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It his based in real facts that happende to me
Day 1

I am Jacob i am 18 years old and this is a true story that happened while i was 16.

It was july , a hot day, when james call me for another day of beach with the guys, but that mday we ended sleeping at his house.
we were 6 , me , james, dani, simon, greg and john. We slept over james house a lot of times, we get some money togheter and bought food and drinks, and some dvds of porn to see. That night i was a bit tired and had drunk a bit also. We were all wathing porn and james goes to his room , with everyone jacking off i folow james to see if he was okay.
I enter the room and james looks at me and says:
"what are u doing here?"
"i came to see if u were okay?" - i aswered " im fine thanks" - he said "its just that i see the movies and i fell envie of them .... getting to fuck and so ... and i dont even a lousy blowjob i got."- he said sadly
"man thats normal , their actors "- i said
"maybe i could get i get to Blowjob me , that would be great " - he said
"i also liked that , but ... i must confess i feel a little curious about giving a blowjob. dont get me wrong"- i said with fear , " yeah i also get that feeling " - he aswered me " hey jacob would u like to try? u know u give me blow and i give u after?"- he asked me , "well , no thats gay i guess " - i fastly aswered , " oh come on its just between us " - he says , he gets up and goes to the closet, the room was a square it had in a wall the door and closet then , in front it had a wall whit some paintings, and at the left an empty wall and at the right it had windows for the street, so he goes to the closet and does something i cant see and turns off the lights moves again to the bed and lays down turns the light again , i get amazed. He was naked, showing his cock to my face.
"come on ill suck yours after "- he calmy explained to me
i found it weird but i always loved to try this , so i bend and lay down on the bed, i grab his cock and put it on my mouth, that warm feeling of the cock juices, i loved it, so i start sucking it , like 30 seconds after he cums inside my mouth i loved the feeling of cum i get up and i get ready to lower my pants, and he says:
"wait i am not going to suck ur cock in fact u were caught" - he laughd , u dont imagine my face of disapointment he keeps going " we plan to see if u were gay and we taped it all" then i got all scared, what were they going to do with the tape , i tought to myself , and i said:
"give me the tape james , ur a bastard" - i ordered
"no way , we will only give u the tape if u agree to be or slave till we leave"- he said madly
"u got to be kiding me , be your slave, by that u mean , get all fucked up cleaning the house and doing stupid things like licking the floor or somethig like that i know u guys no way" - he respond
"well then i have to send this to the web.... and your parents and Jane, what will it be"- he threathns me
"god...." i sit donw and think " ok ill do it but i want u to give me the tape tomorow at 18h , in fact lets make a
contract, if u fail u must be my slave for 2 weeks the same for me, go write it ill wait here, sun of a bitch i dont ever want to see again after this" - i said mad.
He left, i never felt so angy in my life the had me , if i ddint do what the wanted i would get humiliated in front of everyone what a shame, but this wasnt going to be much better, at least i thouth. He came back.
"here u have, read and sign , we have all signed" - he said
It was written ~: " I (space) accept to be James Kendrik ´s slave until 18 pm of tomorow, and if i fail in any kind to obey i shall continue for 7 days.
And I (Space) accept to give the tape to Jacob Mony tomorow at 18 pm , and if i fail i shall be his slave for 7 days.

Signatures "

"Better this way"- he asked , i didint say anything just signed it.
"Ok your first order is to go and cook our meal.....bitch" -he ordered
I got a bit reliefed because i was expecting something worse , so i went and start cocking.
I finished cleaned the kitchen and puted the table, they came to eat, everything normal, i think they were kind of afraid dont know why, but it didnt took long until the next order.
"Jacob finish cleaning this and go get dressed we are going out" , so i did

