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Chapter 10

Erick woke on Monday slipped out of the bed careful not to wake up Jenn next to him.

How is she doing?” he asked Bella.

“Well, her she has stabilized mentally and completely rested,” she replied.

Pleased with this answer he used the bathroom, done he checked time seeing he had enough time to fool around. He entered the room gazing at Jenn peacefully sleeping, soft snores could be heard at rhythmic intervals. Closing the gap between them he gently parted her legs open, removing her shorts and panties. Her Mon pubis decorated with trimmed hair inviting him to pay attention at her pussy. He parted her dark lips letting her pink vagina expose itself to the world.

Daintily he licked her pussy with the tip of his tongue, circling it around teasing her. She move gingerly in her slumber, he continued this process until moisture started gathering in her cunt. Flattening his tongue, he lapped at it continuously welcoming the copious amount of juice coming out. Jenn at this point woken up enjoyed the sensation.

Erick looked up saw the pleasure on her face, decided to kick things up a notch. Removing his clothes, he motioned for her to do the same with her top, bringing her perfect tits into the light. He mounted her inserted his prick to the hilt in her. Placing his pelvis atop hers using his hands to hold himself up he grinded his pelvis on her pussy creating a rocking motion, which was slow and enjoyable for both.

Jenn wrapped her hands around him, feeling his flexing muscles. She reached up kissed him passionately, then laying back down, eyes locked in his, she placed her hands on his ass groping aiding in the rocking movement. They continued like this for some time, as the orgasm came close they did not chase it. Instead, they waited till it grew until they couldn’t hold no more accepting the slow waves of pleasure coursing through their bodies.

“If I knew all I had to do was come here cry to get woken up like this I’d done that a long while ago,” her voice husky.

“How’re you feeling now?” he questioned, tucking her short hair behind her ear.

“Better, thank you.”

“No problem.”

He lowered his hand started to rub her tight ass slipping his finger in her rosebud. Her back arch rubbing her steel hard nipples on his chest; he kissed her, tongue fencing with hers. Readying for round two he prepared to penetrate her pussy.

“Please, fuck my asshole,” she said

Reaching on the nightstand he grabbed the lube, which Taylor left, applied a copious amount on his dick. She got on her back lifting her waist up in the air. Erick put the tip of his prick on her brown nether hole. He penetrated it bit by bit, stopping waiting until she was used to his girth and depth. This process continued for another three minutes. Her tight hole clung to his cock as he pulled out slowly. While doing this he played with her nipple increasing her arousal, easing the pain.

After a while, he noticed her breath shortened, signaling she was getting used to being fucked in the ass. Biting her shoulder, he quickened the pace, she whimpered each time he went in her. The pace only went up at this point both were enjoying it cry of lust escaped their mouth. Erick unable to hold it anymore came in her hole flooding it. Jenn feeling the sudden warm cum fill her ass dug her nails to his back when her orgasm rocked her body.

Resting for a bit, they looked at each other, kissed taking the rest in the bathroom. Jenn left having had to prepare the room for class. Erick on his part cleaned up and got ready. Attending the second part of the session where they would do laboratory work. In class he met with Lizzie who gave him an all knowing smile. The lab. part proved to be more interesting and more engaging than the theory one. Class ended as he was walking out he winked at Jenn who did the same.

“Didn’t you think Jenn was acting different today?” Lizzie asked, in the cafeteria line.

“Really, what do you mean?” filling his to go bag with an unearthly amount of food.

“She looked radiant, happy, at peace with herself,” she said.

“I guess something good happened to her today. C’mon we’ll go to my dorm to eat.”

They walked over there chatting; he opened the door letting her in.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” he announced

“Hmm, nice place, but, why are we here?” she walked to the couch sitting on it.

“Because of this,” he placed the food he gathered at the cafeteria on the table. “Now you can eat without worrying.”

She rushed him giving him a wet kiss “Thank you,”

Lunch done they retired to his room spending the rest of the afternoon watching reruns of the Walking Dead. This lasted through the evening, during a commercial break Erick decided to have some fun kissed her. She returned the kiss, her tongue intertwined with his; she straddled him across his chest. Their hands roamed feeling each other’s bodies, their breathings got sharper.

RING, RING- Lizzie’s phone rang, both jumped in surprised. She got out of the bed answering it.

“Hello…no… it’s okay… yeah…bye,” she hung up.

“My mom, we haven’t talked in a while,” she explained.

An awkward atmosphere permeated the room, “Look at that it’s already dark out, imma go home now.”

“Uhhh, yeah lemme walk you down,” he offered. Holding hands, they descended the stairs, passing by the dimly lit walkway leading to the parking lot.

