doesn't mind that is."

"I can't see that she would, but I will mention it to her. So yeah, give me a call, you thinking around 3ish?"

"Works for me, see ya later."

"K, bye."

"w, talked with rents bout 2night & i can't wait 2 cu. lskotl b"

Setting my phone down, then start picking up my room collecting the clothes to wash. Straighten up my bed,

"Incoming message from Wendy Brooks."

Excitedly anticipating what she might say. "And how is it that my baby sister is getting text messages from the biggest cock sucking slut bunny bimbo cheerleader at school? Why would she want to be friends with a geek like you?", Randy said poking his head in my open door as he passed. Whispering loudly, "I've heard rumors she's a rug-muncher, too!", and with that the hairs on my neck stood on end.

"There couldn't possibly be rumors that might include me?", shouting loudly in my head. "Geez, Randy, why are you such a prick all the time?", instead asking very sarcastically.

"We all got talents, and this is the one god gave me. Live with it. So, what does she want? You? Ha, that'll be the day.", really wanting to tell him off at that moment, but held my tongue for fear of saying anything that might be regretted later.

"Get the fuck out of my room before I hit you with my tennis racket, and I damned well...", grabbing my racket, "mean it."

"Play nice, now, I was just teasing.", raising my racket, he then gets the point and turns to leave. Closing the door with a soft slam, dropping the racket, then grabbing my phone.

"b, had big O dreaming of u, happy u can come 2night, can drive u 2 skool if needed. bfwkotl w"

This stopped me for a moment, the thought of her masturbating while thinking of me. Other than Terry's admission last night, it never once entered my imagination that anyone would have an erotic fantasy about me. It turned me on to think Wendy would think of me. This is just getting harder to believe it is really happening. When does reality finally catch up with me, and just how hard does it drop me?

"w, o thanks 4 dreaming of me. god, must cu, strange morning, want 2 kill bro, he's an ass. already have ride 2 skool. look 4ward 2 being with u 2night. kotl b."

Mom and Randy say their goodbyes, and Ronnie decides he's going to go for a bike ride, leaving me by myself. First, get the laundry moving, then go start on cleaning the kitchen. Each task is accompanied with thoughts of Wendy, touching, kissing, holding, caressing, in and out of clothes, in and out of bed. Finishing with the living room, then more laundry.

Wandering back up to my room, not really thinking of what reason brought me here. Last years school yearbook on the shelf catches my eye, and the first thought was to find all of Wendy's pictures. Very sure there would be a lot, her being a popular cheerleader and all.

Looking in the name index, it gives 10 page numbers. The first picture of her is with the science department, seems she won some science award with several other students. The next picture was in the math department, no awards. But, there were several, one in particular showing off her beautiful body while still covering anything that might be considered obscene. She seemed to fit right in with her environment.

The next four pages were just random pictures from around the school. Either they didn't have many pictures to choose from, or the yearbook editor had a thing for Wendy, because she was in two or three out of the six or eight pictures per page. In one of these pictures, you could almost imagine her naked her clothes were very snug, breasts held proudly front and center. Leaning back on my bed, thinking what it would be like tonight with this goddess in the picture. Her hair in the photo was much longer than it is now, by almost a foot. The last photo in the group had Wendy and several other girls wearing bathing suits, and Wendy's while not as revealing as some of the others, was well worn. My hand was now pushing a pillow back between my legs, my hips gyrating against it.

The next two pages on her list were the cheerleading photos. On the first page, she's in two of them, the second caught my eye because she is sitting on the floor, and you could clearly see her panties. In my head, removing her panties is my goal, just like every guy at the school, and secretly several girls. The only difference, my eyes have seen and my lips have kissed the real thing. My hips were still rocking against my pillow thinking of some of the things that might happen tonight.

"Don't obsess over her, she's playing with you! You CAN'T obsess!", shouting in my head, stopping my hips, and closing the yearbook. "OK, you got homework to do, there's more laundry, Terry is going to stop by. You shouldn't be doing this.", scolding myself.

Getting back to the laundry, taking the dry stuff out to fold, moving the stuff in the wash to the dryer, then loading the washer again. Upon finishing with folding, next came homework. Of course, never out of mind was Wendy. Remembering one photo of her in her cheerleading outfit, my mind imagines it's my hand caressing her asscheek as she sits atop a small cheerleader pyramid. My face is having a hard time containing the smile she brings to me.

Get out the math book, time for geometry. Right along with contemplating the Platonic solids, thoughts of a more than platonic relationship with a cheerleader, the head cheerleader, fill my head. Wendy. Her photos from the math department yearbook pages crossed my mind, she was now sitting next to me helping me with my math assignments.

Making it through the 30 word problems was no easy feat for me. Looking at the clock, it was close to when Terry should be coming over. Ronnie still wasn't home, so going to dinner with Terry might be on hold.

"Incoming message from Terry Johnston"

Grabbing my phone. "beth, on my way, bout 15, cu"

While math was done, there still were social studies and English. So that is tomorrows assignment. For now, a little attention was required for the performance tonight. At least now my thoughts of Wendy were of her helping me get these things done.

Grabbing the script, my phantom Wendy took my hand and lead me to the living room to help me do a reading. She played all the other parts, and in those 15 minutes waiting for Terry, despite her lack of theater experience, she was perfect. Of course, all my brain saw was her beautiful body, dreaming of tonight.