We went out the house like 21h00 we went down the street really close to the beach, then we stop at a shop , a lingerie one . i thought they were going to see it but they entered it, and told me to stay outside , i did so and they came back with a bag , couldnt see what it was, we went for a drink , perfectly normal , but i had to pay for it and we head back home. We entered the house, sat down and they told me to put some porn on, and to stand up. I started to be afraid, then they told me to get naked and to grab the things inside the bag, i got naked, and saw what was inside the bag: a g-string, some stockings , and another g-string and a swinsuit thong, all feminine .
"Put on the black g.string and the stockings, now " - james ordered
I hesitated , then i decided to put it on.
"Now u look like our bitch. For now on ur name is bitch, and u call us all Sir or Master, if u dont do that you will be severed punished, now stand there and cover ur face we are going to take some pics!"- James said, i felt so angry and revolted by this but i did it. They took me 10 fotos, in diferent positions. Then they all got hard, and got naked, and started to jerk off while seeing the porn movies, they told me to go get a cup from the kitchen. I came back the were all jerking off while seeing porn.
"Bitch come here , put the glass on the table, now get here" - he said
I got near him , and he told me to kneel. He standed up and told me to folow him kneeled. He drove me to the middle of the room and made me stay there.
"Now gather up here guys. We are going to play the cookie game (For those u dont know, its a game were at leat 3 players jerk off and cum on a cookie the last one as to eat it) but the coockie his jacob u have to cum on his face " - he said laughing " The first to cum gets a blowjob, the last one will have to walk naked around the house. Good for u? " - he asked . They all aswered yes, i couldnt speak, i couldn thinks about anyhting else , i just wanted it to end, and i started to tremble a bit, i was there kneeled and ready to be a bukkake , god.
They were jerking off full speed, it took about 1 m for the first one to jerk off, it was Dani, he was so happy , then james about 30 sec after, then greg , then simon, and then john. John wasnt so sad , viewing that walking around naked wasnt so bad as a blowjob . I was all wet with cum , and james ordered:
"Dont clean urself bitch , close ur eyes!", - he took a picture " Now clean yourself , did u like it?"
I didnt aswered. "Did u like and aswer me well or you will be punished remenber?"
"No i didnt like it , Master" - i aswered regretfuly
"Good because your are going to get a lot worst , now kneel before Dani and suck Him good Bitch, and when i give u a order from now on you aswer , Yes Sir, to them and Yes Master to me , got that bitch?"
"Yes Master"
I got up to Dani almost crying , that was hard, and i started to suck him like i sucked james before, dani was moaning all the time , i could tell from his face when he was almost cumming, and i saw when he did, a lot of juices came out and went all over my throat, i swallow it , and he cleaned his cock on my face, then he spited on me "Bitch " he said.
It was 3 o clock of the night when he finhised , and james came and said " Lets tie him up! "
They got like 2 , 3 meters roops to tie me up , the took me and putted me on the coffe table belly down. My hand were touching the floor, and my head was on the edge of the table, my ass was at the other edge. They spread my legs and tied them to my Hands , then they tie my body to the coffe tabble and puted a blind on my eyes so i couldnt see what was happening, i could just hear them moving the tabble to the middle of the living room, and Dani said "Great now we can fuck him when we want , James you shall be the first" , then i got really scared they were going to butfuck me. Someone taped my mouth so i couldnt scream, then i felt someone touching on my ass, i head Dani again " Wait lets wip him first, like grab that rope, twist it! How many each one?" he asked, "Well he his a good student how did he got to mat, 17?" - he asked " Yeah" - Someone aswered , "Then 17 each one , ahahah" - He laughed. I felt somone close , i started screaming but it only came out moans of scare, it would be 17 x 5 like 85 wips, the started , i was so sored at the end i couldt speak i could just cry , but it was then i felt something cold, like vaseline, i knew it was going to start , Dani said " Fuck him James" , hE got close to me , and started to fuck my ass
I felt so useless and angry my ass was so sored i couldnt feel his cock inside me only his body hiting my asscheeks, he cum inside me , then i felt the juice coming ou off my ass, not for long because another one came to fuck me, this tame faster and harder, he starde , damm i was so fucked up, then i started to feell something coming and out of my ass somthing bigger like a stick , then i heard " Go , fucking with that broom " They were fucking me with a broom what a big humiliation, then ended, and asked "Are u hungry Bitch?" i aswered moving my head in a yes sign , they went to the kitchen and came back and said " Heres a banana for u" i was really hungry but then i felt something in my ass , it was the banana,
"It 4 o clock of the night lets go to sleep leave him here with the banana in his ass" i head them leave damm tomorow is going to be worst.
I cried

=======================To be continued Day 2======================================

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