With one last kiss, Lizzie went in her car, brought it to life and drove out. The engine hummed under the red light; sitting in the car she flushed thinking about this afternoon. She grew hotter her vagina tingled, she rubbed it, pulled her finger back suddenly remembering where she was. However, the fact that someone could be watching only made her hornier. The light turned green she zoomed, the foliage around her a blur in her rush to get home. Once there, she didn’t even make it to the doorstep before achieving her orgasm.

“Now Lizzie’s gone I’m kinda bored,” Erick said.

No, you can’t call Jenn, she’s still hurting from this morning,” Bella rebuked.

Aren’t you like all powerful, can’t you heal her,”


” he asked.

The reason it was possible for Jesus to defeat Zeus and co. was because my powers were dispersed. These three distributed my powers all over the world giving it to anyone who would bow down to them.”

“So things the Greek/Roman gods, Norse myth…”

“Yes, there is a potential that these ‘myths’ have some truth in them
,” she replied.

Okay imma catch some zzz’s now,” slowly but surely, the slumber overtook him.

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon; since their lab project was coming along nicely, they decided to head to Lizzie’s house for the weekend. Erick sat on a bench waiting for Lizzie who was using the restroom. His grey polo shirt clung tightly to his sculpted body. The black jeans he wore were not helping him in the hot summer heat. She came out of the bathroom radiant as always in her yellow blouse matching her white shorts.

“All done,” he slung his backpack on his shoulder.

“Yup,” she smiled.

They walked to her car, got in and drove out. Arriving at her home Erick settled at his old bedroom, he went to the basement to play some games. As they were Halo, a miracle happened Erick managed to kill Lizzie, whose K/D was in the upper 90’s. After he had done that, he jumped in the air celebrating with gusto; he was floating on cloud nine.

Of course being the competitor she was Lizzie took it upon herself to annihilate him with everything she had. Losing for two hours straight Erick decided he had enough and started packing up to go to sleep. She placed everything back in their rightful places, her dainty hand placed in his oversized mitts.

Stopping atop the stairs, he kissed her before going to his room. The kiss lingered, passionately they continued. She pulled back stopping the interaction, grabbing his hand she led him to her room. The bedroom was bigger than Erick’s dorm, the four post king sized bed placed in the middle of the room captured his eyes.

He moved to the bed pulling her on top of him, kissing he lowered himself on the bed. His huge hand covered both her ass cheeks, the other busy removing the blouse. The kissing stopped shortly only so the blouse and her bra could be removed; her breasts barely lifting themselves from her chest, her pink nipples hard ready for action.

Erick rolled her over; he peeled off his shirt, kissing her some more, her finger caressing his chest. He descended downward kissing her neck, nibbling her nipples, watching her pale skin flush. Stopping at her shorts, he carefully took it off, grabbing her panties with his teeth he pulled it out. Her clean-shaven vagina glistened; a flick of the tongue at the slit was all it took for her to squirm. He circled her pussy, lapping at the copious amount of juice dripping out of it.

He stood up unveiling the rest of his body. Climbing on top of her small frame staring at her brown eyes he asked.

“You sure about this?”


There Bella took over not only by counseling him but by also lowering the pain, which Lizzie would feel when breaking her hymen. Slowly Erick inserted his dick in Lizzie’s vagina, perforating her hymen. She winced as blood trickled out, smiling she looked up at Erick kissing him. He kissed her back, rocking his hips back and forth he fucked her gently.

Running his fingers through her long hair, he penetrated her hot oven deeper; her walls clung to his dick threatening to rip it off. The heat in the room rose, a thin sheet of sweat covered their bodies, kissing Lizzie’s neck he loved the salty flavored.

Sensual gentle long strokes, whimpering screams, simmering towards orgasm, their eyes locked. One last push they came as the orgasm arrived in a frenzy overtaking them. Erick pulled out his cock, his spunk drooling out of her vagina. Out of breath she looked at him smiling, getting out the bed she hobbled to the bathroom cupping her pussy.

“Again, thanks for tonight,”

“No problem
,” Bella replied.

The toilet flushed, Lizzie walked out radiant as the shinning sun. Climbing the bed, she kissed Erick one last time before cuddling herself in his chest as they fell asleep. Erick got out of bed, pleased because since the ‘change’ this was the first time his whole body fit on the bed without him curling over. He surveyed Lizzie small body almost disappearing under the sheets, her luscious dark brown hair covering her face. He trudged back to his old room in order to get his bag, moving it to the master’s bedroom.