Being thrown out of my daydream with the knock at the door. It must be Terry. Shaking these thoughts from my head, kissing Wendy one last time, a long slow, lingering kiss that also includes me groping her beautiful, bountiful breasts.

Getting to the door, "Hi, Beth." Terry says as he takes my hand and leans in to kiss my lips. To my surprise, his kiss gives me a nice thrill, and finding my hand on his cheek as he pulls back is a bit puzzling.

"Hi, Terry.", stammering out the words. Smiling widely at him, "Did you find what you were looking for?"

Squeezing my hand, pulling him into the house, "Yup, not everything, but it got my ideas moving. I'm going to talk more with my teacher before I get any more sheet music. So how was your day? Ronnie here? We going for food?"

"Oh, the day was kind of uneventful, although I did find some pictures of you in last years school yearbook, you never told me you wore braces. When did you get them off?"

"Last summer. I had them for almost two and a half years. Took a little adjustment in the sax when I got them off, a couple months, but I think I sound even better now than when I had them."

"Well, either way, your last years pictures are cute. Too bad I didn't meet you last year...", and with that Terry pulled me close as our lips found each other. Despite having thought of Wendy all day, this kiss was heavenly, his arms wrapped around me, almost pulling my up off the floor. My arms had also wrapped around Terry's shoulders, my left hand resting on the back of his head.

Still in our lip lock, the door busts open and Ronnie comes running in, he looks like he took a tumble on his bike or something as he is covered in dirt, his jeans have a new hole, and several scraps on his arms and forehead, thankfully there were no major cuts.

"What happened to you, Ronnie?", my question ignored as he runs up the stairs.

"Well, guess we can go to get something to eat after all.", Terry said.

"Let me go check on him. He should at least take a shower first.", taking Terry's hand and leading him upstairs.

Getting to Ronnie's room, "Just what happened to you?", standing in his door.

"I fell down Mason's Hill. Now get out and leave me alone.", Ronnie almost shouted.

"Well, we were going to go get something for dinner, and you should eat. Mom wasn't planning on making dinner tonight, so we need to make sure you get fed."

"I don't want to eat, now leave me alone."

"Ronnie, you can't stay here alone. Now take a shower and change your clothes. We're going to Jack's."

"I'm not going anywhere with you, now leave me the fuck alone, and get out of my room.", he said angrily.

"Be ready to go in 15 minutes, or else...", turning to leave, grabbing Terry's hand and slam the door.

"Or else what? You gonna tell mom?", he screams through the door.

When we get to the bottom of the stairs, Terry says, "You know, I could just go pick something up and we could eat here."

"We might have to. Ronnie can be stubborn sometimes, and I don't feel in the mood to deal with him."

Terry agreed to pick up some burgers and fries, while Ronnie showered. After much prodding, he finally got in.

We all sat in front of the boob-tube while we ate, not really talking to each other so much as talking to the TV. Mom finally got home around quarter after five. It pleasantly surprised me that Randy stayed to help my dad. Dealing with him at this point would have been a chore, considering his comments about Wendy earlier, and with Terry here, it would have been like mixing oil and water. Randy goes out of his way to cause trouble.

Being ready to leave for school, it gave me a chance to spend some time alone with Terry before tonight. It was a lie as Wendy was the star of all my fantasies today, but telling him my thoughts about last night were all that was on my mind. We parked on some deserted street, and we proceded to grope each other. As we kissed, my hand seemed to automatically find it's way into his pants. Pulling his cock out, my hand wrapped itself around his 16 year old cock, masturbating his erection, as we kissed.

Trying to make it up to him for planning to be with Wendy tonight, looking in his eyes, my mouth found it's way to his cock. Taking him into my mouth felt awesome, far more pleasurable than was expected, given spending the day thinking of Wendy.

His hard penis was now moving to the back of my throat. Surprisingly, the thought that came to mind was the image of Wendy sucking on Terry's cock. If what Randy said today is true about Wendy being 'the biggest cock sucking slut bunny bimbo cheerleader at school', then maybe she could teach me how to give a blowjob.

"God, Beth, this is even better than last night.", my head now bobbing up and down. It wasn't soon afterward, "Geez, Beth... I'm gonna cum...", keeping my lips around him, his body began to convulse gently, and his cock unloaded in my mouth. This time there was no trouble in swallowing his cum, it even tasted a little sweet. The feeling of his fingers running through my hair was turning me on.

Sitting up and swallowing the last of Terry's cum really was a turn on for me, but seeing Terry's face made me feel closer to him than anyone ever before. Our eyes locked onto each other, and he pulled me in for an amazing kiss. It seemed to last forever.

But the time finally came for me to get ready for the show tonight. Terry started the car, and finished the drive to school. He wished me luck and told me to have a good time at the party tonight after the show. His saying that made me feel a pang of guilt, but at the same time, when Wendy came back into me head, it sparked a sense of anticipation and excitement. Kissing Terry once more, we said our goodbye's, with Terry saying he would call me tomorrow.

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Hey have Terry and beth find out about each other and be totally cool about it then do a threesome i have more ideas you can txt me @269-340-1507

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