Entering the room he saw Lizzie stretching exposing her tiny breasts, upon seeing him naked she gasped blushed, looking down seeing her bare chest blushing she covered it with her arms.

“After last night now worried about me seeing you in your birthday suit,” he laughed.

“It wasn’t a dream?” She asked.

Picking up the comforter of the carpeted floor pointed to the center, “Does this big ass stain answer your question,” grinning from ear to ear.

She grew a deeper shade of red, causing Erick to laugh even more. Dropping the lime green comforter he glided towards her kissed her she returned the favor.

“Ok, maybe it did happen,” bowlegged she walked to the bathroom.

“What’s wrong?” he inquired.

“Gotta pee,” as she walked past him Erick gave her tush a light smack. She yelp looking back and giving him a lusty smile.

“So what do we do now?” asking when she was done.

“Eh, you know the usual, brush our teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast, stuff of that nature,” replying mocking the question.

Rolling her eyes at him they went to the large bathroom brushed their teeth, took a shower and did other stuff in there. Finished they walked downstairs eating multiple boxes of eggo between them, later resumed the lopsided gaming session this time it was NBA 2k13, FIFA13 and of course Madden NFL 13.

Dusk drawing near, stomachs grumbled, thus Sofia was called. Half an hour later, she entered the kitchen preparing another one of her masterpiece.

“Wanna have a swim?” Lizzie asked.

“Sure why not.”

They changed to their swimsuit, Lizzie wearing a blue one piece. They existed through the back door, a wooden deck, containing a hot tub, led to the pool, which was surrounded by foliage. At the deep end of the pool was a diving board. Erick walked towards it. One jump, two jump, swinging his arms backwards he sent himself flying in the air. He arms tucked in behind his legs. At the midpoint of the jump he straightened his body to an 180o angle, one hand in clasp atop the other, he entered the water with barely any splash.

“Wow, how’d you do that?” Lizzie inquired.

“Yeah, just how did you do it?” Bella questioned.

“Just luck,” he replied somberly.

Both accepted the answer not wanting to prod further. Lizzie entered the water swimming to his side, then she grabbed his crotch area. Erick jumped in shock, after she slid her arm out of strap exposing her breast.

“What are you doing?” he whispered, looking anxiously at the kitchen window.

“Trying something different,” replying as if her actions were normal.

“Sofia could see us,”

“That’s the whole point. Don’t you feel the thrill?” kissing his neck, with her nipple rubbing his chest.

Not one to say no to sex, he lowered her other arm out of the suit. They swam to the side of the pool, Lizzie looking straight at the window with Erick behind her. He pushed her swimsuit to the side letting her pussy out. Taking a deep breath, he dove down, with her bent over her ass cheeks opened nicely and for the first time he noticed her pink asshole. Sticking a finger in her vagina her could not believe how hot and wet it was already. He licked her rosebud, causing her to clench up, her went back up gasping for air. She looked at him in bewilderment he only wicked back smiling.

Going to a shallower depth, he lowered his trunks letting his black mamba out to play. Grabbing her trim waist, he plunged his prick in her love tunnel. She sucked the air through her teeth, her hard nipples on the edge of the pool. Erick learned something new that day; sex in water is not the same as being out of it. When he thrust, it was slow, to counteract this they went to the steps of the, at this point they both ignored the possibility of Sofia watching.

He sat at the middle of the three steps and Lizzie lowered herself onto his dick. With his hands on her waist, he thoroughly fucked her. His tongue licking, his mouth biting, his hands grabbing and his pelvis thrusting, all adding up to an avalanche orgasm for both of them. As Lizzie screamed Erick swore he heard someone else scream at the same time. They gasped looking into each other’s eyes for a while before they realized where they were. Quickly they put their swimsuits back on.

Erick walked back inside followed by Lizzie, they passed Sofia who for some reason was fixing herself not paying much attention he climbed the stairs en route to a shower. Entering the bathroom opening the glass door of the shower, Lizzie removed her suit cum dribbling down her legs. Timidly she used her finger scooping some and tasting it, she scrunched her face.

“Salty,” she commented.

“I think it’s more of an acquired taste,” he explained.

She turned the correct knob, warm water poured through the multiple showerheads surrounding him. Sitting on the granite bench in the shower, he inserted his finger in her pussy, finding her g-spot. His spunk mixed with her juice completely lubricated her, rubbing the spot back and forth he noticed her breathing growing heavier. He pulled out his finger replacing with his middle finger of the other hand, cleaving her ass open he pushed the lubricated digit in her sphincter.

She clenched up her hole, “relax,” he told her.

He then sucked on her tits his tongue swirling over her knob.

“Ahh,” was all she could say, as he continued to fuck her with both hands. Her breathing grew; he felt her hip starting to sway meeting his fingers hurriedly. Placing her mouth on his shoulder, she muffled the scream of orgasm leaving her throat. She thrashed on his hands, her pussy and ass clenched tightly around his fingers.

Lizzie smiled with a healthy glow on her face. Wanting to return the favor, she started stroking his dick through his trunks. He removed his trunks letting his dick sprung free, wrapping her dainty hand around it she stroked it.

“What do I do next?” looking at his dick.

“Well first get on your knees… yeah in between my legs like that… just suck on it like a lollipop. Make sure you DO NOT bite,” warning her.

Wrapping her small mouth at his head giving him her first blowjob; to say that it was great would be a lie in itself. Lizzie was doing all she could, however, at that pace Erick would die before he ever came. So he could achieve an orgasm he asked Bella to expedite the process for him. His jizz flew all over Lizzie, most landed on her glorious hair.

“Thank you, it was great,” lying.

Smiling, she washed herself; Erick took the soap and washed her back. Erick was done with the shower first he dressed in shorts and T-shirt. Lizzie was still in the shower washing his cum from her hair. Once downstairs he met Sofia who told him dinner was done. Happy he went to wait for Lizzie in the dinning, but, not before Sofia pinned him on the kitchen counter unbuckling her jeans removing them along with her underwear.

“Please, Mr. Erick I need it bad,” imploring her voice full of lust.

Erick did what an honest man in his position would do, he bent her plump ass over and fucked her. Dropping his shorts, he entered her hairy wet pussy in a heartbeat. Reaching for her waist his fingers dug in her love handles. Bella again came to the rescue by giving her a quick everlasting orgasm.

“ohmygodwhatdidIjustdo,” she mumbled.

“It’s ok if you don’t say nothing I won’t either,” replying. He pulled his shorts up and went to the dining room sat down waiting for Lizzie.

Sofia understood, cleaned up making herself scarce long before Lizzie arrived. The latter finally came, seated next to Erick she ate what seemed to be twice her body weight. The dirty dishes placed in the appropriate places Erick retired in the den joined by Lizzie, there they watched the Lion King before going to sleep.

“Tomorrow I was thinking we could go to the movies,” she said positioning her head on his arm.

“Sure,” kissing her forehead goodnight.

With Lizzie cuddled between his arms he asked, “Why did Sofia…”

“Your pheromones when you and Lizzie were fucking
,” Bella said. “Speaking of Lizzie, she appears to be healing at a high rate than most.”

Why do you say that?”

“Because, when I checked up on her this morning all the soreness a normal person would have after taking a specimen as big as yours were absent

“Really I didn’t really pay attention to it. But, something’s bothering you what is it?” questioning her.

“How did you dive so perfectly? Because when I try to look in your memories it leads me to the dark corner,”

“Didn’t I already tell you to drop it,
” he replied in a strained tone.

Surveying his brain Bella saw him grow sadder as if a deep pain was resurfacing, a deep secret. She stopped asking for the moment still curious at what was making him this sad.

Dropped in front of the movie theather they entered, stopping at the concierge to buy their tickets.

“Wait here a minute I’m gonna use the bathroom,” she told him.

He waited for her; Erick should have guessed something was different that day. The first sign should have been the fact they were picked up instead of being driven there by Lizzie. He shook his head in remembrance of the event that took place just twenty minutes ago.

Waiting for her next to the fireplace, she came down smiling wearing a buttoned up electric blue dress that stopped mid-tight, with a large black leather belt around her stomach.

“Our ride’s here,” she announced.

Walking out the front door Erick jaw dropped, a large luxury car waited for them. Standing next to it was a middle-aged white male, average height, with a never disappearing scowl on his face he was dressed in a black suit.

“Good morning Lady Cherry,” the man greeted in an English accent.

“Hello Alfred,” smiling in reply, “Erick this is Alfred he’s my chauffeur,” the later tipped his hat in his direction.

“Wait,” Erick cut in “So your name’s Alfred, you have an English accent and you’re kinda old. Am I the only one seeing the pattern here?”

Lizzie chortled, “No sir you are not,” he sourly replied.

“What is this car anyway?” he asked as he walked around getting in the car.

“This sir, is a May Bach 62S,” Alfred said haughtily. “Not that a commoner like you ever been in one before,” he remarked.

Erick turned around towering over the shorter man. “What about me being a commoner?”

“I never said such thing sir,” he uttered.

“Calm down,” Bella intervened “You read his mind.”

He looked down at him before sitting in the luxurious interior; when all of a sudden he started hearing thousands of voices in his head. A splitting headache ravaged his brain, he grabbed his head in pain, beads of sweat formed on his frown. Then it was all quiet, Lizzie crossing the median a worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked concerned.

“Ugh, nothing just hit my head when I entered the car,” he lied.

She stared at him skeptically, before she could ask anything Alfred said “Where to Milady?” She told him the address and went back to her seat.

“What the hell was that?” He demanded.

“Your mind reading power arrived, in full force if I might add. Don’t worry though I held it in place so this won’t happen again. However, this means you won’t be able to read people thoughts anymore.” Bella explained

“Yeah, this is one thing that will not be missed,”

“Oooh, but now you’re not gonna know what Lizzie has in store for you then,” she teased him.

“I like surprises, plus what’s the worse she can do?” Something he would later regret saying.

He looked at Lizzie, who was still surveying him. Leaning on the armrest separating them her legs curled up on the reclining chair.

“How do you make the seat recline,” he asked in awe.

“Simple, see those buttons on the door… press the bottom left one… mhhm that one right there,”

Pushing the button his seat reclined there, he gazed at the opulent car. On the armrest were multiple knobs and buttons that controlled the three-plasma screen TVs, coming halfway up separating the front and the back. A sunroof illuminated the cabin, the light reflecting of the plush white leather interior.

“You know a day will come when I will amaze you,” Erick remarked.

“Sure you will,” she smirked.

“How about we place a bet, when the day comes I will take your anal virginity,” he whispered.

“I agree,” she extended her hand. “Until that day comes you are going to have sex with me anywhere I want.”

“Yeah, why not,” instantly regretting agreeing to it.

Arriving at the theater Alfred cleared his throat, “You have arrived.”

“Remember Alfred the movie ends in one hour and a half.”

“Yes Milady,” opening her door and rushing to open Erick’s.

Erick held the front door open for Lizzie as they walked in the movie theater.

“Ready,” looking up he nodded grabbing her hand and went to the appropriate room.

Once there they headed for the best seats, all the way in the back, they sat there watching the commercials.

“Hold this for me please,” handing him a small piece of cloth.

Puzzled he opened it and saw that it was her blue thongs.

“What the hell,” he said in a hushed voice.

In reply she opened her legs, hiked her dress to her waist, she place a finger in her pussy. A distinct wet sound could be heard, pulling her finger out she put it in his mouth. She fished his dick out of his pants.

“We can’t do this, if we get caught we go straight to jail,” he warned to no avail.

Slowly she stroked his dick watching it come to life.

“If you want me to stop all you have to do is ask,” whispering softly in his ear as the movie started.

Shaking his head in disbelief he sighed, “What happened to the shy girl I met three weeks ago.”

Lizzie smiled biting her lips, gently stroking his cock running her fingers on his shaft. She slithered down between his legs, pulling his pants and undies down. Wrapping both hand around his pole, she caressed it in alternating pattern with her hands. He gasped gently when her thumb rubbed the sensitive part of the head. The blowjob may be subpar but the hand job, world class.

Her dainty hands mixed with her inexperience created an intense pleasure for him. It was comparable to masturbating and not being able to predict what is going to happen next. His toes curled in his shoes, his hand clinging on the armrests. His balls tightened an explosion waiting to happen.

“I’m gonna cum,” he told her.

Opening her small mouth, she placed it on the tip, her tongue pressing the underside of his dick. The force of his sperm hitting her throat surprised both of them. Lizzie gagged as the first string hit her uvula, ducking out of the way. The second string flew in the front row, followed by the third. The last pooled slowly drooping down his shaft. By then she recovered licking it off with her pink tongue. She swallowed it; rising up Erick kissed her tasting the salty flavor of his sperm.

Reaching down he petted her pussy, not shocked to find it dripping juice down her legs. Lizzie removed the straps revealing her cute tits, with their nipples standing. He turned her around so she face the screen, spreading her legs apart a string of vaginal fluid descended on top of his now erect penis. Placing her hands on the armrests, he inserted his dick in her tight hole.

A soft moan left her lips, the movie was now in a quiet scene, he could hear the sounds his balls smacking on her labia. He dedicated one hand to rubbing her clitoris the other playing with her breasts. Her back arched when he done that, she placed her head on his shoulder, he could feel her hot breath on his neck. She bobbled as he continued to pound her, scream of lust were masked by the loud music of the movie. The rise of action portrayed in the movie mimicked how close they were to having an orgasm. When the music was at its loudest they both came violently.

Erick sat there with Lizzie on him, with the ending credits starting to roll she got off quickly readjusting her outfit, he followed her example. Hurryingly holding hands, they exited the premises. Alfred waiting for them up front they hopped in the car driving away.

“Milady, your father wants to remind you about the charity this afternoon,” Alfred said, leaving the parking lot.

“Shoot, is it today, I completely forgot,” she replied. Pressing a button a transparent window rolled completely sealing the back.

“Press this one,” pointing to a button on the armrest in the middle.

He did just that and the once transparent window was now opaque, turning to look at her his mouth dropped.

“I know right, mind blown,” smiling “give me a minute I have to reschedule some things.”

The conversation went something like this, “Hello is this The Empire State this is Elizabeth Cherry… Yes you do not have to close the observatory for me… no problem we’ll reschedule later.” She also called the Statue of Liberty, Yankee stadium, and the Helicopter tour.

“Why were all these places reserved?” he asked.

“Well,” opening her bag to reveal multiple panties, “I wanted to visit and have some fun in all of them, fill them all with your cum,” whispering the last part.

“So what’s the plan now?” happy her previous plan failed.

“We go back home, I have to prepare for the charity event now, which is tomorrow afternoon. However, I have to leave the house at six, so in six hours, to oversee how things are going, I’ll sleep at a nearby hotel and come back on Monday. I guess the dinner I had planned for us is out the window,” she added depressed.

“Can’t you tell the cook to come earlier or something,” asking her.

“Actually that would be great, let’s say they come at three. It’s a bit early but there’s really no choice.”

“It’s cool but how the hell am I going to go back to the dorm?”

“Hhhhmmm, I can ask the twins to take you back, they live in your general location,” finding an answer.

“The twins?” he said bemused.

“Yeah, Claudette and Colette they’re our cooks for tonight,” she answered.

The car stopped in front of the house both got out of the car watched Alfred leave. As they passed the kitchen Erick looked out and saw the hot tub.

“Do you have wine here?” he inquired.

“I have a bottle. Why?” cocking her head.

He grinned, “Get it and two wine glasses,” she did as he asked and followed him outside near the hot tub.

“Open it,” pointing at the hot tub, still confused she followed his request.

Bubbles started to form, in a few minutes the tub was bubbly and warm. He stripped naked gingery got in; he beckoned her to do the same. She removed her clothes and joined him in her birthday suit, sitting on him her back and head resting on his chest.

“In the movie theater you asked me what happened to the shy girl you knew,” he nodded. “Well I can give you an answer. Never before have had I felt like this wanting to go all out for someone most of the time I want to pretend like my dad was not rich. That I was normal, didn’t own half the things I did, because I’ve seen the other children of wealthy family their mostly snobs who think of themselves. They never went to school, never tried anything, some would want that life me I despise it. I want to go out there and prove myself; I want to leave my own imprint on the Earth.”

“However, this all changed with you. When I’m with you I want to impress, do the impossible. Prove to the world that I am not normal but that I am more, can do more, for you I don’t mind being a snobby rich kid who only uses her father’s money for personal gain. Does that make any sense; I hope you’re not scared by my answer.”

“No, I’m not,” kissing her forehead. He grabbed the bottle uncorked it pouring half glass for both of them.

“A toast, for being the luckiest people on earth,” lifting his glass up.

By then she had turned, facing him straddling his thigh. Drinking his glass, he placed it down on the counter. His hand travelled down her ass, slithering pass her crack he rubbed her asshole. She got up and kissed him deeply conveying her feeling for him. She got out the water, her long hair matted on her teeny body, laying sideways on the edge with her leg lifted up. Taking up the invitation, Erick plunged his dick in her. He put her leg on his shoulder and proceeded to introduce his screwdriver to her screw.

He bolted his hips in and out, his balls smacked on her wet skin. She moaned happily as each thrust reach the depth of her vagina. She gasp suddenly surprised to realize one of his fingers deep in her asshole. As Erick fucked her ass, he watched her squirm when his finger wiggled in her hole. He knew that they were both close to reach their zeniths, thus he picked up the paced. They came simultaneously, shaking uncontrollably as the waves hit them. After a brief pause to recuperate, they re-entered the water cuddling each other. He kissed her, biting her lips, then her neck giving her a hickey.

“Oh you did not just do that,” Lizzie said


“You gave me a hickey when you know about the event tomorrow night” she explained

“Oops sorry,” apologizing sincerely.

“Salut mademoiselle Cherry, ar you ‘eere?” A voice said.

Chapter 11

“Who’s that?” he asked.

“It’s the cooks, we lost track of time,” she told him.

A mischievous smile crept on her pink lips, quickly she put his shirt on covering her completely taking the rest of their clothes she ran inside leaving him outside with nothing to cover himself.

“Hello, mademoiselle we ‘ave a few things left in the car we ar going to get,” one of the cook said as Lizzie was passing them as she went upstairs.

Hearing this Erick knew he had to act fast to avoid being seen naked as the front door was near the stairs. He jumped out of the hot tub water dripping on his body. Cover his dick with his hands he ran to the stairs but not the before the front door opened. For a moment, Erick thought he was drunk as he was seeing two mixed beauties standing in and staring at him mouth agape. Awkwardly he smiled at them trying to cover more of his body as he went up the stairs.
Finally, he made it to the room where Lizzie was laughing at him as soon as he walked in.

“Revenge for the hickey,” explaining.

He rolled his eyes, smiled and led her to the shower there they fooled around some more for another hour until dinner was ready. They went downstairs to the table and were served baguettes and a variety of cheese as appetizers. The twins cleaned up the table preparing for the entrée, taking a peak Erick spied on their hypnotizing butts.

“Colette will come first she’s the one who makes the entrées,” Lizzie told him.

Colette came with a cart she had average bust, taller than average wide hips. Her face was narrow with high cheekbones, thick sensual lips, and beautiful brown eyes that matching her creamy milk chocolate skin. She wore a small red shirt and some khakis that could barely contain her ass.

“What is this?” he asked as the dishes were being presented.

“Diss plate to the left iz Coq au vin, in ze middle Escargot, on top ‘ere iz Bœuf bourguignon, and ‘ere next to u iz Ratatouille with bagettes on the side,” she explained her eyes never leaving his. Her accent sexual, adding an extra flavor with everything she said.

They dug in the food enjoying all of it complementing Colette, who smiled showing her dimples, when she cleaned the table. That’s when Claudette entered with the desserts. She was a mirror image to her sister except her hair was permed, whereas her sister’s was naturally curly.

“I suggest you move back a little monsieur,” Claudette told him.

He inched his chair back as she placed a small bowl of pudding substance in front of him and Lizzie. Reaching to the cart she pulled out a modest blow torch. Wide eye he looked at Lizzie, who contented herself to smiling at him. Claudette lit up the pudding and fire arose from it.

“Diss iz Créme Brûlée Flambé,” placing the torch back in the cart as the flame danced on the food.

After Claudette blew, the flame out they ate the caramelized dessert. Dinner lasted an hour, the cleanup aided by Erick and Lizzie lasted fifteen minutes. Going back upstairs Lizzie and Erick went to pack up their belongings kissing each other good-bye they went their separate ways.


“They’re driving you to their house at this moment
,” Bella finished.

Were they embarrassed when they saw me naked?” he inquired.

If you could hear what they were thinking you would’ve gotten an instant boner,” she chortled.

“Excuse me monsieur Ehreeck?” Claudette asked on the passenger of the Mercedes.

“Yes,” snapping out of his mind.

“Do you mind if we take a détour to our place?”

“No, Claudette it’s alright,” joyful with how things are turning out.

Lizzie turned out to be right as they passed the school and their apartment turned out to be only five minutes away from it. The apartment was a large upscale place uncommon in this part of town. The three entered the condominium their shoes clicking on the tiled floor. Colette wasted no time grabbing his head she planted a wet kiss on his mouth. Claudette not one to stand idly was wrestling with his pants.

“How about we take this to the room ladies?” separating himself from Colette.

They smiled showing their dimples, each sister grab one of his hand chaperoning him to their room.

“Welcome to our room,” they said together.

“OUR room?” he asked perplexed.

“They dabble in the incestuous affair,” she provided the explanation.

The bedroom had a king sized bed a modern frame with a pink quilted headboard. He placed his backpack on the dresser, lateral to the door. Claudette was the first to remove her shirt; Erick helped her unclasp her bra demonstrating her perfect saggy breasts. Her puffy nipples resembled Hershey’s Kisses planted on her tits. The roles now reversed Colette removed his pants as he played with her sister’s teats.

The twins pushed him on the bed where he withdrew the rest of his clothing. He watched them disrobe each other sensually kissing along the way. Their bodies continued to mirror each other from their alluring breasts, shaven pussy to their voluptuous ass and stretch marks. They moved closer to him hips swaying, dropping down on their knees they started playing with his shaft. In unison, they ran their tongue up and down then Colette sucked his nuts while Claudette engulfed his dick. Claudette stopped, understanding the reason why her sister got up and deposit her dripping pussy on his face.

Claudette mounted his dick; he set his hands on her ass imbedding his finger in it. His tongue was darting in and out of Collette’s pussy. Moans of pleasure echoed through the room. Claudette’s pussy juice was creaming his shaft and Colette’s vagina made it an ongoing struggle to avoid choking on her nectar. Colette was the first to orgasm as she pressed her sex blocking his air flowing in his nose. Her juice flowed down his throat; he swallowed quickly leaving no time to savor it. She got off him he took a big gasp of air, his dick still in Claudette tight pussy.

Having yet to cum himself, he grabbed Claudette flipping her over. He lifted her legs so her knees were near her shoulders. Then he rocked his hips fucking her deeper.

“Oui, oh mon Dieu,” (Yes, oh my God), Bella translated.

“Oh, ouuuiii, ouiiii. je vous en prie fais moi sentir la petite Mort,” (Oh, yesss, yess, please make me feel the little death).

Death, I don’t wanna kill her,” he told Bella.

Just make her cum, it’s an idiom,” the latter explained.

Listening to her, he continued his work in Claudette pussy.

“Ahhhh,” she screamed when she found euphoria. The look she had afterwards was one of release and joy.

“It seemz dat monsieur Ehreeck ‘ere is, how do I say it, good in da sack,” Colette said coming up behind him and stroking his still hard cock. Claudette only nodded her head to respond to this.

“Do you want to know just how good I am then?” turning his head to meet her luscious lips, her hand roaming his washboard stomach.

“As fun dat would be, we ‘ave some othar things prepared,” Colette got out the bed going to the closet pulling out a strap on dildo giving it to her sister.

“It iz not az big az yourz, it still gets da job done,” she added.

“Monsieur Ehreeck, are you one dose guys dat like it up da butt?” Claudette asked bluntly, ready for another round outfitted with the strap on.

“Can’t say that I am sorry,” he replied.

“No worry,” pouting her lips “Colette will ‘ave to do”

With that, Colette mounted her sister who was lying on the bed. Erick watched as her ass bounced up and down, jiggling when Claudette smacked it. Not wanting to be left out he grabbed his lube out of his backpack applying it on he walked towards them. Claudette seeing was going to happen smiled, spreading Colette’s round mound apart exposing her black arsehole. Coming up behind her, he pressed his dick in.

“Mhhmmm,” grunting, as his penis pressed up her hole. Claudette and him soon developed an alternating rhythm, when one went in, the other backed out. Colette beside herself with pleasure, screamed to her heart’s content.

“I’m gonna cum,” Erick said, his balls tightening ready release his jizz in her hole.

“Me too,” Colette replied. Hearing her, he picked up the pace coming closer to his orgasm.

“Mmmmgaaahhh,” Colette screamed shaking while he unloaded in her ass.

He dismounted her, without missing a beat Claudette came and cleaned his now limp dick. Finished with him she attacked her sister ass, her face sandwiched between her cheeks, slurping his sperm out of it. Tired Erick laid on the bed with each on one side cuddling them, like that they slept.

Monday morning came far too fast, putting an end to a very enjoyable weekend.

“Hey Erick,” he heard on his way to class, he turned around to seeing Sam. A short lanky, redhead with freckles all over, rarely ever talked to anyone even his lab partner.

“You’re Erick Smith aren’t you? Is that your picture here,” pulling his smartphone with a young Erick smiling brightly

“That would be me, why you asking me?” he asked confused.

“It is you, you’re the one at fourteen who proved that Einstein theory of relativity was right. The child prodigy who was given a full scholarship at multiple Ivy league schools before you turned twelve. Your IQ was so high it considered incalculable, you were a genius with no equal. Then all of a sudden the world stopped hearing from you what happened?” Sam inquired.

“Dude just mind your own business,” he reprimanded him.

“What’s going on here,” Jenn said walking to class.

“Nothing, Sam and I were just talking about the lab,” with that he turned around and trekked to class.

Don’t you dare ask,” he told Bella.

Just like that, the course and his interactions with Jenn were over. With the help of Lizzie, he visited almost every major monument in New York. He boarded the airplane with a smile, thinking of the goodbyes he received from Jenn then later Lizzie. He put ear buds on, his head resting on seat he snoozed.

That same time at the Archdiocese of Miami.

“Archbishop Francis, the wearer is coming back,” a first voice announced of the P.A.

“We must stop him we cannot let the prophecy come true,” the Archbishop replied.

“Yes, Francis you must, if you still want to be the Pope,” the second voice was chilling.

“Yes Lord Lucifer, we put a stop to him so the last line of the prophecy may not come true,” he said.

To be continued…

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